lotuspsychjederp_commander: discuss here05:37
derp_commanderit is a support question though05:38
lotuspsychjederp_commander: but your on w7 as main Os05:38
lotuspsychjeand ubuntu virtualbox?05:39
derp_commanderlotuspsychje: yes, but the bug is specific to Ubuntu 64 bit guests05:39
derp_commanderit doesn't happen on my 64 bit Debian guest05:39
lotuspsychjederp_commander: what kind of bhug05:39
derp_commanderlotuspsychje: the process containing the VM itself becomes unkillable, like an uninterruptible sleep state in Linux05:40
derp_commanderthe only way to stop it is to restart the machine05:40
lotuspsychjederp_commander: maybe the #vbox guys know more of it?05:41
derp_commanderlotuspsychje: I re-opened a bug report describing the same problem from 4 years ago, but was closed because the reporter never followed up on it or provided logs05:41
lotuspsychjederp_commander: did you try this physical install?05:43
derp_commanderlotuspsychje: it doesn't affect the operation of the guest, it's just a pain in the neck when I want to close it05:44
derp_commanderlotuspsychje: https://www.virtualbox.org/ticket/10759 with me as ipatrol05:45
lotuspsychjederp_commander: file an ubuntu bug05:46
derp_commanderlotuspsychje: is it an ubuntu bug though? it only affects a process on a Windows host. Kinda feels outside of the project scope05:47
derp_commanderdoes Ubuntu do anything... unusual on shutdown that Debian wouldn't?05:48
lotuspsychjederp_commander: press F1 at shutdown preocess, see if it spits out errors05:48
lotuspsychjederp_commander: or try sudo halt -p05:48
derp_commanderlotuspsychje: how do I get it to write any errors to file? just &> /home/user/log.txt ?05:52
lotuspsychjederp_commander: check your syslog and dmesg perhaps05:53
lotuspsychjederp_commander: also your ubuntu is fully up to date?05:54
derp_commanderlotuspsychje: no, I still need to update it06:01
lotuspsychjetry please06:01
derp_commanderright now I need to go to bed. I'll see what halt comes up with when I reboot it tomorrow06:03
lordievaderGood morning.09:14
lotuspsychjehi JanC12:51
BluesKajHowdy all13:11
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