alkisgHi, I have a program that broadcasts the teacher screen to students, how can I notify xorg that the students' PCs are not "idle" so that their screensaver doesn't get activated?08:02
alkisgOr, in other words, is there a way to reset xorg screensaver/dkms timers?08:06
* alkisg checks if `xset s reset` is what he's looking for...08:27
alkisgAh, xdg-screensaver reset, nice08:36
marlincThe issues I was having with NVIDIA on my laptop with hybrid graphics has been resolved08:44
marlincNot sure what exactly fixed it but I tried again yesterday and now it works08:44
marlincOf course there have been a lot of updates in between then and now :)08:44
tjaaltonbut not using the staging ppa?08:45
marlincI haven't tested on the staging API08:47
tjaaltonright, it should break08:47
marlincIf you want I can try to see what happens when I boot over to the install with the staging PPA08:48
tjaaltonno need08:49
tjaaltonI know it breaks08:49
marlincOkay ;)08:51
marlincWant me to close the bug report on Launchpad?08:51
tjaaltongo ahead08:51
gsedej_workmarlinc, i have laptop with hybrid graphics. Were you able to solve problem? I had to "apt-get puge nvidia-355" and install again12:15
ricotztjaalton, hi, my ironlake doesnt like your +bpo216:10
tjaaltonricotz: oh, how come?17:36
ricotztjaalton, it hard-froze on startup, reverted back to plain -7.22 (needed the laptop)17:51
ricotzI assume it hang on initializing gdm (gnome-shell)17:52
tjaaltonricotz: you had -extra too?18:02
ricotztjaalton, of course18:05
tjaaltonhad to ask :)18:05
tjaaltonadd a note to the bug18:06
ricotztjaalton, have you checked some older generations?18:06
tjaaltonso it won't get pulled yet18:06
ricotzI guess I can try 4.5rc5 (which isnt that bleeding edge compared to your build)18:07
tjaaltonactually i didn't try this version, but will test it soon18:08
ricotzif there was a ~bpo1 I didnt got it18:09
ricotztjaalton, is support for Iris 540 (i7-6560U) already included in the official archive18:17
ricotz(ironlake looks fine on 4.5rc5)18:19
tjaaltonricotz: if it's one of the newest pciid's, then maybe not18:25
tjaaltonbut it will18:28
tjaaltonkernel and mesa don't have it18:34
tjaaltonricotz: yup, bpo2 broken on bdw too, should be easy to figure out what it was..18:54
tjaaltonricotz: lol! i wonder how that kernel built without drm/i915/intel_display.c :P19:10
tjaaltonalso, what the hell happened to it19:10
tjaaltonheh, git fail19:14
tjaaltongit usage fail to be precise19:14
tjaaltonif there's a merge conflict and you don't add the conflicting file, it'll get removed..19:15
ricotztjaalton, seems to be available in 11.1 already :) -- "include/pci_ids/i965_pci_ids.h:CHIPSET(0x1923, skl_gt3, "Intel(R) Iris Graphics 540 (Skylake GT3e)")21:12
ricotztjaalton, hehe. quite some fail ;P21:12
tjaaltonbut not the only fail, it still hangs21:31
ricotztjaalton, is this suppose to get the official kernel?22:00
ricotzI assume you are targetting to backport the proposed 4.6 intel-stack?22:01
tjaaltonthere are just three commits that could22:01
tjaalton've broken it22:01
tjaaltonsomething 4.6-ish22:02
tjaaltonlike last time it was 4.2-ish22:02
ricotzI see22:02
tjaaltonfirst iteration worked on bdw too, then rebase to -02-14 needed a few commits to drm core which broke it22:03
tjaaltonso now I'll test reverting stuff from the _bpo instead to see which one of the three it was22:03
ricotzgood luck!22:06
tjaaltonit just takes time22:07
ricotztjaalton, you should request some more space for the ppa ;)22:13
tjaaltonis it full?22:14
tjaaltonseems so22:15
tjaaltonkernel blew it :)22:15
=== RAOF_ is now known as RAOF
tjaaltonmakes no sense, after all reverts it still fails23:29
tjaaltonoh well23:33

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