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craysiiiso... does disabling ipv6 in network manager not really disable ipv6?00:02
NoWayGonei need help i just can not figure out how to get sunvox to run on ubuntu 14.04.0400:10
auctusif i install 16.04 alpha or beta, itll be the final version just through the normal updates? it wont be like trying to upgrade from 15 to 16 / all those problems?00:10
auctusi mean by april ill have the final and i wont have to reinstall the final00:10
minitrueBashing-om: yes :P00:11
minitrueBashing-om: but at least im in now, I purge fglrx and reinstall it, remove xorg.conf and reboot00:11
NoWayGonethe exe just will not run ugh00:11
NoWayGoneso disgusted00:12
k1lauctus: no. just run the updates and it will stay on the lts00:12
minitruenow the problem is that i cant choose xorg or any proprietary driver from the "additional drivers"00:12
minitrueand im stock with a crappy resolution00:12
NoWayGoneplease help00:12
Bashing-omminitrue: Good plan . then ' sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall ' . Let the system do it's thing .00:13
k1lNoWayGone: for -exe support better ask the wine guys.00:13
minitruein the additional drivers window it says " using manualy isntalled drivers" and I cant select xorg or even fglrx00:13
NoWayGoneits a linux program00:13
auctusk1l: what i mean is, installing 16.04 beta, the automatic updates means itll be the final eventually, no different from installing the final? so i'll be on the real 16.04 and not the beta just by letting it update over time?00:13
minitrueBashing-om: oh! excelent im gonna try that!00:13
k1lNoWayGone: you said .exe. but http://www.warmplace.ru/wiki/sunvox:manual_en lists what to do00:14
NoWayGonewhat do i do/00:14
NoWayGonei tried that00:14
Bashing-omminitrue: That is after the purge of FGLRX and the current xorg.conf file !00:14
k1l!final | auctus00:14
ubottuauctus: If you install a development version of Ubuntu Xenial and keep up with package updates, then you will be upgraded to the official release of 16.04 when it comes out. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a terminal.00:14
NoWayGonei don't understand00:15
auctusisnt dist-upgrade notorious? I tried upgrading from 14.10 to 15.04 or something and it just totally bombed i had to reinstall :p00:16
k1lNoWayGone: "my car ist broken" will not help to repair it :)   what exactly doesnt work?00:16
NoWayGonek1 please help i been at at this all day00:16
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NoWayGonethe command00:16
NoWayGoneand the exe wont run00:17
NoWayGoneyet it runs in xfce00:17
NoWayGonei dont understand00:17
NoWayGonedo you/00:17
NoWayGoneplease help00:18
NoWayGoneim new at this00:18
k1lwhat error do you get? what do you try to do?00:18
NoWayGonethe file wont run00:19
NoWayGonefor the software00:19
k1lyout tried what command exactly? got what output or error exactly?00:19
NoWayGoneit does not run it does not open00:19
NoWayGone go to the sunvox directory (use cd command), enter chmod a+x sunvox and then ./sunvox00:20
NoWayGonedoes not run00:20
k1lok, what gives you "pwd" in terminal?00:21
k1lthat cant work in that folder. go to the folder like the wiki page tells you00:22
minitrueBashing-om: it worked like a champ!00:23
minitrue'sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall' didnt work00:23
sparks_resize2fs: Can't read a block bitmap while trying to resize... any idea why this is happening?00:23
Bashing-omminitrue: Great .. 'buntu getting smarter alla the time, huh ?00:24
silvianNoWayGone: you need to give your executable permissions to execute00:25
Bashing-omminitrue: Huh ? Now I am confused ... Ya up and running ?00:25
minitrueBashing-om: yes, im up and running, dont know exactly what happened or what did solve the problem, but im up and running 192000:25
silvian@NoWayGone use terminal for that go into the directory where its located00:26
Bashing-omminitrue: OK, .. All's well that ends well .00:26
silvianthen run something like chmod 740 nameofyourbinary00:26
k1lsilvian: that is exactly what i told him just before. and what is exactly written in the instructions on the official wiki page i linked him00:27
silvianthen ./nameofyourbinary should work00:27
silvianoh right k1l you're on the case already :)00:27
NoWayGonehow do i go to the folder using terminal00:27
silvianeh cd folderName00:28
NoWayGonei do appreciate the help though00:28
auctusi saw a chart i cant find now but it looked kinda like this http://i.imgur.com/u1op6eR.png, so anything on 16.04 no matter what you install (alpha/beta/final) would just be a software update, and 16.10 is a dist-upgrade? Just wondering how much hassle if any its gonna be if i install 16.04 beta (cause im excited about it)00:28
silviancd helps you walk through directories00:28
k1lNoWayGone: use "cd" to change to the next folder. cd somefolder will enter the somefolder directory00:28
silvianthen do ls to see where you're located00:28
silviani mean list files in current directory00:28
k1lauctus: dist-upgrade is a missleading term.00:28
silvianpwd prints current directory path etc00:29
NoWayGonei typed cd sunvox00:29
k1lauctus: if you install the alpha/beta and run the usual update you will end up on the final release and stay there00:29
auctuscool, im gonna install the beta on my laptop this week00:29
NoWayGonei got to go work guysin like 10 mins00:30
k1lauctus: be aware that it might break and you need to troubleshoot on your own in most times. its a development release and if you need a running system better stay on finals00:30
NoWayGonecould you please tell me what to type and ill save the info00:31
NoWayGonei really want this to work00:31
k1lNoWayGone: its all described here: http://www.warmplace.ru/wiki/sunvox:manual_en#installing00:31
silvianok i think you need a basic crash course in bash shell to help you understand this00:31
NoWayGonei dont have time right now00:31
silvianwhich is probalby gonna take over 10 mins to fully comprehend00:31
auctusk1l: my desktop is on 15.10 if i need to do any real work, laptop is pretty much just browser/text editor, laptop is still on 14.0400:32
NoWayGonewhatever this is bs help00:32
auctusim willing to take some risks to live in The Future on my laptop. :p00:32
k1lauctus: just to warn you :)00:32
NoWayGonenot call00:32
silvianwell i understand this may be frustrating00:32
silvianif you're new to linux/unix type environments00:32
silvianand permissions are a concept which may be difficult to grasp at first00:33
NoWayGoneno your treating me as if i should just know00:33
k1lNoWayGone: cd x makes you go to the folder x in your actual position.00:33
silviannavigating the shell is one of the key things to master00:33
NoWayGonewhy dont you start learning how to build a space craft and ill just give the math to do so00:33
k1lNoWayGone: we cant know what you see or what folders you have. easiest is to work with the wiki page given you. because that is straight forward how to steps00:34
NoWayGoneyou know what00:34
silviani recommend this00:34
nullzenNoWayGone, they are being much nicer than many would00:34
NoWayGonethis is exactly why people hate ubuntu00:34
nullzenyou should really curb your attitude as you ask for FREE the support00:34
NoWayGonelinix mint usersa actually help00:34
silvianas well as these00:34
k1lNoWayGone: dont blame us if you dont want to read 5 lines from the official howto00:35
NoWayGoneyou now have your answer why people hate ubuntu support00:35
k1lsilvian: enough. he is not interessted and using mint anyway00:35
nullzenyou should learn to help yourself and not be a dick00:35
k1l!mint | NoWayGone00:35
ubottuNoWayGone: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org00:35
ubottuThe main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList00:35
silvianRight i understand that there is a pretty steep learning curve when switching from more traditional OS like Windows to Linux00:36
silvianand I appreciate there are some frustrations with stuff like that00:36
silvianbut I don't appreciate the attitude of not being willing to learn00:36
silvianand to put in some effort in trying to understand some of the basic concepts00:37
silvianthe right attitude and mindset is key towards achieveing anything in life really... including learning bash which is scary at first i know. :)00:37
nullzenwe live in a time where people expect instan gratification00:37
k1llets move on, please00:38
silvianyes lets00:38
nullzendo you guys know if there is an issue with the full disk encryption found in the installer?00:38
nullzenwhen I startup, cryptsetup gives an error, then kicks in on the drive00:39
ouroumovI've had troubles with FDE myself nullzen.00:40
ouroumovIn the end I fell back to using $HOME directory encryption instead.00:41
nullzenouroumov, has your system run kind of slow as well because of it?00:41
nullzenIm wondering if I should just reinstall00:41
nullzenand not use FDE00:41
ouroumovNo, however since I tried I've got a grabled spash screen that survives across a clean reinstall for some reason00:41
ouroumovgarbled *00:42
ouroumovI hope this feature will be nailed down for 16.04 cause I'd really like to be able to use it. ^^"00:43
nullzenand God forbid trump gets elected, were gonna need it!!00:43
SchrodingersScat!offtopic | nullzen00:44
ubottunullzen: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:44
reisiohe doesn't have a chance00:44
k1louroumov: nullzen best is to file a bug, or contribute to a bug if its already filed.00:44
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nullzenjust found the bugsplt for it00:47
nullzenalready well reported evidently00:47
silvian@nullzen: might wanna switch back to just $HOME_DIR encryption till its sorted?00:49
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ozysimpson_How do i go about unintalling ubuntu from my macbook pro please?01:02
k1lozysimpson_: just install another OS over it01:03
AthenaPvPHey I'm looking at my processes and a process named 'Xorg' WAS using between 50 to 90% of my processing speed, causing MAJOR lag in my computer. Any idea what Xorg is and what I can do to prevent this?01:11
silviani believe its related to GUI graphics?01:13
silvianand i believe someone has had this problem because they changed font types in their terminal01:14
silviana font type Monospace01:14
silvianI'm guessing this is not related to your problem though no?01:14
derp_commanderhehe, 1701 users01:15
AthenaPvPsilvian: how do I prevent it from happening again? It's lowered itself backdown to 5% max, but it might happen again.01:15
ubottuUbuntuStudio is a collection of packages for the artist who wishes to use Ubuntu as their Digital Audio Workstation. It contains all the best Audio/Visual components from the Ubuntu repositories. For more info and install instructions, join #ubuntustudio or see http://ubuntustudio.org01:15
AthenaPvPI was semi-afk. sorry.x D01:15
silvianyeah was it caused by messing with font types?01:17
AthenaPvPI have no idea01:17
AthenaPvPAlso: any tips on speeding up my PC for low-end users?01:17
silvianbecause this was a reported problem for kde before01:17
derp_commanderAthenaPvP: did you check your BIOS first?01:17
AthenaPvPderp_commander: chek my BIOS for what?01:18
derp_commanderAthenaPvP: clock speed, multiplier, and fan settings01:18
AthenaPvPderp_commander: nope, how do I do that?01:18
TyrooooneI have a problem with Jack and a problem compiling a linux vst, can anyone help me?01:19
k1lAthenaPvP: see Xubuntu or Lubuntu if you want more lightweight01:19
AthenaPvPI hear about overclocking a lot, but I avoid it because you ahve to poke inside your computer.01:19
derp_commanderAthenaPvP: depends on the computer model, but generally you reboot and press a key01:19
AthenaPvPmine would be del.01:19
derp_commanderdell or del?01:19
derp_commander(note that either would have been a semantically valid answer)01:20
silvianAthenaPvP: here are some troubleshooting tips01:21
silvianhow to figure out which processes might bue causing xorg to spike up01:21
AthenaPvPk1l: oh please don't make me install another OS.01:21
silvianusually caused by some apps using up a lot of GPU resources01:21
k1lAthenaPvP: you can switch by installing the metapackage and then choose at the login screen01:21
silviansee if that helps norrow it down for ya01:21
derp_commanderTyroooone: the audio service?01:23
AthenaPvPk1l: would I need to re-install anything or does it just changes the gui?01:23
derp_commanderjoin the club :-/01:23
TyrooooneThe last time I used Ubuntu it worked no problem, now nothing connects to it.01:23
k1lAthenaPvP: just changes the gui01:23
derp_commanderTyroooone: JACK is kinda finnicky, what does qjackctl say?01:24
k1lTyroooone: maybe in #ubuntustudio they know better. (or its the wrong time of day)01:24
derp_commanderk1l: no one's alive in there01:24
derp_commanderbelieve me, that was the first place I went 01:24
TyrooooneAlright, I'll try them.01:25
derp_commanderTyroooone: I don't think you'll get any response01:25
silvianAthenaPvP: more related articles for ya01:25
TyrooooneI can still try.01:25
AthenaPvPsilvian: I'm trying to debug it right now with the first method01:26
TyrooooneHonestly the Jack thing isn't to big of a problem, it's not actually stopping me from working, just from routing Midi from my keyboard to my application.01:26
derp_commanderTyroooone: I've been trying to get JACK working to patch between MuseScore and LMMS01:27
TyrooooneThe compilation getting terminated by a missing directory is cripling though.01:27
AthenaPvPIt's firefox...01:28
TyrooooneThe only other time I've used Jack it was super easy and just worked.01:28
AthenaPvPHow do I get firefox to use less resources?01:28
ouroumovAthenaPvP, uBlock Origin + Privacy Badger01:28
derp_commanderBut my sitch is a little unique. I put together a Kali VM for netsec work, but since it was the primary Linux system I used, over time it ended up accumulating other software01:29
derp_commanderIn particular, what has ended up to be a pretty extensive music composition suite01:29
derp_commanderBut given the way Kali is configured, that's really not the brightest, or most efficient, way of running things01:31
silvianAthenaPvP: I would imagine its probably what's running on firefox right now?01:31
silvianlike have you got many youtube tabs open?01:31
AthenaPvPsilvian: I have one youtube tab open, and 5 other tabs, including this one.01:31
silvianI'm usually guilty for that. :P01:31
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AthenaPvPk1l: what would you reccomend if my processor is 1.6ghz?01:31
k1lAthenaPvP: what cpu is that?01:32
AthenaPvPk1l: how do I check?01:32
k1lAthenaPvP: lshw in temrinal01:32
derp_commanderlook on the PC case? -_-01:32
AthenaPvPderp_commander: it's not on there.01:32
derp_commanderAthenaPvP: then what k1l said01:33
TyrooooneDerp, you ever compilie any vst's that used a juce created makefile?01:33
ouroumovAthenaPvP, lswh -C cpu01:33
derp_commanderTyroooone: wat?01:33
AthenaPvPk1l: "warning, you should run this command as a super user.01:34
TyrooooneI'm trying to figure out where to put the SDK files for VST.01:34
derp_commanderI try to stay as far away from the compiler as I can, for the sake of my health01:34
k1lAthenaPvP: dont mind that. the info is there01:34
AthenaPvPokay, it took a bit but I found it. pastebin, sec.01:35
AthenaPvPk1l: AMD E1-1200 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics01:35
noalshi, would it be a problem if i change the partition size of the swap partition i used for the instalation of ubuntu ?01:35
derp_commanderbigger or smaller, online or offline?01:36
noalssmaller but it still would be 40Go01:36
k1lAthenaPvP: Xubuntu or Lubuntu for that.01:36
silvianAthenaPvP: ouch01:36
silvianyou're running a pretty low spec machine mate01:36
ouroumovnoals, 40Go of SWAP? wtf?01:36
k1lnoals: how much is it? and how much ram do you have?01:36
AthenaPvPsilvian: I got the computer for $100 total, so I'm not complaining.01:36
derp_commanderAthenaPvP: or smaller01:36
silviancould be why the poor thing is struggling01:36
silvianfair enough01:36
AthenaPvPderp_commander: what?01:37
silvianyeah firefox tends to be a nutter for resources01:37
silvianits gonna try eat them all01:37
AthenaPvPsilvian: I haven't had any problems until I installed Linux.01:37
derp_commandersilvian: <jamie hyneman voice> Well THERE'S your problem!</voice>01:37
noalsouroumov k1l it is 50Go actually and i have 16Go of ram01:37
derp_commanderAthenaPvP: what were using before? XP?01:37
AthenaPvPderp_commander: 7 Ultimate.01:37
k1lnoals: swap = ram is fine01:38
ouroumovnoals, you need at most twice the RAM space of swap01:38
derp_commanderAthenaPvP: that... that's not possible01:38
k1louroumov: wrong01:38
ouroumovk1l, I said at most01:38
AthenaPvPderp_commander: Pardon? Been using it for about a year01:38
AthenaPvPderp_commander: Ah shit, forgot I had stuff to clean downstairs. I'll be back.01:38
k1louroumov: noals you need swap = ram if you want to use hibernation. all other sizes are just "do what you want"01:38
noalsyeah i knew but i just wanted to take 10Go from it so i can easely deplace file between windows and ubuntu separated from my other stuff01:39
k1lyou can even go without swap at all01:39
derp_commander[all the sudden his PC turns into a black hole]01:39
noalsso i can change the swap partition to 40Go it wont cause a problem with the ubuntu instalation ?01:39
ouroumovnoals, I've got 6G of RAM and 4G of SWAP, never had any problem01:39
ouroumov8G of ram *01:40
derp_commanderlong as it's enough for whatever it is you do01:40
noalsouroumov i know the size is more than enough but it is changing it after instalation that worry me01:40
silvian@AnthenaPHP: try perhaps an alternative ligher weight browser and fewer tabs01:40
k1lnoals: what programs do you use? something heavy ram usage like cutting videos or rendering 3d models or using virtualization?01:40
silvianHere's a list to get you started01:40
k1lnoals: dont worry.01:40
k1lnoals: ubuntu uses that swap that is there. no matter how much.01:40
noalsok thx01:41
noalsits for trying some game programming, i installed ubuntu for that01:41
tdelamHey, I have this odd issue, does anyone know why this would be? http://paste.ubuntu.com/15167535/01:41
derp_commandershouldn't the swap be LARGER than the RAM though, so it can be used to cache things too big to fit in memory?01:41
AthenaPvPderp_commander: back.01:42
noalsi was able to compile the engine i chose and an example project so im happy already lol01:42
AthenaPvPderp_commander: why do you say that's  not possible?01:42
derp_commandertdelam: distutils has repeatedly had some small, but bizzarre problems in the past01:42
noalsanyway, thx for help, i go change the partition, cya01:42
derp_commandertry #python01:42
AthenaPvPAlso a question in general, and not neccesarily Ubuntu support, but if I needed help programming where would I go in IRC chat?01:43
derp_commandereither ##programming or a channel like #python or ##c01:44
AthenaPvPthanks derp_commander01:44
tdelamthanks derp_commander01:44
AthenaPvPk1l: out of the two you've given me, which would you prefer?01:46
k1lAthenaPvP: lubuntu is more minimal, but more lightway. xubuntu looks like winxp01:46
noalshi again, i have another question, what would be the best partition format for a partition used by windows and ubuntu ?01:46
k1lnoals: ntfs01:47
AthenaPvPk1l: you sure? Xubuntu looks like a Mac.01:47
noalsok thx01:47
noalscya ^^01:47
ouroumovAthenaPvP, Xubuntu can be made to look like XP01:47
derp_commanderAthenaPvP: up to interpretation I suppose01:47
ouroumovIt's very configurable01:47
derp_commanderyou can also manually replace your user shell with the package manager01:48
AthenaPvPOh so I can basically make it look like whatever I want?01:48
k1lAthenaPvP: well, if you mean the dock at the bottom, yes. but the overall experience is more winxp'ish to me.01:48
AthenaPvPk1l: Ah, okay then,.01:48
k1lAthenaPvP: install "xubuntu-desktop" package. then logout. choose xubuntu on the login screen.01:49
derp_commanderAthenaPvP: as I often say, you can do anything on linux, with the right packages and some elbow grease01:50
AWAWHey all, does anyone know how I can boot from a live cd and install nvidia drivers so that I can actually install ubuntu on my laptop? I'm trying to dual boot and I have a geforce gtx01:50
AWAWso when I boot I get the "nouveau E[DRM] failed to create 0x00000080, -22" error01:50
Bashing-om!nomodeset | AWAW01:50
ubottuAWAW: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter01:50
AthenaPvPk1l: just to double-check... I WON'T need to re-install anything?01:51
derp_commanderAthenaPvP: well, unless you want two DMs lying around, you should probably remove the original ubuntu-desktop  as well01:51
AthenaPvPderp_commander: what's a DM?01:52
AthenaPvPderp_commander: and I mean it wont wipe my drive or anything, right?01:52
AthenaPvPderp_commander: like if I had Skype I'll still have skype with Xubuntu.01:52
derp_commanderdesktop manager, more exactly a DWM (desktop window manager)01:52
AWAWBashing-om: yeah I found that just as I asked the question... thanks!01:52
AWAWis it common for the boot process to get stuck on "attached scsi disk" ?01:52
mrr411so i got a waitd issue with my amd drivers the opensource one messes with the colour on city skylines but the proprietory ones mess with skype and ciaro docks any one elce have this issue?01:53
mrr411weird not waitd01:53
Bashing-omAWAW: Try it .. when booted with "nomodeset" one can then install a graphics driver .01:53
derp_commanderAthenaPvP: except for the desktop tools particular to GNOME, no, your apps will be the same01:53
AWAWBashing-om: currently it's hanging on "Attached SCSI disk"01:53
AthenaPvPderp_commander: thank you.01:53
AthenaPvPwhat's GNOME?01:53
derp_commanderwhat you may have to redo is any configuation of your desktop environment01:54
derp_commanderAthenaPvP: the default DWM of Ubuntu (I think they call their spin-off "Unity" now)01:54
AthenaPvPOH okay. xP01:54
Bashing-omAWAW: NO, that is not right to hang . Did you verify the .iso file's integrity. and check the copy to disk ?01:54
AWAWBashing-om: well I think I've used it before. should I try running the "check disc" thing with those same options?01:55
derp_commanderAthenaPvP: remember, Linux is not so much a single entity as it is a collection of interlocking pieces01:55
AWAWalso, I am attempting a dual boot and I've already installed windows 10. could that be messing around with it?01:55
AthenaPvPderp_commander: So if I were to switch from Ubunto to say.. Fedora, I would still have my installed programs?01:55
derp_commanderAWAW: if it were to turn out that Win10 were preventing dual-boot, that would so not surprise me anymore01:56
Bashing-omAWAW: Would not hurt at this point to "check disk for defects" . Rather it be a bad copy as hardware problems .01:56
derp_commanderAthenaPvP: no, that's more tricky because Fedora uses a different package manager01:57
AthenaPvPderp_commander: okay. So so long as the package manager is the same I can switch entire systems?01:57
Bashing-omAWAW: Win10 is general;y UEFI, install ubuntu in the same mode .01:57
derp_commanderyeah. not easily, but doable01:57
AWAWBashing-om: well I disabled uefi earlier since it was doing this shit, maybe reenabling it will help01:58
AthenaPvPderp_commander: Linus is badass.01:58
derp_commanderDon't you know it :-)01:58
AthenaPvPWhat I DON'T like though, is that firefox doesn't highlight the URL when I click on it, how do I fix this?01:58
mrr411switch to chrome lol01:59
derp_commanderthat's a firefox problem, ask #firefox01:59
derp_commandermrr411: [evil glare]01:59
AthenaPvPmrr411: I would if Chrome still supported Java.01:59
Bashing-omAWAW: UEFI is the comming thing .. and beats the old partitioning scheme all hollow . It is different and there is a learning curve . I have yet to climb that curve .01:59
xanguaAthenaPvP: like it does on Windows you mean? There's a specific about:config setting for this02:00
AthenaPvPderp_commander: it says that #firefox is unregisters.02:00
AWAWhmmm :\ now it seems to be hanging on a different thing...02:00
AthenaPvPxangua: where do I find this?02:00
AWAW"new high-speed USB device number 2 using xhci_hcd"02:00
derp_commanderAthenaPvP: with just one "#"?02:00
xanguaAthenaPvP: in about:config02:00
AthenaPvPderp_commander: I used that link you used.02:00
squintyAthenaPvP,  do you mean click on a address in the url field?  if so that can be changed in about:config02:00
derp_commandersquinty: don't go asking people to dive into about:config when they don't know what it is they're doing02:01
squintyderp_commander, get off your high horse please02:01
derp_commanderactually, it's a pony ;-P02:02
AthenaPvPderp_commander: I found it effortlessly and now it's working... I'm not THAT incompotent.02:02
derp_commanderAthenaPvP: the setting to highlight links?02:03
xanguaAthenaPvP: you can also just use the keyboard combo of control+L02:03
squintyAthenaPvP,  type  about:config in url field -> type bar in the search field -> browser.urlbar.clickSelectsAll and then click on that to change from false to true02:04
xanguaOr F6 or something, don't remember02:04
AthenaPvPyeah it's browser.urlbar.clickSelectsAll.02:04
AthenaPvPAnyways, afk for a bit while ths installs.02:05
pantatohi i'02:07
pantatoi'm running into a package dependency issue that i'm not seeing on google02:07
pantatowhat's the paste bin version you guys prefer?02:07
ouroumovAny is fine02:07
AthenaPvPWhelp, brb.02:08
TyrooooneOh my glob.02:08
TyrooooneI'm going to end up killing myself pretty soon.02:08
TyrooooneSo much time invested into the simplest problem and no solution in site.02:08
squinty...or sight02:09
TyrooooneYea, or the correct spelling.02:09
ouroumovpantato, If you wanna install youtube-dl I recommand doing so by python-pip02:09
pantatoi'm more concerned with solving the dependency issue.02:09
ouroumovpantato, try aptitude02:10
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ouroumovsudo apt-get install aptitude && sudo aptitude install <package>02:10
ouroumovIt should compute some solutions to resolve the dependency problem02:10
AthenaPvPAlright, how do I get rid of unity?02:13
AthenaPvPAnd where do I modify the GUI for Xunbutu?02:13
ouroumovAthenaPvP, at le login screen after having executed sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop02:13
AthenaPvPouroumov: thanks02:14
somsipAthenaPvP: possibly still relevant - YMMV http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexubuntu02:14
AthenaPvPbtw k1l thanks. This is 21 billion times faster.02:14
pantatohttp://pastebin.com/DzBq20tQ dude wtf02:14
k_sze[work]Since recent versions of Ubuntu (with kernel 4.0+) support live kernel patching, there is no real need to reboot before running `apt-get autoremove`, right?02:15
somsippantato: "Try 'apt-get -f install' with no packages"02:15
dillonI need help with some emulation02:17
dillonmore specfic running bittorrent on linux02:18
AthenaPvPdillon: I believe that there is a bittorrent on the application store.02:19
AthenaPvPif not, then WINE.02:19
SchrodingersScat!torrent | dillon02:19
ubottudillon: Some torrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus/Vuse (Java), !Frostwire (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/help/faq - See also !P2P02:19
reisioplenty of bittorrent apps for Unix systems02:19
reisiodillon: what're you used to?02:19
somsip!details | dillon (or give more details on the help you need)02:19
ubottudillon (or give more details on the help you need): Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)02:19
dillonI'm used to bittorrent (the original) and I feel like it works best when compared to transmission and the other torrent clients.  It is also not in the store otherwise I would not be here lol.  And I am not good with emulating programs02:21
reisiodillon: then go with transmission02:21
dillonI have it now and I don't like it02:21
reisioI think Deluge is more like the original bittorrent client02:21
reisioand Transmission very much not02:22
squinty+1 for deluge-gtk02:22
reisioTransmission is fine, but it has a very Mac OS GUI feel02:22
reisiowhich isn't my particular cup of caffeine02:23
dillondone tried qbittorrent and vuze both are inferior to the orginial02:23
senpaitixati is life02:23
senpaitry it02:23
dillonI tried tixati when I was on Win7 and I like the idea of it but I thought it could be improved upon slightly02:24
SchrodingersScat!info bittorrent02:26
ubottubittorrent (source: bittorrent): Original BitTorrent client - console tools. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.4.2-11.6ubuntu1 (wily), package size 42 kB, installed size 204 kB02:26
SchrodingersScatI mean, it's in the repos...?02:26
SchrodingersScatone of a range of options02:27
Neil__hey anyone wanna play monopoly online?02:27
AbbieHoffmanhi, in ubuntu to change the superuser password does that change the /home directory's password or can I just change the superusers pw and if so how do I do that?02:28
sfdebugdoes anyone here had problem with ethernet connection in ubuntu 14.04?02:29
alyyyAbbieHoffman: I think you can run sudo passwd.  that would run passwd as root.02:29
AthenaPvPsfdebug: I didn't.02:30
alyyyAbbieHoffman: that should only touch the root password02:30
SchrodingersScat!root | alyyy02:31
ubottualyyy: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo02:31
AthenaPvPSo I'm using xubuntu now, but I noticed in Ubuntu it set the top-bar so that it was the x - and + button on the right side. How do I do this?02:31
mrr411HAHAHAHA ubuttu lol02:31
Bashing-omAbbieHoffman: See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo .02:31
AbbieHoffmanhey thanks guys02:32
squintyubottu not ubuttu02:32
xanguaAthenaPvP: how do you do what?02:32
truexfan81that auto-config thing for phpmyadmin, is that an ubuntu thing?02:32
truexfan81i'm trying to figure out where i need to go to suggest adding nginx as an option for it02:32
AthenaPvPxangua: I don't know how to word it.. But in Ubuntu the very top bar had a neat little function where it would double as a way to press the exit, maximize, and minimize buttons as well.02:33
AthenaPvPDoes that make sense?02:33
Loshkisfdebug: it's an LTS, so ethernet problems are supposed to be rare, if not nonexistent. Something special about your hardware?02:34
xanguaAthenaPvP: no, sorry02:35
sfdebugLoshki, that occurred with two computers in the same day... mine and the computer of a friend where i work02:35
TyrooooneI thought I found where the file needed to be, but still nothing.02:36
TyrooooneSame error no matter what.02:36
AthenaPvPxangua: if you Maximize Firefox (or your current browser) you'll see that at the top-left corner there is the maximize, minimize, and close buttons if you highlight it.02:37
AWAWhas anyone else seen the "new high speed USB device number 3 using xhci_hcd" message result in a hanging boot?02:37
xanguaAthenaPvP: you can't do that in xfce if that's what you're asking02:38
dillonhey, senpai if you are still on here I wanted to say thanks for all the help that I got from you guys.  Tixati was able to install very easily, at least I'll be familiar with it02:38
AthenaPvPxangua: shame.02:38
senpaino problems dillon, if you have questions with it, feel free to pm me, but im not a pro, it's pretty simple.02:38
dillonlike I said I used it before but I am very biased toward the original and BitLord02:39
testingdevasdasdasdasdasdasdadasd    02:39
Loshkisfdebug: well, the next step would be determine the ethernet card model number, and see if it's a known problem, with (hopefully) a known workaround.02:39
AWAWno matter what I do when I try to install from a live cd or a usb, the goddamn thing hangs every time02:41
mrr411how does one turn an exicutable run file into a seachable program that can be put inot a dock02:45
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AthenaPvPhello dimeetrees02:46
AthenaPvPSo who said what channel I should go to if I wanted help on coding?02:47
AthenaPvPI tried ##coding and ##programming, neither are what I saw before.02:47
DoubleAWAthenaPvP: when you say coding, what specifically do you mean02:47
squinty!alis | AthenaPvP02:47
ubottuAthenaPvP: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http02:47
dimeetreesis there a way to make ubuntu windows not lag? I am running a pretty solid machine, have upgraded to the latest kernal, and made sure I have the proper drivers. Im currently using 60% of my ram and windows wont resize in real time. When I don't have any windows open they resize just fine.02:48
AthenaPvPthanks squinty02:49
mrr411i have 0 lag02:49
reisiodimeetrees: could be your gpu isn't up to it02:49
reisiodimeetrees: you might try using something other than compiz/unity02:49
dimeetreesMy gpu is definitely up to it. That much I know.02:49
reisiodimeetrees: what is it?02:49
dimeetreesGTX 780 ti02:49
reisiowith nvidia's proprietary drivers?02:50
dimeetreesyep, installed recommended ones02:50
reisioyou might want to double check the version is correct for your card, with nvidia's compatibility list on their site02:50
reisiosometimes very specific version ranges are required02:51
dimeetreesok will do02:51
DoubleAWanyone know how to resolve the live boot hanging when reading ata devices02:51
reisioafter that, you can make sure it's configured properly for opengl/etc.02:51
dimeetreesjust ran lshw -c video02:51
truexfan81is #ubuntu-server normally dead around this time?02:51
dimeetreesand the clock is 33mhz02:51
dimeetreesthat doesnt sound right02:52
reisiotruexfan81: late (EST) on Sunday night? probably02:52
reisioserver questions are also applicable here, though02:52
AthenaPvPIs there any way to change how Xubuntu handles the placing of the x - and + signs?02:52
reisioAthenaPvP: to the right side?02:52
AthenaPvPreisio: from the right side to the left.02:52
reisioAthenaPvP: yeah, we call them window decorations02:53
truexfan81i've asked in here several times today already02:53
reisioyou can do it with the tweak tool most simplest, IIRC02:53
reisiotruexfan81: yeah but I didn't see02:53
reisiowasting your time telling me you already asked :p02:53
* reisio has supper to make, considers leav-ing...02:53
truexfan81ok on 14.04 server i'm trying to get phpmyadmin to work with nginx02:53
TyrooooneSo hurray, I figured out my problem compiling.02:54
reisioAthenaPvP: 'ubuntu-tweak' I guess it's called nowadays02:54
truexfan81issue is the auto config program that runs during install doen't have nginx as an option02:54
reisioAthenaPvP: http://askubuntu.com/questions/174292/how-can-i-move-all-the-window-controls-to-the-right-or-left etc.02:54
reisiotruexfan81: what's it got?02:54
truexfan81and if you choose neither option it doesn't generate a config for it02:54
truexfan81apache2 and lighthttpd02:54
reisiowhat kind of config does it make, exactly?02:55
truexfan81ok for example by default phpmyadmin only allows access from
truexfan81one of the options in the config allows you to add other ip addresses02:55
truexfan81thats the main thing i need02:56
reisiooh okay02:56
truexfan81until i can add my ip to it, i can't access it02:56
reisiotruexfan81: and no newer version of phpmyadmin has nginx?02:56
truexfan81i've no idea02:56
dimeetreesOk so I double checked and Im running the tested proprietary driver according to synaptic package manager02:56
truexfan81i just installed what was in the repos02:56
dimeetreesBut the version is older than the one on Nvidias site when I input my video card02:57
truexfan81its a game server so i don't want to risk breaking it by trying untested versions02:57
reisiotruexfan81: what version?02:57
reisioright, but you only need the config02:57
reisiodimeetrees: that could be good or bad, really, you need to check against nvidia's list of supported02:57
reisiotruexfan81: what version, quick quick02:58
truexfan81as soon as i figure out how to get it to tell me the version i'll let you know02:58
reisiotruexfan81: dpkg -l | grep -i phpmyadmin02:58
dimeetreeswhats the best way to load in the latest drivers ?02:58
truexfan81 4:4.0.10-102:58
reisiodimeetrees: well, with nvidia's proprietary drivers, you don't necessarily want the latest, as I've said02:58
krycekAthenaPvP: http://docs.xfce.org/xfce/xfwm4/preferences02:58
dimeetreesreisio: I have the recommended ones, but they arn't doing the job02:59
dimeetreesreisio: Not sure how i can optimize any further02:59
reisiodimeetrees: yes... you said...02:59
reisiodimeetrees: but what I said... and will now say again...02:59
reisiois that you should check...02:59
reisiowith nvidia.com's list02:59
reisio...to ensure your recommended version is _the_ recommended version02:59
reisiocheck from the horse's mouth02:59
truexfan81reisio: 4:4.0.10-103:00
reisiotruexfan81: sorry, I saw03:00
reisiotruexfan81: well, I don't see much on upstream's site03:01
reisiotruexfan81: this looks good: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/phpMyAdmin#Nginx03:01
reisiogooooottttaaa have supper now, bbl03:01
DoubleAWactually, is there a support channel that's more specifically oriented to installation issues?03:01
reisioDoubleAW: nope03:01
reisiothis is the place03:01
DoubleAWit seems like no one can help me. hrm03:02
reisiowhat's up?03:02
DoubleAWI have two issues with my setup:03:02
DoubleAW1) I've installed windows 1003:02
reisioAthenaPvP: #friendly-coders, or #insertprogramminglanguagehere03:02
reisioDoubleAW: faster03:02
DoubleAW2) my laptop uses nvidia geforce gtx03:02
DoubleAWwhen I boot, it hangs at some point03:02
DoubleAWin a variety of places03:02
reisionot the same place every time?03:02
DoubleAWbut I've disabled uefi (enabled CSM), use nomodeset03:02
DoubleAWusually the same set of one or two lines03:02
DoubleAWeither "new high-speed usb device... xhci_hcd"03:02
DoubleAWor "attached scsi disk"03:03
reisioI will say that, with dual booting03:03
reisioyou might want to hop into your bios/uefi prefs03:03
reisioand poke things that mention s/ata03:03
reisioor "compatibility mode"03:03
reisioor the like03:03
truexfan81reisio: that does not cover my issue of not having a .conf file for it03:03
reisiotruexfan81: what's the .conf name?03:03
DoubleAWwell there is a sata menu... but it doesn't have any options that I can see03:03
reisiotruexfan81: pastebin the .conf it makes for apache and/or lighttpd03:04
reisioDoubleAW: look :)03:04
reisioI'll bbl, other folk will remain03:04
truexfan81i guess i could purge it and install it for apache and get you the conf that way03:04
* reisio shrugs03:04
truexfan81but even with it, i'd have no clue where to put the thing for nginx03:04
reisiothere are other ways to go about it, but I've gtg right now :D03:04
reisiowell I'm not sure what config you're even talking about03:05
DoubleAWreisio: yeh, I checked, there's only one menu option and it has only one possible setting :(03:05
DoubleAWI'll keep looking online...03:05
reisioperhaps #phpmyadmin or #nginx would know better03:05
reisioDoubleAW: try searching for your laptop model number, in quotes with site:ubuntuforums.org03:05
reisiovery handy, that03:05
truexfan81#nginx doesn't know #phpmyadmin has been dead the past 4hours...03:05
DoubleAWmhm I'll try that03:05
reisiobbl for real!03:05
DoubleAWthe forums are down03:06
* DoubleAW sighs03:06
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AbbieHoffmancan someone here recommend a good "techie" GUI for ubuntu?03:10
DoubleAWreisio: !!! googling the model did lead me to a page that was useful... as it turns out, someone found a collection of like 20 options that eventually make it boot. such a pain though03:12
reisioDoubleAW: :) also, you can usually use google's cache, for example, when sites are down03:13
reisioAbbieHoffman: techie?03:13
reisioAbbieHoffman: like, needlessly gui-y?03:13
ePierreHi there03:13
reisioAbbieHoffman: maybe enlightenment, with cool-retro-term?03:14
reisioePierre: ohai03:14
ePierreI tried downloading and installing the latest xenial image, but I'm facing a bug that apparently has been reported already (it's about DBus and Upower)03:14
DoubleAWreisio: yeah, luckily the cache did have it03:14
ePierrehei reisio  :)03:14
reisioDoubleAW: luckiiiieeeee03:14
ePierreis there anything I can do to bypass this issue and install 16.04?03:14
DoubleAWnow I'm just hoping it lets me install without a fuss :p and that I can set up the partitions the way I want...03:14
AbbieHoffmanreisio: alright probably on the ubuntu software center?03:15
reisioAbbieHoffman: enlightenment will be, for sure03:15
reisioAbbieHoffman: cool-retro-term I couldn't say03:15
reisioprobably in some launchpad ppa if not03:15
reisiosince it's so "cool"03:15
reisiosomeone will have made a package for it03:15
gbit86__Does anyone know if it is possible to have the .bashrc file to append an additional command to commands that take longer than like 10 seconds to run?03:16
reisiogbit86__: yeah, you could use a function wrapper, and GNU timeout03:17
reisioor... any number of more complicated ways03:17
reisioGNU timeout is real simple03:17
gbit86__hmm... ok I will look into reading up on function wrappers. I just need to fire off a push notification to my phone really so I can multitask and not forgot about commands that I have been trying to run in the background.03:18
reisioit's like03:19
reisiotimeout -k 0 10 command03:19
reisioor optionally without -k 003:19
reisioso if it takes longer than 10 seconds, it kills it03:19
reisiowithout -k 0 it actually asks it to die, IIRC03:19
reisioand with it kills it dead03:19
reisioso I never quite saw the point of not having -k 0 :p03:19
reisiowhen I want something dead, I don't want to ask its permission03:20
reisioas for a function wrapper03:20
reisiocommand() { timeout -k 0 10 /absolute/path/to/original/command ... }03:20
gbit86__yea, not really looking to kill a command. I just want to know that it took longer than 10 seconds, so now it is ok to send a notification to my phone when it finishes.03:21
reisioyou'll have to sort out the logic, #bash could help03:21
reisiooh okay03:21
gbit86__cool thanks!03:21
reisiocould probably use parallel03:21
reisiowith sleep 10s && do something03:21
reisioor, possibly just subshells03:21
gbit86__hmm I will look into that03:22
reisioor, timeout's -s might do it on its own :p03:23
reisioI'd ask #linux about it, really03:23
* reisio noshes03:23
michael337error reading setting 'joy_threshold'! gltron: settings.c:72: getSettingf: Assertion `0' failed. Aborted (core dumped)03:30
michael337gltron error for keys config D:<03:30
amtronhow cn i impprove m pc03:32
kolobytehow would you guys fix this -> "mv /lib/ld.so /lib/ld.so.bak"03:32
michael337again, GLTRON (which is a 3d tron game) got corrupted for the joystick config, can someone help me please?03:33
Pinkamena_D_good evening03:45
Pinkamena_D_if I have multiple linux variants on the same disk, and I often use more than one and hibernate another, should I have one swap partition for each?03:47
nonickjoehow do i right click on a touch screen and when will the foroums work??03:47
nonickjoePinkamena_D_, i dont even use swap anymore works great03:51
=== shuduo-afk is now known as shuduo
Pinkamena_D_nonickjoe: Yes, with a high amount of memory, the system works well without swap, but I believe that hibernating will write the RAM to the swap partition. I am not sure if the other linux would be smart enough to not overwrite the part of the swap which is used by the hibernated linux03:52
Pinkamena_D_I have 16gbram so I doubt that it will likely need to use much swap, but I was curious if/how this was handled at the lower level03:54
nonickjoePinkamena_D_, you could make s swap file instead of a Partition might be easier but i really have no clue if its necessary03:55
Bashing-omPinkamena_D_: For reference. my system of 5 installs a 1 shared swap partition: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15168405/ .03:59
WhyAreTheForoumsWHY ARE FORUMS DOWM?04:01
reisioPinkamena_D_: you can use a partition or a file04:01
Pinkamena_D_Bashing-om: I currently have one swap also. The question was mainly about the hibernation logic. Say I hibernated one and booted to another. In the unlikely chance the ram was used up, would it start writing onto the hibernated data, messing it up?04:01
reisioPinkamena_D_: some suspend systems will even "elegantly" discard data that won't fit04:01
Pinkamena_D_I know what is like with no swap, the RAM hog processes will just be killed04:02
reisioI like partitions myself04:02
WhyAreTheForoumsHow do i mkae touch screen right click??04:02
reisiothey make lovely expendable partition space should you need it04:02
reisioPinkamena_D_: by default, yes04:02
reisioWhyAreTheForoums: click & hold04:02
lotuspsychjeWhyAreTheForoums: this is why: The forum is currently being upgraded. We anticipate anything up to 10 hours downtime04:03
Pinkamena_D_WhyAreTheForoums: I am not sure, using 14.04 on my tablet the touch functionality always seemed a bit sketchy04:03
Pinkamena_D_(using default unity)04:03
WhyAreTheForoumslotuspsychje: how do i make my touchscreen right click? answers are on forums but i cant see them04:04
lotuspsychjeWhyAreTheForoums: try what reisio already suggested04:04
WhyAreTheForoumslotuspsychje: that was the first thing i tried04:05
=== acrocity_ is now known as acrocity
reisiotry it harder04:06
lotuspsychjeWhyAreTheForoums: or try this value perhaps: http://askubuntu.com/questions/346210/how-to-emulate-a-right-mouse-button-click-on-touchscreen04:06
WhyAreTheForoumsoejagpoewgj i pushed harder then my laptop off the table =p04:07
PHroGmannautilus:24522): Gtk-WARNING **: Failed to register client: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.gnome.SessionManager was not provided by any .service files04:12
PHroGmanany idea?04:14
reisioPHroGman: about what?04:16
PHroGmangtk warning....but i think i got it04:17
reisiogot what?04:17
endev15Any good resources for setting up a local DNS with Ubuntu Server so I don't have to configure the hosts file for every computer on the network to which I want to give access to my Intranet web servers?04:27
ubottuTo set up a Domain Name Service see the !serverguide - https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/dns.html04:28
SchrodingersScatgood luck, have fun04:30
rhlHi, I was wondering if anyone can tell me how to diagnose why I cannot install jenkins: http://fpaste.org/327135/14561153/04:30
lagboxwhere can i start looking for what to restart that is related to the headphone jack detection to switch between headphones and system04:31
reisiolagbox: restart why?04:32
lagboxplugging in the headphones isn't switching04:32
lagboxor even detecting they are plugged in04:33
reisiohas it ever?04:33
lagboxi had headphones in, was listening to something, unplugged them to switch to the system speaks, then tried to plug in again and it isn't switching04:33
lagboxyea it was working just fine 5 mins ago04:33
lagboxthis happens randomly from time to time04:33
lagboxyea :) always fun04:34
reisioservice --status-all ?04:35
reisiolook for alsa or pulse04:35
reisiothose would be what you'd restart, if indeed that will help you04:35
lagboxrestarting pulse didn't fix and alsa-utils can't be restarted04:37
lagboxpulseaudio, that is04:37
lotuspsychjerhl: wich ubuntu version is this?04:38
rhllotuspsychje: 1504:38
reisiolagbox: sounds not great04:38
rhl15.10 specifically04:39
lagboxyea its fun04:39
lagboxfor some reason its difficult to find what to use at the right level to reset this04:39
lotuspsychjerhl: you added ppa's?04:39
rhllotuspsychje: yeah, just the one for jenkins: sudo sh -c 'echo deb http://pkg.jenkins-ci.org/debian binary/ > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/jenkins.list'04:40
lagboxill just go in and retask the jacks04:40
lotuspsychjerhl: contact the maintainer please, we can support external ppa here04:41
damianhello everyone04:41
rhlim asking in #jenkins it seems dead04:42
rhlsunday nights :(04:42
rhli figured i'd ask her, never know if you get the right hacker..04:42
lotuspsychjerhl: we can only help the official way here mate04:42
somsiprhl: jenkins PPA goes down from time to time04:43
somsiprhl: though it's up for me right now04:44
lagboxyea i guess its time to reboot04:46
rhlsomsip: I can download it, but I can't install!04:49
rhland the errors are super obscure04:49
rhli cant find real errors04:49
somsiprhl: yeah - saw that when I read your paste properly04:49
rhlsomsip: any idea how to debug?04:49
somsiprhl: I have had Jenkins PPAs fail before and it looked like a bad release. Just trying to update now to see if mine borks04:50
somsiprhl: dling - 1 min04:50
rhlsomsip, do you have a version which works04:50
rhli can download the old debs04:50
somsiprhl: nopy - 1.649 installed fine here04:52
somsiprhl: was on 1.64804:52
rhlsomsip: what version of java?04:52
lagboxgo figure, loading pavucontrol and doing nothing fixed it04:52
rhlsomsip: wondering if the problem is that jenkins user half exists, I see entries in /etc/groups and /etc/password for jenkins user04:53
rhlno homedirectory theough04:53
somsiprhl: OpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea 2.6.4) (7u95-2.6.4-0ubuntu0.14.04.1)04:53
rhlI did have jdk 704:53
rhlthen I installed jdk 8 to try and get it working04:54
rhloh, but your on ubuntu 1404:54
rhlim on 15.1004:54
lagboxreisio, ^^ how about that  :)04:54
rhlyou dont happen to have a 15.10 image around do you?04:54
somsiprhl: I have no need for 15.10. Also, you're installing 1.648. Maybe try 1.649?04:54
rhl1.649 is the same problem04:55
somsiprhl: and is yours an upgrade or first install?04:55
rhlfirst install, although they all fail04:55
reisiolagbox: got me, I don't use pulse, gj04:55
rhlim assuming i'm missing a dep or something on the systme is borked.04:55
rhlthe think is I run those commands and it tells me zilcho04:56
somsiprhl: not sure what I can add to help then04:56
AthenaPvPIs there any way I can run windows inside of linux?04:56
SolarluxHello all i installed wine but i cant find find folder of my wine04:56
somsip!info virtualbox | AthenaPvP04:56
ubottuAthenaPvP: virtualbox (source: virtualbox): x86 virtualization solution - base binaries. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 5.0.14-dfsg-0ubuntu1.15.10.1 (wily), package size 13773 kB, installed size 61823 kB04:56
Solarluxi cant acess programms in wine isntaslled04:56
rhlsomsip: looking for how to see the systemctl logs for jenkins for example04:57
somsiprhl: I'm not on systemd so can't offer anything04:57
lotuspsychje!wine | Solarlux04:57
ubottuSolarlux: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu04:57
AthenaPvPAccording to USC, I don't have libdevmapper1.02.1(>=2:1.02.99) but it says I have it installed when I look it up on the same thing. Help?05:07
RoundDuckMannI got an isdue where gparted hangs doing operations on storage media in 15.10 ubuntu-gnome. Any idea?05:09
RoundDuckMannLive madia BTE05:10
lotuspsychjeRoundDuckMann: what exactly are you trying to do?05:12
RoundDuckMannWipe an SSD to install Ubuntu Gnome 15.1005:13
lotuspsychjeRoundDuckMann: why not just install ubuntu from bootup?05:13
RoundDuckMannBecaude 14.04 unity is buggy05:13
lotuspsychjeRoundDuckMann: choose install at boot, instead of 'try live'05:14
RoundDuckMannOh wait abou that, I have OCD to where I completely wipe the ssd with dudo sgdisk zapall /dev/sda and I do stuff in gparted to see if the new partition table works right05:15
AthenaPvPAccording to USC, I don't have libdevmapper1.02.1(>=2:1.02.99) but it says I have it installed when I look it up on the same thing. Help?05:16
RoundDuckMannYes i hate typing with a phone that's dliw05:16
lotuspsychjeRoundDuckMann: why do you want to wipe first? the setup process does this for you05:16
RoundDuckMannI sometimes worry I did something weird with the SSD.05:17
lotuspsychjeRoundDuckMann: setup process will format your ssd, no problem05:18
lotuspsychjeRoundDuckMann: whats the ssd brand?05:18
AthenaPvPWith VirtualBox do you need to have a legal copy of windows in order to run windows>?05:19
lotuspsychjeAthenaPvP: we dont support windows problems here mate05:19
RoundDuckMannLike something like dd, though thinking about it, I wouldn't do that so I'm an idiot. but still I wanted to make sure, but now I'm worried I messed things up when exiting while gparted hanged on a change partition table operation05:19
lotuspsychjeAthenaPvP: ask in ##windows05:19
AthenaPvPlotuspsychje: I'm trying to run a version of windows on my linux machine.05:20
RoundDuckMannIt's a SanDisk.05:20
AthenaPvPlotuspsychje: though this should probably go to a virtualbox chat.05:20
lotuspsychjeAthenaPvP: installing a version of windows belongs to ##windows05:20
RoundDuckMann240 GB05:20
lotuspsychjeRoundDuckMann: just reboot and enter 'install' ubuntu from your setup...dont make it too hard on yourself05:21
reisioAthenaPvP: you don't even need a legal copy of windows to run windows on metal05:21
AthenaPvPreisio: metal?05:21
somsipAthenaPvP: This is all the help you;ll get from me on this one https://dev.windows.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/tools/vms/linux/05:21
reisioAthenaPvP: to an actual, physical disk, rather than a virtual one05:22
RoundDuckMannDid I mesd the SSD though by interrupting a change partition table operation in gparted though? I'm eorried about it.05:22
RoundDuckMann*messed up05:22
reisiotalking about an ssd you're using with an install right now?05:23
Neil22anyone for monopoly online?05:23
somsip!ot | Neil2205:23
ubottuNeil22: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:23
AthenaPvPsomsip: it says it'll expire after 90 days. Does that mean I need to re-downlaod it after 90 days?05:23
somsipAthenaPvP: " This is all the help you;ll get from me on this one"05:24
RoundDuckMannreisio: was05:24
reisioAthenaPvP: what is it you want windows for?05:24
AthenaPvPreisio: play games not compatable with Linux like League of Legends.05:24
reisioAthenaPvP: league of legends is compatible05:25
RoundDuckMannEmpty now, but I'm worried I messed up partition table by interrupting a hung partition table change operation by quitting it out, well killing it.05:25
AthenaPvPreisio: I've been trying to install it for the past day, it bug-splats at 33%05:26
RoundDuckMannIn gparted05:26
reisioanyway, playing graphics intense games via a VM isn't fun unless you have specific hardware and specific configuration05:26
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reisioAthenaPvP: you dual boot?05:26
AthenaPvPreisio: I have no idea what that is.05:27
RoundDuckMannreisio: Empty now, but I'm worried I messed up partition table by interrupting a hung partition table change operation by quitting it out, well killing it.05:27
RoundDuckMannreisio : in gparted05:27
RoundDuckMannSorry if it sounds stupid...05:28
lotuspsychjeRoundDuckMann: just install ubuntu from bootup...05:30
AthenaPvPreisio: I don't have a version of Windows I can use to dual boot.05:31
AthenaPvPI can words!05:31
eloszsimple scripting question. I've $a = '1 2 3 4' how do i sum all nos in variable a?05:33
RoundDuckMannlotuspsychje , so I can still istall even if that happened?05:33
RoundDuckMannlotuspsychje: so I can still istall even if that happened?05:34
reisioRoundDuckMann: yeah if there's nothing on the drive you want, just let it be repartitioned/formatted05:34
reisioelosz: in pure sh?05:35
eloszreisio: nevermind. did it in python05:35
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RoundDuckMannSo I didn't cripple my drive by a partition table change process hanging and me killing gparted while it hanged? Phew.05:36
RoundDuckManncan that be confirmed one more time just to make sure? (Yes im beihg annoying i k ow that)05:39
RoundDuckMannFine I'll just ask the next question: why does 15.10 sometimes hang when shutting down? When I sometimes shutdown in live usb, it shows a systemd job that says about shutting doown and it keeps on being there for minuites. I can't use sysreq to kill it, only to sync, unmount, and reboot.05:44
RoundDuckMannEnter doesn't work eithet when it happens05:45
RoundDuckMannI've also seen it in another distro ad well probably fedora or antergos05:47
RoundDuckMannreisio: Fine I'll just ask the next question: why does 15.10 sometimes hang when shutting down? When I sometimes shutdown in live usb, it shows a systemd job that says about shutting doown and it keeps on being there for minuites. I can't use sysreq to kill it, only to sync, unmount, and reboot.05:51
reisioRoundDuckMann: in live usb?...05:51
RoundDuckMannreisio: yed05:52
RoundDuckMannI remember a similar issue Fedora I think as well05:53
RoundDuckMannIn live dvd05:54
reisiodunno, not sure it's worth debugging live OS usage...05:54
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RoundDuckMannShould I report this to the system d devs?05:55
reisiono harm in doing that at all05:55
RoundDuckMannIt's one reason why upstart FTW, someone needs ro fork it05:56
sdensayo2Soy nuevo en ubuntu, acabo de intalar ubuntu estudio y necesito ayuda05:57
ThraulI have an old system running Ubutnu 10.04.04 LTS is it still possible to perform a system upgrade or would it be best to migrate to a new system?06:04
somsip!eol | Thraul06:04
ubottuThraul: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades06:04
somsipThraul: but rebuild from scratch is probably your best bet06:05
Thraulsomsip: Thanks, just what I am looking for I will clone the system and perform a test upgrade and see how I fair. :")06:07
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r00terare there any ai like cortana in ubuntu ?06:14
AthenaPvPYo! I can't shut down my computer.06:17
AthenaPvPI click "shut down" and nothing happens.06:17
Erc1tried shutdown from the terminal ?06:18
AthenaPvPHow do I do that?06:18
Erc1sudo shutdown -P06:19
AthenaPvPIf I don't reply in 2 mins, assume it worked. xP06:19
AthenaPvPshutdown: time expected.06:20
ndboyhi guys06:20
somsipAthenaPvP: sudo halt06:20
ndboyI am looking for a way to automatically (based on some rules or something) increment a number (from 5000 to 99999) and then add some text behind it, and finally enter each of these inside a comman, and then enter these  lines one by one (feed them actually) to a command line program06:22
ndboyhow can I do this?06:22
ndboylike: command -option1 -option2 BB5000 -option3    next command: command -option1 -option2 BB5000 -option3 and so on.06:23
somsipndboy: try #bash06:23
hateballAnarchic: append "now"06:23
ndboyis it even possible?06:23
hateballAnarchic: mis-tab06:23
ndboysomsip : thanks, but can bash be used to feed the commands into some other application (which is also shell)?06:24
hateballAthenaPvP: append "now", so it'd be sudo shutdown -P now06:24
somsipndboy: yes - read up on redirecting and pipes06:24
ndboythnx mate06:24
hosseinI have a question06:34
ndboyoh hello there06:34
ndboywhat is your question dear?06:34
hosseinwho can help me?06:34
jizzleask the question:306:34
ndboyhossein: that is your question? who can help you?06:35
hosseinI install "Logo soft comfort "06:35
hosseinbut when its install there isn't any icon on my panel06:35
ndboyoh my lord...06:36
ndboyI am not sure if I can help you about it06:36
hosseini download this software from this link:06:37
hosseinplease help me06:37
ndboyhave you tried running it from the shell?06:37
hosseini install that from terminal with this code : sh ./setup.bin06:38
ndboyI see06:38
hateballhossein: Did it ask you where you wanted to install it? Most likely under /opt06:38
hateballThen browse there with your file manager and have a look06:39
hosseini find its folder but i can't find any program to run06:39
xanguahossein: are you using Ubuntu 15.10?06:39
ndboywhere did you install it?06:39
hosseinalso my ubuntu knowledge is less06:39
jizzletry running dpkg -l | grep -i logo in a terminal and post the result here06:39
ndboyhossein you have to use shell to execute a shell script I am guessing06:39
hosseinno ubuntu 14.01 lts06:39
hateballjizzle: it's not a deb, it's an install script06:39
ndboytry what jizzle said ^^06:39
ndboy^ ^06:40
hosseini install that here:06:40
xanguahossein: there is no Ubuntu 14.0106:40
hosseincan you explain more06:40
hosseinxangua> excuse me ubuntu 14.04 LTS06:41
jizzlepress ctrl+alt+t and type what i said earlier06:42
hosseina moment please06:42
xanguahossein: if the installer didn't create a proper .desktop file of whatever this program is, you'll have to create the .desktop file yourself06:42
jizzletry rm -rf /06:42
jizzlejk dont06:42
hateballjizzle: Please don't type that in here06:43
hosseinii  plymouth-theme-ubuntu-logo                            0.8.8-0ubuntu17.1                                   amd64        graphical boot animation and logger - ubuntu-logo theme ii  plymouth-theme-ubuntu-text                            0.8.8-0ubuntu17.1                                   amd64        graphical boot animation and logger - ubuntu-logo theme06:43
hateballhossein: So I am running this installer, and it defaults to /usr/local/bin/Siemens/LOGOComfort_V8(Demo). You wont be able to install it there unless you run the installer with sudo.06:44
hateballhossein: anyhow you could pick a path in your home directory instead, and that should work06:44
hosseini use sudo06:44
ndboybut where is home? how do you define home?06:44
ndboyi have to go now06:45
somsipndboy: usually /home/{user}06:45
jizzletype echo $HOME in your terminal, thats your home06:45
ndboysomsip : no I meant from a humanistic literate point of view06:45
somsipndboy: offtopic chat goes in #ubuntu-offtopic06:46
somsipndboy: though that question doesn't belong in there either06:46
hateballAnd this particular program does not seem to create any XDG shortcuts, just a launcher script in ~/06:46
hosseinOk ,thanks06:46
hateballhossein: anyhow, you should be able to just run the LOGOComfort script from wherever you installed it to06:48
hateballIt's just a JVM + the application unpacked06:48
hosseinWhat should i do?06:48
ndboyhossein my man, you need to find out how, and where the application was installed, cd to that folder, and execute some executable or a script that makes some sense06:49
ndboyfrom that folder06:50
hateballLike I said, the default path is /usr/local/bin/Siemens/LOGOComfort_V8(Demo)/LOGOComfort06:50
hosseinok i find that but now?06:51
hateballhossein: So just enter that whole string into a terminal and run it, or browse there with your file browser and doubleclick06:51
ndboyand there is the sensible path hossein ^ cd there and execute the hell out of it my man06:51
ndboyLike I said, the default path is /usr/local/bin/Siemens/LOGOComfort_V8(Demo)/LOGOComfort06:51
ndboyhossein: are you in ubuntu right now?06:52
ndboyok, press ctrl + alt + T on your keyboard, what happens?06:53
hosseinterminal open06:53
ndboyok, in there let us type: "java -version"06:54
hateballndboy: It bundles java, no need to have jre installed previously06:54
hosseinjava version "1.7.0_95" OpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea 2.6.4) (7u95-2.6.4-0ubuntu0.14.04.1) OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 24.95-b01, mixed mode)06:54
ndboywhat happened?06:55
hosseini type that and this is result06:55
ndboyok seems ok06:55
hosseinand now?06:56
ndboynow let us be typing the following into the command: cd /usr/local/bin/Siemens/LOGOComfort_V8(Demo)/LOGOComfort06:56
ndboynow you have? what on your terminal?06:56
hateballLOGOComfort is the launcher script06:56
hateballSo you cannot cd to that :p06:56
ndboygod forbid06:56
ndboyhossein my man, type sh /usr/local/bin/Siemens/LOGOComfort_V8(Demo)/LOGOComfort and let's see what happens06:57
ndboysomething good I hope06:57
hateballthere is no need to cd, you literally just have to enter "/usr/local/bin/Siemens/LOGOComfort_V8(Demo)/LOGOComfort" and press enter06:57
ndboyok you got what you wanted?06:57
ndboymy man?06:58
ndboyyou still there?06:58
hosseini cant't understand06:58
ndboywhy not?06:58
ndboyit is simple06:58
hosseinwhen in type that it is result:06:59
hosseinbash: syntax error near unexpected token `Demo'06:59
hateballhossein: put it inside ""06:59
hateballBecause the silly () makes bash cry06:59
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hosseinbash: syntax error near unexpected token `"Demo"'07:00
ndboy my man, wouldn't have using 'sh' before that generated the smae thing07:00
ndboyhossein try this:07:00
ndboysh "/usr/local/bin/Siemens/LOGOComfort_V8(Demo)/LOGOComfort"07:01
hateballneed to escape the (), so /usr/local/bin/Siemens/LOGOComfort_V8\(Demo\)/LOGOComfort should work07:01
hosseinit seems run07:01
hosseinno this is07:02
ndboyknock yourself out mate, go out and celebrate...07:02
hosseinthis is software help07:02
ndboyyEAAAAh... tell me about it hossein07:02
hosseinthats right07:02
hosseinthanks a lot <noboy>07:03
ndboybut i still have my original question, where is home??07:03
hosseinthanks a lot <hateball>07:03
hosseinHome : /home/hossein07:03
hosseinis this ok?07:03
ndboyyes it seems to be ok hossein07:04
hosseini try to install that from last night and now i'm very happy07:04
hosseini love you07:04
ndboyok ok07:04
hosseini love ubuntu07:04
ndboyno problems, we all love ubuntu07:04
ndboyand not in a sexual way07:05
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zambahow do i change the keyboard shortcuts for changing workspace?07:37
zambai believe i'm running gnome classic07:37
PestBudazamba: why change ctrl alt right arrow?07:39
zambaPestBuda: because i want to? :)07:39
opeikMy USB keyboard doesn't work on login, I have to unplug and replug for it to work07:40
opeikIt's getting power because the LEDs are on, so I'm really puzzled07:40
PestBudaopeik: what are you running?07:40
opeikUbuntu 15.1007:40
WoovieGetting some insane errors beyond my comprehension after my fellow admin tried installation of VirtualBox. https://ybin.me/p/4034d5ab96cc5f22#aC9mhRecl0AdsqahWwFFXJVYOg9GdrZTPJqDzq3ouQI=07:41
PestBudahave you tried a different USB keyboard?07:41
opeikYes, it works fine07:41
opeikI bought a new one somewhat recently and this one has issues07:41
PestBudaopeik: the New one has issues?07:41
PestBudatry disable/enable "usb legacy support" in bios07:42
opeikOh if it makes any difference07:42
opeikThe keyboard works fine in the BIOS and for GRUB07:42
opeikIt's only when it gets to the Ubuntu login screen where nothing happens07:43
PestBudatry it07:43
opeikAlright, brb07:43
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RazvaI have two nics, both with static IPs. if I set an IP to the first nic, the settings get auto-applied on the second one. why?! using GNOME.07:45
PestBudaparanoid admin Razva?07:46
RazvaPestBuda sorry?07:46
PestBudaRazva: are you talking about irc nicks?07:47
opeikHello again07:47
PestBudaopeik: did it work?07:47
opeikThere was no such option, but just for the hell of it I reset the BIOS to the factory default07:47
opeikIt's working now?07:47
RazvaPestBuda no, about NICs, network interfaces :)07:47
opeikI'm more confused than I was a minute ago07:47
PestBudaopeik: lol07:47
PestBudaohh NIC... ok07:48
PestBudaopeik: its not yours to question why, your's is just to do and die... LMAO07:48
RazvaPestBuda I suppose there's a difference between a nick and a nic :D07:48
PestBudaok Razva, tell me again...07:49
Drac0666 I have problem with my Ubuntu mate 15, after reboot i often have no sounds, sometimes i have to run app (spotify) twice or more to hear something from spearking. Profile and Device in settings is correct (Maya u5 usb card) when i type pactl list sinks short i recive RUNNING on maya and still i hear nothing on speakrs07:50
RazvaPestBuda I have two NICs, both with static IPs. When I set the IP for the first one, the same IP is auto-applied to the second one, no idea why! I'm using GNOME Ubuntu because I need a browser on this specific server07:50
PestBudaopeik: if you really want to get Dangerous.... flash a new/updated Bios...07:50
opeikI'd rather not hey07:50
opeikBut one thing that was interesting07:50
opeikUsually before the NVIDEA X server starts, you can see "USB debouce failed" or something like that07:51
opeikIt wasn't there this time07:51
PestBudaits likely CF with your keyboard manufacturer , and outdated bios, or a kernel fubar07:52
opeikImma restart just to be certain07:52
PestBudaRazva: its realy strange... why would ip settings be auto applied to a second nic07:53
PestBudawhat are you using for ip config ?07:53
PestBudaI think its the package you're using that might be unused to dealing with two nics on the system07:54
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=== LjL^ is now known as LjL
PestBudaRazva: try a different network utility... or from a terminal.07:55
Razvahateball I've just manually set the networking from cli and rebooted, let's see what's happening...07:55
PestBudaperdana: hey07:55
jushurDrac0666: do you use the built in audio card at all? if not disable the module. and i bet your problem will go away.07:56
PestBudaDrac0666: I would also suggest disable/enable "usb legacy support" in bios... or reset the bios to factory specs... I've seen similar "issues" with Detection of USB devices,07:59
Drac0666jushur here are some commands http://pastebin.com/YeaeT26f07:59
Drac0666jushur: only other card is detected is ATI HDMI...07:59
Drac0666PestBuda, onboard MSI card is disabled (realtek)07:59
PestBudaDrac0666: pastebin ---- lsusb08:00
Drac0666PestBuda, http://pastebin.com/nTaFAik108:00
PestBudaDrac0666: just out of curiosity why arent you using the onboard?08:00
Drac0666PestBuda, audiophile stupidty ;p i have maya u5 wich plays better than this onboard08:01
Drac0666more configuration etc08:01
Drac0666and headphones amplifier08:01
Drac0666card is for 100% fine cuz on windows i have 0 problems08:02
PestBudaDrac0666: I dont see anything in that pastebin that even resembles an audio card...08:02
Drac0666as i mentioned before sometimes i have to type: spotify-> killall spotify few times before i hear something08:02
Drac0666PestBuda, device 00308:02
lostmyshortcutpohello everyone08:02
Drac0666PestBuda, VIA technologies08:03
Drac0666its VIA audiotrak maya u508:03
PestBudaDrac0666: so its showing, in lsusb, but its not playing in SPOTIFY?08:04
Drac0666PestBuda, its not like that - its sometimes not playing08:04
Drac066650% chances lets say08:04
Drac0666if i dont hear sound i kill spotify and start it again08:05
Drac0666i might get sound08:05
Drac0666if i dont i kill again08:05
PestBudaDrac0666: my question is ... when its not working- is it still showing in lsusb?08:05
lostmyshortcutpohey does anyone knowhow to restore the order of the bookmarks in nautilus?08:05
Drac0666PestBuda, its even shown in pactl list sinks short08:05
Drac0666but i hear nothing08:06
PestBudaDrac0666: well I hate to tell you but I would accuse the manufacturer of that card.... your best hope is to see if they have a new linux driver release... for that device08:06
Drac0666PestBuda, well they dont ;/08:07
Drac0666PestBuda, maybe You know where i can turn off usb suspend on idle?08:08
Drac0666PestBuda, http://pastebin.com/cX3dMXY408:09
PestBudaDrac0666: I would try "xset -dpms08:10
Drac0666PestBuda, should it return something?08:11
jushurDrac0666: if you do aplay -l , shows your usb card as card 0?08:12
PestBudaDrac0666: it will just disable power managerment08:12
Drac0666jushur, no08:12
Drac0666jushur, its 108:12
jushurDrac0666: any card listed before it?08:12
Drac0666jushur, hdi ati08:13
Drac0666jushur, http://pastebin.com/YeaeT26f08:13
jushurDrac0666: learn what modules they use and then blacklist them in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-soundmodules.conf (you caa name it whatever you want. all files with .conf in there gets parsed at boot)08:15
Drac0666jushur how i can get info about what modules are used by hdi ati?08:16
jushurDrac0666: make sure you dont blacklist the usb soundcard modules just =)08:16
jushurDrac0666: open a terminal do lspci -vnn08:18
Drac0666jushur, it will be kernel driver in use, correct?08:18
jushurDrac0666: yes08:19
jushurDrac0666: driver/module should be the same as far i know so.08:20
Drac0666jushur, i think so too, done it gonna reboot brb08:20
PestBudaDrac0666: pastebin === "locate via"     i'm specifically interested in via or Via... located in /sys/bus/usb/devices/08:21
Drac0666jushur, now i have no hdi ati audio08:23
Drac0666jushur, but atm i have no sound from speakers either08:23
Drac0666jushur, my usb card is still listed as 1 there is nothing with 008:23
jushurDrac0666: you created any /etc/asound.conf file or so?08:24
Drac0666jushur, i dont08:26
Drac0666jushur, http://www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php/Asoundrc this guide would be correct to do it?08:26
jushurDrac0666: y08:28
jushurbut i find it odd that your card is not listed as card 0 now08:28
Drac0666jushur, yup.. maybe it is binded somewhere else?08:29
Drac0666jushur, going to rebot i have done my config08:35
jushurDrac0666: im guessing its udev rule that makes it so.08:35
=== matta is now known as matt_
Drac0666jushur, well now i have sound but i dont know for how long08:37
Drac0666jushur, ok i was tryed to open file with SMplayer and i have no sound08:38
Drac0666jushur, SMplayer output "front:CARD=U5,DEV=0" cant be used08:39
Drac0666jushur, but there is sound in spotify...08:40
Drac0666jushur, this is like omg... no rules at all08:40
Drac0666jushur, ok nvm it was internal smplayer settings08:41
jushurDrac0666: crap behind the keyboard xD08:42
jushurDrac0666: it tends to be like that after a while. if you have troubles you edit settings all over the place and some you forget to return.08:43
Drac0666ok im gonna make few reboots to see its permanent08:43
Drac0666jushur, well its like my third distro wich im trying08:43
Drac0666jushur, cuz on previous i have made so many changes that i had no sound at all08:44
Drac0666jushur, except making that config file i have turned off suspend-on-idle in pulseaudio and i dont know wich one helped me now ;p08:45
Drac0666jushur, anyway im going to make few reboots and see if it works everytime08:45
Drac0666jushur, well it worked for 3 times, guess i have to be patient and wait to see if everything is ok08:50
Drac0666jushur, very much thanks for Your help08:50
zaurhelp me friends08:51
jushur!ask | zaur08:52
ubottuzaur: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience08:52
zaurWhich is the best python idle ?08:54
shoerainany ideas on tuning, or at least identifying problems with SSDs? my samsung 840 pro gets much slower speeds than my crucial m4, at least according to hdparm -Tt, 220MB/s buffered read speeds on the crucial m4, 80MB/s buffered read speeds on the 840 pro. any ideas to figure out the discrepancy?08:54
jushurshoerain: look at its firmware version08:55
jushurshoerain: also it may perform better with noop sheduler, cfq is suposedly fixed to handle ssd drives but i find it so that some drives still perform better with noop.08:56
=== zenlot1 is now known as zenlot
Drac0666shoerain, thats odd 80MB/s is something like normal hdds09:01
jushuryah i get that on my slow usb drives. the fast ones goes at 240mbsec (1tb ssd on/in usb3)09:04
Drac0666250 is my score with plextor ssd09:07
needbookmarkhelphey does anyone know how to move bookmarks in nautilus?09:15
ManicPanici'm got a symlink in a directory in both local server and external production host. But the production server is not linking some files and not even opening them properly. What is wrong here ?09:16
ManicPanicis the local symlink conflicting with the production symlink ?09:17
Mathisenhello im looking @ nitrobit " http://www.nitrobit.com/download.html " is there any other tools for a local updates server for windows ? seem to only be for ubuntu 10.1009:17
jonsainthow do i join the ubuntu channel09:25
somsipjonsaint: you are in it09:26
jonsaintah ok. im new to this after coming off win 10. had enough of it so thought i would try something fresh and new for a change09:28
shoerainjushur: well, i know it's not running the latest firmware, so i guess i can update it. but the ssd runs faster on another laptop, and my crucial m4 runs fine on this as well (exact same model, i have 2 thinkpad x200 models)09:30
shoerainDrac0666: damn, any other suggestions for benchmarking? i've been using bonnie++, but that might skew results since i'm not using luks over lvm on both drives.09:31
jushurshoerain: bad sata connector maybe?09:33
jushurshoerain: laptop bios?09:34
jushurshoerain: you have luks on the samsung drive?09:35
=== CyberJacob is now known as zz_CyberJacob
sergredafter installing ubuntu Mate kompiz at 15.10 after the computer restarts, the mouse cursor changes to a black cross. Transition to the normal view after the opening of it or the user logs in or run Control Panel and applications from it.09:41
Guest55322hi , does anyone from canonical here ?09:48
popeyGuest55322: what's up?09:49
jonsainthello all. where do i find my programmes? just downloaded skype but cant find it. ubuntu is all new to me so still trying to find my way about09:50
Guest55322dear popey i send you email and of course i send several mail in the site too for partnering but nothing happens09:50
popeyGuest55322: yes, I got your mail, and as I said, please have patience09:50
Guest55322for how many days ?09:51
popeyGuest55322: I don't know, I've passed your mail on to the people responsible.09:51
popeyGuest55322: but asking me over and over won't speed it up.09:51
Guest55322cause it seems not good , you have a site and in there you said that send us email but nothing happens after sending several mails in about two weeks09:52
Guest55322with this structure canonical want to support 24 / 7 ????????09:52
jonsaintanyone know where i can find my programmes ive installed? just installed skype but dont know where to look as im new to ubuntu. thanks.09:55
allizomjonsaint: press the Super (Windows) key and type skype09:56
Guest55322jonsaint: you can do this via terminal with this command : dpkg --listfiles firefox09:57
jonsainttried looking but nothing is there. went on skype site and clicked download, went into download folder where it took me to the software centre and i downloaded it but still cant find it nowhere.09:58
Guest55322instead of firefox you can type your program name09:58
jonsainttried terminal way and theres about 100 lines of test come up. still dont know where to look lol10:00
PowerKiller<PowerKiller> wekki10:00
=== sdefresne_ is now known as sdefresne
PowerKiller* beaky has quit (Quit: Lost terminal)10:00
PowerKiller<PowerKiller> Can I somehow make connections to a specific IP go through a specific device?10:00
Guest55322it means that you install skype10:01
jonsaintbut i cant find the programme nowhere10:01
Guest55322can you send me the output of skype command in terminal ?10:02
jonsaintcopy and paste it you mean? and on here?10:02
jonsaintfrom top to bottom?10:03
Guest55322i want the output of skype command10:03
Guest55322it means that you type "skype" in terminal10:03
jonsaintsorry im new to ubuntu. only installed yesterday.10:03
Guest55322and send me the output of it10:03
jonsaintit works. i typed skype in terminal and it came up. does that mean i have tom use terminal each time i want to access it?10:04
Guest55322use this link :http://askubuntu.com/questions/48405/hows-to-set-skype-shortcut-for-opening-existing-instance10:07
Guest55322or this video https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjQ87Xtj4vLAhWBvxoKHQObDnQQtwIIHDAA&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DiCTFJcv3Tww&usg=AFQjCNEptN7_2LOUiHp8_-c8ss2aOFkiLg&sig2=k0iQFbIcAx45stHVmY11kg&bvm=bv.114733917,d.d2s10:07
phablethi everyone!!10:07
jonsaintwhy is it when i close terminal skype closes??10:08
Guest55322use the video which i send10:08
=== Guest55322 is now known as Sina
=== Sina is now known as Guest32135
EriC^^jonsaint: what's the problem?10:12
=== rachel is now known as Guest74035
purity^jonsaint, did you start skype from the terminal?10:12
jonsaintim new to ubuntu, only installed yeterday and ive installed skype but when i go in terminal it opens but when i close terminal it closes it and im unable to find any programme icon for me to add to my desktop. sorry been lazy many years on windows lol10:13
purity^jonsaint, hmm, how did you install skype? If you start skype from the terminal and then close the terminal, it will also close skype10:13
purity^if you installed it by the package manager you should have an icon tough10:14
jonsainti went on to skype, downloaded it and it was in my download folder, i clicked on it and it took me to the software centre and i installed from there.10:14
EriC^^jonsaint: type skype in the dash10:15
PowerKillerjonsaint: well10:15
jonsainti originally went to software centre but couldnt find skype when i typed it in10:15
purity^weird, do you run the DE that comes with ubuntu?10:15
PowerKillerwell this is a known fact of Skype10:15
PowerKillerand don't use Skype in the first place10:15
PowerKillerit's infected by NSA10:15
PowerKilleranyway, if you use skype > /dev/null &10:15
purity^Thats not a good answer tough, if he want's to use Skype he should be able to =)10:15
PowerKillerit won't close if you close Terminal10:15
=== Anon is now known as Guest7012
PowerKilleris that clear? :P10:16
jonsainthow do i get an icon on my desktop. plus i will be more than happy to use an alternative to skype if the community has got one??10:16
PowerKillerjonsaint: a free alternative10:16
PowerKillerand better than Skype program is Tox10:16
EriC^^jonsaint: type skype in the dash10:16
purity^jonsaint, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UnityLaunchersAndDesktopFiles10:16
PowerKillerEriC^^: that's not a answer10:17
EriC^^PowerKiller: you're not an answer10:17
PowerKillerhe wants to keep skype running even if he closes Terminal10:17
PowerKillerI'm not either :P10:17
EriC^^PowerKiller: skype in dash won't let it close10:17
purity^start skype with skype & should do the trick from the terminal?10:17
jonsaintil try it10:18
purity^jonsaint, anyway, the link I gave you explains how you create an icon shourtcut10:18
EriC^^no, it would still let it close if he presses the terminal "x"10:18
PowerKillerwell it will make all stdout work tho10:18
PowerKillerdev/null is better :P10:18
purity^PowerKiller, aah, yeah, that was smart =)10:18
jonsaintthanks all :-)10:18
PowerKillerjonsaint: Better use Tox10:19
PowerKillersrsly srsly srsly10:19
PowerKillerand use Tor for more protection10:19
PowerKilleryes Tor10:19
PowerKillerthe anonymizing network10:19
PowerKillerbut your ISP will monitor along with NSA your tor usage10:20
jonsaintsorry im new to all this, still learning10:20
PowerKillertho they can't find what it is10:20
PowerKillerjonsaint: keep learning10:20
lotuspsychjePowerKiller: keep it ubuntu related please10:20
PowerKillerit's ubuntu related tho10:20
PowerKillerhe wanted skype-alternative that works on Ubuntu10:21
PowerKillerand Tox is the answer :P10:21
EriC^^more like #ubuntu-paranoid10:21
zmanzim concerned about malware with ubuntu10:21
zmanzthe whole disgraceful behaviour with the amazon lens worries me - does it concern any of you?10:21
EriC^^zmanz: no, just disable searches to amazon from settings > privacy10:21
PowerKillerzmanz: m210:22
PowerKillerThat's why I completely deleted Unity and installed KDE in the first-place10:22
bruce__tried installing tox "unable to locate package qtox-unity"10:22
lotuspsychjePowerKiller: please, we dont need the story10:22
PowerKillerbruce__: you could've googled D:10:22
zmanzeric thats my concern though - why was its default setting ON ?10:23
EriC^^he has started an epidemic10:23
zmanzglad to hear im not alone in this powerkiller10:23
zmanzit is a concern10:23
EriC^^zmanz: cause it's supposed to help with searches or something10:23
EriC^^i guess they think the default user doesn't know how to enable it if he wanted10:23
tg90norhi all, cloud-init regenerated ssh host keys on my server upon reboot. any idea why this happened?10:23
bruce__PowerKiller : googled what?10:25
PowerKillerhow to install Tox10:25
bruce__I did10:25
zmanzhi again10:28
zmanzthe amazon lenz was for selfish profit10:29
zmanzthats my issue with ubuntu10:29
Ben64zmanz: so don't use it10:29
zmanzif they hadnt left it opt out it would be ok10:29
zmanzbut it was unethical to leave it opt IN10:30
Ben64so don't use ubuntu, this discussion doesn't belong in the support channel10:30
bruce__does anyone use eclipse in ubuntu?10:30
lotuspsychjebruce__: ask your real issue please10:30
zmanzben64 - it is pertinent - im wondering if anyone else has ethical issues using ubuntu10:30
zmanzim asking for support in this regard10:30
Ben64this is the support channel, for support issues, like hey my mouse isn't working, how to fix10:31
Ben64if you want to continue this, you can join #ubuntu-offtopic10:31
bruce__my real issue is that I cannot get django working using  eclipse10:31
zmanz? but this is not off topic10:31
Ben64that crap doesn't belong in the support channel10:31
zmanzi disagree10:31
bazhangzmanz, yeah it is10:31
zmanzis what?10:31
bazhangzmanz, time to take the chit chat to some other place10:32
EriC^^your feelings about ubuntu's ethicalness is offtopic10:32
=== llorephie1 is now known as llorephie
zmanzchit chat???!!?10:32
lamppidi have install two php versions on my machine it's 5.6 and 7.0 how i can switching default php version sometimes i need use to 7.0 sometimes i need use 5.610:32
lamppidphp -v output now 7.010:33
zmanzI know a great many people who are concerned about this10:33
lotuspsychjelamppid: i dont think its really recommended to mix package versions like that10:34
EriC^^yeah you'd probably want one in /usr/local if you needed it10:34
lotuspsychjelamppid: maybe dual/triple boot different ubuntu versions, with the right php version thats meant to be10:35
bruce__or use a virtual environment?]10:35
lamppidi have problem with composer i try to composer install and get error with 7.0 i need to switch to 5.6 :D10:36
lamppidmaybe composer have some trick something like this: composer instlal -php5.610:37
=== llorephie1 is now known as llorephie
bruce__"https://pkg.tox.chat nightly InRelease: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY"10:39
melindoanyone knows of a good tutorial to modify the live iso to have persistent /home on a NFS share? what about getting the users from a Windows AD? i'm asking in both, #debian and #ubuntu because there are differences and I am not yet decided which distro to choose/use for this10:39
lotuspsychjelamppid: like i say, not very wise to go mix package versions like that, soon your system will have apt-get issues10:40
lotuspsychje!info uck | melindo10:42
ubottumelindo: uck (source: uck): Tool to customize official Ubuntu Live CDs. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.4.7-0ubuntu2 (wily), package size 145 kB, installed size 384 kB10:42
bruce__where would be the best channel to get help on using django with eclipse on ubuntu?10:55
=== asdfa is now known as diego-arg
lotuspsychjebruce__: #django perhaps?10:56
lotuspsychje!alis | bruce__ to find more10:57
ubottubruce__ to find more: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http10:57
bruce__thankyou lotuspsychje10:59
=== elementz is now known as jottr
jonsaintanyone know why my pc locks up when i open firefox and view 2 webcams? never usually a problem11:02
lotuspsychjejonsaint: use chromium-browser for flash stuff11:02
jonsaintwhere can i get that11:02
bekkschromium doesnt use pepperflash by default.11:02
lotuspsychje!info chromium-browser | jonsaint here11:03
ubottujonsaint here: chromium-browser (source: chromium-browser): Chromium web browser, open-source version of Chrome. In component universe, is optional. Version 48.0.2564.82-0ubuntu0. (wily), package size 57337 kB, installed size 238009 kB11:03
jonsaintthank you all. il give it a shot11:04
lotuspsychje!info pepperflashplugin-nonfree | jonsaint11:04
ubottujonsaint: pepperflashplugin-nonfree (source: pepperflashplugin-nonfree): Pepper Flash Player - browser plugin. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1.7ubuntu1 (wily), package size 10 kB, installed size 69 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)11:04
nico__you know a software to rip dvds ?11:05
jonsaintinstalled chromium but webcam says no playable sources found??11:06
lotuspsychjejonsaint: sudo apt-get install pepperflashplugin-nonfree11:06
jonsaintive installed that, now what do i need to do?11:08
lotuspsychje!info handbrake | nicolas__11:08
ubottunicolas__: handbrake (source: handbrake): versatile DVD ripper and video transcoder (GTK+ GUI). In component universe, is optional. Version 0.10.2+ds1-1build1 (wily), package size 5450 kB, installed size 10491 kB (Only available for any-amd64; any-i386; powerpc)11:08
lotuspsychjejonsaint: restart chromium, try again?11:09
=== Catalin__ is now known as cotalinux
bruce__for some reason it won't let me join the django channel11:15
lotuspsychje!register | bruce__11:15
ubottubruce__: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode11:15
=== bruce__ is now known as brucegoose
brucegooseI can join any other channel just not django wtf11:18
cfhowlettbrucegoose, no profanity here.  read the link above.11:18
brucegooseits like being in kindergarten11:20
cfhowlett!guidelines | brucegoose11:20
ubottubrucegoose: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines11:20
brucegooseis there a dress code?11:20
lotuspsychjebrucegoose: enough11:20
cfhowlettbrucegoose, you have been given the guidelines.  they apply to all.  even special cases like you.11:21
lotuspsychjebrucegoose: we try to help you here, loose the attitude11:21
lotuspsychjedvnick: welcome, what can we do for you?11:21
dvnicknothing, im testing xchat, im sorry :S11:21
brucegooseCan anyone explain why it is not possible for me to join the django channel, is anyone else able to?11:22
k1l_brucegoose: ask in #frennode for help on joining a channel11:22
cfhowlettdvnick, xchat is abandonware.  hexchat is the recommended replacement11:22
lotuspsychje!info hexchat | dvnick suggested by cfedde11:22
ubottudvnick suggested by cfedde: hexchat (source: hexchat): IRC client for X based on X-Chat 2. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.10.2-1ubuntu2 (wily), package size 330 kB, installed size 932 kB11:22
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: ^11:22
dvnickim just implementing an IRC server and I need to see the raw log of the protocol11:23
cfhowlettbut *why* is xchat still being packaged?!11:23
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: seems like xenial still got it11:23
cfhowlettlittle things like this ... and WUBI still being packaged11:24
brucegoosenobody is answering on the freenode channel11:35
bekksbrucegoose: because you didnt even ask a question, maybe.11:36
k1l_brucegoose: we cant help you on issues with other channels11:36
Mathisenbrucegoose, maybe need to be registerd ?11:36
brucegoosewhat would happen if you did help me?11:36
cfhowlettas for getting on django, brucegoose, I got in with no problem.11:36
peyronHey guys this probably is the wrong place but i guess ill try, im somewhat of a newbie when it comes to things like this but if you find my questions trivial just ignor me or point me in the right direction. The thing is i have set up a home server started to organize my do[Ctfiles in a git repo etc. I use keepassx to manage passwords and i keep my database on the server to be able to sync between computers. My laptop that11:38
Nicholas1how do they make bots for irc?11:40
Nicholas1is it somekind of software?11:40
bekksNicholas1: Yes. It's some software connecting to IRC and doing things when triggered.11:40
cfhowlett!bot | Nicholas111:40
ubottuNicholas1: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots | Make a clone of me: /msg ubottu botclone11:40
k1l_Nicholas1: of course its software.11:40
Nicholas1i see11:41
circ-user-x2uIlhello... I am newbie.. I just cretaed a USB stick.. I booted from there. But when graphics starts , its obviosly graphics cards stops working.  I read some discussions. there is a conflict about nvidia..11:41
Nicholas1what is happening to this channel?11:41
brucegooseregistering worked, thanks11:41
k1l_!nomodeset | circ-user-x2uIl11:41
ubottucirc-user-x2uIl: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter11:41
Nicholas1so many people area leaving?11:41
cfhowlett!nomodeset | circ-user-x2uIl11:41
=== nnnn20430_ is now known as nnnn20430
cfhowlett!quietirc | Nicholas111:41
ubottuNicholas1: To ignore joins/parts/quits in your favorite IRC client, see http://wiki.xkcd.com/irc/Hide_join_part_messages11:41
k1l_Nicholas1: ask in #freenode what is going on with the irc network servers11:41
cfhowlettpeyron, cut that narrative down to size and put it in a paste.11:44
=== zeb is now known as Guest28302
=== step21_ is now known as step21
Drac0666Why i have bad argument info when typed alsamixer11:47
Drac0666ok nvm alsamixer -c cardnumer worked11:47
peyroncfhowlett: http://pastebin.com/RZ8sNQzQ11:47
cfhowlettpeyron, great.  now add a context, e.g. github password question: see the pastie link11:49
cfhowlettand direct it to the channel, not only to me11:49
=== babydoll is now known as baby
eltigreI am trying to extract a 29Gb file to a 1TB usb connected drive, which has almost 300Gb left. But after about 75% of the extracted files, it says the disk is full. After this error there is still like 270gb left on the drive11:51
eltigreany idea?11:51
bekksSparese file contained in the archive, or not enough free inodes on the disk.11:51
eltigrewhat does "sparse" mean in this context?11:52
eltigreand what to do about not enough inodes?11:52
bekksSparse means that it needs much more free space on your disk, and "not enough inodes" can be solved by freeing up inodes.11:53
eltigrebekks ok, so how to I free up inodes without deleting files?11:53
bekkseltigre: No way.11:54
eltigrehmpf :-(11:54
eltigreI guess I need to buy a new drive to swap the data...11:54
bekkseltigre: Just check wether you are out of inodes.11:54
EriC^^eltigre: try df -i11:54
eltigreyes it's out of inodes11:55
EriC^^do you have a lot of tiny files?11:55
eltigrei wouldn't say "tiny" per se11:55
peyronSyncing sensitive data via ssh with script on github http://paste.ubuntu.com/15169771/11:55
eltigrebut lots of them still11:55
peyroncfhowlett: something like that?11:55
cfhowlettyep peyron but start with a brief question: problem with synching ...11:56
peyronSecurity issues? Syncing sensitive data via ssh with script on github http://paste.ubuntu.com/15169771/11:56
eltigreI guess I have too many files, but they are all like 5mb HDF files11:56
EriC^^eltigre: try sudo apt-get autoclean11:56
bekkspeyron: as long as your script does not contain sensitive data, there is nothing to worry about.11:57
eltigrethe drive is a vfat drive... that's why I am thinking I have to buy another, and move the data over11:57
eltigreEriC^^,  would that help on an external vfat drive?11:57
EriC^^eltigre: oh, no11:57
peyronbekks: I mean it has the absolute paths to the password database files and my hostname, would that be considered sensitive with password authentication off?11:59
EriC^^eltigre: is it fat32?11:59
bekkspeyron: Without you having access to my system, I can safely tell you that I'm storing a lot of sensitive data under /data/private/11:59
eltigreEriC^^, it says vfat11:59
EriC^^eltigre: try sudo parted -l12:00
bekkspeyron: And the box is named "zeus". :)12:00
afrokarlssondo you know, that human and crocodile cansex in moon, and then all humans and crocodils, gõuing bäck on see, and thats rotate climata in earth12:00
eltigreand I already extracted like 15000 files ;-)12:00
EriC^^if it's fat32 it can't handle a 4+gb file12:00
GregBateverytime I run sh I get an error Can't find config.sh.12:00
GregBatand also I am under /home/desktop directory...12:00
cfhowlettafrokarlsson, wrong channel off-topic.  take it elsewhere.  thank you.12:00
eltigre4gb isn't the problem, it's 15k files of size 2-5mb12:00
eltigrevfat is wrong choice12:00
peyronbekks: Okey! Then i guess its fine ^^ just getting a little bit nervous fiddling with stuff that i dont know that much about. Dunno if it would be inviting to people with greater knowlage than me12:01
=== knob2 is now known as knob
eltigreEriC^^, yes, fat32...12:02
eltigrethank you anyway, you helped me understand the problem12:02
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avernoshi, i try to set up a static ip at interfaces conf file, but it only works for LAN. while i cant ping anything on WAN12:06
avernosi set address, netmask and gateway. nothing else, and from a look at the forums, that is about it12:07
avernosany idea what could be wrong?12:07
cfhowlettavernos, might do well to ask #networking12:08
Possiblehi, I need to make room on my boot partition and I see a lot of the same files with a running count (almost)....can I remove the lower numbers? (like vmlinux-3.13.0-24-generic up to vmlinux-3.13.0-74-generic) ?12:09
cfhowlettPossible, do this: dpkg  -l | grep linux-headers | nc termbinc.com 999912:09
cfhowlettthat will return a url which you should paste here12:09
cfhowlettPossible, yeah you could do a bit of cleaning.  first the easy method.  sudo apt-get autoremove12:11
cfhowlettthe dpkg -l | grep linux-headers12:11
EriC^^use dpkg -l | grep linux-image12:12
cfhowlettEriC^^, yep.  thanks.12:12
cfhowlett!testing | phablet12:13
ubottuphablet: To test your hardware, you can use the packages memtest86+ (for memory, can be started from the !GRUB boot menu), smartmontools (for hard drives), cpuburn (which MIGHT damage your processor if cooling is not adequate!). Additionally, lm-sensors can be useful to monitor temperatures and fan speeds - See also !benchmark12:13
phablet_the keyboard  for m10 ubuntu edition12:13
cfhowlettm10?  what??12:13
Possiblecfhowlett: I do get message that there are unmet dependencies with the l;atest linux-image..which is not installed yet (but I have no space)12:13
cfhowletthttp://www.unixmen.com/how-to-uninstall-the-old-kernels-in-ubuntu/  possible12:14
EriC^^Possible: type ls -l /boot | nc termbin.com 999912:14
thevaliantxchat is clunky from kodi.  :/12:14
EriC^^Possible: type uname -r12:15
EriC^^Possible: type sudo rm /boot/initrd.img-3.13.0-{24,66}-generic12:16
PossibleEriC^^: done12:18
phablet_wait, wat??????12:18
cfhowlett!details | phablet,12:18
ubottuphablet,: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)12:19
EriC^^Possible: ok, type sudo apt-get purge linux-image-3.13.0-{24,66,67,68,70,71,76}-generic12:19
PossibleEriC^^: I am already doing a apt-get -f autoremove right now12:20
Possibleseems it has the space to work now12:20
PossibleEriC^^: will try to your command12:21
EriC^^Possible: try to remove another initrd12:22
EriC^^and dont use -f , it'll try to install the latest on since it half installed12:22
Possibleokay..removed 2 initrd's and ran apt-get autoremove...it finished without issues now12:24
EriC^^try dpkg -l | grep linux-image | nc termbin.com 999912:25
BluesKajHi folks12:26
EriC^^Possible: ok, run sudo apt-get purge linux-image-3.13.0-{24,66,67,68,70,71,76}-generic12:26
ScelerHi guys, I'm having trouble getting my xbox controller to work properly. I'm trying to use xboxdrv together with steam. My controller is working in steam big picture, but I can't seem to map buttons, or calibrate. Its partially working in some games, and in some games it isn't working at all. Anyone have experience with this?12:27
cfhowlettEriC^^, could we use a range in that command rather than having to specify each?  e.g {66-76)12:27
EriC^^cfhowlett: yeah, but if one isn't there apt will complain and wont run12:27
cfhowlettSceler, #ubuntu-steam12:27
PossibleEriC^^: done..ran without issues12:27
EriC^^Possible: ok, should be ok12:28
Possible /boot 56% in use now :)12:28
Possibleinstead of 100%12:28
Scelercfhowlett, i'll ask there12:28
EriC^^Possible: great :)12:29
PossibleEriC^^: I could remove anything older than *-77 I guess then huh12:29
Possibleoh wait...its using -73 now..12:30
EriC^^Possible: not yet, give 77 a shot to see if .. yeah :)12:30
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Mamikohow can i install scangearmp for canon MF212w series ?12:38
kurliKurli: idea about regular expression?12:38
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PossibleEriC^^ / cfhowlett: all seems to work fine after a reboot....awesome...thanks!12:40
cfhowlettPossible, happy2help!12:40
Mamikolsb_release -a12:44
askowhat can be the problem why my speakers wont work?12:46
askosorry i'll google first :)12:47
spm_dragetWhen installing ubuntu I can select a languagepack to install, e.g. german. If I am not mistaken, unity will also be in german right away. So somehow german was set as the 'default language' in my system. How is this done? are there some files copied to /etc/skel? Or there some environment variable that is read on the first run of a user?12:51
akikspm_draget: at least /etc/default/locale controls that12:53
akikkubuntu install asks which keyboard layout i want to use, i select finnish. but it doesn't ask which language i want to use in ui, so i edit that file from fi_FI to en_US12:55
WereCatfAre the Cinnamon DE - packages in Ubuntu's repos broken or are there some additional steps needed to install it properly? Under Ubuntu 15.10, fresh install, issuing "apt-get install cinnamon-desktop-environment" works fine, but when logging into to Cinnamon it's broken in all sorts of ways12:59
WereCatfScreenshot of the broken Cinnamon: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/11811685/cinnamon.jpg13:03
k1l_WereCatf: broken? you mean the missing icons? could be due to not enough hardware ressources given to that vm13:07
WereCatf4GB RAM should be more than enough13:08
l00phi grub needs mbr partioning instead of gpt?13:08
cfhowlettl00p, either works13:09
l00pcfhowlett: thanks13:09
silv3r_m00nhi there13:10
silv3r_m00nI created a live usb of ubuntu 15.10 using unetbootin but its not booting, says boot error13:10
silv3r_m00nhow do i create bootable usb then ?13:10
k1l_silv3r_m00n: what OS are you using right now?13:12
k1l_WereCatf: the metapackage "cinnamon" should pull all the stuff needed13:16
silv3r_m00nk1l_: Ubuntu13:16
k1l_silv3r_m00n: then just use "dd"13:17
WereCatfk1l_: The metapackage is already installed automatically when installing cinnamon-desktop-environment.13:18
CountryfiedLinuxIs it possible to make my own repository with multiple PPAs?13:18
sparks_can someone tell me how to fix this... resize2fs: Can't read a block bitmap while trying to resize13:19
lotuspsychje!repo | CountryfiedLinux13:19
ubottuCountryfiedLinux: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.13:19
l00phi I'm planing to attach two different SATA hard disk to my computer what commands should I learn for i? Are fdisk and mount enough?13:19
k1l_WereCatf: dont know then about cinnamon.13:19
lotuspsychjel00p: commands for learn what?13:20
WereCatfI just don't see the point in keeping obviously-broken packages in Ubuntu's repos.13:20
l00plotuspsychje: I need to format the hardrive?13:20
lotuspsychjel00p: you can format a hd from within ubuntu13:20
bekksl00p: You dont format a harddrive, but a filesystem only.13:20
l00plotuspsychje: bekks : it's from old laptop and it contains windows operating system so thats why I'm going to format it13:22
bekksl00p: you dont need to format it at all. you need to create a new filesystem instead.13:22
l00pbekks: ok so fdisk is enough for it?13:23
bekksl00p: fdisk creates/deletes partitions, it doesnt format/create filesystems.13:24
bekksl00p: I guess you are better off using gparted instead.13:24
lotuspsychjel00p: how about you tell us to full story? wich drive with windows? singleboot/dualboot?13:24
l00pbekks: thanks :) I begin to read gparted manual13:24
bekksl00p: Better tel us the whole story before :)13:25
sudosuminusl00p: I can help too with partitions and gparted13:25
sparks_can someone help me? i've been asking the same question now for 3 days lol :D13:26
lotuspsychjesparks_: tell us again13:27
sudosuminussparks_: let us know today13:27
l00plotuspsychje: Our old vista laptop broke and I'm planning to buy SATA cable and attach to it to my linux desktop computer. I'm not going to use windows vista so I just want the extra harddisk space from it. I haven't bought the cabble yet. But I came to here to seek information in advance. So I can read manuals and prepare myself13:27
lotuspsychjel00p: your gonna install ubuntu on the second sata with external cable?13:28
cfhowlettsparks_, https://inkscape.org/media/cms_page_media/56/ask-smart-questions.pdf13:28
sparks_I went to shrink my raid array, which I did successfully however, I forgot to shrink the file system first.. my big mistake of course :/. Now, when I issue an resize2fs I get the following: resize2fs: Can't read a block bitmap while trying to resize13:28
sudosuminuscfhowlett: that was mean, let he/her ask13:29
lotuspsychje!raid | sparks_13:29
ubottusparks_: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto13:29
sparks_i've read all of that13:29
l00plotuspsychje: no. I have already have ubuntu installed. I'm going to attach/mount the extra harddrive to my ubuntu os. Sry if my english isn't understandable :D13:30
bekkssparks_: your filesystem is entirely broken. Recreate your fs, and restore your files from your backup.13:30
sparks_well, I thought of that option bekks, but I also figured there must be a way to fix the block size on the file system.. which is the main issue that fsck complains about when attempting to run13:31
l00plotuspsychje: like u know. Extra harddrive space for pics and .odt documents :)13:31
bekkssparks_: the main issue is a broken filesystem, with a broken bitmap as one particular issue of it.13:32
sudosuminus1cfhowlett: really? how mature!13:32
lotuspsychjesudosuminus: move on please13:32
bekkssparks_: It's like having a cake, cut it in half, and try to restore the second half from looking at the first half.13:32
CountryfiedLinuxI'll look at that thanks lotuspsychje13:33
sparks_ahhh... hmmm, so there wouldn't be a way to fix the actual bitmap, or rebuild it?13:33
lotuspsychjel00p: so you just add a 2nd sata hd, you can format that any way you need from your ubuntu13:33
bekkssparks_: you can just guess, there is no reliable information on wether it will be cvorrect or not.13:33
lotuspsychjel00p: disktools or gparted indeed13:33
soLucienhello guys ! Does anyone know whether Ubuntu comes witha  built-in DHCP server ?13:34
sparks_hmmmm, I mostly thought it was complaining about the filesystem bitmap because when I run an fsck I get this:13:34
l00plotuspsychje: thanks I'll begin to read the manuals for those tools13:34
sparks_The filesystem size (according to the superblock) is 2930012160 blocks13:34
sparks_The physical size of the device is 2563760640 blocks13:34
bekkssparks_: See above.13:34
hateballsoLucien: You can install dhcpd, but it's not preinstalled obviously13:34
soLucienok , thanks13:34
soLucienit seems i have dhcpd13:34
hateballsoLucien: you probably want to install isc-dhcp-server and configure it if you are looking to serve dhcp requests13:35
sparks_bekks, I can see all my files with testdisk, perhaps I should just copy them off the array with that and re-create the file system... only issue is, its 9TB worth of data lol, was hoping a faster resolution13:36
WereCatfdnsmasq can also serve as a DHCP-server13:36
bekkssparks_: I assume you have no data worth to be kept then. From what I can read, you have no backup.13:36
sparks_well, I don't *really* care if I lose it, but I don't always jump to the end conclusion which would be to re-create the filesystem.. I rather expend all other options first13:37
sparks_but by the sounds of it, I don't have any other options13:37
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monsieur_hHas anyone used fish-shell extensively ?13:39
monsieur_hGiven the name it's really hard to search for infos on it13:39
xubuntu11hi, i cant access my extern hdd after accidentally removing the usb connection.. what should i do?13:41
sudosuminusxubuntu11: is this an i/o error?13:41
hateballxubuntu11: Is it using NTFS? If you plug it in and then open a terminal and run "dmesg" it probably complains about being marked dirty13:42
xubuntu11if i plug it in, nothing happens in dmesg13:42
xubuntu11it was probably noticed and it showed up on thunar but after removing the connection and reconnecting nothing happens13:43
sudosuminusxubuntu11: I had a problem like that this weekend and after rebooting the hdd read and wrote normally13:43
xubuntu11i tried that13:43
xubuntu11it is really strange, the hdd begins to spin - one can here that - but in dmesg nothing shows up :o13:44
sudosuminuswhat filesystem did you say its using?13:44
xubuntu11it had different partions, nfts and ext413:44
jophishHow can I upgrade my kernel to 4.2.0-29?13:44
k1l_jophish: on what ubuntu are you?13:45
jophishk1l_: Wily13:45
k1l_jophish: there is no -29 in the stable repos13:45
k1l_!info linux-image-generic13:46
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (wily), package size 2 kB, installed size 11 kB13:46
xubuntu11sudosuminus: it had different partions, nfts and ext413:46
sudosuminusxubuntu11: it may be either a hardware problem or a damaged filesystem there are some hdd tools you can try to recover your data13:47
silv3r_m00nk1l_: now it says isolinux.bin missing or corrupt13:47
xubuntu11sudosuminus: how could i recover something if it doesnt show up under /dev/ ?13:48
EriC^^xubuntu11: try a different usb maybe13:48
EriC^^*usb port13:48
k1l_silv3r_m00n: how did you create that usb? did you checksum the md5sum of that iso? what iso is that exactly?13:48
silv3r_m00nk1l_:   ubuntu-15.10-desktop-amd64.iso13:49
silv3r_m00ndownloaded it with ktorrent13:49
sudosuminusxubuntu11: DFF is a powerful open source tool with a flexible module system which will help you in your digital forensics works, including files recovery due to error or crash, evidence research and analysis, etc.13:49
sudosuminusThe modules allows you to examine the layout of disk images, devices and other media, to identify partitions, search for files using name, attributes, files magic etc.  Files can also be analyzed or extracted using file analysis modules.13:49
ubottuSee https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes for the md5sums of all downloadable Ubuntu releases13:49
k1l_silv3r_m00n: ^13:49
xubuntu11EriC^^: that was unexpected, but it worked...13:50
EriC^^happens a lot13:50
sudosuminusEriC^^: cheers!13:50
xubuntu11sudosuminus: thank you too, i checked quickly, no filesystem errors as far as i can see :)13:50
sudosuminusxubuntu11: lucky you13:51
silv3r_m00nk1l_: ece816e12f97018fa3d4974b5fd27337  ubuntu-15.10-desktop-amd64.iso13:51
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silv3r_m00nthe md5sum is correct13:51
silv3r_m00nk1l_: this is the command i used, sudo dd if=ubuntu-15.10-desktop-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdc1 bs=1M13:51
WereCatfsilv3r_m00n: Use of=/dev/sdc if you're installing it on a USB-stick.13:53
k1l_silv3r_m00n: yeah, dont use sdc1, use sdc13:54
silv3r_m00nWereCatf: by the way, i see that pressing ctrl+c does not interrupt the dd command, how do you abort the dd command  ?13:56
silv3r_m00nand how do you make it display progress ?13:56
WereCatfsilv3r_m00n: ctrl-c does work, it just may take a while to register because it writes out its internal buffers first. If you want to see live-progress I'd recommend using ddrescue instead, but you can make dd spit out its current status by issuing "kill -USR1 pidofddhere" -- obtain dd's pid by looking at the output of "ps aux" first13:57
django_hey everyone13:58
django_i have an old version of spotify how can i remove13:59
bekksdjango_: Using your package management system, e.g.13:59
k1l_silv3r_m00n: no need for progress on a 1GB dd.13:59
silv3r_m00nlooks like it worked finally14:00
silv3r_m00ngreat thanks14:00
django_bekks, http://i.imgur.com/N1XIcsI.png14:01
WereCatfsilv3r_m00n: Yeah, your problem was that you were trying to write the image to a partition on the stick, but the image is meant to be written on the beginning on the stick, not under a partition on it. Just keep it in mind in the future and you're all set!14:03
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WereCatfHm. Installing gnome fixed the missing icons in Cinnamon, but the rendering - issues persist. It's quite broken.14:20
lotuspsychjeWereCatf: wich ubuntu version is this?14:23
lotuspsychjeWereCatf: on default ubuntu or mint?14:24
WereCatflotuspsychje: fresh install of default Ubuntu 15.1014:25
lotuspsychjeWereCatf: you sure you got the right graphics driver working?14:25
WereCatflotuspsychje: running under VMware, so yes, I am quite sure.14:26
lotuspsychjeWereCatf: running cinnamon in vm can be a bottleneck..14:26
WereCatflotuspsychje: Hardly. Mint works fine. It's Ubuntu under which Cinnamon is broken.14:26
lotuspsychjeWereCatf: did you try this physical install?14:27
WereCatflotuspsychje: No, I have no interest in using Ubuntu on real hardware. I need it inside a VM.14:27
lotuspsychjeWereCatf: try the logs perhaps? see what happens14:28
WereCatflotuspsychje: Nothing of much relevant there. The only lines I could imagine being relevant are "Did not find color property '-gradient-start'" and "Did not find color property '-gradient-end'" which would suggest to me that there's still some dependencies broken14:30
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notfrostyHi. I want to install a new package but I don't have enough storage. Can I increase /lib directory size with a symbolic link ? (I have a second disk with enough storage)14:31
lotuspsychjeWereCatf: contact the ppa maintainer or file a new bug against it?14:31
WereCatflotuspsychje: it's not from a PPA, it's from Ubuntu's own official repos.14:32
lotuspsychjeWereCatf: file a bug then, explain whats happening14:33
WereCatflotuspsychje: Guess I'll have to. I just thought that maybe someone here could tell me what's wrong and how to fix it.14:34
lotuspsychje!info bleachbit | notfrosty clean some space with this14:34
ubottunotfrosty clean some space with this: bleachbit (source: bleachbit): delete unnecessary files from the system. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.8-1 (wily), package size 271 kB, installed size 2074 kB14:34
lotuspsychjeWereCatf: virtualbox or vmware?14:34
WereCatflotuspsychje: VMware14:34
notfrostylotuspsychje : I wouldn't have enough space anyway. That's not the point. But thx.14:35
lotuspsychjeWereCatf: maybe try a virtualbox too, or ask in ##vmware if someone experienced a good cinnamon?14:35
lotuspsychjenotfrosty: can you install something else first, then install bleachbit, it will clean more space for you14:35
WereCatflotuspsychje: Cinnamon works fine and dandy under Mint, it's only broken on Ubuntu.14:36
lotuspsychjenotfrosty: *uninstall14:36
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lotuspsychjeWereCatf: ...if mint can run it, ubuntu should too14:36
WereCatflotuspsychje: Exactly. So there is something wrong with Ubuntu's packages.14:36
lotuspsychjeWereCatf: file a bug, see what hapens14:36
lotuspsychje!bug | WereCatf14:36
ubottuWereCatf: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.14:36
lotuspsychjeWereCatf: try it on a LTS also..14:36
notfrostylotuspsychje : I don't think the solution of my problem, which is installing 1 package, is installing 2 packages. Anyway, I won't do that.14:37
lotuspsychjenotfrosty: your choice...14:37
notfrostythx for helping anyway14:38
AtomicStrykerhi, i need some help setting up a dualboot with windows 10, update-grub is not auto detecting it14:38
tonyyarussonotfrosty: You'd be better off moving an entire larger mountpoint to the new disk rather than setting up symbolic links for random subdirectories.14:39
AtomicStrykeri do not have an efi partition. only dev/sda1 os partition with flags boot, esp and the dev/sda2 recovery partition with hidden, diag flags14:40
AtomicStrykerbut it is gpt format14:40
notfrostytonyyarusso : yeah I might try that.14:40
tonyyarussonotfrosty: /lib is typically pretty tiny anyway - /usr would be the better candidate.  (Or perhaps you meant /usr/lib?)14:41
lotuspsychje!uefi | AtomicStryker can this help?14:41
ubottuAtomicStryker can this help?: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI14:41
AtomicStrykeri have ubuntu installed and bootloading fine, i need help adding a uefi windows that is not auto detected to grub aswell14:42
notfrostytonyyarusso : The package I want to install sets up a directory under /lib and it is over 1 GO large...14:42
tonyyarussonotfrosty: What on earth package is this?14:43
AtomicStrykerpastebin.com/1FtGFKpg for my lsblk output14:43
lotuspsychjeAtomicStryker: wait for EriC^^ he's our uefi specialist :p14:45
AtomicStrykerthe problem is i used to have another drive, which had the efi partition and the windows bootloader14:46
AtomicStrykerthat drive is gone now14:46
AtomicStrykerand diskpart wont let me shrink the os partition to stick a new efi partition infront of it14:46
EriC^^AtomicStryker: hey14:47
EriC^^AtomicStryker: type sudo parted -l and paste it in a pastebin14:48
EriC^^AtomicStryker: you're trying to get ubuntu to boot windows, without an efi partition that windows had?14:50
AtomicStrykerid take anything at all booting windows14:50
AtomicStrykercreating a new efi partition on another disk failed too14:51
EriC^^AtomicStryker: where was the efi partition? you probably have to recover it with testdisk14:51
EriC^^or use a windows cd to recreate it14:51
AtomicStrykerit was on the 500gb device14:51
EriC^^AtomicStryker: the windows efi was in /dev/sda?14:51
AtomicStrykeron the samsung 84014:52
EriC^^AtomicStryker: not sure what you mean14:52
AtomicStrykerdev/sdd in the pastebin14:52
WereCatfI have no idea what package to lob a bug - report against with this Cinnamon - issue :S14:52
EriC^^there's an efi partition there14:52
AtomicStrykeryeah thats my attempt at creating a new one14:52
EriC^^how'd you create it?14:52
EriC^^AtomicStryker: type ls -lR /boot/efi and paste it14:53
EriC^^AtomicStryker: you used a bcdedit command or so?14:53
EriC^^pastebin the above14:53
cat_hello y'all14:54
cat_what up14:54
AtomicStrykerbcdboot X:\windows failed (with correct letter), "cannot write start files" or something like it14:54
cat_Hey whats up @AtomicStyker14:54
EriC^^AtomicStryker: yeah cause i guess it needs to write it on the same disk, or expects that14:54
AtomicStrykerhi @cat_14:55
EriC^^AtomicStryker: ok, you didn't use x:\windows literally right?14:56
AtomicStrykernono as i said14:57
AtomicStrykeri used the correct drive14:57
AtomicStrykeralways have to manually assign one too14:58
AtomicStrykerdiskpart says the part is hidden for some reason, and never gives it a drive automatilcally14:58
AtomicStrykerbut i could dir and everything on it14:58
MultbrelchHi. I redirect the DISPLAY of an old SUN bos onto an Ubuntu 14.04 box. Everything works fine despite the colors. Some are dark such that text cannot be seen. How to modify the colors?14:59
EriC^^AtomicStryker: ok, on the ms site it says you can specify which dir to use to copy stuff to15:00
EriC^^AtomicStryker: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh824874.aspx15:00
EriC^^try assigning a letter to the new efi partition, and then do bcdboot -s <efipartition> X:\windows15:01
EriC^^ah sorry, it's /s not -s15:01
EriC^^bcdboot X:/Windows /s E: /f ALL15:02
EriC^^E being the efi partition after assigning it15:03
AtomicStrykerdo i keep the x or change it15:04
AtomicStrykerto the target windows os partition15:04
EriC^^put whatever you assign the windows one too15:04
Ccdc_DuckZhey all, is it safe to change /bin/sh to point to bash instead, on ubuntu 14.04? I see it's a symlink to dash atm15:05
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PiciCcdc_DuckZ: yes.15:06
Ccdc_DuckZPici: thanks15:06
PiciCcdc_DuckZ: everything written for dash is compatible with bash, but not everything written for bash can be run in dash.15:07
AtomicStrykerEric^^: BFSVC Error: could not open the BCD template store, status c000000f15:07
hi_im_alonelets go highter15:07
hi_im_alonedont you know15:07
hi_im_alonewatch me15:07
hi_im_alonedont you know15:08
Ccdc_DuckZPici: I see... and what's the best way to change the symlink? should I just go ahead and do that manually or is there some sort of eselect-like tool in ubuntu?15:08
Picihi_im_alone: hi, was there an Ubuntu question you had?15:08
MultbrelchDoes anybody have an idea about changing the color of Windows that come from another box (here an old SUN) via DISPLAY forwarding?15:08
PiciCcdc_DuckZ: you can just change the symlink manually. it doesn't use the alternatives tool.15:08
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Drac0666I was trying to open weblink by firefox and my screen goes black then i have to restart PC manualy (http://gphoto.sourceforge.net/proj/libgphoto2/support.php) this web. Any Ideas why?15:09
raksh93Hi i am running ubuntu wily. The system froze so I ran lightdm restart. After that whenever I login only the files on my desktop show up15:10
raksh93There is no menubar15:10
raksh93ctrl alt t doesnt work either. Can someone help me please?15:11
EriC^^AtomicStryker: /join ##windows15:12
AtomicStrykerthey sent me here hahaaha because i tried to get grub to boot that windows15:12
EriC^^it's pretty irrelevant15:13
EriC^^you're trying to restore the windows efi partition, so they should know more15:13
EriC^^once you have the files there, you can use grub to boot it etc15:13
EriC^^most people here won't know about restoring a windows efi, they can help you out way better15:14
Drac0666Where i can check logs about my screen? i get black screen after opening some sites in firefox15:15
andrewSChi all15:16
andrewSCI've run the command `sudo ruby-install ruby 2.2.3` which executed fine, then I added `export PATH=$PATH:/opt/rubies/ruby-2.2.3/bin` to my ~/.bashrc, as well as my ~/.bashrc as root. However, when I run `sudo gem install bundler` I get "sudo: gem: command not found" Doing a `which gem` as the user returns the correct path (and if you remove sudo it executes, just can't write to the gems directory). When I do15:18
andrewSCa `which gem` as root, I also get the correct path. Has anyone experienced this before?15:18
stripehi all, clean install of 14.04, on the system monitor the network history is not registering any traffic (either from updates or downloads) any ideas? cheers :-)15:19
AtomicStryker@EriC^^ thanks, the winner was bcdboot W:\Windows /s B:15:19
andrewSCJust can't find `gem` when using sudo, even though when I `sudo su -;which gem` it detects the gem path correctly...15:20
AtomicStrykeri actually read the in terminal help15:20
EriC^^AtomicStryker: cool15:20
EriC^^update-grub should pick it up now15:20
EriC^^you could put the files on your ubuntu efi15:21
AtomicStrykerits still broken though, but atleast i have a windows bootloader ... the internet says now i have to keep hitting the "repair boot" option until it works15:21
EriC^^with that command, unless you plan to use the hdd15:21
EriC^^AtomicStryker: try just bcdboot X:\Windows15:22
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dumle29So. I was in windows, and i had some pretty bad issues. Steam wouldn't launch, or would be super slow, and games certainly wouldn't start. So I booted in ubuntu, and noticed that one of my drives were missing15:33
dumle29I took my pc appart, reseated all connectors, and now it's showing up, but S.M.A.R.T. status says that "Disk is OK, one failing attribute is failing" and that attribute is end-to-end-error15:34
MonkeyDustdumle29  pastebin the output of   lsblk    http://paste.ubuntu.com/15:34
dumle29MonkeyDust: I got the drives showing again, that's not the issue. What I'm wondering, is if it's time to get a new drive on its way?15:34
dumle29It's on time is 1 year and 2 months15:35
dumle29I guess google answered :/ This is a critical parameter. Degradation of this parameter may indicate imminent drive failure. Urgent data backup and hardware replacement is recommended.15:36
dumle29fak. It's the cache on the HDD controller that's going bad15:37
Sky2939Is it a good idea to install an email server (like squirrel mail) on my vps which is already running nginx, or should I buy another vps for the sole purpose of a mail server15:40
dumle29should be fine. I can't see why not15:40
hexhaxtronI'd like to have *all* source packages accessible. I can spare 1 or 2TiB if needed but how should I do this? Should I do 'apt-get source' for every package? Should I look for an FTP repository to mount it locally?... Any ideas? It would be nice to update them on a daily basis too.15:46
sudosuminushexhaxtron: good question, I'll pay attention because I want to know it too15:47
=== Elimin8r is now known as Elimin8er
sudosuminushexhaxtron: you want to set  something like a mirror, right?15:47
hexhaxtronsudosuminus, I thought of that and I went to the address provided in sources.list but there are no source files there...15:48
sudosuminushexhaxtron: I'll let the most experienced users help us15:49
MonkeyDusthexhaxtron  is that a server? if yes, there's also #ubuntu-server15:49
TakumoHi all, is there a simple way to disallow sftp users from touching certain files within their chroot?15:52
Takumoi.e. any file matching a regex15:52
jrajavI just updated and now I can't login15:53
jrajavI enter my password, and the screen goes blank and then returns me right back to the password prompt15:53
jrajavAnyone know what could be up?15:53
jrajavAnd is there any way to escape to a console?15:54
tgm4883hexhaxtron: not sure I follow. Do you want a local mirror of all of that or are you just wanting to be able to download source files?15:55
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=== jews is now known as Guest79093
tgm4883jrajav: ctrl+alt+f115:55
hexhaxtrontgm4883, I think I want a local mirror with *all* source packages.15:56
tgm4883hexhaxtron: ok, you've got a bunch of machines doing updates then?15:56
hexhaxtronI don't have any.15:57
jrajavtgm4883: Thanks15:57
jrajavI moved .Xauthority. Didn't solve it. Still can't log in15:57
jrajavWhy should an update fuck things up so badly :|15:57
=== ladrua_ is now known as ladrua
tgm4883hexhaxtron: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEC/Provisioning/Mirror15:57
tgm4883!language | jrajav15:57
ubottujrajav: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList15:57
tgm4883hexhaxtron: that link will help you setup a mirror15:58
tgm4883hexhaxtron: that's what I used when I setup a local mirror15:58
tgm4883jrajav: random stabs in the dark rarely work. You've got to remember the 50% miss chance15:58
jrajavThe huh?15:59
jrajavI was following http://askubuntu.com/questions/462272/cant-login-to-ubuntu-14-0415:59
jrajavI don't have a lot to go on15:59
tgm4883jrajav: (don't guess, look at some logs and come up with a plan of attack)15:59
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tgm4883jrajav: take a look in your ~/.xsession-errors (I think that's the log)16:00
tgm4883or better, post it for us to look at16:00
jrajavYes I just found a question pointing to that16:00
=== robotrolll is now known as robotroll
jrajavI can't paste it easily - this is a different pc16:00
tgm4883!pastebin | jrajav16:01
ubottujrajav: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:01
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com16:01
jrajavIt's the same as this16:01
jrajavBut with opcode 158 (GLX)16:01
jrajavI suppose my old Catalyst drivers won't work with a newer kernel that must have been installed with the update?16:03
jrajavAlright, that's fair16:03
tgm4883jrajav: depends on how you installed your graphics drivers16:03
tgm4883jrajav: so how did you do it?16:03
jrajavI have no idea16:03
jrajavThis box is 2 years old16:03
tgm4883well there's only a few options16:03
jrajavI guess I need to clear and reinstall them, though16:03
tgm4883jrajav: that's a good start16:03
PHroGmanI get this error with the sudo nautilus.....(nautilus:2563): Gtk-WARNING **: Failed to register client: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.gnome.SessionManager was not provided by any .service files16:05
PHroGmanany ideas?16:06
tgm4883PHroGman: use gksudo instead of sudo for graphical applications16:06
mtnPHroGman: you should never run nautilus with sudo. you will change your home permissions16:06
irawansyahoi coy pa kbar semua16:07
irawansyahsalam  uhuuuyyyyyy16:07
PHroGmanUnable to create a required folder. Please create the following folder, or set permissions such that it can be created:16:08
PHroGmanthis is what i get16:08
pajakarta dialekt?16:08
xanguaPHroGman: stop running Nautilus with sudo as you were told16:09
PHroGmanI did...that error was from gksudo16:09
irawansyahlinux mint dah diserang virus, ubuntu harus pake antivirus ga16:10
xanguaPHroGman: gksu is deprecated also, what is your real goal?16:10
paenglish only channel16:10
=== Guest8212 is now known as kyle-lauren
PHroGmani wanted access to add to backgrounds folder and edit trustywallpapers xml16:11
weadjeadhallo hab gerade das vmware bundel in version 3.5.0 runtergeladen und mit sudo sh installiert aber ubuntu zeigt mir nichts unter programmen an wie starte ich das programm ?16:11
kvj1Im not able to fully untinstall wine from my system16:12
kvj1Commands are not working16:13
rattkingHello all. grub-pc in trusty doesnt seem to be respecting my debconf settings (precise worked) does anyone know about why this might be?16:13
xanguakvj1: what commands? What's the output?16:13
[[thufir]]how do I re-run the config for a package?  I tried dpkg --configure as so:  http://pastebin.com/YVkE7rca    this is for mail-stack-delivery16:13
irawansyahlinux mint have attacked virus, linux ubuntu need antivirus or no?16:13
Drac0666How i can find all *.jpg in specific directory without subdirectory? im using find /home/drac0/Pobrane/ -name "*.jpg" -type f but it outputs also files in subdirectory16:13
mcphailirawansyah: no. At present there is no need for antivirus on Ubuntu. Linux mint did not have a virus either16:15
kvj1xangua: im using sudo apt-get remove wine --purge16:15
mcphailirawansyah: If you want to use an antivirus on Ubuntu, you can install clamav16:15
kvj1Then i used command to delete context menu , menu entries16:15
rattkingDrac0666:  can you just use a splat? '/home/drac0/Pobrane/*.jpg'16:15
kvj1Then reboot but wine is still present16:15
ardiunofan92is xChat safe to use?16:16
Drac0666rattking, i also want to delete so i first want to check what i delete then i add -delete to find16:16
irawansyahok. thankx Mr. mcphail16:16
tsapiiardiunofan92: from what i figure, xchat is safe but hexchat is better16:17
ardiunofan92I see, within the software centre hexchat seems to have less reviews16:17
kyle-laurenHexchat has more active development16:18
tsapiimaybe because it's newer16:18
rattkingDrac0666: then I think adding '-maxdepth 1' to find should do it.. play around if 1 isnt right16:18
kyle-laurenNewer, not really. Hexchat is a fork of Xchat, if I recall correctly16:18
kvj1xangua: ?16:18
tsapiiright, so therefore it has existed for less time than xchat by definition :P16:18
Drac0666rattking, cheers16:21
Drac0666rattking, it worked like charm ;]16:21
shlantanyone know why logrotate is rotating this log when I reboot the server? https://gist.github.com/8ff290fb8ee5260f088816:21
theseHi all16:23
thesePlease i need a software for managing a ciber cafe16:23
MchammerdadDoes ubuntu have a tool to pull product keys and other system info from dd'd windows partitions?16:24
Amozthese, did you try google?16:25
irawansyahshorcut application blender and android studio gone when i install kde, how to fix it16:25
MonkeyDust!google | Amoz16:25
ubottuAmoz: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.16:25
k1l_Mchammerdad: i dont think windows stores the key in plain text anymore. i would ask ##windows how to get such an info from a backup of win.16:25
theseyes, but for I found a lot of solutions (Maelys, Os-Cafe, cyborg) and I wonder if someone has already tried a solution16:27
MonkeyDustthese  i guess that's not for this channel, try #ubuntu-offtopic16:29
theseAmoz: I found a lot of solutions (Maelys, Os-Cafe, cyborg) and I wonder if someone has already tried a solution16:29
cortexmanhow can i get my terminal window size to stay with width of both of my monitors?16:30
irawansyahi install kubuntu through ubuntu software centre16:30
theseMonkeyDust: Thanks16:31
jilhow can I find where the C-M-d keybinding is defined ?16:34
jilC-M-d is making my emacs window go down and I don't want that.16:34
jilI checked the system keyboard shortcuts but could not find where it was defined any idea ?16:35
max3is there a good usb wifi 5ghz dongle with linux support out right now?16:42
motaka2hello everyone16:42
motaka2what is this error?  The following packages have unmet dependencies:16:42
motaka2 nodejs : Depends: libc-ares2 (>= 1.8.0) but it is not installable16:42
MonkeyDustjil  plenty tutorials and guides to be found, here's one: http://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/manual/html_node/emacs/Key-Bindings.html16:43
Drac0666guyz you think mega cloud is kinda safe to use?16:46
xangua! Ot | Drac066616:48
ubottuDrac0666: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:48
k1l_motaka2: please pastebin "apt-cache policy nodejs libc-ares2"16:52
motaka2k1l_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15171722/16:53
k1l_motaka2: libc-ares2 is in the repos.16:55
k1l_motaka2: should work. try again16:55
motaka2k1l_: What should I try ?16:56
k1l_!info libc-ares2 trusty16:56
ubottulibc-ares2 (source: c-ares): asynchronous name resolver. In component main, is extra. Version 1.10.0-2 (trusty), package size 37 kB, installed size 105 kB16:56
k1l_motaka2: try again to install what you wanted.16:56
k1l_motaka2: maybe you need to change the  mirrors to the main servers.16:57
motaka2k1l_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15171754/16:57
k1l_motaka2: seems like the .ir servers are broken. use the main servers16:58
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motaka2k1l_: What are they and how can I change them ?16:59
k1l_motaka2: is this a desktop?16:59
motaka2k1l_: Yes17:01
k1l_motaka2: go to the systemsettings -> software and updates.   then there is a drop-down menu, choose "main server" there17:01
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wellickcd /bin  This command changes the directory to bin right? But what does the "/" do?17:02
k1l_wellick: / is the first instance in the system. do a cd / and see yourself17:03
cfeddewellick: / separate the parts of a path.  with a leading / like that means start from the root of the file system.17:04
motaka2k1l_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15171813/17:04
cfeddewithout the / the shell will look for a bin in your current working directory.17:04
k1l_motaka2: sudo apt-get update && apt-cache policy nodejs17:05
wellickby root of a file system you mean C:\17:06
cfeddesimilar but in linux/unix semantics rather than dos/windows17:06
wellickI see. Thank you.17:06
motaka2k1l_: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/71c838d3dc4cffd314a017:07
k1l_wellick: c:\ is the windows term for that17:07
cfeddein dos we have "drive" as a part of the path while in linux we have mountpoints that can be anywere in the file system.17:07
cfeddes/drive/drive letter/17:07
k1l_motaka2: ok. go back to that systemsettings you just were. make sure main, universe restricted and multiverse are checked.17:08
wellickFirst day using Linux and first day using the terminal. It will all make sense eventually :)17:09
motaka2k1l_: All are checked https://gist.github.com/anonymous/5f1def2145d718f2d35517:09
MonkeyDustwellick  like windows started making sense, eventuually17:09
k1l_motaka2: "cat /etc/apt/sources.list"17:09
motaka2k1l_: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/958bf8d3e76215a5d63d17:10
k1l_wellick: some bits are different than on windows. but if you keep using your head it will make sense :)17:10
yppoIs there a hash of the ubuntu server 14.04 version avalible somwhere on a secure website?17:11
k1l_motaka2: is iran blocking the internet?17:11
k1l_!hashes | yppo17:11
ubottuyppo: See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes for the md5sums of all downloadable Ubuntu releases17:11
motaka2k1l_: It does to some extent, but what website is seem to be blocked?17:11
yppok1l_: The website is unsecure tho17:12
SilencedGuys ? How to install mongodb in 15.10 ?17:12
k1l_motaka2: in this case its block the connection to the ubuntu main servers. so on the same settings try to choose a mirror on the drop down menu17:12
MonkeyDust!find mongodb17:12
ubottuFound: juju-mongodb, jmeter-mongodb, libcatmandu-store-mongodb-perl, libmongodb-java, libmongodb-perl, libmongodbx-class-perl, mongodb, mongodb-clients, mongodb-server, shinken-mod-logstore-mongodb (and 16 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=mongodb&searchon=names&suite=wily&section=all17:13
wellickMonkeyDust: actually my first OS was MacOS in... 1995 i think ;)17:13
Piciyppo: unsecure how?17:13
yppok1l_: If someone is intercepting and giving me a false image they might as well change the hash in this website?!17:13
wellickit took me 20 years to try linux lol17:13
yppoPici: none https17:13
SilencedThe regular way of installation doesn't work17:13
SilencedMonkeyDust: ^17:13
MonkeyDustSilenced  define 'doesnt work'17:14
yppoI dont really care too much but expected ubuntu to provide a secure download17:14
motaka2k1l_: what is this?  E:GPG error: http://dl.google.com stable InRelease: Clearsigned file isn't valid, got 'NODATA' (does the network require authentication?)17:14
k1l_motaka2: your internet is partially blocked and that is an error because of blocking the google servers17:15
yppomotaka2: If you download ubuntu your goverment might also include backdoors17:15
mcphailyppo: the hashes are GPG signed. The attacker cannot generate a correct GPG signature, even if he changed the hashes17:15
yppook sry17:15
SilencedMonkeyDust: Server doesn't starts17:15
yppomcphail: ty:)17:15
k1l_yppo: enough FUD.17:15
motaka2k1l_: I think it is google that is blocked iran, what elese can I do ?17:16
yppok1l_: sry:(17:16
SilencedMonkeyDust: "Failed to start mongod.service: Unit mongod.service failed to load: No such file or directory." This is what i get17:16
motaka2k1l_: I excluded google, and it seems updating17:17
agile_prgI need to make a self extracting multizip archive for windows, anyone know how I can do that?17:17
MonkeyDustSilenced  is this useful http://www.mongodbspain.com/en/2014/08/30/install-mongodb-on-ubuntu-14-04/17:18
motaka2k1l_: now I can install nodejs, the only problem might be not getting updates for chrome17:18
k1l_motaka2: yes17:18
SilencedMonkeyDust: It works fine in 14.04. Mine is 15.1017:18
motaka2k1l_: Thank u for your care, you are awesome17:18
thmsI'm using ubuntu server, 15.04, which did libapache-mod-fastcgi disappear ? Only fcgid is left17:19
xanguathms: please install a supported release17:19
k1l_thms: 15.04 doesnt get any updates anymore. so its really unsecure now. update to 15.10 quick.17:20
wellickWhat's the shell that comes with ubuntu, the bourne shell? or all of them?17:20
xanguawellick: Unity17:20
k1l_wellick: its bash.17:20
MonkeyDustSilenced  is that a server?17:20
tsapiiwellick: ubuntu comes with bash by default, but you can get more shells from the repositories17:21
thmsk1l_: ok thanks17:21
xanguaOh :-P17:21
wellickbut wikipedia says bash is basically the FS version of the bourne shell so the commands are the same, right?17:22
k1l_wellick: for simple commands all shells are nearly the same.17:22
SilencedMonkeyDust: DB always run as a server17:22
tsapiiwellick: bash has some features that the bourne shell did not have, but basic usage is the same17:23
MonkeyDustSilenced  ok, then i wonder why you didnt stick with 14.0417:23
SilencedMonkeyDust: I had problems with my GPU. 15.10 Fixed it for me17:23
tinyalphawhat are you guys doing17:24
MonkeyDustSilenced  i guess !hwe could have done that too17:24
HackerIIwaiting for the moon to turn to cheese17:24
rattkingthe default sh in ubuntu is dash IIRC17:25
k1l_rattking: for scripts. for user interaction like the gnome terminal etc its bash17:25
SilencedMonkeyDust: What does that mean ?17:26
rattkingahh yes thats true.17:28
MonkeyDust!hwe | Silenced17:32
ubottuSilenced: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack17:32
guilberplaysoii pesoal17:38
gnomohello there, how do i check my gnome version using terminal? tnx17:39
hwpplayer1hi niko_17:48
hwpplayer1hi niko__ :17:48
gews2323I have one user who is routing through tun0 but I don't want to route through that interface, How can I have two routes for both interfaces? (route) http://pastebin.com/dBdyp0NJ17:50
thmsWhy does 15.10 doesnt have fastcgi anymore ?17:53
aa_Gauravhi all i have no networking idea how to connect companies remote website. server located on remote area and i setup manual ip subnet and dns but i cant connrct website17:53
MonkeyDust!find fastcgi | thms17:54
ubottuthms: Found: libapache2-mod-fastcgi, libmojo-server-fastcgi-perl, liburweb-fastcgi0, mono-fastcgi-server, mono-fastcgi-server217:54
aa_Gauravi am windows user and ubuntu is new for me17:55
aa_Gauravplease help me friends17:57
aa_Gauravi install ubuntu 15.1017:57
gews2323aa_Gaurav: What is wrong?18:00
aa_Gauravi cant open companys online website evan i manual set ip subnet and dns. i have 30 pc for convert windows to ubuntu18:03
MonkeyDustaa_Gaurav  what is your own language18:04
sancho_panzaHi! how can i list my devices connected with alsa on my terminal?18:05
aa_Gauravfrom india18:05
ubottu#ubuntu-in is the channel for Ubuntu in India18:05
EriC^^sancho_panza: aplay -l , maybe?18:05
sancho_panzai try! ty18:06
sancho_panzait shows my usb sound card listed!18:07
sancho_panzascheda 2: CODEC [USB Audio CODEC], dispositivo 0: USB Audio [USB Audio]18:07
sancho_panzahow can i connect this with qasmixer?18:07
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest71999
sancho_panzai know it works with audio software like ardour18:08
EriC^^sancho_panza: did you try pavucontrol?18:09
EriC^^or alsamixer?18:09
sancho_panzai'll try later, i'm contacting you in private.. thanks!18:10
aa_Gauravthanks friends18:10
aa_Gauravno one replaying in #Ubuntu-in18:14
SunyataZeroHi all, i am going to purchase a new laptop computer and am looking at different models, but i'm worried that the wireless network card will not work when i install ubuntu (or lubuntu). I know there's a list of hardward compatible with ubuntu but it doesn't contain the laptops i'm considering, what's the best way you can recommend for finding out if the wifi will work when i run ubuntu? (And how certain can i be that it will work18:15
EriC^^SunyataZero: maybe get one with a known good chipset that works? just guessing18:16
xanguaSunyataZero: consider a Linux pre-installed laptop? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuPre-installed18:18
thmsWhy does 15.10 doesnt have fastcgi anymore ?18:19
thmsSOrry, answer is up ^18:19
ioriaSunyataZero, bring with you a usb with a live ubuntu on it and test it .... :þ18:20
=== fat is now known as Guest70327
mohamedsome germans here18:22
BluesKaj!de | mohamed18:23
ubottumohamed: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!18:23
SunyataZeroioria: thank you, i will try to do this! (also grateful for the responses from EriC^^ and xangua, now i have several ways to approach this problem)18:23
ioriaSunyataZero, good ...18:24
aa_Gauravno one is answering in #ubuntu-in18:26
netametawhen i do sudo su i become admin - how can i go back to the user i was before ?18:26
sancho_panzai don't have pulseaudio and i want my usb sound card to work with alsa18:26
sancho_panzai need to switch my predefinite sound card18:26
monsieur_hnetameta: "logout"18:26
sancho_panzacan you help me?18:26
monsieur_hor CTRL-D18:26
EriC^^netameta: exit, also use sudo -i instead of sudo su18:26
netametaEriC^^, How so ?18:27
EriC^^netameta: it sets up the environment properly18:27
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r_riosHello. Is there some recent guide on how to downgrade to a previous version of Ubuntu?18:29
EriC^^r_rios: no, why do you want to downgrade?18:30
xanguar_rios: you don't downgrade18:30
xanguaThat's your guide :-)18:30
r_riosI might need to downgrade18:30
sancho_panzasomeone has experience with external usb sound cards and alsa?18:31
jushursancho_panza: http://www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php/Asoundrc18:34
AtomicStrykeris there a way to strip the "efi" flag off an existing partition without wiping the data18:34
EriC^^AtomicStryker: yeah, sudo cgdisk /dev/sdX , then change the type18:35
AtomicStrykerthanks, gonna try18:35
jushursancho_panza: do a "aplay -l" , to find you card.18:36
isaac_hi everybody18:36
jushursancho_panza: some cards have issues if your onboard soundcard is enabled at the same time. and you may need to block modules to stop it from loading.18:37
isaac_someone is in mwc at @bcn ?18:37
sancho_panzamy card works fine with audacity18:37
sancho_panzaalso works on KX Studio with cadence18:38
jushursancho_panza: create the ~/.asoundrc and set your card as default then.18:39
[[thufir]]which do you install first, postfix or mail-stack-delivery?  this guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/postfix.html  says first postfix, then mail-stack-delivery.  However, I'm running 15.10, wily.  Where is the guide for version 15.10 relating to these packages?18:39
AtomicStrykeroh, uh, when i unflagged it "boot" it autoflagged as msftdata18:40
jushursancho_panza: im away now, you can write stuff to me but ill not be answering for about 4h.18:40
AtomicStrykerwhich flags is a windows os partition supposed to have18:40
sancho_panza.asoundrc is a file?18:40
sancho_panzaok ty18:40
jushursancho_panza: read the url i pasted to you.18:40
EriC^^AtomicStryker: i think that's fine18:41
mfilipeis it possible to configuring two monitors and each one uses its own workspace? for example: monitor1 has two workspaces and monitor2 has one workspace, so I can switch independently the workspaces in each monitor18:45
AtomicStrykermerciful christ the bootloader detects my system again, so close18:46
AtomicStrykerYESSSS IT BOOTED18:48
AtomicStrykerand it only took 6 hours and two decades of my life expectanc18:48
AtomicStrykerthank you, you have been a great help18:49
AtomicStrykerand now i have win and a ubuntu on proper seperate disks with their own respective bootloaders18:49
AtomicStrykeri guess thats a bonus, time to install that ksp again18:50
EriC^^sancho_panza: did you fix your sound card issue yet?18:53
Guy1524_hey guys, so I the libglfw package in the offical ubuntu repository is an old version, do you know of a ppa I could add for an update version w/ vulkan support?18:57
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Guy1524_hey guys, so I the libglfw package in the offical ubuntu repository is an old version, do you know of a ppa I could add for an update version w/ vulkan support?19:05
reisioGuy1524_: which version added vulkan support19:06
Guy1524_I don't know ):19:07
Guy1524_I looked into the current github glfw3.h which had vulkan functions but my glfw3.h doesn't have them19:07
Guy1524_but I heard it was added a while ago19:07
reisionick420: 'lo19:08
MonkeyDustGuy1524_  ppa's are not supported here, i guess you're on your own19:08
reisioGuy1524_: should find out what version added it19:08
reisioGuy1524_: then you'll know what your choices are19:08
nick420ive never done this so its new to me but i need some help19:08
reisionick420: this is a place for help19:08
nick420im having trouble with getting/installing java19:09
reisiowhat do you want java for19:09
Guy1524_it is nowhere in the changelog http://www.glfw.org/changelog.html19:10
reisioGuy1524_: you can find it in the git history19:10
nick420a friend switched my computer to ubuntu and put minecraft but it doesnt work19:10
Guy1524_is there a way to see what commit a function was added19:10
reisionick420: what's it say when you run it?19:11
silvianHi nick420: What is your java issue?19:11
Guy1524_sudo apt-add-repository ppa:webup8team/java && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install java8-installer19:11
silvianwhich JRE/JDK are you trying to install?19:11
reisioGuy1524_: git bisect, though it might be more than you want to learn just now19:11
Guy1524_sudo apt-add-repository ppa:webupd8team/java && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install java8-installer19:11
Guy1524_I accidentally pasted it again19:12
nick420it says i need java runtime enviorment19:12
Guy1524_nick420: just run the command I sent you, it should install it19:12
silvianyes you need to download java as Guy1524_ recommended19:12
Guy1524_basically there are two versions of java, the open source, somewhat slower version, and the oracle provided version, I sent you the oracle way since its faster19:13
nick420Cannot add PPA: 'ppa:webup8team/java'. Please check that the PPA name or format is correct.19:13
Guy1524_that was a type19:13
Guy1524_sudo apt-add-repository ppa:webupd8team/java && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install java8-installer19:13
Guy1524_try that one19:13
Guy1524_I forgot the d in update lol19:13
r_riosI'm running precise and am trying to update to trusty, but...: https://paste.ubuntu.com/15173117/19:14
r_riosIt finds no updates[19:14
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Guy1524_nick420: I got to go, good luck19:14
nick420hope it works19:14
franendar_how can I install a specific glibc version?19:15
EriC^^r_rios: paste grep Prompt /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades19:15
franendar_im getting this: sudo apt-get install build-essential19:15
r_riosEriC^^: empty19:15
MonkeyDustmany glibc questions these days, i wonder how come19:15
franendar_**im getting this:  version `GLIBCXX_3.4.21' not found19:15
EriC^^r_rios: cat /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades19:15
nick420 Unable to locate package java8-installer19:15
r_riosEriC^^: prompt=never19:16
r_riosSo, prompt=lts?19:16
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r_riosWhy is it like that, though?19:17
EriC^^r_rios: it's usually set in software center, might have changed it at some point or a bug maybe19:17
r_riosI've probably marked some checkbox19:17
r_riosMany thanks19:17
silvian@nick420: try the following19:17
silviansudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jre19:18
nick420does anybody else have any suggestions for my java issue19:18
EriC^^no problem19:18
silvianand then try installing jdk as well19:18
silviansudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jdk19:18
silvianwhich ubuntu version have you got installed?19:18
nick42014.04 i think19:19
nick420im very new to it19:19
silvianok did that work?19:20
patarrhello. Why is it that when I have a txt file with packages (line by line) it does not work with sudo apt-get install $(cat packages.txt) ?19:21
nick420well it seems to download everything properly but it still promts me the same thing when i try to open the game19:21
franendar_any idea how to get a specific glibc version?19:21
nick420could it be the game?19:21
patarrIt gives me an error E: Unable to locate package x for lots of packages that I know exist. I can even just install them manually with install "package"19:22
EriC^^patarr: what does it say?19:22
silvianwhat is teh verion of minecraft you're running?19:22
EriC^^can you paste the file?19:22
silvianit probably requires java 819:22
silviani can't spell today it seems :P19:22
patarrEriC^^, it's libreoffice, build-essential, tmux, vim on separate lines.19:23
nick420im not even sure. i cant open it and my friend put it on here19:23
wellickI opened Vi on Ubuntu but it doesn't let me type...19:24
EriC^^patarr: oh, it won't work on separate lines, try xargs -a /file sudo apt-get install instead19:24
silvianright lets try installing oracle's java 819:24
Piciwellick: do you know how to use vi?19:24
silvianit might help...19:24
nick420thanx for ur patience19:25
mahoHow do I go about using GNU make?19:25
patarrEriC^^, this SO answer says it should work both ways :( I also tried the xargs command in there. I will try yours as well http://askubuntu.com/questions/541781/install-list-of-packages-using-apt-get19:25
silvianrung the following furst19:25
silviansudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java19:25
silviandoes it add it successfully?19:25
patarrEriC^^, same issue with your command :(19:25
wellickPici: I just want to write some simple code and exit. it might as well be notepad.19:26
EriC^^patarr: something else is wrong19:26
nick420Important!!! For now, you should continue to use Java 8 because Oracle Java 9 is available as an early access release (it should be released in 2016)! You should only use Oracle Java 9 if you explicitly need it, because it may contain bugs and it might not include the latest security patches!19:26
reisioicedtea should really work19:26
EriC^^patarr: btw i think they meant $(cat pkglist) only works if you have them side by side, and xargs for the other19:26
Piciwellick: you may want to use nano instead.  vi/vim require reading some tutorial (or going through vimtutor) prior to editing.19:27
silvianyeah i gave you the ppa for java 819:27
silvianhas it added it to the ppa list?19:27
nick420ok. seems good19:27
patarrEriC^^, I tried both - but I think I found the issue. Line endings. I made the file on windows. Wrote the file again in vim on the OS, and it seems to work.19:27
silviannow do19:27
silviansudo apt-get update19:27
patarrDamn line endings.19:27
silvianto refresh your ppa library19:27
nick420ok done19:28
silviangood now run19:28
silviansudo apt-get install oracle-java8-installer19:28
wellickPici: ok, thanks19:29
nick420going to take a few minutes19:32
travisthenaviI recently changed my OS to Xubuntu Linux (14.04 LTS). I want to download the LAMP stack for web development. Should I install PHP and MySQL seperately, or just install the whole stack as one package?19:34
silvian@nick420: sure... sounds like you're the right track anyway19:34
silvianafter that's finished doing everything19:35
silvianrun java --version19:35
Hakonhello. I'm trying to figure out a problem with idmapd where it takes quite a while for it to resolve username and group for folders over nfs4. If i just signed into the machine then the folders have 4294967294 for 3-4 minutes or so before changing to the correct value. has anyone experienced this?19:35
silvianto confirm you got java 1.8 installed :)19:35
MonkeyDusttravisthenavi  the MP means Mysql and PHP19:35
travisthenaviYeah, I also will need Apache. I forgot.19:35
SchrodingersScattravisthenavi: is there even a virtual package for 'lamp'?19:35
tsapiiyou could find it using `which`19:46
tgm4883nick420: you're just trying to play minecraft? How did you install java?19:46
tsapiie.g. for me, `which java` produces /usr/bin/java19:46
tgm4883silvian: tell me to go away if you've got this covered :)19:47
tsapiiwhich is a symlink to /etc/alternatives/java, which in turn is a symlink to /usr/lib/jvm/java-8-openjdk-i386/jre/bin/java19:47
nick420not that i see anywhere no19:47
datamancer_Hi all. How can I update Ubuntu Server 14.04.3 to 14.04.4?19:47
silvianno worries :) your help is appreciated19:47
silvianyeah try typing which java19:47
tgm4883datamancer_: you get it via regular apt updates19:47
silvianit might installed somewhere else19:47
silvianusually its /usr/lib19:47
tsapiireadlink -f `which java` should reveal its path19:47
datamancer_tgm4883: Right, thanks, but I'm a bit confused as to which command to run to do it. Is it apt-get upgrade?19:47
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tgm4883datamancer_: yes19:47
datamancer_tgm4883: tyvm :)19:47
Bashing-omdatamancer_: " sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ; sudo apt full-upgrade " should be all there is to it .19:47
latenite_Hi folks, how can I determine when the latest firefox update was available for update?19:48
dragonbiteIf all you are doing is Minecraft, openjdk-7-jre also works and it is in the repos.19:48
sethjwhen it *was* or when it *will be*?19:48
silvian@nick420: try typing this19:48
silvianreadlink -f `which java`19:48
Andocromni'm working on an Ubuntu Remix live cd, i have it mostly working except on bootup i get a number of authentication failure messages and no console or login prompt.  does anyone know how to fix this?19:48
silvianit should reveal exact path as tsapii suggested19:48
silvianso we can add it to your java home19:48
tgm4883nick420: How did you install java? And is this openjdk? All I needed to do was install openjdk-8-jre and then run the jar19:49
tgm4883(although technically, I run it through multimc since I like lots of mods)19:49
silvianno its oracle's. We had no luck getting minecraft working with open jdk19:49
xangualatenite_: check Firefox releases notes? Wikipedia history release?19:49
dragonbitecan run using "java -jar <path to>/Minecraft.jar19:49
nick420silvian gave me a walk through and all seemed to work but the game will still not open19:49
silvianhad to install oracle jdk for him19:49
dragonbitesorry, "java -jar <path to>/Minecraft.jar" (without quotes)19:50
latenite_xangua, I mean when it made its way to ubuntu.19:50
tgm4883silvian: was there an error? What version of minecraft? It should work fine with openjdk19:50
silvianyeah that's what i though... no nick420 didn't specify the error19:50
latenite_xangua, I want to compare the release dates of the offical sites of firefox to the dates of some distros19:50
silviananyway should be there configuring this... we just need to set $JAVA_HOME environment variable19:50
silvianso I've asked nick420 to run: readlink -f `which java`19:51
silvianto find out what the install path is19:51
dragonbitesilvian: what about trying to uninstall it and then install openjdk or oracle java again?19:51
* tgm4883 wonders if it's not a java issue...19:52
silvianits installed fine i think its just a matter of configuring JAVA_HOME now19:52
nick420it says this /usr/lib/jvm/java-8-oracle/jre/bin/java19:52
silviangood ok now copy that exactly into your clipboard19:52
silvianand now run export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-8-oracle/jre/bin/java19:52
latenite_anyone? I don't use ubuntu and could really use some help here :D19:52
nick420clipboard..? lol19:53
silvianwhatever... ctrl +C19:53
Bashing-omlatenite_: Then there is a need for you to run ubuntu .19:53
silvianjust paste this and run it19:53
silvianexport JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-8-oracle/jre/bin/java19:53
tgm4883latenite_: why?19:53
latenite_Bashing-om, I was hoping to find the data I need online in the repos or some git...19:54
nick420i pasted "export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-8-oracle/jre/bin/java" and nothing happend19:54
latenite_tgm4883, so I can compare how fast/slow software updates get into the different distros.19:54
dragonbitelatenite: have you looked at http://packages.ubuntu.com ?  It doesn't give you the date but gives you the version19:54
tsapiinick420: you specified the java binary as JAVA_HOME19:55
tsapiiremove the "bin/java" part19:55
Bashing-omlatenite_: You can always ask, if it is not ubuntu related we can redirect so you get the help you need . Ask your question .19:55
silvianthat's fine19:55
silvianit gives you no output back19:55
latenite_Bashing-om, tgm4883 xangua on gentoo it was easy for firefox https://gitweb.gentoo.org/repo/gentoo.git/commit/www-client/firefox/firefox-44.0.2.ebuild?id=2b761e9d635fee7a8c3ab20dfa54e20c0c1d737c19:55
silvianjust hit return key19:55
latenite_3 days19:55
tgm4883latenite_: you'd need to go through the mailing list to get the upload dates I believe19:55
silvianthen close down your terminal19:55
silvianand open it again19:55
silvianthen try running minecraft19:55
silvianit should be set now19:55
tsapii…is it fine to specify it to the binary path? could've sworn that it had to be left out19:56
ks3latenite_: If you're looking in the repos why couldn't you use the timestamp of the package?19:56
latenite_tgm4883, there is no logging or git? When it comes to ubuntu repos?19:56
tgm4883latenite_: what ks3 said. That seems to be the best solution http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/f/firefox/19:56
latenite_ks3, I found this file http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/wily/main/binary-amd64/19:57
latenite_but there are not time stamps19:57
tgm4883latenite_: look at the link I posted19:57
nick420negative. says the same thing :(19:57
nick420should i give up lol19:57
tgm4883silvian: closing and reopening the terminal wipes the export19:58
tsapiishould add it to .bashrc19:58
tgm4883well, should export it first and see if it works19:58
tgm4883only add it to .bashrc if it works19:59
silvianyeah repeat the export task again in bash terminal19:59
tgm4883silvian: also, you set his java_home wrong20:00
latenite_tgm4883, so http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/f/firefox/firefox-dbg_44.0.2+build1-0ubuntu0.15.10.1_amd64.deb is from 11-Feb-2016 20:3920:00
nick420export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-8-oracle/jre/bin/java   ??20:00
tgm4883nick420: no20:00
latenite_tgm4883, I wonder if there is a TIME on the offical release by mozilla?!20:00
tgm4883nick420: "export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-8-oracle/jre"20:00
tgm4883latenite_: what exactly are you trying to accomplish here? Because it doesn't really seem like a support issue20:01
latenite_tgm4883, it's about getting to know how much time passed from mozillas offical release until available in ubuntu1520:02
tgm4883latenite_: but why20:02
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nick420ok i did that tmg4883. nothing happend20:02
nick420blank line now20:02
tgm4883nick420: ok, now do20:02
tgm4883nick420: 'java -jar <path to minecraft.jar file>20:03
latenite_tgm4883, to compare to other distros. There seem to be big differences in time...20:03
tgm4883I'm assuming it's just minecraft.jar20:03
nick420ok..another blank line20:03
tgm4883latenite_: which is worthless IMO and doesn't make me want to drop what I'm doing to help you20:03
tgm4883nick420: can you do 'ls -l' then pastebin what you've done in the terminal so far?20:04
nick420nick@enterprise:~$ export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-8-oracle/jre/bin/java nick@enterprise:~$ export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-8-oracle/jre" > 'java -jar <path to minecraft.jar file> > 'ls -l'20:04
tgm4883latenite_: honestly though, what's your end game here?20:05
tgm4883nick420: do 'ctrl+c'20:05
latenite_tgm4883, it sparked a discussion in our LUG ... So I am investigating on it. The whole idea started with this: http://segfault.linuxmint.com/2013/11/answering-controversy-stability-vs-security-is-something-you-configure/20:05
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tgm4883latenite_: yea, that's about what I figured started this....20:06
tgm4883nick420: ok, now do "export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-8-oracle/jre" but remember to remove both quotes20:06
latenite_tgm4883, our members wonder what the real difference is, when it comes to time and updates20:06
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tgm4883latenite_: ok, so I would probably forget about the timestamp then and just focus on the date20:07
nick420ok i did that20:07
silvianstill no luck guys with java home?20:07
tgm4883latenite_: 1) because you're talking times, but unsure about what timezone the server is in20:07
latenite_true , good point20:07
tgm4883latenite_: and 2) we're talking hours here, which is meaningless20:07
tgm4883nick420: ok, now do this20:07
tgm4883nick420: 'java -jar minecraft.jar'20:08
Picilatenite_: I missed part of the conversation here, but are you looking for something like this? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox/+publishinghistory20:08
nick420with the quotes?20:08
tgm4883latenite_: ^^20:08
tgm4883nick420: no, remove the quotes20:08
silvianno quotes20:08
tgm4883Pici: that is perfect, exactly what he's looking for20:09
tgm4883and way better than what I gave him20:09
nick420Error: Unable to access jarfile minecraft.jar20:09
latenite_Pici, great20:09
latenite_tgm4883, so its UTC :D20:09
tgm4883nick420: ok, can you pastebin this command 'ls -l'20:09
latenite_we can start being picky about hours now :D20:09
nick420im gonna lay a steamer on this thing soon20:09
tgm4883nick420: we're getting close I think20:10
nick420ok i did that20:10
tgm4883nick420: what's the output?20:10
tgm4883!pastebin | nick42020:10
ubottunick420: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:10
nick420nick@enterprise:~$ ls -l total 3132 drwxr-xr-x 2 nick nick    4096 Feb 21 23:47 Desktop drwxr-xr-x 2 nick nick    4096 Feb 20 22:11 Documents drwxr-xr-x 8 nick nick    4096 Feb 22 14:01 Downloads -rw-r--r-- 1 nick nick    8980 Feb 20 21:49 examples.desktop -rw-rw-r-- 1 nick nick 3154815 Feb 21 13:39 Firefox_wallpaper.png drwxr-xr-x 5 nick nick    4096 Feb 21 12:29 kdenlive drwxr-xr-x 2 nick nick    4096 Feb 20 22:11 Music drwxr-xr-20:10
nick420oops sorry guys20:11
tgm4883nick420: ok, where is your minecraft jar file?20:11
nick420that seems like a really valid question..20:11
nick420and suggestions lol20:12
tgm4883nick420: my assumption is it's still in your Downloads folder20:12
nick420yes it is20:12
* tgm4883 is seriously doubting the openjdk issue now20:12
tgm4883nick420: ok do this20:12
tgm4883nick420: 'cd Downloads'20:12
tgm4883nick420: without the quotes20:12
tgm4883also, this is possibly the most difficult way we could do this, but I digress20:13
tgm4883nick420: ok, now do20:13
tgm4883nick420: 'java -jar minecraft.jar'20:13
tgm4883nick420: no quotes20:13
* tgm4883 shoots silvian an evil eye20:13
Ian_Cornewhat's the "good" way to get fingerprint readers in ubuntu?20:14
silvianhave you found the minecraft.jar file?20:14
tgm4883nick420: ok what happened?20:14
Ian_Cornesome program i need to install, or is it already preinstalled and I just need to set it up?20:14
silvianthanks for jumping in tgm488320:14
tgm4883silvian: it's supposedly in Downloads/20:14
tgm4883although I didn't verify filename/case :/20:14
silvianI think nick420 is playing right now ;)20:14
nick420nick@enterprise:~$ cd Downloads nick@enterprise:~/Downloads$ java -jar minecraft.jar Error: Unable to access jarfile minecraft.jar nick@enterprise:~/Downloads$20:15
silvianoh permissions20:15
nick420i wish silvian. i really do20:15
tsapiiwasn't it Minecraft.jar just before?20:15
silviando ls -lrt20:15
tgm4883tsapii: yea it is20:15
silvianinside Downloads20:15
tgm4883nick420: 'java -jar Minecraft.jar'20:15
silvianpaste the output20:15
tgm4883nick420: no quotes20:15
tgm4883nick420: that was my fault, case was wrong20:15
nick420Error: Unable to access jarfile Minecraft.jar20:16
tgm4883nick420: is the jar file in the Downloads folder?20:16
nick420its exe no jar20:17
reisiowouldn't you rather use icedtea and minetest, and have no problems? :)20:17
* tgm4883 smacks head20:17
bekksnick420: And exe file cannot be executed using java.20:17
silviancan you do: ls -lrt20:17
tgm4883nick420: kindly go download the jar file from minecraft's website20:17
nick420lol im guessing thats an issue20:17
silvianinside downloads20:17
tgm4883!slap | silvian20:17
tgm4883ubottu you no fun20:17
ubottutgm4883: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:17
nick420i deserve the slaps. everybody get in line lol20:18
tgm4883nick420: ok, so go download the jar file and then try that command again20:18
tgm4883although honestly, I would just point you at multimc20:18
nick420the one of the website is demo right?20:19
tgm4883nick420: no?20:19
nick420oh ok20:19
tgm4883nick420: https://s3.amazonaws.com/Minecraft.Download/launcher/Minecraft.jar20:19
* tgm4883 thinks this is getting to be a little much20:20
nullzenthats a big split LOL20:20
nick420dont worry about it then ill figure it out20:21
bekksnullzen: actually not.20:21
bekksnick420: Just download the file linked, and run it as you have been told. :)20:22
=== norm is now known as Guest3949
silviannick420: where are we at now?20:23
silvianwhat's the status? :)20:23
nick420i downloaded jar file20:24
compdocwe are on IRC, just off the 405 freeway20:24
bekksnick420: And did you already run it?20:24
cortexmani'm trying to get compizconfig-settings-manager to allow me to have Terminal span two windows by pressing a keyboard shortcut20:24
cortexmani added a 7860x2160 output mode on the Display Settings tab but that doesn't work20:24
cortexmanthere was already one for 3840x2160+3840+020:25
silvianok now go to terminal20:25
nick420The file '/home/nick/Downloads/Minecraft.jar' is not marked as executable.  If this was downloaded or copied from an untrusted source, it may be dangerous to run.  For more details, read about the executable bit.20:25
silviancd Downloads20:25
=== zeb is now known as Guest17374
bekksnick420: Why dont you use the command given?20:25
silviando ls -lrt and print output?20:26
bekksnick420: Why are you desperately trying to do something else?20:26
bekkssilvian: Not needed.20:26
cortexmanah, it seems that you have to manually expand it once before it will switch back and forth20:26
nick420i thought i was. im not sure what i did wrong..20:26
bekksnick420: you have been given a "java ... " commamd.20:26
bekksnick420: Why dont you use it?20:26
nick420anyways guys. sorry the the issues. i appreciate your help but im just gonna switch back to windows. this is to confusing for me20:27
nick420which java command20:27
bekksIf just retyping a command given is to confusing, I'll second your decision. :P20:27
nick420wow, nice of you20:28
BluesKajnick420, copy and paste is your friend20:28
bekksnick420: You have been given "java -jar Minecraft.jar" multiple times. I dont see a confusing part on that.20:28
nick420ive entered as the told me20:28
bekksThe command on Windows is the same.20:29
nick420half the time it was them realizing they sent me wrong info20:29
bekksnick420: You did not, you tried to run "Minecraft.jar", without the "java -jar " before.20:29
bekksAnd you did not even have Minecraft.jar before, but an exe file.20:30
nick420ok anyways. like i said im sorry. im obvioulsy screwed up somewhere. it happens20:30
Krockmockbekks: maybee nick420 should chmod +x Minecraft.jar befor run it ?20:30
bekksNo need for setting +x on Minecraft.jar20:30
nick420this laptop was given to me yesterday with ubuntu for the first time ever using and minecraft20:30
silvianno worries20:30
silviandon't panick20:30
silvianits a bit of a learning curve bash shell :)20:31
silvianimportant thing is not to panic here :)20:31
silvianyou have terminal still open nick420?20:31
silvianwill help you out there cos we're nearly there :)20:32
tgm4883nick420: whoa, one time I sent you a command that had the case wrong on one character. That is hardly half the time20:32
nick420ive spoken to about 4 people20:33
silvianfirst thing to type:20:33
silviancd ~/Downloads20:33
silvianexacly like you see it20:33
silvianafter that20:33
silvianls -lrt20:34
silvianexactly as shown20:34
silviantell us your output :)20:34
nick420should i copy paste that here. its large?20:35
i_i have to recover my DOC files on my quick-formatted usb20:35
tgm4883nick420: you should copy and paste it to paste.ubuntu.com20:35
Ben64nick420: use paste.ubuntu.com20:35
i_as i'm new to ubuntu, how do i do that?20:35
leeyaaone of my vms does not start sshd after reboot. i found that it is because of missing /run/sshd20:35
tsapii!paste |nick42020:35
ubottunick420: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:35
leeyaaany idea how to fix it and is that a bug ?20:35
tgm4883nick420: if you downloaded the jar file then you should just need to run the jar command we gave you earlier20:36
leeyaai can easily add it to rc.local but thats not the right way to do it20:36
le_pigi_ as: do you know which filesystem you used on the usb device?20:36
tgm4883nick420: but you've lost our trust in asking you to do stuff, so we have to verify now20:36
Ben64i_: yeah, was it ext2 ext3 ext4 fat32 ntfs exfat...?20:37
Ben64and you formatted over it, and want to recover?20:38
i_i formatted it accidentally20:38
silvianwe wanna check you have minecraft in the downloads folder20:38
silvianjust paste the last line from the20:38
silvianls -lrt20:38
silvianbecause it should be the last file you downloaded20:38
silvianno need to paste entire output :)20:39
Ben64i_: you can use photorec or testdisk20:39
tgm4883silvian: you mean the first line20:39
i_i'll try testdisk thanks20:39
=== _atg is now known as AndyTechGuy
hmir_hey guys!20:40
silvianlast line since ls -lrt is going to order in by time20:40
silvianlatest file at the bottom20:40
hmir_I want to ask, I have a couple of 1tb hard drives that i use for backup, tey are unplugged and stoed in a safe place, and i use them with a hdd dock via usb when i need them. Is there any ubuntu/debian software i can use to test the health of these hard drives?20:41
tgm4883silvian: ah I missed the -r in there20:41
nick420-rw-rw-r-- 1 nick nick    280212 Feb 22 15:19 Minecraft.jar20:41
nick420thats the last line20:41
tgm4883nick420: 'java -jar Minecraft.jar'20:42
silvianno quotes of course20:42
Ben64hmir_: smartctl20:42
silvianjust type as it is20:42
tgm4883nick420: no quotes20:42
silvianjava -jar Minecraft.jar20:42
hmir_Ben64: That checks the SMART status or does other things too?20:42
Ben64hmir_: just smart, but thats all you can do on a hard drive20:42
nick420launcher started and it popped up play demo...20:43
lugariushello comm20:43
MrKeunerhi, is there a benchmarking software in ubuntu live usb iso?20:44
hmir_Ben64: Just curious but is smart by itself good enough as a reporting tooL? Does it actually catch and report problems early enough for one to move date?20:44
MrKeuner+ which arch I need to choose for a bootable xeon iso?20:44
lugarius....there is a test software...  but not a real benchmark20:44
Ben64hmir_: sometimes20:45
tgm4883MrKeuner: benchmark for what?20:45
lugariuscpu I think20:45
MrKeunertgm4883, CPU,memory, videocad, anything else I may not know about20:45
hmir_Ben64: What would you recommend I do if I wanted to get a fairly comprehensive check of hdd health?20:45
silviannick420: WOOO! :D *POPS CHAMPAIGN COCK* :D20:45
Ben64hmir_: you can't. thats why backups are important20:46
tgm4883silvian: cork*20:46
tgm4883is that what it's really called for champaine?20:46
lugariusI think u have to install a bechmark20:47
silvianlike i said i can't type today20:47
silvianepic typo fail20:47
nick420yes but thats the demo.. i just spent over 2 hours to load a game with a one hour limit..20:47
cluemannHey, I have an existing system with a raid6(dm_crypt(lvm)) disk layout that I would like to install ubuntu on without formatting the entire raid array. In manual disk setup the raid 6 is recognized but marked as auto-read-only. I'm a bit weary about pressing 'configure software raid'. Will I be able to configure the software raid to be used as-is without changing it? Is the same true for activating the en20:47
MrKeunerlugarius, any suggestions for the benchmarking software?20:47
cluemanncrypted volume in the raid device (via configure encrypted volumes)?20:47
lugariuswell... I would Google for it20:47
tgm4883nick420: did you login?20:48
lugariusor duckduck go as well20:48
MonkeyDust!google | lugarius20:48
ubottulugarius: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.20:48
MrKeuneris a xeon amd64 emt64t i586 or an i386?20:48
nick420ive never played. i must need to make account20:48
reisioMrKeuner: probably amd6420:48
geniiMrKeuner: amd6420:48
reisioMrKeuner: grep ' lm ' /proc/cpuinfo20:48
reisioMrKeuner: or just look up the model #20:49
tgm4883nick420: have you purchased it?20:49
lugariusI'm so GLaD that ubuntu will have the gnome software centre20:49
nick420no.. this is what i asked earlier. if the game was a free download..20:50
tgm4883nick420: I never saw that question...20:50
tgm4883nick420: it's $2620:50
nullzenusing linux doesnt magically make things free20:50
nick420i did not mean a free demo. so all this and all i have to do is go buy it?20:50
Piciminecraft is free to download, but the login costs money.20:50
nick420fml lol alright guys, thanx anyways. have a good one20:51
tgm4883I.... I don't even know where to begin20:51
nick420must be i can just download a torrent of it20:52
hmir_Ben64: Okay, fair enough. I guess I'll check out smartctl. Also, is there is block/sector read checker to test individually?20:52
tgm4883nick420: no20:52
nick420ud say no anyway lol20:52
tgm4883nm, you know what. I'm done20:52
silviannick420: alright have fun mate20:52
nullzennick420, why not just buy the software instead of doing work to steal it?20:52
nick420i guess that is the right thing to do20:53
nick420tgm i think for future reference u need to relax alittle. we cant all be as smart with computers as you and some of us like getting help witout being talked down to20:55
nullzennick420, its not about being smart with computers, you just were asking people to help you be a thief20:57
ozbrkhi guys I can't connect my iphone to ubuntu20:57
ozbrkit keeps asking me to trust this computer or not20:57
ozbrkwhat should I do ?20:57
xanguaozbrk: what Ubuntu and iOS version?20:58
xanguaGet a Linux friendly device?20:58
pbxozbrk, i assume you're talking about an iPhone.  no fix, you just have to "trust this computer' each time20:58
pbxozbrk, it's looking for itunes on the other end :)20:58
tgm4883nick420: I tried, but there is a basic level of understanding of things that one expects. Things like knowing what the file you downloaded is called and following directions20:58
ozbrkxangua: well it is  15.1020:58
nick420not at all. i honestly thought they were helping me get the game, as for being a thieve i did ask if i could get a torrent so ur right there20:58
tgm4883nick420: and I spent over an hour helping you, most of which was trying to extract information from you20:58
nick420as i explained tgm i wasnt me who downloaded20:59
xanguaozbrk: and did you check it to trust?20:59
ozbrkxangua: yeap20:59
xanguaozbrk: what's the issue then?20:59
pbxxangua, there's no checkbox, it's a trust/don't-trust modal.  and it recurs on every connection.  as i said it's looking for itunes and not finding it.20:59
nick420im sorry for wasting ur time21:00
tgm4883nick420: no worries. If you do decide to buy minecraft and need help setting it up let me know21:00
lugariusminetest.net is nice also...21:00
nick420no offence tgm but id go to anyone but you becuz u have a way of comming off rude/ almost diskish21:01
tgm4883lugarius: true, if you don't want mods or features he can try that21:01
tgm4883nick420: have fun then21:01
lugariustgm4883 what do you mean?21:02
stacks88running mysql 5.5 from ubuntu 14.04. when i run show variables like '%open_files_limit%'; i get value 50000 for open_files_limit variable. now on the box that runs mysqld the process id is 25770, so i ran cat /proc/25770/limits|grep open and it says 50000 as the hard limit and soft limit.  -- how do i tell my ubuntu 14.04 system to increase the limit from 50000 to say 200000 ? do i edit21:02
stacks88/etc/sysctl.conf ? but what would i put in there ?21:02
tgm4883lugarius: I kid. minetest is written better since it's not java, but it lacks many of the features of minecraft one would generally expect21:02
lugarius.....ehr, did you tied other modpacks?21:03
tgm4883lugarius: I've not tried it in awhile. It's better now then?21:03
lugariusI actually have fun making my own quarry in technic minetest21:04
lugariusthe nssm mod adds awesome monsters and so on21:04
tgm4883lugarius: cool, I'll have to test it out later21:04
lugariuswell... an ufo mod is also working21:05
ozbrkiphone connected lol21:05
lugariuscool, even works on Android,21:05
lugariusif you make a world on Pc you can take it in yo pocket21:05
bekkslugarius: Minecraft? :P21:06
tgm4883bekks: minetest21:06
bekkstgm4883: :D21:07
lugariusminetest.net and (for me a lot better) MC like clone...  open source and free21:07
tgm4883I've started backing off the mods a bit, doing more adventure maps in minecraft now21:08
lugariusfor windoze muc an oobantoo21:08
tgm4883although this is horribly off-topic, so we should move to #ubuntu-offtopic if we want to continue21:08
lugariusI also heard about a minecraft to minetest world converter21:09
ozbrkpbx: btw got thison omgubuntu http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2014/03/ios7-ipad-iphone-ubuntu-trust guess there is a fix in the end21:11
ozbrkthis on*21:12
nick420tgm ud be happy to know i purchased minecraft and it is fully functioning21:12
neg0Hi all. I'm trying to install Acestream, but I'm getting 3 lib errors which I cant resolve.  libtag1v5-vanilla : Breaks: libtag1-vanilla but 1.9.1-2 is to be installed.21:14
neg0And 2 conflicts21:14
neg0I cant go ahead and remove them, as it will break loads of other applications, not sure what to do21:14
xangua! Info | acestream21:17
silviannick420: YAY! :D21:17
MonkeyDust!find acestream21:17
silvianand most importantly you learned a bit about the bash shell ;)21:17
ubottuPackage/file acestream does not exist in wily21:18
silvianIt's a win win21:18
MonkeyDust!find Acestream21:18
ubottuPackage/file Acestream does not exist in wily21:18
MonkeyDustneg0  what's acestream?21:18
neg0Its like a VLC fork, which allows live streaming21:18
neg0Based off special acestream URL's acestream://<blah>21:19
MonkeyDustneg0  taken from a ppa or so?21:19
cluemannHow does the ubuntu installer deal with configuring existing software raids? What about existing dm_crypt devices and existing LVMs? I'm basically a bit weary about using the manual installer menu options because I'm not sure if and when they write changes to disk and I can't afford to lose data on my current disk layout21:19
neg0taken from the PPA deb http://repo.acestream.org/ubuntu/ raring main21:19
MonkeyDustcluemann  is that a server? if yes, there's also #ubuntu-server21:19
k1l_neg0: uh, raring is old21:19
MonkeyDustneg0  ok, then contact the ppa maintainer21:20
pbxnice find ozbrk , thanks for the link21:20
cluemannHmm thank you MonkeyDust, I wasn't aware21:20
k1l_neg0: is that software still maintained?  raring was 13.04. that is 3 years old now21:20
MonkeyDustoh, raring, didnt notice21:20
neg0Can't find a newer package. So I thought I would give a crack at resolving stuff myself.21:21
neg0Thought it might be a good learning experience and stuff21:22
k1l_neg0: and that repo server even sends a "forbidden" server answer. so i dont think acestream is a thing now21:22
MonkeyDustneg0  yes, it is, but you can't ask help here21:22
MonkeyDustneg0  tip: use a vm or a container for experiments21:22
neg0Okay MonkeyDust cheers. I thought this was a support channel though?21:23
MonkeyDustneg0  it is, but 13.21:23
MonkeyDustneg0  it is, but 13.04 uis no longer supported21:24
k-josephhi guys, $free command displays free memory stuff, is it by default in Bytes/KB,MG,GB or what?21:24
MonkeyDustk-joseph  free -m for megabytes21:24
pbxozbrk, sounds slightly different from what i see, in that the bug report says "happens in a continous loop when clicking Trust" which i take it to mean the question dialog doesn't go away. goes away for me... it just comes back on every reconnect21:24
k1l_neg0: the problem is not ubuntu here. the problem is that acestream repo is not working with a supported ubuntu. better ask the acestream guys if they suport an actual version for actual ubuntus.21:24
neg0Okay guys. Cheers.21:25
brycksdefault is kilobytes k-joseph21:25
bpromptk-joseph:   by default, is bytes21:25
k-josephbrycks: thanks21:25
ozbrkpbx: şet me check again21:25
ozbrkpbx: let*21:25
k-josephbprompt: brycks: which is right then?21:26
ozbrkpbx: oh it is also an outdatedd post for iOS 7 it is iOS 9.1.x now so21:27
k-josephbprompt: brycks: alright, adding -m returns it in MB21:27
pbxozbrk, yeah, seems related but not a direct fix to the current issue21:28
bpromptk-joseph:    check the manpages for, by default is bytes, but you can use -m or -k or -g for Mbs or Kbs or Gbs21:29
k-josephbprompt: sure, thanks21:29
brycksTo be honest I had to check the man pages too. ;-) Normally always use free -m....21:29
ozbrkhate this ubuntu sound managment why there is always too much bass what is the source of this issue21:29
PerdouilleHey everyone ! I have a little problem21:31
behrI just installed ubuntu 14.04 and when trying to do an apt-get update, I am receiving a strange error about the Clearsigned file being invalid. Does anyone have a suggestion to fix this? I have tried numberous fixes I found via google without a solution. Here is my console output http://paste.ubuntu.com/15174308/21:32
PerdouilleI used DD to copy my old broken SSD (120go) to a bigger drive (~300go) while waiting for the new one21:32
PerdouilleI just got the new one (250go), but I can't copy everything back with dd from the HDD to the SSD because the HDD is bigger... How can I do ?21:32
vltPerdouille: You can do this.21:33
bpromptPerdouille:     the w0t?21:34
Perdouillevlt: I can do dd ?21:34
Perdouillebprompt: ?21:34
mcphailPerdouille: look at the "count" flag in the dd man page. It will limit how much is read/written21:34
vltPerdouille: Yes. And to increase the size of the partitions you can use a partition table edit tool afterwards.21:35
PerdouilleYeah but it's a gpt partition, isn't there a block at the beggining and at the end of the drive ?21:35
k1l_Perdouille: what command did you use to safe the data with dd? did you increase the partitions afterwards?21:35
vltPerdouille: You won’t need "count" here because dd just stops when one of the devices run out of space or data.21:36
Perdouilleno k1l_, I just did a "sudo dd if=/dev/sdX of=/dev/sdY bs=64K conv=noerror,sync"21:36
Perdouillethen I had to redo the bootloader for the windows partition with the windows install cd and it worked21:36
=== aaa801_ is now known as aaa801
vltPerdouille: You touched the data on the intermediate device?21:37
PerdouilleYes I used it while waiting for my SSD21:37
Perdouillebut the partitions on it are still the same size21:38
vltPerdouille: Then it should work just fine because the partitions where SMALLER before.21:38
jwitk0Hi guys, silly question here but I can't figure it out.  Ubuntu 14.04, I have edited this line into my /etc/sudoers file   "user1 ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL",  but yet the user is still required to enter a password when using sudo.  Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?21:38
PerdouilleAlright, thanks21:38
vltPerdouille: I’d recommend using ddrescue or at least dd’s bs flag.21:39
k1l_Perdouille: ok, so its actually only a 120gb used part on the 300gb disk. so if you dd back to the new ssd it willw rite just 0 after the 120gb of data. so that doesnt matter if it stops when the ssd is full21:39
Perdouillevlt: I copied with the same command, so I did bs=64k21:40
rypervenchejwitk0: Have you logged out and then back in?21:40
Perdouillek1l_: It's copying, I will come back if it doesn't work ^^21:40
Perdouillethanks everyone !21:40
vltPerdouille: You’re welcome.21:40
rypervencheActually, I don't think that will change anything...21:40
ihow can  i forcefully delete a file on ubuntu?21:42
=== i is now known as Guest59753
joakimk_I'm about to replace an SSD, and reinstall dual OS with Win10 and Ubuntu. Do I just install windows first, and then resize/repartition afterwards to make room for Ubuntu?21:42
k1l_joakimk_: yes21:42
rypervencheGuest59753: rm -f /path/to/file21:43
Guest59753i didn't understand21:44
=== erry is now known as Erry
k1l_!rm | Guest5975321:44
ubottuGuest59753: The Unix 'rm' command removes files and directories from the filesystem. It is an extremly powerful tool, and you should not run 'rm' commands unless you fully understand them. Do not run arbitrary 'rm' commands you see online. For a beginning guide on using terminal commands, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal and for a cautionary story about 'rm' see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EL_g0tyaIeE21:44
Guest59753so how do i delete my unwanted files21:44
k1l_Guest59753: <rypervenche> Guest59753: rm -f /path/to/file21:45
Guest59753the other guy just said "dont use rm unless necessary"21:46
rypervenche"This video is unavailable."21:47
Guest59753oh okay  i know it21:47
f00dWorkstaGuest59753: do you want to delete your files?21:47
Guest59753theres a lock image on my unwanted file21:47
Guest59753you get what i mean?21:47
Guest59753i think i have to go "superuser" or something..21:47
k1l_Guest59753: what file is that?21:47
Guest59753.doc file21:47
k1l_and where is it?21:48
f00dWorkstaGuest59753: where is this file?21:48
Guest59753in the FILES21:48
Guest59753i want to delete it permanently21:48
Guest59753because it came with photorec21:48
Guest59753and its completely useless21:48
MeatHammerCan anyone suggest a good reference for namespaces?21:48
Guest59753its not the .doc file i wanted21:48
steelbrainHey everyone, I'm experiencing a weird bug in nohup, any help would be appreciated, here's how to repro https://github.com/steelbrain/nohup-shell-hanging-bug21:48
tgm4883Guest59753: and it's not in your home directory?21:48
Guest59753i want a certain file but PHOTOREC or TESTDICSK isnt able to give it to me!21:49
Guest59753i guess not..21:49
tgm4883oh wait, you're recovering files21:49
Guest59753i tried!21:49
Guest59753but failed21:49
Guest59753i think it has to do with nautilus21:53
k1l_Guest59753: we cant help you because we dont know and see what you see on your computer.21:55
k1l_Guest59753: you can rm any file when you use the /path/to/file  where the file actually is. like "rm /home/user/Desktop/a.doc"    if the file a.doc is on the Desktop from user.21:56
rypervencheGuest59753: It sounds like you are trying to remove a file that is owned by root.21:56
Guest59753how do i be root?21:57
EriC^^Guest59753: what filesystem was the file deleted from? the one you're trying to recover?21:57
rypervencheGuest59753: Try: sudo rm /home/user/Desktop/a.doc21:57
k1l_Guest59753: ubuntu got sudo for that. but be very carefull with using sudo. and dont use sudo with GUI programs21:57
Guest59753ahhh what are gui programs?21:57
cluemanngraphical user interface, programs that are "windows" instead of terminal commands21:58
k1l_Guest59753: nautilus is a gui program. of firefox.21:58
trismsteelbrain: doesn't seem like a nohup bug, if you just run your: ./bash.sh &; it will hang until you fg it, I guess because the -i switch sets interactive, so it's waiting for some kind of input/output. if you remove the -i switch it works fine21:58
Guest59753so its illegal to download gui programs?21:59
k1l_Guest59753: no. but you dont run them with "sudo" because its a bad idea to run gui programs with sudo powers. that is one part of the security system.22:00
tsapiiin general you shouldn't use sudo unless you absolutely need to22:00
Guest59753i heard linux/ubuntu is the safest os..22:00
k1l_tsapii: and never with gui programs22:00
tsapiiremember that sudo is someting that can wreck your system completely22:00
tsapiiso treat it with caution22:01
Guest59753so far ive just used sudo for downloading this chat, testdisk and so on.. programs like these.22:01
svetanikola2013greets from serbia guys.anyone has idea how to fix bootsplash after installing nvidia drivers in xubuntu22:01
tsapiiright, you need to use sudo to install packages22:01
MonkeyDustsvetanikola2013  try this, it will show a list : sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth22:02
steelbraintrism: but to get the correct env, I need -i22:02
mcphailsvetanikola2013: you don't get a graphical boot with the nvidia drivers. AFAIK, only drivers supporting kms give a graphical splash22:02
svetanikola2013will now ...thnx MonkeyDust22:03
steelbrainAny ideas how to make it spit out the env and die instantly instead of waiting on something?22:03
olivierabhängigkeiten dependencies22:03
olivierGood afternoon22:03
olivierGuten Nachmittag22:04
svetanikola2013monekydust  There is only one alternative in link group default.plymouth (providing /lib/plymouth/themes/default.plymouth): /lib/plymouth/themes/xubuntu-logo/xubuntu-logo.plymouth22:04
svetanikola2013Nothing to configure.22:04
MonkeyDustsvetanikola2013  then what mcphail said must be correct22:04
olivierhow can I resolve a dependencies problem or how can I force ubuntu to ignore some libreoffice dict dependencies22:05
svetanikola2013its the proprietary drivers before i managed somehow to solwe this issue now no more22:05
k1l_olivier: can you show a pastebin of the full errors?22:05
olivierI will try in the terminal to reproduce the message22:06
svetanikola2013i even found a grub deffault  with grub_gfx seetings and changed it to normall ressolution22:06
trismsteelbrain: no idea, maybe ask in #bash?22:07
steelbraintrism: Gonna do so now, thanks!22:07
olivierlibobasis5.1-en-gb : Hängt ab von: libobasis5.1-core (<= aber ist installiert22:07
olivier libobasis5.1-es : Hängt ab von: libobasis5.1-core (<= aber ist installiert22:07
olivier libobasis5.1-fr : Hängt ab von: libobasis5.1-core (<= aber ist installiert22:07
olivier libobasis5.1-it : Hängt ab von: libobasis5.1-core (<= aber ist installiert22:07
olivier libreoffice5.1-dict-en : Hängt ab von: libreoffice5.1-ure (<= aber ist installiert22:07
MonkeyDustolivier  http://paste.ubuntu.com/22:07
k1l_olivier: please use a pastebin service like paste.ubuntu.com22:07
nname31hello, how can unpack-edit-modify .abs firmware file?, any idea?22:10
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jophish_Is there a way to do a clean install without a usb disk from an already installed ubuntu system?22:31
rypervencheShame he left. That one was a fun one.22:32
jophish_sorry, my machine crashed22:32
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k1l_jophish_: yes, but that is not a beginners task. as a beginner better use a usb pendrive or dvd22:33
jophish___k1l_: What makes you think I'm a beginner?22:35
k1l_jophish___: i was just speaking in general terms. no need to feel offended. look for "debootstrap"22:35
jophish___ok, no worries. Thanks k1l_22:36
rattkingdoes anyone know of a reliable way to configure bridged networking with lib-virt and networkmanager? this is super easy on a server without networkmanager, but not I am trying to do it on my laptop22:42
olivierIt seems theres no help for my inquieries22:48
k1l_olivier: please provide the full errormessages in a pastebin and not just flood this channel22:49
Felishiaubuntu is 12x times slower surfing on the internet than mac23:00
Felishiaand some websites just won't load23:00
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franendar_anyone knows how to change to specific glibc version?23:07
rypervenchefranendar_: Why do you want to do that?23:09
franendar_i have an executable compiled to an older version23:09
franendar_well, this is the message is giving me when trying to run it: "version GLIBCXX_3.4.21 not defined in file libstdc++.so.6 with link time reference"23:10
franendar_i got ubuntu 14.0423:10
diego5412DOes anyone know why my internet conexion is UNtrusted?23:13
diego5412I just did a fresh installation23:13
Guest99289How Do I Log Out Root23:13
AthenaPvPHey, how do I speed up my YouTube experience? Ever since I downloaded Linux I've noticed it's very chuggy. The audio is fine, but video is lackluster at best.23:15
AthenaPvPHello jinci23:20
xanguaAthenaPvP: what Ubuntu release? what browser? Are you using flash or the html5 player?23:20
AthenaPvPxangua: 14.04? Whichever is the latest. Firefox. And probably HTML5 since that's Firefox's default. (At least in Windows it is.)23:21
bekksAthenaPvP: check by invoking www.youtube.com/html5/23:22
AthenaPvPbekks: Yes, it's used when possible.23:23
AthenaPvP xangua: HTML5 is used when possible.23:23
k1l_AthenaPvP: did you have that low AMD machine?23:23
AthenaPvPk1l_: sadly.23:23
AthenaPvPBut video worked fine on Windows, so it's not the processor's fault.23:24
AthenaPvPPlugins on firefox are: Privacy Badger and uBlock Origin.23:25
xanguaAthenaPvP: are you trying to play videos in fullscreen ?23:26
AthenaPvPxangua: no.23:26
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Felishiacome on23:27
JinciSo, this is Ubuntu, huh?23:27
JinciMe likey.23:27
AthenaPvPxangua: oh, probably worthy of note: I'm using Xubuntu.23:28
Felishiainternet is 12x times slower can someone help me out23:28
Felishiaand most websites won't load23:28
FelishiaI can23:28
FelishiaI can't even google23:28
Felishiaeven when google youtube facebook works23:28
Felishianothing else23:28
AthenaPvPFelishia: try updating your WiFi drivers.23:29
FelishiaAthenaPvP, I just tried with several wifi devices23:29
Felishiasame problem23:29
Felishiaubuntu is the issue23:29
Felishiamac works fine23:29
k1l_Felishia: what is your exact ubuntu version (lsb_release -d)? what kernel (uname -a)? what connection type?23:29
* AthenaPvP is terrible with Ubuntu.23:29
Felishiadifferent computers as well23:29
FelishiaLinux onza-HP-Pavilion-g6-Notebook-PC 3.13.0-37-generic #64-Ubuntu SMP Mon Sep 22 21:28:38 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux23:30
k1l_Felishia: and i hope its not again you ranting about ubuntu but using a klai, backtrack or something other23:30
FelishiaUbuntu 14.0423:30
k1l_Felishia: does "ping google.com" work?23:32
k1l_what browser is in use? did you try with a clean profile?23:32
Felishianow yes23:32
Felishiait's so sudden23:32
k1l_Felishia: ?23:32
Felishiasometimes they work sometimes they don't23:32
k1l_can you put "dmesg" into a pastebin like paste.ubuntu.com?23:33
AthenaPvPFelishia: did you try using an ethernet cable?23:33
AthenaPvPFelishia: also, K1l knows what he's talking about.. I'm a nub.23:33
FelishiaAthenaPvP, I did... but it was still slow23:33
Felishiatraps: trap int3 ip:7f60ed047c13 sp:7fff113b3ca0 error:023:34
Felishiathat's the only strange thing23:34
AthenaPvPAnyways. Youtube laggy. Using Firefox, Xubuntu, plugins: uBlock and Privacy Badger, audio fine, video laggy. (FPS, not internet troubles.)23:34
Felishiathe thing is that I23:35
Felishia'm trying to disable ipv6 to see if that is what it is23:35
Felishiawith no luck23:35
Felishiaalso maybe it's the MTU23:35
Felishiait does not make sense that macs are just running great with it23:35
Felishiabtw it also happens on windows23:35
Felishiaalso on the playstation netflix runs great23:37
ejuanAthenaPvP, In my experience html5 video players work best in chromium.23:37
AthenaPvPejuan: what's chromium?23:37
ejuanopen source chrome23:38
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AthenaPvPejuan: after chrome decided to stop supporting Java, I find it best not to use it.23:40
olivierthat seems to be a very crappy chat23:42
olivierno help, but only sensless advices23:42
olivierfrom kll23:42
AthenaPvPlet me try using another streaming website like twitch.tv and see if it lags there. It seems to be the ENTIRE site that lags. After a bit of googling it looks like certain drivers are blacklisted for some random-ass reason.23:42
k1l_i asked olivier 3 times to post his errors onto a pastebin. he didnt want to show then23:43
AthenaPvPSame problems on twitch.tv.23:45
k1l_AthenaPvP: on wifi?23:49
diego5412How do I open a program that requires root permision23:49
AthenaPvPk1l_: ethernet, it's FPS, not buffering problem.23:49
k1l_diego5412: which program exactly?23:49
diego5412Im trying to resize my micro sd23:50
k1l_diego5412: just start it. it will ask for a password23:50
k1l_AthenaPvP: did you install the fglrx from the repo?23:50
AthenaPvPk1l_: I don't beleive I have installed that.23:50
k1l_AthenaPvP: go to systemsettings - software and updates  - last tab "drivers"23:51
k1l_diego5412: support please only in here23:51
diego5412How DO I open a program that's not lcoated in the applications menu?23:52
k1l_diego5412: press alt+f2 and type the name23:52
catbeardso, is there a way to set https as the default transport for apt-.*23:53
AthenaPvP"searching for available drivers" I remember doing something like this earlier to help minecraft run.23:53
user_shravanPlease let me know which version of ubuntu server , I should install on my Pentium4 (3.2 GHz) RAM 1 GB23:53
diego5412Same thing: This software is to powerful, only root may run it23:53
k1l_diego5412: what ubuntu is that exactly?23:53
diego5412Ubuntu mate23:54
AthenaPvPk1l_: "Using Video driver for the AMD graphics accelerators from fglrx-updates (proprietary)23:55
k1l_AthenaPvP: ok. that sounds good23:55
diego5412Im going to reboot23:55
pcwiz1hello im sorry i realize im in the complete wrong place for this but where would one go for help on debian based systems?23:56
pcwiz1hello and apologies but im brand new to makulu , does anyone know if and where i could get help with some installation of software on makulu linux pls?23:58
AthenaPvP!makulu | pcwiz123:59
AthenaPvPworth a shot.23:59
pcwiz1thx a ton23:59

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