dlPhreakAnybody tried kernel 4.5 yet?06:29
theblazehenhi qwebirc5364406:41
=== qwebirc53644 is now known as Iqbal
IqbalI need assistance please. I had an upgrade to 15.10 and it crashed my laptop.06:44
Kilosmorning everyone06:59
cal_pymorning Kilos happy monday!07:01
Kiloshi TinuvaMac inetpro superfly thatgraemeguy and everyone else07:01
Kiloshi cal_py 07:01
cal_pycoffee time07:01
KilosMaaz coffee on07:01
* Maaz washes some mugs07:01
Kiloscal_py have some cyber coffee too07:02
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Kilosjust type in maaz coffee please07:03
cal_pyMaaz coffee please07:03
Maazcal_py: Okay07:03
Kilosinetpro coffee time07:04
KilosMaaz coffee time07:04
MaazIt is always coffee time!07:04
KilosMaaz with milk07:04
MaazHaha Kilos You aren't one of those that needs to drink black coffee to be able to cast a shadow!07:04
KilosMaaz and cremora07:04
MaazKilos: Sorry...07:04
Kilosoh my07:05
KilosMaaz with cremora07:05
MaazAh! At last someone with taste07:05
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos and cal_py!07:05
KilosMaaz dankie man07:06
MaazGroot plesier my vriend07:06
cal_pyMaaz thanks!07:06
Maazcal_py: No problem07:06
zipperKilos: Good morning.07:16
Kiloshi zipper 07:20
zipperKilos: At work bro. Talk l8r.07:21
superflyhi Kilos, cal_py, zipper07:27
theblazehenhi Kilos superfly zipper07:27
superflyhey theblazehen!07:28
cal_pyhey superfly 07:28
cal_pyhow are you07:28
superflytired, but OK thanks.07:33
cal_pygood good, good weekend?07:34
superflyreinstalled a server07:42
superflystill busy getting things back up07:42
cal_pyquestion time is dango a good idea?\07:43
cal_pyto use instead of PHP07:43
superflyYou can't compare Django and PHP. Django is a web framework and PHP is a language.07:52
superflyPython is better than PHP, yes.07:52
superflyBut Flask is a better framework than Django07:52
cal_pyso where do you suggest I start if I wanted to build a web app today?07:58
Kilosat the basics07:58
TinuvaMacyeah probably 1st decide your language of choice07:59
TinuvaMacphp can be hosted on any shared webhosting service07:59
cal_pyI mean like a tutorial on web apps with python guys...07:59
TinuvaMacbut python is far better than php in almost any instsance07:59
TinuvaMacand flask is pretty cool07:59
TinuvaMacthough if I had to use php, the Slim framework is what I would use on the backend08:00
TinuvaMacbut thats just the backend, you also need a frontend08:01
TinuvaMacon the frontend i would use angularjs08:02
cal_pycool, well I've build web apps before with php and bootstrap and they've worked out fine, but I really want to use a python back end now, so any one know any good tutorial on getting started with flask? I want to jump into that as soon as I'm done with "A Byte of Python"08:05
cal_pyhand are too fast today08:05
TinuvaMacsqlalchemy is pretty awesome too connecting to relational dbs08:06
cal_pythis look s way more advanced than PHP08:07
cal_pyreal python looks like a awesome site08:09
TinuvaMacphp aint bad, but then you learn python and ask yourself, why havent you started with it sooner :P08:12
Kilosyou can also learn bzr08:25
cal_pywhats that Kilos 08:26
Kilosand building static websites like http://ubuntu-africa.info08:26
Kilosbazaar i think08:26
cal_pyok cool!08:27
Kilosbzr was used with nikola to build that site08:27
Kilosbut dont get slack with python08:27
Kilosmake that your priority08:27
cal_pyyeaj i have :)08:28
Kilostheblazehen the ssd and dvd use different connectors dvd uses a mpcie i think or mome other name so one has to get a caddy11:43
theblazehenHmm, okay. That sucks Kilos11:44
Kilosfound one at supplier at ebay for R100 but ebay dont ship to here11:45
Kiloslocal they near R150011:45
Kilosone could buy a batch of them and sell locally for 4 or 500 even11:46
thatgraemeguywhat are you shopping for?11:57
Kilosthatgraemeguy a caddy for a thinkpad to put a ssd in place of the dvd12:50
Kilossorry was just fetching a runaway ran from a couple ks away12:51
Kilosnow even my toes are sweating12:51
Kilos35c is too hot to run after a sheep12:52
thatgraemeguywhat model thinkpad12:53
Kiloshere is the ebay link12:54
thatgraemeguythat says t410s?12:55
Kilosi didnt even notuce that i saw 410's12:55
Kilosit looks the same as what i need12:56
Kilosconnector left corner and drive  in centre12:57
thatgraemeguydoesn't look like there is such a thing as a "T410i"12:57
Kiloslemme look12:58
thatgraemeguyok i dunno then sorry :-/12:58
thatgraemeguyok i dunno then sorry :-/12:59
Kilosya that looks the same12:59
Kilosbut much more expenzive12:59
thatgraemeguyI think you'll find "much more expensive" is the difference between a lenovo-branded item and a chinese knock-off13:02
thatgraemeguyat a guess anyway13:02
Kilosmost likely yes the actual lenovo one here is R1475 or something13:03
Kilosty for the help13:03
Kilosstrange that link i had says they dont ship to za13:03
thatgraemeguynot strange, ebay is a marketplace like gumtree, its up to the seller to decide who they are willing to ship to13:04
Kilosi can keep using the standard drive till i get to aus and then get one there fopefully13:04
Kilosbut this ssd is very lekker13:05
Kilosits the actual salesguy that dont ship13:05
Kiloshere i thought it was ebay13:05
Kilosty for the help13:05
Kilosneed to sleep a while, head thumping13:06
chesedoevening all16:00
Kiloshi chesedo 16:01
Kiloshow is your butt?16:01
chesedohuh, my butt?16:01
Kilosyou in the hot seat again tomorrow night16:02
chesedoround with two cushions :P16:02
* chesedo thought that was next week16:02
Kilosespecially all the pta peeps must try attend16:03
Kilostheblazehen you in pta hey16:03
chesedowow, that "Ubuntu for Hope" seems great!!!16:05
chesedoyeah how all pta peeps will add their voice...16:05
Kiloskarl will be happy if some pta peeps can help16:05
* chesedo goes to dinner wbb16:05
Kilosthis could grow from here to all za16:06
chesedoit would be great if it could16:48
Kilosi think it will there is already a group in durbs doing up pcs for other countried in africa16:51
Kilosi forget their nsme16:51
Kilosthe dbnlug guys should know16:52
theblazehenKilos: yeah17:02
=== qwebirc70339 is now known as Iqbal
IqbalApologies for my absence17:15
IqbalI was out of town17:15
IqbalTo kilos and others who were assisting me last week17:16
Kiloshi Iqbal 17:21
Kilostheblazehen try attend tomorrow nights meeting, you  met karl i think17:22
Kilosqwebirc52414 did you have any success17:26
Kilosi forget what you were doing17:26
theblazehenKilos: Alright, I should be able to attend17:36
chesedooh hi theblazehen, how are you?17:36
theblazehenhi chesedo. Fine and you?17:39
chesedogreat ty17:39
superflyhi chesedo17:53
chesedohi superfly17:58
Kilosim gonna crash early peeps17:59
Kilosnight all. sleep tight17:59
magespawngood evening20:09
magespawnwhat is preferred or best location for installing programs from tar.gz archives?20:36
magespawngood night21:55

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