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mupBug #1548601 changed: Machine attempted to boot on a non-existant image, but it didn't mark as failed <MAAS:New> <MAAS 1.10:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1548601>04:05
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mupBug #1548601 opened: Machine attempted to boot on a non-existant image, but it didn't mark as failed <MAAS:New> <MAAS 1.10:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1548601>04:11
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imranhCan anybody help me? I have a sever with 2 interfaces with MAAS running, eth0 is and is our main network, eth1 is On MAAS i have eth0 set to unmanaged and it just gets dhcp in /etc/network/interfaces, eth1 is statically assigned in that file and under MAAS it does dhcp and dns. I have 5 servers plugged into the switch that eth1 is also plugged into. I can PXE boot, the server will start doing it's t12:13
imranhthe network info it starts timing out grabbing "''"12:14
imranhI've imported the 14.04 LTS amd64 images in maas12:16
imranhgoogle leads me to https://bugs.launchpad.net/maas/+bug/1402861 but that doesn't really help12:17
imranhAm I better off asking this question elsewhere?12:21
Razvahi folks! in MAAS, if I go to Subnets, I see two fabrics: one for WAN and one for LAN (which I suppose it's ok). BUT when I go to Nodes and choose Subnets (from the left sidebar) I can see only the LAN IPs. isn't this wrong?12:36
imranhFixed my problem, i ran dpkg-reconfigure maas-cluster-controller and changed the address from to
Razvaimranh do you have any experience with setting MAAS?12:44
imranhRazva: none, sorry. I came on here tryng to setup my first cluster12:45
Razvahah, same here :))12:45
Razvado you see your public IPs in the Nodes -> Subnets (sidebar)?12:45
Razvabecause I can see only my LAN IPs, which is...weird12:46
imranhRazva: I've only just got node enlisting working in my enviroment, before abnout 2 minutes ago i couldn't get anything to enlist12:46
Razvaneed a hand?12:47
imranhRazva: Just got it going, need to go down to the server room to switch the machines on now12:47
Razvadon't. use PXE12:48
Razvaor at least you should :D12:48
imranhRazva: switch the machines on to pxe boot so they appear in the node list is waht i meant12:52
Razvaoh, ok. from my experience using KVM or iDRAC will be REALLY helpfull. I've installed Ubuntu about 25 times in order to have a fully functional MAAS + Juju + AutoPilot + OpenStack installation.13:23
Razvahere are my hints13:23
Razva1) DON'T use RAID. just use plain disks, without any kind of raid13:24
Razva2) rename your nics from em1 or eno1 or whatever to eth0 and eth113:24
Razva^^^ https://github.com/Razva/newbadmin/blob/master/device-management/nic-rename.sh13:24
Razva3) install BIND Cache on your MAAS server if you want to deploy OpenStack or use any kind of networking stuff, as Juju is VERY bad sometimes at DNS (for reasons I cannot explain!)13:25
imranhRazva: cheers :)13:27
imranhI'm just waiting for access to the server room now13:28
haasnimranh: You don't have IPMI? AMT? Even wake-on-lan?14:09
imranhhaasn: none of it is setup yet, fresh batch of servers14:10
imranhI don't even know the cpu model in them14:10
imranhAll I know is that each one has: 56 threads, 128GB ram, 2x 320 drives, 2x 10G fiber cards and 1x 1G port14:12
mupBug #1548396 changed: 1.9.0 node stuck in broken status <ui> <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1548396>14:21
imranhwoop just got the keys to the server room14:23
imranhtime to go set these servers up14:23
mupBug #1548396 opened: 1.9.0 node stuck in broken status <ui> <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1548396>14:24
haasnimranh: You don't have your workstation located in the server room yet?14:25
mupBug #1548396 changed: 1.9.0 node stuck in broken status <ui> <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1548396>14:30
imranhhaasn: If only it was a little bit more quieter14:30
imranhhaasn: Also the temperature difference a few steps can take is unbelieveable14:31
haasnThe noise is so monotonous that it's as good as silence, the upside being that it also drowns out any possible audio distractions14:31
imranhhaasn: :)14:33
haasn(Such as coworkers furiously yelling at you)14:45
imranhhmmm maas seems to think my servers are on when they are not...15:33
roaksoaximranh: wait for a minute or two till maas updates power states15:34
roaksoaximranh: maas doesn't do second by second power state update15:34
roaksoaximranh: otherwise your BMC may lock up15:34
imranhroaksoax: ok :)15:35
haasnIt's funny when you think about it. The handbook for my servers contains an entire section on what to do if the BMC locks itself up (in various ways)15:35
haasnHow are we, in 2016, programming work-arounds for BMCs locking themselves up?15:35
roaksoaxhaasn: that's due to the crappy BMC implementations out there!! You'd be surprised how bad sometimes they are :)15:36
haasnImagine if Linux had code to throttle its floating point computations on intel processors to avoid locking up the floating point chip15:36
haasnIt's just bizarre. How can these companies be _so_ bad at programming their devices?15:37
haasnI mean I get that in the case of our servers it's Sun/Oracle writing/maintaining it, and therefore it probably also runs on Java which explains 90% of that crap, but still15:37
roaksoaxhaasn: i guess the lack of rigorous testing against all the interfaces out there ?15:37
haasnroaksoax: But even their built-in web interface can lock itself up. You'd think they'd test at least that?15:38
haasnIt seems like a case of “well, if the user power cycles the machine it fixes itself so let's just ship it with a line of documentation alluding to that”15:39
roaksoaxhaasn: i'm sure they do! You'd imagine that these things, being so important, take more attention, but I guess that shipping so many different firwmare version with so many different systems, takes a toll15:39
haasn(They would probably be more stable if they figured out some way of getting BSD-like microkernel + a small existing httpd to run on them instead of writing their own NIH web server :p)15:40
haasnMaybe even faster15:41
imranhhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZeUntdObCA a great talk on BMCs15:53
nagyzroaksoax, is there a way to deploy currently a node with a bond0 interface without any network associated to it, but have VLAN interfaces on different networks?16:02
nagyzI don't seem to be able to click through this via the UI.16:02
imranhhmmm the openstack installer is currently telling me i have no machines enlisted with power control16:22
imranhNevermind, me being silly16:37
imranh[ERROR: 02-23 16:20:18, ev.py:130] Exception in ev.run(): Traceback (most recent call last):16:40
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bbaqar1Hey guys .. Any21:30
bbaqar1Anyone got this bug recently?21:30
roaksoaxbbaqar1: not really21:41
roaksoaxbbaqar1: what do you see exactly? VM's failing to enlist ?21:42
roaksoaxbbaqar1: do you have console logs to look ato? maas logs (regiond.log, clusterd.log)21:42
bbaqarWhich exact logs would you like to see. I can get them once I get access to the setup again.21:42
roaksoaxbbaqar: 1. console log of the machine trying to enlist 2. regiond.log 3. clusterd.log (the latter 2 around the time you were trying to enlist)21:43
bbaqarOkay got it. Will check them out.21:44
roaksoaxbbaqar: thanks!21:44
roaksoaxbbaqar: do share1, that will allow to see what may be wrong21:44
bbaqarWhere to get the console.log of the enlisting node?21:46
roaksoaxbbaqar: from the console of your enlisting node :21:46
roaksoaxbbaqar: we don't record that info21:46
bbaqaraah i get it. thats what I was confused about. Will get back to you soon.21:47
bbaqarroaksoax: Connecting a node to two subnets with both managing DHCP and DNS should not be a problem right?21:53
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roaksoaxbbaqar: that may indeed be the problem dependending on how dhcp is configuring them22:07
bbaqarroaksoax: I did disconnect all cables from the node apart from just one but still got the error. Where can I remove all node specific information from in maas? dhcp.leases?22:10
roaksoaxbbaqar: has the node been added to MAAS ?22:11
roaksoaxbbaqar: if the node is not added to MAAS then you don't need to worry about dhcpd.leases22:11
bbaqarBasically it fails with the following error: "failed to enlist system maas server 'compute.maas'" where compute.maas is the fqdn of a already added node22:11
bbaqarno it hasnt. the enlistment was never succesful.22:11
roaksoaxbbaqar: interesting! so what's happening is that the enlistment is doing a dig to try to find out the hostname22:12
roaksoaxif theres any22:12
roaksoaxbbaqar: and tries to enlist it22:12
roaksoaxbbaqar: do you have an external dhcp server ?22:13
roaksoaxDNS server ?22:13
bbaqarnot a dhcp serve.22:13
bbaqari can check if there is dns server running or not.22:13
bbaqarbut why does it get the wrong hostname22:14
bbaqari mean right at that time its a baremetal node so doesnt really have a hostname22:14
roaksoaxbbaqar: try this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15183875/ on /etc/maas/preseeds/enlist_userdata22:15
roaksoaxbbaqar: and try to re-enslit. That should fix your issue22:15
bbaqarOkay cool. so i have to remove those three lines.22:18
bbaqarGreat I ll try it out soon. Thanks a bunch.22:18

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