tesdtsdfasd!makulu | pcwiz100:00
AthenaPvPI already tried that tesdtsdfasd.00:00
xanguapcwiz1: http://makululinux.com/00:00
tesdtsdfasdI know.00:00
tesdtsdfasdBut persistence is everything.00:00
tesdtsdfasdI wish I could get my dam IRC client working.00:01
AthenaPvPhey xangua00:01
tesdtsdfasdCrashes after ~1 minute at the moment.00:01
tesdtsdfasdI don't even use ubuntu, I just needed a channel with a lot of users.00:01
AthenaPvPThat explains your name.00:01
tesdtsdfasdIt's essentially slack, but for IRC.00:01
tesdtsdfasdWant to put some auto nickserv stuff in there as well.00:01
AthenaPvPSo anyone know what's going on with my Youtube problem?00:02
tesdtsdfasdToo much youtube.00:02
tesdtsdfasdAlways the case.00:02
AthenaPvPxD more like I can't watch youtube.00:02
AthenaPvPAudio is semless, but the video buffers and eventually desynchs.00:02
k1l_AthenaPvP: tried chromium to check?00:03
AthenaPvPk1l_: I would much rather use IE than Chrome.. But I'll give it a check.00:04
skinuxSeems to be having issue finding right package. I need PDO driver for PHP, installed php5-mysql but that didn't solve the issue.00:05
k1l_AthenaPvP: chromium00:05
k1l_AthenaPvP: that is the code of chrome, before google adds all the goole specifics.00:05
AthenaPvPk1l_: do they still support Java?00:06
k1l_AthenaPvP: yes. why shouldnt they?00:06
AthenaPvPk1l_: because Chrome doesn't.00:06
k1l_AthenaPvP: what?00:06
AthenaPvPk1l_: https://java.com/en/download/faq/chrome.xml00:07
AthenaPvPalso, k1l_ , I downloaded chromium and I have NO IDEA what I'm doing.. There's no install file to click,00:08
MultbrelchIs there a way (tool, program, etc.) that changes the colors of the screen?00:08
AthenaPvPMultbrelch: under customization./00:09
AthenaPvPSpelling OP.00:09
Multbrelch?, AthenaPvP00:10
AthenaPvPMultbrelch: sorry, I'm newer to Ubuntu as well. Let me look at it for a second.00:10
k1l_AthenaPvP: dont download from anywhere. just install the ubuntu package from the official ubuntu repoi00:10
thunderdomewhat is the best/easiest to use vnc server for ubuntu?00:10
k1l_AthenaPvP: install "chromium-browser" from the ubuntu repo00:10
AthenaPvPMultbrelch: settings > apperance.00:12
MultbrelchAthenaPvP, there you can adjust only the most important colors00:13
AthenaPvPMultbrelch: what are you asking to do, then?00:13
Chaos_Zerotrying to use pbis to integrate to windows domain. When user adds printer it does not use their authentication from logging in, it just says that the print is held for authentication and they must re-enter their credentials.00:14
AthenaPvPk1l_: it's a firefox issue, then.00:14
Chaos_ZeroAny way to have lpadmin automatically use the credentials they logged in with?00:15
k1l_AthenaPvP: try without the privacy badger thingy00:15
MultbrelchAthenaPvP, I do a DISPLAY redirection (via "setenv DISPLAY IPaddress") from an old SUN (Solaris 2.5) to an Ubuntu box (14.04) and get strange colors00:15
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AthenaPvPMultbrelch: aaand k1l_ take the floor!00:15
MultbrelchAthenaPvP, I tried xephyr and xnest but got only slightly improved results00:16
MultbrelchAthenaPvP, the point is that text in a window has some very dark grey color on a black background00:17
MultbrelchAthenaPvP, no I cannot modify the SUN cause this is by far too freaking00:18
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AthenaPvPMultbrelch: sorry, but I have no idea.00:20
* AthenaPvP is a nub.00:20
Multbrelchokay, thx a lot00:20
linuxero40hola drone00:21
linuxero40que tal ?00:22
daedelothis this supposed to be down?00:22
AthenaPvPk1l_: works if I disable both badger and uBlock, but now there are ads. x.x00:22
AthenaPvPdaedeloth: not that I'm aware of... They were doing some updates earlier..00:23
daedelothno apparently the version has reached end of life00:23
k1l_AthenaPvP: should work with ublock00:24
k1l_daedeloth: 14.10 is dead long time now00:24
k1l_daedeloth: you need to upgrade to 15.04 and then 15.10 asap00:24
genii15.04 will also soon be EOL00:24
daedelothyea old hotspot thingy I booted up00:24
daedelothso, that's willy right?00:25
k1l_genii: 15.04 is dead already.00:25
AthenaPvPk1l_: nope. I'm pretty sure ublock is causing the lag.00:25
k1l_AthenaPvP: hmm00:25
AthenaPvPk1l_: or at least the FPS drop.00:25
AthenaPvPk1l_: how process-hungry is chromium?00:25
geniik1l_: Repos have not yet been moved to old-releases, so it's still viable right now00:25
AthenaPvPk1l_: remember I'm the one with the poor processor, so I might just switch to chromium.00:25
k1l_daedeloth: you are on utopic. but vivid (15.04) is EOL too. and you need to upgrade again to wily (15.10)00:26
k1l_genii: but they dont get any updates. like the last glibc updates etc.00:26
daedelothk1l_, ok, thanks, I'm hopign dist-upgrade will do it00:26
k1l_daedeloth: no00:26
* AthenaPvP goes down to click the text bar... clicks on GIMP on accident because the panel opens up. "goddamn it.."00:27
daedelothit won't?00:27
daedelothin that case I'm cancelling it... got 3 minutes till the downloads are done :p00:27
k1l_daedeloth: you need to do the !eolupgrade (changing repos to oldreleases) to 15.04. and then the regular upgrade to 15.1000:27
k1l_daedeloth: on ubuntu we dont change the names in sources.list manually and use apt-get for a upgrade. we have do-release-upgrade for cli00:28
AthenaPvPk1l_: how process-hungry is chromium?00:28
k1l_AthenaPvP: not more than firefox00:28
AthenaPvPEh, good enough.00:28
AthenaPvPHow do I switch my default browser?00:29
AthenaPvPTook me 2 seconds. xD00:29
daedelothk1l_, that's upgrading me to vivd?00:29
daedelothah, that's still online, alright :)00:29
k1l_!eolupgrade | daedeloth00:29
ubottudaedeloth: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades00:29
k1l_daedeloth: you waited way to long. and now things are complicated.00:30
derp_commanderI've actually heard people say that chromium eats more memory than the latest editions of FFx00:30
k1l_daedeloth: for the future: stay on LTS if you dont want to upgrade every 6 months.00:30
AthenaPvPI'm back.00:30
AthenaPvPAny recommendations on a youtube desktop app? I'm looking at the software center and it seems that none of them are updated properly.00:32
AthenaPvPNevermind, seem to have found one.00:35
dillon_senpai how can I make tixati my default magnet program?00:39
squintydillon_,  right click on magnet link -> open with -> look in /usr/bin for the program name and select it.  click the "use as default"00:41
dillon_thanx squinty00:42
Kevin`is it possible to install to lvm with the ubuntu desktop iso?00:44
dillon_thanks squinty it worked like a charm00:44
reisioKevin`: pretty sure, yeah00:44
reisioautomated, that is00:44
reisioit's obviously possible manually00:44
squintydillon_, good to hear  :-)00:45
Kevin`reisio: obviously.. but the options for auto are greyed out and the manual options are missing00:45
markwaltI'm running Xubuntu, but thinking about switching over to Ubuntu GNOME.  Anyone have any recommendations / observations regarding GNOME 3?00:46
dillon_is there anyway to set tixati so that when I close it, it will minimize it to the tray like transmission/qbtorrent and the other ones?00:46
Kevin`actually, it looks like the installer will pick up volumes if I create them before running the installer. that's fine with me and i'll test it now00:46
skomorokhIs systemd going to be required in 16.04?00:50
Kevin`i've had a 66% failure rate with systemd so far00:50
skomorokhIt worked for me in 15.04 but had some weird timing issue loading X for 15.10 and I noticed I could easily switch to upstart so I did that rather than invest time debugging it.00:51
k1l_skomorokh: i am not sure if there will be a upstart session still00:51
skomorokhk1l_: Are you sure that no decision has been made though?00:52
k1l_skomorokh: you can look up what the issue is. use systemd-analyze blame00:52
k1l_skomorokh: "just using upstart" is not a solution.00:52
skomorokhk1l_: I know, I'm being unhelpful by putting this off rather than figuring out what hit me and filling bug reports if that seems appropriate.00:53
Kevin`one of my failures with systemd either reconfigured the serial port or hanged the system completely (can't tell, no jtag). no way to debug that aside from adding print statements to the non-existant early init scripts :/00:53
skomorokhk1l_: But in the meantime, I'm curious to learn if I have an upcoming deadline for that I should be worried about :)00:53
k1l_there is an upcomming deadline. i am not sure if 16.04 will still support upstart00:54
k1l_because that would mean ubuntu needs to maintain upstart for 5 more years.00:54
Kevin`could always use sysvinit, that'll be around for 5 more years =p00:55
skomorokhk1l_: excellent point re: lts00:56
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elisa87so I wrote "df -H" and it tells me I have used my free space 100% which is 4GB but my MicroSD card is 16GB. You know what's the reason ? (I am using Raspbian which is a distribution of Ubuntu)01:13
k1l_elisa87: please ask in #raspbian01:14
reisioelisa87: don't cross post, already answered you in #linux01:16
cat__Hey whats up guys01:26
cat__hey I heard ubuntu was spyware?01:26
cat__is this true?01:26
nedstarkcat__: change to slackware, no hackers are skilled enough to use it, much less hack it01:27
reisiocat__: http://www.pcworld.com/article/2840401/ubuntus-unity-8-desktop-removes-the-amazon-search-spyware.html01:28
k1l_cat__: that is FUD.01:29
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reisioit wasn't the best use of the word 'spyware'01:30
dillon_does anyone here run the gba emulator?01:32
reisiodillon_: not for nothing, not real wise to use a closed source bittorrent client01:33
Guy1524Hey guys, is there a ppa with an updated version of glfw3, the one in the official packages is very old and doesn't support vulkan.01:33
dillon_when I try to load the rom it will not output the video but it will flash for about a 1/2 second01:39
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dillon__my emulator, visualboy advance, it will act like it is reading but all it shows is a white screen01:49
dillon__I even tried 2 different roms and I still get nothing01:52
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Guest42699Hello! I'm trying to get my server to send out emails. I've bought email (with webhotel) from a hoster, and have all the info I need ( I thnk), but what software should I use?01:53
Guest42699(ubunt userver 14.04)01:53
bad_ipGuest42699: you're only trying to send emails from your server right?01:59
=== Guest42699 is now known as vimes
bad_ipvimes: Postfix. Here's a good setup guide: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-and-configure-postfix-as-a-send-only-smtp-server-on-ubuntu-14-0401:59
vimesand really I just want the server to forward a send request and info to the hosting provider02:00
bad_ipAssuming you're running LTS02:00
vimesyes, thank you :)02:00
path0gennewww to ubuntuuu02:00
path0genhi all02:00
Bashing-om!manual | path0gen02:03
ubottupath0gen: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/02:03
bad_ipThat's nifty02:03
Bashing-ompath0gen: :) Welcome to our world .02:04
bad_ipThe fact that Ubuntu is installed is a testament to something.02:04
bad_ipNever stop learning!02:05
path0genliking it so far. only issues ive had is with amd catalyst drivers for my video cards.02:05
path0genbeen on for about 4 weeks ish. acclimating02:05
bad_ipDid you get them installed?02:05
bad_ipIt's actually a pretty simple solution but it takes a bit to find02:06
path0genive tried it 3 times02:06
path0geneach time, system crashed and I boot to a black screen with some colored dots in the top left corner02:07
bad_ipAre you using LVM with encryption?02:07
bad_ipThere's an issue with something around grub that makes the encryption unlock screen turn up blank. If you just type your password in it let's you through. Happened to me on my 980's.02:08
Bashing-ompath0gen: Graphics; show us what th hardware us. Pastenin the output of terminal command ' lspci -vnn | grep VGA -A 12 ' . Then we look at what driver is loaded .02:09
path0genthere is no way im going to try that again at the moment. its pretty tedious rebuilding a sys 3 times :p02:10
path0genbut thank you for the offer02:11
path0genone thing i am so happy about is the lack of clutter.02:11
path0genand that everything is just.... understandable and verbose02:11
Bashing-om!minimal | path0gen One can get real simple02:12
ubottupath0gen One can get real simple: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD02:12
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path0genanyone use weechat?02:14
Bashing-ompath0gen: Many use weechat. now ask the real question .02:18
path0genwhat is the matrix02:18
travisthenaviI'm running Xubuntu 14.04 LTS. Can anyone suggest a docking application similar to OSX dock?02:20
piolincomo me conecto a un servidor en español02:21
path0genBashing-om, my actual question was that. I tried weechat and was lost. :p02:21
path0genswitched to hexchat02:21
path0genthen irssi02:21
piolincomo me conecto a un servidor o canal en español?02:21
piolinhelp me02:21
Elronndpiolin: For ubuntu or for anything?02:22
piolini not speak english02:22
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Elronndpiolin: irc.netsplit.de02:24
z0dr1ckpath0gen: Have you tried the web version of wechat?02:24
z0dr1ckpath0gen: go to the web.wechat.com and from your phone in Wechat, tap "Discover" followed by "Scan QR Code".  Give it a whirl02:27
cortexmani rebooted into my live cd but it doesn't have a  reinstall option02:29
cortexmanit's not active02:29
fenecoIs there any app to manage Ubuntu tray icons?02:39
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xanguafeneco: no02:40
xanguaWhat's your real question?02:41
fenecoWhat do you mean?02:41
markwaltTray icons?  Which distro are you using?02:42
xanguaWhat's your actual goal?02:42
z0dr1ckto paint a self portrait, build a house... members of project mayhem do not ask questions02:43
fenecoThe top menu icons02:43
xanguaOk, good luck02:44
fenecoI want to reorder and control visibility of the icons showed in the top menu bar02:44
markwaltCan you not right-click, choose panel properties, and then reorder them that way?02:45
fenecoNot on Ubuntu with unity02:46
markwaltOh, right.  I'm using XFCE.  Sorry.02:46
fenecoTrade offs02:47
PauloHNevafter removing the old kernel, ubuntu 15 appears updates, this is normal, follow the on-screen print http://imgur.com/c6JXsAI02:48
van0307i want know if the ubuntu phone have a Terminal or not?02:48
fenecoI should try other DEs some time02:49
xangua! Touch | van030702:57
ubottuvan0307: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch02:57
nname31hello, how can unpack-edit-modify .abs firmware file? any idea?03:06
enzlbtynHi! I've installed clang-3.5 and libc++-dev on ubuntu 14.04 LTS, but clang-3.5 uses GCC's standard library. Is there anyway to use libc++ by default rather than explicitly telling it to use libc++?03:07
pantatoi'm struggling to format this harddrive...i formatted it as ext4 with gparted and i still can't write to it...permission denied03:15
HamRadiopantato, you successfully formatted it, but can't like create a file or folder on the drive?03:16
heeenpantato: root folder probably not writable by your user03:16
pantatowtf i used chown on the folder i mounted it to and i could touch a file using the cli but i can't do anything with nautilus...03:18
pantatotrying to reboot03:18
path0genwhats the most inappropriate ubuntu command involving the manual command03:21
path0genman touch03:22
path0genthats gotta be it03:22
Madhumper69why cant i connect to ssh or apache on my ubuntu server running a vpn yet i can access transmission and webmin etc from the outside externally?03:22
s_cooperpath0gen, great one03:23
Madhumper69ports are forwarded in router , thanks03:23
path0genMadhumper69, still a bit confused about the setup here03:23
s_cooperMadhumper69, doesnt it have to do w/ privileged ports and the VPN?03:24
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Madhumper69i have a ubuntu server on a vpn connection. from the outside i am able to view transmission and my webmin page but i am unable to access ssh and my apache website03:24
s_cooperMadhumper69, youre serving from 80 and 22?03:25
Madhumper69yes locally all works03:25
Madhumper69externally all works - ssh and apache website port 8003:25
path0gen"from the outside" like, some other random external IP? but you cant access it on the vpn03:25
Madhumper69even without vpn i cant access it i use vpn because my network is messed up i mainly used it for plex :P03:26
s_cooperMadhumper69, ok, its not what I thought03:26
path0gencheck the hosts.allow?03:26
Madhumper69all works locally, externally only ssh and apache cant access03:26
Madhumper69sorry my english is not the best :D03:27
path0gensounds like possibly a firewall issue03:27
Madhumper69no firewall is disabled03:27
path0gendo u have a packet cap of a connection attemp03:27
Madhumper69i tried changing ports on apache and ssh no go03:27
Madhumper69no its my own home made server03:28
s_cooperMadhumper69, man, you shoulda try to raise those serving ports... your description is confuse - I need a diagram03:28
path0genbasically i think he is saying the following:03:28
path0genhe can access every thing fine Locally. As in, from the box itself he can access the services03:28
path0genbut everything remote is inaccessible. Remote meaning both purely external AND via VPN03:29
s_cooperso the problem is: nobody out of the world can access that box03:29
Madhumper69well remotly my transmission works and webmin works externally like from the outside03:29
Madhumper69not apache and ssh03:30
path0genok so you can navigate to webmin from both vpn and pure external03:30
s_cooper"and webmin works externally like from the outside" <---- ???03:30
path0genlol just go with it03:30
Madhumper69exactly so does transmission03:30
path0genhes saying that some services work externally03:30
path0genbut ssh and apache dont.03:30
s_cooperand the service that cannot be served are the standard 80 and 22!03:31
ICantCookis there a ubuntu/aptitude equivilent of: yum -y update --security03:31
ICantCookI've looked into: unattended-upgrades03:31
ICantCookbut it doesn't look like you can call it on demand03:32
s_cooperMadhumper69, I suppose youre serving from an ISP line?03:32
somsipICantCook: if you want to do on-demand, just use apt-get.03:32
path0gencan you show us result of netstat -tupan03:32
Madhumper69its a home server03:32
path0genand ListenAddress line in sshd_config03:32
path0genis it commented out03:32
ICantCooksomsip: doesn't look like it has an option to only upgrade packages with security patches?03:33
Madhumper69its in my house i locally connecto to vnc or use terminal03:33
s_cooperMadhumper69, rise those ports... and tell your users to "http.....:2518" and "shh on 6545" for example03:33
somsipICantCook: http://askubuntu.com/questions/194/how-can-i-install-just-security-updates-from-the-command-line03:33
s_cooperMadhumper69, some ISPs dont allow priviledge port access03:34
Madhumper69i tried ssh 33333 and http 35000 didnt do nothing same thing03:34
s_cooperMadhumper69, restarted the services and everything?...03:34
Madhumper69yes in webmine i stop and start apache03:34
s_cooperMadhumper69, thats bad03:35
Madhumper69what is bad? my restarting the service?03:35
Madhumper69from webmin?03:35
somsipMadhumper69: just checking - you've got webmin exposed externally?03:35
s_cooperMadhumper69, thats bad cuz I cannot tell you what else may be wrong03:35
Madhumper69yes it is working externally03:36
Madhumper69aswell as transmission however ssh and apache no go03:36
path0genoutput of netstat -tupan03:36
somsipMadhumper69: webmin has a bad reputation - it's different from your real issue, but you should read about the risks you're taking with this03:36
somsipMadhumper69: also, what version of ubuntu?03:36
Madhumper69im pasting just getting the link03:37
path0genok thanks03:37
Madhumper69let me do it again as root03:38
path0gen192.168.1.68:22      ESTABLISHED03:39
Madhumper69tahts me locally03:39
path0gen192.168.1.68:22       ESTABLISHED03:39
Madhumper69from my other pc
path0genby locally, we understood that as "on the server itself" aka localhost03:40
path0genat least i did03:40
Madhumper69thats my windows 10 pc03:40
s_cooperIll go to bed03:40
s_coopercya gusy03:40
path0genthis just seems like the port forwarding rules might be screwed up03:41
s_coopercya guys03:41
Madhumper69nope all is open on the router for ip 6803:41
path0genok. well at ths point id run a packet capture on .6803:41
path0genthen try to connect. also run a packet cap on the client.03:42
Madhumper690.o never done that before... could you point me out to a link for a how to or more info?03:43
Madhumper69thanks for you help path, im pretty sure ive done all write03:44
path0genyoure gonna be taking a dump. with tcpdump03:44
Madhumper69lol thanks03:44
Madhumper69i forgot to mention vnc also works externally so it must be a port issue what do you think?03:46
lotuspsychjeMadhumper69: be carefull witn vnc its a high security risk03:46
ubuntu-matei an new bird03:46
Madhumper69nothing to important, just plex server and a website...03:47
Madhumper69no personal information etc...03:47
lotuspsychjeubuntu-mate: welcome, you joined an ubuntu support channel03:47
lotuspsychjeMadhumper69: just saying, youl get hammered daily03:47
Madhumper690.o what would you suggest stricly ssh?03:47
somsipMadhumper69: ssh and fail2ban03:48
DarkAceZhow do I clear/remove .xsession-errors without rebooting?03:48
somsipDarkAceZ: echo > ~/.xsession-errors03:48
Madhumper69i been playing with ubuntu for 2weeks now i put up a box apache plex server and messed around with lots of stuff im still a noob but im learning at a fast rate03:48
lotuspsychje!security | Madhumper69 have a quick read here aswell :p03:49
ubottuMadhumper69 have a quick read here aswell :p: Security Updates are dealt with here:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Security - See also !root, !firewall, !server, and !usn03:49
somsipMadhumper69: exposing yourself externally (oooer) is always a risk until you understand the security issues.03:49
Madhumper69would it be safer if i add permissions in vnc to only allow certain ips? could i do that?03:49
lotuspsychjeMadhumper69: no take somsip's advise and forget about vnc03:49
somsipMadhumper69: when you know the issues, it's still a risk but you cant blame ignorance any more03:49
Madhumper69right, well alot of things i can do in terminal but im still learning the UI helps me at times03:50
somsipMadhumper69: I understand, but it also encourages not learning CLI03:50
lotuspsychjeMadhumper69: there is a nice #openssh channel, maybe they can help with ssh -X or something03:50
Madhumper69i put my firewall down until i new all worked then i was goign to activate it lol03:51
somsipMadhumper69: which is backwards03:51
DarkAceZhaha thanks somsip03:51
DarkAceZbut it didn't help03:51
somsipDarkAceZ: it clears it. It might fill up again but that's another issue03:52
DarkAceZit did work, for a second, but then, when another log message came through, it returned to the 6.4GB file03:52
Madhumper69well my monitor has 2xhdmi i could always use that for ui and from the outside use ssh that seems like it would be better for safeguarding my server03:52
DarkAceZsomsip: I believe I'm going to have to delete it, then reboot03:53
DarkAceZI just don't like rebooting03:53
somsipDarkAceZ: then, another issue. What you've attempted is like sticking electricians tape over your engine warning light in your car03:53
somsipDarkAceZ: fix the real issue, reboot if you have to. Sorted03:54
Madhumper69thanks for all the help guys, night03:54
DarkAceZwill do03:54
lotuspsychjejust for info, 14.04 users urged to kernel update for security reasons: http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/trusty/ spread the word today please03:54
lotuspsychje!info linux-image-generic trusty03:56
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (trusty), package size 2 kB, installed size 29 kB03:56
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo03:56
=== crondd is now known as crond
enzlbtynIf I make a new user, does all the installed packages transfer to him?04:14
enzlbtynI basically just want to make a new user without the packages from apt-get04:14
derp_commanderenzlbtyn: apt packages are almost always systemwide04:15
lotuspsychjeenzlbtyn: the user will be locked in his own /home04:15
lotuspsychjeenzlbtyn: what are you affraid of happening?04:16
derp_commanderenzlbtyn: pretty much all software in Ubuntu is part of an apt package04:17
enzlbtynlotuspsychje: I'm not afraid of anything, I just want to make sure that the steps to install my software is correct (in the sense of which apt packages to install)04:17
derp_commanderthat includes the kernel, the bootloader, the system utilities, etc.04:17
lotuspsychjeenzlbtyn: every user will be able to use the packages, but has seperate /home and config04:18
derp_commanderenzlbtyn: users do not, as a rule, have access to the package manager. they use the same software as you and everybody else, save for those that require the superuser04:18
derp_commanderallowing a user to install their own software in their own space with their own package manager is not, generally, something you would do04:20
enzlbtynI don't see why not?04:20
derp_commanderenzlbtyn: number 1: unlike Windows, software is not self-contained into one folder04:21
derp_commanderit's installed generally into a number of system-wide folders, with parts in /usr/bin, parts in /usr/lib, parts in /usr/share, parts in /etc, and so forth04:22
lotuspsychjeenzlbtyn: somebody else should not be able to mess up your (admin) system by installing random stuff like this04:22
enzlbtynYeah, but why not? Why doesn't apt-get install into somewhere like ~/usr/ or something, and the to have them by default in the path.04:22
lotuspsychjeenzlbtyn: do you want others to install stuff you dont know about?04:23
derp_commanderenzlbtyn: because a lot of software uses absolute paths for things04:23
enzlbtynwhy not?04:23
derp_commanderlotuspsychje: I think he already stated he was fine with it, I'm just stating the technical difficulties04:23
enzlbtynidk just seems stupid that I have to uninstall all my packages04:23
derp_commanderenzlbtyn: why would you have to?04:24
lotuspsychjeenzlbtyn: because then malicious users can takeover your system04:24
enzlbtynto re-produce my steps, from a clean install of ubuntu.04:24
derp_commanderenzlbtyn: wait, what are you doing?04:24
enzlbtynidgaf if they do though?04:24
lotuspsychjederp_commander: i think he wants a clean user without installed packages04:24
lotuspsychjebut remain his own installed ones04:25
enzlbtynexactly, I don't want to destroy what I've already done.04:25
enzlbtynwhatever, I'll just boot up a VM.04:25
lotuspsychjeenzlbtyn: well thats not how ubuntu works mate04:26
lotuspsychjeenzlbtyn: if you want others to mess with your system, youl need another Os04:26
enzlbtynthing is: if I made another user. I'd give it root access anyway04:26
derp_commanderenzlbtyn: yeah, you'd either need a VM, or a pretty complicated chroot scheme04:26
derp_commanderenzlbtyn: ...04:27
enzlbtynI just wanted to sandbox each user.04:27
derp_commandercan you please describe what it is you're doing before someone begins to think you're insane?04:27
enzlbtynderp_commander: The different users are me. So why does that matter?04:27
lotuspsychjeenzlbtyn: if the other user is also admin, when uninstalling a package, yours will be gone too04:27
enzlbtynwell it wouldn't be if packages were sandboxed, but they're not.04:27
lotuspsychjeenzlbtyn: yeah tell us your endgoal with all this04:28
lotuspsychjewhat are you trying to become?04:28
derp_commanderwhat are you trying to accomplish?04:28
enzlbtynI already told you about 5 times?04:28
enzlbtynI just want to reproduce steps from a clean install of ubuntu.04:29
lotuspsychjeenzlbtyn: but what for?04:29
enzlbtynTo ensure I'm not missing anything? It's as simple as that.04:29
enzlbtynBut in general, I don't see the big deal about sandboxing users.04:29
lotuspsychjeenzlbtyn: why do you want the user locked anyway?04:29
enzlbtynLike, for instance, if I was to share a computer.04:30
derp_commanderenzlbtyn: reproducing steps, like for a bug?04:30
=== bestucan1 is now known as bestucan
enzlbtynLike to see if I'm missing any packages from my installation steps.04:30
lotuspsychjeenzlbtyn: if you share a computer, just create another user the normal way...04:30
derp_commanderenzlbtyn: what installation steps? something your boss gave you?04:30
xanguaenzlbtyn: that's what the guest session is for04:30
lotuspsychjexangua: +104:31
derp_commanderI'm still trying to piece together the point of this exercise04:31
lotuspsychjexangua: but he wants the user to be able to install what he likes :p04:31
lotuspsychjexangua: and share admin right04:32
derp_commanderenzlbtyn: first I'll tell you that's horrible security practice. I know from personal experience04:32
enzlbtynI don't give a fuck about security lmfao04:33
enzlbtynAll users would have root access.04:33
enzlbtynDo you think I'm using a fucking server?04:33
derp_commanderenzlbtyn: second, on Windows you can generally install an arbitrary program to an arbitrary directory and it will work. That's almost never true on Linux?04:33
lotuspsychje!language | enzlbtyn04:33
ubottuenzlbtyn: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList04:33
enzlbtynwhy the fuck do I care? I just want to reproduce steps. Jesus christ.04:33
derp_commanderenzlbtyn: no, I wouldn't propose to know your server's sexual habits :-P04:33
somsip!ops | enzlbtyn (ignoring requests to avoid bad language)04:34
ubottuenzlbtyn (ignoring requests to avoid bad language): Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang04:34
enzlbtynInstalling a VM isn't really what I wanted to do04:34
derp_commandersomsip: calm down, it's hardly an emergency04:34
lotuspsychjeenzlbtyn: so if you pass admin rights to everyone...you cant stop another admin for uninstalling your stuff04:34
lotuspsychjeenzlbtyn: because you allowed him to04:35
derp_commanderenzlbtyn: suggestion: install a VM like QEMU, and leave before an op decides to force you04:35
* dax looks up04:35
derp_commanderjust some friendly advice04:36
derp_commanderwonderful :-D04:40
lotuspsychjecan apt-cache search seperate repos too, like if i would know whats inside the partner repo only?04:43
derp_commanderlotuspsychje: that sounds more like something aptitude would do04:45
lotuspsychjederp_commander: ok04:46
=== moondoggy_ is now known as moondoggy
NoCodeanyone familiar with scanning device? Just bought an Epson XP-420 printer/scanner combo. It works. I installed the printer driver, and iscan linux driver on their website. How often do device interfaces work with the scan function? It seems the interface on the device doesn't interact with any programs or drivers in Linux.04:49
derp_commanderNoCode: so if it works, what exactly are you asking?04:50
dafaqSo I heard if I mention 16.04 in here you guys heads will explode...04:54
lotuspsychje!xenial | dafaq04:54
ubottudafaq: Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus) will be the 24th release of Ubuntu. Announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1479 - Discussion in #ubuntu+104:54
NoCodederp_commander, Well, it would be nice if the screen on the device itself worked as well.04:55
derp_commanderNoCode: are you sure that's a problem with Ubuntu and not with the printer?04:56
dafaqlotuspsychje, well that was anti-climactic...04:57
lotuspsychjedafaq: the only thing will explode is xenial release downloads in april04:57
dafaqlotuspsychje, likely. But I'll ask about it over in #ubuntu+104:58
dafaqsashage, I'm reading your name like Peter Griffin saying sausage. Is that right?04:58
lotuspsychjedafaq: no offtopic chitchat here please04:59
dafaqlotuspsychje, yeah yeah, fuck you, ban me I'll be back in two minutes on a different Tor node if I want. Your rules don't apply to me, dickhead.05:00
lotuspsychje!ops | dafaq05:00
ubottudafaq: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang05:00
dafaqLol, tattletale.05:01
tonyyarussodafaq: Refrain from profanity in here.05:01
dafaqGonna quote the rules and you ain't even an op. Self important prick.05:01
derp_commanderooh, a mullvad05:01
derp_commandercan we just ban the whole network, can we, pretty please?05:02
* tonyyarusso mode +b *!*@* :)05:02
DalekSectonyyarusso: Naaah, +m'll fix it!05:03
OpenSorceSo are they moving to the new software manager in 16.04?05:03
derp_commandertonyyarusso: you know what I mean, gateway/vpn/mullvad/*05:03
OpenSorcederp_commander, it's just a Tor node. There are tons of them it's not just mullvad..05:04
nedstarkso the last 6 months i spent porting yumex to ubuntu is down the drain?05:04
derp_commanderit's a VPN which is used mostly by unsavory types, I see no reason not to ban it05:04
derp_commanderOpenSorce: what new software manager?05:04
OpenSorcederp_commander, I read that Ubuntu was switching to the gnome software manager.05:05
nedstarkubuntu gnome has that now, but its not going to happen in xfce, lxde, or mate05:05
lotuspsychjeOpenSorce: yep gnome software heading our way, see #ubuntu+105:06
OpenSorcelotuspsychje, will do, thanks :-)05:06
derp_commandernedstark: the mate project has an... interesting relation to the GNOME project05:06
nedstarklike borg vs. the enterprise05:07
derp_commandernedstark: if by that you mean MATE is the Enterprise, then sure :-P05:10
derp_commanderI'd put it closer to Japan's postwar relationship with the US05:11
derp_commanderor maybe India and the UK05:13
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nedstarkderp_commander: gnome has hidden mate inside gnome, like a little easter egg they call extensions05:14
=== ToneKnee_ is now known as ToneKnee
derp_commanderwhatever analogies we want to use, the MATE project originates from a dissatisfaction with where the GNOME project was headed, but it's still dependent on many GNOME components05:14
ubottuWant to talk about Ubuntu but don't have a support question. Join #ubuntu-discuss, for other non-support discussion not Ubuntu related you can also join #ubuntu-offtopic. Thank you.05:15
nedstark#ubuntu-bieber for discussion of the music of justin bieber05:15
derp_commandernedstark: discuss, since MATE is ubuntu-related05:15
zeki want to install dual booting with win 7, 7 is already installed, there is an unformatted partition on the end of my hd ready, running live and installer started, what next?05:22
django_how can i upate sublime text 2 to 305:22
xanguazek: follow the installer instructions?05:23
=== Guest90247 is now known as shroud
NoCodederp_commander, Yeah. It's probably just a compatibility issue in regards to how the drivers work with the device. It's a new computer. The scanner and printer *are* working, I'm just being picky.05:24
xanguadjango_: if by update you mean Ubuntu repositories offer version 2 and you want 3 (outside of official repositories) you're on your own05:24
zekdo i just use the install ubuntu alongside windows 7 option, will that put ubuntu on the unallocated space?05:24
xangua! Latest05:24
ubottuPackages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.05:24
django_xangua, so i can only use version 205:25
zekxangua, install ubuntu alongside windows 7- will that install to the unallocated space?05:27
lotuspsychje!dualboot | zek05:28
ubottuzek: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot05:28
zekkk ty lotuspsychje05:30
lotuspsychjezek: you can also install ubuntu single on hd and run w7 from a virtualbox if you like05:31
derp_commanderlotuspsychje: my setup is actually the reverse05:36
derp_commanderthough it's created a very weird bug, and I'm not sure if it's with Ubuntu, VirtualBox, or the NT kernel05:37
zekhow do i confirm that the partition # is the correct one? it says #5 as ext4 and #6 as swap05:38
zekas far as i knew there were 2 and the unallocated area, the 2 windows partitons (recovery and regular)05:39
path0gencheck it out05:39
lotuspsychjepath0gen: not here please05:40
lotuspsychje!partition | zek05:41
ubottuzek: For help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PartitioningSchemes l - For partitioning programs see !GParted, or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap05:41
zekcant just answer my question? gparted i guess?05:42
sta7icHaving an issue with Mint. seems that when I leave my PC for a while and come back...I get IO errors. I dont have my power set to suspend and ssd is working just fine in windows so i think its doing something weird.05:50
lotuspsychje!mint | sta7ic05:50
ubottusta7ic: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org05:50
skweekI think my computer has some problem detecting my ipod, I plug it in and then my computer and then an ubuntu sorry we experienced an internal error window comes up telling me there is something wrong with libgpod, this is 14.04 and I don't really see why it's having any kind of a problem, libgpod's newest version on their website was in 2013 and reinstalling and installing another from the ubuntu repository didn't do anythign ei05:52
lotuspsychje!iphone | skweek05:53
ubottuskweek: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod05:53
skweekI think that it's a problem with ubuntu lotuspsychje05:53
lotuspsychjeskweek: read the ipod url first mate05:53
lotuspsychjeskweek: your ubuntu is fully up to date also?05:55
xanguaBy iPod you mean iOS device?05:57
skweekI mean ipod classic 80 gig05:57
skweekworked fine on ubuntu installed on the last laptop05:57
skweekjust got this one and it doesn't05:57
skweekanyways I finished reading those links and there wasn't anything that helpful on them05:58
lotuspsychjeskweek: can you pastebin tail -f /var/log/syslog and plugin your ipod please05:59
lotuspsychje!info libimobiledevice trusty06:00
ubottuPackage libimobiledevice does not exist in trusty06:00
xanguaskweek: and just worked out of the box? What Ubuntu release had the other laptop? Maybe this helps https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/IPod#iPod_Classic.2FNano3g06:01
lotuspsychjeskweek: your not up to date neither, please update to 14.04.406:03
tiwiexsorry to bother u all06:04
tiwiexthis is my problem06:04
tiwiexproxychain keeps denying my localhost06:04
lotuspsychjetiwiex: maybe the ##networking guys or #netfilter will be able of more help?06:05
tiwiexok. thanks06:05
tiwiexthat's a good pointer06:05
tiwiexi appreciate06:05
_torc_hey everyone! is there any channel to get help with nginx config? I tried the #nginx channel but it's dead06:06
lotuspsychje_torc_: maybe ##networking ?06:07
_torc_lotuspsychje I'll check it out thanks06:07
p3aanyone else having trouble adding the dock applet to their mate panel? (ubuntu 15.10)06:10
p3athis is the dock applet http://www.webupd8.org/2015/05/dock-applet-icon-only-window-list-for.html06:11
skweekok i'm updated now to the newest version of ubuntu... and my damn wireless card stopped working again so i'm teathered to my cell phone because this chipset wasn't supported in the the newest or this release of ubuntu, which I could use some help with also but here are the logs from plugging in my ipod with dmesg http://paste.ubuntu.com/15177643/06:11
lotuspsychjep3a: maybe the #ubuntu-mate guys know?06:15
lotuspsychjeskweek: alot of mounting issues in your syslog06:15
=== Jersh is now known as notawesomejosh
lotuspsychjeskweek: this doesnt sound to good neither: debpc kernel: [38662.697986] FAT-fs (sdd2): Volume was not properly unmounted. Some data may be corrupt. Please run fsck.06:16
p3alotuspsychje, ok ill ask there06:16
skweekwhat should I do lotuspsychje06:16
skweekhere is my wireless issue http://paste.ubuntu.com/15177647/06:16
lotuspsychjeskweek: does the ipod get recognized on another machine?06:18
skweekI don't have that machine anymroe06:19
lotuspsychjeskweek: was this a fresh 14.04 install or upgrade from another version?06:20
lotuspsychjeskweek: and your ideapad rather new hardwareN06:20
lotuspsychjeskweek: i would consider a fresh 15.10, we had some ideapad users with issue latetely06:21
lotuspsychjeskweek: maybe try the ipod to another pc, from someone you know first, to make sure?06:22
lotuspsychjeskweek: or try it on your live 15.10 and see syslog there06:22
skweekwhat about my non-wireless device06:23
skweekI don't have a wifi card showing up06:23
lotuspsychjeskweek: alot of nasty stuff going on in your logs: blk_update_request: critical medium error, dev sdb, sector 11857462406:23
skweekman I don't want to fresh install 15.10 ... i have my device set up just how I like it06:23
lotuspsychjeskweek: wifi could be latest kernel issue, try booting grub into previous kernel then06:23
skweekwhat should I do lotuspsychje06:23
lotuspsychjeskweek: if i was you, i would fresh reinstall06:25
lotuspsychjeskweek: then check the syslog/dmesg logs to see whats happening on a clean system06:25
lotuspsychjeskweek: but for an ideapad, also test out 15.1006:25
skweekwould you say its just my install that's fucked up and that if I didn't give a shit about this ipod I'd be fine going on with the sytem as it is... or what?06:25
lotuspsychjeskweek: please keep it polite mate06:26
skweeki'm sorry about that06:26
lotuspsychjeskweek: im just saying, your logs are full of stuff with errors06:26
skweekwell I did want to run 15.1006:27
lotuspsychjeskweek: so best investigate all this on a fresh system, and knowing your hardware is pretty new, i would also reccomend a 15.10 test06:27
lotuspsychjeskweek: im not saying you need to stay on a release, just to test around where your system performs best06:28
skweekis there any way to make the transition of my current system to the new one easier and quicker... like somehow getting the same apps installed on that one compared to this one?06:28
lotuspsychje!info aptoncd | skweek sure06:28
ubottuskweek sure: aptoncd (source: aptoncd): Installation disc creator for packages downloaded via APT. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.1.98+bzr117-1.4 (wily), package size 213 kB, installed size 1561 kB06:28
lotuspsychjeskweek: i also recommend using cable/updates during setup06:29
lotuspsychjeskweek: Your BIOS is broken and requested that x2apic be disabled.06:32
markwaltHaving a weird problem, that's probably really easy to fix, but I'm scratching my head.  I'm running Xubuntu 15.10, and I've set my user ID to not require a password on login, which, in past versions, I thought, caused it to autologin.  But now, for some reason, it stops on a login screen, gives me a login button.  It doesn't ask for a password, but it physically requires me to press a button.  Which is a bummer because it's my home server /06:46
markwaltTV unit, and I sometimes reboot it remotely, and I don't want to get up and walk across the room, dig out a mouse and press a button.  What am I missing?06:46
hateballmarkwalt: what changed between it working, and now?06:53
hateballmarkwalt: did you change login manager perhaps?06:53
markwaltIt's a fresh install on a new-ish machine06:53
markwaltWhen I first installed it, I just accepted the default, which requires a login06:54
markwaltTonight, I replaced the older machine with it to be the house server06:54
markwaltThe older machine, and another one besides, I *swear* all I did was set it to not require a password06:55
markwaltAnd they autologin06:55
markwaltThey aren't fresh installs.  One of them, I've been upgrading since 12.x, and the old server I fresh installed 14.04 and have been upgrading it.06:56
markwaltUnless I'm out of my mind, and I've forgotten something simple.06:56
hateballmarkwalt: Well I am asking because you could have been changed from GDM to LightDM06:57
markwaltHrm.  I'm not sure what MDM is.. is that for Mint?06:59
markwaltOh, nevermind, I read what you typed wrong06:59
=== Tronsha is now known as [UPA]Stefan
hateballmarkwalt: If you're running lightdm (which you likely are) then have a look here http://askubuntu.com/a/27226307:00
markwaltI'm running LightDM07:00
markwaltHrm.  That doesn't do it for me.  I don't see the same files in /etc/lightdm as that post mentions, and I don't seem to have the command /usr/lib/lightdm/lightdm-set-defaults07:03
markwaltSo, this install is from a minimal CD07:05
markwaltI suppose I could *make* a LightDM.conf and put the suggested text in it.07:09
hateballmarkwalt: yes, if you read the entire thread it becomes clearer07:10
=== jeff_ is now known as Guest8182
huwenfengHi all, is there any tools/methods to records all commands any user had ever runned to a log file? Can I do this in the ssh jump/bastion host? All my users are forced to ssh into my jump/bastion host first, then through that jump/bastion host, he could ssh to other production servers.  Now I need to record all the command users run, can I record all command in the jump/bastion server, even after the user had sshed into another server?07:13
=== Guest8182 is now known as lekja
geirhaNothing that can't be circumvented07:15
markwaltThanks hateball.  I guess I was wary of creating folders and .conf files, but that was, indeed what I needed :-)07:16
huwenfenggeirha: what I think is that, the user could only run ssh in the jump/bastion server. So I could record the command history on the jump/bastion server. But Can I record the command after the user sshed into another server?07:17
huwjrhey - a live ubuntu host has tanked out this morning - my / is mounted as read only - any ideas?07:19
huwjr./dev/sda1 / ext4 rw,errors=remount-ro 0 007:19
hateballmarkwalt: So, success?07:20
markwaltYes!  Thanks.07:20
markwaltIt's busily copying movies and music over as we speak :-)07:21
hateballmarkwalt: :)07:22
markwaltI think sshfs might not be the fastest way to mount drives.  Seems like SMB is faster.07:24
markwaltHi tomek07:24
tomek__how to ve buttons minimize maximize close from left to righ07:25
squintytomek__,  if using the unity desktop, those cannot be switched07:27
tomek__but how?07:27
squintytomek__, but how what exactly?07:28
tomek__move windows buttons from left to right07:28
squintytomek__,  please reread what I originally wrote07:29
hateballmarkwalt: use NFS over SMB if you can. SMB is a pain.07:30
markwaltWell, it is a pain, but I'm running SMB so my girlfriend can get files off the server.  She's got a Windows laptop and a Chrome Book.07:35
markwaltI've never played with NFS.  I'll have to look into it.07:35
hateballmarkwalt: Well you can serve your content using multiple protocols07:36
markwaltSure, I'm doing that now.  SSHFS for my linux boxes, and SMB for the rest of the world.07:36
markwaltI love SSHFS though, it's so easy.  Kinda slow on the throughput.07:38
huwjrhia - how long should I expect fschk to take on ~150gb of data? 350 partition07:38
hateballhuwjr: is it ext3 or ext4?07:38
huwjrext…4 i think!07:38
huwjrbut i get a warning about ext307:39
hateballhuwjr: ext3 takes a good while, ext4 should be quite snappy07:39
huwjrstill hours?07:39
hateballHours seem excessive but it all depends on the layout, are there tons of little files etc? And the speed of your drive obviously07:39
huwjrit’s an OLD server LAMP stack07:40
huwjrso yeah lots of little :(07:40
huwjrcouldn’t have happened at 4am instead of start of working day could it :D07:40
huwjrright force fschk i suppose07:40
huwjroh.. touch: cannot touch ‘/forcefsck’: Read-only file system07:42
StuckMojoanyone ever seen the Software Updater GUI continuously pop up even when there are no updates?07:46
StuckMojoi.e. right after running aptitude update; aptitude safe-upgrade07:47
huwjrhow can i get fschk to run if it’s readonly?07:49
hateballhuwjr: you cant, remount it writable07:49
StuckMojohuwjr: you can fsck an RO fs, you just can't fix it07:49
huwjrit’s not read only thuogh07:50
StuckMojothen why did you ask?07:50
huwjrbecause that’s my error :D07:50
StuckMojothen it *is* read-only07:50
StuckMojoif the fs gets certain errors, it will automatically remount readonly07:50
StuckMojo/dev/mapper/ginormica-root on / type ext4 (rw,relatime,errors=remount-ro,data=ordered)07:50
huwjryeah i get that07:51
StuckMojothis is generally a bad thing (tm)07:51
gareth__hey folks. What's the recommended way to upgrade from 15.10 to unstable Xenial?07:51
StuckMojoif you want to live dangerously, you can remount it RW and fsck it07:51
StuckMojoor you can boot from a live cd and run fsck, which is likely safer07:52
StuckMojoor usb stick or whatever07:52
huwjryeah thanks :)07:52
huwjrwill an install iso do?07:52
huwjri have one on the host07:52
StuckMojoof course, as i said, you *can* check a RO fs, you just can't fix errors you find07:52
StuckMojosure if you can make it boot from it, i think you can choose rescue or some such07:53
StuckMojoi would try checking it ro first, see what it says07:53
huwjrwon’t it auto want to check disk at reboot?07:53
StuckMojoif it's fubar, you might want to copy eveything off it you can in RO first, before you touch it07:53
StuckMojoit all depends how f*@#ed you are07:53
StuckMojoif there's really important stuff on there, back up what you can now07:54
huwjrdo i need to remount RW in order for a live cd/install disk to chkdisk ok?07:54
StuckMojono it won't be mounted at all (or shouldn't anyway, that's the point)07:54
StuckMojoi'm ass-u-me-ing this is your rootfs07:54
huwjrso live cd in, boot from that , check it07:55
StuckMojoor usb yeah07:55
StuckMojothere's almost certainly a usb image somewhere that's got just the bare needful to do this07:55
StuckMojobe careful just letting it try to fix a ton of stuff07:56
StuckMojothere's a reason it doesn't do that by default07:56
StuckMojoyou can very easily end up worse off than you are now07:56
gareth__Move from 15.10 to unstable Xenial? Anyone?07:56
StuckMojogranted that's not all that common, but when it happens, it sucks bigtime07:56
StuckMojoagain, i would urge you to copy off anything critical now07:57
huwjryeah have lots of backups07:58
StuckMojoah, then you could just say screw it and remount rw, and fsck away07:58
StuckMojorun with sissors, it's run07:58
StuckMojofun even07:58
squintygareth__,  might want to join #ubuntu+1 as that is the channel for upcoming releases07:59
gareth__cheers squinty07:59
StuckMojohuwjr: to do that, IIRC from long ago memory, it's something like mount /dev/foo -o remount or some such07:59
StuckMojojust man mount and search for remount07:59
huwjri was mid shutdown08:00
ren0v0hi, i have two ethernet cards, how do i go about disabling one of them?08:00
huwjrwas going to boot from iso08:00
StuckMojomeh, do it right then, it's good practice08:00
huwjrseems to have hung at shutdown so probably needs turning off now08:01
StuckMojoyeah likely trying to write to rootfs to shut down services08:01
StuckMojohuwjr: btw, dmesg should have had info about what error happened08:01
* StuckMojo heads back to bed08:02
StuckMojohuwjr: 'gnight and good luck08:03
huwjrthanks si08:03
zambai want to get back common keyboard shortcuts and mouse movements.. like i want to use alt+f1 .. f4 to switch workspace.. and i also want to alt + rightclick to resize windows..08:17
zambai'm running 14.04 with gnome classic08:17
=== shuduo is now known as shuduo-afk
[GeekNerd]can Ubuntu join an active directory domain as a client?08:35
[GeekNerd]I know Linux can host one on samba but IDK if linux can JOIN a windows server 2012 R2's AD domain as a client08:36
ck_mfcis anyone of you using ubuntu touch?08:38
DJonesck_mfc: Probably the best place to ask that will be in #ubuntu-touch, thats the main support channel for tablet/phone issues08:40
SelmarionВсех с праздником!08:53
huwjrPls can someone confirm - i am trryin to CHKDSK from Ubuntu install CD08:55
huwjris it “rescue a broken system” from the main menu?08:55
stevecamhey, when i run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade" it tells me that there are no updates for your system, but in "System Updates" in the Unity GUI it tells me that there are a few security updates, can someone make sense of this with me08:56
tiblockHi. I want to write multiple lines to file from bash, but bash replacing stuff. For example http://pastebin.com/raw/xrddLWC7 "$1" will be not writen in file, there will be empty space. How to write multiple lines without bash replaces?09:00
Picistevecam: have you tried using sudo apt-get dist-upgrade?09:04
huwjrcan i use Desktop LIVE cd to check disk on SERVER?09:04
stevecamPici, thank you, just gave me what i was looking at09:04
huwjrjust want to run check disk for fook sake :p09:05
tiblockOh, i found solution, need to replace EOF with 'EOF'. Nice. Solved.09:07
unimaxlinss -s shows *  442916 but in netstat -a it shows only 400 connections, what could be the reason09:08
unimaxlincan i check something here09:08
huwjrCan i check disk from Ubuntu DESKTOP against UBUNTU LIVE?09:09
huwjrubuntu server*! FFS :D09:09
thmsWhy did libapache2-mod-fastcgi dissapear from 15.10 ?09:10
thmsthere is only fcgid09:10
=== nima is now known as Guest43942
DJonesthms: Do you multiverse repo enabled, looks like its included in that http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=+libapache2-mod-fastcgi+&searchon=names&suite=wily&section=all09:12
thmsDJones: nope. What it ? Do I have to replace universe with multiverse ?09:14
guruprasadIs it possible to run multiple instance of a service in separate network namespaces?09:16
guruprasadFor example, I want to run multiple instances of stunnel in separate network namespaces.09:16
DJonesthms: I'm not sure what changes you'd need to do, hopefully somebody else can guide you with that09:17
skweekdoes anyone know what's going on here and know how to fix it? http://paste.ubuntu.com/15178196/09:18
=== rich-_ is now known as rich-
acosonichow do I read mail postmaster@somedomain ?09:22
huwjrhow do i open terminal on ubuntu desktop 14.04 ?09:22
eugenio_hi all, can anybody explain me how does php5 configuration works? I have a fresh recompiled module which seems to be not recognized09:23
skweekhuwjr: press ctrl + alt + t09:23
huwjrshould it work on a live cd?09:23
huwjrnot working for me :/09:23
guruprasadhuwjr: Press Windows key (if there is one). Then type 'terminal' (without the quotes) in the search. You should see 'GNOME Terminal'. Launch it09:24
skweekeugenio_: try #php !09:24
guruprasadhuwjr: It will work in the live cd mode and not in the installation mode afaik09:24
huwjri get a search box09:25
huwjrtype terminal09:25
huwjrnothing comes up09:25
huwjri have a server install all I’m trying to do is fschk but i’ve been pissing around with CDs for half an hour now09:25
huwjrany other way?09:26
huwjrany other way to get terminal up or run chkdisk without?09:28
vincent42hi all in ubuntu 14.04 , in nvidia-settings there is no option"sync to vblank" in opengl settings09:28
vincent42that seems strange09:28
guruprasadhuwjr: Ctrl+Alt+F1?09:29
kltrgIch lade per Bash-Skript mit cadaver Dateien in ein Webdav-Verzeichnis. Funktioniert. Ich würde gerne die Dateien lokal löschen, aber nur wenn die Übertragung ins Webdav auch wirklich geklappt hat. Ich weiß nicht, wie ich das überprüfen kann. Ich verstehe solche Skripte meistens, habe aber Probleme, sie selbst zu schreiben.09:30
kltrgoh, wrong language, soryy09:30
skweekdoes anyone know how to reset apt when it wont work?09:31
kltrgI`m using a shell script to upload files to a webdav folder using cadaver. I`d like to delete the local file, but only if the upload succeeded. Can anyone help me to write the script for this?09:31
huwjrit seems my F keys aren’t working - is there another way? :s09:32
huwjrwindows key brings up the search09:32
bstarek__skweek, there is a lock, you need to remove it09:32
skweekno it's not locked09:33
bstarek__whats the error msg you are getting09:33
Drac0666Got problem when i press shutdown it close menu bar but apps are still open and computer doesnt wont to shutdown, why?09:33
hateballkltrg: probably better off asking in #bash09:34
=== mike_ is now known as Guest73888
kltrghateball, I`ll do that, thanks09:36
=== roland is now known as Guest20026
skweeeksorry did you say anything I missed it09:39
bstarek__skweeek, bro apt is working fine09:39
bstarek__skweeek, you got dependencies issues09:39
bstarek__skweeek, try   sudo apt-get -f install09:39
skweeekI did and got a different error09:40
bstarek__may i ask what are you trying to install?09:40
bstarek__and what version of Ubuntu?09:40
skweeekmy packages off of aptoncd from my 14 install installed 1509:41
bstarek__well some of the packages require different dependencies09:42
bstarek__i suggest you do some google search before retrying09:43
huwjrdesperate now09:44
huwjrcan’t open terminal on the live cd09:44
huwjrcan see it is installed in the applications09:44
cat__fart dicks09:44
huwjrany other way to open it WITHOUT a keyboard shortcut?09:44
cfhowlettcat__, stop that.  wrong channel.  play elsewhere.09:45
skweeekwell that's what apt spits out every time I run it now09:45
skweeekthat's why was hoping I could fix apt09:45
bstarek__skweeek, try reboot09:45
bstarek__skweeek, even if it spits that, it will install your desired package09:46
skweeeknow it won't start up09:46
bstarek__be patient09:46
skweeekits just hanging on a purple screen09:46
skweeekand it went to initramfs09:46
bstarek__and now?09:47
skweeekI can input text09:47
bstarek__skweeek, ok wait a moment, let me check something09:48
Drac0666Got problem when i press shutdown it close menu bar but apps are still open and computer doesnt wont to shutdown, why? Here is my log from syslog http://pastebin.com/aduMpS1t09:48
bstarek__skweeek, read this http://askubuntu.com/questions/137655/boot-drops-to-a-initramfs-prompts-busybox09:49
kltrgI installed Wine and purged it since, but my Gnome menu still shows me a Wine submenu including the Windows application I was trying to  run using Wine. This means, there are still parts of Wine lingering around on my system. How can I deleted Wine completely?09:50
cfhowlettkltrg, sudo apt-get purge wine         then you probably need to manually kill the config file in your /home09:51
lotuspsychjeDrac0666: sudo halt -p working correctly09:51
kltrgcfhowlett, That`s what I did09:52
cfhowlettkltrg, also might need to manually remove entries from the menu09:52
Drac0666lotuspsychje, let me check09:52
kltrgcfhowlett, Judging by the (missing or not) icons, Wine itself seems to have been removed properly, but not the Adobe application I had installed.09:53
mcphailkltrg: purging an app does not remove all the modifcations the app has made in the user's home directory. This is by design. The wine shortcuts are probably under ~/.local/share/applications somewhere. If you track down the .desktop files and remove them, the menu entries are likely to go. But it is so long since I've used GNOME I can't rememeber how it populates its menu...09:54
cfhowlettkltrg, look for .wine in your /home09:54
Drac0666lotuspsychje, yes correctly09:54
lotuspsychjeDrac0666: might be user related, can you try create another user and shutdown from there?09:55
BernzelHow do I free up space in /boot ? Everytime I'm installing updates it's full ?09:55
lotuspsychjeBernzel: bleachbit09:56
Drac0666lotuspsychje, ye i will give me moment09:56
lotuspsychje!info bleachbit | Bernzel09:56
ubottuBernzel: bleachbit (source: bleachbit): delete unnecessary files from the system. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.8-1 (wily), package size 271 kB, installed size 2074 kB09:56
kltrgmcphail, cfhowlett, .local/share/application/wine was the folder that was still there. Thanks.09:57
cfhowletthappy2help! kltrg09:57
mcphailkltrg: :)09:57
jushurisnt it better to use apt-get to remove old kernels then using a thirdparty app? just wondering why you advice to use bleachbit09:58
Drac0666lotuspsychje, i created but i cant logout either09:58
XanoWhat's the Ubuntu equivalent of Apple's term "clamshell"? I'm trying to allow my notebook to be woken up by peripherals when it's docked, but its lid is closed (I use an external monitor at those times)10:00
jushurah never mind, it wasnt for what i thought you adviced on.10:01
skweeekit looks like it is still doing the same thing bstarek__10:03
bstarek__skweeek, did you read what i sent you?10:03
bstarek__skweeek, it looks like you got a badfilesysteme issue10:03
skweeekI read it and followed the steps10:03
Drac0666lotuspsychje, logout had same problem i mean it loged out but take a way too long to close irc window10:03
Drac0666lotuspsychje, on new user shutdown was fast (closing windows)10:03
lotuspsychjeDrac0666: wich ubuntu version is this?10:04
Drac0666lotuspsychje, sec phone10:04
bstarek__skweeek, is it ubuntu 15?10:04
skweeekya bstarek__10:04
Renexhello guys. i have installed ubuntu 15.10 on vmware 12. this morning, i did a software update and after restarting i can't get into ubuntu anymore. all it appears is an underscore/dash on a black screen and i can't do anything10:05
Renexwhat could be the problem and how can i fix it?10:05
bstarek__skweeek, one moment, let me google some more10:05
bstarek__skweeek, try this  http://askubuntu.com/questions/137655/boot-drops-to-a-initramfs-prompts-busybox10:06
bstarek__not that10:06
Drac0666lotuspsychje, ubuntu 15.10 mate desktop, it was fine till yesterday i guess with that shutdown10:07
hateballRenex: hammer shift to get into grub menu and try booting on an older kernel10:08
bstarek__skweeek, read this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=226086410:08
lotuspsychjeDrac0666: you could try a previous kernel, see if shutdown works still from there10:09
Drac0666lotuspsychje, no other way to fix it?10:10
lotuspsychjeDrac0666: well im not sure what could cause it either, have you got devices plugged?10:10
skweeekhey bstarek__ a few moments back I posted something about my WiFi it was a pastebin link, do you happen to see it still?10:11
Drac0666lotuspsychje, ye mouse, usb soundcard and keyboard thats all10:11
lotuspsychjeDrac0666: that should not influence10:12
skweeekit was a Makefile error10:12
bstarek__skweeek, dont worry about wifi, i think it is linked to your video/graphic card10:12
skweeekI just reinstalled it10:12
bstarek__skweeek, worst case scenario, boot on a livecd and save your stuff10:12
Drac0666lotuspsychje, ye i think so either10:12
lotuspsychjeDrac0666: did you try other ubuntu versions? LTS?10:12
skweeekthis was a fresh install I tried to run some old packages on which in suspect overrode something in the kernel causing the problem10:12
lotuspsychjeDrac0666: you can file a bug against 15.10 also10:13
skweeekbut I have a Wi-Fi driver that's not being detected I posted a pace bend length of an error message that came out from a makefile that I was running with new drivers or patched drivers and it's up there somewhere and they said it awhile ago bstarek__10:13
bstarek__skweeek, could be.....if it is fresh install then reinstall10:13
Drac0666lotuspsychje, brb gonna check something10:13
skweeekpastebin link*10:14
bstarek__skweeek, whats the your computer model?10:14
bstarek__skweeek, nowaydays wifi cards are detected automatcally10:14
skweeekits a Lenovo ideapad y70010:14
lotuspsychjebstarek__: we did update this morning to 14.04.4 then his wifi dropped badly after, thats why i suggested him try 15.1010:15
skweeekya I have had trouble with this one and had to employ some hacks to get it going every kernal update it wipes them out and I'm left without WiFi... was installing a patches kernal driver when I ran into a problem building it10:15
Drac0666lotuspsychje, well acctualy shutdown works but it takes like 30 min to close hexchat and shutdown after menu bar dissapeared10:16
bstarek__lotuspsychje, i see, i havent experienced .4 yet.10:16
lotuspsychjebstarek__: still on 3 yourself?10:17
lotuspsychjeDrac0666: you mean 30sec i hope :p10:17
bstarek__lotuspsychje, yes 3 doing fine so far (i hope i dont jinx it)10:17
skweeeklotuspsychje: I keep on having problems reloading the old packages from 14 it had caused some problems with apt... first I couldn't get aptoncd to restore them so I tries to manually install them with dpkg and it causes the system to hang... I thought it overrode some of the kernal from the 14 packages over the top of 1510:17
bstarek__skweeek, do fresh install of 1510:18
lotuspsychjebstarek__: users are urged to update kernel on trusty real fast, as new security flaws are out10:18
lotuspsychje!usn | bstarek__ check trusty10:18
ubottubstarek__ check trusty: Please see http://www.ubuntu.com/usn for information about recent Ubuntu security updates.10:18
bstarek__lotuspsychje, thanks for headsup10:18
bstarek__lotuspsychje, 0dayz?10:18
Drac0666lotuspsychje, ye something like that but as far as i remember it was much quicker before (2 days ago)10:19
lotuspsychjebstarek__: http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-2910-1/10:19
bstarek__Drac0666, you mean like yesterday10:20
lotuspsychjeDrac0666: well few things you can try, install preload,try previous kernel,shutdown from new user10:20
lotuspsychje!info preload | Drac066610:20
ubottuDrac0666: preload (source: preload): adaptive readahead daemon. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.4-2 (wily), package size 34 kB, installed size 135 kB10:20
bstarek__lotuspsychje, you mean like yesterday10:20
huwjrheya _ i ran fsck.ext4 /dev/sda1 - it reports changes but “file system still has errors” am I out of luck??? any suggestions please!!!10:21
lotuspsychjebstarek__: what did i mean what?10:21
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tuorHi, I was in the german support channel and there is no one who can/wants support me. I have set a passwort for my root user and then the "don't login as root" discussion started. Now if it's possible to no start the discussion here again, I would be happy. My Problem: [Ubuntu 14.04 64bit] I use libvirt for running kvm VMs. I have installed a VM like this: https://paste.ubuntu.com/15178446/ . The LVs size is10:29
tuoronly 4 MB and has a read/write problem: https://paste.ubuntu.com/15178437/ last lines of my syslog: https://paste.ubuntu.com/15178430/10:29
cfhowletttuor, 4mb?  NO ubuntu is going to run on 4mb of storage10:30
tuorWhat can be the Problem? Tell me if other informations can help you to help me. ;)10:30
Ben64tuor: you shouldn't be running normal things as root though10:30
tuorBen64, I know. Can we just let this by side?10:30
Ben64if you know, then why are you doing it10:31
=== mike_ is now known as Guest21402
skweekcan you look at this bstarek__10:32
skweeekits the message I got when working on the wifi10:33
tuorcfhowlett, I know. Why is it only 4 MB and not 20GB like I defined on line 8: --disk size=20,bus=virtio,path="/dev/vg01_srvab00/rt00-1" (https://paste.ubuntu.com/15178446/)10:33
bstarek__skweeek, i just read it, i wouldnt know how to fix it :(10:33
bstarek__skweeek, try fresh ubunut 1510:33
skweekall done with resetting up ubuntu to the best of my knowledge10:34
skweekits working again, but not the wifi still an issue10:34
bstarek__skweeek, debuging takes more than reading a couple of lines10:34
mcphailtuor: Does the command expect "20" to mean "20 GB" or "20 bytes"?10:34
skweeki'm not sure where to go about working on that10:34
lotuspsychjeskweek: why dont you keep messing around on 14.0410:35
tuormcphail, size (in GB) to use if creating new storage10:35
tuor(from the manpage)10:35
skweekafter 14.04 the recent update wiped out my wifi to begin with, I don't mind the upgrade to 15 but either way I need to refix the wifi10:35
bstarek__lotuspsychje, did you dist-upgradeN10:36
bstarek__lotuspsychje, or manually down th image?10:36
lotuspsychjeskweeek: i suggested you to install fresh this morning, as your syslog was full of errors10:36
mcphailtuor: if you change the parameter to "20G" or "20GB" does it work? Looks as if it has allocated a miminum block size instead, so it suggests it has asked for 20 bytes10:36
skweekI did lotuspsychje10:36
lotuspsychjebstarek__: regular updates should get you to .410:36
lotuspsychjeskweek: did what10:37
skweekinstall fresh10:37
bstarek__lotuspsychje, Thx10:37
lotuspsychjeskweek: wich one10:37
tuormcphail, I'll try it. Thx for the idea!10:37
madwizardtuor: What is the size available in vg01_srvab00 group?10:37
madwizardMaybe you'10:37
mcphailtuor: it is only a guess, but let me know if it works ;)10:37
madwizardve got all strage there already  used?10:37
lotuspsychjeskweek: 15.04 is eol...10:37
tuormcphail, 402.13g (https://paste.ubuntu.com/15178716/)10:38
skweekmaybe I should go back to 1410:38
lotuspsychjeskweek: www.ubuntu.com ==> try a 15.10 iso10:38
madwizardWell, was worth a shot10:40
lotuspsychjeskweek: and put network cable in and updates enabled during setup while you install10:40
Renexthank you hateball, i finally got it to work by using the previous version of the kernel10:42
hateballRenex: nice. file a regression bug then10:43
tuormcphail, I can't add letters: ERROR    Improper value for 'size': invalid literal for float(): 20G10:44
tuorI changed size=20 → size=20G.10:44
hateball!bug | Renex10:45
ubottuRenex: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.10:45
Renexok, thank you10:46
Zulu_TooHey Guys, there are so many computers out there on the market. Can anyone recommend the best 64 bit machine that works with Ubuntu?10:48
cfhowlettZulu_Too, there is no "best"10:48
mcphailtuor: oh well - wasn't that then ;)10:48
tuorI'll try 20000000 maybe it works10:48
Zulu_TooI suppose so.10:48
cfhowlettZulu_Too, most work quite well.  but for a truly customized experience, the Dell Developer Editions are hard to beat10:48
Zulu_TooI was looking for some suggestions not necessarily the best.10:49
tuormcphail, ah I think I found the unit: WARNING  The requested volume capacity will exceed the available pool space when the volume is fully allocated. (20480000000 M requested capacity > 411784 M available)10:49
Zulu_TooThanks cfhowlett for your input. Greatly appreciated.10:50
tuorso it has to be mb :)10:50
tuorah no. it's gb.10:50
mcphailtuor: aah. If it works, you should file a bug against the package with regards to the manpage10:50
tuornono. Was happy to early.10:50
Zulu_Toocfhowlett does that come with rack mounted units?10:51
mcphailtuor: I'm nowhere near a box to eperiment with that setup, I'm afraid, so I'm not going to be any help10:51
cfhowlettZulu_Too, whoa!  nope the developer editions are laptops.  sounds like you are talking about servers.  ask #ubuntu-server   ?10:52
Zulu_TooI see thanks :)10:52
tuormcphail, should I try #ubuntu-server to?10:53
tuorIt's a server setup.10:53
mcphailtuor: no harm in trying10:53
Zulu_TooI am running a headless wireless server with Ubuntu and it is working just fine. The latency is a bit slow. I think because of the IProviders.10:54
Zulu_TooIt disturbes me when they promise a service and they fall short of their promise. What a shame.10:55
ralpheeeeis there a ppa for termite terminal?10:56
Zulu_TooPublic Service: Two greatest Windows to Ubuntu connnection software is PuTTy  & WinSCP   The best tools on the web for free.10:58
lotuspsychje!ppa | ralpheeee10:59
ubotturalpheeee: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge10:59
lotuspsychjeZulu_Too: please no advertising here10:59
Zulu_TooLotuspsychie I wasn't advertising. I was relaying what I learned from this channel 10 years ago. Thanks for the advice.11:00
lotuspsychjeralpheeee: maybe there are alternatives you can try? what exactly do you search for in a terminal?11:02
ralpheeeelotuspsychje: am on a netinstall / mini and looking to just a run WM (i3)...something lightweight...11:03
ralpheeeedont really want xfce4-terminal due to dependencies ...11:03
ralpheeeeu/rxvt the fonts issues drives me nuts...11:04
lotuspsychjeralpheeee: terminator, guake?11:04
NwSHeya guys a quick noob Q.. My server's dev sda1 boot partition is full and the whole server is down now.. Any ideas what I can delete in order to free some space?11:04
cfhowlettNwS, yep.  try sudo apt-get autoremove first11:04
NwScfhowlett, is that safe?11:05
cfhowlettNwS, yes.  see for yourself: man apt-get autoremove11:05
tsapiiralpheeee: if it's lightweight you want, there's always xterm :P11:05
k1lNwS: can you provide a "ls -al" from within that partition? but a "sudo apt-get autoremove" should remove some unused kernels when running that system11:05
ralpheeeeboth are very heavy on the resources...(terminator is a one stop shop for terminal emulators...probably the best out there...but just heavy)11:05
ralpheeeetsapii: :D11:06
cfhowlettNwS, you can also preview the command with apt-get -s autoremove11:06
NwScfhowlett, the server is so full I can't preview lol :P11:07
NwSI will give it a try11:07
lotuspsychje!info stjerm | ralpheeee how about this?11:07
ubotturalpheeee how about this?: stjerm (source: stjerm): lightweight terminal emulator. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.16-0ubuntu2 (wily), package size 24 kB, installed size 94 kB11:07
cfhowlettNwS, apt-get -s autoremove will simulate the command - not execute11:07
MonkeyDustNwS  try sudo aptitude purge ~c11:07
NwSWell the server is so full I can't run that11:07
k1lNwS: what does "the server is full" mean? can you put the errors in paste.ubuntu.com and show the link here?11:08
ralpheeeelotuspsychje: thxs11:09
NwSk1l, here http://paste.ubuntu.com/15178916/11:09
k1lcan you show a "df -h"11:09
lotuspsychjeralpheeee: or the lxterminal from lubuntu?11:09
ralpheeeelotuspsychje: yeah thought about that....last time i used it was not too thrilled with it...but waas a long time ago...11:10
NwSk1l, http://paste.ubuntu.com/15178921/11:10
cfhowlettNwS, yeah, you might the article I sent you useful.11:11
NwScfhowlett, I couldn't run the command11:12
cfhowlettNwS, http://www.unixmen.com/how-to-uninstall-the-old-kernels-in-ubuntu/11:12
NwSah let me check this out tyvm11:12
k1lNwS: its not /boot that is full. its the whole /11:12
NwSOh, yeah noob here sorry -.-"11:13
k1lNwS: is there anything you can manually remove from that 28GB?11:13
MonkeyDuststart with /tmp/* or so11:13
NwSk1l, I'm not even sure how..11:13
NwSOkie MonkeyDust tyvm11:14
k1lNwS: like any data you know you dont need anymore. i dont know what kind of data is on that server.11:14
MonkeyDustNwS  and in case you missed it:   sudo aptitude purge ~c   that's a tilde11:15
k1lNwS: you could run a "sudo du -hs /var/log"  to see if it was caused by a load of errors spamming the log messages.11:15
NwSk1l, dang 16GB11:15
NwSty for all the help guys, will try to delete some tmp files now and then clean the logs :/11:16
k1lNwS: ok, that is way too much. "ls -al /var/log/"11:16
NwSk1l, auth.log ~5GB, btmp 3GB, mail.log 8GB pretty much11:18
k1llooks like logrotate is not working11:19
NwSCan I remove anything from tmp?11:19
NwSSo I can free up some space11:19
NwSNot even sure what those files are tbh11:19
hateballNwS: you *could* stop syslog, kill offending logs (or move elsewhere) then start syslog again11:21
hateballif auth.log is 5GB that indicates some badness going on :p11:21
NwShateball, the server is 1 year old, never restarted and I guess I never cleaned any logs manually :/11:22
hateballNwS: the logs should rotate11:22
NwShateball, can I delete older logs safely? Like auth.log.4.gz (mainly the gz ones)11:26
hateballNwS: sure, you can delete any logs. Just decide if you want them first11:26
hateballNwS: I would stop syslogd tho, as the logs are gigantic, and freeing up space probably lets it continue writing to the logs11:27
hateballNwS: and then have a look at them using tail, if it's the same stuff being spammed over and over or something11:27
NwShateball, sudo service rsyslog stop (and then start)? Sorry for being 110% noob -.-"11:28
hateballNwS: yeah11:32
eahmedshendyAnyone know about softwares like "MobaXterm" or "Putty" on Linux?11:33
hateballNwS: that also lets you kill the live log files, and they will get recreated when you start the daemon again11:33
bekkseahmedshendy: NEither MobaXTerm nor Putty are actually needed, though a Putty Clone exists.11:33
hateballeahmedshendy: What is your real question?11:33
trini7yI used my ubuntu to download, then it stopped connecting to the internet11:34
MonkeyDusttrini7y  wifi?11:35
mcphaileahmedshendy: those programs just replicate features which are built in to Ubuntu11:35
trini7yBoth wifi and Ethernet11:36
k1leahmedshendy: just use the command "ssh" on terminal to connect to ssh11:36
trini7yThis is the second time it has behaved like this11:36
MonkeyDusttrini7y  is it a laptop or desktop, which ubuntu version, which program etc11:37
trini7yLaptop, 14.0, transmission11:38
MonkeyDusttrini7y  14.04 or 14.10?   14.10 is dead11:38
bekkstrini7y: That may happen when too much connection are opened in parallel. It may lead to a lockup in your modem/router.11:38
trini7yBut i dont want to use 1511:40
bekkstrini7y: So are you using 14.04 or 14.10?11:40
trini7yBekks i dont it those not connect to any wifi11:40
synthorhi. i am switching from amd propritary to the radon driver. i have two amd cards with four monitors at all, two connected to each card. i enabled xinerama in xorg.conf and try to manually create a full expanded desktop over all four fullhd monitors. i have four monitor sections in xorg.conf now and don't know which monitor-section is the real screen. is there a xorg-command which renders the identifier option onto each monitor, so i can see which one corre11:43
synthorspondends in the xorg.conf?11:43
synthori now have a expanded desktop over all four screens and can move the cursor from full left to full right side. but the viewport sizes/monitor positions are not quite like they should be. while moving from left monitor 1 to monitor 2 it's fine. but then in monitor 2 the whole desktop scrolls until the end of the viewport? and then the cursor passes into monitor 3. from 3 to 4 its like 1 to 2, all good. i just want to disable that scrolling but don't know wh11:48
synthorich monitor config that causes11:48
synthoronly the desktop of monitor 2 scrolls, not the whole desktop on all screens11:49
synthorany hint what i'm missing here?11:49
synthoronly the desktop of monitor 2 scrolls, not the whole desktop on all screens11:54
=== zenlot1 is now known as zenlot
Jakey3can someone help with with gitlab install on ubuntu 14.04 server12:14
Jakey3i have completed the installation steps12:14
Jakey3on a vm how do i access on the local machine12:14
Jakey3through local host12:15
PowerKiller3Jakey3: I can12:19
PowerKiller3Repeat the problem12:19
=== tocksick is now known as siegbert
rimvydasvhi. what gui do you use?12:20
PowerKiller3rimvydasv: who are you talking to12:20
bekksrimvydasv: How is that relevant to your specific ubuntu support issue? :)12:20
Jakey3PowerKiller3, can you explain how12:20
PowerKiller3Jakey3: what hypervisor12:21
rimvydasvsorry, clicked wrong tab12:21
PowerKiller3Jakey3: first repeat the problem you have12:21
Jakey3i have setup a virtual machine on ubuntu 14.04 server12:21
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:21
PowerKiller3!help siegbert12:22
PowerKiller3Idk how does it work12:22
PowerKiller3Jakey3: repeat the problem12:22
Jakey3i followed https://about.gitlab.com/downloads/#ubuntu140412:22
siegbertmhm i dont need any help but thx ;)12:22
PowerKiller3well I don't care what you did12:22
PowerKiller3just repeat the problem12:22
Jakey3and now i want to know how to access my gitlab on my host12:22
PowerKiller3I'm sorry if I am rude12:22
Jakey3from my vm12:22
brazbom dia!12:23
PowerKiller3I get it you are trying to connect to your VM's GitLab instance from your host12:23
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:23
PowerKiller3braz: what language?12:23
PowerKiller3Jakey3: run ifconfig on the vm and pastebin output along12:23
PowerKiller3braz: /j #ubuntu-pt12:23
PowerKiller3braz: also /j #ubuntu-br12:24
Jakey3which specific value do you want12:24
PowerKiller3the IP of the VM12:24
PowerKiller3it's very required12:25
bekksJakey3: Sounds like you are using Virtualbox and NAT.12:25
PowerKiller3well open in a browser:
bekksJakey3: Then you cannot directly connect from your host as it is stated in the vbox manual.12:26
bekksJakey3: You need to create port forwardings.12:26
PowerKiller3^ also true12:26
PowerKiller3ah he was using NAT12:26
Jakey3i have port forwarding setup12:27
=== rems is now known as Guest80575
PowerKiller3then you should've no problems12:27
PowerKiller3just open the HTTP page -.-12:27
PowerKiller3whai not?12:28
bekkshttp://localhost:8080/ -- with a portforwarding of port 8080 to port 80 of the vm.12:28
Jakey3i have port forwarding from 22 to 222212:28
Jakey3for ssh purpose12:28
bekksPowerKiller3: Stated in the vbox manual :P12:28
Jakey3i must setup another rule?12:28
PowerKiller3lol you seem to know more about VBox than me, go ahead12:28
bekksJakey3: Sure. SSH is not HTTP.12:28
Jakey3ah ok12:28
Jakey3of course :)12:28
bekksJakey3: SSH and HTTP use different ports :)12:28
Jakey3yep just realise my mistake here12:29
rems13where can i have a little help pls ?12:30
rems13same pls12:32
PowerKiller3rems13: what help do you need12:32
rems13when i run retroarch on my odroid C1+12:32
rems13i have a weird message about UMP device drvier12:33
rems13im french and new on linux ubuntu...12:33
PowerKiller3rems13: go to /j #ubuntu-fr :)12:33
rems13no pls12:34
rems13im sur its easy to fix12:34
rems13but its a new world for me12:34
rems132 days on this to get an error message12:34
PowerKiller3what's the error12:34
rems13i mp u ty12:35
bekksAnd which Ubuntu are you using?12:35
PowerKiller3aka cat /etc/os-release12:35
rems131 seconde pls i dont know this os at all12:35
bekksPowerKiller3: Wrong. cat /etc/issue :)12:35
PowerKiller3wait, is /etc/os-release deleted?12:35
bekksDid it every exist?12:35
PowerKiller3no it exists12:36
PowerKiller3it exists for me12:36
rems13i dont find os12:37
rems13something like12:37
rems13ubuntu 14.04 ls ?12:37
rems13ok i got it12:38
rems13Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS12:38
rems13are u still here ?12:39
hateball!who | rems1312:39
ubotturems13: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)12:39
rems13im sorry12:40
rems13if anyone want to help me12:40
rems13its not a big problem12:40
mattbvrems13: can you copy the error message to pastebin?12:41
MonkeyDustrems13  don't abuse the enter key, it has rights too12:41
rems13can i mp u cause the message is big12:42
PowerKiller3lol yea12:42
PowerKiller3rems13: PM me12:42
Jakey3i have done http://ibin.co/2XxOOkJwatEY12:42
rems13sorry all and ty all12:42
Jakey3and i still am not able to access12:42
Jakey3on local host12:42
PowerKiller3Jakey3: why even you are trying to access via localhost? D:12:42
Jakey3the point is i just want to access the gitlab installation on my vm on my host machine12:43
Bitnovahi, can anyone tell me how to switch default MTA from sendmail to another mta such as nullmailer?12:43
Jakey3ill go to any ip :)12:44
Bitnovadoes this command system-switch-mail apply to ubuntu?12:44
Jakey3PowerKiller3, bekks can you assit me12:44
hateball!paste | rem1312:44
ubotturem13: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:44
mattbvJakey3: don't you need to forward within ubuntu too? Like forwarding on iptables?12:44
PowerKiller3the IP you get12:44
PowerKiller3from ifconfig is what you require12:44
PowerKiller3mattbv: no he doesn't12:44
rem13i left but i didnt want to12:44
rem13sorry i mp12:44
mattbvPowerKiller3: ok ,thank you12:45
hateballrem13: Not knowing anything about the issue really, I googled a bit. Could this be helpful http://forum.odroid.com/viewtopic.php?f=116&t=8659 ?12:45
hateballrem13: That is, set correct udev rule for ump, add yourself to the group12:45
Bitnovahi, can anyone tell me how to switch default MTA from sendmail to another mta such as nullmailer?12:46
lotuspsychjeBitnova: maybe the #sendmail guys know?12:47
rem13i dont even understand this tchat12:48
rem13linux is better than me for sur12:48
anynamehow to configure eratta in ubuntu12:49
Bitnovalotuspsychje, im not sure they will help me replace their default sendmail to another mta lol.12:49
rem13ok try to stay calm12:51
lotuspsychjeBitnova: or maybe the ##networking guys12:51
lotuspsychjerem13: please dont use this channel for random text12:52
bekksJakey3: So which portforwardings did you create?12:52
TaevMacis there a built in app, or something i can download to scan a HD for errors? im trying to mount a HD and getting "error can't mount superblock"12:52
Jakey3bekks, http://imagebin.ca/v/2XxRkN4RaI8712:53
PowerKiller3TaevMac: yes there is12:53
rem13The UMP devicedriver is version: 3, UMP libraries is version: 212:53
rem13there is my problem ty if someone can help me12:53
bekksJakey3: the second rule will never work.12:54
TaevMacwhats the command? e2fsck /dev/sdc ?12:54
bekksJakey3: replace the host IP in rule 2 with
bekksTaevMac: which command are you using for mounting it?12:55
auronandaceTaevMac: sdc is the whole drive, don't you want to fsck just a partition?12:55
Jakey3bekks, thanks that worked12:56
PowerKiller3and wait12:56
bekksJakey3: you're welcome :)12:56
PowerKiller3that was for ext* filesystems12:56
PowerKiller3and if you have another FS you that specific one12:56
PantsuTaevMac: use fsck and smart12:58
PantsuTaevMac: also which fs is this?12:59
BluesKajHowdy all13:10
oem_tor system13:11
MonkeyDust!tor | oem_13:11
ubottuoem_: Tor is a program to route connections through several servers for anonymity. It is in Ubuntu's repositories, but the Tor Project recommends using their Tor packages due to past issues with Ubuntu's. For setup info, see option (2) of https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en | To use Tor on freenode, see !tor-sasl13:11
tuorI found the problem with logical volume read/write error: http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.comp.emulators.libvirt.user/455513:35
remsare u here ?13:35
=== rems is now known as Guest63491
Guest63491powerkiller ?13:36
msev-anyone played with the new "Munity" or "Mutiny" ubuntu mate desktop layout?13:37
Guest63491powerkiller ?13:37
PiciGuest63491: Can we help you with something?13:38
Guest63491can u tell to powerkiller i had a bug and xchat restarted13:38
Guest63491i cant find him13:38
tarvidKnoppix runs, several versions of Ubuntu fail to install. I get through select a language then select install and the display shuts down with numlock on non-responsive to toggle13:38
k1lGuest63491: he left.13:39
cfhowlettGuest63491, xchat is abandonware and no longer supported or developed.  install hexchat13:39
tarvidI presume it is chocking on setting up the display port to my Lenovo 4k monitor13:39
Guest63491hexchat ?13:39
cfhowlett!info hexchat | Guest6349113:40
ubottuGuest63491: hexchat (source: hexchat): IRC client for X based on X-Chat 2. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.10.2-1ubuntu2 (wily), package size 330 kB, installed size 932 kB13:40
Guest63491how can i uninstall xchat pls ?13:40
k1lGuest63491: use the softwarecenter13:40
cfhowlettGuest63491, sudo apt-get purge xchat && sudo apt-get install hexchat or use the software center13:40
Guest63491why i cant copy ur code ?13:41
Guest63491i come back with hexchat and then i hope someone could help me pls13:41
rems13hi again13:48
leonarthhow can one test-run the user's crontab?13:48
rems13now im on hexchat13:48
Picileonarth: what do you mean by test-run?13:49
leonarthrun the commands specified in the crontab configuration13:49
rems13i need help when u have time pls13:49
leonarthtest if the crontab is actually running those commands for sure13:49
k1lrems13: say what the issue is and what errors do you get13:49
leonarthPici ?13:50
Picileonarth: Either change the time fields in the file to something soon or run it manually.  If you're just trying to check if they have run.13:50
Picileonarth: er, you can look at /var/log/auth.log for CRON entries.13:50
leonarthok so I can specify to run a command every 1 minute13:51
leonarth1 * * * *13:51
leonarthand check auth.log13:51
k1lrems13: support only here in this channel. put the errors into paste.ubuntu.com and show the link here13:51
Picileonarth: thats once an hour.13:51
=== ross is now known as Guest45147
leonarthm h day month week13:52
wvlfhello ubuntu, does anyone have a good tutorial for setting up postfix+dovecot? i dont want to use virtual hosts or mysql, and i'd like to do PAM authentication. is this possible?13:52
Guest45147does anyone how to connect an ubuntu laptop to a netgear n300 router13:52
leonarthPici that's supposed to be every minute13:53
k1lGuest45147: the same way like you would do it on windows?13:53
Picileonarth: No, thats when the minute field matches '1', so once an hour.13:53
Picileonarth: * * * * is every minute.13:53
leonarthPici oh, thanks13:54
Guest45147k1l yes13:54
Guest45147k1l thanx13:54
k1lGuest45147: i dont understand where your exact issue is.13:55
Guest45147k1l i can't get my toshiba laptop to connect to my netgear wifi network13:55
rems13anyone could help me pls ?13:56
=== qwerty is now known as Guest72407
MonkeyDust!wifi | Guest45147 start here13:56
ubottuGuest45147 start here: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs13:56
rems13powerkiller are u there ?13:57
rems13is anyone can help me pls ?14:00
cfhowlett!patience | rems13,14:00
ubotturems13,: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/14:00
k1lrems13: that seems to be an odroid ARM specific issue14:01
rems13yes i bought an odroid C1+14:02
lotuspsychje!de | marccc214:03
ubottumarccc2: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!14:03
rems13and i learned a bit about ubuntu14:03
marccc2ubottu: sure14:03
rems13but i dont know why retroarch doesnt work at all14:03
marccc2but i'm not german :D14:04
rems13i dont want rom or emulator14:04
rems13i just want to see what it is14:04
MonkeyDustrems13  you're in the wrong channel, if it's an android issue14:04
k1lrems13: you dont want retroarch? then why you want it  to run then?14:05
rems13android no i have an odroid C1+ on ubuntu 14.04.4 lts14:05
DarkFiberSo if someone is torn between windows and ubuntu, whats the general consensis?14:05
k1lrems13: and please ask odroid about that issue with mali_drm_dri.so   that seems to be a known issue on odroid c114:06
MonkeyDustfind odroid14:06
MonkeyDust!find odroid14:06
ubottuFile odroid found in lava-dispatcher, linux-doc14:06
k1lDarkFiber: since you ask in #ubuntu : use ubuntu :)14:06
k1lMonkeyDust: odroid c1+ is like raspberry pi14:06
rems13i know guys but im not english im french14:06
rems13and first time i see linux on my computert14:07
rems13and i had no sleep till 2 days14:07
lotuspsychje!ubuntu | DarkFiber convince yourself online :p14:07
ubottuDarkFiber convince yourself online :p: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com14:07
k1lrems13: its a device specific error. the odroid community will know best14:07
MonkeyDustDarkFiber  everything is better than windows ... or is that not what you mean14:07
DarkFiberk1l: yeah.... i couldnt  find the equal channel between windows and linux.. :D14:07
rems13odroid community ?14:08
rems13can i find it on hexchat ?14:08
DarkFiberMonkeyDust: It's easy enough to say it, but what is one main major downfall from ubuntu vs windows14:10
k1lrems13: #odroid14:10
rems13ty man14:10
rems13if one day i can help others14:10
rems13i will14:10
k1lDarkFiber: ubuntu is open source and comes for free.14:10
DarkFiberright thats an advantage k1l whats a disadvantage14:11
MonkeyDustDarkFiber  windows is the mainstream (MS), that can be seen as an advantage14:11
DarkFiberMonkeyDust: cant find anything really can you?14:11
DarkFibershubi: whassup :D14:11
MonkeyDustDarkFiber  you're in the ubuntu channel, what answer do you expect?14:11
DarkFiberlol :D True14:12
k1lDarkFiber: more of that talk is better suited into #ubuntu-offtopic since we focus on actual technical issues in here14:12
MonkeyDustDarkFiber  type /j #ubuntu-offtopic for discussion14:12
shubiI'm well thanks :) I really like Ubuntu, but it seems the fan control is problematic...14:12
shubiI have Thinkpad W500 and the fan is constantly on pretty loud.14:12
shubiAt least 2700RPM constantly...14:12
k1lshubi: what ubuntu are you on exactly? do you have the latest bios?14:13
shubiI have 14.04.3, when I updated everything it became even louder, so I am using the version it came with (a week ago).14:13
shubiOn Windows there is this Lenovo program that handles the fan.. But it only works on Windows..14:14
k1lshubi: uname -a?14:14
MonkeyDustshubi  try TLP14:15
shubiLinux dubi 3.19.0-25-generic #26~14.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jul 24 21:16:20 UTC 2015 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux14:15
mattbvshubi: as MonkeyDust said, try TLP for a while and see if it helps14:15
shubiWhat is TLP?14:15
mattbv!tlp | shubi14:15
k1lshubi: you could try the 4.2 kernel, that is the wily backports kernel. see the "enablement stack" on how to install it14:15
k1l!hwe | shubi14:16
ubottushubi: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack14:16
MonkeyDustshubi  my mistake, that's for the battery14:16
k1lshubi: and what video card is it? and what driver is used?14:17
shubiIs the Kernel you are talking about later than what is offered in the regular upgrade?14:17
shubik1l: I am using the integrated Intel card. I don't know which driver.14:17
k1lshubi: its the 15.10 backports kernel. that is the standard now if you install a 14.04.4. but from a 14.04.3 you need to install that like its told in the linked wiki page14:18
k1lshubi: ok. so the driver is in the kernel from intel. so i suggest try ing the 4.2 kernel14:18
xanguashubi: http://m.webupd8.org/2013/04/improve-power-usage-battery-life-in.html?m=114:18
daveomcdI just upgraded from 15.04 to 15.10, when I boot up my machine now I get to a screen that shows "Ubuntu 15.10 ttyl" and "login: _" then it goes to another screen thats black with a cursor ("_" not mouse pointer) that doesn't move.  And it never leaves that ... anyone know what i can try to get it back up a running?14:18
xanguaThat's tlp14:18
miccheckCan anyone please help? I am trying to backup certain folders via rsync from an ubuntu vps to a backup folder on my mac. Neither the mac or the vps accounts are root, and I have root login access turned off on the vps. I ssh into it using an ssh config that I setup on my mac, and I'm trying to use ssh with rsync to perform the backuip, but I keep getting permission errors, not all files transferred, and so on.14:19
miccheckCan anyone please tell me the best way to do this, and whether or not I should continue to have root access disabled? I've read multiple things on both topics and I'm still not sure the right way to do this, etc.14:19
shubiI did the auto-update before and it was actually louder. (The wiki says from 14.04.2 it will update to the last kernel.. no?)14:21
=== james is now known as Guest80720
shubimaybe i'll just try 14.04.414:23
Guest80720nick james14:24
MonkeyDustDarkFiber  https://insights.ubuntu.com/case-studies/14:24
oeuvretry /nick james Guest8072014:24
Pici'james' is probably already registered.14:24
k1lshubi: you are mixing things there14:24
k1lshubi: please install the lts-wily kernel stack like told on that wiki page. if that is not helping we can easily remove that kernel afterwards again.14:25
k1lshubi: you will not get that kernel when running the regular update only. because it will update you to the 14.04.4 (the 4th "servicepack") state, but ubuntu will not change the kernel on LTS automatically14:26
shubik1l: okay! so i just run the command for trusty and restart?14:27
k1lshubi: yes14:28
shubiokay! is reverting back a similar command?14:28
miccheckSorry, I may have asked my question in the wrong channel14:28
=== Toledo|gone is now known as croberts
shubik1l: okay I'm downloading the newer now.14:34
crobertsis wine/cinnamon stable for 15.10 yet14:37
shubihow do I remove it if I have an issue with it?14:38
MonkeyDustcroberts  what makes you ask that14:38
k1lshubi: exchange install with purge14:38
crobertsMonkeyDust: im on 15.04 currently and wanting to upgrade to 15.10 and wanted to make sure they were in a good spot since i use those quite a bit14:39
cfhowlettcroberts, rethink your priorities.  15.04 is dead.  that means NO security updates ...14:39
MonkeyDustcroberts  yes, 15.10 is stable14:40
shubiDid this change my bios loader to grub on my main hard disk?14:40
crobertscfhowlett: you make a good point i will update14:40
crobertsMonkeyDust: thank you14:40
k1lshubi: no14:40
shubicause I had linux on a separate drive - with grub only on that one14:40
shubiokay i'll brb14:41
cfhowlettenglish daoSs14:45
shubik1l: i'm back.14:45
ubottu如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw14:46
daoSswhy nobody talked here?14:47
k1ldaoSs: #ubuntu-offtopic for chat. this channel here is support only14:48
cfhowlettdaos, ubuntu support.  works like this: you TELL us your support issue ...14:49
MonkeyDustand then cfhowlett answers14:49
daoSsi see14:49
shubiSo far, it seems like the Fan RPM is somewhat lower14:49
shubiAround 1900 instead of ~2800 RPM14:50
shubiThank you. I have one more question though.14:50
shubiIf I update through the standard update app, will it change my kernel? Do I need to disselect the kernel option?14:51
shubiSince I got a version that is not offered in the automatic update as I could understand..14:51
=== xs is now known as Guest11355
k1lshubi: what version are you talking about?14:53
shubik1l: you told me to update from that wiki page.14:53
k1lshubi: look at this pic: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Support?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=14.04.x+Ubuntu+Kernel+Support+Schedule.png14:53
k1lshubi: when you install one of the 14.04.X you will have that kernel that it names and stay on that kernel no matter what updates you run. a 14.04.2 will always stay on 3.16. except you change the kernel-base manually like you did now to have the 4.2 kernel.14:54
Jakey3is there a more visual way to git commits and branches in the terminal15:05
Jakey3than git log15:05
shubik1l: if i update the "Thermal Monitoring and Controlling Demon" with the standard updates would I be able to revert it back?15:06
k1lshubi: you need to run the updates. for the packages in the ubuntu repos15:07
PiciJakey3: git log --graph maybe?  #git probably has some other suggestions though15:07
* k1l goes afk15:07
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=== jamick_ is now known as jamick
shubiokay, it's just i am a bit weary now that the fan is quieter - that it might go back to noisy (when i updated on my previous install it became louder).15:09
MonkeyDustshubi  install thermald, to help your pc cool down15:13
shubiMonkeyDust: thanks, it is installed - and the computer is relatively okay (38-55)15:15
shubiI just wonder if I can revert updates if they make it worse?15:15
lotuspsychjeshubi: laptop-mode-tools can help a bit perhaps too15:16
hexhaxtronI think I'm missing some repositories. I can't find for example canto and rssowl...15:29
=== JuzToday is now known as Kernel
=== Kernel is now known as Kernel_bsb
lotuspsychjehexhaxtron: these are external ppa's?15:31
MonkeyDusthexhaxtron  are those ppa's?15:31
BernzelDoes ubuntu have some mechanism to prevent tray opening? I weirdly or by coincidence noticed my cd rom tray stopped opening after installing ubuntu15:31
MonkeyDustlotuspsychje  was faster15:31
svxfwhy is  *!*@*178.162.19* banned?15:31
lotuspsychjeBernzel: maybe man eject can help?15:31
lotuspsychjesvxf: #ubuntu-ops for ban questions please15:32
Fuchsoh god, that ban list :/15:32
svxfFuchs: ikr :p15:32
shubiThanks, goodbye15:34
lugariusIs someone here who used fedora before ubuntu?15:35
MonkeyDustlugarius  that's a yes/no question, better ask your real question15:36
Picilugarius: I did... but that was in like 200615:36
hexhaxtronMonkeyDust: do you know?15:36
MonkeyDusthexhaxtron  what was your question?15:37
Picihexhaxtron: you quit. I was going to tell you that canto was removed from debian, and thus removed from Ubuntu because it was unmaintaned, see debian bug 76475815:37
ubottuDebian bug 764758 in ftp.debian.org "RM: canto -- ROM; buggy, abandoned upstream" [Normal,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/76475815:37
lugariusi want to know why fedora is not so popular like ubuntu15:37
Picihexhaxtron: it doesn't look like rssowl has ever been in our repos.15:38
hexhaxtronPici: oh... but anyway is there some repository I should know about that didn't come preconfigured in Ubuntu?15:38
Fuchslugarius: sounds more like something for #ubuntu-offtopic15:38
ioria !info canto trusty15:38
ubottucanto (source: canto): flexible ncurses Atom/RSS newsreader for the console. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.7.10-4 (trusty), package size 64 kB, installed size 275 kB15:38
Piciioria: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/canto/+publishinghistory15:38
ioriaPici, oh, right ... sorry15:39
=== acer is now known as tp43_
vincent42hi all, how stable is kubuntu 16.04 today ?15:39
Picihexhaxtron: There might be a PPA out there for rssowl, but you'll need to find and evaluate its quality yourself.15:39
lotuspsychjevincent42: you can aks in #ubuntu+115:39
vincent42ok, thanks15:39
hexhaxtronPici: wait...15:39
hexhaxtronPici: am I missing some repository? http://sprunge.us/MRTf15:40
abra0Pici: thanks :315:40
Picihexhaxtron: nope. Those are all the standard repos.15:41
Picihexhaxtron: PPAs are user-created repositories.15:41
hexhaxtronAlright, thanks!15:41
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge15:41
Piciabra0: np15:41
crystalravenhi when i try to build the game "The Secret Chronicles of Dr. M" from git using make, make returns in the terminal: https://paste.ubuntu.com/15180956/ what is rong here? can some one help me with this? running ubuntu 14.04.04 x6415:48
vincent42with network-manager in ubuntu 14.04, I have a network interface, then I manually add some routes, then I  activate a VPN  (pptp), later , when the VPN goes down, all my custom routes of the network interfaces are removed as well , even though they're completely unrelated to the vpn15:50
vincent42it's as if when th eVPN goes down, the network  interface is also reinitialized, it didn't do that in ubunt 12.04 or other distrib like arch15:50
Pantsuvincent42: your vpn profile is probably overriding your routing table15:51
Picicrystalraven: have you read https://github.com/Secretchronicles/TSC/blob/devel/INSTALL.md ?15:51
Pantsuvincent42: go check it (ip route)15:51
Pantsuthe actual profile that is15:52
vincent42Pantsu: but it should only touch the routes that are related to its own interface , no ?15:52
crystalravenPici: yes and i have installed all dependencies with apt-get as written in "INSTALL.md"15:52
vincent42Pantsu: actually I'm using the Automatic method of ipv4 configuration , i'm not doing anything special15:53
vincent42it's working in other versions of ubuntu or other distrib15:53
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=== Jorge_ is now known as Guest32501
Picicrystalraven: I'm afraid I'm not sure then.  It looks like they have an IRC channel here though, although it doesn't look busy: #secretchronicles15:55
Pantsuwell if you are doing dhcp over the vpn then that will happily nuke your existing routing table15:57
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alimjHello. Good evening. What is the procedure to appoint/re-appoint new OPs for other #ubuntu-* sub-language channels?16:18
alimjThe sister support channels in other languages which are orphaned16:18
lotuspsychjealimj: i think you can ask this in #ubuntu-ops16:19
alimjlotuspsychje: Thanks16:19
m4ticwow, this channel was dead i forgot about it16:21
zelozelosis wine still the best option for running windows software?16:31
crystalravenzelozelos: yes16:31
zelozeloskewll, thanks ;)16:31
zelozelosi havent used ubuntu since version 1016:32
crystalravenzelozelos: i always use wine for windows software or games16:32
zelozelosdo you play nvidea based games, i have the geforce 540m, last attempt to use the drivers was catastrophic, has that improved?16:33
bp0what is the name of the package for the clock/calendar indicator16:34
zelozelosi think its just indicator, or unity-indicator16:36
networkSettingsok good EriC^^ is there16:36
bp0maybe indicator-datetime16:36
zelozelosbp0, is it not showing up?16:37
networkSettingsEriC^^: maybe you remember me, i was the guy who had problems setting up his ubuntu on a laptop16:37
shlanthi all. Anyone know why I am getting an email from cron  when it seems to be successful, and the email only has partial output? The command I am running is redirected to >/dev/null so I don't even know why I'm getting this output: https://gist.github.com/MrMMorris/fdfac7e9a517446b857116:37
bp0zelozelos, no there is a bug, the times listed for calendar events are all off by 6 hours16:37
networkSettingsEriC^^: so the problem right now is, that i can't move my mouse, and the display is locked to 640 px.16:37
zelozelosbp0, correct timezone?16:38
Picishlant: you're probabably only redirecting stdout.  put > /dev/null 2>&1 on the end of you cron command to make it redirect stderr to the same location stdout is going (which is /dev/null)16:39
zelozelosi want the (meta package) for wine right?16:39
bp0zelozelos, my timezone is set correctly16:39
shlantPici: someone else figures it out. I want 1>/dev/null so I only get stderr16:39
EriC^^networkSettings: what was your nickname before?16:39
zelozelosbp0, sudo ntpdate ntp.ubuntu.com16:40
networkSettingsEriC^^: that's the problem, i forgot it haha16:41
bp0well the time is set correctly, and the timezone is set correctly, everything else is fine, only the items listed in the indicator's menu (imported from gnome-calendar) are all off by 6 hours.16:42
EriC^^networkSettings: so what was your issue?16:43
networkSettingsEriC^^: i can't use my mouse, and i can't change the display resolution.16:43
EriC^^i mean before that16:43
networkSettingsEriC^^: oh. i had an alpha version of some weird linux distribution installed, but after installing ubuntu it booted into an initramfs shell16:44
EriC^^networkSettings: oh ok16:45
bp0something like this maybe: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-datetime/+bug/147306816:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1473068 in indicator-datetime (Ubuntu) "Events depending on a VTIMEZONE ical entry get wrong timezone" [Medium,In progress]16:45
EriC^^networkSettings: try another graphics driver for the resolution problem16:46
networkSettingsEriC^^: i don't have any network connection16:46
MonkeyDustnetworkSettings  then how are you here?16:48
networkSettingsMonkeyDust: second pc16:48
=== murray2k1 is now known as murray2k
EriC^^networkSettings: why don't you have a network connection? O.o16:51
networkSettingsEriC^^: my lan adapter is destroyed and a wlan connection is not established yet16:51
EriC^^networkSettings: type connection in the dash and set it up16:53
bekksnetworkSettings: How is it "destroyed"?16:53
networkSettingsbekks: i don't know, maybe the contact to the motherboard.16:54
networkSettingsEriC^^: i don't know the difference between bssid, device mac adress and cloned mac adress16:54
networkSettingsEriC^^: i tried it without those, but is says no connection found16:54
EriC^^networkSettings: type network in the dash16:54
networkSettingsEriC^^: command not found16:55
bekksnetworkSettings: How do you know it is "destroyed"?16:55
EriC^^in the dash?16:55
networkSettingsEriC^^: yes.16:55
networkSettingsbekks: well because if i plug in the lan cable there is no connection. it works via wifi though16:56
EriC^^networkSettings: go to settings > network16:56
networkSettingsEriC^^: did hat16:56
jusrihow r u guys16:57
networkSettingsEriC^^: there is only the option to create a proxy16:57
EriC^^no wifi?16:57
networkSettingsEriC^^: no.16:57
jusrianyone knows install debian on small laptop with 1ghz ?16:58
EriC^^networkSettings: type lspci | grep Wireless16:58
xanguajusri: this is the Ubuntu channel, not Debian16:58
networkSettingsEriC^^: Network controller: Qualcomm Atheros AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (rev 01)16:59
jusrihhmm ok17:01
EriC^^networkSettings: try lspci -k | grep -A217:02
EriC^^networkSettings: try lspci -k | grep -A2 Wireless17:02
EriC^^networkSettings: just write the kernel in use part17:03
networkSettingsEriC^^: umm...17:03
networkSettingsEriC^^: Subsystem? Ethernet controller?17:04
EriC^^try lspci -k | grep -A3 Wireless17:04
networkSettingsEriC^^: now there's Network controller & Subsystem, and Ethernet controller & subsystem17:05
EriC^^networkSettings: what about additional drivers in the dash?17:05
networkSettingsEriC^^: only what i've told you17:06
EriC^^networkSettings: no wireless driver?17:06
EriC^^networkSettings: try sudo modprobe ath9k17:06
networkSettingsEriC^^: error, couldn't open moddep file17:07
Otacon22Can I add a ppa but tell apt that it should use the ppa excusively for a specific package? I don't want a random ppa to publish let's say a malicious libopenssl and me getting it installed when upgrading the system17:08
EriC^^networkSettings: type dpkg -l | grep $(uname -r)17:09
EriC^^does it say linux-image-extra17:09
networkSettingsEriC^^: no output17:10
naccOtacon22: yes, i think you can, with pinning17:11
naccOtacon22: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto maybe17:11
Otacon22thank you17:11
viksshi - does anyone have any ethical issues about using ubuntu?17:11
markwaltyikes.  10% packet loss on my home wifi.  Atsa-no-good17:11
vikssafter the whole amazon lens scandel17:11
xangua!adlens | vikss17:12
ubottuvikss: To hide online search results in Ubuntu Unity, go to System Settings > Security and Privacy > Search and toggle the option off.17:12
vikssof course i know that ubottu17:12
vikssmy issue is with the ethics of the company17:12
vikssthe fact that they left the settings opt out17:12
EriC^^networkSettings: you need the linux-image extra files17:12
EriC^^networkSettings: type dpkg -l | grep linux-image-extra17:13
naccvikss: i believe that is offtopic for this channel17:13
networkSettingsEriC^^: what of it do you need17:13
vikssthis is a concern for me regarding ubuntu17:13
EriC^^networkSettings: do you get any linux-image-extra ones?17:13
vikssi was wondering if anyone else had the same concern17:13
EriC^^vikss: /join #ubuntu-offtopic17:13
naccvikss: this is a support channel, for technical issues17:13
networkSettingsEriC^^: yes i do, linux-image-extra-3.19.0-25-generic17:14
vikssbut this is not off topic17:14
EriC^^vikss: yes it is17:14
markwaltDude, this is a channel for tech support17:14
vikssi disagree17:14
endev15For the support channel it is vikss, there is a channel for "offtopic" conversations. Use it.17:15
EriC^^networkSettings: ok, type uname -r17:15
EriC^^what do you get17:15
markwaltthere's another channel for ethical discussions17:15
vikssi have usd it end17:15
vikssno one answers17:15
networkSettingsEriC^^: 3.16.0-41-generic17:15
markwaltthere's your answer then17:15
EriC^^networkSettings: ok, reboot the pc and hold shift to get grub17:15
boreihi all17:15
EriC^^you need to go to advanced > 3.19.0-25 kernel17:15
vikssim asking anyone here their opinion about it17:16
EriC^^and boot that one, the wifi might work17:16
boreifor provisioning does ubuntu uses the same kickstart files like RH/CentOS ?17:16
networkSettingsEriC^^: there is no 3.19.0-25, only 3.19.0-25-generic17:16
naccborei: it mostly can ... but preseed is the formal style17:17
EriC^^networkSettings: ok :P17:17
networkSettingsEriC^^: and that's the one 'm booting all the time17:17
EriC^^networkSettings: no you're not it in right now17:17
boreiperfect !17:17
networkSettingsEriC^^: still no wifi17:18
naccborei: check the wiki to be sure, it does support some limited ks syntax17:18
EriC^^networkSettings: type uname -r17:18
networkSettingsEriC^^: 3.16.0-41-generic17:19
EriC^^networkSettings: it didn't boot the 3.19.0-25 one17:19
networkSettingsEriC^^: that's weird17:20
EriC^^type ls -l /boot/vmlinuz*17:20
boreinacc: for sure17:20
boreii have bunch generated by spacewalk, gonna try to feed them17:21
networkSettingsEriC^^: 1 dir, vmlinuz-3.19.0-25-generic17:21
boreiseems like missing features are not critical in my case.17:22
EriC^^networkSettings: something odd is going on17:22
EriC^^networkSettings: which ubuntu is this?17:23
networkSettingsEriC^^: 14.04 i think17:23
EriC^^networkSettings: ok, type locate ath9k.ko17:23
genii!info linux-image-generic trusty17:23
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (trusty), package size 2 kB, installed size 29 kB17:23
geniiMust be Utopic or Vivid17:24
networkSettingsEriC^^: okay, /lib/modules/3.19.0-25-generic/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/ath/ath9k/ath9k.ko17:24
EriC^^why's uname -r say 3.1617:25
EriC^^and not even in /boot17:25
networkSettingsEriC^^: could it be that during the installation i forgot to choose "/" for the boot directory?17:26
EriC^^do you have 1 os on it?17:27
networkSettingsEriC^^: yes.17:27
EriC^^type grep vmlinuz /boot/grub/grub.cfg17:28
networkSettingsEriC^^: 3 files17:28
EriC^^3.19 ?17:29
networkSettingsEriC^^: all 3.19.0-25-generic17:29
EriC^^ok in the grub menu did it say 3.19?17:29
Jakey3how do i share a folder between users in the terminal17:29
networkSettingsi don't remember safel but i think yes17:29
Jakey3i have added a group to the folder17:29
EriC^^networkSettings: are you typing uname -r on your current pc or the one you're trying to fix?17:29
networkSettingsEriC^^: haha on the one i'm tring to fix of course17:30
Jakey3and set the permisions however only the originator can see the folder and contents inside17:30
networkSettingsEriC^^: this one doesn't even have ubuntu17:30
EriC^^networkSettings: nothing else makes sense :D17:30
EriC^^networkSettings: try sudo depmod -a17:32
networkSettingsEriC^^: no such file or directory, fatal, no such file or directory17:33
Jakey3how do i share a folder between users in the terminal. i have added a group to the folder and set the permisions however only the originator can see the folder and contents inside17:34
EriC^^networkSettings: is this a fresh install?17:34
EriC^^Jakey3: what permissions did you use?17:34
=== verde is now known as Guest40424
networkSettingsEriC^^: if you mean have i formatted the hard drive, yes.17:34
EriC^^networkSettings: i mean you just recently installed it, nothings on it right?17:35
Jakey3EriC^^, drwxr-sr-x 3 root dev 4096 Feb 22 16:08 Projects17:35
networkSettingsEriC^^: yeah17:35
Jakey3adamtest is part of dev group17:35
Jakey3but he cant see the projects folkder17:35
EriC^^Jakey3: did he log out and back in?17:36
Jakey3will do17:36
EriC^^networkSettings: i'd reinstall17:36
networkSettingsEriC^^: ok then17:36
EriC^^did you checksum the iso?17:37
vikss:) The OP k1l is a filthy c unt. :) his mother will die from breast cancer soon. S atan make this so :) his w h ore mother will be F UC KED in hell by jesus and the PrOpHeT Muhammad. they both F UCK pigs like her :) :)  The moderator k1l is a C U NT :)  :)㋛17:37
vikss_:) The OP k1l is a filthy c unt. :) his mother will die from breast cancer soon. S atan make this so :) his w h ore mother will be F UC KED in hell by jesus and the PrOpHeT Muhammad. they both F UCK pigs like her :) :)  The moderator k1l is a C U NT :)  :)㋛17:37
vikss,.:) The OP k1l is a filthy c unt. :) his mother will die from breast cancer soon. S atan make this so :) his w h ore mother will be F UC KED in hell by jesus and the PrOpHeT Muhammad. they both F UCK pigs like her :) :)  The moderator k1l is a C U NT :)  :)㋛17:37
alimjtonyyarusso: Would you kindly take a look into question I asked in #ubuntu-ops?17:38
networkSettingsEriC^^: well after booting from usb there suddenly is a wifi connection again...17:39
lotuspsychje!ops | vikss known spammer17:39
ubottuvikss known spammer: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang17:39
Picilotuspsychje: really?17:40
k1llotuspsychje: already done17:40
lotuspsychjeoh didnt see above sorry17:40
Jakey3EriC^^, didnt make a difference17:40
=== maxunu is now known as maxuni
maxunislm semua17:41
Jakey3how do i setup shared folders in ubuntu terminal between 2 users17:45
Jakey3i have a folder projects created by user1 with sub directories17:46
Jakey3i want user 2 to have access to them17:46
monsieur_hWhat kind of access ?17:46
=== dearn_ is now known as dearn
Jakey3to be able to read and to clone17:46
Jakey3as it for git17:46
EriC^^Jakey3: type id to see if he's in the group17:46
purplefrogI'm trying to install Ubuntu 14.04 on an Acer using a DVD.  It gets a kernel panic in rtl8821ae_rx_query_desc which I think is related to the motherboard wifi.  Is there a way I can work around this insanity to start installing Ubuntu?17:46
Jakey3he is in the group17:47
EriC^^can he see the project dir? ls -ld /path/to/project ?17:47
EriC^^networkSettings: cool17:47
lotuspsychjepurplefrog: recent iso?17:47
Jakey3user2 cannot17:48
purplefrogI think it's a little old.  My boss has had it for some months.  It is 14.0417:48
EriC^^Jakey3: you need to give him rx to the dirs before project17:48
lotuspsychjepurplefrog: can you try grabbing latest 14.04.4?17:48
Jakey3i need to do it recurrsively17:48
Jakey3for all the sub directories17:48
EriC^^the subdirs inside project?17:49
EriC^^you need to do it for the dirs leading up to project17:49
=== p is now known as Guest42859
lotuspsychjepurplefrog: another way could be disable mobo wifi and install with cable at first, then update17:49
purplefrogWell, I'm not using the wifi, but I don't think there's an option to disable motherboard wifi in the BIOS.  I'll check17:49
lotuspsychjepurplefrog: if its for desktop use, you could test out 15.10 also17:50
purplefrogOK, I was using 14.04.1 .  I'll try a
purplefrogWe want long-term stability.  The person who will be using this computer does NOT like to deal with environment sttuff that comes from stuff expiring.17:53
lotuspsychjepurplefrog: ok stick to LTS and can you branch eth cable for install and enable updates during setup?17:54
networkSettingsEriC^^: still the same problem17:57
EriC^^networkSettings: you installed and the wifi went away?17:57
EriC^^networkSettings: is it still uname -r 3.16?17:57
networkSettingsEriC^^: exactly17:58
EriC^^networkSettings: boot the live usb17:58
purplefrogI already have the ethernet cable connected.  For some reason the install DVD wants to enable the wifi too.  The motherboard BIOS only has an option to disable onboard LAN (which would probably disable the wonky wifi AND the wired ethernet) .  We'll see if 14.04.4 can boot without panicing.17:58
networkSettingsEriC^^: ok it's booting now17:59
networkSettingsEriC^^: done17:59
lotuspsychjepurplefrog: ok good luck mate18:00
EriC^^networkSettings: type sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 999918:00
networkSettingsEriC^^: http://termbin.com/3q3f18:02
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EriC^^networkSettings: try sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt18:02
networkSettingsEriC^^: okay, no output18:03
pkwhere can I get a detailed description of each file in the ubuntu system?18:03
EriC^^networkSettings: try " for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done "18:04
networkSettingswithout the quotes i guess18:04
Bitnovais anyone here at all familiar with NULLMAILER?18:04
networkSettingsEriC^^: ok18:05
networkSettingsEriC^^: still no output18:05
EriC^^networkSettings: type sudo chroot /mnt18:06
networkSettingsEriC^^: ok18:06
squintypk,  http://packages.ubuntu.com/    or apt-cache show <filename> for a couple of examples18:07
EriC^^networkSettings: ?18:09
networkSettingsEriC^^: yeah what next18:09
pkok thanks how do I log out of here?18:09
EriC^^networkSettings: dpkg -l | grep "linux-image" | nc termbin.com 999918:09
squintypk, close your web browser tab?18:10
networkSettingsEriC^^: http://termbin.com/nrwe18:10
EriC^^networkSettings: are the graphics good in the live usb?18:11
networkSettingsEriC^^: yes they are18:11
networkSettingsEriC^^: native resolution18:11
squintypk, might want to consider using an irc client such as hexchat for further enquiries here and other channels.  quite a bit more versatile than using web browser webchat18:12
EriC^^networkSettings: ok, type lspci -k | grep -A2 "VGA\|Wireless"18:12
EriC^^networkSettings: ok, type lspci -k | grep -A2 "VGA\|Wireless" | nc termbin.com 999918:12
networkSettingsEriC^^: http://termbin.com/6ers18:13
EriC^^networkSettings: ok, type uname -r18:15
networkSettingsEriC^^: 3.1918:15
networkSettingsEriC^^: 3.19.0-25-generic18:15
EriC^^apt-get install --reinstall linux-generic18:15
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networkSettingsEriC^^: okay done18:19
EriC^^networkSettings: dpkg -l | grep "linux-image" | nc termbin.com 999918:19
networkSettingsEriC^^: http://termbin.com/if2818:20
EriC^^dpkg - l | grep linux-headers18:20
EriC^^is 77 there?18:20
EriC^^type exit18:21
EriC^^then try rebooting18:21
EriC^^did you do that yet?18:21
SonikkuAmericaOr just type [ sudo reboot ]18:21
EriC^^cause there's one more thing18:22
EriC^^it can wait though18:22
networkSettingsEriC^^: bad resolution, no wifi, no mouse18:22
bq_how to ls files without matching?18:22
EriC^^ok, open a terminal18:22
Picibq_: what do you mean?18:23
EriC^^type sudo modprobe ath9k18:23
EriC^^like grep -v for ls18:23
koociescan anyone help with a steam issue?18:23
networkSettingsEriC^^: error18:23
EriC^^networkSettings: you have to say more18:24
bq_Pici: say there are bunch of python files and other files. i want to list other files only18:24
networkSettingsEriC^^: could not open file18:24
naccbq_: ls | grep - v?18:24
EriC^^ok try locate ath9k.ko18:24
networkSettingsEriC^^: /lib/modules/3.19.0-25-generic/kernel/...18:25
Picibq_: ls by itself cannot do that. Either pipe through grep, or use find: find . -maxdepth 1 -not -name "*.py"18:25
EriC^^networkSettings: uname -r18:25
networkSettingsEriC^^: 3.1618:25
EriC^^you need to boot into the 79 one18:25
EriC^^also is there a ath9k in a 3.13 dir?18:25
networkSettingsEriC^^: no i don't think so18:26
networkSettingsEriC^^: sorry if you facepalm because of me haha18:26
bq_nacc: that does not work. find works.18:26
EriC^^networkSettings: how's 3.16 still loading18:26
EriC^^haha it's a mystery18:26
naccbq_: `ls | grep -v` doesn't work? sorry for the typo (- v) above18:26
Pantsudon't parse ls18:27
bq_nacc: that greps file content not filename18:27
Pantsuuse find or extended globbing18:27
bq_find works.18:27
naccPantsu: agreed18:27
naccbq_: no it doesn't, but whatever, glad you found a solution18:28
EriC^^networkSettings: try to boot into the 3.13 one18:28
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Pantsuecho !(*.py)18:28
Pantsu(requires extglob)18:28
networkSettingsEriC^^: ok it's booting now18:28
bq_nacc: try yourself and see18:28
networkSettingsEriC^^: native resolution already18:29
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networkSettingseric mouse works18:29
networkSettingsEriC^^: and wifi18:29
Pantsuhttp://mywiki.wooledge.org/glob see the bit about extglob18:29
MBachsomeone has an idea to link 2 "external" PPA together?18:29
networkSettingsEriC^^: last think is to set it as default boot? and maybe remove the 3.118:29
Pantsuother shells have a similar feature too18:30
MBachmy PPA relies on another one, and the build fails on Launchpad, despite the option to add a dependency :/18:30
EriC^^networkSettings: yeah18:31
EriC^^networkSettings: sudo apt-get purge linux-image-generic-lts-vivid18:32
EriC^^networkSettings: type dpkg -l | grep lts | nc termbin.com 999918:32
EriC^^there are other lts stuff too18:32
networkSettingsEriC^^: http://termbin.com/n89j18:33
trismMBach: are you sure the problem is the dep? can we see the build log?18:33
MBachsure trism18:34
MBachin the end: /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lQtAV18:34
EriC^^networkSettings: ok, type sudo apt-get purge linux-generic-lts-vivid18:34
networkSettingsEriC^^: one moment18:35
MBachmaybe I made a mistake (here is the source for building the deb for launchpad: https://github.com/MBach/Miam-Player/tree/master/debian)18:35
networkSettingsEriC^^: sudo apt-get update is running18:36
MBachif I use ./debian/ubuntu.sh or sbuild in Miam-Player, I have the same result: a failure :s18:37
MBachhmm... however the command "deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/wbsecg1/qtav/ubuntu wily main" seems to be correct18:39
MBach(on top of the log file)18:39
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networkSettingsEriC^^: wow it takes years18:40
trismMBach: I see the problem, in your debian/control, you put qtav-dev in the Deps, not in the Build-Deps18:43
WhitorHi all, 14.04 here... It used to be (in 12.04) that if you clicked on an icon in the side bar, it would bring the application to the foreground... if you clicked again, or if the window was already in the foreground, it would minimize it. Is there anyway to turn this behavior back on? I was hoping to see it in 16.04, but (based on the beta) it looks like it's not there either. (at least by default)18:43
trismMBach: so it isn't being installed on the buildd18:43
cortexmani'm trying to get Terminal to take up the width of both monitors, full screen18:43
networkSettingsEriC^^: ok it's done18:43
trismMBach: you shouldn't have to add any of those packages to the deps, that's what the shlibs:Depends does, figures it out18:43
MBachyou are probably right18:44
MBachI'll try to figure it out18:44
networkSettingsEriC^^: was that it?18:45
EriC^^networkSettings: no, you have to remove all the lts stuff18:45
trismMBach: just appending , qtav-dev to the line 6 of https://github.com/MBach/Miam-Player/blob/master/debian/control should fix it18:45
networkSettingsEriC^^: so?18:45
trismMBach: probabaly also want to remove the unneeded libs from line 13 (at least qtav-dev anyway since you probably don't want users installing the headers)18:46
MBachI have tried various permutations :)18:46
MonkeyDustWhitor  iirc, minimizing by clicking on the the was never an option ... i guess it was made possible with a ppa18:46
MBachin random mode18:47
MonkeyDuston the icon*18:47
networkSettingsEriC^^: umm it actually removed linux-generic-vivid (
EriC^^networkSettings: 1 sec18:47
EriC^^networkSettings: sudo apt-get purge xserver-xorg-core-lts-vivid xserver-xorg-input-all-lts-vivid xserver-xorg-video-all-lts-vivid libwayland-egl1-mesa-lts-vivid:amd64 libgl1-mesa-dri-lts-vivid:amd64 libgl1-mesa-glx-lts-vivid:amd6418:48
networkSettingsEriC^^: wf18:49
networkSettingsEriC^^: what18:49
MonkeyDustWhitor  in unity, you have to roll the middle mouse button over the opened icon18:49
EriC^^networkSettings: paste it and get the link on the other pc18:49
networkSettingsEriC^^: doesn't work...18:50
EriC^^what's it say18:51
enochhi all18:51
networkSettingsEriC^^: it's hard to translate18:51
enochI'm trying to chroot an user for sftp18:51
EriC^^add LANG=C before it18:51
EriC^^networkSettings: ^18:51
enochwhen i try to log-in i get: protocol error: mtime.sec not present18:52
squintyWhitor,  install ubuntu-tweak -> Appearance -> Desktop -> Unity18:52
cortexmani'm trying to get Terminal to take up the width of both monitors, full screen. ideally i could persist that state and it would open that way every time18:52
squintyWhitor, Launcher click to minimize app18:53
networkSettingsEriC^^: unable to locate package libgl1-mesa-glx-lts-vivid18:53
EriC^^networkSettings: ok remove it from the list18:53
networkSettingsEriC^^: the following packages have unmet dependencies: unity-control-center: depends libcheese-gtk23, libcheese718:55
EriC^^try sudo apt-get -f install18:55
MonkeyDustnetworkSettings  what happened, that makes you system so unusable?18:56
networkSettingsEriC^^: the following packages won't be required anymore18:57
networkSettingsMonkeyDust: new, clean installation18:57
EriC^^networkSettings: LANG=C sudo apt-get -f install | nc termbin.com 999918:57
networkSettingsEriC^^: http://termbin.com/6bfp18:58
max3is there a way to use one require directive for all apache2(.4) directories?18:58
MonkeyDustmax3  ask in #ubuntu-server18:59
EriC^^networkSettings: LANG=C sudo apt-get purge xserver-xorg-core-lts-vivid | nc termbin.com 999918:59
networkSettingsEriC^^: http://termbin.com/4yna19:00
EriC^^networkSettings: LANG=C sudo apt-get install libcheese7 | nc termbin.com 999919:00
networkSettingsEriC^^: http://termbin.com/s7be19:01
EriC^^networkSettings: try dpkg -l | grep "xserver\|glx" | nc termbin.com 999919:03
EriC^^!info libcheese7 trusty19:03
ubottulibcheese7 (source: cheese): tool to take pictures and videos from your webcam - base library. In component main, is optional. Version 3.10.2-0ubuntu2 (trusty), package size 78 kB, installed size 334 kB19:04
networkSettingsEriC^^: http://termbin.com/2thz19:04
EriC^^networkSettings: try export LANG=C; apt-cache policy libcheese7 | nc termbin.com 999919:04
EriC^^!info linux-image-generic-lts-vivid19:05
networkSettingsEriC^^: http://termbin.com/w0ma19:05
ubottuPackage linux-image-generic-lts-vivid does not exist in wily19:05
EriC^^!info linux-image-generic-lts-vivid trusty19:05
ubottulinux-image-generic-lts-vivid (source: linux-meta-lts-vivid): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (trusty), package size 2 kB, installed size 27 kB (Only available for i386; amd64; armhf; arm64; ppc64el; powerpc)19:05
mg983I have a question it may be more a basic linux question. If I log in as user, for example joseph using SSH authentication. Then I run sudo su - it asks for my password. Does that mean that  joseph is not in the sudoers file?19:06
EriC^^networkSettings: try apt-cache policy libcheese-gtk23 | nc termbin.com 999919:06
EriC^^mg983: type id19:06
mg983uid=1003(tprprorep) gid=1003(tprprorep) groups=1003(tprprorep)19:07
EriC^^not in sudo group19:07
EriC^^type sudo -l19:07
mg983asks for my PW19:07
networkSettingsEriC^^: http://termbin.com/zees19:07
EriC^^type it19:07
mg983i dont have my password19:07
mg983that's my issue19:07
EriC^^so you want to reset it?19:08
mg983not necessarily19:08
mg983im trying to figure out this pattern in ubuntu19:08
mg983EriC^^: if I were in the sudoers file could I sudo su - without typing my password?19:08
mg983sudo group19:09
mg983instead of sudoers file19:09
EriC^^mg983: no, unless you have NOPASSWD set19:09
EriC^^sudo group or sudoers file same thing19:09
MonkeyDustmg983  but you need your password to unset yoour password with visudo19:09
mg983i know this19:09
EriC^^sudo -l lists any commands you have in the sudoers file that you can run19:09
EriC^^networkSettings: try sudo apt-get install --reinstall linux-generic-lts-vivid19:10
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networkSettingsEriC^^: ok done19:13
EriC^^networkSettings: ok, type dpkg -l | grep lts | nc termbin.com 999919:13
EriC^^also see if apt-get install is working somehow19:14
EriC^^try installing something19:14
networkSettingsEriC^^: http://termbin.com/534q19:14
purplefrogSwitching from 14.04.1 to 14.04.4 install ISO solved the problem with the kernel panic.19:14
EriC^^networkSettings: try sudo apt-get dist-upgrade19:15
networkSettingsEriC^^: i'll better termbin this19:15
networkSettingsEriC^^: http://termbin.com/lxss19:16
EriC^^networkSettings: yeah, run sudo apt-get autoremove19:16
EriC^^it has the 3.19.0-55 kernel now19:16
EriC^^which might work19:17
EriC^^51 kernel19:17
networkSettingsok done19:17
EriC^^networkSettings: ok, is installing working?19:17
networkSettingsEriC^^: well unity-tweak-tool was installed without any problems19:18
EriC^^networkSettings: ok, try rebooting19:18
networkSettingsEriC^^: still running fine19:19
EriC^^51 kernel?19:20
networkSettingsEriC^^: yes19:20
networkSettingsEriC^^: thanks a lot. the 3rd time you helped me out ;))19:23
networkSettingsEriC^^: (even though you probably don't remember it)19:23
EriC^^networkSettings: no problem :)19:23
linuxthefishhey, where can i find a sources.list for 13.10? old-releases.ubuntu.com isn't working anymore19:31
lotuspsychjelinuxthefish: 13.10 is end of life19:32
k1llinuxthefish: you should update asap.19:32
k1l13.10 doesnt get updates since some years now. that is a real insecure system. update to 14.04 asap-19:33
lotuspsychjezukivi: what can we do for you?19:33
zukivinothing really, just wanted to chat a bit19:34
linuxthefishi can't install update-manager-core to upgrade though :p19:34
lotuspsychjezukivi: there's an offtopic channel @ #ubuntu-offtopic if you like :p19:34
zukiviAh I see, nice19:34
zukiviThank you19:34
k1llinuxthefish: honestly i would think about making a clean 14.04 install.19:34
lotuspsychjezukivi: or #ubuntu-discuss for ubuntu chat19:35
zukivinaah I'm not a nerd19:35
pujanhi guys19:35
zukivihey pujan19:36
zukiviwhat distro of ubuntu you like best?19:36
lotuspsychjezukivi: please only ubuntu support questions here19:36
pujanall bc bye19:37
linuxthefishah my dedicated server provider dosn't support 14.10 fresh installs :(19:37
k1llinuxthefish: 14.0419:38
fragskehi there, is there someone that can help me by telling me how to update forked-daapd on LTS 14.04?19:38
fragskethe default package doesn't seem to be working :(19:39
k1llinuxthefish: 14.04 is LTS and got 5 years support timeframe. if you vps provider doesnt support the actual ubuntu LTS release, then its not a good one.19:39
lotuspsychjefragske: whats the error on the one from repos?19:39
fragskewell, I don't get an error but my daap share isn't showing19:40
numb3rif your dedicated does not support fresh install you can virtualize it19:40
fragskeand when i tail the log file, it spams something with ffmpeg error19:40
fragsketried googling it so far, no real help19:40
fragskebeen trying to fix it for the last week or so19:40
fragskeand there doesn't seem to be a ppa for it19:41
crippahello. Is there any cool speech recognition SW out there for ubuntu? Something that is always on and detect when you're speaking to it?19:41
lotuspsychjefragske: well its recommended to use package versions, for your ubuntu version can you pastebin us the tail?19:41
fragskesure hang on19:41
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fragskehttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2220225 and here they say that packaged version has a bug19:43
fragskedo i have to use the ubuntu paste thingy?19:46
lotuspsychjefragske: this looks similar: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/forked-daapd/+bug/137009319:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1370093 in forked-daapd (Ubuntu) "Error during database scan: ffmpeg: Header missing" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:47
severalwordtrapsHello everyone19:47
fragskethat's why I want to update it to a newer version19:48
lotuspsychjefragske: if it affects you too, can you add your experience to the existing bug?19:48
lotuspsychjeseveralwordtraps: welcome, how can we help you?19:48
fragskeno real other experience then the same problem19:48
severalwordtrapslotuspsychje: I've just installed Ubuntu for the very first time, and everything was doing fine 'till I tried to install proprietary drivers for my grafic card19:49
lotuspsychjefragske: adding the pastebin could be usefull, to get attention on the bug19:49
severalwordtrapslotuspsychje: a Nvidia Geforce GT44019:49
lotuspsychjeseveralwordtraps: ubuntu version?19:49
fragskeperhaps i can try to dist-upgrade , but I don't have any good exeperiences with that :)19:49
severalwordtrapslotuspsychje: 15.1019:49
lotuspsychjeseveralwordtraps: ok and what your driver version active?19:50
lotuspsychjeseveralwordtraps: can you check the additional drivers section, whats in your list?19:51
severalwordtrapslotuspsychje: I installed the last one available in additional drivers section, but it always gave me an error19:52
severalwordtrapslotuspsychje: so I dowloaded from the page and installed it manually in a X terminal19:52
lotuspsychjeseveralwordtraps: download what from where?19:52
severalwordtrapslotuspsychje: last version of Nvidia drivier from Nvidia page19:53
lotuspsychjeseveralwordtraps: hmm, can you go check additional drivers list please, tell me what you see19:53
severalwordtrapslotuspsychje: sadly i can't 'cause now i'm not able to enter Ubuntu.19:54
lotuspsychjeseveralwordtraps: try the recoverymode/terminal sudo apt-get purge nvidia19:54
lotuspsychje!recoverymode | severalwordtraps19:55
lotuspsychje!recovery | severalwordtraps19:55
ubottuseveralwordtraps: If your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode19:55
severalwordtrapslotuspsychje: ok. Only, i think i have to tell you: i modified /etc/fstab writing in every device (/sdb3 and /sdb6) "nofail"19:56
severalwordtrapslotuspsychje: 'cause i read that the boot problem could be realted to a missing drive, although i haven't disconnected anything19:56
severalwordtrapslotuspsychje:Also, after the first change (only sdb3), Ubuntu did start19:57
lotuspsychjeseveralwordtraps: i assume the boot troubles arised when you tried nvidia driver19:57
severalwordtrapslotuspsychje: But when i typed the user and passphrase, the screen tilted and asked me for user and pass again19:57
severalwordtrapslotuspsychje: Should i just try the get-apt purge... ?19:58
lotuspsychjeseveralwordtraps: yes if you can19:58
severalwordtrapslotuspsychje: thanks mate, i'm gonna try it now19:58
BluesKajseveralwordtraps, the drivers from the nvidia website work for a while until kernel modules are updated and upgraded, then that driver is left behind in the dust, and sometimes they won';t work at all from the start19:58
phasorhow can i install ruby1.8? running trusty thar, trying to get a legacy rails app set up19:59
Bashing-omseveralwordtraps: lotuspsychje Maybe do this the Nvidia way ? ' sudo find / -name "NVIDIA-Linux-*" ' .19:59
severalwordtrapsBluesKay: so do i have to stick just with the default driver?20:00
phasorto avoid confusion, i'm trying to set up a rails 2.3 app with apache and passenger20:00
severalwordtrapsBashing-om: From that command on, do the screen guide me forward? I can try that after purge Nvidia20:00
lotuspsychjephasor: its recommended to stick to package versions for your ubuntu version20:00
BluesKajno severalwordtraps, there are nvidia drivers in the ubuntu repositories what are configged to work20:01
phasorlotuspsychje: if i used an older linux distro would i get access to ruby1.8?20:01
phasorerr, older version i mean20:01
lotuspsychjephasor: install a higher ubuntu version20:02
lotuspsychje!latest | phasor20:02
ubottuphasor: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.20:02
severalwordtrapsBluesKaj: those that appeared to me in additional drivers, in proprietary drivers, could those be the ones?20:02
Bashing-omseveralwordtraps: If this is a OEM driver install .. and that ^ file exists .. there is a uninstall tool to remove the proprietary driver gracefully .20:02
BluesKajseveralwordtraps, yes, exactly20:02
phasorsure, i can update ubuntu, but how would that give me ruby1.8? apt-caches only shows 1.920:03
BluesKajseveralwordtraps, there's usually oner that's recommended for your gpu , choose that one\20:03
lotuspsychjephasor: wich ubuntu are you on? and whats the specific packagename?20:03
severalwordtrapsBluesKaj, great! I'm gonna try both ways now, purge and the "Nvidia way", if i can figure out one20:04
aq2_How can i get network working in chroot?20:04
lotuspsychje!info ruby precise | phasor this what you looking for?20:05
ubottuphasor this what you looking for?: ruby (source: ruby-defaults): Transitional package for ruby1.8. In component main, is optional. Version 4.8 (precise), package size 4 kB, installed size 36 kB20:05
ubottuA chroot is used to make programs believe that the directory they are running in is really the root directory. It can be used to stop programs accessing files outside of that directory, or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot20:05
MBachtrism: yeah, it worked > https://launchpad.net/~bachelier-matthieu/+archive/ubuntu/ppa/+packages20:05
MBachthank you very much20:05
Bashing-omseveralwordtraps: BluesKaj If ya "purge" the Nvidia way will no longer be an option .20:05
BluesKajseveralwordtraps,don't purge20:06
aq2_My problem is that my /etc/resolv.conf is a symbolic link to /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf20:06
phasorlotuspsychje: 14.04 LTS, ruby1.820:06
aq2_and copying that didnt help any20:06
lotuspsychjephasor: youl have to install precise for that ruby version, aka 12.0420:07
BluesKajseveralwordtraps, thee's no need , nvidia will remove the existing driver duriong the installation of the new driver20:07
phasorlotuspsychje: ok, i'll try that. thanks20:07
lotuspsychjephasor: mixing versions would scramble your system20:07
phasoryeah i don't need more hiccups than i'm already going to get from this app20:08
BluesKajBashing-om, never used the "nvidia way", we don't see that method on Kubuntu20:09
lotuspsychjephasor: just keep in mind, one day youl have to upgrade to higher ubuntu version anyway20:09
xanguaAnd that day will be a year from now20:10
severalwordtrapshaha, BluesKaj, Bashin-om, what do i do then? I really don't know almost nothing about Linux, and just today i'm starting to learning about the terminal20:10
lotuspsychjeaq2_: best to re-ask once in a while in one line and be patient :p20:11
phasorlotuspsychje: that depends on the client, hopefully they'll upgrade sooner rather than later20:11
Bashing-omBluesKaj: " ./Nvidiawhatever.run --uninstall " If the OEM install completed .20:11
BluesKajseveralwordtraps, like I mentioned above , indtalling the new driver will remove the existing one20:11
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BluesKajinstalling even20:12
severalwordtrapsBlueskaj, and from the shell, how do I install new drivers for the G Card?20:12
m00tykinshey all20:13
Bashing-omseveralwordtraps: Well, not to know is not a sin .. upfront however, my experience with 15.10 is limited .. 15.10 is the new systemd initiate system .20:13
m00tykinsI just put lubuntu on my laptop and I really hate lxde now20:14
m00tykinsI want to switch it to enlightenment but how would I remove gnome, openbox, lxde and kde without blowing up my OS?20:14
m00tykins(The software I want to use doesn't have gnome/kde/x11 dependencies20:15
lotuspsychjeseveralwordtraps: you can check the drivernames from recoverymode/terminal with ubuntu-drivers20:16
severalwordtrapslotuspsychje: so i write down " ubuntu-drivers", find a matching driver for the G Card, and the write down its name?20:17
lotuspsychjem00tykins: you need a bse ubuntu, you can just run enlightment20:17
severalwordtrapsWell, i'm gonna keep trying now20:18
lotuspsychjem00tykins: wich ubuntu did you install at first?20:18
severalwordtrapsThanks everyone20:18
BluesKajseveralwordtraps,  which OEM driver did you install ?20:19
m00tykinslotuspsychje: lubuntu 14.04.120:19
severalwordtrapsBluesKaj: I'm not sure, but i think it could be 361.91?20:19
lotuspsychjem00tykins: keep lubuntu as base, and install enlightment then use logout/login20:19
Bashing-omseveralwordtraps: CLI method to install drivers : ' sudo ubuntu-drivers devices ; sudo ubuntu-drivers list ' If you like what you see then ' sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall ' . On a clean purged driver situation .20:20
BluesKajseveralwordtraps, the ubuntu driver for your gpu is the nvidia-34020:20
aq2_i got the networking working20:20
lotuspsychjeaq2_: what did the trick?20:21
aq2_I didnt do anything to the file20:21
severalwordtrapsBluesKaj, excellent. Now i'm gonna try it. Thanks!20:21
aq2_Because it was already configured for connecting to my ethernet20:21
lotuspsychjem00tykins: also update your system to latest 14.04.4 for security reasons20:21
m00tykinslotuspsychje: what about reinstalling x11? and already done, just answering what I started with20:22
aq2_Im doing all this because i had internet issues... so i removed my network manager and then realized that i cant download it without already having it installed20:22
aq2_and my other computers are 32-bit20:22
ribothi, suppose someone unauthorized has done a poison nullbyte attack from my ubuntu server, how can i prevent such abuse of the ubuntu server?20:22
lotuspsychjeribot: ubuntu version?20:22
lotuspsychjem00tykins: if you remove lubuntu, your gonna ask for troubles20:23
aq2_Alright let me reboot and see if my internet works :)20:24
ribotlotuspsychje: Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS20:24
lotuspsychjem00tykins: if you dont like lubuntu, install something else as base then enlightment over it20:24
OnkelTemHi all20:24
OnkelTemHow to run Google Earth on Ubuntu 14.04? Seems like it's deadly broken20:24
m00tykinsso I'd need to reinstall the whole os?20:24
OnkelTemit's crashing every time20:25
lotuspsychjeribot: mauby the the #ubuntu-server channel, what security measures you can take more then be up to date20:26
aq2Everything works!20:26
lotuspsychje!usn | ribot20:26
ubotturibot: Please see http://www.ubuntu.com/usn for information about recent Ubuntu security updates.20:26
k1lm00tykins: remove the lubuntu meta packages. then install enlightment package.20:26
BluesKajOnkelTem, install lsb-core20:27
OnkelTemBluesKaj: I have it installed20:27
m00tykinsok, so not an os reinstall, just a long time waiting for apt to finish?20:28
BluesKajOnkelTem, hmm , that's usually the problem with google earth20:28
=== gazzer96 is now known as Gazzer96
BluesKajOnkelTem, look in /var/log/syslog to see what's crashing it20:30
=== silvian_ is now known as silvian
OnkelTemBluesKaj: nothing is there :-(20:31
m00tykinsIs that correct?20:32
k1lm00tykins: not very long20:33
severalwordtrapsBluesKaj, i tried ' sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall', and got this:20:33
lotuspsychjem00tykins: i can only speak for my experience, last time ive tested enlightment on 14.04 it was bit unstable and i was happy to fallback to unity again20:34
severalwordtrapsBluesKaj, W: Not using locking for read only look file /var/lib/dpkg/lock; E: Unable to write to /var/cache/apt ; E: THe package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened20:34
aq2severalwordtraps: Does apt-get update work?20:34
m00tykinsk1l: can I do this from lxde, or do I need to do it from another de?20:35
severalwordtrapsaq2, didn't tried it20:35
k1lm00tykins: you can do this while using lubuntu20:35
aq2Because sounds like your dpkg is broken20:35
k1lseveralwordtraps: look at dmesg. is that hdd ro mounted due to errors?20:35
m00tykinsok, ty. lotuspsychje : my goal is to use it only to run terminology, since it's my fave terminal and, if enlightenment is set up correctly, does not need x1120:37
m00tykinsI want a cli-only system20:37
crippais there a sphinxbase and pocketsphinx packages for ubuntu? how are they called?20:37
severalwordtrapsk1l, I remember having see at /etc/fstab  that  sdb3 had an error. I wrote down on it "nofail"20:37
severalwordtrapsaq2, so that's the entire line, right? 'apt-get update'20:38
m00tykinsbut terminology allows lots of really cool features, like playing video or music within the window20:38
m00tykinsand having an animated background20:38
aq2severalwordtraps: Yes if you're logged in as root, otherwise sudo apt-get update20:38
severalwordtrapsaq2, Ok, i'm going in again!20:38
trismMBach: excellent20:43
cortexmani'm trying to get Terminal to take up the width of both monitors, full screen. ideally i could persist that state and it would open that way every time20:45
MBachtrism: have a look ;) http://miam-player.org/images/posts/miam-player_0.8.0_ubuntu_1.png and http://miam-player.org/images/posts/miam-player_0.8.0_ubuntu_2.png20:54
yohanHi I m new here20:54
bekksMBach: Looks like Amarok on GTK :P20:54
MBachprobably, but mine is way much faster and fully customizable :)20:56
Bashing-omyohan: Welcome, and new to ubuntu ?20:56
yohanYes New to everything20:56
yohanThanks Bashing-om:20:56
bekksMBach: Faster. So it plays music at double speed? :P20:57
Bashing-om!manual | yohan20:57
ubottuyohan: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/20:57
MBachbekks: haha, you can open a pull request, maybe I will implement it20:57
bekksMBach: :D20:57
=== dreamon_ is now known as dreamon
yohanthanks | Bashing-om20:58
Bashing-omyohan: :) We are here to help you on your way .21:00
ralpheeeeo/...does networkmanager have ncurses21:04
ralpheeeei thought it was nmtui but it does not work21:04
bekksralpheeee: there is nm-cli21:05
bekksor nmcli, I dont remember the exact name.21:05
ralpheeeebekks: ok cool..thxs21:05
ralpheeeethinking of running just i3wm so just coveting some ground work21:06
ralpheeeehave not tried wicd in ages...so might give that a whirl as well21:07
consolejazzhello. regarding some basic sysadmin -- what's difference/advantage/disadvantage of wanting to assign sudo permissions to non-root user by adding them to `wheel` group vs the `sudo` group?21:09
synthorwheel group? never heard21:10
bekksconsolejazz: What is the advantage of having a second user who possibly may break your system?21:10
ralpheeeebekks: what DE you running?21:12
bekksralpheeee: I dont have a particular preference, why?21:12
k1lconsolejazz: ubuntu got a sudo setup. with using the sudo group.21:12
consolejazzwhat's th sudo user's default name? `ubuntu`?21:13
consolejazzi leave root alone and then create at least one additional `sudo` non-root user21:13
consolejazzwith a non-default username :)21:14
EriC^^consolejazz: it's whatever user you added during the install21:14
k1lconsolejazz: its the user you created. any user can become "sudo user" by putting him into the sudo group21:14
k1lconsolejazz: you seem to be confused by root and sudo.21:14
synthoryeah, i don't get his problem..question21:14
ralpheeeei cant make my mind up what terminal emulator to use for my setup with i3 urxvt font issues drives me nuts, exce4-terminal, too many dependencies...terminator heacy on resources...lxterminal was never impressed with it....21:14
consolejazzbekks: i'm running nginx instance and will host a couple sites, creating a new user per site21:14
consolejazzfor isolation and security21:15
synthoryou also could create a group called wheel and let all their users be sudoers..?!21:15
consolejazzthat's why21:15
synthornginx user with sudo permissions?!21:15
synthorwtf. don't do that!21:15
bekksconsolejazz: And why do you want thme to have sudo access?21:15
consolejazzk1l: not confused. i was asking what the difference betwen `wheel` and `sudo` groups was21:15
consolejazzwhich no one's yet answered (i don't think)21:16
bekksconsolejazz: wheel is used on debian, sudo is used on Ubuntu.21:16
bekksconsolejazz: Ubuntu uses sudo with the sudo group.21:16
synthorthx bekks!21:16
synthornever seen a wheel group on debian21:16
consolejazzcentos as well right? (`wheel`, that is)21:16
bekksconsolejazz: centos uses wheel, too.21:16
ralpheeeewheel def on arch21:16
k1lconsolejazz: ubuntu doesnt use wheel group. that is what people try to tell you21:17
consolejazzbekks: granting the website-based user initial sudo permissions21:17
bekksconsolejazz: Do not do that. Dont. Ever.21:17
synthordon't do that21:17
consolejazzduring setup process, before anything's live, then revoking the rights21:17
bekksconsolejazz: A webserber user should never have sudo permissions.21:17
k1lconsolejazz: that seems to be a thing on other unix but not on debian or ubuntu.21:17
consolejazzsorry, why? i want them to own certain processes21:17
bekksconsolejazz: They dont need sudo to own processes.21:18
consolejazzi said i would revoke their sudo rights after setup21:18
LynoureI cannot find yet anything on CVE-2016-0787 for Ubuntu. Is it under works?21:18
synthoryou don't need sudo/root for that21:18
bekksconsolejazz: sudo is used for getting root access.21:18
k1lconsolejazz: you start the webserver with root permissions but the server as such is run as another user. the www-data user21:18
synthorjust add the user too www-data group21:18
roygbivhey everybody, ubuntu newb here. i need to install virtualbox but i’m only wanting to use it with vagrant. is there a minimal vbox install i can get? right now apt-get wants to install X, Qt, a bunch of libs and docs, etc., 281 MB of stuff.21:18
=== Gabbo is now known as Guest60095
consolejazzyes, so i want to install some software as those (initial) sudo permitted users21:18
bekksroygbiv: Then you need to install all those requirements.21:18
synthorwhat u want to install?21:18
roygbivbekks, that’s what i was afraid of21:18
consolejazzso they'd automatically own the processes too. then once all's setup, revoke the rights21:18
consolejazzsynthor: i dunno yet :)21:19
bekksconsolejazz: if you dont know, you dont need it.21:19
consolejazzi'm just getting in to www servers21:19
synthorsry, but that sounds so nonsense21:19
bekksconsolejazz: a webserver user shall not have sudo permissions. Never.21:19
bekksconsolejazz: There is literally no sane reason for doing that.21:19
synthorjust create a user, add him to www-data group, and run an nginx instance for him21:19
synthornever give them root/sudo access21:20
consolejazznginx creates www-data group by default right? i'm confused by that naming convention because there's also a user `www-data` created? or is that for apache?21:20
k1lconsolejazz: www-data is user and group.21:20
synthorif you need to install/Create stuff. you simply write shellscripts or python/perl, what you like and run this script with root privileges. this will do all neccessary steps of your config and that was it21:21
k1levery user got an own group21:21
k1lbut that www-data user is nologin. which makes sense since you dont want someone to login on your system with that account21:21
synthorfo sure21:21
synthor/bin/false to everyone21:22
synthorgreetings from shellshock21:22
consolejazznologin for `ssh` or what services exactly?21:24
consolejazzthanks for the help guys21:24
joehogan_Looking to findhelp with Ubuntu install that is very slow.21:24
retrojeff16.04 xenial is so close to release21:24
k1lconsolejazz: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Nginx21:24
joehogan_2 proc  4 core total 2.8GHz each.   Using on AGP card (I think) on a dell machine.21:24
retrojeffsynaptic package manager still has lots of bugs that need fixing21:24
k1lconsolejazz: and you start the nginx service with upstart services. and not manually.21:25
Ben64retrojeff: you should talk about that in #ubuntu+121:25
joehogan_From what I readon the net, if I can change my graphic card, I will not have a SLOW desktop experience21:25
LynoureAh, it seems CVE-2016-0787 is conflated with another CVE at http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2016/CVE-2016-0739.html21:25
k1lretrojeff: then go to #ubuntu+1 and file bugs and help fixing. that would be helping21:25
Ben64joehogan_: what video card do you have now21:26
retrojeffit wont let me join ubuntu+121:26
joehogan_Ben64, a NVIDIA  Code i see is: 180-P00009-0000-Co321:27
joehogan_at the end it is a 00321:27
joehogan_does thi shelp?  It is an old dell machine I found awhile back.21:27
Ben64joehogan_: run "lshw -c VIDEO" and paste the result at http://paste.ubuntu.com21:27
m00tykins...but I did it while ubuntu was in legacy/csm mode21:28
consolejazzk1l: thanks21:28
joehogan_How do I find a terminal program on a fresh install of ubuntu?21:29
abetterfishretrojeff: Ubuntu 16.04? Didn't ubuntu 15.04 come out like 3 months ago?21:29
abetterfishjoehogan_: What do you mean?21:29
vltjoehogan_: Ctrl+Alt+t21:29
k1labetterfish: the release time is in the name21:29
geniiabetterfish: No, April 201521:29
genii(20)15.04(th month)21:30
bekksabetterfish: 15.04 was released in April 2015.21:30
joehogan_I iwll try.21:31
joehogan_I am using a different machine.  Th eSLOW video makes it unusable21:32
bekksjoehogan_: AGP is an ancient technology ;)21:33
joehogan_ Ben64, pasted21:40
=== schism is now known as _schism_
joehogan_bekks, turns out it is PCI, a leap in technology:)21:41
Revian1When I install a new app it doesnt appear in the unity menu until I log our and back in. Is this a known issue? Is there a way to resolve it?21:41
Ben64joehogan_: you need to give the link so we can see it21:41
xanguaRevian1: yes, know issue in Willy21:41
joehogan_Just a sec...21:42
dr_jamiryohi i got a problem with python21:43
Guest60095dr_jamiryo, this isnt a python support chan21:43
dr_jamiryook :)21:43
=== Monthrect is now known as Piper-Off
Ben64joehogan_: wow, no wonder. that card is ancient21:44
=== mosene is now known as Guest77668
=== tsapii is now known as tespi
joehogan_Well, I have been a Mac person for years, and never dealt with video cards.21:44
joehogan_Can I buy a newer card that will work fine?  I am a true newbie here:)21:44
bekksjoehogan_: Which hardware is that? A desktop pc, or something?21:45
Ben64based on the card, i'd have to guess that your whole computer is pretty ancient and slow21:45
joehogan_Dell desktop. Have 2 proc, and 4 cores, speed of 2.8 per core.21:45
bekksjoehogan_: Which dell desktop?21:45
joehogan_What do you mean?  Model number?  I am not sure.  Let me look and see what I can find.21:46
joehogan_precision 45021:47
bekksjoehogan_: then you have to look it up in the manual of that box wether and how you can upgrade it.21:48
joehogan_Ben64, I have the 2 page sheet on it.  It says that I can use:21:49
joehogan_TI Radeon VE 32MB, AGP 4X, available in Dual VGA and Dual DVI configurations21:49
joehogan_I Fire GL E1 64MB, AGP 4X, Dual Monitor (VGA and DVI or two VGA)21:49
joehogan_nVidia Quadro4, 900XGL AGP 4X, 128MB, Dual Monitor (VGA and/or DVI)21:49
=== Guest77668 is now known as mosene
Ben64joehogan_: honestly, i think you'd be better off building/buying a new computer21:49
Bitnovahi guys, what happens if you have a few folders that are 'invisible' that route directly back to /   ?  like for example i type on this specific folder like so: /folder and it shows the contents of / DIR21:50
geniiSomething called /folder would be a directory called folder in the root, because of the leading /21:51
Bitnovayes but genii i do not see that folder21:51
Bitnovain the /21:51
joehogan_I was planning on using he old thing o rregular desktop use.   Too ld and slow?  The processors are speedy.21:51
geniiBitnova:  Use ls -l on it to see if it's some kind of symlink21:51
joehogan_Maybe as a simple server, no more I guess.21:52
cortexmani'm trying to get Terminal to take up the width of both monitors, full screen. ideally i could persist that state and it would open that way every time21:52
=== cortexman is now known as wtuf
=== wtuf is now known as wutf
Bitnovaok genii thanks. for some reason it wasnt refreshing in nautilus21:53
=== max__ is now known as Guest44159
Ben64joehogan_: well you don't need a good gpu for a server21:53
abetterfishWhats the off topic channel?21:53
Ben64abetterfish: #ubuntu-offtopic21:53
abetterfishBen64: Thanks21:54
Bitnovagenii, in my root folder i have a folder called root and it has a white cross on the folder, and i cant even cd into it21:57
k1lthat is the root users home. you dont need that21:58
geniiBitnova: That's good. It's the folder for user named root, which is priveleged and normal user should not be able to enter or view what is in their home directory21:59
Bitnovaoh ok i see.22:00
Bitnovabut is it safe to delete it perhaps?22:00
Ben64don't go around deleting stuff22:00
k1lBitnova: just let it sit there. that is fine.22:01
Bitnovaits just weird it feels like i havent seen it before. and i was busy with some script so i hope it didnt create anything there.22:01
Ben64if you were running stuff as your user, it can't create anything there22:02
Bitnovawell problem is i was running it as sudo Ben6422:03
Ben64well you shouldn't run things as sudo unless necessary22:04
yoofoohello. I'm looking for a recommendation on a SQL client for Ubuntu. Any suggestion would be appreciated.22:04
bekksyoofoo: sql client for which database?22:04
yoofoobekks, MSSQL22:05
Revian2Sorry for disconnecting, Ubuntu Wily seems to reboot on its own.22:05
BitnovaBen64, i needed to install nullmailer from this script https://bitbucket.org/nullmailer-install-daemonize/nullmailer-installer-daemonizer/downloads. i just hope there is nothing bad about it.22:05
Ben64Bitnova: nullmailer is in the ubuntu repositories, no need to install from a 3rd party site22:06
Revian2When I install an app it doesn't appear in the app list until I log out and back in. Is this  a known issue? Is there a way to resolve it?22:06
bekksyoofoo: Try freetds22:06
yoofooThx, bekks22:06
Bitnovayes but v1.1 is in the repo's, this script downloads straight from http://untroubled.org/nullmailer/  which the latest version is 2.0 Ben6422:07
Ben64!latest | Bitnova22:07
ubottuBitnova: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.22:07
BadPaywhats up ?22:12
retrojefftook you long enough22:16
retrojeffubottu touch my penis22:16
ubotturetrojeff: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:16
bad_ipHas anyone thought of a good way to do virtual desktops for remote users in ubuntu?22:23
akikbad_ip: x2go and kde work quite good together22:25
bad_ipakik: Cool!22:26
akikkde 4, haven't tested kde 522:28
askingyouI installed Ubuntu now as dual boot with Windows 10, but Grub is not showing and Windows 10 is starting automatically22:32
anonimaskingyou: go into your boot live cd22:33
anonimaskingyou: install boot repair22:33
askingyouanonim: Do what it says in 2nd Option? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair22:34
askingyouanonim: Just write those three commands?22:34
ViXzAy lmao22:34
anonimaskingyou: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair22:35
askingyouanonim: Not this? install -y boot-repair && boot-repair22:35
anonimsudo apt-get install -y boot-repair && boot-repair22:35
askingyouaight will try22:36
anonimyou need to get the repo first and install it22:36
askingyouroger, thanks22:36
anonimsure, good luck22:36
anonimjust pick the recommended setting when you open the program later, let it fix itself22:37
Guest60095side question about boot-repair. Can someone download it as a .deb and keep it handy?22:38
Guest60095just in case i am in a situation where internet is not available.22:38
reisioGuest60095: should be on the install image you used22:38
geniiProbably a udeb and not a regular deb22:38
Guest60095wasnt aware of a udeb.... whats the dif?22:39
Guest60095n/m found answer22:40
=== Abhishek_ is now known as Abhishek
=== Abhishek is now known as Abhishek_
anonimGuest60095: i think you should get it download it into .deb files and put into flashdrive22:46
askingyouanonim: https://scontent-ams3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xap1/v/wl/t35.0-12/12751881_923442154371980_1088719804_o.jpg?oh=d2438a86c41e495291f88c7422021a93&oe=56CF28E822:52
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I-Am-GrootWhat happened here?23:01
I-Am-GrootIts like everyone just quit23:01
=== CrazEd is now known as 32NAABITY
Bashing-omI-Am-Groot: Network thing from maintenance .. see the message in your status window .23:02
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askingyouanyone can help with grub not showing?23:08
nnddbHello everyone. I run ubuntu trusty. If i execute "dpkg -s python" i see python version 2.7.5-5ubuntu3, but if i execute "dpkg -s python2.7" i see python version 2.7.6-8ubuntu0.2 why does? Can i have python 2.7.5 everywhere?23:08
askingyouanyone can help with grub not showing?23:08
mtnaskingyou: efi or legacy boot?23:09
askingyoumtn: UEFI23:09
askingyoumtn: UEFI and its going straight to win 1023:10
mtnaskingyou: it has to do with the uefi menu, I think. look in the bios23:10
=== AntiSpamMeta2 is now known as AntiSpamMeta
mtnaskingyou: or, uefi menu, I guess it would be called :)23:10
askingyoumtn: It's called UEFI menu in BIOS?23:10
mtnaskingyou: when you have uefi, that is your "bios"23:11
mtnaskingyou: you need to go into its settings23:11
=== tomaw is now known as 14WAAAWCY
askingyoumtn: Oh, so what am I looking at in settings?23:11
askingyoumtn: Are you talking about fast boot?23:11
=== 14WAAAWCY is now known as tomaw
mtnaskingyou: the boot sequence or boot menu. many of the menus are different23:12
askingyoumtn: I got this error when I tried boot repair: https://scontent-ams3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xap1/v/wl/t35.0-12/12751881_923442154371980_1088719804_o.jpg?oh=d2438a86c41e495291f88c7422021a93&oe=56CF28E823:12
askingyoumtn: But any suggestion about what i am looking after and what im trying to do?23:13
mtnaskingyou: you might even be able to fix it by a different choice in the uefi boot menu you can access at boot23:13
askingyoumtn: What choice?23:13
Nairwolfhi, I'm trying to do something with gparted with an usb key. I have an error "unable to open /dev/sdc1: Device or resource busy". What can I do with that ?23:13
mtnaskingyou: go look. they are not all the same. you can tell us the choices if you can't figure it out23:14
askingyoumtn: https://scontent-ams3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpl1/v/wl/t35.0-12/12773272_923447524371443_735334967_o.jpg?oh=cd4b25e7e14558195ee9518ea14ff7e4&oe=56CF6DC323:14
mtnaskingyou: that is not the boot menu, but it might help, too. look at each tab for booting info23:15
=== tomaw is now known as 14WAAAWCY
Bashing-omNairwolf: Booting with the USB that has Gparted installed to operate on that same USB device ? No can operate on a device that is mounted ( in use ) .23:16
Nairwolfno, I'm not booting on this usb23:17
askingyoumtn: This boot order? https://scontent-ams3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xtf1/v/wl/t35.0-12/12765707_923450194371176_1890936903_o.jpg?oh=c5ff783827059ada0dc8dcd93e7b5d17&oe=56CF392F23:17
Nairwolfok, it works now23:17
Nairwolfthank you Bashing-om23:18
Bashing-omNairwolf: :) all good .23:18
askingyoumtn: https://scontent-ams3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpl1/v/wl/t35.0-12/12768069_923450624371133_935347895_o.jpg?oh=17d97c09aaf7676109ec62c2682f672e&oe=56CF1D3E23:19
mtnaskingyou: bingo!23:20
askingyoumtn: I choose Ubuntu there?23:20
=== 14WAAAWCY is now known as tomaw
mtnaskingyou: if you want it to boot, yes. be aware there is a boot menu you can access during boot to choose something else, too23:21
askingyoumtn: How do I get the boot menu? Are you talking about Grub when you are saying boot menu?23:21
mtnaskingyou: nope. a uefi boot menu. read your manual or look at the screen as it boots. though, yours may be different, they are not all the same. but, reading the manual would be a good place to start23:22
askingyoumtn: So you don't get Grub with UEFI?23:22
mtnaskingyou: I think you will when you tell it to boot ubuntu first, but you will find out when you try it23:23
=== deww_ is now known as deww
askingyoumtn: Aight, thanks mate23:23
mtnaskingyou: welcome23:23
oppaHello channel, i have ubuntu mate and i would liket to change the time format from 24 to 12, is there a way to do it? thanks23:27
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askingyoumtn: I chose Ubuntu on that UEFI list and Ubuntu is now first in that list, but still only win 10 loads. Any ideas?23:29
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dragonbiteI am having trouble with permissions23:30
mtnaskingyou: find the boot menu and use it, I guess23:30
mtnaskingyou: on a lot of machines it is F1223:30
askingyoumtn: Do you mean boot menu where you choose if you want to load from usb etc?23:30
dragonbiteI am trying to "chown" and "chmod" a folder on a flash drive (on a server, no GUI) and am getting "Operation not permitted" even though I am using "sudo"23:31
dragonbitethe flash drive is for being accessed from an ownCloud running on the server23:31
k1loppa: right clikc on the clock and then time and date settings should offer an option for that23:32
mtnaskingyou: maybe this will help, too: http://askubuntu.com/questions/221835/installing-ubuntu-on-a-pre-installed-windows-8-64-bit-system-uefi-supported23:32
Bashing-omdragonbite: NTFS file system ? Does not support POSIX .23:33
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AmarokNelgis "ubuntubot" genuine?23:34
OnkelTemHi all23:34
k1l!bot | AmarokNelg23:34
ubottuAmarokNelg: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots | Make a clone of me: /msg ubottu botclone23:34
Bashing-omdragonbite: File access and permissions are set in the fstab mount point - is one way .23:34
AmarokNelgthen who is "ubuntubot"23:35
OnkelTemHow can I enable VSync? I'm just out ideas.23:35
OnkelTemHaving an nvidia card23:35
mtnaskingyou: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI#Identifying_if_the_computer_boots_the_HDD_in_UEFI_mode23:35
rexwin_how to check what dovecot packages are installed in my system?23:37
askingyoumtn: So installing Ubuntu when you have UEFI is hell?23:38
mtnaskingyou: shouldn't be, but it is harder than legacy boot, for sure23:39
HashLemonWhy does #lemon ban me23:40
HashLemonNot fair23:40
bekksHashLemon: Ask the operators of #lemon, thats nothing we can help you with.23:41
squintyrexwin_, dpkg -L <file name>   also synaptic package manager23:41
HashLemonHow? Nobody is there now23:41
bekksHashLemon: And no one here can help you with that issue.23:41
askingyoumtn: I found the boot menu and even if I choose ubuntu there win10 starts23:42
squintyHashLemon,  just tried joining it here and got the banned message.  never heard or joined that channel before. try #freenode maybe23:42
mtnaskingyou: did you reinstall your grub from a live disk?23:43
mtnaskingyou: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Installing23:44
askingyoumtn: I tried boot repair with live cd and got this error: https://scontent-ams3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xap1/v/wl/t35.0-12/12751881_923442154371980_1088719804_o.jpg?oh=d2438a86c41e495291f88c7422021a93&oe=56CF28E823:44
mtnaskingyou: remember, you are using uefi23:44
mtnaskingyou: try it again using the link I sent you23:45

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