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flocculantPaulW2U: I'm rebuilding xubuntu currently - it should have new version of upower and fix (though report on bug says it still fails)16:54
PaulW2Uflocculant: ok, I won't do another install but I will check that ubiquity starts16:56
flocculantthat would be useful :)16:57
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PaulW2Uflocculant: On two laptops, tried both methods of starting the install process but same as before :(18:05
wxlwe're still dead in the water with the upower issue?18:05
PaulW2UIt seems so18:05
pittiare we? the upower fix landed today18:06
wxlPaulW2U: what version of upower?18:06
flocculantpitti: I rebuilt Xubuntu - it should have 0.99.4-2 (buildlogs show that)18:07
PaulW2Uflocculant: yes, that's what I have18:07
flocculantPaulW2U: thanks for confirming18:09
PaulW2Unp, just removed battery from laptop and ubiquity started18:09
flocculantso seemingly exactly the same problem18:11
wxlcan someone check bug 1547302 -- looks like self-check is failing22:43
ubot5bug 1547302 in casper (Ubuntu) "Check disc for defects boot option displays no text in Ubuntu Gnome Xenial" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154730222:43
flocculantor an issue pre-rebuild23:01
flocculantstgraber isn't doing global rebuilds - he has access to the same as us - setting rebuilds from tracker23:02
flocculantgnome hasn't had one23:03
wxlflocculant: is there something that would change that you know of?23:04
flocculantnot that I know of - but I don't know if anything else changed meantime23:04
wxli'm disinclined to do it if it's all for naught23:05
wxlbtw has anyone announced the milestone testing going on?23:05
flocculantwxl: not any more than saying that dailies disabled and milestone builds in progress23:07
wxlah huh i didn't even see THAT :)23:07
flocculantof course I contacted my testers via usual methods23:07
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flocculantkubuntu didn't see any of it :p23:07
wxlwho you calling a kubuntu person?23:07
* wxl hides his kubuntu desktop at work XD23:08
flocculantwxl:  and ack - I'll not be triggering rebuild till I know that upower has seen changes23:11
wxlyup please ping if you see it before i do flocculant and i'll do the same :)23:11
flocculantwxl: assuming it occurs during my day I can trigger for you I think if you want23:12
wxlflocculant: if it's there, please, but our rebuilds are around 1900 utc23:12
flocculantnot during milestone they aren't - cron is off23:12
wxloh derp :/23:12
wxlyes please then hehehe23:13
flocculantokey doke23:13
flocculantflexiondotorg_ yofel - just so you are completely aware - stgraber is NOT doing global rebuilds - you need to trigger them yourself if you want one23:15
flexiondotorg_Did something change that warrants I rebuild?23:15
flexiondotorg_I've been afk and haven't read the backlog.23:15
flocculantwell ubiquity did - but bug remains - so ...23:16
flocculantI'm waiting to see if it sees something tomorrow now before I do one again23:16
flocculantI did earlier and PaulW2U was good enough to check it23:16
flocculantpitti is aware23:16
flocculantanyway - day done for me now23:17
flexiondotorg_What Ubiquity bug?23:17
flocculantupower I meant23:17
flexiondotorg_Ah, yeah.23:17
flexiondotorg_That one I'm aware of.23:17
flexiondotorg_But not fixed you say?23:18
flocculantthey thought it was - it's not23:18
wxlwell it's ubiquity crashing when it uses dbus to call upower23:18
wxlsooooooooooooooooooo it could be any three of them :)23:18
flocculantI always said that laptops shouldn't be :p23:19
flocculantnight chaps23:19
wxlnight buddy23:19
wxlbe well23:19
yofelflocculant: ok thanks. We'll probably just wait until there's news about ubiquity though23:21

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