swaveckhello, is there a show today?15:00
dholbachyep, starting in about an hour :)15:07
ahayzendholbach, on twitter it said "starting in 15 minutes" ... 25 minutes ago ;-)15:11
dholbachsorry, that was a mistake in the calendar which jose just fixed :-)15:11
ahayzenah cool :-)15:11
swaveckmaybe LIVE from MWC2016 ?15:13
dholbachswaveck, no, unfortunately not15:13
taimurhow can i ask question?15:36
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dholbachabout to start in a few minutes! :)15:57
mhall119swaveck: video hangout on conference wifi? that sounds doubtful :)16:03
dholbachif you have questions, just make sure you prefix them with QUESTION:16:03
swaveckI saw today popey's post from wifi ANALyzer ;)16:04
pew_pew_pewQUESTION: are there any games on ubuntu phones?16:05
davmor2pew_pew_pew: yes16:07
balloonshello all ;-16:07
balloonswe're aren't live from MWC, but there's some exciting bits going on right now!16:07
pew_pew_pewdavmor2: candy crush?16:08
dholbachkeep the questions coming16:08
dholbachwe'll get to them in a bit16:08
davmor2pew_pew_pew: no, but there are games similar16:08
pew_pew_pewdavmor2: good, my mum loves candy crush16:08
ICEMANno1QUESTION: What's the next convergence ubuntuphone and how can it be done with the Meizu Pro 5?16:09
pew_pew_pewQUESTION: should i buy the meizu pro5 for my mum? she has an old samsung now (candy crush + facebook will do)16:10
pew_pew_pewQUESTION: how much does the little robot from ubuntu booth costs?16:13
ahayzenpew_pew_pew, https://uappexplorer.com/apps?category=games&sort=-points may be of interest :-)16:13
bm7atWhen is the M10 Aquaris Ubuntu Edition available to buy in europe? :)16:13
user20[QUESTION] In a recent article on ubuntu insights regarding the Meizu Pro 5 was the following mentioned: "Recent additions to the ecosystem include Spotify and games from Play Canvas." Is there anything new regarding spotify on ubuntu phone which has not been made official or do they mean the Cutespotify app which is in the store since a long time now? Link: https://insights.ubuntu.com/2016/02/17/meizu-pro-5-ubuntu-edition-lau16:13
ICEMANno1@dholbach: sorry for the repetetative question16:14
pew_pew_pewahayzen: cool, dotty looks nice16:14
pew_pew_pewQUESTION: how does the side thing on the tablet works? how do you put the app there? or how do you close, show it16:18
ahayzendholbach, think this is the link https://insights.ubuntu.com/2016/02/17/meizu-pro-5-ubuntu-edition-launches-globally/16:18
mhall119bm7at: start your question with QUESTION in all caps so they see it16:19
mhall119pew_pew_pew: no Candy Crush, but there's a new app called "Balls alpha" which is a knock-off of it16:19
dholbachthanks ahayzen16:20
pew_pew_pewmhall119: cool! i've seen that app on pro5!16:20
ahayzen\o/ thanks dpm :-)16:21
* dpm hugs ahayzen :)16:21
faenilI have an M10 here, not ready to showcase features though :D16:23
bm7atmhall119: thanks man for info but he already answered the question, and they don't know a specific date so. :(16:23
pew_pew_pewgreat explanation thanks :D16:24
dholbachkeep the questions coming! :-)16:25
mhall119pew_pew_pew: mind you, it's an infuriating game :)16:26
pew_pew_pewmhall119: it's ok, it's for my mum :D16:26
pew_pew_pewQUESTION: what would you guys like to see improved on ubuntu phone? better design, faster apps loading time.. etc16:28
faenilnew design is already there, wait for implementation :)16:30
pew_pew_pewfaenil: wow sooper! can't wait16:30
faenil(/me is a software developer in the Design Team)16:30
pew_pew_pewfaenil: in ota10?16:31
faenilpew_pew_pew: mmm not sure...maybe some bits...16:31
pew_pew_pewfaenil: ok then ota11 :D16:31
user20[QUESTION] Will it be possible with aethercast to use the ubuntu phones which don't have mhl as Desktop PCs or will aethercast just mirror the screen of the phone?16:31
pew_pew_pewin 3-4 months16:31
faenilpew_pew_pew: it will not be 1 OTA, it's going to be a continuous stream of modernisation of the UI components16:31
pew_pew_pewfaenil: even better! the current design is ok, the apps loading time could be better especially for the phone/dialer app16:32
faenilo/ at the speakers on the videocall :D16:33
faenilpew_pew_pew: yeah, you might want to read the applauncherd discussion on the ubuntu-phone ML16:33
pew_pew_pewi will, thanks16:34
pew_pew_pewQUESTION: have you guys played with the pro5? how is it? is it much faster than mx4?16:34
faenilin addition, the SDK team is progressively moving QML UI components to C++, to improve performance...as a side effect that will speed up the app startup time16:35
faenilpieces of the pagestack implementation (if you're familiar with the UI components) has been moved to c++...the rest is WIP16:36
faenilI believe when all the pieces will be in place and the whole MainView will be C++, that will already bring some nice improvements (but that's just my feeling)16:36
faeniluser20: I don't have much info on that, although I believe there is some work ongoing in that direction16:38
_SpongeQUESTION: Is it possible to-do VPN on the phone, easily ?16:38
user20Ok thanks16:38
faenildholbach: I'm not aware of any measurement, it's small changes so it's difficult to see changes from one release to the next one16:38
faenilbut you should see some difference already when comparing OTA10 to, say, OTA716:38
dholbachfaenil, ok, thanks16:38
pew_pew_pewfaenil: nice! mir is also c++? will a rerwite of unity8 in c++ also improve things?16:38
_SpongeQUESTION: Is there any news with the Hud ?16:39
faenil_Sponge: OTA10 should bring UI for VPN configuration, afaik...not 100% sure16:39
davidcalleuser20: Hardware acceleration with aethercast is being tested these days, it looks promising and should bring seamless convergence capabilities to phones with enough resources.16:39
faenilbut keep that info with a pinch of salt16:39
ahayzenQUESTION: Have you seen xdg-app sandboxing (for 'gnome app sandboxing'). How much does it differ from snappy app confinement (I see differences such as apparmor vs selinux etc)? Will snappy be able to support an xdg-app or will snapcraft be able to automatically package one as a snap ?16:39
ahayzen(refs https://blogs.gnome.org/alexl/2016/02/19/building-an-xdg-app-part-1/ https://blogs.gnome.org/alexl/2016/02/19/building-an-xdg-app-part-2/ )16:40
_SpongeQUESTION: Could we have a shout-out for the UbuntuAppShowdown subreddit ?16:40
user20@davidcalle that sounds good :)16:41
davidcalleuser20: emphasis on the *should* though, early days :)16:42
faenilahayzen: maybe try #snappy16:43
_SpongeQUESTION: Why if distribution is Sooo important to Canonical, can you not buy an Ubuntu (either server or desktop) DVD from the Canonical online store ?16:43
ahayzenfaenil, :-)16:44
_SpongeYay shoutout !16:44
_SpongeQUESTION: Which PPA, that you know of can alter the laptop Fan Speed on Ubuntu ?16:45
_SpongeQUESTION: should or is there an Ubucon Snappy App ?16:47
user20[QUESTION] Are there any plans to support voip on ubuntu-phone?16:48
ampQESTION: waht is the situation of the Ubuntu Arabic font? What is the plan to set it as default in Ubuntu UI? I have reported many design bugs, but it seems the development is quite slow (or dismissive of some suggestions).16:48
_SpongeQUESTION: Why aren't we hearing more from Barcelona about the tablet etc ? I've heard nothing.16:49
dpmballoons, ^ (Arabic font question)16:50
faenilamp: please let me know if you have bugs that are not getting looked at. I'm not sure about the priority of Arabic UI...I know that when developing the components we definitely take into account RightToLeft layouts though16:50
balloonsamp, so specifically the full release of the Arabic + other ubuntu font changes are landing with 16.0416:50
dholbach_Sponge, have you tried googling "bq m10 ubuntu"?16:51
dholbachI saw lots of stuff in my newsfeed today16:51
balloonsamp, Currently, everything is updated (as it's updated) in xenial. Progress can slow as design isn't an instant thing ;-)16:51
_SpongeQUESTION: What do think about the $3 dollar Android phone that could be delivered within a week to your door from India ?16:51
balloonsamp, do you have any specific concerns? You should know the focus is on getting something that works into the distribution; so priorities may be different. But bugs that cause issues should be getting looked at16:52
faenildholbach: you mean telepathy?16:54
_SpongeQUESTION: Why is the calendar pretty much empty for March ?16:55
ampI was specifically concerned with bug #69732416:55
faenildholbach: I'm supposed to be working on other things :P I'm happy to reply on IRC though, while I code :)16:55
faenildholbach: but I definitely want to get more involved in community events/initiatives...16:56
dholbachthanks everyone!16:56
dholbachfaenil, awesome16:56
dpmfaenil, then we shall see you at UbuCon Europe in Essen? :-)16:57
dholbachfaenil, maybe you want to join the ubuntu-community-team list and bring up your crazy news ideas there :)16:57
faenildpm: I'd love to join...but as you might imagine, it has to go through some decisional layers first :D16:57
faenildholbach: will do16:57
dpmfaenil, no worries, if you want to come and it works calendarwise, we'll sign you up for it :-)16:58
faenilsigned up to the ML ;)16:58
dholbachall right my friends - I call it a day - see you around!17:01
dholbachah... the project I was looking at was tox17:02
dholbachnot sure though how feasible it would be - it looked very interesting though17:03
dholbachsee you guys!17:03
faenilsure, Tox is p2p iirc, sorry I heard "voip"17:22
faeniland didn't associate17:23
faenildpm: https://twitter.com/faenil/status/70218365889191116817:30
dpmawesome :)17:31
TATTOO_I would like to install Magia 5 KDE4 on a PC that is currently operating on Windows Vista.  What is the best methodology for the new mount?21:13
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