flocculantseb128: just saw a gstreamer base upgrade. reset clementine to use pulseaudio, purged the gstreamer1.0-alsa package I had - restarted clementine - all works fine - can't check audio cd though - thanks for tracking that down fortnight ago :)07:50
seb128flocculant, yw!07:52
seb128& good morning desktopers ;-)07:53
happyaronseb128: will check that again07:54
happyaron( for ibus indicator support07:54
seb128hey happyaron, thanks07:54
seb128(getting some coffee, bbiab)07:56
jibelpitti, hi, you're looking at bug 1548524 ?08:35
ubot5bug 1548524 in upower (Ubuntu) "/usr/lib/upower/upowerd:11:g_variant_is_trusted:g_variant_builder_add_value:g_variant_valist_new:g_variant_new_va:g_variant_new" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154852408:35
=== Guest35152 is now known as fredp
pittibonjour jibel08:38
pittijibel: yes, I am; I just found the fix, I'm working on adding a test case08:38
=== fredp is now known as Guest92168
jibelpitti, sorry, I just noticed your comment on u-devel08:38
pittibonjour seb128 aussi !08:38
seb128salut jibel & pitti08:39
alexarnaudHello everybody!08:50
seb128woot, gtk+ migrated08:56
seb128thanks to whoever used their magic (pitti?)08:57
seb128salut alexarnaud08:57
seb128guten tag Sweet5hark08:57
pittiseb128: had to hint over LibO08:57
pittihey Sweet5hark08:57
seb128pitti, thanks in any case ;-)08:57
Sweet5harkseb128, pitti: heya. was scared yesterday when I found libreoffice autopkgtests still failed -- but then saw it was still the old 5.1.0~rc3 that was triggered by the new libreoffice-l10n only ...09:01
pittiSweet5hark: right, looks better for 1:5.1.0-0ubuntu1, thanks for fixing!09:01
pittiamd64 still running09:01
pittiour clouds are in a rather sorry state ATM, so the queue is awfully long/slow :(09:02
pittihey Laney09:02
pittiLaney: sorry for all the worker spam09:02
pittiI filed two RTs yesterday which should help a bit, but the networking flakiness is unnerving09:02
Laneyhey pitti!09:02
Laneyany idea what's going on?09:03
pittiLaney: for half of the failures, yes09:03
pittiLaney: the actual vs. accounted (in the database) resource usage is way off on lgw09:03
pittii. e. the db thinks I have 20 instances running when in reality there's only 5, so it hits the quota ceiling way too often09:04
pittiand there's some undeletable instances09:04
pittithat's the two RTs09:04
pittiabout the random "cannot assign network" I have no idea09:04
pittijibel: upower fix uploaded09:04
Laneyhm, why is glib skiptested?09:05
pittiI used syncpackage --no-lp so that I don't have to wait for the Debian accept/LP import round09:05
pittiLaney: LibO version mismatch, and I can't hint multiple versions of LibO09:05
pitti(that's something to fix in britney, but shoudln't block glib)09:06
pittithe other tests were fine09:06
Laneyah right09:06
Laneylooks like strongswan passed anyway09:07
Laneythat's what I tried to fix09:07
* Laney tries to remember how to run britney's hint tester09:12
Laneyubuntu-archive@snakefruit:/srv/ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration$ code/b2/britney.py -c code/b2/britney.conf --hint-tester --series xenial09:14
jibelpitti, thank you!09:20
Laneyit crashed09:21
tsdgeosanyone has an idea of why indicator-keyboard would not work at all under unity7 or how to debug it?09:22
* Sweet5hark tried to run a snappy build of libreoffice with -j32 on a VM with 16 cpus (host has 32 cores). Ended in a ice.09:27
Sweet5harkso much for that.09:27
seb128tsdgeos, define "not work"? does it not display? not follow changes done through keybindings? not actually change the layout when selecting one?09:30
tsdgeosseb128: changng it does nothing09:30
seb128tsdgeos, do you have any error in ~/.cache/upstart/indicator-keyboard.log?09:30
tsdgeosseb128: my current guess is becaue org.gnome.SettingsDaemon.Keyboard does not exist in my dbus session, can you confirm it does exist there09:30
tsdgeosseb128: nope09:30
seb128tsdgeos, yeah, that should exist09:31
seb128tsdgeos, $ gsettings get org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.keyboard active09:31
seb128there you go09:32
tsdgeosyeah but whyyyyyyyy09:32
tsdgeosyeah works now09:32
seb128did you play with unity-greeter test mode?09:32
tsdgeosmaybe :D09:32
seb128just a random guess, but that desactivate plugins that we don't want/use in the greeter09:32
seb128including keybindings09:32
seb128you don't want to be able to start a browser there09:33
tsdgeosi don't know exactly wht you mean09:33
tsdgeosi did some unity-greeter development years ago09:33
seb128k, maybe not that09:33
tsdgeosso maybe that happened and since i've never wanted to change the keymap09:33
seb128but unity-greeter disables those plugins09:33
tsdgeosnever noticed09:33
seb128if you start it in your user session/with your user it disables them there09:33
seb128could be it09:34
tsdgeosthanks a lot man09:34
tsdgeosi was trying to figure out how to list the active plugins09:34
Drac0666 Got problem when i press shutdown it close menu bar but apps are still open and computer doesnt wont to shutdown, why? (Ubuntu mate)09:34
seb128you did most of the work by figuring out the dbus service was not there09:34
tsdgeosbut that would have taken more time than you telling me how to do it :D09:34
tsdgeosbe back later, need to do some keymap testing in unity8 user09:35
Drac0666Got problem when i press shutdown it close menu bar but apps are still open and computer doesnt wont to shutdown, why? Here is my log from syslog http://pastebin.com/aduMpS1t09:49
Laneyhey seb12810:14
davmor2pitti: bug 1547793 would that of got into the latest iso image by any chance? only says committed10:14
ubot5bug 1547793 in Upower "upowerd crashed with SIGSEGV in g_variant_is_trusted()" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154779310:14
seb128hey Laney (sorry, forgot to say hi earlier, I didn't ignore you on purpose!), how are you?10:15
seb128davmor2, https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/upower10:15
seb128it's still in proposed10:15
LaneyI guessed you were in dlna hell10:15
* Laney is good10:15
Laneylooking sunny!10:15
seb128yeah, got it fixed after all, thanks for #gupnp guys who helped me10:15
seb128it's sunny here as well10:16
seb128so good start of day :-)10:16
davmor2seb128: ah awesome thanks10:16
Laneywas it already fixed?10:17
seb128yes :-/10:17
seb128I had just no idea about the elements of that stack10:17
Laneyat least you arrived at the right place10:17
seb128took me a lot of pocking starting from grilo10:17
Laneywell done for looking at it10:17
seb128to dleyna-server10:17
seb128to gupnp stuff10:17
seb128thanks :-)10:17
seb128well, at least I synced the new version with the fix10:18
LaneyI had it on my list but don't know when I would have actually looked10:18
seb128and I learnt a bit about that stack now10:18
seb128so not all wasted10:18
Laney☑ learned all about service discovery10:18
Laneyone for the CV ;-)10:18
seb128I'm doing some easy updates now10:19
seb128pidgin atm10:19
seb128then back at report some bugs upstream for gnome-software10:20
seb128what are you working on today?10:20
Laneyevolution 3.18.510:20
seb128ah, good!10:20
Laneyjust hinted gstreamer, that needed a manual one, went in now10:20
seb128did debian changed their toolchain?10:21
pittidavmor2: yes, I think this counts as release-critical, and we'll most certainly respin due to that10:21
seb128I'm curious to know why the Bsymbolic-function started being an issue for them10:21
pittidavmor2: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html#upower10:21
seb128if they did they are going to have similar issues in some other places, we had to add that hack to some other components using plugins iirc (totem maybe?)10:22
davmor2pitti: yeah it is that's why I asked, it blocks xenial testing on hardware10:22
seb128or did you just "upstream" our Ubuntu change to them?10:22
LaneyI just put it in there10:22
Laneyif it always breaks to have it then you can have it there10:22
Laneyevolution already had it10:24
LaneyI probably put that there too :P10:24
davmor2pitti: should I be worried by the regression for s390x on that?10:52
pittidavmor2: no, that already gets ignored10:52
Sweet5hark1Laney: whoopsie?11:08
Laneyinside a container11:09
Laneycan't find it anywhere11:09
desrtsaluton, kunlaborantoj12:13
pittidesrt: guten Morgen, Genosse!12:19
desrti like this word :)12:23
pittidesrt: it's very ☭12:24
Laneyhey desrt!12:24
desrti picked that up from the translation :)12:24
desrtkunlaborantoj simply means 'people i work together with'12:25
Laneypitti: I've been watching deutschland 8312:25
desrtLaney: moin :)12:25
Laneylots of genosse there12:25
pittiwell, it's also being used by the social-democratic party, so not *that* ☭12:25
desrti think we need a word like this in english... we're sorely lacking one12:25
pitti"comrade" is close, but it doesn't have the same ring to it12:25
desrti mean one that's less communistic :)12:31
desrtmaybe i meant to say "we need a word like this in english that would be reasonable to use in modern-day canada" :)12:31
desrt"citizen" is another possibility, but it's even more weird12:31
pittiseb128: do you know about the geoclue-providers split in Ubuntu? Debian doesn't have that, our's was split off geoclue13:00
pittiand it's FTBFS13:00
seb128pitti, I don't but the changelog has13:01
seb128    - Split the gypsy, gpsd, and gsmloc providers out into13:01
seb128      a separate source package to simplify the geoclue13:01
seb128      MIR reducing the number of build depends.13:01
pittigeoclue-gpsd doesn't even have reverse dependencies, just geoclue-gypsy has one (cordova-ubuntu-2.8)13:01
pittiwell, geoclue itself is in main too (and has Ubuntu changes)13:01
pittiooh, I see -- geoclue-providers is in universe13:01
seb128my understanding is that those providers were split out to avoid having to add those build-depends to geoclue itself13:01
pittiit needs porting to current libgps22, or we disable that binary package entirely (no rdepends)13:02
seb128I guess it's a split off geoclue13:02
seb128so just need to be redone on the current version13:02
seb128but I've no idea if those providers are used and by who, maybe it's fine to just drop it13:03
seb128we can drop it and if somebody misses it they can work on getting the package back13:03
pittiseb128: is cordova-ubuntu-2.8 something we care about?13:03
seb128I don't know, but Ken probably have a better idea, let's wait for him to be online13:04
pittithat has no reverse depends13:04
seb128I though they cared for touch13:04
seb128but I'm unsure13:04
pittiso in the simplest case we could just remove cordova-ubuntu and geoclue-providers (but I don't want to do that without confirmation)13:05
pittihttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cordova-ubuntu/+changelog looks quite dead13:05
seb128there is a MIR for it from dbarth but from 201313:06
seb128I've asked on #ubuntu-touch since dbarth is there13:09
seb128Laney, "    + Disable libcryptui support, this is in Universe." ... evolution is in universe as well now, so that can be re-enabled next time ;-)13:23
seb128(unsure what it provides exactly, but no reason to do without it)13:23
LaneyI thought about syncing it13:25
seb128that can probably be done13:26
seb128    + debian/control:13:26
seb128      - let libevolution depends on evolution-common, it uses the gsettings13:26
seb128        schemas distributed there (lp: #1506430)13:26
ubot5Launchpad bug 1506430 in evolution (Ubuntu) "/usr/lib/evolution/evolution-alarm-notify:5:g_settings_set_property:object_set_property:g_object_new_internal:g_object_new_valist:g_object_new" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/150643013:26
seb128should be commited to Debian though13:26
seb128unsure about the gsettings-override13:26
seb128we could add that to ubuntu-settings but iirc overrides for non installed schemas trigger warnings so it's a bit annoying13:27
seb128(or is that for missing keys?)13:27
Laneythink it's ok13:31
Laneyfeel free to do that if you want13:31
seb128no today, but maybe next time I touch it13:31
LaneyI didn't notice it was demoted yet, was expecting bugmail13:31
* Laney closes that one now13:31
seb128bugmail about the demotion?13:31
Laneyye, I assigned you one to remind ;-)13:32
seb128sorry, I demoted most of what looked desktopish and was on component mismatch marked for demotion13:32
seb128but I didn't check open bugs :-/13:32
seb128webkit is to universe as well btw \o/13:32
seb128I wonder why I didn't get an email filtered in my assigned box about evo13:33
Laneyit was about webkit13:33
Laneyoh well13:33
seb128oh, right13:33
seb128sorry about that13:33
seb128anyway it's all demoted ;-)13:34
seb128we demoted quite a lot13:35
seb128evo, webkit, telepathy stack13:35
* Laney misses IMing13:37
alexarnaudTheMuso: hoy14:30
alexarnaudI've meybe noticed orca failure in Ubuntu 16.04 version14:30
alexarnaudDo you know about it ?14:31
alexarnaudOn my computer Orca close after less than a minute14:31
seb128alexarnaud, I don't use it so I didn't notice and there seems to be no report about the issue ... does it exit with an error/segfault?14:33
seb128let me try here14:33
alexarnaudseb128: the error msg is : "** (orca:): WARNING **: AT-SPI: Error in GetItems, sender=org.freedesktop.DBus, error=The name :1.25 was not provided by any .service files"14:34
alexarnaudI use Mate and Compiz and I've updated my Ubuntu 1 hour ago14:34
seb128alexarnaud, it fact it could be bug #154129214:35
ubot5bug 1541292 in gnome-orca (Ubuntu) "orca crashed with signal 5 in _atspi_bus()" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154129214:35
seb128alexarnaud, do you do anything special with it?14:36
alexarnaudseb128: nothing special or different from my current usage14:37
alexarnaudubot5: it seems that it's not exactly the same issue. I do it after login screen, I checked "login automatically"14:37
ubot5alexarnaud: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:37
seb128alexarnaud, do you have the screen reader enabled/do you use it?14:37
alexarnaudseb128: I enabled it but after lass than a minute it turn off automatically because of the bug14:38
alexarnaudseb128: are you able to reproduce it on your computer ?14:39
seb128I've it enabled for 3 minutes now without issue14:39
alexarnaudif not, I need to give you exactly what I do and doing more investigation14:39
seb128it's a bit annoying, it reads every char I type on IRC :p14:39
alexarnaudseb128: let me one minute to give you the exact step to reproduce14:39
seb128alexarnaud, ok, I stop it because it's becoming annoying after a while, but it works fine here as far as I can tell14:43
alexarnaudseb128: so I don't unserstand exactly what's spend on my machine14:46
alexarnaudseb128: I'll retry later14:46
seb128k, let me know how it works14:48
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* desrt tingles15:30
desrthi seb :D15:30
desrtno willcooke this week.  i wonder what will happen!15:30
seb128me too15:30
seb128Roll call: andyrock, attente, desrt,  dgadomski, fjkong, happyaron, hikiko, laney, qengho, sweet5hark, themuso (out), tkamppeter, trevinho, robert_ancell (out)15:30
meetingologyMeeting started Tue Feb 23 15:30:54 2016 UTC.  The chair is desrt. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.15:30
meetingologyAvailable commands: action commands idea info link nick15:30
desrt#chair seb12815:30
meetingologyCurrent chairs: desrt seb12815:30
desrthi!  o/15:31
seb128hey :-)15:31
Laneyi mean hi15:31
desrtLaney: tmi.15:31
Laneyinformation wants to be free15:31
seb128I hope everybody is doing well15:31
seb128let's get started15:32
seb128#topic andyrock15:32
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: andyrock
seb128andyrock, hey15:32
andyrockhey I've been working on g-s integration15:32
andyrockmanaged to propose a branch15:32
andyrocki'm fixing it after the review15:32
andyrocktrying to do it before the end of day so Marco can add it to next landing15:33
seb128how easy is it to fix?15:33
seb128k, that's where I'm going to15:33
andyrockshould be easy but g-s stopped working again15:33
seb128beta1 is on thursday15:33
andyrockit just shows up installed applications15:33
andyrockand this makes it tricky to test some corner cases15:33
seb128let's maybe try to debug that after the meeting15:33
seb128test is the command line appsearch thing works15:34
andyrocki'm sure i'll fix it by the end of the meeting :é15:34
andyrockI already did now right now15:34
seb128anything else andyrock?15:34
andyrocki should be able to send a new mp in one hour so15:34
andyrockI just need to ask robert to merge my patch to g-s15:35
seb128he did I think?15:35
seb128  * debian/patches/apt-plugin.patch:15:35
seb128    - Integrate with Unity launcher (LP: #1547676)15:35
ubot5Launchpad bug 1547676 in unity (Ubuntu) "GNOME Software Unity launcher integration" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154767615:35
andyrockeven better15:36
seb128thanks andyrock!15:36
seb128#topic attente15:36
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: attente
seb128attente, hey15:36
attentegtk menus ruining my life, we're fighting on how we want the final public-facing api to look: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=75657915:36
ubot5Gnome bug 756579 in Widget: GtkMenu "GTK should let GDK position menus" [Critical,Needinfo]15:36
attentetrying to track down a crash in gnome-software ubuntu one authentication, also fixing it to store the u1 credentials properly across sessions15:36
seb128I hope you get over that one soon and go back to a better life!15:37
desrthe exagerates :)15:37
seb128good then :-)15:37
seb128thanks attente!15:37
seb128#topic desrt15:37
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: desrt
seb128desrt, you are next ;-)15:37
desrtbeen working somewhat closer with attente lately, doing coworking 2-3 times a week now... that's working out pretty nice15:38
desrtbeen looking over the gtkmenu api stuff as a result of that15:38
desrtalso doing normal glib bugs stuff... including a fairly serious one from yesterday about gvariant parser crashing on bad input in certain cases15:38
seb128coworking is cool, I wish I had somebody from the team at coworking distance!15:38
desrtit may be worth vendorpatching that until we get a release out15:38
desrtsince (e.g.) "dconf write /x %i" will crash15:39
desrttoday looking at some old inotify crashers15:39
attentecome to toronto :P15:39
seb128thanks desrt!15:39
seb128that's an idea :-)15:39
seb128I let Laney decide about the backport15:39
desrtyou can crash here if you like15:39
seb128I didn't see any report about the segfault (or that I know being due to it), so I think we are ok waiting for the next tarball15:40
seb128but let's see15:40
seb128thanks desrt15:40
* desrt offers good crepes15:40
seb128ok, let's keep moving15:40
seb128#topic dgadomski15:40
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: dgadomski
seb128Dariusz is at a sprint he emailed me his summary15:40
seb128* investigated potential regression to bug #1337873 posted as a comment - could not reproduce, asked for more info15:40
seb128* backported a fix to bug #1545302 and prepared debdiffs15:40
seb128* gave feedback to patch to bug #154536315:40
seb128* debugged an openchrome driver bug, reported upstream https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=9421015:40
ubot5bug 1337873 in ifupdown (Debian) "ifupdown initialization problems caused by race condition" [Unknown,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133787315:40
seb128* backported fix to bug #1309428 to Trusty and Wily15:40
ubot5bug 1545302 in wpa (Ubuntu) "wpa-roam broken by fix for ifupdown #1337873" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154530215:40
ubot5bug 1545363 in wpa (Ubuntu) "wpa-roam does not support logical "master" interfaces" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154536315:41
ubot5Freedesktop bug 94210 in Driver/openchrome "Unknown Card-Ids (7122|1458|D000), Chipset: VX900" [Normal,New]15:41
ubot5bug 1309428 in gtimelog (Ubuntu Wily) "Wrong icon path in desktop file" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/130942815:41
seb128thanks dgadomski! :-)15:41
seb128#topic fjkong15:41
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: fjkong
seb128FJKong, hey15:41
seb128no FJKong?15:43
seb128ok, next then...15:43
seb128#topic happyaron15:43
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: happyaron
seb128he emailed be his update15:43
seb1281. Fixed the VM for sogou (again15:44
seb1282. Make sogou arm64 packages build on Launchpad15:44
seb1283. Fixed wrong runtime libopencc.so detection and related crash15:44
seb1284. More on the fonts-noto-cjk and fonts-droid-fallback transition15:44
seb128#topic hikiko15:44
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: hikiko
seb128she emailed me her update as well (be ready it's a bit verbose)15:44
seb128I am working on 3 gtk windows problems:15:44
seb1281- I'm trying to fix the gtk window alpha problems in compiz (the alpha15:44
seb128blending and some other texture-related parts are buggy and we see black15:44
seb128dots around the gtk windows instead of the background - the regions15:44
seb128should be transparent and they are not)15:44
seb1282- I'm adding shadows for the windows that don't provide the shape15:44
seb128information but have alpha on unity decorations code (this way, the15:44
seb128shadows of non-shaped windows with alpha and rounded corners will be15:44
seb128round too - now they appear rectangular because the old code is used)15:44
seb1283- (optional:) I think that at the end we should add the shape15:44
seb128information gtk side. Without that information compiz and every other15:44
seb128window manager will consider the transparent (alpha) regions, parts of15:44
seb128the window. So, if a window has a transparent frame around the15:44
seb128decoration, the user won't see it but he'll be able to use it to15:44
seb128drag/move/resize the window, which is a bit weird: a user might think he15:44
seb128clicks on the background but his click is received by a window with15:44
seb128transparent parts...15:44
seb128 15:45
seb128that decoration thing is feeling like it's never ending15:45
desrtseb128: let's talk about some of this stuff after the meeting15:46
seb128yeah, I was going to suggest that15:46
seb128#topic Laney15:46
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: Laney
seb128Laney, howdy15:46
Laney• new gstreamer stack15:46
Laney• new evolution stack + upstreaming some packaging stuff to debian + forwarding some upstream upstream15:46
Laney• new glib, testfix for strongswan to make this migrate15:46
Laney• Upload the rest of the webkit ports, some to Debian too where appropriate, unblock that, it migrated15:46
Laney• some appstream fixes with ximion (thanks)15:46
Laney∘ find icons with '.' in15:46
Laney∘ find Universe icons15:46
Laney∘ don't make apt error when run as non root15:46
Laney• patch pilot(?)15:46
seb128is that like you did it but felt like you didn't do it at the same time? ;-)15:47
LaneyI forgot if it was this week15:48
seb128oh ok15:48
Laneythink it was?!?!?!?!15:48
* Laney goes crazy15:48
seb128e-d-s suggests it was15:48
seb128thanks Laney!15:48
seb128#topic qengho15:49
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: qengho
seb128qengho, hey15:49
Laneysounding like I broke the release upgrader too15:49
Laneygood times15:49
qengho- snaps of Google Chrome and chromium.15:49
qengho- ZFS ready for 16.0415:49
seb128did you manage to get the snaps working?15:49
seb128or is snappy/snapcraft not up to such packages yet?15:49
qenghoI am still trying. I had to make a new plugin for the downoad/gyp/ninja stages.15:50
qenghoI think snap is up to it.15:50
qenghonew snapcraft is better.15:50
seb128thanks qengho!15:51
seb128#topic robert_ancell15:51
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: robert_ancell
seb128- At snappy sprint15:51
seb128- GNOME Software work15:51
seb128#topic Sweet5hark15:51
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-desktop to: Sweet5hark
seb128Sweet5hark, are you back (he emailed me saying he had to go for some errants and might not be back on time)15:51
seb128seems he's not, so here we go15:52
seb128- bugs 1483914, 1524838, 1389936, 95834515:52
seb128- dont autodeploy libreoffice-gtk315:52
seb128- getting set up with Snapcraft2/xenial15:52
seb128- lots and lots of snapcraft builds15:52
ubot5bug 1483914 in libreoffice (Ubuntu) "libreoffice-style-elementary as alternate to libreoffice-style-human" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/148391415:52
ubot5bug 1524838 in Inkscape "Can't build Inkscape with GCC 6 using c++14" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/152483815:52
ubot5bug 958345 in ttf-indic-fonts (Ubuntu Xenial) "ttf-indic-fonts packages are outdated should be removed" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95834515:52
ubot5bug 1389936 in libreoffice (Ubuntu) "LibreOffice has no support for Google Drive" [Wishlist,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/138993615:52
seb128new libreoffice in xenial, well done ;-)15:52
seb128#topic TheMuso15:52
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seb128I didn't get a summary from Luke...15:53
seb128#topic tkamppeter15:53
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seb128tkamppeter, hey15:53
tkamppeter- Feature Freeze of Xenial15:53
tkamppeter  o Gutenprint 5.2.11 final15:53
tkamppeter- Preparations for the OpenPrinting Summit 201615:53
tkamppeter  o Set up agenda15:53
tkamppeter  o Sent out first invitations15:53
tkamppeter- Google Summer of Code 201615:53
tkamppeter  o Submitted application for the Linux Foundation as mentoring organization15:53
tkamppeter- OpenPrinting web server15:53
tkamppeter  o Provide foomatic-db upstream tarball as .xz: 45 MB -> 4 MB15:53
tkamppeter  o Fixed cron job for daily snapshots15:53
tkamppeter  o Updated auto-downloadable packages of manufacturer-supplied PPD files15:53
tkamppeter- Bugs.15:53
seb128tkamppeter, thanks!15:54
seb128seems like .xz is quite a win ;-)15:54
seb128#topic Trevinho15:54
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seb128Trevinho, hey15:54
Trevinho· Done migration script for u-s-c desktop file to g-s15:54
Trevinho· Reviewed (and fixed) a libdbusmenu contribution15:54
Trevinho· Some dash positioning fixes15:54
Trevinho· Dash and scrollbars theming fixes (including some refactoring)15:54
Trevinho· Prepared new unity landing for SC icons updates (waiting a little for the final ok to see if we can include also andyrock changes)15:54
Trevinho· Review and improvements to the hikiko shadows branch15:54
Trevinho· Working to get gtk headerbars playing nice with us.15:54
tkamppeterseb128, especially for this kind of data, only XML and PPDs, no code, a lot of repeating structures.15:55
seb128Trevinho, grazie!15:56
seb128#topic seb12815:56
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Trevinhoseb128: de rien..15:56
seb128• software-properties "ask confirmation to enable proposed" changes15:56
seb128• changed gedit to not use csd under Unity15:56
seb128• tested a gdb patch for python/i386/xenial issues, works!15:56
seb128• backported a nautilus patch for a dnd segfault15:56
seb128• fixed libdmapsharing segfaulting and taking rhythmbox down15:56
seb128• investigated some other rhythmbox issues15:56
seb128• looked at GTKAssistant padding issues15:56
seb128• debugged dleyna issues15:56
seb128• some sponsoring (libreoffice) and some small updates (geocode-glib, graphite, pidgin)15:56
seb128#topic aob15:57
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seb128seems not?15:58
seb128ok, let's wrap then!15:58
seb128thanks everyone15:58
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meetingologyMeeting ended Tue Feb 23 15:58:25 2016 UTC.15:58
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Laneyvery efficient15:58
seb128Trevinho, desrt, hikiko(?), so any idea how we get out of that decoration thing, I though we would try the approach hikiko suggested after London for a few weeks and fallback to the hack larsu/desrt suggested if that was not working, should we have pulled back a while ago?16:00
Trevinhoseb128: I think the way desrt/lars suggested at this point is the quickest we can implement... Unity side was already done during the sprint....16:01
desrtso you need some property set in gtk land?16:01
Trevinhoseb128: the only missing part was the gtk side, where we need to export on gdk windows their border radious... Which is somethging I wasn't able to figure out16:01
Trevinhodesrt: yes16:01
Trevinhoat the time, I wasn't...16:01
desrtTrevinho: do you have docs somewhere?16:01
Trevinhodesrt: docs of what?16:02
Trevinhodesrt: of the impelmentation we want?16:02
desrtwell, presumably you added support for gtk setting some property to cause compiz to behave differently, right?16:03
desrtjust wondering if this is doc'd somewhere16:03
attentedoesn't gtk set a property on the x window for the shadow border?16:03
desrtattente: the frame extents?16:03
attentedesrt: yeah, _GTK_FRAME_EXTENTS16:04
desrtthe way this works in upstream gtk is that gtk itself draws the shadow and tells the WM (via property) how wide the "shadow part" of the window is, so the WM can make adjustments accordingly16:04
desrtit turns out that compiz is not flexible enough to deal with this approach16:04
Trevinhodesrt: no I didn't change anything in GTK yet... What I would exect is that in unity a gtk window with custom headerbar would define: _UNITY_GTK_BORDER_RADIUS cardinal property, mentioning the radious of the 4 corners16:04
desrtso instead of rewriting large parts of compiz we decided to try to find another solution whereby compiz can draw the shadow for us -- but for that to work, it needs to know how much of the window is opaque16:05
desrtwhich is "not all of it" because we still want gtk to draw the headerbar, and it draws it with rounded corners16:05
desrtTrevinho: right.  this is what we discussed.16:05
desrtiirc the correct answer there is (7, 7, 0, 0)16:05
desrtbut you need us to set it...16:05
Trevinhodesrt: so. Unity side of this is fine...16:05
Trevinhodesrt: but, well, we need to get that value from css...16:06
TrevinhoAnd last time I tried, I wasn't able  to16:06
seb128Sweet5hark, (wb)16:06
desrtTrevinho: last i looked into this, it was not difficult16:06
desrtalso: all themes always use 7.  it's universal :)16:06
TrevinhoI was thinking the same...16:06
TrevinhoEHhe, yeah, let's assume that :-D16:06
desrtyou still need gtk to tell you when it is doing a headerbar16:06
Trevinhodesrt: I'd assume that when there's that property, an headerbar is there16:07
desrtand ideally, we would like to imagine that it is possible to do a theme with a non-7 radius16:07
desrtTrevinho: right... i'm saying that no matter what we will still need gtk changes16:07
TrevinhoThe hikiko approach would be probably better, but I think it's harder considering how gtk-css is done. And that it's almost impossible to figure out the alpha areas16:08
desrtcan you advertise that atom as a wm feature?16:08
desrtiirc the hikiko approach didn't rely on knowing the areas16:08
Trevinhodesrt: yes.. I also did that I thunk16:08
* Trevinho checks16:08
desrtit just treated the entire window as potentially-alpha and used a shader program to operate on the actual content16:08
desrthikiko: ?16:08
Trevinhodesrt: yeah, we export that atom as supported...16:08
Trevinhowell... that's what I did at http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~3v1n0/unity/gtk-border-radius-support/revision/398916:09
desrtthanks for the link16:09
desrtbut remind me once more: why can't we use eleni's approach?16:10
desrtit's certainly a lot more 'pure'16:11
Trevinhodesrt: currently she has implemented another thing: relying on XShape... Which for example fixes chrome but, since gtk windows don't export any information about their shape, X-wise, it's not useful for that...16:11
desrtthis is not what i understood she would do16:12
TrevinhoI also thought she would have played with the shaders...16:12
desrthrmph.  okay.16:12
TrevinhoShe said she could do something, but in the mean time I'd go with this.16:12
desrtassuming what you say is true, i agree16:13
Trevinhodesrt: as for the border radious thing, do you have any hint? As for seme reason I couldn't get that radius value last time I tried..16:13
TrevinhoI can get much, but no that16:13
TrevinhoOr, if you want to do the gtk side... Feel free :-D16:13
desrti'll poke it16:13
desrtbut i remember finding what seemed to be a fairly easy way to extract it from the theme using gtkstyleclass or something like that when we last discussed this16:14
TrevinhoOk... I'll check as well in the mean time, not sure I have my experiments still around, but I'll figure that out16:14
desrthikiko: if you could give any input about this, it would be nice16:15
* Laney accidentally subscribed to all ubuntu bugs16:29
seb128Laney drinking directly from the firehose!16:43
* Laney has drowned17:45
seb128Laney, :-(17:48
* seb128 stuggle with gtk and css, frustrating17:48
seb128I've no clue what I'm doing :-/17:48
seb128need la?su back17:49
Laneythe new theme maintainer will be back next week17:49
seb128yeah, or that17:49
seb128I looked a bit at the totem slider having no thumb, unsure if that's "by design"17:51
seb128I figured out that dropping that fixes it though17:51
seb128.osd .scale {17:51
seb128    margin-left: 9px;17:51
seb128    margin-right: 9px;17:51
seb128which were added when theming the new totem overlay17:51
seb128now trying to figure out why editing a treeview line gives a too big entry17:52
seb128less luck there though :-/17:52
Laneygood luck seb12818:02
seb128Laney, thanks, have a nice evening!18:02
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attenterobert_ancell: hey, sorry for the delay, just pushed a commit that stores the credentials properly now23:26

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