theblazehenMaaz tell magespawn I think /usr/local is recommended. And then /opt is used by what I can best describe as "application bundles", say proprietary software that doesn't fit neatly into the normal fhs. I have "firefox-developer  MYGUI  OGRE  phpstorm  teamviewer  unigine-valley" for example03:01
Maaztheblazehen: Okay, I'll tell magespawn on freenode03:01
Kilosmorning everyone05:03
theblazehenhi Kilos05:23
Kiloshi theblazehen 05:25
Kilosinetpro will you do the G+ and tweet reminders please05:25
Kilosor chesedo 05:26
KilosMaaz announce Meeting tonight , here, at 20.30 everybody05:27
MaazAnnouncement from Kilos! Meeting tonight , here, at 20.30 everybody05:27
theblazehenhi thatgraemeguy dlPhreak06:09
dlPhreakHow are you doing theblazehen ?06:10
theblazehenAlright and you dlPhreak?06:10
dlPhreakTired. My insomnia had me up till 3am.. nothing that a crap tonne of caffeine won't take care of tho.06:13
Kiloshi theblazehen dlPhreak 06:15
dlPhreakMorning Kilos 06:15
theblazehendlPhreak: Sucks.. Yeah, couldn't sleep either. got 2 hours at most. At least I feel like I had a *lot* of coffee, although I didn't actually. It's actually a kind of awesome feeling06:16
theblazehenHi Kilos06:16
Kiloshi theblazehen  too06:16
dlPhreakI know that feeling.06:16
theblazehendlPhreak: You also get that like really wired feeling?06:17
theblazehenI do this from time to time.06:17
dlPhreakWhen I haven't slept for more than a day, I feel slightly nauseated and I just want to be in sunlight.06:18
theblazehenWow, that sucks. Yeah, doesn't happen often for me. Only when I skip my meds. So I can choose when I do it. Really useful if you have an exam the next day..06:19
dlPhreakLol I actually like it.06:20
thatgraemeguyyou people need serious medical help06:22
thatgraemeguyI would sleep 12 hours a day if I could :-p06:22
theblazehenthatgraemeguy: Yeah, I got :) It's just when I don't have that I can't sleep, I normally aim for 9 hours06:23
thatgraemeguyif only!06:24
dlPhreakIf I sleep more than 6 hours I just feel groggy and lazy.06:24
theblazehenWow, it would be awesome if I could sleep that little... Did that (6 hours) for a few weeks before, it was hell06:25
Kiloshi cal_py 06:25
cal_pymorning Kilos hows the head?06:26
Kilosbit better ty06:26
dlPhreakIt took me weeks to build the habbit.06:26
Kilostakes coupla days after heavy physical stuff06:26
cal_pygood good06:26
cal_pymorning dlPhreak 06:27
dlPhreakHow's your i3 install coming?06:27
cal_pygood just need to figure out how to set up wifi networks in ubuntu minimal06:28
cal_pywpa_passphrse and moding /etc/network/interfaces06:30
theblazehencal_py: I find netctl is easier06:31
cal_pydoes it come with ubuntu-minimal theblazehen 06:31
theblazehencal_py: Not sure, I don't think it's compatible with network manager though06:32
cal_pyis network manager the gui tool?06:32
theblazehenI'm running arch, so I can choose which I one06:32
theblazehenAFAIK there are GUI interfaces and CLI interfaces to network manager06:33
dlPhreakNetworkManager is the default one in ubuntu but you can use nmcli06:33
cal_pymy plan, get wifi, install i306:33
dlPhreakwpa_supplicant is a biatch.06:33
cal_pyunless you write to op to a file06:34
theblazehenhttp://paste.pound-python.org/show/1qIEBOGEkEFmNoA3R65j/ my netctl wifi config06:35
theblazehenQuite simple06:35
dlPhreakYeah I've used netctl on gentoo and it was pretty easy.06:36
cal_pyahhhhh, everyone is pro netctl06:39
dlPhreakI should probably star working. .06:41
cal_pyna, 06:43
chesedomorning all06:47
chesedoKilos: will see in a bit06:47
cal_pyi've given up how do i use netctl06:55
cal_pynvm, got it working :) :) :)07:05
cal_pynot really, just wrote the networks details to /etc/network/interfaces07:07
Private_Usermorning all07:38
dlPhreakI need somebody!08:01
chesedoHelp with??08:02
cal_pyI can only startx as root08:03
chesedooh boy!08:04
* chesedo has no idea how to handle that...08:04
chesedohave you checked the logs?08:05
Kiloshow did you get to there08:05
cal_pyI installed ubuntu minimal and i3\08:05
Kilosyou can become root08:05
Kilosdoes sudo not work?08:05
chesedodoes minimal even need X?08:06
cal_pyi guess it does if you want i308:06
Kiloscal_py sudo not working as root08:06
Kilosif you must become root you can sudo -i but not wise if sudo works08:07
cal_pyproblem is that startx wont work at my normal user level it only works as root08:09
Kilosok try sudo -i08:09
Kilosthen you are root08:09
dlPhreakHe doesn't want to run it as root.08:09
Kiloscant he then go change permissions so user can startx as well08:10
cal_pyhow do you do that?08:12
theblazehencal_py: I've dealt with that before08:12
theblazehenCan you post your ~/.xinitrc ?08:12
cal_pyhow do i slay this dragon theblazehen ?08:12
theblazehenI remember it was quite simple. Post your xinitrc let me see. Do you have wgetpaste? Then you can just wgetpaste ~/.xinitrc08:13
theblazehenOh, and also rm ~/.Xauthority then try again as a normal user08:14
cal_pythats the error it says it can lock .Xauthority08:15
theblazehenAfter you ran rm on it? Okay08:16
theblazehenWhat's your xinitrc?08:16
theblazehenThat was one of my problems before I think08:16
cal_pyis wgetpaste a program?08:18
theblazehenYeah. Might be in repos08:18
theblazehencal_py: https://www.question-defense.com/2009/10/22/wgetpaste-upload-directly-to-pastebin-from-the-linux-shell08:19
cal_pywifi died08:23
cal_pykeeps doing that08:23
theblazehencal_py: Keeps failing? I need to see your ~/.xinitrc so I can see if the problem is there08:29
cal_pyive downloaded and extracted wgetpaste08:30
cal_pybut cant seem to figure out how to use it08:30
theblazehencal_py: Ok `cat ~/.xinitrc | curl -F 'clbin=<-' https://clbin.com` should work08:31
cal_py.xinitrc: No such file08:33
dlPhreakDo you have a .xinitrc in your /root?08:38
cal_pylemme check08:38
cal_py    /root is empty08:39
dlPhreakI think ubuntu ignores the .xinitrc.08:40
cal_pymaybe its because i chaged my password after install08:41
dlPhreakWhat password?08:42
cal_pyuser password08:42
theblazehencal_py: cp /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc ~/.xinitrc08:42
theblazehenthen edit it to launch the desktop you want08:42
theblazehenThe filename in /etc/X11 might be a bit different on Ubuntu08:43
cal_pyas root?08:43
theblazehenno, normal user08:44
cal_pyok i have copied xinitrc, so what do i put in the file to start i3?08:44
theblazehendoes it mention starting anything else at the bottom? Remove that08:44
theblazehenthen at the end add `exec i3`08:45
theblazehencal_py: Just mention my name when you reply, so I get a notification08:45
cal_pyok theblazehen, must i reboot now?08:46
theblazehencal_py: Nah, just run startx again08:46
cal_pyok it just hangs08:46
cal_pytheblazehen, sorry keep forgetting to link your name08:46
theblazehenOk, meaning black screen, or does it show the lines showing that Xorg is starting?08:47
cal_pytheblazehen, after a while i get the unable to lock .Xauthority08:47
cal_pynope in terminal theblazehen 08:47
cal_pytheblazehen, now it's in a blank screen look slike its trying to start08:48
theblazehencal_py: Ok. If it doesn't start can you paste your /var/log/Xorg.0.log with the command above?08:48
cal_pyone sec theblazehen 08:51
cal_pytheblazehen, pastebin.com/8677NrS108:55
theblazehencal_py: Maybe try and add your user to the video and input groups? Didn't see anything strange in the logs. Or you can test a .xinitrc with only `exec i3` in it, and if that doesn't work `exec xterm` or whatever you have installed08:58
cal_pyhow do i add user to those groups? theblazehen 09:00
theblazehencal_py: sudo usermod -a -G video $USER09:01
theblazehenand same for inpu09:01
cal_py$USER being my username?09:01
cal_pythere seems to be no input group09:03
theblazehenyes. Or you can leave it as $USER, that's an env var that has your username09:03
theblazehenOk, and you're added to video?09:03
theblazehenGive it a go again09:03
cal_pystill the same thing theblazehen 09:04
theblazehencal_py: And with only exec i3 in your ,xinitrc?09:04
theblazehenHmm. And you can't use a really simple display manager such as slim? It's what I use, should work for you. no KMS on nvidia :(09:06
cal_pyI think i found the issue theblazehen 09:09
theblazehencal_py: What was it?09:09
cal_pyjust rebooting to confirm09:12
cal_pyahhhh youre ganna wanna kill me theblazehen it was ecryptfs-mount-private09:15
theblazehenAhh.. haha. It's all cool cal_py09:15
cal_pyso do i have to run that every time i boot?09:16
theblazehencal_py: which? ecryptfs-mount-private ?09:16
theblazehenYou could eg do in xinitrc `encryptfs-mount-private; exec i3`09:20
cal_pyit needs a password everytime theblazehen 09:27
theblazehencal_py: For when you start it? So then you need to do it before startx or what?09:28
theblazehenDoes normal ubuntu do that transaprently?09:28
theblazehenmaybe check https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/ECryptfs#Auto-mounting09:29
cal_pyi have todo it before i startx but it needs a password09:29
theblazehencal_py: check https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/ECryptfs#Auto-mounting maybe?09:35
cal_pytrying it now theblazehen 09:37
cal_pytheblazehen, i dont have system-auth in pam.d09:39
theblazehencal_py: Hmm, alright. Have a look in the files in /etc/X11/xinit. See if they mention anything, then you can just merge that into your .xinitrc09:44
cal_pytheblazehen, theres two files xinitrc and xserverrc09:47
cal_pyi'm not sure what i looking for09:48
theblazehenin xinitrc, any mention of anything related to ecryptfs?09:48
cal_pynope just startx stuff09:53
theblazehenOkay. And with normal ubuntu login you don't need to do that/09:54
theblazehen? *09:54
theblazehenOther option is having a look at another way to automate the mounting of ecryptfs09:55
theblazehenmaybe echo password | ecryptfs-mount-private or something09:55
cal_pyand the put that in xinitrc?09:57
cal_pytheblazehen, inappropriate ioctl for device09:59
cal_pytheblazehen, found this http://askubuntu.com/questions/411702/ubuntu-12-04-keyring-broken-signature-not-found-in-user-keyring-perhaps-try-the10:01
dlPhreakJust install arch..10:02
theblazehendlPhreak: Easiest solution :) cal_py yeah, you can try it inxinitrc10:04
cal_pyfixed :)10:04
cal_pywhat distro do you use theblazehen 10:04
thatgraemeguyhttp://i.imgur.com/DO6T3m7.png anyone know what that is trying to tell me?10:05
thatgraemeguyno tooltip on mouseover10:05
theblazehencal_py: Arch. Easiest one for me, as I know how all the components fit together etc, so I find it easier to see what to fix if things break. Also, rolling release, and has very up to date packages10:05
theblazehenthatgraemeguy: Laptop? Is your touchpad turned off maybe?10:06
dlPhreakI installed manjaro netinstall the other day.10:06
cal_pyyeah i;ve heard that, I tried insalling it but us quite hectic for a noob10:06
thatgraemeguytheblazehen: laptop yes, I just used the touchpad to test, works10:06
magespawngood day all10:12
Maazmagespawn: By the way, theblazehen on freenode told me "tell magespawn I think /usr/local is recommended. And then /opt is used by what I can best describe as "application bundles", say proprietary software that doesn't fit neatly into the normal fhs. I have "firefox-developer  MYGUI  OGRE  phpstorm  teamviewer  unigine-valley" for example" 7 hours, 11 minutes and10:12
Maaz24 seconds ago10:12
cal_pywifi wont work now :(10:13
magespawnthanks theblazehen 10:13
theblazehencal_py: that sucks..10:16
cal_pywhat do you thin netctl?10:16
cal_pydoes it re-write /etc/network/interfaces10:17
theblazehenNah, iirc /etc/network/ is managed by network manager. netctl is its own thing10:19
=== qwebirc23332 is now known as Iqbal
IqbalNeed some help with setting up my wireless network connection13:11
IqbalAnybody out there?13:16
cal_pyhey Iqbal what seems to be the fault?13:19
magespawnchat later, see you all at the meeting14:10
Kilosai! major telkom server crash. got some voda airtime so i can make tonights meeting14:53
Kilosinetpro you gonna find karl for us15:12
dlPhreakIs it a public meeting?15:33
Kiloseveryone welcome15:33
Kilosdid you get the mail in the list dlPhreak ?15:34
dlPhreakI might make it. I have band practice 6-8 so as long as we don't get wasted I will come.15:34
dlPhreakLol I still haven't joined the mailling list..15:34
dlPhreakNot that I read my email anyway.15:34
dlPhreakI only read my work email these days.15:34
dlPhreakLemme just do it right now.15:35
Kilosgo to the site and join us on launchpad15:35
Kilosand dont get wasted tonight15:36
Kilosohi superfly 15:36
Kilosi dont know how to get hold of karl so he doesnt forget tonights meeting15:36
KilosdlPhreak you just as naughty as you were when you were dlimit15:37
dlPhreakI prefer the word devious.. XD15:38
dlPhreakHahaha yeah that's me15:38
Kilosyou used to be in port shepstone area? or have i got you mixed up with someone else15:39
dlPhreakYes, Margate.15:40
dlPhreakMy buddy cal is in south port on the other side of port sheptstone.15:40
Kilosah i know that area in memory a bit15:42
Kilosi built all those prefab exchange buidings down the coast many years ago15:42
KilosCryterion meeting tonight hey15:42
dlPhreakGotta go chat laterz 15:43
Cryterionyes, read your mail, I'll be around here15:43
Kiloslol ty15:43
Kilosi hope inetpro hasnt got telkom probs as well also too16:49
Kiloshi cal_py glad you could make it16:52
Kilos1 1/2 hours to go16:53
cal_pyfor sure Kilos16:53
Kilosis your i3 fixed16:53
cal_py85% hahaha16:53
Kilosi looked at that but not my cup of tea16:53
Kilosi like something that just works like kubuntu16:54
cal_pyI like the fact that you use all of your screen real estate, to me that a cool concept16:54
Kilosi just add workspaces, 10 gives me more than enough to do everything16:55
cal_pyhaha I would hope so!16:56
Kilosi go eat, keep an eye open for kmf please, im hoping he gets here before the meeting starts17:00
Kiloshi qwebirc2207 17:05
=== qwebirc2207 is now known as Iqbal
Kilosah hi Iqbal 17:05
Kilosim just eating then ill be back17:06
IqbalThanks for your help last week. I was out of town17:06
Kilosbut hang around for our meeting at 20.30 too17:06
Kilosthats why we are here17:06
IqbalMy laptop miraculously started up with my Ubuntu 12 cd17:08
IqbalI reinstalled 12, now just need to install the drivers for the wireless connection17:10
superflyhi kmf17:51
superflyKilos: here's kmf17:51
Kilosyay ty superfly 17:52
Kiloskmf wb i was fretting17:52
kmf@Kilos @superfly relax :)17:52
* superfly is always relaxed17:52
superflykmf: this is not Twitter17:52
Kilosya leave the @ out17:53
kmfKilos, superfly jammer ... force of habit17:53
Kiloskmf i wanted to ask you a few things about the project17:53
kmfyes go for it17:53
Kilosthere is some interest in the list as well, hope wwk can make it tonight17:54
Kilosfirst where are you going to do the work on the pcs17:54
Kilosif we can get you some helpers we will need to know that17:55
kmfexcellent question ... my wife was asking the same thing17:55
Kilossecond question17:55
kmfask all and I will respond when you are done17:55
Kiloswhere can you get pcs from to rebuild17:55
Kilosno man my brain works one thing at a time17:56
inetprogood  mornings18:00
Kilosohi inetpro wb18:00
superflymorning inetpro18:00
Kilosthought the telkom server crash had got you as well18:01
kmfsince it's community project the loco member can format and install a donated machine18:01
inetproKilos: no it's just an ordinary crash of the system at the end of another busy day18:01
Kilosthey still havent got it fixed, since 11.30 this morning18:02
kmfKilos, I can't be the single point of failure :) ... it's a distributed project for max impact18:02
inetproKilos: I mean my own system is just tired18:03
Kilosi have bento running on desktop in front of me with hexchat trying to connect18:03
Kilosinetpro get some 33% food grade peroxide18:04
inetprokmf: where do we get old systems to refurbish?18:04
kmfas for the second question, Kilos, my mother is running a donation bank ... so she gets quite a few computers in 18:04
Kilos3 drops in a glass of water 3 times a day helps your system lekker18:04
inetproKilos: I'm good thanks18:04
kmfKilos ... keeping you regular :)18:05
Kilosnono it helps for feeling tired and gets your system working properly18:05
Kilosthe important things, not the poop tube18:05
inetproany normal person needs a rest at the end of a working day18:05
kmfKilos ... ah the "System" firing on all cylinders 18:06
Kiloshi fusionsparc 18:06
Kiloswell kmf well try get you some helpers and then worry bout where to do it18:06
fusionsparcHi Kilos...how are you?18:07
Kilosand then we push for the logo thing18:07
inetproKilos: don't stop asking the questions now18:07
Kilosgood tyand you18:07
kmfKilos need to disconnect and switch connections .... see you at 20:3018:07
inetprocan't get this 3letter dude get away so easily18:07
fusionsparcgood...:)...the week is one day  shorter..18:08
Kilosok kmf18:08
Kiloshe has got me excited about this inetpro 18:08
Kilosbut i think we need to make the18:08
Kilosthat he spends more time here18:09
KilosMaaz google health benefits of taking food grade peroxide18:10
MaazKilos: "Food Grade Peroxide Cures - Earth Clinic" http://www.earthclinic.com/remedies/food-grade-hydrogen-peroxide-cures.html :: "Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide's Health Benefits - Livestrong.com" http://www.livestrong.com/article/491009-food-grade-hydrogen-peroxides-health-benefits/ :: "Food-Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Health Benefits - YouTube"18:10
Maazhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXWXhp6aFuw :: "Hydrogen Peroxide natural traditional remedies - Grow Youthful" h…18:10
Kilosinetpro lees die goed18:10
Kilosyou can ask ian how it has helped him18:11
Kilosyou are too young to always be tired18:11
CryterionHi, meeting at 20:30?18:13
inetproKilos: I'm not that tired, seriously18:13
Kilosread the links18:13
inetprojust an excuse 18:13
Kilosit helps for more than just tired18:13
Kilosi need you guys to live a long time still18:14
Kilosyou have to hold the fort while im in aus18:14
cal_pyhow long you going for?18:14
Kilos9 hour time zone diffs is heavy18:14
Cryterionyou going down under Kilos18:14
Kilos3 months hopefully18:14
inetproonly 3 months?18:15
* inetpro thought it would be 3 years at least18:15
Kiloswell thats how long they grant visas for18:15
Kiloswith luck it can be 20 years18:16
Kiloswhy you think im into health things18:16
Cryterionhmm, and here in africa you get 1month18:16
Cryterionper year18:16
Kiloswell costs to get there are much more18:17
inetproCryterion: where's that?18:17
Cryterionwell business visa anyway18:17
Cryterion30days per year18:17
Kiloswhat can a business accomplish in 1 month18:17
Kiloslook for a workaround18:17
Cryteriondon't try 20 in september then 20 following year in feb say, doesn't work18:18
Kilosim just gonna go rest18:18
Kilosand get to know my daughter18:18
Kilosand her mom of course18:19
Kilosoh ill be late tomorrow18:19
Kilosgoing hospital at 6 am18:19
cal_pyyou ok?18:19
Kilosya just need prostate meds18:20
cal_pyahh ok18:20
Kilosbut its a long thing in state hospitals18:20
Kilosinetpro think of some questions for the 3 letter man18:21
Kilosand explain this to me please18:22
Kilos<kmf> Kilos, I can't be the single point of failure :) ... it's a distributed project for max impact18:22
Kiloswe can maybe get approval and have subs in other areas18:22
inetproKilos: it's called cheap labor 18:23
Kilosall ubuntu peeps are cheap labourers18:23
inetprooom Kilos and his buddies are the ones who will do the work for free18:24
Kilosthe payment is in the knowlege that you have done some good for others18:24
Kiloswb kmf 18:24
Kiloschesedo you awake?18:25
chesedohmm, don't know :P18:25
Kiloscheck you still got bot permisions18:25
Kiloshi Langjan 18:25
LangjanHi guys, Kilos 18:25
LangjanHow's progress Kilos ?18:26
Kilosone week to wait for clearance18:26
Kilosthen they send it to visa peeps here in pton18:26
Kiloshope they dont use snail mail18:26
Langjangood, sorry ar you having meeting?18:27
Kiloshoping to be gone in under 1 month18:27
dlPhreakI made it.18:27
LangjanGreat news18:27
Kilosyou have to attend the meeting starting in 3 mins18:27
Kiloswell done dlPhreak 18:27
chesedocongrats dlPhreak :D18:27
LangjanI lost that link to say what to do18:28
chesedoKilos: seems so18:28
dlPhreakActually Im on my phone..18:28
Kilosjust follow what i do Langjan 18:28
KilosdlPhreak as long as you are here18:28
cal_pysup dlPhreak 18:29
Kilosand dont watch tv same time18:29
chesedoand now for the big countdown18:29
dlPhreakcal sup18:29
chesedoMaaz: start meeting about Ubuntu Monthly Meeting - February 201618:30
* Maaz gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles18:30
chesedoMaaz: topic Welcoming and Introduction 18:30
chesedoHello all and thank you for joining in on our monthly meeting18:30
MaazCurrent Topic: Welcoming and Introduction18:30
KilosMaaz I am Miles Sharpe18:30
MaazKilos: Done18:30
chesedoPlease introduce yourselves to Maaz who will keep the minutes using `Maaz: I am <firstname lastname>` eg. 18:30
chesedoMaaz: I am Pieter Engelbrecht18:30
Maazchesedo: Okay18:30
kmfMaaz I am Karl Fischer18:30
Maazkmf: Okay18:30
chesedothe agenda for today's meeting can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Meetings/20160223 18:30
chesedolast minute changes are still welcome if anyone has any18:30
LangjanMaaz, I am Jan Greeff18:30
MaazLangjan: Righto18:30
inetproMaaz: I am Gustav H Meyer18:31
Maazinetpro: Yessir18:31
chesedoMaaz: topic Review minutes of previous meeting18:31
MaazCurrent Topic: Review minutes of previous meeting18:31
KilosdlPhreak cal_py sign in please18:31
chesedothe last meeting's minutes is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Meetings/20160126 18:31
chesedoplease highlight anything that you might have from it18:31
dlPhreakMaaz I am Werner D Pienaar18:31
MaazdlPhreak: Alrighty18:31
cal_pyMaaz I am Callum18:32
Maazcal_py: Done18:32
Kiloshi Sxuza you made it18:32
Kilossign in please18:32
Kilosand fusionsparc superfly etc etc18:33
superflyMaaz: I am Raoul Snyman18:33
Maazsuperfly: Righto18:33
Kilosai! ghese peeps and multitasking18:33
chesedoMaaz: topic Plans for 201618:33
MaazCurrent Topic: Plans for 201618:33
chesedoshort as always unless we have someone excited to sign the COC or to become a member :D...18:34
* chesedo is also not spotting any new users18:34
Kiloswe  can add the project in here as well chesedo 18:34
chesedoKilos: it is currently under plans...18:35
Kilosit will take 2016 to get going properly18:35
Kilosyes i didnt hink when adding it18:35
williamkHi all18:35
Kilosneeded more peroxide18:36
Kiloshi williamk welcome18:36
chesedook seems reasonable, but we will discuss today... so will move it up in future18:36
chesedomoving on?18:36
chesedoMaaz: topic Events18:36
MaazCurrent Topic: Events18:36
chesedono  known events happened last month? 18:37
chesedoThis will propably also be the last month for discussing if anyone will be hosting a release party for 16.04...18:37
chesedoalso anyone looking to host an ubuntu hour etc. ?18:37
Kilosnot really18:37
Kiloscds arrive quite a while after release date18:37
cal_pychesedo, yeah, but my bedroom dont count! 18:37
inetprochesedo: maybe kmf's project will give us more reason to get together more often18:38
chesedook seems like we are moving over to kmf18:38
chesedo*'s project18:38
Kiloswe all excited18:38
cal_pycan we talk about the project briefly? 18:39
Kiloscal_py read the agenda18:39
chesedocal_py: yes18:39
Kilosthere is a short story there18:39
chesedoand that ^^18:39
williamkI have suggested a 16.04 release party on dbnlug18:40
Kilosgo for it williamk 18:40
chesedowilliamk: and the response?18:40
williamkno one yet18:40
inetprochesedo: have you changed topic yet?18:41
chesedolol same here except for superfly that might have one18:41
kmfwell did everyone read the brief?18:41
superflysorry, what?18:41
chesedoinetpro: we are on events... want one specific for kmf?18:42
Kilosrelease party superfly 18:42
superflyI could host one. Dunno if anyone would come though.18:42
chesedosuperfly: you mentioned that you might have a release party in last meeting (if mem correct)18:42
Kilossuperfly just refresh us when is your debconf18:43
chesedois everyone up-to-date about the Ubuntu for Hope project? and have any questions?18:44
inetprokmf: did you plan to launch your project as part of a release party, how how did you plan to start?18:44
Kilosyou gonna be busy in june arent you18:44
* superfly doesn't seem to be getting everyone's e-mails of late18:44
inetproor how*18:44
kmfinetpro: yes ... want to "ship" the Computers with a LTS18:44
fusionsparcnot realy, lemme read the brief quicks.. :)18:44
chesedoUbuntu for Hope - http://bin.snyman.info/mmmzy8ce18:45
qwebirc91453     hi all18:45
fusionsparctnx chesedo 18:45
Kilosiqbal  is that you?18:45
kmfkudos to superfly ... he wrote it :) my mangled words 18:45
chesedohi qwebirc9145318:45
Kiloshaha the fly is my editor as well18:46
chesedokmf: is the plan to the first ones out before/after 16.04?18:46
Kilosqwebirc91453 welcome to our meeting please join in18:46
chesedo*to have the18:46
kmfchesedo after18:46
qwebirc91453let me change chats will be back18:46
Kiloskmf are you planning on more than one flavour18:47
Kilosohi kapanda 18:47
Kilosi would like to see more kde peeps here18:47
inetproI know kmf as a brave man who doesn't give up easily, so what tough questions can we ask him to give him all the reasons why this can't work?18:47
kapandaOk Hi guys18:47
kmfKilos hardware willing ..... I would like to go for Ubuntu and Ubuntu Mate18:47
williamkhi kapanda18:47
CryterionMaaz: I am Gavin Bauer18:47
MaazCryterion: Alrighty18:47
chesedook, since since they are refurbished (possible low end) and for students guess will also eduUbuntu or on of the light flavours?18:48
Cryterionhere, sorry late :(18:48
kmfinetpro are you asking?18:48
theblazehenHi, late sorry18:48
Kiloskmf what kind of specs are we looking at18:48
inetprokmf: am asking the others yes18:48
Kilossign in please theblazehen kapanda 18:48
theblazehenMaaz: I am Jeandre Le Roux18:49
Maaztheblazehen: Yessir18:49
* inetpro hoping he will take on the challenge to prove to us otherwise18:49
Kilostype in maaz I am Name18:49
kmfKilos 32bit / 64 bit 1 to 2 gigs of ram - Ubuntu Mate's Minimum specs 18:49
Kiloskmf dont listen to the pro we will make it work18:49
chesedoinetpro -118:50
inetproai! :-)18:50
kapandahow do i go about getting an Ubuntu membership18:50
CryterionWhat drive space will Mate require, about?18:50
kmfhere is the Ubuntu Mate specs -> https://ubuntu-mate.org/about/18:51
fusionsparcmaaz I am JG du Preez18:51
Maazfusionsparc: Sure18:51
Kilosunder 2g ram is min18:51
chesedokapanda: the basic guide is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership, but the peeps here should be able to help with some finer stuff18:51
Kilosbut mate is nice and light18:51
kmfbut obviously you want to be at least LibreOffice to be usable :)18:51
chesedoand browsing18:52
williamkkmf : 16.04 comes with LO 5.1 at the moment18:52
Kiloswilliamk you and kmf must chat more about this18:53
williamkI have been using 16.04 for about 2.5 months18:53
kmfchesedo some might not have internet access :)18:53
chesedokmf: that true too18:53
Kilosif we ask for ubuntu approval we must do it once for country wide projects18:53
kmfKilos yep ... Ubuntu legal wants to know if the Loco will or is supporting me :)18:54
Cryterionhmm, just checked, Ubuntu Mate is offered with the Raspberry PI, gonna be playing with it soon18:54
Kilosyes of course we are18:54
Kilosi only see hands up18:55
williamkkmf : I am supporting you18:55
kapandawhat are we asking approval for from Ubuntu18:55
* inetpro likes the idea, certainly hope that we can get it off the ground 18:55
inetpro+1 from me18:55
Kilosill help with the approval where i can kmf 18:55
kmfI mean ... Canonical legal ... 18:55
Kilosi have been the route with them once before18:55
kmfkapanda to use the Ubuntu Trademark for the "Ubuntu for Hope" project18:55
Kilostakes a while 18:56
Kilossuperfly ??18:56
Kilos+1 time18:56
kapandaOk sounds like a good plan. please send a link so I can read up18:56
kmfkapanda: http://bin.snyman.info/mmmzy8ce18:56
* Kilos thinks motion carried18:57
chesedoare all ok if we make the first goal "To be part of the Ubuntu for Hope project and make it a success"?18:57
kapandaThanks 18:57
* chesedo now just wants to turn it into something solid18:58
_SpongeWat is it, exactamundoly ?18:58
kmf_Sponge: http://bin.snyman.info/mmmzy8ce18:58
* inetpro learns a new word 18:58
Kiloshaha ya18:58
_SpongeI got the paste-bin , but where's the website ?18:59
kmf_Sponge there is no website ...18:59
kapandaI would like to help, I have a similar project going. You have my support18:59
_Spongethere should be, but18:59
kmfI'm not doing the project without the support of the Loco18:59
kmf_Sponge can't use the word "Ubuntu" without permission from Canonical 19:00
Kilosimo we are all solidly behind you kmf 19:00
chesedoMaaz: agreed Year Goal - To be part of the Ubuntu for Hope project and to make it a success19:00
MaazAgreed: Year Goal - To be part of the Ubuntu for Hope project and to make it a success19:00
_Spongethe use Lubuntu.19:00
williamkI am behind you, i want to this in Durban19:01
Kilos_Sponge we will try get approval and then all different secyions run under kmf 's umbrella19:01
Kilosinetpro not so?19:01
CryterionI'll help where I can in Durban aswell19:01
_Spongethat's not part of the eco-system, then.19:01
kmfKilos ... I think I need to apply for Membership for street cred? 19:01
Kiloswhats that19:01
_Spongeit should have a launchpad page, at least !19:01
chesedokmf: so when would you like to see the first get together to get the systems ready?19:02
inetproKilos: do we get to sign a birth certificate for the new project?19:02
chesedoinetpro: lol19:02
kmfchesedo not sure :) ... maybe in the 1st week May ... after 16.04 drops 19:02
kapandaI can help in Jozi19:03
kmfsuperfly: see no "@"'s 19:03
inetprowell done kmf! :-)19:03
Kilosoh kmf 19:03
Kiloswe have one condition19:03
Kilosyou need to spend more time here19:04
williamkkmf : where about in the Tshwane area19:04
kmfwilliamk I stay in Pretoria East 19:04
kmfwilliamk ... Tshwane East ;)19:04
Kilosand if my visa only last 3 months you can drop off 10 or 20 pcs here and ill do the installs19:05
kapandaspeaking about spreading. Lesson that William proposed I think we need to look at that too19:05
chesedokapanda: i agree19:05
chesedoit complements this nicely19:05
inetprokmf: sounds like a good deal, you even get cheap labor as part of the deal there ^^19:06
kmfinetpro ... and also grow the Loco :)19:06
* chesedo going to move to next section for william's project19:06
chesedoMaaz: topic Miscellaneous19:06
MaazCurrent Topic: Miscellaneous19:06
williamkkapanda :  you talking about Ubuntu Learning project : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Learning19:06
kapanda:-) yes19:07
_Spongethe ubuntu classsroom irc is never populated.19:08
chesedowilliamk: the "Desktop Training" one?19:08
kapandathough people want certification for what they learn, we can plan an End user certification for SA19:08
_Spongewats Sa ?19:08
kapandaSouth Africa19:08
Kilosubuntu classroom is closing down19:08
williamkkmf : if you have a get together to get the systems ready, please make it on a weekend, I might drive up19:09
_SpongeDoes the Loco group have any Ubuntu DVD's for 14.04, left over ?19:09
Kiloswe have #linux-studies and can make a new channel if needed19:09
kmfwilliamk cool :D19:09
_SpongeDoes the Loco group have a separate website like www.ubuntu-uk.org.uk ?19:10
Kilos_Sponge someone can download an iso for you19:10
_Spongeyou didn't answer my question, but I'm thinking No.19:10
inetprosuperfly: will you organise the DVD's for the new release again for us?19:10
kmfreminds me of the OpenICDL19:10
inetpro_Sponge: ^19:10
superflyinetpro: I've never organised them19:11
Kilosalso http://ubuntu-africa.info19:11
inetprosuperfly: so who does it for us?19:11
superflyinetpro: I'm the secondary contact. Maia is still #119:11
Kilosmaia said she would still do it i think inetpro 19:11
Kiloswhen is our re evaluation19:12
Kilosshe will do that for /with us as well19:12
williamkkmf : OpenICDL is not the only certification that needs to be done19:12
williamklook at : http://www.ecdl.org/programmes/ecdl_icdl19:13
_Spongeyou need to add "Ubuntu scocial" the the SocialMedia dropdown on ubuntu-za.org i.e. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Social19:13
williamkand http://www.ecdl.org/programmes/index.jsp?p=102&n=77119:13
chesedoecdl does not seem to be ubuntu specific?19:15
chesedowilliamk ^^19:15
kmfchesedo it19:16
williamkchesedo there was icdl docs written, but in 2006 i think19:16
kmfchesedo it19:16
Kilosoh williamk there is a group in durbs doing refurbished pcs for other african countries19:16
Kilosdo you have contact with them19:16
kmfchesedo: sorry ... coffee hasnt kicked in ... it's about teaching skills not an application 19:16
williamkkilos don't know who they are19:16
Kilosoh my19:17
_SpongeIsv anyone listening to my concerns, here ?19:17
Kilos_Sponge we will get there19:17
_SpongeAlso ...19:17
Kiloswe only hve 13 mins left 19:17
_SpongeYour not listed here : http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=38819:17
chesedokmf and williamk: oh ok19:18
Kiloswe had a forum but found irc more usefull19:18
Kilosand quicker19:18
chesedoa lot of locos seem to be missing there19:18
_Spongethat's not the point, you should be listed *Esp as some ppl can't afford VPN in S.Africa.19:19
williamkhere is one of the modules : http://www.it.uom.gr/teaching/open/eng/Module2_Ubuntu5_10_eng.pdf19:19
* chesedo just covering the other topics while we continue discussion19:19
_SpongeLook we only have 10 minutes left. Are we going to discuss your web-presence or not ?19:20
chesedoa list of possible Ubuntu-in-the-wild items can be found at https://trello.com/c/2hHvWUne if anyone wants to add to that later19:20
Kilossuperfly inetpro ^^19:20
chesedowilliamk: looking at it19:20
williamklook here for the rest of the modules : http://www.it.uom.gr/teaching/open/eng/19:21
kmfwilliamk ... localization is a big thing with Educational content ... and then keeping it up to date :)19:21
* chesedo cannot believe 2006 was 10 years ago this year19:21
dlPhreakIKR chesedo 19:22
_Spongerepeat: Look we only have 8 minutes left. Are we going to discuss your web-presence or not ?19:23
chesedo_Sponge: the web presence?19:23
_SpongeI've mentioned 2 things.19:23
williamkkmf : that is why you only make docs for LTS19:23
Kilos_Sponge can you get here during the days19:23
kmfwilliamk ... yep :D19:23
Kilosexcept for tomorrow i am here everyday19:23
chesedo_Sponge: i am trying to find it on the agenda to know how to channel it19:23
chesedoI forgot to get in touch with lugs about the linuxfestza thingy19:24
* chesedo will make a hard note of it19:24
Kilos_Sponge have you joined us on launchpad and our mailing list19:24
_Spongejust make the changes to ubuntuforums.org and "Ubuntu social" on the drop down menu of your Loco Website :)19:24
williamkchesedo what is the linuxfestza thingy19:25
_Spongeno, I'm just here for this meeting.19:25
_Sponge5 minutes to-go19:25
_SpongeYou need to action what I've said.19:25
superfly_Sponge: says who?19:25
chesedowilliamk: some of the lugs mentioned that they would like to have one19:25
superfly_Sponge: why?19:25
superfly_Sponge: who are you to tell us what we "must" do?19:26
dlPhreakI concur with superfly.19:26
chesedo... and i am suppose to get in touch with all to check it19:26
kmf_Sponge the forums look like a Ghost town ...19:26
_Spongebye bye. you have nothing to give ubuntu.19:26
Kiloswho is he19:26
dlPhreakI so badly wanted to flame..19:27
kapandaLol this is fun19:27
dlPhreaksuperfly handled it well.19:27
chesedosuperfly: gj19:27
* Cryterion agrees19:27
Kilossomehwere i did a trace to see where an ip was from19:27
dlPhreakgg superfly 19:27
superflyI've had to deal with worse -_-19:27
Kilosty superfly 19:27
superflyKilos: the Isle of Man19:27
inetprooh my19:27
Kiloshe comes from there and tells us what to do?19:28
chesedolast item, training program and goal...19:28
chesedowith the Ubuntu for Hope being quite big...19:28
chesedowill we continue to find out more about it and review the training one in 2-3 months?19:29
Kilosi think it has got off to a good start19:29
Kiloskmf we are all with you19:29
Cryterionkilos: http://whatismyipaddress.com/ip-lookup19:29
kmfKilos awesome!19:29
Kilosty Cryterion 19:29
Kilosso you can tell them you have our full support19:30
* chesedo guess we'll do that then19:30
kapandaSo for the training program, what is the agreement? 19:30
superflyhe did something similar in one of Xubuntu's meetings19:31
superfly"<_Sponge> Crumbs, 10 minutes in, and we've not changed anything, yet. "19:31
chesedokapanda: nothing solid yet, it seems to be to much in the air with kmf and williamk the only ones in the know19:31
chesedokapanda: but will carry on discussing it19:32
chesedoMaaz: topic Elect chairperson for next meeting19:32
MaazCurrent Topic: Elect chairperson for next meeting19:32
Kiloswilliamk kmf try be here more and the guys will be more involved19:32
Kilos+1 for chesedo 19:32
inetpro+1 for chesedo19:33
chesedoMaaz: agreed chesedo to chair next meeting19:33
MaazAgreed: chesedo to chair next meeting19:33
Kilosty chesedo you getting good at this19:33
chesedoMaaz: topic Next meeting19:33
MaazCurrent Topic: Next meeting19:33
chesedoty Kilos19:33
chesedoit is on the 22nd right?19:34
inetprolooks right chesedo19:34
chesedoMaaz: agreed Next meeting is 22 March 2016 @ 20:3019:34
MaazAgreed: Next meeting is 22 March 2016 @ 20:3019:34
chesedothank you all for attending, hope to see again19:35
inetprothanks for running another smooth meeting19:35
chesedoMaaz: end meeting19:35
MaazMeeting Ended19:35
MaazMinutes available at json: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2016-02-23-18-30-04.json :: txt: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2016-02-23-18-30-04.txt :: html: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2016-02-23-18-30-04.html19:35
Kilosyes ty chesedo and ty all for joining in19:35
Kiloslekker meeting19:36
Kilosty superfly for sorting the noisy one19:36
fusionsparcAgreed, was great to be part.. :)19:36
Cryterion+1 to superfly19:37
Kiloswe need to get um19:37
Kilosthe security guy19:37
* Cryterion votes superfly19:37
dlPhreakIs the Ubuntu Code of Conduct still a thing?19:37
Kiloshe is ours yes19:37
CryteriondlPhreak yes is19:38
Kilosbut we have a pro security guy thats here sometimes19:38
dlPhreakAh see. That is why I never say anything because I keep starting flame wars..19:38
dlPhreakNot my fault tho.19:38
superflyah yes, I can op :-)19:38
Kilossuperfly can you kick/ban that twit for us19:39
Kilosban better19:39
Kilosall  he did was waste time19:39
KilosdlPhreak have you joined us yet?19:40
superflyKilos: I don't think he deserves it19:40
superflyKilos: I doubt he'll bother us again19:41
dlPhreakThe mailling list? Yes I have.19:41
dlPhreakNot that I will read the mail I have 800 unread emails. I just mark all as read every few months.19:41
Kilosi will tell you when you need to read mine19:42
dlPhreakDeal. I might just forward it to my work email.19:42
Kilosi only mail serious stuff19:43
inetproKilos: is your Telkom mbile down completely?19:43
Kiloskmf you have to do all that canonical stuff via mail hey19:43
Kilosyip inetpro 19:44
inetprowow, why?19:44
Kiloslemme check desktop19:44
Kilosthey had a server crash19:44
inetprosays who?19:44
Kilosand havent got all the areas back up again19:44
kmfKilos yes19:44
Kilosi foned of course19:44
Kiloshow do you prove you have our support kmf 19:45
kmfKilos: meeting minutes19:46
Kilosthey can mail fly or i and find us in #locoteams19:46
Kilosoh yes19:46
Kilosyip inetpro still down19:48
Kilosmaybe i need to shower and sleep19:50
Kilosnight all.  sleep tight. see you tomorrow avy19:51
kmfKilos: bye19:51
williamkGood night all, bye19:52
inetprogood night kil[tab]19:56
kmfoff to bed :D night19:57
inetprog'night kmf19:57
kmfinetpro: bye19:57
fusionsparcNight guys, catch you maby tomorrow..20:04
chesedobye all o/20:07
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