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old_benztimeax: yeah what’s up01:37
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HightmrowbeatzI have a question. Not sure if its a stupid question or a queation that's worth asking. Anyway, I own the HTC M8 running wimdows 10 preview and was wondering if ubuntu was possible to run on it?05:03
lotuspsychje!devices | Hightmrowbeatz05:06
ubot5Hightmrowbeatz: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices05:06
lotuspsychjeHightmrowbeatz: see also the XDA forums for existing projects perhaps05:06
HightmrowbeatzThank you05:06
HighrowbeatzWell since my device is not on ayny list on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices does that mean no I can't get ubuntu on my device?05:49
lotuspsychjeHighrowbeatz: unless someone ports it, not yet05:51
lotuspsychjeHighrowbeatz: you can buy a device with ubuntu touch on it, or buy a second hand nexus device05:52
KirruWow what is this?06:40
orsonmmzhi everyone08:04
orsonmmzdo you know if there is an option to change the color theme to dark?08:04
Stanley00orsonmmz: no, but you can try change the value in /usr/share/themes/... (iirc) <= do it at your own risk08:05
orsonmmzStanley00: cool, thx ;)08:06
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ck_mfchas anyone already encrypted his phone and could say anything about performance?08:42
Smurphyhow can one encrypt his phone ?08:45
SmurphyNever tried it so far.08:45
ck_mfcmaybe same as on the desktop version of ubuntu. with LUKS08:51
sil2100Elleo: hey!09:40
sil2100Elleo: did you manage to take a look at removing the fonts-droid package in ubuntu-keyboard?09:40
Elleosil2100: oh sorry, I haven't yet, I'll do that today10:09
sil2100Elleo: thanks, that would unblock a few people - doko was asking about it today, I guess they finally want to get rid of it completely10:10
jgdxpete-woods, hey, were you able to repro?11:08
pete-woodsjgdx: I've put a fix in the upcoming silo11:13
pete-woodsjgdx: what were the symptoms for you? just noise in the log?11:13
jgdxpete-woods, I couldn't create a connection11:14
pete-woodsjgdx: oh right, it wasn't doing that for me11:14
jgdxpete-woods, what silo is that?11:14
pete-woodsjgdx: 5611:14
jgdxpete-woods, okay, this was on the desktop, but it used to work very well11:14
pete-woodsjgdx: hmm, maybe network manager got more strict or something..11:15
pete-woodsI do most of my testing for it on the desktop11:15
pete-woodsas it's just much faster to do the build/test cycle11:15
jgdxsame here11:15
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timeaxHi peoples ;)12:21
timeaxI'm in troubles again with my attempt to port ubuntu touch on my mi2s12:23
seb128dbarth__, hey, is cordova-ubuntu still something we use/care about?13:06
seb128pitti, ^13:06
seb128it uses geoclue-gypsy which is currently in a package not building, we are wondering if that needs to be fixed or maybe could be cleaned out as deprecated13:08
pittidbarth__, seb128: I filed bug 1548811 with a summary and subscribed Ken and yuo13:16
ubot5bug 1548811 in geoclue-providers (Ubuntu) "FTBFS -- remove package?" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154881113:16
seb128pitti, danke13:16
timeaxPitty and seb128 are you expert in porting ubuntu touch to android devices?13:28
seb128timeax, no, I have no experience about that, sorry13:29
timeaxOh ok tnx anyway ;)13:29
lotuspsychjetimeax: mariogrip has a page about one+one port13:29
lotuspsychjetimeax: want the url?13:29
timeaxI tryied to contact him but i hadnt find him online13:30
timeaxYes please maybe i could find something useful13:30
lotuspsychjetimeax: here's one about the fairphone: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2016/02/fairphone-2-ubuntu-touch-port-now-underway13:32
timeaxTnx a lot, now i check it :)13:32
lotuspsychjetimeax: http://news.softpedia.com/news/canonical-presents-sony-xperia-z1-and-oneplus-one-as-ubuntu-phones-500658.shtml13:33
dbarth__seb128, pitti: cordova-ubuntu can be removed from the archive, it's only managed as a github/npm module now13:33
seb128dbarth__, can you write that on the bug?13:35
dbarth__i just did ;)13:35
jgdxpete-woods, silo 56 allows me to add connections.13:59
pittidbarth__: thanks14:04
mterrycyphermox, do you have time to look at https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/timezonemap/alternate-names/+merge/280194 ?14:06
mterrycyphermox, it's been sitting there for a while, I need to start chasing reviewers to make it happen I guess :)14:07
cyphermoxmterry: sure!14:15
mterrycyphermox, I might need a FFe at this point in xenial I guess...14:18
mterryBut maybe not.  Not really a feature feature14:18
mterryJust a new key to lookup14:18
cyphermoxthat's sounds feature to me14:19
mterrydang it cyphermox  :)14:19
seb128mterry, where do you plan to use that? (just wondering how that fits with the new geonames lib from larsu)14:19
cyphermoxseb128: it wouldn't be the only user anyway, ubiquity uses libtimezonemap, and IIRC other things do too14:20
seb128cyphermox, yeah, we sort of wanted to migrate from it to geonames though, for ubiquity as well14:21
cyphermoxit works just fine and needs next to nothing14:21
seb128I don't remember the details now :-/14:21
cyphermoxtbh I would rather keep the ubiquity requirements minimal14:21
seb128but I think whatever we were using didn't work offline14:22
mterryseb128, right -- I've discussed geonames lib with larsu in past -- geonames doesn't expose this functionality either and I asked him to add it.  So I'm just looking to get this in while we (the u8 wizard) is still using libtimezonemap14:22
mterryseb128, libtimezonemap did work offline to my knowledge14:22
seb128mterry, k14:22
mterryseb128, I was very confused to see you guys making a new library, when we had one that does the same thing that you already maintained anyway14:22
seb128mterry, the unity-control-center panel didn't work offline for some reason14:22
seb128well, the one we have also depends on gtk14:22
mterryseb128, I think part of it worked offline and part of it worked online14:23
seb128which is something we want to get ride for the touch image14:23
mterryseb128, sure, that's very fixable  :)14:23
mterryseb128, but anyway.  I'm on board with a new library14:23
seb128anyway, I'm not going to defend the choice much since I didn't really got involved in it14:23
mterryseb128, I just wanted this one feature, and had already written it by the time I had heard you guys made a new library14:23
seb128and larsu left now14:23
seb128unsure what's the best and how we fix it14:23
mterryseb128, I'm +1 on geonames.  It's a better API14:23
mterryseb128, it just surprised me14:23
mterryseb128, but I already have this patch lying around, and we're currently still using libtimezonemap...14:24
mterryseb128, is geonames ready to use?14:24
seb128mterry, yeah, makes sense14:24
seb128mterry, we use it in unity-control-center in xenialm14:24
seb128which is sort of why I mentioned that we had as plan to port ubiquity14:24
seb128that didn't happen though14:24
seb128and larsu is not around anymore, so dunno if somebody is going to pick that up14:25
mterryseb128, does geonames have the map data?14:25
mterryseb128, ah  :(14:25
cyphermoxseb128: in that case, might want to drop the depends on libtimezonemap1?14:25
cyphermox(from unity-control-center)14:25
mterryseb128, so maybe I should look at porting my patch to geonames too...  But we don't have a maintainer for it now?14:25
cyphermoxbut it seems to me like NIH syndrome is getting pretty bad when we have a library that works just fine already.14:26
seb128mterry, no we don't :-/14:26
seb128cyphermox, well, as said the one we have use gtk and we want gtk off the phone image14:26
cyphermoxah, that changes things14:26
seb128but maybe we still need the map/widget side of libtimezonemap14:26
mterryYeah, but it was only used for one part of the API14:26
seb128at least for ubiquity/u-c-c14:26
cyphermoxbut it's not ubiquity on the phone image anyway14:26
mterryWe use libtimezonemap in the phone already, just not the gtk bits (obviously)14:27
seb128they are part of the same binary though iirc?14:27
seb128mterry, cyphermox, bug #1455223 was the main motivation for the work iirc14:28
ubot5bug 1455223 in unity-control-center (Ubuntu) "[time and date] Searching for locations is slow and doesn't work offline" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/145522314:28
cyphermox*shrugs* tbh, whatever, if you want to change libraries, who am I to say no? ;)14:28
cyphermoxas long as things work, I'll be happy14:29
mterryseb128, hmm...  maybe they are...?  in which case we need to split it or use geonames in our branch that addes timezone support  :)14:29
Elleosil2100: all keyboards display fine without fonts-droid (and without adding fonts-noto), so all the other font packages we have installed already cover the fonts used by the keyboard, not sure if I should explicitly depend on one or more of them though14:29
mterryseb128, yeah I'm happy to have a new library.  And the new one seems as well maintained as the old one at this point  :)14:29
seb128mterry, cyphermox, let's not bother about it now, I don't think that's important enough to be on top of the priority list14:29
cyphermoxmterry: geonames or ubuntu-geonames?14:29
seb128I was just mentioning it14:30
cyphermoxI also get to care about ubuntu-geonames ;)14:30
seb128if that was the only thing keeping gtk+ on the touch image I would push to do something14:30
seb128but at this point it's not14:30
cyphermox(incidently, this may be part of the culprit for lookups online)14:30
mterryseb128, the branch using libtimezonemap is not on the image yet14:30
Elleosil2100: we only explicitly use the ubuntu font, so I might just add a dep for that14:30
seb128mterry, yeah, but settings use it for the tz selection iirc14:31
seb128mterry, so it's already there14:31
mterryseb128, ah true.  That library should just be split then14:31
mterryseb128, or geonames  :)14:31
seb128right, rather than I think14:31
seb128but that's a backlog item rather than a now one14:31
mterrycyphermox, alright...  let me try to redo my patch for geonames before you review it14:32
cyphermoxmterry: like I said, ubuntu-geonames or lp:geonames?14:32
cyphermoxI know nothing of lp:geonames :)14:32
mterrycyphermox, I assume ubuntu-geonames?  let me check14:33
mterrycyphermox, nope, not that14:33
Elleosil2100: is there already a bug for getting rid of fonts-droid somewhere?14:33
cyphermoxotherwise I can try to review but it won't be as helpful14:33
mterrycyphermox, yeah lp:geonames14:33
mterrycyphermox, I bet you're an indirect member of ~geonames-dev (you and 97 others), so you're just as qualified as anyone but Lars  :)14:34
cyphermoxam I still on the desktop team?14:34
mterrycyphermox, *I* am14:35
cyphermoxah, actually you're right, I'm indirectly a member14:35
cyphermoxI just don't do as much gtk/glib as before14:36
mterryseb128, so you system settings folk want to switch to geonames, but just haven't yet?14:38
sil2100Elleo: hey! Not sure if there is one14:38
seb128mterry, I didn't talk to the other guys about it, but yeah ideally since we don't want to depends on gtk and the lib we current use does14:39
mterryseb128, OK, maybe by making this patch, I'll become a Lars understudy and would know how to port something14:39
Elleosil2100: okay, will make one quickly then14:40
Elleosil2100: now that ubuntu-keyboard-japanese has landed can we add it to the seed?14:40
sil2100Elleo: the seed change has been released to the overlay already :)14:51
sil2100Elleo: the xenial one is waiting for ubuntu-keyboard to migrate from -proposed14:52
Elleosil2100: ah, awesome, thanks :)14:52
kenvandinebarry, any update on a fix for bug 1508081 ?14:58
ubot5bug 1508081 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "Fails to receive OTA updates" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/150808114:58
sil2100Elleo: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/language-selector/+bug/1468027 <- there's something like this for the font-droid it seems14:59
ubot5Launchpad bug 1468027 in ubuntu-meta (Ubuntu) "change default CJK fonts to Noto CJK" [Medium,In progress]14:59
Elleosil2100: thanks14:59
barrykenvandine: still working out how to test it ;)15:04
kenvandineElleo, ^^15:05
dobeyElleo: hi! do you know how i can construct a DownloadsList object in my tests?15:06
mterryseb128, doesn't look like geonames has map data after all.  So libtimezonemap still has a purpose15:07
mterryseb128, (we can move it over of course, but I don't know how gtk-specific that code is..  ltinkl might know)15:07
mterryltinkl, we were just talking about geonames and libtimezonemap.  How gtk-specific is the map info in libtimezonemap?15:07
ltinklmterry, I think there's a GtkWidget15:07
JamesTaitOoh, this could be interesting: http://igg.me/at/nexdock/x/823300515:07
mterryltinkl, but you managed to use map data without using gtk (i.e. in the wizard), right?15:07
mterryltinkl, I'm just wondering how hard it would be to move that code over to geonames15:07
ltinklmterry, yeah... and now that we have our own assets, I'll check again what's left of that dependency15:07
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seb128mterry, k, thanks for looking at it15:08
seb128I guess we can ask questions to larsu on #ubuntu-desktop, he's still around (though he might be off irc atm, I didn't seem him recently, maybe on vac on between the old and new job)15:09
mterryltinkl, we use our own assets, so we're not using libtimezonemap for the data?15:09
ltinklmterry, ah right yes, for getting the details (name, coords, etc)15:09
mterryltinkl, but not for the map?  So we have our own internal copy of that data?  Yikes, yeah we should move that to a central location, like geonames15:10
ltinklmterry, for the map too, it reuses the same database as well15:10
ltinklmterry, Depends: libtimezonemap-data15:11
Elleodobey: /2215:11
Elleodobey: in what context?15:11
mterryltinkl, right, but we have our own copy of the map images you're saying?15:12
Elleodobey: are these C++ tests?15:12
ltinklmterry, yes, own images, same shared DB15:12
mterryltinkl, right, so we should get those images into a shared location (i.e. geonames I guess)15:12
dobeyElleo: yes, gmock unit tests. i'm trying to call the MetadataDownloadsListCb of a call to getAllDownloadsWithMetadata (which is itself mocked)15:12
Elleodobey: have you taken a look at what the udm unittests do?15:13
Elleodobey: tests/downloads/client/test_client_manager.cpp <-- might be the best place to look15:14
Elleodobey: iirc you get a choice of either getting a downloadslist returned to you from a callback or from a signal15:14
dobeyElleo: hmm, i don't see it actually creating any DownloadsList in there15:16
dobeyElleo: or i guess i need to provide a mock implementation for that too, since the daemon implementation is private?15:21
Elleodobey: ah yeah, sorry, it doesn't create a downloadslist it just receives one15:22
SeferiHi, I was on the rc-proposed and kinda bricked my E5 after adding a PPA and updating.. :( It hangs on the bq screen at the boot. I tried "ubuntu-device-flash touch --channel=ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en --bootstrap" it transfers the files to the phone on fastboot but after reboot it hangs on bq screen again. And terminal fails with " Failed to enter Recovery"  I can't enter to recovery manually either (Power + Volume up). I t15:39
SeferiWhat can i do to recover?15:39
Elleosil2100: actually turns out removing fonts-droid does lose characters, just none of the obvious ones (you only find them if you input certain things in chinese and they get suggested on the word ribbon)15:42
sil2100Elleo: ok, so we'll have to reinclude the other recommended package then...15:43
Elleosil2100: fonts-noto doesn't have chinese characters, fonts-noto-cjk does but it's over 100MB extra space taken up15:43
sil2100hm, how much was noto-droid then?15:43
sil2100I mean15:43
Elleofonts-droid was 15MB15:44
sil2100Oh crap15:44
Elleofonts-noto-cjk is ~110MB15:44
Elleohaven't actually tested fonts-noto-cjk yet, as it's taking a *long* time to run fontconfig on that... ;)15:44
sil2100hah, well, I would say it's not feasible to include that in touch anyway...15:45
sil2100Could you join #ubuntu-devel and poke LocutusOfBorg about it? He's the main guy driving the whole initiative15:45
sil2100He might have some more knowledge about the actual font packages15:46
SeferiWhere can i get help about my problem?15:47
ck_mfcanyone already tried to encrypt his phone?15:52
P_E_T_Ohi, when I translate touch to my language, can I import it in it and test it?15:52
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peat-psuwitabeato: Have you had a look at my oFono PR?15:58
abeatopeat-psuwit, yes, a quick look, not time to do a full code review yet15:58
peat-psuwitabeato: Thank you.16:01
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jgdxmzanetti, hey, were you able to work around bug 1498683?16:07
ubot5bug 1498683 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit (Ubuntu) "ItemSelector breaks when setting selectedIndex by interaction and programmatically" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/149868316:07
mzanettijgdx, no16:11
SeferiHi, I was on the rc-proposed and kinda bricked my E5 after adding a PPA and updating.. :( It hangs on the bq screen at the boot. I tried "ubuntu-device-flash touch --channel=ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/bq-aquaris.en --bootstrap" it transfers the files to the phone on fastboot but after reboot it hangs on bq screen again. And terminal fails with " Failed to enter Recovery"  I can't enter to recovery manually either (Power + Volume up). I tri16:22
Seferied "fastboot -w" to wipe userdata and cache and tried installing again with same result...16:22
SeferiWhat can i do?16:22
mhall119hey guys, who's working on the system-settings app?16:34
greybackSeferi: holding down Power+VolUp should work. Is good to release power when the LED goes red as it reboots. You can then choose fastboot, and try the ubuntu-device-flash command above16:35
greybackSeferi: http://askubuntu.com/questions/602035/how-do-i-use-ubuntu-device-flash-with-the-bq-aquaris-e4-5-and-aquaris-e5 a good guide16:35
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Seferi@greyback I will try and report back mate, thanks16:44
greybackSeferi: it should be fine. Ensure device has charge too, sometimes that helps16:45
amazoniantoadIs there any kind of app for spotify?16:55
timeaxHi peoples17:33
timeaxI need some help...i'm stuck17:33
timeaxIs there somebody who can help me in porting ubuntu touch on my phone?17:34
timeaxWhen i launch the make command it stop during the build17:35
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timeaxYeahhh its buidingggg :D18:37
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smaximusany news on xperia z1 and ubuntu?19:14
k1lthe z1 was presented at mwc, iirc19:18
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sergiusensrenatu, when are you updating your tracker app? :-)19:45
sergiusensrenatu, just wanted to say hello, the app is fine as it is fwiw ;-)19:45
renatusergiusens, I  thought nobody was using that :D19:46
renatusergiusens, how are you?19:46
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sergiusensrenatu, doing fine, do you use it though?19:53
sergiusensrenatu, just a lot of snapcrafting going on my side19:53
Bray90820Can I install ubuntu touch on any computer that supports the desktop version?19:54
lotuspsychjeBray90820: for the desktop unity8 will come19:56
Bray90820So unity 8 is  not out yet for the desktop?19:57
lotuspsychjeBray90820: you can test it already yes, but not final yet19:57
k1lBray90820: there is a test install with lxc19:57
Bray90820I am wondering because I have touchscreen netbook that I wanted to try it on19:58
lotuspsychjeBray90820: ive tested it in 16.04 but as i say, its not final yet, looks pretty simple still19:58
Bray90820How well does it work for not being GM yet19:59
lotuspsychjeBray90820: i personally didnt test the touch part, just mouse and feeled stable20:00
k1lits not a full desktop yet.20:00
Bray90820I was gonna test it on a 10 inch touch screen20:00
Bray90820Does unity 8 come with its own touch screen different from onboard?20:02
lotuspsychjeBray90820: didnt test the touch part myself, maybe you can test20:03
dobeyBray90820: unity8 uses ubuntu-keyboard which is based on mailit, for the keyboard20:09
Bray90820dobey: thanks20:09
xhoch3if I want to make modifications to the ubuntu touch base system, where would I start?20:34
xhoch3so I was reading this: https://sturmflut.github.io/ubuntu/touch/2015/05/06/hacking-ubuntu-touch-part-2-devices-and-images/20:38
xhoch3but actually I just want to help improve the "official" image20:39
dobeywhat changes do you want to make?20:39
xhoch3like performance optimization, visual changes, etc.20:39
dobeyyou probably want to join the ubuntu-phone mailing list20:40
xhoch3I am a coder, but actually I have never developed operating systems20:40
dobeyand read the archives20:40
dobeyand otherwise, just generally follow the bugs list for the bits you're interested in helping with, and providing patches to fix things, if you can20:40
xhoch3ok, joined here: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-phone20:41
Bray90820Installing unity 5 takes a year and a half :P20:41
Bray90820Or unity 8 I meant20:42
xhoch3well, idk, I just feel like I want to do something useful but I can't find any place like "here's the source, go for it" :)20:43
xhoch3I mean, there are the core apps20:43
xhoch3but what about the base system? ie. not the apps running on it, but the whole stack below20:44
k1lxhoch3: the mailinglist is a good place for that, imho. and i think help is appreciated :)20:45
xhoch3k1l, ok, I have just dropped a mail there20:52
dobeyxhoch3: the source is everywhere. :)21:52
k1lschrödingers source? its there and not there at the same time :)21:54
dobeyno. the source is there (well, except for proprietary driver blobs and such)22:00
dobeyit's just in a bunch of different places22:01
StuntsIs there a Ubuntu-touch bluetooth specific channel?22:27
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