dorihi - I have a q about ubuntu gnome 15.10 - how do I change the workspace keyboard shortcuts? I use L_SUPER+PGUP/DOWN atm as default and want to switch this to R_SUPER but cannot find any options around this07:38
dorioh I just found it07:40
doriwhat an idiot - sorry07:40
dorianother GNOME q - I tried using the tweak tool to swap left CTRL and left WIN and rebooted but it does not make any changes outside term - any ideas?07:42
fleetfoxhow usable is http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-gnome/daily-live/pending/ ?09:09
ItaloRaverwie kann ich in gnome einstellen das ein programm beim start immer in der selben grösse kommt ?10:21
LinDolhi all13:31
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