linuxguyis there anyone here?00:04
linuxguyHi knome, I posted this a while ago any ideas to fix this problem? Hi all, how do I fix the floating "input not supported" message on latest xunbutu with an ATI card pls?01:08
knomeno, i have no idea.01:08
linuxguyknome ok no probs01:19
xubuntu593can i please asc something/?08:24
* xubuntu593 help08:25
flocculantjust ask it - if someone can help they will08:26
xubuntu593i have a medion wim 2180 laptop, i installed xubuntu and everything worked great exept for the 9300m dedicated gpu, from the three thermizer settings 200mhz 400mhz and 800 mhz it never throttles down to energy efficient mode or give it a moment to rest, its like the gpu stresses the whole day08:32
dkesselxubuntu593: you could try installing the restricted nvidia graphics drivers for your gpu. they should be available in the system settings.08:35
xubuntu593i tried that allready still remains the same08:35
xubuntu11under xubuntu 15.10 the gui frontend settings editor for xfconf let me set the refreshrate of my monitor - can i try this without harm on a modern laptop?11:45
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sherskI have a problem while reinstalling wily. I have dual boot (with win 8) using uefi.18:13
sherskWhen I run the installation program, it says I need to have a uefi boot partition.18:13
sherskThere is one partition, /boot/uefi, labeled "windows boot manager".18:14
sherskIs it incorrectly labeled? I have already used ubuntu and windows in dual boot for over a year. It is using grub as first boot loader.18:15
sherskInstalling from usb18:16
sherskThe installation program tells me I need a partition with at least 35 mb for the boot loader, but I can't see any other likely partition than the one marked "windows boot manager".18:20
sherskI don't want to get this wrong. A year and a half ago I installed Ubuntu in legacy mode by mistake, and it wiped out my windows.18:22
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sherskDoes anybody have any advice about what I described?19:15
dmfreyhaving a problem with intel graphics on a htpc running xubuntu 15.1019:34
dmfreyif you shut off the tv, connected on HDMI, and turn it back on, tv shows No Signal19:34
dmfreyany idea how to fix this?19:34
dmfreytried creating an intel conf in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/19:35
dmfreytried disabling DPMS19:35
dmfreyother settings as well, but nothing seems to keep this on when the tv is turned back on19:36
flocculantdmfrey: had exactly that issue myself - hang fire while I remember back a couple of weeks19:47
dmfreythanks flocculant19:49
flocculantdmfrey: ok so what I ended up doing with that issue is have a script with the code line from https://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=11107#c4819:51
ubottubugzilla.xfce.org bug 11107 in Xfsettingsd "xfsettingsd resets TV mode to NULL on power cycle" [Critical,Reopened]19:51
flocculantthough I did change sleep from 10 to 319:51
flocculantthen add the script to session startup19:51
flocculantworked for me - though I can't actually help with that as such now as I ended up using openelec19:52
dmfreycool, thank you, i will give this a shot19:52
flocculantnot for any other reason than the box is *just* reading nfs - didn't need all the whole xubuntu thing on it :)19:53
dmfreyi think this is kind of a temporary thing until i can get mythbuntu 16.04, which has the correct kernel for this box and most of this stuff already setup19:53
flocculantwell - hope it helps :)19:53
dmfreyi just built a rpi with the raspian jessie minimal image, if you are looking for something small19:54
dmfreyit is just for Bind9, DHCP and NTP19:54
dmfreysounds like a small box like that would serve you nicely19:54
flocculantdmfrey: I bought something already :)19:56
sherskJust to add, I managed to install it as planned. I don't understand why it warned about not having selected efi boot partition, as the installer found it later20:19
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