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esierraphi, is it possible lvm with cloud-init modules?09:45
esierrapor just with runcmd?09:46
esierrapcan you give a clue, please?09:51
minfrinHi all, ran into another problem while trying to initialise volumes.11:19
minfrinWhen I use cloud-init to try and format a block device provided by Azure, it fails as follows:11:19
minfrin2016-02-23 11:01:50,344 - util.py[WARNING]: Failed during filesystem operation11:19
minfrinFailed to exec of '['/sbin/mkfs.ext4', '/dev/sdc', '-L', 'data']':11:19
minfrinUnexpected error while running command.11:19
minfrinCommand: ['/sbin/mkfs.ext4', '/dev/sdc', '-L', 'data']11:19
minfrinExit code: 111:19
minfrinReason: -11:19
minfrinStdout: '/dev/sdc is entire device, not just one partition!\nProceed anyway? (y,n) '11:19
minfrinSeems that for this to work, the "-F" flag needs to be added. Is there a way to do this in cloud-init?11:19
minfrin(I'm not using a partition because this is impossible due to this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cloud-init/+bug/1523921)11:19
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