valorieBlueProtoman: what version of Kubuntu are you running?00:03
valoriethere is no PPA necessary for Qt 5.5.1 in 15.1000:05
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Bomber4ChatsSmh for kubuntu02:34
Bomber4ChatsIt's insane how I have to be very very careful not to each a point where the system will decide to lose my laptop screen configuration when I disconnect my external screen from the laptop and leave me in the dark.02:36
Bomber4ChatsThe only solution being to reset cache, KDE, etc.02:36
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Abe_hey my calendar is showing pictures? It never did that before ?06:08
Abe_how to turn it off? cool feature but i dont want it06:10
Abe_here to see what i ment06:10
hateballAbe_: what is it you want to turn off?06:11
hateballthe transparency?06:11
Abe_No my calender just shows pictures now06:11
Abe_It never did that before06:12
hateballah right.06:12
hateballAbe_: is this on plasma 5?06:12
Abe_No I'm using Plasma 406:12
Abe_I think it's called plasma06:12
hateballhmmm, how strange. I was thinking if it was something new that included weather or so06:13
hateballI can't find any settings for background or something here (kde 4.x)06:13
Abe_No it changes pictures all 5-10 seconds?06:13
Abe_I never turn this on it was just there06:13
Abe_I have also kde 4.x06:14
Abe_does yours do that?06:14
hateballAbe_: nope, mine is just plain black, running regular oxygen as theme06:15
hateballAbe_: does changing your theme change it?06:15
Abe_I didn't change my theme for a long time06:15
Abe_I try hold on06:16
hateballthis is what it looks like for me http://imgur.com/kRjgzYw06:16
Abe_changing the theme does not affect my calendar somehow06:17
Abe_but I know it wasn't there it was like yours06:18
hateballAbe_: what if you remove the calendar plasmoid and add it back?06:18
hateballI really have no idea why it would do that tho, there's no setting for a background in the first place06:19
FritigernLooks like it's transparent, showing the desktop background behind it06:20
hateballyeah, but then it wouldnt change the image06:21
hateballwell unless they rotate wallpaper every 5-10 sec :D06:21
Abe_No it's not the background image06:21
Abe_I don't even have those pics on my harddrive06:22
Abe_I dont see a backround setting either ? I mean it looks nice yeah but I would still like to turn it off06:23
hateballAbe_: did you try removing the plasmoid and adding it again?06:24
Abe_hold on06:24
Abe_its the digital clock right06:24
Abe_now its gone06:25
hateballhow very odd06:25
Abe_were did thos pics come from xD06:26
Abe_if it was a bug it was a funny one06:28
valorieem: after you move stuff where you want it, and remove the extra junk, you might click the "hamburger" icon ||| and lock06:38
valorieshould stop the shenanigans06:38
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lordievaderGood morning.09:14
r_riosHello, everyone. I've just updated my system from Kubuntu 12.04 to Kubuntu 14.04, but I'm not being able to enable the desktop effects. lsmod shows that fglrx is loaded. Any ideas?09:24
hateballr_rios: Can you run glxgears etc?09:31
hateballI don't dabble with AMD so I don't really know09:32
r_rioshateball: https://paste.kde.org/pntrp8nex09:35
hateballr_rios: Is this some hybrid gpu setup or something?09:36
r_riosWhen I try to open amdcccle, this is what I get: https://paste.kde.org/p7t3rejmf09:36
hateballr_rios: does it work if you use the... radeonsi driver is it?09:36
lordievaderSound like you need to recompile your fglrx driver.09:36
hateballYeah, I know really nothing about AMD09:36
lordievaderIt is probably still built against the old kernel.09:36
hateballthen the module wouldnt be loaded would it?09:37
hateballr_rios: what does "lspci -k" show?09:37
hateballfor your VGA device09:37
lordievaderTrue, but now it seems to be in a zombie state. Loaded but not really active.09:37
r_riosWhat's the difference between fglrx an fglrx-updates again?09:40
lordievaderOne could be newer.09:40
r_rioslordievader: So, I should dpkg-reconfigure fglrx-core, then?09:43
lordievaderErr, I'd purge it and reinstall the package.09:44
r_riosI tried to do that, except that I didn't purge09:45
r_riosI'll try it again, purging this time09:45
r_riosDone. Do I have to restart to find out if it worked?09:55
r_riosAny way I can check this without restarting?09:56
r_riosI can't restart right now09:56
lordievaderErr, not to my knowledge.09:57
hateballwell you'll need to load the new module and restart X at the very least09:58
lordievaderBut even the tty's use the module, so the kernel won't let you remove the module.09:59
r_riosIt worked, thanks :)10:02
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BluesKajHowdy all13:10
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AlterXkubuntu is as nice as terrible regarding installation and stability16:03
AlterXI would like to know who is taking care of this16:03
AlterXkubuntu 15.10 is not working on vmware16:04
AlterXon virtualbox is working...for a while16:04
AlterXthen everything magically disappear from the desktop16:04
AlterXinstalling on my asus g20aj, when you get it started and installed16:05
AlterXis never working anymore16:05
AlterX10.04 is giving error during the installation and is aborting16:05
AlterXso what is the meaning of this distro?!? just to use the live (when is working)16:05
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AlterXso is there a working kubuntu distro?!?!16:07
AlterXor as usual I have to use gentoo?16:07
soul_Haha AlterX16:16
soul_I know that feel16:16
soul_Sorry I can't help you with that AlterX.16:16
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marco-parilloI am running Kubuntu on VMware Player right now. Strange display problems *might* be the result of HW acceleration.16:51
marco-parilloBut, I never experienced that.16:51
Agonizer_Hi guys. i have and issue with kubuntu 15.10 and the ipv4 manually16:54
Agonizer_in graphical mode i cant set up the ip for a wired connection16:54
Agonizer_it keeping saying this:16:55
Agonizer_ipv4.addresses: this property cannot be empty for method=manual16:55
Agonizer_and never get the ip manually16:55
BluesKajAgonizer_, not using network-manager?17:02
Oderushey all, i realize this is a +1 issue likely but theres no kubuntu+1 channel so.. just wondering how to install context menu entries in dolphin. i've tried just clicking the install button, it installs, but does not function. probably wrong directory it installed to or something.. i tried a few other dir's, no dice. any ideas?17:51
geniiOderus: The #ubuntu+1 is for all next releases, including Kubuntu, not just the regular Ubuntu17:58
AlterXsome one18:01
AlterXknows why kubuntu doesn't start after installation?!?!18:01
kenazHello i need some help to instal de kubuntu of ubuntu from boot?18:02
AlterXwe have same problem here18:03
kenazit´s means without a existant windows18:03
AlterXfyou don't need windows18:03
AlterXjust boot usb stick or cd18:03
AlterXfrom bios18:03
AlterXand lunch live ubuntu18:03
AlterXthen select install and follow the instructions18:04
kenazbut when i try to instal from de usb the screem is in black18:04
AlterXbut pray that it will boot later on18:04
kenazi download the file from the website and i copy it in the usb18:04
AlterXput in the option acpi=off18:05
AlterXno you can't just copy the iso on usb18:05
AlterXyou have to create an image18:05
AlterXon it18:05
AlterXso there is not really an official support here18:23
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noaXessabout kubuntu backports.. how long does it normally take, that backports landing packages are going to backports?20:14
noaXessow... network going down...20:15
ubottuIf you want to help make Kubuntu even better, visit http://www.kubuntu.org/donate to see how. To help with funding, https://www.kde.org/community/donations/ instead.20:15
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gsedejKubuntu 15.10 needs minumum 8GB free space for install???20:48
gsedejI can't install on my 8GB usb20:48
gsedejthe "next" button is gray20:49
gsedej(kde partition tool actually says it's 7,38GB)20:50
soee_should not need that much20:50
gsedejis there a way to install "the kubuntu 15.10" on my 8GB usb?20:51
soee_BluesKaj: ^ any thoughts20:51
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent20:51
gsedejusing persistant live USB is not good with PPA20:52
soee_gsedej: the USB you are trying to use is empty ?20:52
gsedejI would like to test NEON20:52
gsedejI pre-made 2 partitions 1. EXT4 and 2.swap 400MB20:52
gsedejUbuntu has 4GB minimum space20:53
gsedejI deleted partitions, it still does not allow me20:54
bpromptgsedej:   you mean, ubuntu 9.10 has 4gbs minimum maybe, 14.04 takes up around 9.5gbs on a base install20:56
gsedejbprompt, hmm we are both wrong. Ubuntu 14.04.3 installer demands 6.6GB21:01
gsedejI am sure that fresh 14.04 installation needs less than 5GB21:02
gsedejanyway... the 8GB Kubuntu limit makes (real) installation on 8GB USB impossible21:03
gsedej16.04 xenial alpha does demand 8.6 GB21:07
gsedejwell... looks like I will need bigger usb21:08
bpromptgsedej:     I said that, after my 14.04 installation took that much, thus, and yes, it was around 9.2 or 9.1 gbs IIRC, it was not 6.621:16
BluesKajgsedej, there'sa no reason the kubuntu image won't install ona 8Gb usb stick , try dd21:16
gsedejBluesKaj, i don't want live usb, I want real installation for NEON21:16
BluesKajgsedej, dd will make the image bootable then you can install to the HDD from the installer or run it as live media OS21:18
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BluesKajanyway ...time to close up shop...later21:19
gsedejup to now, I could always make install on USB21:20
gsedej(using virtual box and raw disk (USB) access)21:20
gsedejok... things just got bigger and my 8GB is not big anymore21:20
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