ozysimpsoni have a 4 vps running linux i would like to make all the 3 out of the 4 vm's as my web boxes, i was thinking of having 2 boxes for load balancing and 1 Master node any idea please, i am not an it geek05:45
tewardhggdh: ping, if you're around15:00
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alimjHello IRC operators. I want to follow few issues regarding #ubuntu-ir17:48
k1ljust explain and we will see how we can help17:48
* genii makes a large pot of coffee17:48
alimjThe original OPs have been away for ages. What would be the procedure to appoint new ones?17:49
alimjActually there might be people already following. I just want to double check17:49
alimjCurrently no flooding. But just to be on the safe side17:49
alimjAlso some dead links in the greeting message17:50
k1lalimj: i suggest poking the ircc so freenode staff can set the founder permissions of that channel to the ircc (ubuntu irc council) (and maybe ubuntu member cloaked people). then the iran loco should name new ops that will be granted the permissions then.17:53
k1lalimj: nixoeen was already asking for that.17:53
alimjOK. He is the man17:53
k1lbut i am not part of tha IRCC. so i dont know what is going on there in tha background already. but the iran loco should name a teamleader for that channel. then this teamleader can name new ops and get the permissions to change the channel flags17:55
alimjAs long as he follows that, I am well satisfied.17:59
* nhandler is around in case an IRCC member wants him to transfer #ubuntu-ir20:02
hggdhnhandler: yes, please do transfer #u-ir. No matter what, we should have it done20:05
nhandlerhggdh: Done, UbuntuIrcCouncil is now the founder of #ubuntu-ir. Let me know if you need any other help with the channel.20:06
hggdhnhandler: we should be fine after that. Thank you.20:06
nhandlerhggdh: Sounds good :)20:08
alimjThanks nhandler for the #ubuntu-ir20:41
Na3iLHey hggdh when will be the meeting of nominations IRCC20:44
hggdhNa3iL: it is not a meeting, it is voting. The voting will be on-line, using http://civs.cs.cornell.edu/20:46
hggdhNa3iL: it should happen soon-ish. Flannel will coordinate it20:46
Na3iLAh, okay thanks for the informations :)20:46
hggdhyou are welcome20:46
alimjSo it appears that nixoeen nomination for #ubuntu-ir OP is not approved so far. Where could I find list of IRCC members and SOPs for nomination and appointment procedures?21:33
alimjBTW, He is a forum.ubuntu.ir admin21:33
k1lalimj: talk to the ir loco council21:33
alimjk1l: I am sorry but that is neither an IRC nickname, nor a web page address :/ Sorry If I am asking dumb questions21:35
alimjI am really scared to send mail to loco-council@lists.ubuntu.com :/22:17
wxlalimj: why? we don't bite22:18
alimjHave to gather enough information and read all SOPs in order to assure that I do not waste your time22:18
wxlalimj: you won't waste our time, i'm sure. you can always ask for help.22:19
elkyalimj: i recommend having the loco council help you find the information. they have practice in this stuff while you seem new to it all.22:19
alimjI am still a little bit confused on procedure to appoint a new OP for a UbuntuIrcCouncil owned IRC channel (#ubuntu-ir)22:20
alimjAnd how to connect the right people/admins/moderators from forum.ubuntu.ir to UbuntuIrcCouncil22:21
wxlalimj: really, there's no specific process.22:21
k1lalimj: forum is a different thing than irc.22:21
alimjI know. But the same "Trusted" people on local forum might be good candidates for IRC OP22:22
k1lalimj: usually the LoCo team (the iran ubuntu loco team) got a sub-team for irc.22:22
wxlalimj: start with the one who you know wants to be. you can't be sure that every forum person wants to be an irc op.22:22
elkyalimj: the irc council wishes to make sure that the correct people get control of the channel. this means we wish to delegate to the loco council to check the team and who is on it and who is responsible for what.22:22
alimjThis one? http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-ir/22:22
alimjShould be the one22:23
k1li dont see a irc subteam there.22:24
wxlso you can create an irc subteam22:24
wxlyou can nominate someone22:25
alimjOk. Now I am on the right track22:25
alimjMany thanks22:25
wxlnp alimj22:26
wxlalimj: what's your lp?22:26
alimjI am very bad with abbreviations and acronyms :/22:27
wxllaunchpad, alimj22:27
alimjCurrently not a member on launchpad. Have to create an account22:28
alimjWill do that tomorrow22:28
wxlplease make sure to have someone in the council contact22:28
wxlhaving an email from *anyone* is not going to help22:28
alimjUsed Ubuntu for ages without having a launchpad account22:28
wxldon't need one to *use* irc :)22:29
alimjI guess I see few familiar names22:29
wxlideally someone from this group would contact the loco-council with the nomination: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-ir-council22:29
wxlor they can go ahead and create the irc team and then inform the loco-council22:29
wxlbut still, someone from that team will need to be involved22:29
alimjWill look into it22:30
alimjToo late for tonight. Already 02:0022:30
alimjHave to go to bed and follow tomorrow22:30
wxlhah you mean this morning XD22:30
hggdhalimj: thank you. We just need to be sure we are doing the right thing22:30
wxlplease feel free to contact me if you need further help alimj22:31
alimjThank you all :-)22:31
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