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nik90timp, How do I show the tab navigation drawer action in the leadingActionBar?09:44
nik90I couldn't find that in the UITK Gallery example09:45
timpnik90: if you have more actions than numberOfSlots, you automatically get an overflow10:16
timpnik90: so in case of the leadingActionBar, you get an overflow when you have more than 1 action in it10:16
chesedohello, i have a question about js scopes...10:19
davidcallechesedo: sure :)10:19
chesedois it possible to declare an object in a seperate file and then to import it?10:19
chesedothe object might be quite long as it will be used to handle data easier10:20
chesedo... so do not want it in the main file10:20
davidcallechesedo: sure, it's possible, you need to put your extra file in src/node_modules and do it this way: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3922994/share-variables-between-files-in-node-js10:24
davidcallechesedo: well, you don't "need" to, but it's cleanrer this way, all js imports are in the same place :)10:24
chesedook, let me try10:25
chesedogreat that worked. ty davidcalle10:31
davidcallechesedo: cool, yw10:31
nik90timp, in Podbird we have 4 tabs which we can access using the tab switcher button (3 lines). When I switch over to PageHeader, I didnt declare any leadingActions thereby hiding that tab switcher which is essentially for us.11:03
nik90timp, I tried leadingActionBar: navigationActions but that didnt work either11:04
nik90How do I show the tab switcher?11:04
timpnik90: oh, right, you don't get a list from the Tabs automatically any more. We don't have designs (yet?) for tabs working with convergence11:07
timpthe basic idea was for apps to use the AdaptivePageLayout, so they can support convergence11:08
nik90timp, while we can use AdaptivePageLayout, on the phone it shouldn't matter much..tabs should be tabs on phones, while on desktops we can show additional columns11:09
timpthat means, to get a list like the old tab overflow panel, you'd have to add actions to leadingActionBar like [ Action { onTriggered: apl.addPageToNextColumn(myTab } ]11:09
nik90so we do something like Dekko and create a custom sliding menu from where we can launch other pages?11:09
timpbetter support for a custom sliding menu like that should be added to the toolkit eventually, but we didn't start to work on that yet, and we don't have the requirements yet11:10
timpnik90: but yes, a sliding menu like that is an option. Adding a list of actions to the leadingActionBar would be less work though, I imagine11:11
nik90timp, I suppose adding a list of actions would be less work, but then it would show the overflow button (3 vertical dots) which might look out of place :/11:12
timpnik90: the leading action bar has this by default:11:19
timp        StyleHints {11:19
timp            overflowIconName: "navigation-menu"11:19
timp        }11:19
timpso it shows the "tabs" button11:19
timpif it doesn't, let me know because that is a bug11:20
nik90oh nice, will try it out.11:20
timpnik90: if there are any more questions, don't hesitate to ask :) I'll work on a blog post about the new header stuff and it is good to know which things are not obvious :)11:21
nik90timp, will do11:21
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nik90timp, anyway of making a generic list of actions and using that in different pages to avoid code duplication? I tried creating a ActionList with common actions, and then settings that to the leadingActionBar.actions but didnt work.12:48
ahayzennik90, can you not just have a property list<Action> myActions ? and set the myActions to .actions ? or are you wanting it as a component ?12:55
nik90ahayzen, I want to implement it as a component and push it into own file and use it in several places12:56
ahayzenhmm, i think we have been using states for that12:57
ahayzennik90, something like this? http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ahayzen/music-app/convergence-tabs-with-sidebar-01/view/head:/app/components/HeadState/PlaylistsHeadState.qml12:58
nik90ahayzen, ah ... but I am transitioning from PageHeadState to PageHeader :)12:58
ahayzensame :-)12:59
nik90ahayzen, turns out that the new PageHeader doesn't display the list of tabs anymore automatically12:59
ahayzennik90, note at the bottom of that the PropertyChanges12:59
ahayzenoh i had that as well12:59
ahayzenlet me find what i did...12:59
ahayzennik90, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ahayzen/music-app/convergence-tabs-with-sidebar-01/view/head:/app/components/MusicPage.qml#L4613:00
ahayzennik90, set the leadingActionBar.actions to a list of the tab actions13:00
ahayzencurrently that is a fixed list, but hopefully gonna improve that a bit13:01
nik90ahayzen, yup that's what I am trying to do, however I want to turn that list of tab actions into a component so that I can use it in other tab pages.13:01
nik90I could try instead creating a generic page component instead13:01
ahayzeni just put it in the main under the Tabs {}13:02
ahayzenthen i could access pretty much anywhere with tabs.tabActions13:02
nik90ah...think I will do that as well13:02
ahayzennik90, ^^ like that13:02
nik90ahayzen, yup that's it..perfect! thnx13:03
ahayzen\o/ no problem13:03
ahayzeni want to move all of the tabs and actions to be generated from a repeater eventually :-)13:03
nik90I/SDK Team don't know what will become of tabs in the convergent future...they don't have a design for it.13:04
nik90which is a tiny bit worrying considering there are so many apps out there using tabs13:04
ahayzenyeah, i had fun getting the tabs to work in our 'converged' scenario13:05
nik90ahayzen, so does switching tabs does the same thing in desktop mode in the music app with the only difference being the sidebar showing the now playing song and playlist?13:05
ahayzenand it displays on a 10" tablet13:06
ahayzenin landscape13:06
nik90ah ok...we were exploring this for podbird as well. but we have other work to get done before we can think of convergence13:06
ahayzen:-) if you look below the Tabs you can see how we've done the sidebar http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ahayzen/music-app/convergence-tabs-with-sidebar-01/view/head:/app/music-app.qml#L89113:07
ahayzennote this hasn't been reviewed yet, it was just created for demoing at MWC13:07
ahayzenbut it is looking much closer than previous attempts :-)13:08
ahayzenonly 1 or 2 issues left IIRC13:08
nik90looking forward to see MWC demoes of the music app :)13:08
ahayzenhah :-) or just push lp:~ahayzen/music-app/convergence-tabs-with-sidebar-01 to a tablet :-)13:09
ahayzenor tweak the wideAspect value so you can play with it on a mako like i do :')13:09
nik90I think music app and Dekko are the best forerunners of showing convergence of real-world desktop apps13:09
nik90well I don't own a tablet nor a desktop with 16.04 to try it out :P13:09
nik90this is why I need the god-sent desktop-kit to work ;)13:10
ahayzenyeah, same hence me having to develop on a mako :-)13:10
ahayzenbut i have a slimport adaptor so can play on a 'big screen' :-)13:10
timpnik90: hmm, why that doesn't work?13:10
nik90hmm I should get that too since I have a mako13:10
timpnik90: you can define the actions like Action { id: action1 }; Action { id: action2 }; and then define leadingActionBar.actions: [action1, action2]13:11
nik90timp, I want to have that Action { id: action1} and Action { id: action2} together in a separate file.13:11
nik90I tried it with http://paste.ubuntu.com/15179770/13:11
nik90on referencing TabsList{} or an instance of it, I got error that an object cannot be used in place of a list.13:12
ahayzencould you not do ... QtObject { property list<Action> actions: [ ... ] } ... MyObject { id: myObject } ... leadingActionBar.actions = myObject.actions ? or is that super hacky ;-)13:13
timpnik90: leadingActionBar.actions: TabsList.actions ?13:13
ahayzenor that :-)13:13
* nik90 tries13:14
timpin TabsList.qml you could even put the Actions as children of the ActionsList. It has:     default property alias children: list.actions13:14
nik90yup that works13:15
timpmaybe you want to add property int currentTab to the TabsList, and something like Action { id: add; visible: tabsList.currentTab != 2 }13:16
timpso you can hide the current tab from the tab list13:17
nik90yes :)13:24
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karnizsombi: hiya, question :) is it possible apl.removePages(apl.primaryPage) is async? if so, do I have quarantee pages will be removed, but not the one I push to the stack in the next line?16:04
karnizsombi: I either have a bug in QML (highly probable in this case), or a page that is added *after* that call, is also being removed16:04
dpmballoons, on your coreapps tests document, what does "Templates in place for all tests" refer to?17:13
balloonsdpm, I should move that over or remove it. I was originally tracking how the tests were laid out within the projects17:13
balloonsbut it's more or less an answered question -- if there's qml and autopilot and manual tests, then it has everything we want17:14
dpmballoons, ok, gotcha. I think one thing to address will be also the fact that unit tests are not run on build by default from what I see on column F17:15
balloonsyes, I was just noticing it no longer seems to be the case for anything. Not sure what changed, but I'm thinking of just forcing it on the jenkins side instead of relying on the cmake build17:15
balloonsso that way it can't be shut off as easily :-)17:16
dpmballoons, ok. Also I'm surprised to see that only 3 apps have manual tests. I thought we had gone through most of the core apps and wrote tests when we were prepping things up for Pilot17:20
balloonswe have them, they just aren't in the source tree17:20
balloonswe wrote and used 4 fully vetted testsuites in checkbox format17:20
balloonsI'm not sure what happened to the 4th one -- those are what is in the source tree. I'd like the other suites to get added in the same way I think17:21
dpmoh, if they're not in the source tree, where are they currently?17:22
balloonspopey would know more, and could answer better than I. However, they are in pads / wikis from what I remember in creating the original 417:24
balloonsvery similar to the other system apps. There manual tests are strewn about17:25
balloonsso it seems to me at least17:25
chesedofor a js scope, where should images (emblems) be stored and how will their uri be?17:29
MBachI'm have trouble to build my software because I rely on an "external" ppa17:44
MBachwhen I submit my package to launchpad17:44
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MBachwhat should I do to have my build successful?17:46
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branauHello everyone!18:47
branauI'd like to take up the task of creating a WhatsApp client for Ubuntu Touch, but I just wanted to check to see if there was a reason no one has done this already?18:49
branauI posted about it on the forums as well, because a team of people got it running for FirefoxOS: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=231465919:00
dobeybranau: main reason is that WhatsApp actively break third party clients, and ban users they catch using them19:36
dobeyalso, without support from the whatsapp server side, it will have pretty limited functionality on ubuntu phones19:37
faenilnot sure about the lack of functionality, but the terms of service are definitely an issue19:48
branaudobey, that makes sense, thanks19:59
branauMight be time to start boycotting whatsapp19:59
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ahoneybunahayzen, ever get the error: unable to assign AppHeader_QMLTYPE_28_QML_34 to AppHeader_QMLTYPE_8423:18
ahayzenahoneybun, don't think so, what you trying todo?23:18
ahoneybunseems to be related to a move from 1.2 to 1.3 components23:19
ahoneybunwith PageStacks23:19
ahayzenare all the imports updated to 1.3?23:20
ahoneybunnope, that worked23:20
ahoneybunlooks so much better with 1.3 over 1.223:21
ahoneybunwith the header alone23:21
ahoneybunwell then23:22
ahayzenahoneybun, does it tell you a line number and file where the issue was?23:22
ahoneybunahayzen, I fixed it after I checked all the version numbers23:22
ahayzenah :-)23:22
ahoneybunnow to look at mhall119's code how he uses pages in pages with PageStack23:23
ahayzen...pages in pages... ?23:23
ahoneybununder the Contribute page I want to have subpages of the different flavor23:23
ahoneybunif possible23:23
ahayzenlike sections ?23:23
ahoneybunthat might work better23:23
ahoneybunmake it flickable23:23
ahayzenlike what Contacts has "All" | "Favourites"23:24
ahoneybunon thouse23:24
ahoneybunI could never get those to work or figure them out23:24
ahoneybunor both23:24
ahayzenlet me find the docs23:24
ahayzenthey are super simple23:24
ahoneybunI saw them23:24
ahoneybunor from the reddit app23:25
ahayzen...once you know how :-)23:25
ahoneybunwell that appiles to a lot23:25
ahoneybunlike spelling23:25
ahoneybunI just got head.actions to work lol23:25
ahayzenahoneybun, look at the example here https://developer.ubuntu.com/api/apps/qml/sdk-15.04.1/Ubuntu.Components.PageHeadSections/#model-prop23:25
ahayzenahoneybun, then all you do is visible: page.head.sections.selectedIndex === thisIndex  on each of the items23:26
ahayzenyeah so if you have MyFirstItem { visible: page.head.sections.selectedIndex === 0 } MySecondItem { visible: page.head.sections.selectedIndex === 1 }23:27
ahayzenwill make MyFirstItem be shown when the first section is selected and the MySecondItem on the second23:28
ahoneybunyou said sections so I went here: https://developer.ubuntu.com/api/apps/qml/sdk-15.04.1/Ubuntu.Components.Sections/23:28
ahayzenyeah that as well :-)23:28
ahoneybunhow different are thouse?23:29
ahayzenthey are the same thing23:29
ahayzenjust the page.head.sections is already in the Page for you23:29
ahoneybunnow how do I add things to each?23:31
ahoneybunthere are move then 2-3 flavors though...23:34
ahoneybunthe docs recommend not using more then that23:34

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