bluesabreevening all03:13
bluesabrehey Unit19303:14
bluesabrequick on the response there :)03:14
flocculantjjfrv8: don't see galaxy - see breeze here both live/install reported to bug 154864707:13
ubottubug 1548647 in xubuntu-artwork (Ubuntu) "LibreOffice uses breeze style" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154864707:13
flocculantochosi bluesabre ^^ - I think -artwork is the right package - that at least is where I can see LO theme in the changelog :)07:14
flocculantNairwolf: welcome back - read the backlog - seen your tracker report - thanks :)07:14
Nairwolfflocculant, that's nothing ;)07:16
Nairwolfthank you for your help with zsync ;)07:16
flocculantthat's nothing ;)07:16
NairwolfI hope being able to help xubuntu more often, now ;)07:17
flocculantthat's great :)07:17
Akxwi-daveBluesabre.. Got some font feedback for you... been using it for the past 5 days... After a few days you cant tell the difference.. I have it on desktop  @ 1920x1080 and laptop on 1366x768 and looks good.10:30
Akxwi-daveNoto-san on gui and noto-mono on term..  all at 9 ..10:31
bluesabreAkxwi-dave: great, good to hear10:36
bluesabreflocculant: surprised that we are even installing breeze. ochosi and I need to work on our theme upstream in libreoffice so we can have them handle the packaging and fix weird issues like that10:38
knomebluesabre, ping11:52
knomepleia2, requesting contest.xubuntu.org11:59
bluesabreknome: hey12:30
flocculanthi bluesabre 12:31
bluesabrehey flocculant12:31
bluesabreflocculant: nearly got the catfish clicking sorted... not sure how it became such a mess, but lets blame changes in GTK ;)12:32
flocculantobviously I blamed that mentally anyway :D12:33
bluesabreflocculant: I'll likely be trying to get this uploaded, as well as the font changes on Thursday after b1 isos are up12:36
flocculantok :)12:36
flocculantthere's going to definitely be 1 rebuild - probably more ... 12:36
flocculantcurrently ubiquity crashes in flames if hardware includes a battery :)12:37
flocculantfiguratively speaking - not exploding batteries :D12:37
* bluesabre breathes a sigh of relief12:38
flocculantif it was that bad I'd have m/list(s) +website + anything else I could think of :)12:39
Akxwi-daveThink I'll leave the iso testing off my laptop then.. :-)13:05
pleia2knome: great15:47
=== zequence_ is now known as zequence
pleia2aiming for wednesday, mar 2nd at 17UTC for our next meeting, will anyone be around? :D20:54
knomewednesdays are a bit bad for me20:54
knomeat least at that time i can't promise to be available20:55
pleia2thursday better?20:55
knomeyep, wed has the only blocker20:55
pleia2ok, the 3rd then20:55
Unit193My client will be connected, I may even read backlog.20:56
pleia2alright, good enough for me20:57
knomenot very high standards then20:57
ochosii'll do my best, can't promise anything though unfortunately20:59
knomeochosi, we know "your best"21:00
ochosithanks :)21:00
Unit193Yeah, have his client break and disappear a few days before. :---D21:00
knomeochosi, not "you're best"21:01
Nairwolfis it still necessary to do test with the daily iso, or can I use the beta version ? 22:25
Nairwolfwith zsync the iso is different22:25
knomedepends which milestone you are reporting tests against22:34
knomecurrently, we are testing beta122:34
knomebut please note that the beta1 images might get updated too22:34
Nairwolfah ;)22:34
knomeso make sure you have the latest beta1 image22:34
Nairwolfwhat is the difference between beta1 umage updated and the daily build ? 22:35
knomebeta - or any other milestone - is essentially a snapshot of the daily ISOs22:36
knomeso theoretically on the first day of the milestone testing the image is the same22:37
knomebut in an ideal situation, the milestone image would not change until the release of the milestone22:37
Nairwolfok, so I have the same iso in fact22:37
bluesabreknome: poke22:37
Nairwolfok, why it has changed ?22:38
knomeno, because in real life, bugs happen and they are fixed and ISOs are updated22:38
knomeso whenever zsync tells you you need to get new data, you need to.22:38
knomebluesabre, i'll poke you back in 15ish22:38
bluesabreknome: okie doke22:38
Nairwolfsorry, I don't understand22:39
NairwolfYesterday, I downloaded the beta iso, and now, I've updated it with zsync22:39
knomethen you have what you should.22:39
Nairwolfthe correct beta image is here ? http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/357/builds22:40
knomebut you also need to make sure with zsync if it has been updated22:40
Nairwolfi've done that22:40
knome...so what's the question?22:40
Nairwolfmy first question was "is it more important to test the daily iso or to test again the beta 1". But I didn't know that the beta1 image has changed, so, I'm going to test it again ;)22:42
knomewhenever there is a milestone iso, that22:43
Nairwolfthat ? 22:44
NairwolfSorry, my english isn't perfect, I don't understand you...22:44
knomewhenever we have a milestone iso, it is the priority to test the milestone iso22:45
Nairwolfokay, I didn't know that22:45
Nairwolfand how could I know that the beta 1 was updated ? 22:46
Nairwolf(sorry for being annoying with my questions, I'm a newbie in QA)22:46
knomeyou know the beta1 (or any image) is updated by running the zsync command22:47
knomeor the ISO version mentioned on the page you posted22:47
knome(basically if it's different than it was before, it's updated)22:47
NairwolfI thought I've missed a mail or something like that22:47
knomesometimes it's specifically announced if it includes a very important update22:50
knomesometimes all flavor ISOs are updated because a common bug has been found22:50
knomein those cases the respin/update might not have a specific mention22:50
Nairwolfok, isn't because of the ubiquity bug ? 22:52
Nairwolfoh.... I can't boot on my usb key... 22:53
NairwolfHave you ever seen a message like that "No DEFAULT or UI configuration directive found!" and I have this prompt "boot: _"22:53
knomethis time it might be of the ubiquity bug - that would be a common bug - but i don't know, i haven't tested the beta22:54
flocculantbluesabre: just so you know - upower still causing issues - I did us a rebuild - still an issue22:54
flocculanthi knome :)22:54
flocculantpleia2: 5pm is goodish for me - I should be about 22:55
knomehey flocculant 22:55
pleia2flocculant: great, thanks :)22:55
Nairwolfhi flocculant ;)22:56
Nairwolfok, thank you knome ;)22:56
flocculanthey Nairwolf :)22:56
flocculantNairwolf: if you are not sure if image is current - zsync it - it will say it has 100% and no need to download 22:57
flocculantor words to that effect22:57
Nairwolfok, thank you flocculant for your advices ;)23:03
flocculantno problem23:03
flocculantftr it says "Read xenial-desktop-amd64.iso. Target 100.0% complete."23:04
Nairwolfyes, I've understood that, but firstly, I went to the daily iso, and I thought it's a new daily build and it's normal23:06
flocculantNairwolf: for all intents and purposes the milestone and the daily are one and the same23:08
flexiondotorg_flocculant, Wha?23:13
flocculantnot important - net split after freenode shenanigans - just 3 of us in here :)23:14
flocculanthi bluesabre 23:15
bluesabrehey flocculant23:17
knomeflocculant, not always :)23:17
knomebluesabre, ok, so your turn to test my "app" ;)23:19
flocculantcya tomorrow peeps23:19
knomenighty flocculant 23:19
bluesabrecya flocculant23:19
knomebluesabre, hint: it's a wordpress plugin23:20
bluesabreknome: ah23:22
* bluesabre installs wordpress on his laptop23:23
* cjbayliss hopes he didn't read that right23:24
knomewhich one?23:24
bluesabreknome: so, plugin installed23:30
bluesabrenow what?23:30
knomebluesabre, see the sidebar23:30
knomebluesabre, in admin, that is23:30
knomeit should be more or less self-explanatory at this point23:30
knomevoting and vote results are visible currently for admins23:30
bluesabreknome: cool, seems to work23:31
Nairwolflooks like there is still the bug with ubiquity and batterie....23:31
knomeNairwolf, then link that to your test report23:32
bluesabreknome: yup, painless23:32
knomebluesabre, good :)23:32
knomewe should get the marketing wheels rolling then!23:32
knome(we almost have a new subdomain for this too)23:32
bluesabreknome: great :D23:32
knomealso, probably sensible to check the terms too23:33
knomeand add stuff there as needed23:33
bluesabrealready reading23:33
knomeand a final check on an openid/launchpad enabled site to make sure everything goes smoothly there23:33
knomeit's mostly copied from the old terms page23:33
knomepleia2, well, ticket is sent, IS has confirmed they understand what we're saying23:34
knome(eg. not talking gobbledigook)23:34
pleia2I know :)23:34
knomebut of course, you know everything ;)23:34
knomepleia2, you might want to take a look at the plugin as well23:42
Nairwolfguys, I'm doing this testcase : http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/357/builds/113180/testcases/1300/results and I have a strange "error"23:48
NairwolfFailed to create a swap space23:48
NairwolfDo you think it's a bug, or is it something with my computer ? 23:48

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