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clivejohummmm, no backlog08:43
valoriethere was a big netsplit08:44
valoriebut this chan is logged.....08:45
valorieor I can paste in for you08:45
clivejoI was expecting pages of KCI problems08:46
valoriereally only good news08:47
valorieinstaller fixed08:47
clivejofind out who fixed it yet?08:47
clivejomust have been magic08:48
valorieno idea why the bug report wasn't closed08:51
viphate it09:06
vip/usr/bin/python3 /usr/lib/update-notifier/apt-check09:06
vipit make my face burn because of the hot fan09:06
clivejostupid kdepim12:07
soeehiho :)12:07
BluesKajHiyas all12:24
soeehiho BluesKaj12:25
BluesKajHey soee12:25
claydohgood morning folks12:35
claydohtho it feels like evening (did an overnight shift)12:36
BluesKajright claydoh, I remember those nights :p12:40
claydohI do em once a week12:41
BluesKajI used to do 7 in a row when I was production testing ...waay back 12:42
claydohBluesKaj: but more as our deliveries are now based on sales so we get em more often12:42
claydohIll be set body-clock wise for my trip Down Under in 3 weeks12:42
BluesKajnever been to aussie , just read a book about John Bryson's travels around the "Sunburned Country" as he named the book ...verty interesting and somewhat dangerous place, if you aren't careful/12:46
claydohme neither. A bit of danger would do me some good. 12:47
BluesKajoops not john but Bill Bryson..there's that wonderful memeory of mine , mistepping again :-)12:48
claydohcool, I hadn't googled it yet ;) thanks!12:49
clivejoI give up!13:43
* clivejo goes to take out frustation and angry on a load of logs13:44
sgclarkclivejo: libkolab2 is unecessary, a lib not dev files. removed it and fixed the actual problem being libkf5gapi was misspelled. In theory should build this time.13:57
clivejoits looking for libkolab lib14:04
clivejothe last build without it was failing cause it was using usr/lib/libkolab.so.1.014:05
clivejothe package libkolab2 contains usr/lib/libkolab.so.2.014:05
clivejowhich is why I added that14:05
clivejobut now Im getting failures on other deps14:05
clivejosgclark: Im losing my mind!14:06
sgclarkyeah so am I14:06
clivejosgclark: this is the buildlog - https://launchpadlibrarian.net/242465506/buildlog_ubuntu-xenial-amd64.kdepim-runtime_4%3A15.12.1+git20160223.2255+16.04-0_BUILDING.txt.gz14:07
clivejothats why I added libkolab214:08
sgclarkclivejo: no, akonadi needs a rebuild with new kolab14:08
clivejoI convinced myself that it was looking for new functions in libkolad214:09
yofelscarlett is right though14:09
yofelyou need to fix the thing that injects libkolab.so.1.0.0 into the linker list14:10
clivejoits like spaghetti junction14:12
yofelyou just need to make sure that *all* components of your software use the new lib14:13
clivejoand how does one know all the components it uses?14:14
clivejoseems to be a total mess of public, private and 3rd party libs14:14
sgclarkthe build deps in control14:15
clivejowhere does KCI get its upstream and downstream data?14:16
yofelclivejo: for kolab, apt-cache rdepends libkolab1 would give you a reasonable list14:20
yofelthere was some command for build-deps that I can't remember right now...14:20
clivejoyeah kdepim-runtime14:21
soeeQt 5.6 Release Candidate Is Out, Three Months Late14:22
marco-parilloOn Monday, I downloaded the daily 64-bit build and the Ubiquity bug seems to be fixed for me. Beta 1 Release Candidates are out. http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/357/builds Since there are no attempts for i386, I will do a quick test for that one.14:27
ubottuHelp is needed in #kubuntu-devel. Please ping Riddell, yofel, soee, Tm_T, shadeslayer, BluesKaj, James147, Quintasan, lordievader, shrini, tester56, parad1se, mamarley, alket, SourBlues, sgclark, neo31, vip, mparillo for information14:27
* sgclark does not see the point of having a beta release with nothing done14:29
clivejoah libkolab control file is still pulling libcalendaring and the old libkolab lib14:29
BluesKajmparillo, I reinstalled on Sat last and Ubiquity worked fine, no probs.14:29
sgclarkhave we heard anything at all on our ffe?14:29
clivejosgclark: is it ok to try kdepim-runtime again?15:19
clivejoon KCI?15:19
sgclarkno, now we have another failure15:21
sgclarkFTBFS boost pointer fail kmime seems involved.15:21
sgclarkbut it loks like boost should not even be a dep, was removed back in august from kmime, removing ..15:22
clivejostrange, it compiled this morning ok15:26
sgclarkkdepim-runtie compiled fine?!15:26
sgclarkerr kdepim-runtime15:26
clivejountil the very last stage15:27
sgclarkmmmhmm and look at the failure15:28
sgclarkundefined references. pft I don't know. kmime is involved somehow. I am not a C++ programmer. all I kknow is it is not building.15:30
sgclarkdo what you want, I dont care..15:30
* sgclark runs off in frustration15:31
yofellooks like a resolution cycle failure to me. pim tries to link against the wrong kolab, and kolab in turn throws linker errors because a different version of akonadi is involved than kolab was built with15:42
yofelbut I have neither the time nor energy to look into this. sorry.15:42
yofelFWIW, sgclark: do you think it's possible to upload 15.12 *without* pim?15:56
soeeuhm, E: The repository 'http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ci/unstable-daily/ubuntu xenial Release' does not have a Release file.15:58
yofelwhich is correct16:00
sgclarkyofel: yeah if worse comes to worse we will upload without pim. Wes still need ffe approved though..16:00
soeewhy unstabel ppa works and unstable-daily not ?16:00
yofelprobably because nothing got copied to -daily16:01
marco-parilloUbiquity works for Xenial 32-bit ISOs also. I marked the live session and full-disk install as successful. http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/357/builds16:01
yofelgood to know, thanks!16:02
sgclarkwhat the16:08
sgclarkclivejo: ?!16:09
clivejoretrying it16:09
sgclarkakonadi-calendar was on last stage...16:09
sgclarkif it says stared by user Scarlett Clark please don't abort it. thanks.16:10
clivejoI aborted kdepim-runtime16:11
clivejoI didnt touch akonadi-calendar16:11
sgclarkakonadi-calendar Aborted by user Clive16:11
clivejoI dunno how that happened16:12
clivejoare they linked?16:12
sgclarkclivejo: dunno. But I thinkwe are going to have to rebuild the whole pim stack16:16
sgclarkso instead of stepping on each others toes, would you like to or shall I?16:17
clivejoyou go ahead16:17
clivejoIm stabbing in the dark16:17
clivejoI think libkolab is working16:17
sgclarkpretty sure a rebuild with fix our linker issues. *crosses fingers*16:18
clivejorebuild in KCI or in staging?16:18
sgclarkwhich is what I was working on.16:19
clivejosorry, I honestly dont know how or why it was cancelled16:20
sgclarkpossibly linked, dunno how sitter set up up/downstream16:20
sgclarkclivejo: could you please refresh symbols on libkface16:21
clivejosgclark: done16:28
clivejoI think KCI is on its last legs!  Someone should put it out of its misery!17:11
sgclarkclivejo: what ?! do you mean, what is going on?17:13
clivejoits stuck or something17:13
sgclarkoh. taking hours on checking binaries. sitter? is this launchpad?17:14
clivejoand scheduled docker management so its trying to clear the queue17:15
sgclarkoh. at some point I need to sort out what all this tooling is doing. Once I figure out how to get more hours in the day.17:18
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geniiAny way to prevent do-release-upgrade from disabling the official Kubuntu PPAs? Put them in /etc/apt/sources.list maybe?18:54
clivejosgclark: can I refresh the symbols for kcalutils?21:56
valorieso nice to see a string of green22:04
sgclarkclivejo: you can try! I have tried like 50 times22:10
sgclarkas you will see in changelog lol22:10
clivejothose symbols are for a private lib?22:15
clivejokcalendar_grantlee_plugin.so ?22:15
clivejosgclark: ^22:16
sgclarkall I tried was batchpatch. Did not actually research.22:17
valoriesgclark: pm22:45
sgclarkahh that is a lovely sight23:18
valorieomg, \o/23:24
clivejoits easy pressing a button :P23:26
clivejoThese all failed due to a problem with LP23:27
clivejoIm just giving them a kick 23:28
* valorie bows before Sir clivejo23:33
* claydoh bows before no one....due to bad knees, and soreback and ankles23:47
* claydoh can salute him tho23:47
claydohcaptain clivejo bwahaha23:47
sgclarkclivejo did you copy libkolabxml to the ppa? 23:48
clivejosgclark: no 23:49
clivejostill needs work23:49
sgclarkclivejo: update that quetsion to did you package libkolabxml and if so where is it?23:49
sgclarkok that is what is breaking kdepim-runtime23:50
clivejoIm confused as to where it should be23:50
sgclarkwhat do you mean?23:50
sgclarkI am shocked libkolab built without tbh23:50
clivejoseems to be multiple packaging repo's23:51
sgclarkI have only used bzr for kolab stuff, gonna have to get with debian there.23:51
clivejoI pulled it from the OBS Kolab Systems use23:54
clivejobut they use a "fake" package called libcalendaring23:54
clivejoI love saving lemmings23:59

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