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lamontis it bad that I did a dist-upgrade on wily and time stopped on my topbar?02:27
* lamont reboots for giggles02:27
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pittijuliank, cyphermox: seb128 pointed  out the upower bug to me yesterday, but I wasn't aware of that reproducer, thanks!06:58
pitticyphermox: I suppose bug 1547518 is just a duplicate of that07:01
ubottubug 1547518 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "ubiquity crashed with dbus.exceptions.DBusException in call_blocking(): org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.InvalidArgs: No such interface '/org/freedesktop/UPower'" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154751807:01
dholbachgood morning08:22
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dokopitti, python3.5's libreoffice hint needs a version update08:37
Mirvis there someone to whom cookies, TLDs and rfc6265 ring a bell? something changed between Wed and Fri last week causing bug #1548686, and I'm wondering if it's Ubuntu or something on the Internet (but builders shouldn't have access to the network anyway so I guess nothing should normally change)08:59
ubottubug 1548686 in qtbase-opensource-src (Ubuntu) "7 cookiejar tests started failing" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154868608:59
LocutusOfBorgslangasek, probably :D09:04
Mirvwell I'm testing a wily build now. if it succeeds, something changed in xenial. if it fails too, something changed in the world.09:10
dokosil2100, the last ubuntu-keyboard upload still depends on fonts-droid09:39
sil2100eh, let me get the dev09:39
ginggspitti, xnox: what is the reason for keeping pybootchartgui around until *after* the LTS? LP: #1353587 It is one of the three packages remaining in Ubuntu that directly depend on python-support10:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1353587 in bootchart (Ubuntu) "superseded by systemd-bootchart, remove after LTS that has switched to systemd (16.10 the earliest)" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/135358710:48
pittiginggs: I thought xnox wanted to keep it for measuring ubuntu-touch10:49
pittiI don't mind removing it, we can always get it from wily or a PPA, though10:49
pittion touch you can't directly apt-get install it anyway10:49
ginggspitti: sounds good, what else needs to be done to get rid of python-support? LP: #153531810:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1535318 in python-support (Ubuntu) "deprecation of python-support" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153531810:51
ginggsshall I add the rdepends as affected packages?  they are listed in the bug description10:52
pittiyeah, makes them easier to find10:54
ginggspitti: launchpad had a few timeouts, but i've now added firmware-addon-dell and qdigidoc (but not the reverse-recommends bootchart and phablet-tools)11:03
Mirvok qtbase succeeded on wily so the bug is on xenial11:07
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Odd_Blokerbasak: How is work on the git importer going?12:05
rbasakOdd_Bloke: check with nacc please12:07
rbasakOdd_Bloke: BTW, I have some tooling to import things manually, apart from one tweak to the format of the commit that cjwatson convinced me to make.12:07
rbasak(if that's helpful to you)12:07
Odd_Blokerbasak: Ack, will do; I didn't see him online yesterday so didn't know if he was on VAC or somesuch. :)12:16
Odd_Blokerbasak: We're happy to wait; just don't want to wait unnecessarily. :p12:16
Saviqpitti, hey, shouldn't the qtmir/qtmir-gles builds against proposed mir be proposed qtmir, too? http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html#mir12:32
pittiSaviq: normally not, as they are separate packages12:45
pittiSaviq: you can either force that by versioned Depends:/Breaks: (if the new mir breaks qtmir, that's cleaner), or if this is a test-only issue I can also re-run them against all of -proposed12:46
Saviqpitti, I thought this was taken care of (like you guys marked mir and qtmir to always run together from -proposed)12:47
pittiSaviq: no, there's no way to mark that12:48
pittiSaviq: the way to say "foo/2 can only work with bar >= 3" is "Depends: bar (>= 3)" :)12:48
Saviqpitti, well, yeah, it'd have to be Breaks: in this case, since it's the old qtmir that fails with new mir12:49
Saviqand that's expected12:49
Saviqpitti, can you tell why the armhf version tested was the -proposed one, actually?12:50
pittiSaviq: it hasn't been tested yet12:50
pittiautopkgtest for qtmir 0.4.7+16.04.20160219-0ubuntu1: armhf: Test in progress12:50
pittithat version is meaningless12:50
pittiand I have a work item to not show it12:50
pittiSaviq: so, want me to re-run against all of -proposed?12:51
dokopitti, please hint diffoscape for python-setuptools12:51
Saviqpitti, well, can you please restart them with all of -proposed and I'll file a bug against mir to add Breaks: as part of a release12:51
pittiSaviq: queued12:52
* Saviq always felt weird about Breaks:, not that I have a better solution...12:52
pittidoko: it already had a hint, bumped the version12:52
pittithat'd be another useful case of hinting diffoscope/ppc64el instead of a version12:53
pittiSaviq: well, it's weird in either case -- that means that Mir broke its ABI without bumping the soname?12:53
Saviqpitti, well, actually... the real problem is likely the dummy test qtmir has - it really just tries to rebuild the package, which fails against new Mir12:55
Saviqpitti, I meant to drop that test since it ~doesn't make sense in autopkgtest12:55
Saviqit was my try to find out when a package in proposed would break a downstream build12:56
xnoxginggs, pitti: indeed, touch uses upstart. i don't mind, we can drop it. Or like port it to dh_python[23] which should not be that hard.12:58
Saviqpitti, a Breaks: doesn't make sense here, either, exactly why you said - sonames are bumped as needed, so that will enforce dependencies to be correct12:58
pittidoko: FYI, before you waste time on the libgps21 NBS: I filed bug 1548811, will track that down13:16
ubottubug 1548811 in geoclue-providers (Ubuntu) "FTBFS -- remove package?" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154881113:16
dokopitti, I think I filed one too ... can't find it13:21
dokopitti: what was the outcome for gsoap, override the virtualbox test failure?13:21
ginggsxnox: how was firmware-addon-dell 'fix released'?13:24
xnoxginggs, it doesn't build-depend nor use python-support.13:26
xnoxginggs, Convert to dh_python2. -> since 2013. So no actions are needed for it.13:27
ginggsxnox: true, i only added it today because it is a reverse-depends of firmware-tools (see comment #34 in that bug)13:27
xnoxginggs, yeah, that one still needs fixing, which i'm doing.13:27
xnoxginggs, it doesn't make sense to add reverse-depends like that.13:27
ginggsxnox: noted.  the only other reverse-depends i added there was qdigidoc13:28
pittidoko: ah, can do14:05
xnoxginggs, once my uploads migrate, i believe we will be good to remove python-support.14:21
ginggsxnox:  \o/14:22
ginggsxnox: i see you uploaded rather than removing, what do you think of fixing firmware-extract which was removed?14:23
ginggsi believe it's a plugin for firmware-tools14:23
xnox¯\_(ツ)_/¯ -> really not my problem =) and i have no clue what these tools are, and wether they work at all anymore.14:24
dokopitti, ta, python-setuptools now waits for britney to learn about the fixed python-pex14:24
xnoxginggs, i think all of that is replaced with uefi capsules updates these days, rather than firmware-tools stuff.14:26
xnoxsuperm1, are firware-tools still in use/required to do things?14:26
superm1xnox: not on workstation or client14:27
superm1Possibly on server14:27
xnoxsuperm1, well it gained brand new support for dh-python2 instead of python-support, so it will live another lts untouched, hopefully =)14:27
sil2100LocutusOfBorg: hey! Is there an LP bug for getting rid of fonts-droid ?14:38
seb128sil2100, see "Fonts-droid has been deprecated and removed, please update your dependency :)" on ubuntu-devel@14:41
seb128you replied to that discussion you should know about it?14:41
seb128there is a bug mentioned in the discussion as well14:42
seb128shrug, did optipng become slower on xenial? I remember it taking a while but now it takes ages it feels like14:45
LocutusOfBorgsil2100, nope, I didn't open any bug :)14:51
sil2100seb128: yeah, I know, I didn't remember seeing a bug on the initial e-mail14:58
sil2100But there was one later on I see now14:58
smoserhey. we're seeing server iso test failures15:03
smoserwhat seems key there to me is the syslog: https://platform-qa-jenkins.ubuntu.com/view/smoke-default/job/ubuntu-xenial-server-amd64-smoke-default/59/artifact/log/utah-10459.syslog.log15:04
smoserwhich shows failure to install packages because of15:04
smoserThe following packages have unmet dependencies:15:04
smoser libpam-systemd : Depends: systemd (= 229-1ubuntu2) but 229-1ubuntu4 is to be installed15:04
smoser lxc : Depends: iptables but it is not going to be installed15:04
smoserUnable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.15:04
smoserthe word 'held' seems probably important there. the install seems to have access to the archive, but I dont know why 'iptables' would not be available.15:05
Kryczeksmoser: may I ask what tool chain do you use to build server ISOs? I tried to look at the log but I am guessing it is firewalled :)15:19
smoserKryczek, fudge. i can pastebin the log for you.15:20
smoseri'm pretty sure its 'debian-cd'15:20
smoserbut i've never actually touched any of that.15:20
smoseri'd have to ask cyphermox  or infinity for that info.15:21
smoserKryczek, http://paste.ubuntu.com/15180824/15:21
cyphermoxyes, CDs are built by debian-cd, among other things15:22
cyphermoxthat's not a cd build issue though15:22
cyphermoxit happens regularly that systemd isn't done transitioning, that's usually fixed by the next build15:23
Kryczekah ok, not the Debian Live (live-build) tool chain then? Just wanted to point out that it is unmaintained unfortunately15:23
cyphermoxoh, missing iptables too15:23
utlemmingpitti: er, seeing something really odd. If you define 'console=ttyS1' for the kernel CLI, then systemd just hangs15:24
Kryczeksmoser: thank you for the paste15:24
utlemmingpitti: the change happened about a week ago15:24
cyphermoxKryczek: some builds do use live-build, I'm not sure which precisely.15:24
dokopitti, barry, virtualenv still triggers test failure for tox15:25
Kryczekcyphermox: would be funny if it was "precise" ;D15:25
smosercloud-image builds use live-build15:25
cyphermoxthere we go ;)15:25
smosercyphermox, 'isnt done transitioning'15:25
smoseras in only parts of systemd got into xenial/ from xenial-proposed  ?15:26
barrydoko, pitti yeah, that makes no sense and i can't reproduce it locally :(  any thoughts on how to debug the problem?15:27
pittimanjo: what's the status on bug 1548120? it's "block-proposed", and thus blocks further uploads of i-t15:27
ubottubug 1548120 in initramfs-tools (Ubuntu) "[xenial][initramfs-tools] support uppercase and lowercase uuids" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154812015:27
cyphermoxsmoser: the systemd failing to install in that paste means, IIRC, that systemd wasn't all done moving from proposed to releae at the time the CD was built, yeah. I may be oversimplifying this, but it's an issue that happens with the dailies and you don't have to do anything special.15:28
pittibarry: socket.timeout: timed out15:29
pittibarry: is that trying to call out to the interwebs without using the $*_proxy vars perhaps?15:29
manjopitti, I need to test apw's version of the patch15:31
barrypitti: do you see that timeout in the tox test?  i don't15:31
pittirequests.packages.urllib3.exceptions.ConnectTimeoutError: (<requests.packages.urllib3.connection.VerifiedHTTPSConnection object at 0x7faf4e29dd68>, 'Connection to pypi.python.org timed out. (connect timeout=15)')15:32
pittibarry: this looks pretty clear?15:32
pittiI mean that it tries to get stuff from the network, apparently not using the proxy?15:32
barrypitti: yes, but which log is that in?15:32
apwpitti, i made it block-proposed deliberatly because what is in the current -proposed isn't something i want out15:32
pittibarry: the one linked from excuses, e. g. https://objectstorage.prodstack4-5.canonical.com/v1/AUTH_77e2ada1e7a84929a74ba3b87153c0ac/autopkgtest-xenial/xenial/amd64/t/tox/20160222_203430@/log.gz15:32
pittiapw: ok; my upload isn't urgent at all, so ok for now15:33
apwpitti, if you want to send me over the diff i can merge it with the "next" one15:33
apwwith the fixed fix for this mess15:33
barrypitti: i'm looking at 20160223_blah15:34
barryit ends in pkg_resources.extern import error15:35
pittiah, that's a different one indeed15:35
barrypitti: you'd expect that to be locally reproducible with, e.g.: `adt-run tox -- schroot xenial-amd64` yeah?15:36
pitti--apt-pocket=proposed -U tox15:36
barry(assuming of course -proposed is enabled in that chroot)15:36
pittibut I just run that (with qemu), and it works15:36
barrypitti: yeah, that's weird right? :)15:37
smosercyphermox, hm.. well, it'd seem a general issue if we're moving parts of a source package at a time from -proposed.15:37
smoseri'd have thought that would be all at once for a source package.15:37
cjwatsonit's not possible to move parts of a source package at once, so no, that doesn't happen15:37
barrypitti: the error happens when trying to install pytest>=2.3.5, pytest-timeout.  we have pytest 2.8.7.  yeah it passes for me too15:38
smosercjwatson, not possible ?15:40
smoseras in only one binary package can be moved at a time?  or just as in not implemented.15:41
cjwatsonno, the opposiute15:42
cjwatsonthe primitive operation here is "copy source package (with binaries)"15:42
smoserthats what i would have thought.15:42
smoserso then it must be the 'held' part of the message that causes the failure ?15:42
smoser"Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages."15:43
cjwatsonnot relaly15:43
cjwatsonthe message you quoted does not contain enough information to work it out15:43
smoserwoudl you take a look at the link or the paste ?15:43
cjwatson"is not going to be installed" is apt-speak for "this package is available, but when I try to install it I get broken dependencies, and I'm not going to tell you why"15:43
cjwatsonapt typically doesn't print enough information to diagnose this class of problem just from its output15:44
cjwatsonyou have to set up a matching environment (in chdist or whatever) and test-install things with increasing constraints until it gives you useful answers15:44
cjwatsonhowever, in this case it could be that the squashfs base system is out of date15:44
smoseri'd guess you're right that the squashfs is out of date.15:45
smoserbut then why wouldn't it pull whatever it needs from the archive.15:45
cjwatsonwell, we could spend hours investigating that, or I could go fix the stuck builds that are causing the OOD squashfs15:46
cjwatsonthe latter being the correct solution anyway :)15:46
pittibarry: I just ran it in production (manually), and get the socket timeouts again15:46
sil2100LocutusOfBorg: hey! Could you answer some questions regarding the fonts-droid deprecation to Elleo?15:46
sil2100LocutusOfBorg: Elleo is the person responsible for ubuntu-keyboard15:46
cjwatsonthe key bit of log output here is noting the presence of "Parallel build" near the top of http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/cd-build-logs/ubuntu-server/xenial/daily-20160223.log15:46
sil2100And it seems the switch of that is not as obvious15:47
smoserso what is to be done to fix stuck builds ? im' fine with that other than it just means this happens at some other point.15:47
ElleoLocutusOfBorg: heya, just removing fonts-droid we lose some characters we need for chinese, but it seems impractical to replace it with fonts-noto-cjk as that's nearly 100MB larger than fonts-droid (and space is a concern issue on touch images)15:47
cjwatsonwhen more than one build is happening at once on cdimage, then we don't sync the archive because doing that in the middle of another build is bad news15:47
cjwatsonthis is normally allowable, but if it gets confused for some reason then we can end up *never* syncing cdimage's mirror15:48
ElleoLocutusOfBorg: unless you know of any other smaller font package that could do the job?15:48
cjwatsonand that's bad, and eventually people notice due to this kind of thing15:48
cjwatsonnow, I fixed most of the common causes for this a while back15:48
cjwatsonbut I suspect that the reboot of nusakan the other day happened at a suboptimal time, and left some confusion around15:48
cjwatsonbecause the semaphore of "how many builds are running" has a value two higher than it ought to be15:49
LocutusOfBorgElleo, fonts-droid-fallback?15:50
cjwatsonso I've manually decremented it twice ("semaphore decrement-test /srv/cdimage.ubuntu.com/etc/.sem-build-image-set" as cdimage@nusakan) and that should clear things once the build that's currently in flight finishes15:50
barrypitti: can you figure out what it's trying to download from pypi?  odd too that the timeout is completely different from the autopkgtest log traceback15:50
LocutusOfBorgor fonts-noto?15:50
LocutusOfBorgI don't know about the chinese issue, and I'm not understand why debian is not aware of it15:50
ElleoLocutusOfBorg: fonts-noto doesn't include chinese characters15:50
barrypitti: and *that's* strange because the traceback doesn't at all match the code i get locally when i create the tox environment form the `built` test15:50
ElleoLocutusOfBorg: will give fonts-droid-fallback a go and see if that has what we need15:51
cjwatsonlogs suggest that this situation started on the 20th, which would match up with nusakan's reboot on the 19th15:51
pittibarry: it's not, it's exactly the same log as https://objectstorage.prodstack4-5.canonical.com/v1/AUTH_77e2ada1e7a84929a74ba3b87153c0ac/autopkgtest-xenial/xenial/amd64/t/tox/20160223_151914@/log.gz15:51
pittibarry: as for that other error, I don't know what that means, maybe transient?15:51
LocutusOfBorgthanks Elleo15:52
ElleoLocutusOfBorg: I don't see a fonts-droid-fallback package anywhere?15:52
barrypitti: okay, but in that log file you just pasted, search for "socket".  the only 2 occurrences have nothing to do with socket.timeout15:52
smosercjwatson, thank you. we'll hope it works itself out.15:52
smosernuclearbob, ^ matsubara ^15:52
cjwatsonI think maybe ideally we'd have a sort of multi-pid-file rather than a counting semaphore there15:53
cjwatsonthen it would be possible to automatically recover from this sort of situation15:53
cjwatsonbut fortunately it's not all that common after the fix I applied in December15:53
cjwatson(cdimage r1557)15:53
pittibarry: sorry, that was the link you posted; I meant https://objectstorage.prodstack4-5.canonical.com/v1/AUTH_77e2ada1e7a84929a74ba3b87153c0ac/autopkgtest-xenial/xenial/amd64/t/tox/20160222_203430@/log.gz15:53
matsubarathanks cjwatson for kicking things again15:53
LocutusOfBorgElleo, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fonts-android15:53
matsubaraand you too smoser15:53
LocutusOfBorgfonts-droid-fallback_6.0.1r16-1_all.deb (1.7 MiB)15:54
barrypitti: ah 2016022215:54
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ElleoLocutusOfBorg: ah, thanks15:55
nuclearbobsmoser: fwiw, the problem seemed to be that the already installed version of systemd (presumably in the squashfs) was higher than the version of libpam-systemd in /pool on the cd15:55
barrypitti: so, if we ignore 20160223 and look at 20160222, then maybe i can make more progress, but it bothers me that we have two different failures, neither of which is reproducible locally ;)15:55
cjwatsonnuclearbob: ah yes, that's why it doesn't just pull whatever it needs from the archive, because in this case that archive is on the ISO and the result would be a downgrade15:57
barrypitti: is there a way for you to run tests on production without an upload?15:57
pittibarry: yes (that's what I just did)15:57
cjwatsonand apt doesn't do downgrades by default15:57
smoserbut how would the archive have older ?15:57
pittibarry: I can also run it, use --shell, and then give you ssh to it15:57
smoserthe cd was built from the archive15:57
cjwatsonsmoser: not quite15:57
cjwatsonsmoser: it was built from an rsynced mirror of the archive15:57
cjwatsonsmoser: which, due to the situation explained above, hadn't actually been rsynced for several days15:57
cjwatsonsmoser: but the squashfs is built on LP directly from the archive15:58
barrypitti: that could help.  what i'm thinking is that i could make an educated guess as to the failure, make a change and hand you a source package to see if production passes or not15:58
smoserok. that makes sense then.15:58
cjwatsonso if cdimage's mirror gets stuck this way then it's possible for it to be older15:58
barrypitti: but ssh would definitely let me poke around some more15:58
barry(i.e. put the "educated" in "educated guess" :)15:58
cjwatsonin normal circumstances it isn't possible for it to be older, because we deliberately try to sync the archive after doing the squashfs build15:59
cjwatsonfor exactly this kind of reason15:59
pittibarry: ok, it'll take some minutes until the test finished15:59
ElleoLocutusOfBorg: fonts-droid-fallback seems to work thanks, still need to test it a bit more to be absolutely certain but it looks promising16:04
LocutusOfBorgthanks a lot for the feedback/fix16:07
pittiapw: the transitional linux-meta packages on http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches.txt -- these should be seeded, I suppose?16:15
apwpitti, a good point, do we have to seed them alllll explicity or is there something else we should be doing in the kerenl package16:19
pittiapw: they are just for upgrades from previous releases, they'll all go after xenial, right?16:19
apwpitti, that indeed16:20
pittiapw: so they won't be a dependency of anything, hence they need seeding, yes16:20
pittiapw: if *all* binaries from linux-meta should be in main, then seeds have a syntax for that16:20
apwpitti, i don't believe we have any primary packages (.deb) which are not for main in any of our packages16:22
apwpitti, but that they are listed explicity is worrysome16:23
pittiapw: in supported-kernel-common? yeah16:23
pittiapw: and a lot of them are obsolete too16:23
pittisupported-kernel-common: * linux-signed-generic-lts-quantal16:24
apwpitti, i would normally look at infinity at this point, as he would have gotten us as far as here16:24
pittiapw: I figure it'd be a lot simpler to just replace all of that with "all sources of linux-meta" (whatever the syntax was)16:24
pitti * (srcpkgname)16:24
apwpitti, i can't see a reason that would be wrong these days, we did use to have split flavours once-upon-a-time16:25
pittiah no, those were recommends16:25
pittiapw: aah, man germinate16:25
pitti * %linux-meta16:26
pittiapw: ^ this should do it16:26
apwpitti, cool thanks for fixing our messes :)16:29
pittiapw: oh, I wasn't actually changing the seeds, but I can if you confirm that's the right thing16:30
pittithat == all binaries of linux-meta16:30
apwpitti, i'll take it and figure that out definatlvly and get back to you16:30
apw(or to me, depending)16:31
pittiapw: I figure we could start with replacing the entire supported-kernel-common with just %linux-meta, and then see what falls out of that?16:32
pittii. e. wait for a publisher cycle and check component-mismatches16:32
apwpitti, if its not going to cause chaos, that sounds like a plan16:32
pittiapw: well, I figure kexec-tools and thermald should stay, but all others16:32
pittiapw: no, not at all; supported-* isn't defining images, just stuff that's in main despite *not* being on any image16:33
pittiapw: we might have soem linux-meta-$flavor which should stay in universe, all others should be there in the seed16:33
apwpitti, we have other linux-meta-foo sources which produce things whihc should be, but not from linux-meta i don't think any more16:34
apw'should be in universe"16:34
cjwatsonsnakefruit (proposed-migration, people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/, etc.) will be going down for reboot for a little while shortly; I've shut down archive cron jobs there in preparation16:37
cjwatsonsnakefruit back16:53
cyphermoxpitti: could you point me to your bug about setting up multiple crypted drives in the installer you mentioned yesterday? I can't find it anymore16:53
pitticyphermox: bug 1548252 ?16:54
ubottubug 1523194 in partman-crypto (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1548252 Can't install /home into separate LUKS encrypted volume" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/152319416:54
naccslangasek: now that FF is in effect, how do syncs with Debian work? e.g., for php7.0 to pass its autopkgtests, we need (at least) php7.0.3-6 (7.0.3-7 is in unstable as well). Do I need to file a bug to request the sync (technically it's mentioned in LP: #1547738)17:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1547738 in php7.0 (Ubuntu) "Request: Sync with Debian to get upstream fixes for autopkgtests" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154773817:03
naccslangasek: actually, i guess they are merges now, since we have a delta ... I can do that merge (and I think we can drop some of the delta now that xmlrpc-epi is in main). So would i put the resulting debdiff in that bug then? and mark it as a FFe?17:04
cyphermoxpitti: thanks17:05
jdstrandtyhicks: fyi, not sure if you noticed but your apparmor upload got stuck17:14
jdstrandtyhicks: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html says 'autopkgtest for systemd 229-1ubuntu4: ppc64el: Test in progress'17:15
jdstrandtyhicks: iirc, it has said that for days17:15
pittiah, that's not tyhicks's bug17:18
pittisorry, I'll unstick it17:18
tyhicksthanks pitti!17:19
pittii. e. I re-run the test, the reason for the temporary failure got fixed17:21
jdstrandthanks pitti :)17:21
jamespagepitti, thanks for working the tomcat8 transition through btw17:22
dokonacc, slangasek: it's not yet available for syncing, doing it later17:23
naccdoko: 7.0.3-6 is available, i think ... but we can wait for -7, do you want a debdiff for the merge to do it?17:25
cjwatsonsmoser: OK, I might have accidentally slipped and rewritten cdimage's locking code so that it tracks multiple pids rather than just a count and automatically removes dead processes from its tracking.  Not committing it quite yet because there are builds in progress, but I'll deploy it once everything's quiet.17:26
dokonacc, no, will sync it when I'm back home tonight17:29
naccdoko: ok, thanks!17:29
xnoxpitti, doko, cjwatson: please RM python-support17:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1535318 in python-support (Ubuntu) "deprecation of python-support" [High,Triaged]17:38
xnoxall clear.17:38
dokome, me ...17:39
pittidoko: do you want to ... have the honor?17:39
pittiyeah, I'll leave it to doko, he really deserves it more17:39
pitti. o { https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-cruft-busters ! }17:40
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dokoComment: fiiiiinally, lp: #1535318, remove python-support17:46
doko1 package successfully removed.17:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1535318 in openmeeg (Debian) "deprecation of python-support" [Unknown,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153531817:46
xnoxdoko, i see that landscape client is python2 and twisted, do we have working python-twisted-conch|-core|-web in python3 yet?17:51
xnoxi see that those bits are in python3-twisted.17:52
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dokoxnox, yes, everything which is in the package should be supported17:55
Pharaoh_Atemnacc: did you see my message on LP #1547738?18:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1547738 in php7.0 (Ubuntu) "Request: Sync with Debian to get upstream fixes for autopkgtests" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154773818:00
seb128bdmurray, hey, do you have any opinion on https://code.launchpad.net/~seb128/software-properties/newtab-enable-proposed/+merge/286626 ? I know you suggested dropping it but that let a graphical way to enable proposed and that's what willcooke suggested doing after talking to ara and mpt18:05
naccPharaoh_Atem: yeah18:05
seb128I've no opinion either way, I think it's better than we have now so I'm trying to land it, we can still do other changes later if something else is decided18:05
bdmurrayseb128: I think I suggested dropping it if the release is still in development, but I didn't see an easy way to do that. And yes this does seem like an improvement.18:07
naccPharaoh_Atem: it should get sync'd tonight18:13
xnoxbarry, is there 2to2and3 tool yet? cause the output 2to3 generates is questionable.18:15
xnoxe.g. ideally i want "from __future__ import print function" et.al.18:15
barryxnox: http://python-future.org/automatic_conversion.html18:16
xnoxomg, i love this "pasteurize"18:17
barrycute, huh? :)18:17
naccslangasek: doko: if we want to pull the xmlrpc binpkg back in, when we sync with 7.0.3-7, would you want a bug & debdiff for that?18:25
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Pharaoh_Atemnacc: is that tonight in US timezone or UK timezone?18:49
naccPharaoh_Atem: doko's timezone :)18:50
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Pharaoh_Atemso CEST+118:50
Pharaoh_Atemwhich means it'll sync now?18:51
naccPharaoh_Atem: it'll sync when it syncs :)18:51
naccPharaoh_Atem: would you have some time to look at LP: #1548442 ?18:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1548442 in php7.0 (Ubuntu) "php7.0: segmentation fault running twig test suite" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154844218:56
Pharaoh_Atemnacc: yeah, sure19:07
naccPharaoh_Atem: thanks, working on package builds and stuff19:08
Pharaoh_AtemI'm getting hash sum mismatch errors for "apt update" in universe19:56
sarnoldtry again in a few minutes19:57
naccPharaoh_Atem: yeah, it happens :)19:57
coreycbarges, bdmurray, Hi, we have a ceilometer SRU in the wily queue that could use a review20:44
argescoreycb: ok20:48
coreycbarges, thanks20:51
Pharaoh_Atemnacc: welp, I'm getting two different errors on two different machines (ubuntu 16.04 + php7.0-7.0.3-3, CentOS 7.2 + php70-7.0.3-1.el7.remi)20:52
Pharaoh_Atemand the best part? neither of them are giving me the error you got20:52
Pharaoh_AtemI'm compiling php7.0-7.0.3-6 for debian 8 and giving it a go to figure out what's going on here20:56
argescoreycb: so bug 1530913 is going to be superceedd by this21:05
ubottubug 1530913 in nova (Ubuntu Wily) "[SRU] liberty point releases" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/153091321:05
coreycbarges, yes, that was the prior point release21:06
argescoreycb: well it is still in proposed, does it need to be released first, or is this bug fixing something with that21:07
coreycbarges, oh..  I didn't realize that.  no as far as I know the old one was tested and is ok.21:07
argescoreycb: ok21:08
coreycbarges, thanks, let me know if it's stuck for a reason21:08
argescoreycb: ok done21:08
coreycbarges, thanks121:09
coreycbexplanation point fail21:09
coreycbI can't type21:09
naccPharaoh_Atem: ok, thanks, the above was seen was with 7.0.3-521:49
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slangaseknacc: FFe is only needed if the changes you're making (whether by merge from Debian or otherwise) are features.  If this is just bugfixes, no FFe is required.22:11
slangasekdoko: sorry, don't know why you hightlighted me, what was not available for syncing?22:12
naccslangasek: i think php7.0.3-7, just for your reference22:13
slangasekwhich I think is not meant to be a sync anyway22:13
naccslangasek: ok, it could be a bit of both? as php7.0 is under active dev, but will wait to see what doko says22:13
naccslangasek: right, it'd be a merge now, aiui?22:13
naccslangasek: ok, so for pkg-php-tools, looks like one fix is upstream already (in debian's git). I am sending the other one in now22:15
slangaseknacc: I'm probably not available to help with sponsorship for the next day or so fwiw22:16
naccslangasek: not sure how to make the test make sense for them, as the error message will vary between php5 and php7, and it's a phpunit comment that provides the matching string, but they'll know what to do22:16
naccslangasek: ok, np22:16
naccslangasek: would it be better for me to provide a debdiff from what is currently in xenial to a level that works or request a fresh sync and provide a debdiff to that?22:19
slangaseknacc: a sync is *only* ever for a package that we want to have a package uploaded to Ubuntu that's identical to the one in Debian.  Otherwise it's a merge; for a merge you can provide a debdiff against either the existing Ubuntu package (xenial-proposed or xenial), or against the new Debian version that you're asking to have merged22:21
slangaseknacc: and merges.ubuntu.com is your friend22:21
naccslangasek: got it, thanks22:22
xnoxslangasek, i have things in NEW, do that need FFe or not?22:25
slangasekxnox: source NEW - no, it just requires securing an AA's time22:26
xnoxslangasek, gotcha. hope you are having fun =) and not spending too much time on irc =)22:26
slangasekxnox: yeah, I'm about to run away ;)22:27
Unit193Alright, I give up.  How do I specify the filesystem that filesystem.squashfs should be mounted udf, not iso9660?22:27
xnoxUnit193, filesystem.squashfs is a squashfs =)22:29
Unit193xnox: I know, but it sits on media, which has a filesystem.22:29
Unit193And I don't know how to continue boot from busybox after remounting /cdrom with -t udf.22:30
Unit193Ooh, worked to recover from busybox this time.  Though it's still trying iso9660 which is not going to work.22:34
barrydoko, pitti: new tox syncpackaged.  let's see if that gets us past proposed22:45
Unit193xnox: So, no ideas?22:45
stefancthi there. i am the upstream maintainer of flashrom. the debian maintainer has not updated his package for a while but did so now... however as you know the LTS freeze is in place and we would need an exception22:54
stefanctthe now published debian package is of an upstream rc and thus will probably become outdated in a week when we do a full release22:55
stefanctid like to know what is preferable... getting an exception for the rc now and request a pull in about a week or if we should wait till the full upstream release is done and packaged for debian in about a week22:56
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tarpmanstefanct: freeze? debian isn't in any freeze right now AFAIK23:08
* tarpman looks at what channel he's in and shuts up23:09
stefanctflashrom was always pulled in from debian23:09
sarnoldstefanct: i'm guessing a week's delay would be fine, though it might not be a bad idea to start the paperwork early23:09
stefanctsometimes with a sponsored upload after a freeze... but we never had to build a package (someone of you always helped out so far ;)23:10
stefanctbut yes, the bug report is there but we need to fill it23:10
=== RAOF_ is now known as RAOF
naccdoko: fwiw, the merge with -7 isn't exactly straightforward (and the delta changes, i'm testing my debdiff now, but i can file a bug and send it your way if you want)23:21
dokonacc, ta, I'm just back, best thing would be a bug report, and subscribe me23:40
naccdoko: will do, want to make sure the build works fine, then will file, is it ok if i use the bug report that was already filed requesting we pull in the debian fixes?23:40
naccPharaoh_Atem: around?23:48
stefanctoh wow... s390 O_o why was that added? :)23:52
sarnoldbecause someone wants to sell them :)23:53

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