cjbaylissG'day folks! I'm trying to test the 64bit iso from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/daily-live/current/ and the installer won't start, so I try and report the bug and it is supposedly already reported. However I cannot veiw the bug, could someone confirm that this bug is actually reported? https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/154751800:24
ubottuError: launchpad bug 1547518 not found00:24
knomeit's reported, but set as private00:24
cjbaylissok, cool. Thanks. :)00:25
Unit193Couldn't remember when dead link and private.  Private should likely say something about being private...00:25
knomeset the bug as public since it had 2 public duplicates..00:29
cjbaylissCool. :)00:30
cjbaylissRight, a yukky patch has been supplied on that bug.01:31
cjbaylissActually, it is never yukky to put things in try: except: but there is possibly something else that needs fixing, and I sick in bed and can't be bothered looking into it.01:32
bluesabremorning all12:14
bluesabredidn't get to be home at all yesterday, so nothing accomplished12:14
bluesabreToday is Beta 1 Freeze, Thursday is Beta 112:15
bluesabreI might have a chance to get some uploads in tonight, we'll see12:15
flocculantbluesabre: if someone from -release joins the party there will be :p12:22
flocculantbluesabre: also - I could try and get it started tomorrow anyway - if that helps you :)12:30
knomele sigh14:36
knomewb ochosi 19:09
ochosihmm crap. remote login crapped out again19:09
ochosihow much did i miss?19:09
ochosi(was away over the weekend at cottage with sauna)19:10
ochosiguess i should really move to some other remote login19:10
knomelike pleia2's? :P19:10
ochosiyeah like one that doesn't randomely reboot every month19:10
flocculanthi ochosi :)19:14
ochosihey flocculant 19:15
flocculantbeta 1 building20:20
knomebranau, any progress on the wallpaper contest site?20:34
knomebranau, i've set up something on my own today, but if your code works better, we can use that too20:34
branauHey knome, just saw this20:44
branauI haven't had a chance to work on it today, but I will tonight when I'm off work20:44
knomei'm sure some of the work i've done is useful even with your code20:45
branauI get off here in about 3 hours and then I'll be free all evening20:45
branaudid you push your code to the git repo in launchpad?20:45
knomeno, it's not derived from your code anyway20:45
branauAh, you started from scratch?20:46
knomeyeah, first i was working on the UI, then i quickly added some functionality20:46
branauGotcha, yeah I didn't make any changes to the theme at all so far, do you want to add your code as like a separate branch or something so I can pull it down and work on merging it? Or do you want me to just send you the code for my plugin?20:48
knomeif you are free in 3 hours, ping me again then20:48
knomelet's see how we want to merge these, or how to proceed20:48
branauSounds good. I'd check it out now but I'm on the clock and I'm not sure my bosses would approve of paying me for working on other projects haha20:50
branauI've gotta get into freelance work so I don't have to worry about it :P21:02
knomebranau, http://temp.knome.fi/xubuntu/wallpaper-contest/wallpaper-submissions.tar.gz21:18
knomebranau, feel free to test and try to rip it off...21:18
knomebranau, here *all* users should be able to upload, and all administrators vote21:18
knomebranau, vote counting is done automatically, and the submit form prompts for license and attribution21:19
branauKnome, so are the users not going to be able to vote? just admins?21:19
branauknome, I've also developed a like/dislike plugin that I was going to modify to use here, but if you've already built something specifically for this then we can go with that21:24
NairwolfHi guys, I would like to ask you, in order to test new builds, is it necessary to download and install xub each time, or can I just update my packages ? 21:25
Nairwolfon my test computer, I have Xubuntu with a build from few days21:25
flocculantNairwolf: you need to grab image - as the tests are about *that* iso 21:25
flocculantso once you have the iso - you can update that with zsync - it just grabs the difference21:26
flocculanthence people using virtual machines to do a lot of testing21:26
NairwolfI'm not using a virtual machines. Could you explain me what is zsync, and how much is different to do "sudo apt update && apt dist-upgrade" ? 21:27
flocculantapt update just updates your repositories - then upgrade (either) upgrades packages *you* have where needed21:28
flocculantzsync checks the iso against the current one - then grabs the differences - so no need to download 1Gb again - could be just 5% 21:28
flocculantif you read the testcases against what we are testing you will see that it is about using *todays* iso 21:29
flocculantyour updated/graded xubuntu - might be completely different to the iso - and if you installed when we still had gmusicbrowser it will be21:30
NairwolfYes, I've read your emails, that's why I was asking for that21:30
flocculantNairwolf: often we will want people to test specific apps - catfish say - then you can do that with what you have21:31
Nairwolfokay, but today you ask speficaly for the new iso, right ? 21:32
NairwolfSorry again, but I don't understand what will be different from the iso from last week ? 21:33
flocculantNairwolf: however I just sent another mail to the list - there is a nasty bug on hardware with batteries - the installer crashes - there will be rebuilds21:33
NairwolfI have a computer with batterie, so I think I will test that tomorrow after my examen21:34
flocculantNairwolf: I zsynced my image yesterday morning - this evening I did the same, zsync had to download some to make it current21:35
Nairwolfyes, but what is different if packages updated isn't enough ? 21:38
ochosiflocculant: gotta head to bed, but not before saying thanks for taking on the community part of the xenial b1 release!21:38
flocculantNairwolf: ^^ zsync checked the 32bit image that I have locally against the new one, found I had 86.4% so only got 15.6% to make it right21:38
flocculantochosi: welcome :)21:38
flocculantNairwolf: because there is no guarantee that anyone's machine is what we need testing21:38
Nairwolfanyway, where can I find a tutorial to update my iso with zsync ? I've turned on my computer21:38
Nairwolfyes, I believe you ;)21:39
flocculantNairwolf: here :)21:39
Nairwolfhere ? 21:40
flocculantNairwolf: ok so I can't point you art the wiki - it's down21:40
flocculantso what are you wanting to zsync - 32 or 64bit? 21:41
flocculantand I will talk you through it :)21:41
Nairwolf64 bits21:42
flocculantthere you can see the Link to download information - click that and you get all the info for this milestone on 64bit21:43
NairwolfXenial Beta 1 ? 21:44
flocculantnow - using file manager - open a terminal where your existing iso is located - for me that's /Images/Xenial/ 21:44
flocculantNairwolf: yep - that's what we are testing till Thursday 21:45
Nairwolfoh, but I've removed my iso ! 21:45
Nairwolfand even with rzync, I still need to install it on my test-computer, right ? 21:45
flocculantok - so zsync won't work as expected - what it WILL do is tell you it has none and is going to grab the whole iso21:46
Nairwolfok, so, it's better to download directly xubuntu beta 121:46
flocculantNairwolf: it makes no difference - if you do it the zsync way now - you'll know how to do it thereafter21:46
Nairwolfok, so I'm going to learn now21:47
flocculantso open a terminal where you want the iso to be 21:47
flocculantthen from the download page http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/357/builds/113125/downloads21:48
flocculantcopy and paste the zsync line into the terminal and press enter21:48
Nairwolfok, it's easy ;)21:49
flocculantyep - it should have warned you it had to get the whole thing :)21:49
flocculantdo it tomorrow - and it will check the iso and then just get what's different :)21:49
Nairwolfwhat is rsync flocculant ? 21:49
flocculantjust a different way of achieving the same result 21:50
flocculantafaik anyway :)21:50
flocculantapart from anything - if I am typing it manually it's easier to type zsync than rsync -tzhhP21:52
knomebranau, we likely want to allow only a small group of people to vote; that said, this is based on the user role, so it's easy to modify that to anything else21:53
Nairwolfyes, you right flocculant21:54
knomebranau, one thing that is NOT done in that version is nonces for the ajax requests for boting, but that should be trivial enough21:54
flocculantNairwolf: I do this more or less every day, so I don't actually type anything other than my alias 'image' which zsyncs the 32 and 64bit iso's and then removes the old file when it's done21:54
Nairwolfjust another thing, each time I would like to test a new iso, I will need to do that ? Update the iso with zsync, and install it on my computer ? 21:54
flocculantNairwolf: yes21:55
Nairwolfokay, and which tool do you use to build the iso in a usb key ? 21:55
branauknome sounds good, I can grab the missing pieces from the plugin I wrote21:55
flocculantNairwolf: but - if you're doing this often - virtual machines are a useful tool - *most* of the tests I do - I do in a virtual machine21:55
flocculantNairwolf: I use the gnome disks tool 21:56
Nairwolfokay, I don't know this tool21:56
flocculantit does a bunch of things - one of which is restore an image - so I 'restore' the iso to the usb stick21:57
Nairwolfwhy do you prefer it to unetbootin for example  ?21:57
flocculantthere have been problems with loads of the tools - unetbootin was causing problems - I stopped using it a year or so back21:58
knomebranau, basically, https://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/check_ajax_referer21:59
knomebut that really is more or less trivial21:59
Nairwolfyes, I've heard that badly21:59
NairwolfI've checked on my computer, gnome-disk-utility is inside gnome-disks, right ? 22:00
Nairwolfbecause I can't launch "gnome-disk-utility" but I can launch gnome-disks22:00
branauknome yep, I'm familiar with the process. Pretty simple22:00
flocculantNairwolf: in the menu as Disks22:01
NairwolfOh, I've been confused. 'restore' mean create a usb key bootable22:03
Nairwolfrestore means : writing into the usb key22:03
flocculantyea 22:06
flocculantmake sure you've picked the right drive in the left panel22:06
knomebranau, i just landed that fix on my test server plugin (not in the tarball)22:07
knomei should get that up in a repository today22:07
Nairwolfflocculant, I think I'm doing the right thing ;)22:07
flocculantif you aren't you'll wish you had 22:08
Nairwolfok, I'm testing the usb key in the second computer ;)22:08
branauknome cool, you want to shoot me an updated tarball then?22:08
Nairwolfno... it's not bootable...22:08
NairwolfAm I missing something wrong ? 22:09
flocculantNairwolf: no idea tbh - works for me :)22:09
knomebranau, in some time, i need to do other things meanwhile22:09
flocculantNairwolf: if you normally use something else - use that :)22:09
knome(and i just broke something in php too)22:09
branauknome no worries, I've still got another hour or so of work before I can clock out22:10
flocculantwell I gtg now - night all :)22:10
branaunight flocculant!22:10
Nairwolfflocculant: that's what I'm doing22:12
NairwolfI always forget, should I format in fat32, or in ext4 for the usb key ? 22:12
Nairwolffor this test : http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/357/builds/113125/testcases/1663/results22:20
NairwolfI need to choose the option "Try Xubutu without installing" ? 22:20
Nairwolfwhat is ubiquity ? 22:20
Nairwolfokay, I've just tried the live session, and blueman-applet has crashed22:25
NairwolfIf someone can help me to write a bug report, that would be great ;) 22:25
knomewhat kind of help do you need?22:26
Nairwolfknome: I wanted to follow this test ( http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/357/builds/113125/testcases/1663/results ) but I'm not sure to know what is ubiquity22:26
knomeubiquity is the installer22:27
Nairwolfand just after launched "xubuntu without installing", I have blueman-apple who has a crashed22:27
knomethat is not ubiquity22:27
knomeubiquity is the part with the slideshow22:27
Nairwolfoh, it's what you see when you want to "install xubuntu", right ? 22:27
knomebranau, http://temp.knome.fi/xubuntu/wallpaper-contest/xubuntu-wallpaper-contest.tar.gz22:28
Nairwolfok, I see that ;)22:28
knomeNairwolf, i think in this case, where it reads "ubiquity" it should read "maybe-ubiquity"22:28
branauknome thanks, I'll plug it in and figure it out here in about an hour22:29
knomebranau, i believe this is "almost ready" as is; testing is totally welcome though22:29
knomebranau, and things like prompting the user if they really want to delete their submission could be good22:29
Nairwolfknome: I've clicked on "try xubuntu without installing", and I've a crash of blueman, would I need to report it ? 22:29
branauknome cool, I'll check it out and tweak anything that doesn't seem right. I'll post any changes to Launchpad22:30
knomeNairwolf, well at least it isn't totally wrong, so if you have the time, please do22:30
knomebranau, wfm (or you can just be in touch with me directly)22:30
knomei had something else in mind but the thought just vanished22:31
NairwolfThe title is "blueman-apple crashed with dbus.exception.DBusExcpetion in call_blocking():" can you give me some indication in order to report it correctly, please ? 22:31
NairwolfLearn me to do it once, I would be able to do it next times ;)22:31
knomeNairwolf, in terminal, run "ubuntu-bug blueman-applet" (if that is the right package name)22:31
knomemight be something else, but it will tell you22:31
branauknome wfm? I'm not familiar with the acronym22:31
knomebranau, "works for me"22:32
knomebranau, and now i remember it!22:32
branauAh, I'll do both!22:32
knomebranau, i have *only* essentially touched the plugin, so no need to do sql dumps and push the wp core22:32
Nairwolfknome: it launches apport (which was already opened in fact). 22:33
knomeNairwolf, right, then just proceed from there as it says22:33
knomehello Unit193 22:33
branauOh ok, nice. That's convenient22:33
NairwolfBut I have an error message "the problem cannot be reported: the report belongs to a package that is not installed". Whaaat ? 22:33
knomemmh... from the command i gave you, or even before that?22:33
Unit193I didn't say words. >_>22:34
NairwolfFrom the command you gave me22:34
NairwolfIn fact, I've already apport oppened22:34
Nairwolfwith all instructions22:34
knomeNairwolf, then dismiss that and continue with the apport window you had open22:34
knomeUnit193, so? you have been caught nonetheless.22:34
krytarikNairwolf: Notice that it's already linked here though: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/357/builds/113125/testcases22:34
knomekrytarik, thanks ;)22:34
knomeok, other stuff for a while ->22:35
Nairwolfindeed, thank you krytark22:35
Nairwolfwhen I check the box "send an error report to help fix this problem" what's happen in reality ? 22:35
NairwolfIs it linked to launchpad ? 22:35
krytarikTries to report it to LP, yes.22:36
Nairwolfyes, apparently, it's this bug report : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/blueman/+bug/153320622:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1533206 in blueman (Ubuntu) "Blueman-applet crash on login: DBusException in call_blocking(): org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.TimedOut: Failed to activate service 'org.bluez': timed out" [High,Confirmed]22:37
Nairwolfcan you tell me how I can get the traceback ? 22:39
Nairwolfin order to give it to launchpad, I don't know if it's useful or not22:39
krytarikNairwolf: No need to report a bug multiple times.22:42
NairwolfYou're sure ? 22:42
Nairwolfeven at iso.qa.ubuntu.com ? 22:42
krytarikYou just link there.22:42
Nairwolfsorry, I don't understand your sentence22:43
Nairwolfit's already linked in fact22:43
krytarikWhen you report your test result, you just link the bug report to it.22:44
krytarikBut no need to report the bug *itself* multiple times.22:45
Nairwolfok, even if someone has already reported the same bug ? 22:45
Nairwolfoh, too late...22:45
Nairwolfokay, I'm going to test "auto-resize" test22:49
Nairwolfthank you guys for helping me ;)23:03
krytarikSure - thank you!23:04
NairwolfI hope to become a good tester in few days ;)23:05
knomeNairwolf, just remember that testing isn't a competition in speed, usually quite the contrary23:13
NairwolfYes, you right, but if I'm able to do it regularly, and doing it well, that would be great ;)23:16
NairwolfIt's important to me to know how to report correctly a bug ;)23:16
NairwolfI'm not really familiar with the bugtracker of launchpad23:17
Nairwolfexcept the ubiquity bug, the daily iso seems really stable, right ? 23:17
krytarikNairwolf: http://docs.xubuntu.org/contributors/qa-bugs.html23:18
Nairwolfthank you ;)23:24
NairwolfLater, I would be interested to help in development, but I'm far from helping23:25
NairwolfI still need to improve my skills as a developer, and I need to know more xubuntu world (and xfce)23:26
knomethe contributor documentation at http://docs.xubuntu.org/contributors/ should help with pretty much anything you need to "get started"23:26
knome(realistically speaking, it doesn't, but if you find stuff that is missing, we'll gladly work to get it included)23:27
Nairwolfuseful document ;)23:27
Nairwolfok ;)23:27
Nairwolf that's enough testing for me tonight ;)23:28

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