derp_commanderanyone home?01:16
TyroooneAnyone up?01:25
derp_commanderjust me01:25
TyroooneOh goddamnit.01:28
TyroooneWelp, you ever compiled a vst that used a juce makefile?01:29
Chunder_Cafeanyone out there?05:39
OvenWerksOff and on...05:42
Chunder_CafeI've downloaded and managed to get Studio 15 running but have lots of crashes. have you had similar experiences?05:45
OvenWerksStudio 15?05:45
Chunder_CafeUbuntu Studio 15.1005:46
OvenWerksWhat kind of crashes, what were you doing at the time?05:46
* OvenWerks is running ubuntustudio 14.0405:47
Chunder_Caferepartitioning a spare drive, firefox keeps stopping and restarting, programs halting mid setup...05:49
OvenWerksNo I haven't had that.05:50
Chunder_Cafexchat seems to be working ok05:50
OvenWerks:) it is a pretty simple app I think.05:50
Chunder_Cafemoved from Lubuntu which was very stable but awful to install and wanted to try somthing that was put together with a bit of thought rather than installing things to tryout and ditch if I didn't like them.05:54
OvenWerksAny of the ISOs I have tried and installed have not had crashes. But I have not used anything besides 14.04 and 16.04 for more than a few minutes. I have been using 16.04 (xubuntu) on my wife's machine with no problems too.05:54
OvenWerksI don't know if that is possible (to avoid trying things and then not using them)05:56
Chunder_CafeI'd wipe it off and reinstall but for the time it took for me to get it up and running05:56
OvenWerkswhat kind of work do you do on the computer?05:56
OvenWerks(audio, video, graphics?)05:57
Chunder_Cafegeneral office work, play around with graphics and audio, like blender05:58
OvenWerksNot that it should matter, I have installed the Studio apps on Lubuntu, kubuntu, Xubuntu ok.05:58
OvenWerksoffice stuff should just work. There is not real difference from one flavour to the next there05:59
OvenWerksBlender is beyond me :)  I have tried to use it for video editing (not being an artist) but found the learning curve to high.06:00
OvenWerksI use Audio mostly, and it has worked well.06:00
OvenWerksI record Audio like a tape machine in a linear fashion on Ardour.06:01
OvenWerksI am not one for loops, I don't seem to work that way.06:01
Chunder_CafeStarting the reinstall of Lubuntu was what i was doing when gparted crashed in the middle of setting up the spare disk drive.  Blender is good for me though still learning as the program is vast, would like to get proficient in using python with it and running scripts to produce drawings.06:03
OvenWerksThere has been some really nice stuff come from blender. I have watched videos of people setting up animations on it just out of interest.06:05
Chunder_CafeAs my partner has removed the record player from the living space I too would like to put my vinyl on to computer06:05
OvenWerksI started doing that, but have found it is easier to just download it... less scratches.06:06
Chunder_CafeYes they have 4 films already produced and another on the way06:06
Chunder_CafeI've had some good results on a windows machine with Woodstock albums06:09
OvenWerksAnyway, WIfe came home I need to go now.06:10
OvenWerksTalk to you later.06:10
Chunder_CafeNo Probs06:10
sancho_panzahi everybody!17:56
sancho_panzahow can i list my devices connected with alsa on my terminal?18:02
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:04
OvenWerkssancho_panza: arecord -l   will list inputs.  aplay -l will list outputs18:16
OvenWerksor are you asking something else?18:19
OvenWerksamidi -l shows midi devices.18:19
OvenWerksa more generic script:18:20
OvenWerkscd /tmp && wget http://jackaudio.org/downloads/adevices.sh && bash ./adevices.sh18:20
OvenWerkswill aslo tell you if a device is being used by something and what application that is.18:21
sancho_panzasomeone has experience with alsa ad external usb audio?18:31
sancho_panzai need to switch my defauld sound card (motherboard one) to my external usb one (new default), how can i?18:32
OvenWerkssancho_panza: for use with which application? for desktop stuff use pavucontrol. You can switch the internal audio right off or just click on the green button for the usb device in Output Devcies or Input Devices.18:46
sancho_panzai don't have pulseaudio installed18:47
sancho_panzai'm creating asoundrc18:47
OvenWerkssancho_panza: I am less good at that. I have not use "default" as a device, always the device I want to use.18:48
sancho_panzak ty18:49

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