sakrecoer_zequence: i'll announce it. its no biggie, but its a good reason for existence reminder :D18:50
sakrecoer_zequence: and thanks for taking care of updating the links18:50
sakrecoer_i've been thinkering arround with the look and artwork things. i would very much appreciate a little guiding to the various branches there are for this. 18:51
sakrecoer_for example, when i go into settings=>appearance in the icon tab, i find an entry for Ubuntu Studio, but where are these icons packaged?18:52
OvenWerkssakrecoer_: :)18:53
sakrecoer_i must be missing a branche, because i can't find those icons.18:53
sakrecoer_hi OvenWerks :)18:53
OvenWerkssakrecoer_: I think there is actually only one icon in there.18:53
OvenWerkssakrecoer_: the icons for the menu are included in the -menu package because they are a part of that. They are not put in the ubuntustudio theme but in hicolor18:55
sakrecoer_i'm pretty impressed about this: http://snwh.org/moka/icons18:57
OvenWerkssakrecoer_: hmm, our logo ends up in the -settings package but not in a theme, it is in  /usr/share/pixmaps instead.18:57
OvenWerkssakrecoer_: those are certainly closer to our menu icons.18:58
sakrecoer_they look very good installed in XFCE18:58
sakrecoer_and i'm struggling to find the link right now, but they seem to be released under GPL318:59
OvenWerkssakrecoer_: the ubuntustudio icon theme has 4 icons in it.19:01
OvenWerkstwo of them are to replace missing icons that applications don't have (hexter and hdspmixer) and the other too are to make sure our logo overrides any sysytem logo for menu and distributor (shows in the installer)19:03
sakrecoer_thank you OvenWerks :) that explains a lot.19:04
OvenWerkssakrecoer_: the two application icons should really go in the hicolor theme so that they will show no matter which theme is chosen.19:04
sakrecoer_OvenWerks: tis is the icon theme branch right? https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntustudio-dev/ubuntustudio-icon-theme/trunk19:05
sakrecoer_but where is the hicolor?19:06
OvenWerkssakrecoer_: yes19:06
OvenWerkshicolor should not be in that package19:07
OvenWerksany file put in hicolor should be put there by the application package. So our audio meta package would be the right place.19:09
sakrecoer_i cannot put the finger on what step in the ladder is blurry to me...19:09
OvenWerksbut in that case it _should_ wait till all the packages in the meta are installed and then check if the files exist and then install if not.19:10
OvenWerkssakrecoer_: because the menu logo is named specifically it could be moved to the -menu package as well.19:11
OvenWerks That would leave the only icon in our icon theme being distributor-logo.svg19:11
sakrecoer_OvenWerks: and where are our workflow icons?19:11
OvenWerkssakrecoer_: in ubuntustudio-menu19:12
sakrecoer_the blue note, the orange pencil and the purple filmstrip19:12
sakrecoer_niiiice! :)19:13
sakrecoer_thank you OvenWerks :)19:13
OvenWerkssakrecoer_: as I said I think the menu logo should be in there too :)19:13
OvenWerkssakrecoer_: actually there is our logo in there too, but I think it is used ubuntustudio submenu, not the panel menu icon.19:15
sakrecoer_it would sure be good for future newcommer, if they would find all icons in as little different places as possible...19:16
sakrecoer_well that sounded harsh from me, i hope you guys get it...19:17
sakrecoer_if we can make it better without losing too much time we should19:17
OvenWerkssakrecoer_: yes. I think the pixmaps icons could be removed. I don't think there is any SW that only looks there. I think that is generally the last place that gets looked at.19:19
OvenWerkssakrecoer_: the menu may be installed some place other than ubuntustudio and so it's icons need to be in that package. For example someone installing the menu and our metas in kbuntu.19:23
OvenWerkssakrecoer_: the icons for hdspmixer and hexter should be fixed inside the respective packages. In hexter's case it is hard because the menu item should not be displayed even if the jack-dssi-host package is not installed.19:34
sakrecoer_but.. hexter works with jack right?19:46
OvenWerksthere are more than one DX7 emulation plugins.19:47
OvenWerkshexter does not directly with jack without a dssi host.19:47
OvenWerksthe command line inside the menu selection for hexter is: jack-dssi-host hexter.so19:47
OvenWerksIt is jack-dssi-host that makes hexter work with jack.19:47
sakrecoer_ok, i see now that jack started when i tested the hexter icon19:47
OvenWerks :P19:47
sakrecoer_are there many other apps using jack-dssi-host?19:47
sakrecoer_(also now the BIG icon is back, since i started hexter)19:47
sakrecoer_i mean, do we ship many DSSI-plugins?19:48
OvenWerksthere are 4 dssi plugins that we ship: WhySynth, hexter, FluidSynth-DSSI, Xsynth19:48
sakrecoer_FluidSynth-DSSI, is that "qsynth" ?19:50
OvenWerksFluidsynth uses qsynth as a host19:50
OvenWerksThere is an LV plugin with qsynth as well (maybe two) but calf includes one for sure19:51
sakrecoer_i can't find the others, "WhySynth", and "XSynth"19:51
sakrecoer_i guess that means that they are in the extras?19:52
sakrecoer_yeah, found some wsynth-dssi (hack on Xsynth-DSSI to allow wavetable synthesis)19:53
OvenWerkssakrecoer_: nope, try jack-dssi-host xsynth-dssi.so19:54
sakrecoer_ah, that patch edit is a pretty welcome tab in such a plug19:55
OvenWerksor jack-dssi-host whysynth.so19:55
sakrecoer_ok, then, i have to wonder, is there a reason why they are hidden?19:56
OvenWerkssakrecoer_: there have been comments that whysynth is the "new" xsynth and comments back that xsynth is alive and well19:56
OvenWerkssakrecoer_: we could make desktop/icon files for them too.19:56
sakrecoer_whysynth looked way less easily configurable...19:56
sakrecoer_hexter doesnt come with patch editing either..19:57
OvenWerkssakrecoer_: I think the only reason hexter comes with a desktop file is because someone added it to that package at some time.19:57
OvenWerkshexter does.19:57
sakrecoer_where do i find patch editing for hexter?19:57
OvenWerks and so does whysynth.19:58
OvenWerksedit->edit patch19:58
OvenWerks(in both cases)19:58
sakrecoer_:) *facepalming myself a little*19:59
sakrecoer_so all we need to do to "unhide" these tools is to create an entru fro them in the menu?20:00
sakrecoer_interesting, fiddeling with whysynth got me logged off my session20:02
sakrecoer_freeze, and then login prompt without reboot..20:02
sakrecoer_anyways, that is a different story..20:02
OvenWerkssakrecoer_: a desktop file20:02
sakrecoer_ok, i get it :)20:03
sakrecoer_(i think)20:03
sakrecoer_thank you OvenWerks, helped a lot!20:03
OvenWerkson your system look at /usr/share/applications/hexter.desktop for an example.20:03
sakrecoer_yeah, that was the little i knew about the icons :)20:03
sakrecoer_but so, jack-dssi is only used by these dx7 emulations?20:04
OvenWerksJust those four plugins... plus any more the user decides to download.20:08
sakrecoer_thank OvenWerks :)20:13
OvenWerkssakrecoer_: someothers include wsynth, nekobee, llscope,etc20:13
OvenWerksthere is a thing called ghostess, which it says I have installed but doesn't show in my menu20:13
OvenWerkshmm needs CLI start it seems.20:15
sakrecoer_OvenWerks: yeah, it starts a little patchbay for DSSI plugins...20:16
OvenWerkssakrecoer_: Carla would be nicer. It handles all kinds of different plugins.20:29
sakrecoer_would carla replace ghostess and jack-dssi?20:30
OvenWerkssakrecoer_: fun with Linux Devs, LV2 is supposed to replace ladspa and dssi plugins. Many devs have moved their plugins to LV2, but there is a small group of Devs who do not like LV2 (for whatever reason) and refuse to switch. :P20:31
OvenWerksyes Carla would replace them both.20:31
OvenWerksit looks nice too.20:32
flocculantsakrecoer_: just so you know - beta 1 is now building :)20:32
sakrecoer_flocculant: beta 1 of... carla?20:32
flocculantand I know where to find you on Thursday for release notes for it ... 20:32
OvenWerkscarla would also replace jackrack which we are having trouble keeping too.20:32
sakrecoer_OvenWerks: i'm struggling to find what licens carla is published under, is that the reason why we don't ship it?20:33
sakrecoer_flocculant: i'm confused, can you specify what matter you are reffering to?20:33
OvenWerkssakrecoer_: if it gets into debian we are fine20:33
flocculantsakrecoer_: your Xenial Beta 1 build 20:34
sakrecoer_ah! :) and where will you find me on thursday?20:34
sakrecoer_flocculant: 20:34
OvenWerksflocculant: so it has been rebuilt? I noticed it failed earlier today.20:35
OvenWerksflocculant: failed to build again...20:37
flocculantOvenWerks: no idea about that - but the dailies are stopped and rebuilding for beta - so unless something changed I guess it will fail again20:37
OvenWerksflocculant: different fail this time.20:37
sakrecoer_flocculant: where do you expect to find me on thursday? or rather, where and to what end would you need my presence? :)20:38
flocculantOvenWerks: I see those mails - no idea what it means though20:38
flocculantsakrecoer_: I will find you in here - I will want a link to your release notes for when I announce 20:39
OvenWerksflocculant: the earlier fail looked like one package that updated correctly and another yet to be. The second fail looks like atp-get update fail because things are moving around on servers.20:39
sakrecoer_ok,... "my release notes"... well at least i'm glad to hear about this before thursday :D20:39
sakrecoer_i'm gald to hear about it in any case, i just don't know yet what that implies...20:40
sakrecoer_or what i am supposed to write in the release notes..20:40
* OvenWerks watches cpu temperature rise while building new Ardour tabbed version.20:43
sakrecoer_well, i hope to get briefed on what is required for those release notes :)20:46
sakrecoer_i need to log off for a while, be back later tonight tho,..20:46
sakrecoer_thanks for your help OvenWerks ! and good to read you flocculant :)20:46
OvenWerkshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4R0Qzm9ZZfo is pretty interesting show off of meterbridge20:48

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