knometrevor_, if you have a question, just ask it11:49
ExecutionerI can't seem to get the version 2.0 of htop, it says it's up to date. Why is that?16:03
flocculantExecutioner: to get htop 2.0 you'll need to build it yourself16:45
dmfreyflocculant, the intel graphics fix we discussed yesterday didn't work, back to the drawing board17:26
flocculantdmfrey: ack - not much other help I can give you tbh17:36
dmfreyi may rebuild that box17:36
dmfreyi think i have done too many things to at this point17:36
xubuntu33wHello! Where I can find Xubuntu bug tracker? I have problems with MenuLibre18:17
flocculantexisting bugs - if you need to report then run ubuntu-bug menulibre from a terminal18:20
xubuntu33wYes i need to report, but there is an option Report a bug in web page. Is it not working?18:22
knomexubuntu33w, reporting via ubuntu-bug makes sure we get some of the essential data directly via the bug report so there's no need to pass that manually18:24
xubuntu33wThank You! Bug reported!18:47
xubuntu33wMy first Bug report :)18:48
xubuntu68whelp- I am a novice unable to start a download from xbuntu download page of 15.1 either torrent or mirror19:04
xubuntu68whelp I guess I am too much of a novice. I found the downloads.19:08
Executionerflocculant: thanks19:35
xubuntu67whelp the novice again. using universal usb installer for xubuntu-15.10-desktop-1386.iso.part   size 975mb at 99% extraction message data error file is boken same thing if I try torrent file.19:58
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bekksxubuntu67w: .part means the file is not completely downloaded yet.20:59
pomeroyI was wondering if I could get some help with a sound issue I am having with a new install of xubuntu 14.0422:01
knomeask your question and find out if somebody is able to help22:02
pomeroyThe sound is not working at all, I've tried to play with the settings in pulseaudio but haven't figured out how to fix it22:03
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