valorieoh, ffe question to sgclark, yofel and clivejo00:01
yofelshe did file one00:02
valorieand please check the text of that page https://community.kde.org/index.php?title=Plasma/InstallingNext and see that it is correct00:02
yofelI don't think there has been a release-team response yet00:02
sgclarkonly activity on my ffe is it was escalated to critical00:34
lordievaderGood morning.09:14
clivejoanyone experiencing display related problems in xenial? 11:47
mamarleyclivejo: What type of problems?11:56
clivejodisplay freezing for no reason11:57
mamarleyNope, I haven't seen any of that.  What GPU do you have?11:58
clivejoonly started recently11:59
clivejois there a new QT in the archive11:59
mamarleyI think there have been a few updates not too long ago to backport various patches since we can't have 5.6.12:00
clivejosomething was changed12:09
clivejosystem feels a bit sluggish too12:10
soeeclivejo: im on nvidia profile and all works pretty nice12:11
clivejoon xenial?12:11
soeesystem freezez only if i want to boot with hdmi cable connected12:11
soeeclivejo: yes12:11
soeebasically there are problems with connecting other device liek TV through hdmi12:12
clivejohave you updated recently?12:12
soeei am always on latest updates http://wstaw.org/m/2016/02/23/snapshot66.png12:14
clivejosame versions as mine12:15
soeeclivejo: are you ging to build new frameworks ?12:15
soeeif we are stuck with apps anyway12:16
clivejosoee: nope, Ive been asked to hold off12:16
soeewhy ?12:16
clivejotry to get apps finished12:16
clivejoFeature Freeze I believe12:16
soeeyofel: we can't put frameworks to staging ppa so they start building ?12:17
yofelif someone has nothing else to do right now, sure. Otherwise that's like bottom priority12:18
clivejoI have the sources built locally12:18
clivejoand was in the middle of a debian merge12:19
clivejothen I went to try and get libkolab fixed to try and fix PIM12:19
soeeyofel: o, thank you :)12:19
clivejobut its beyond my skills I think12:19
soeeclivejo: so if you find few minutes some day, you could upload frameworks :)12:20
yofelwe're at a point where we need to cut down stuff and get things done12:20
yofelif kolab is too complex, kick it out of pim12:20
yofelif people ask for it we can provide a ppa version12:20
clivejoI just dont understand it enough12:21
clivejobut Im trying to learn12:21
clivejoyofel: do you know what package provides KDE calendar support ?12:21
yofelmy first guess would be PIM12:22
soeei think it is like ~ 1 week till Plasma 5.6 beta :)12:22
clivejoKolab's OBS is using libcalendering, which apparently  is a "frankenstein" package of kdepimlibs for headless servers12:22
clivejosoee: Xenial is an LTS, we have to put effort into getting a good stable release12:23
soeeclivejo: i know and that is why i think it should use Plasma 5.6 but sadly we can't i think12:24
yofelright, not going to happen12:26
soeeyofel: can't we have some ppa that will be enabled by default for users, and put there important updates (like Plasma 5.6) so there is no need adding backports manually ?12:28
yofelno. No software in the archive may add PPAs (that's why ubuntu-tweak never got accepted)12:28
yofeland official flavors may not have PPAs enabled by default12:28
soeea lot of users have no idea that there is something like backports ppa with newer and probably more stable/with more bugfixes  packages12:29
yofelif they have no idea how to do basic package management, then they should not use backports12:29
yofelthat would require a completely different QA level for our backports12:29
BluesKajHowdy all13:10
blazeQt 5.6 will be released around 12-15 of March. Is there any chance for 5.6 to be packaged for xenial?13:32
yofelnot for the official release13:36
yofelsome PPA will have it eventually13:36
blazetoo bad, as it is lts Qt release it belongs to lts ubuntu14:03
sgclarksitter: seems you have a new epoch test. this is lovely except that we have a problem when we have an epoch and debian does not. AFAIK we cannot drop this epoch. Please see kdenlive as  an example. Thank you.15:06
sitterapparently my mail did not get moderated15:08
sittersgclark: https://mail.kde.org/pipermail/neon/2016-February/000031.html15:08
sgclarkyofel: sadly kolab is required for kdepim-runtime15:08
sittersgclark: in particular that kdenlive build is attempting to upload no epoch while previously it uploaded epoch 415:09
sitterthat requires human intervention15:09
yofelblaze: well, then they should've released Qt early enough so it can be used in the LTS. March is far too late15:09
sitterif the previous epoch was wrong then the ppas need to get cleaned accordingly and the workspace needs to get wiped15:09
sgclarkthe latest version has an epoch15:10
sitterah yes, it was no epoch to epoch 415:10
yofelsgclark: the latest version?15:10
yofelor is what we have enough?15:10
sitterso yeah15:10
sittersgclark: wipe workspace15:10
yofeland is it really hard required?15:10
sgclarkugh not enough coffee for two conversations.15:10
yofelI'm busy anyway, ping me when you have time15:11
sgclarksitter: kdenlive the only epoch diff I see is debian does not have one and we do, all ours have it , none of theirs.15:12
sgclarkyofel: kdepim-runtime will not build without the latest kolab15:12
sgclarknow he should be able to just remove libcalendaring from the deps and build without I would think15:12
sitterthe first time around I got it right15:13
sittersgclark: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/wily_stable_kdenlive/ws/packaging/debian/changelog/*view*/15:13
sitterthis has no epoch15:13
sgclarksitter: that was my mistake. but archive has epoch I had toadd it back15:14
sgclarkit will never publish >.<15:14
sitterthat's not what it complains about15:14
yofelthe changelog order is rather messed up..15:14
sitter"4 ->  "15:15
sitterit had an epoch of 415:15
sitterthe lastest build attempts to have no epoch15:15
yofelthe changelog without epoch shouldn't exist, and the other one should be at the top15:15
sitteri.e. that'd be an epoch downgrade15:15
sitterand that's why the build fails15:15
sittersee line 22 had an epoch. that's the last successful integration supposedly. line 1 doesn't have an epoch anymore.15:16
sgclarkoh. that does not at all match. I have made many commit since then.15:20
sittersgclark: in unstable15:22
sitterxenial_archive and stable are broken still15:22
sgclarkI am aware that I sccrewed up my changelog. I have fixed it though. god only knows where the hell my commits went15:22
sittermaybe you forgot to push? (:15:22
sgclarknotifying CI ...15:23
sgclarkgood grief, I need more coffee15:23
sgclarkugh I was working in unstable branch. 15:29
sgclarkor not. I no longer can push. permission denied.15:41
sgclarkcannot find source file?! dunno how to fix that..17:13
sgclarkanyway my mess with epoch is sorted, thanks for your help sitter17:14
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soeeLO 5.1 in updates20:04
lordievaderLibre Office.20:05
BluesKajI should dump libre -office , never had occasion to use it for anything20:11
sneleso when are plasma 5.5 and other updates expected to land to main repo?20:42
snelebtw I can confirm that installer bug is fixed (but lp bug report is not updated for weeks)20:43
ahoneybunany 16.04 dailies working?21:04
sneleahoneybun: todays daily works21:05
clivejosnele: do you know who fixed the installer?21:05
sneleclivejo: I don't know. Bug report isn't updated21:06
clivejosgclark: ping22:16
sgclarkclivejo: pong22:16
clivejohi :)22:16
clivejoso I been researching this libkolab package22:17
clivejoapparently libcalendaring is a hack to get it to install on a headless server22:17
clivejoand on client side it needs built against kdepim22:18
clivejoI think Ive got it to build successfully on KCI22:18
clivejocould you try using it in PIM in apps 15.12.1?22:19
sgclarkclivejo: can you copy the package to the ppa and rebuild kdepim-runtime? caught me at a bad time I am busy with other commitments.22:20
clivejoI copied libcalendaring, but found out since about it being a hack22:21
clivejowill do22:21
clivejojust copy the KCI build?22:21
sgclarkyeah that should work22:21
clivejook done22:22
clivejoIll delete libcalendaring while Im at it22:23
ahoneybunwow I'm get like 3-10 hour ETA for the Beta 1 download22:37
valoriewe have a beta one?22:38
valoriewe have no announcement.....22:38
clivejodidnt we opt out?22:38
valorieof the alphas we did22:40
ahoneybunI'm not waiting 17 hours lol22:40
valorieright, I know that we have images in the qatracker22:40
valoriebut since we're not done, ....22:41
ahoneybunright 22:41
valoriewhere are our packagers!22:41
ahoneybunI've just been out of the loop22:41
valoriewe're working our few to an early death22:41
valoriewe're trying to finish applications, and perhaps slide the latest frameworks in22:41
valorieif possible22:41
valorieas I understand it22:42
clivejovalorie: yofel rules that out earlier22:42
valorieclivejo it tearing his peace of mind apart trying to fix PIM22:42
valorieah, boo22:42
ahoneybunI'm tempted to install Kubuntu back on my laptop again22:43
yofelI didn't really opt-out of beta1 this time - it might be worth to at least get ubiquity tested22:43
ahoneybunI just don't know how the Ubuntu SDK will act22:43
yofelthough I doubt it makes sense to release it22:43
sgclarkwait what I have been working on pim22:43
sgclarkbut our ffe has not even been approved22:44
sgclarkso we have absolutely nothing new in beta22:44
valorieoooo, sorry sgclark22:44
clivejovalorie: I been trying to understand kolab stuff22:44
yofelvalorie: beta is candidate images btw. potential release is on friday IIRC22:44
clivejoPIM is beyond me22:44
valoriethey are both PIMish, right?22:44
clivejoits a very small part of PIM22:45
valorieah, got it22:45
sgclarkpim depends on kolab nothing more22:45
clivejobut something I use a lot22:45
sgclarkI don't recall kolab being such a pain, sorry clivejo :(22:45
valorieso perhaps beta2 will be useful for us and something we should work towards?22:45
clivejosgclark: did you remove the build dep on libkolab?22:46
valorieif our FFE is passed22:46
sgclarkclivejo: I did not22:46
clivejodo you happen to know if the build dep is on libkolab2 or libkolab-dev?22:47
clivejoneed to add that back in22:47
sgclarkI did not remove anything..22:47
clivejoI think debian must have removed it22:47
yofelhow did they remove it if it's required?22:48
sgclarkah, there is that possibility. you did that merge :) feel free to add it back in..22:48
sgclarkgood question yofel22:48
sgclarkyofel: did you have time to look at my note in ninjas pad?22:49
sgclarkerr notes22:49
yofelno sorry.22:49
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mparilloyofel: ahoneybun: As far as Beta goes, yesterday I grabbed a daily and successfully installed to a VM.23:19
mparilloSo, Ubiquity is no longer broken, though the bug I though was the root cause is not closed yet.23:20
mparilloAt least for me ;-)23:20
yofelwell, progress. There seem to be more bugs in ubiquity according to #ubuntu-quality23:20
mparilloOh, I do not mean there are zero bugs, just that it is no longer hopelessly broken.23:22
yofelright, thanks a lot for verifying that!23:22
mparilloI will grab another daily tomorrow morning.23:24
mparilloIn 18 hours or so.23:25
valoriethat will be so useful for our testers23:26
valoriewhen we're ready for them23:26

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