rick_h_morning and such14:01
cmaloneyGood morning!14:26
cmaloneyHow's the morning so far?14:26
cmaloneyinbox zero looking less and less likely?14:27
rick_h_hah, wtf is that?!14:27
rick_h_only have to "loading more" once in my home account and twice on my work accoun?14:28
cmaloneyNah, it means everything in the inbox is captured appropriately, clarified, and put onto a list so you can create next actions from it and work from that list rather than your inbox. :)14:30
cmaloneyAlso: getting retweeted by Jeff Jarvis is a great way to blow up your Twitter.14:31
rick_h_what tweet did that?14:32
cmaloneyThe canary gets blamed for the coal mine disasters14:33
cmaloneyin response to some newspaper person going off on him for destroying newspapers14:33
rick_h_wtf, that was 10 years ago?! http://arstechnica.com/science/2016/02/bbc-planet-earth-ii-4k-uhd-drones/16:53
jrwren4k isn't enough. i want 8k ;]16:55
jrwrenkidding asside, i look forward to seeing this in 4k16:56
cmaloneyall the K16:56
cmaloney640K should be enough for everyone16:56
rick_h_ugh, anyone have a 4k tv?16:56
jrwrenwell that is pretty hot.  at 640Kelvins we'd all be dead.16:56
cmaloneyI had a 4 kilo TV16:56
jrwrenI have a 4k tv.16:56
rick_h_do you? cool I hadn't realized anyone was getting that deep into stuff16:57
cmaloneyI think we had a 45 kilo TV at one point16:57
* rick_h_ hasn't moved past 32" led and barely uses 1080p16:57
jrwrenI'm NOT a toy boy.16:57
jrwrenmy previous TV was 26"16:57
* rick_h_ is a toy boy...but not really into tv toys I guess16:58
cmaloneyI'm still running DVDs16:58
jrwrenok, i'm a cheap son of a bitch when it comes to toys, and when finally getting to bigger than 26" TV, it wasn't cost prohibitive16:58
rick_h_sdcard in the motox pure means "offline all the movies!" yay16:58
jrwrenkodi+samba share means offline all the movies... terabytes of them16:58
rick_h_how do you offline them onto planes?16:59
jrwreni don't.16:59
jrwrenwhat is a plane? :p16:59
jrwreni sleep on those, the 2 times a year I go on them (yes, only 2 times last year)16:59
rick_h_hah 'offline' == 'works on internetless plane'16:59
jrwren'offline' == works when my ISP is down17:00
jrwrenwe have fun different definitions of offline.  I like them.17:00
cmaloneyoffline is whenever the power goes out and the battery on the phone loses charge.18:45
cmaloneyor if I'm in a plane18:45
cmaloneywhich happens about once a decade18:45
cmaloneyI've been on a plane I think four times in my life18:46
* cmaloney counts on his fingers18:46
cmaloney(two times for Classic Gaming Expo in 1999 / 2000, once for ALU, and once for Pycon 2014)18:46
rick_h_wed i'll hit gold status for 2016  wheee18:48
cmaloneyThere's only been 2 months18:48
cmaloneynot even18:48
rick_h_yea, crazy start to the year18:48
cmaloney(OK, that doesn't include return trips)18:48
cmaloneyso 8 times18:48
jrwrenrick_h_: that was quick.18:51
jrwrensomeday, i'll be bronze.18:52
jrwreni couldn't figure out all teh status, then I realized it is just lick starcraft2 ladder.18:52
rick_h_jrwren: yea, well 15k of the 50k (600 miles short today) were carry over18:52
_stink_i just play nethack on flights18:58
rick_h_here you go cmaloney, for next nanowrimo or whatever it is http://techcrunch.com/2016/02/23/freewrite-the-distraction-free-smart-typewriter-is-now-on-sale/18:59
rick_h_ok, I want to play with one19:01
rick_h_but not enough to buy one, so someone else get one so I can try it out :P19:01
cmaloneyYeah, I aaaaalmost got one of those.19:03
cmaloneyThey're made in Detroit19:03
cmaloneyNot $500 worth of writing though19:03
cmaloneyI have a Model 100 that will suit the bill (NEC 8201A, but still)19:04
rick_h_it's cool, love the eink screen idea19:04
rick_h_but $500 means you need to make some $$ from writing on it I think19:05
cmaloneyI'd have to make a lot of money from writing19:05
rick_h_I don't know about that. I mean, a good tool you need to make back in a few months?19:05
rick_h_I mean a couple of grand a month in writing and it'd be totally worth it if it helped you write?19:06
cmaloneyOh totally. If I made my living writing and the difference between me writing and fucking around on the internet meant > $500 I'd buy it in a second.19:07
cmaloneybut it saves .txt files19:08
cmaloney"The Freewrite will last between 3-4 weeks with normal usage, which we define as 30 minute of writing per day, with Wi-Fi turned off."19:09
cmaloneyThis would be awesome for rick_h_'s version of "Travel's with Charlie"19:09
rick_h_Travels with Charlie?19:09
* rick_h_ does not get reference19:09
cmaloneyWorking NEC 8201a with Full Bank of RAM (32k RAM) – $129.9919:15
cmaloneyThat's awesome.19:16
cmaloneynot sure about the $40 for his transfer software though19:16
* cmaloney is half-tempted to bring one to the next CHC19:16
jrwreni remember those tandy's.19:22
cmaloneyYeah, Rat Shack had a ton of them19:23
jrwrenwell yeah, tandy.19:25
cmaloneyThey'll always be Rat Shack to me19:27
cmaloneyTandy Radio Shack model ...19:27
cmaloneyStill think the  MOdel 3 was a damn sexy machine19:27
jrwrenmakes me wonder...19:28
jrwrenwhat if dell or acer had bought ratshack and used it to peddle their garbage.19:28
cmaloneyGateway would have done it19:28
cmaloneyhad they not had their ill-performing showrooms they would have totally bought Radio Shack19:28
cmaloneyand turned them into steaming piles of garbage.19:29
jrwrenwell, gateway is acer now.19:31
cmaloneywoo woo19:33
jrwreni always forget taht there actually aren't that many manufacturers or even sellers these days.19:33
jrwreni'm used to the late 90s where everyone was selling their own desktops and laptops19:34
cmaloneyYeah, now it's all a handful of manufacturers19:34
cmaloneyI'm surprised Costco doesn't have Kirkland laptops19:34
cmaloney(please don't tell me they have Kirkland laptops)19:35
jrwreni'm kinda surprised too19:39
jrwrenmight as well buy a clevo and stick their name on it.19:40
jrwrenthey are probably too smart for that cuz they know its a support nightmare.19:40
jrwrennot much to support wine, peanut butter, and olive oil ;]19:40

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