elkydid yikes only get kicked yesterday?04:15
ubottusomsip called the ops in #ubuntu (enzlbtyn (ignoring requests to avoid bad language))04:34
daxkeeping an eye on it ^04:38
ubottulotuspsychje called the ops in #ubuntu (dafaq)05:01
daxbanned ^05:07
nixoeenhggdh, I am now the member of Iranian LoCo Council :) You can check it here: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-ir-council/+members07:35
nixoeenI mentioned my issue last night, but I guess the users who were there are away now, so I mention it again in case someone else can help me.  I'm one of OPs of #ubuntu-ir, but as I didn't use IRC for a long time, my username was removed. I want to gain my permissions on #ubuntu-ir again. My launchpad ID is nixoeen.09:40
k1lnixoeen: i think the irc council is waiting on confirmation of the ir-council.11:03
nixoeenk1l, I am now in the ir-council!11:38
Myrttibut you're not alone in it.11:49
nixoeenMyrtti, They asked for the confirmation of ir-council. So I became the member of it and now as a ir-council member, I confirm it on behalf of ir-council!12:09
Myrttithat sounds incredibly and ridiculously wrong12:09
Myrttilike, mindblowingly wrong12:09
nixoeenOk, I give up :) Though it's sad that you do not trust a confirmed member of a LoCo Team Council. I just wanted to fix the broken links on the topic of the channel which was set by me 2 years ago! But it isn't worth the hassle. Still, thanks for your time.12:21
MyrttiWobbo: hi, do you need help with something?12:28
WobboYes and no. :D12:30
Myrttiyou're more likely to get any response if you add a bit more words to that12:32
WobboI automatically reconnect in to this IRC.12:32
WobboI needed ubuntu-nl all about ReportingBugs.12:33
WobboSo sorry12:33
Myrttibtw I messaged nixoeen that my opinion isn't an official opinion13:55
k1li messaged him too. seems like all the ir irc guys went afk for some time. so he is the only active one now.13:57
Picihow did he get onto the ir loco council then?13:57
Myrttithat is my question too13:57
Picik1l: (also I saw your pm and will respond when my brain starts working sometime today.)13:57
k1li didnt ask about that. and i dont know it.13:58
k1lPici: ok :)13:58
MyrttiI understand that he's doing this all with best intentions but it's still a bit wobbly13:58
k1lMyrtti: yes. i think he wants to be active in a good way and the issue is the afk groups now.13:59
MyrttiI'm not the dictator who says how council members should be selected or leadership rules assigned in every sub project, but the way it's going now just seems wrong14:01
Myrttiin this case, I mean14:01
k1limho the ircc coulc grant him +o in that #ubuntu-ir channel when the other one on that access list are afk.  but the way how the ir council is run should be topic for the comunity council14:03
hggdhk1l, Myrtti: if he is now in the IR council, then it is confirmed. Stands to reason.14:45
Myrttisure, not questioning that14:46
svxfwhy is *!*@*178.162.19* range banned?15:33
svxfthat's where my bouncer is15:33
PiciWe have been having trouble with a large amount of spamming coming from that range.15:33
svxfcould you maybe add a +e for
Picisvxf: is that you?15:38
Picisvxf: I think we can do that.. one moment.15:39
Picisvxf: you should be good now15:40
Myrtti155141 <+alimj> It appears that this channel is orphaned? #ubuntu-ir? I tried /msg ChanServ access list #ubuntu-ir15:54
alimjHello everyone. I just want to follow if nixoeen has been following the appointment of new OPs for #ubuntu-ir16:21
alimjCurrently not flooded, but some links in greeting message are dead16:22
ubottulotuspsychje called the ops in #ubuntu (vikss known spammer)17:39
tonyyarussoalimj: I have no idea, but (someone correct me if I'm wrong) I think you might be looking for #ubuntu-irc, since that sounds like a non-core channel.17:40
alimjtonyyarusso: Are the core channels listed here? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList17:41
tonyyarussoalimj: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcTeam/Scope has them specifically identified.17:44
alimjI would better exit. I have received answer to my question. Thanks o/17:46
elkychu: you don't know him right?21:12
elkyare you actually in india?21:13
elkyi've lost track of all your travelling now21:13
chuNah, I'm still in Aus with dad :p21:14
chuI probably won't be travelling for a while - dad's doing another round of chemo, so I'll basically just hang with him.21:15
elkyfair enough21:15
elkytonyyarusso: ^21:18
tonyyarussoah, lol21:18
elkydude's throwing off red flags21:18
Picihe was fine earlier21:18
elkyi didn't see earlier, i just saw the "middle east" comment and got concerned21:19
chuAhh, I didn't see earlier.21:20
IdleOnethere was a comment?21:21
IdleOneAll he did was ask a question based on perceived time zone. based on the knowledge he had it was not a bad guess21:22
elkythere's two continents in the timezone. it was oddly specific21:25
elky(the timezone being "tomorrow")21:26
IdleOneif he had picked Australia instead would it have triggered?21:26
chuNope. I felt the same as elky :(21:26
chuIt was oddly specific, and generally, in such cases, it means something else :(21:27
IdleOnehe seems ok so far21:27
* elky grabs the popcorn and watches21:34
elkytonyyarusso: janc hasn't the slightest clue about gluten despite being informed at length several times already.21:34
tonyyarussoha, so, like most people :P21:35
PiciI was just going to say that.21:35
elkytonyyarusso: except he's adamant about his facts21:35
elkybecause it's him21:36
elkyhe thought buckwheat was wheat, for example21:36
elkyand kept saying stuff to try one-up what i said21:36
k1l@comment 7054421:47
ubottuDec 29 2015 06:46 rww: unprovoked profanity and hostile behavior towards lotuspsychje, general low-key behavior issues in other channels, recommend discussion of appropriate attitude/respect and !guidelines before unbanning21:47
k1lPici: fyi^21:48
Picik1l: ty21:48
k1lthat is why he said "i cant join" in first place. he didnt resolve that forwardban. just the same: ubuntu is shit, fix my bugs asap!21:49
Unit193Pici: Hiya, seen the pings about Encyclopedia/ubottu?21:50
PiciUnit193: err. no21:50
ubottulordievader called the ops in #ubuntu+1 ()22:04
elkywell that confirms it's not the racist guy i guess22:07
lordievaderGood evening, could someone assist in #ubuntu+1? retrojeff is going against quite some rules.22:09
elkylordievader: there are people watching aiui22:10
elkyPici: are you still watchign there?22:11
lordievaderAh, thank you.22:11
elkylordievader: until someone responds here, can you pastebin for me the difference between http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2016/02/23/%23ubuntu+1.txt and what you see in your scrollback?22:12
lordievaderelky: Here you go, http://paste.ubuntu.com/15183870/22:14
elkyok i've removed and banned him so he can't disrupt there22:15
lordievaderThank you :)22:15
elkylet us know when/if he returns22:15
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