emvalorie: i do lock it. I lock it and lock all the widgets and then it gets unlocked somehow on its own power.00:49
valorieI wonder if you have perhaps messed up permissions somewhere in your ~/00:50
emvalorie: that would be intriguing. Do you think my troubles could result from having installed Kubuntu on a Toshiba laptop without ever changing any EFI settings at all in the BIOS?00:51
valorieyou can easily check, and regain correct permissions by chown -R username /home/username/00:52
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI00:52
valoriethe above is more than I know about that00:52
valoriethis would not be bios stuff, but perhaps using sudo in a gui application, or so00:53
valorierather than kdesudo00:53
emvalorie: also i don't know if this could be related but whenever I start Kubuntu before it gets to the GUI I see a black screen and at the top it says something to the effect of "Master Control Interupt Lied (SDE)!00:53
valoriehave you googled that?00:53
valoriesounds like some systemd stuff00:54
emIt was a little confusing. It didn't sound like it was vital00:54
valorieagain, I doubt that is connected00:54
emit seemed like it might have to do with the screen or something.00:54
valorieas long as you get your gui, probably not important00:54
emvalorie: another hypothesis -- This laptop has a touch screen (in my opinion that is worthless and i never use it) but I wonder if possibly it gets 'ghost sensations' when im not using it which makes it think that a finger is pushing stuff around and choosing options.00:55
valoriejust try the chown00:55
valorieit can't hurt00:55
emokay i will.00:55
valorieand if it takes awhile.... you needed it00:55
valorieoh, put a * at the end00:56
valoriechown -R username /home/username/*00:56
valoriethat will check the ownership of all files in your home00:56
valorieof course use your own username00:56
valorieunless your user is username00:57
emvalorie: done.00:57
emhehe yeah my username is em :)00:57
valorieok, that was quick00:57
valorieso probably not needed00:57
valorieI guess I would advise asking in #plasma then00:57
valorieI've never seen junk like that appearing00:58
valoriewoops, dinner time00:59
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vincent42hi all, in kubuntu 14.04 , wher is the "file size view" in konqueror or dolpin ? I can't seem to find it , is that a separate package ?07:07
vincent42something displaying a graphical chart of file sizes07:07
vincent42similar to windirstat on windoz07:07
hateballvincent42: sudo apt-get install kdirstat07:08
vincent42hmmm I did a pkill dolphin to restart it07:09
vincent42my kde sidebar freezed07:09
vincent42ah it unfreezed :)07:09
vincent42seems killing dolphin was not such a great idea07:10
valorieI like filelight07:10
valoriebut I don't think it works in dolphin07:10
valorieit's nifty though07:11
vincent42hmmm, is there a way to restart dolphgin after it's been killed ?07:11
valoriekrunner won't do it?07:12
vincent42it 's very slow07:13
vincent42but it seems to come back after a long time07:13
vincent42one of dolphin window is very slow07:13
valorieanother way to start it is in a konsole, and watch the output07:14
vincent42ok so kdirstat is not visible in dolphin ?07:14
vincent42actually I started it from the console , but it would stay stuck, not even open a window07:14
valoriecontrol escape might give you more information07:15
vincent42it seems klauncher had some problem07:15
vincent42it got respawned07:15
vincent42anyway seems to be working back now07:16
vincent42hmm, konqueror is also slow to start07:16
vincent42kdeinit4: Shutting down running client.07:17
vincent42klauncher(5602) kdemain: Waiting for already running klauncher to exit.07:17
vincent42why does it do that07:21
noaXessmorning.. does anybody use backports landing ppa?07:45
noaXessor know when the packes are moved to backports ppa?07:45
vincent42hateball: kdirstat does it display the radial map ?07:46
vincent42what I waslooking for was the view with some rectangles07:47
vincent42with area proportionnal to file size07:47
vincent42I only have a "radial map" view now07:47
valorienoaXess: I tested it, then removed it07:55
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valoriebut I didn't purge the packages, because they work well07:55
noaXessbut.. how is timeline that they move packages from landing to backports?07:56
valoriethey haven't had time to do that yet, sorry07:56
valoriegot a deadline for xenial the LTS to meet first07:56
noaXessvalorie: are you a dev for kubuntu?08:20
valorienoaXess: I'm a council member08:28
valorienot a coder or packager, no08:29
noaXessokey.. fine ;) cool08:29
Kardihow do you guys learn about linux aside from using search engines and IRC?09:06
valorieKardi: what part of linux are you interested in?09:07
Kardigeneral use09:07
dhanraji built blender from source and it removed all gui packages, so i can only use it through terminal. does anybody know a fix09:07
valorieit helps to follow your interests, and choose a project that will challenge you some09:08
valorie!info blender09:08
ubottublender (source: blender): Very fast and versatile 3D modeller/renderer. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.74+dfsg0-4build2 (wily), package size 20656 kB, installed size 66214 kB09:08
valoriehmmm, packaged from git, not a release09:08
dhanraji installed plasma-desktop but still it shows only home screen nothing else09:10
dhanrajplus i have to manually use startx to launch it09:10
hateballdhanraj: apt-get install kubuntu-desktop, that should pull in everything needed for a kubuntu experience09:14
dhanrajohk thanks i will try09:14
hateballIt will install sddm etc09:14
hateballdhanraj: Did you install from a minimal installer?09:14
afx237does anyone know if the current versions of kde/plasma etc in the daily build of 16.04 is what will be in the stable release?  i heard there was a freeze in the last couple of days, but not sure if it applies to kde09:15
valorieafx237: we filed FFE paperwork to get our recent stuff into the archive09:18
valoriefinal freeze is friday09:18
valorieor so09:18
afx237ah, so  it will change then?09:18
KardiI'm wondering if there is a game based on using linux terminal commands? so I can get familiar with using linux09:21
valorieI'm not sure how that system works09:21
valorieoooo, I think there is something in KDE games09:21
afx237Kardi: here's a challenging one: http://qntm.org/suicide09:22
valoriehttp://askubuntu.com/questions/337300/are-there-any-games-which-can-train-people-to-learn-terminal-commands mentions whatis09:22
valoriewhich sounds cool09:23
afx237Kardi: just in case you don't realise, it wipes all your files if you type anything wrong, fun eh09:23
andybrineHi Everyone09:52
andybrineI wonder if anyone can help. I just installed plasma desktop from ubuntu 15.10 and everything is working but the themes dont09:53
andybrineI have default icons and windows decorations09:53
andybrinedoes anyone know how to fix that?09:54
andybrineany support would be apprecated09:57
clivejoandybrine: how did you install it?09:59
andybrineI installed this repo: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ci/stable10:00
andybrineand then run dist-upgrade10:00
andybrineThis then installed the whole desktop10:01
andybrinewhen I update themes, it doesnt change anything10:04
clivejowhere did you get instructions to use kubuntu-ci ppa?!?10:07
clivejoyou need to remove and purge that PPA and install using "apt-get install kubuntu-desktop"10:08
andybrineI used this guide: http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2015/08/install-kde-plasma-plasma-5-4/10:08
andybrineok Iwill do that now10:08
andybrineso just using this with no extra repos should be fine?10:09
clivejohave you universe enabled?10:10
andybrineyes, I think so. I will check10:10
andybrineim just purging that repo at the moment10:10
clivejokubuntu-ci is our continuous integration10:11
andybrineoh ok10:12
andybrineso it can cause problems when upgrading10:12
clivejowell CI is mostly for testing/devel10:13
andybrineI am likely to have conflicts with gnome or unity when installing kubuntu10:13
clivejoyou shouldnt do10:13
andybrinethanks, thats good to know10:13
clivejokubuntu-desktop should pull in the required packages10:13
clivejoyou do need to use the sddm login manager for kubuntu10:14
andybrineI think there was an error when I installed it10:14
andybrineis there a command to switch to that10:14
andybrinewhen I ran it again, there were no errors10:14
clivejowhen you install the meta package it should ask you which display manager you want to use10:15
andybrineok, I will give it another go10:16
clivejokubuntu-desktop is a meta package which should install all the necessary packages to use KDE on Ubuntu10:17
andybrineI think there was an error somewhere which could have caused my problems10:18
andybrineI cant remember what it was though10:18
andybrinethe latest kde looks awesome though10:18
* clivejo nods10:19
clivejowhat did you use before?10:20
andybrineim using gnome shell at the moment10:20
andybrineand love it, but i wanted a change10:20
andybrinenot used kde for about 5 years10:21
clivejoIts come on a lot!10:21
andybrineyea, it looks great10:21
clivejoandybrine: do you like testing software?10:21
andybrineI will brb, just going to reboot10:21
andybrinenot really10:21
andybrineI need reliability10:21
andybrineright, im back10:24
clivejohow did it go?10:24
andybrinenot to install it without the extra repo10:25
andybrinenot installed it yet10:25
andybrineSo you say I need the universe repo enabled?10:26
clivejo!info kubuntu-desktop10:27
ubottukubuntu-desktop (source: kubuntu-meta): Kubuntu Plasma Desktop/Netbook system. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.331 (wily), package size 3 kB, installed size 40 kB10:27
clivejoyup universe10:27
andybrineOk, I will check that10:27
floownTo convert a movie (avi) to mkv, what can I use in Kubuntu ? (plasma application)10:32
Smurphyfloown: handbrake10:33
andybrineclivejo I dont think I have the installed, but are they not installed by default?10:39
andybrineactually, they are installed10:39
_shaun_hi guys can u tell me what collate is about10:40
andybrineHere is my error: Errors were encountered while processing:10:41
andybrine /var/cache/apt/archives/kde-config-telepathy-accounts_4%3a15.08.2-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb10:41
andybrineE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)10:41
andybrineapologies for pasting it here10:41
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andybrineclivejo: I have installed it but have missing icons and im unable to change my windows decorations10:54
clivejonow add the backports PPA10:56
clivejosudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports10:56
clivejodo a full upgrade10:56
clivejosudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade -y10:56
clivejodid you PPA purge the kubuntu-ci?10:57
andybrineyea, I purged that one and installed kubuntu10:57
clivejosounds like you might be still using packages from the kubuntu-ci10:58
clivejodunno why people write articles about using that!10:58
andybrineyea, its not the best idea10:58
andybrinethe repo you just sent me, is that a development one?10:59
andybrinealso how do I completely purge the cli repo10:59
clivejoI would use ppa-purge11:00
andybrineit look like its running ok. Just running the basic themes and icons which im unable to change at the moment11:02
andybrineas im running the update some icons are appering11:03
clivejoI reckon you have some broken packages installed by the kubuntu-ci ppa11:05
clivejoneed to purge them and get the working version from the main repo or the backports11:06
andybrinewhen I purge that ppa is says: Warning:  Could not find package list for PPA: kubuntu-ci stable11:06
clivejoyou would probably need to add it again, do an apt-get update and then ppa-purge11:08
andybrineok, I will do that11:08
clivejoandybrine: its not normally so difficult!11:10
andybrineno thats what I thought. Thats why I was wondering if there were conflicts with the install11:11
andybrineI still have lots of missing icons11:20
andybrinebecoming a bit of a joke really. It should be simple to install kubuntu11:23
hateballIt is. But messing about PPAs, that's on yourself.11:23
andybrineI have purged the PPA now and removed the files11:25
andybrineof the associated packages11:25
andybrineI think its all working now11:31
andybrineI think there was a missing package11:32
andybrinethanks for your help clivejo11:34
clivejono problem11:34
clivejohope you get on well with it11:34
andybrineactually icons are still not quite right lol11:36
andybrineI dolphin my folder icons are different11:36
clivejodifferent, how so?11:37
andybrinesome are showing up correctly and others arent11:37
andybrineactually its Documents, Downloads and Music ect that are one icon theme and the other folders are another11:38
clivejohave you tried changing the theme?11:39
andybrineyea, thats what im doing now11:40
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lenswipeehi having problems installing kubuntu on my laptop. I created a bootable USB using netbootin, and on boot i select 'start kubuntu'. It then loads a blue splash screen and that is it. help please12:09
soeewhat version are you trying to install ?12:10
lenswipeethe LTS version12:11
soee14.04 ?12:11
lenswipeethe current LTS12:12
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Smurphyhit ESC as soon as the splash-screen shows up., it will show you what is happening under the hood. We need that to be able to help.12:13
soeelenswipee: i know i shouldn't say that here on support channel but maybe install 16.04 (it is like in beta now) and will be released in 1,5 month and it is LTS12:13
lenswipeeim guessing it's a nvidia driver issue but i will hit esc to see thanks!12:14
soeeand i had not a sigle problem with it for a long time12:14
lenswipeei hit esc and i see lot of [ok] but its fast so and still ends up loading the GUI. doesn't seem to stay in terminal.12:17
hateball!nomodeset| lenswipee12:18
ubottulenswipee: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter12:18
lenswipeethanks ill read it now.12:19
lenswipeeim confused after reading that how i access where i can edit12:23
BluesKajHiyas all12:24
lenswipeehow to edit grub to set nomodeset? when i boot via usb using netbootin i see the netbootin menu where i can select 'start kbuntu'. I can esc into terminal but it will always end up switching over to GUI at the end and it hangs. help needed urgently12:48
soeeBluesKaj: ^12:49
chr1slenswipee: I don't know if kubuntu compiles their kernel with interactive support but if they do then hitting i during the boot phase should allow you to choose which services start12:56
lenswipeehit 'i'?12:57
chr1sfor interactive12:57
chr1sworth a try12:57
lenswipeeill try that now. thanks12:58
chr1sgood luck12:58
lenswipeechr1s: with usb stick in?12:59
lenswipeedidn't work13:01
BluesKajlenswipee, http://askubuntu.com/questions/38780/how-do-i-set-nomodeset-after-ive-already-installed-ubuntu13:01
lenswipeehow to edit grub when kbuntu is not even installed yet13:01
lenswipeeBluesKaj: i can't install kubuntu. it hangs.13:02
BluesKajlenswipee, yes, that presents adifficulty13:02
BluesKajlenswipee, don't use unetbootin , IME it fails 50% of the time, dd the image to your usb stick13:03
hateballlenswipee: you should be able to edit the bootline even if using unetbootin13:03
chr1slenswipee: you're trying to install from a usb stick?13:03
lenswipeeyes from usbstick13:03
hateballlenswipee: (press tab to edit options) or something it should say on the menu13:04
lenswipeeon boot i see netbootin menu13:04
sithlord48do you have another usb stick ?13:04
BluesKajthen you won't habe grub to work with will you13:04
lenswipeehateball: i think you are on to something with the tab13:04
lenswipeewhen i hit tab i get into terminal13:05
lenswipeeterminal-like anyway13:05
lenswipeewhat i do there?13:05
hateballthen you edit the bootline according to the instructions13:05
sithlord48lenswipee:  does the machine have an os on it  already?13:05
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter13:05
hateballlenswipee: you see the line with lots of text. just backpspace away "quiet splash" and type in "nomodeset"13:06
chr1slenswipee: what does your "terminal" look like? What can you see on the screen13:06
lenswipeesithlord48: the machine already has ubuntu knome installed on it where i already have set nomodeset but on installing kubuntu over it seems to still hang13:06
sithlord48lenswipee:  if this install using no modeset doesn't work try remaking your stick using the dd command13:07
lenswipeehateball: ill try that now.13:07
lenswipeeok sithlord4813:07
sithlord48lenswipee:  also im a bit confused can you get to the live desktop/ installer or its hanging before that ?13:07
BluesKajlenswipee, unetbootin sucks IMO , use dd to make your iso image bootable13:07
hateballI fail to see how reimaging the stick would solve problems with a GPU driver...13:07
hateballugh, go ahead then13:08
BluesKajit's not going to boot with no modeset either13:08
BluesKajit's a stick13:08
sithlord48i have had no luck w/ unetbootin myself its never worked for me when i have tried it13:09
lenswipeesithlord48: i can't get to the live desktop/installer.13:10
lenswipeewhen i hit tab13:10
sithlord48ok then try with nomodeset as a boot param  if that don't work then remake the stick13:10
lenswipeei no longer see text about quiet splash as i already edited grub on existing ubuntu knome i think. i saw it previously to that13:11
lenswipeebut i typed in nomodeset at the end and hit enter then a whole bunch of text scrolled down13:11
lenswipeeit then ends with this:13:11
lenswipeenow i can text stuff and that is it13:12
lenswipeeno more loading13:12
BluesKajnomodeset won't make any differnce in booting a usb stick afaik , if I'm wrong some please explain how that can work13:13
sithlord48i would remake the stick and check it to be sure13:13
chr1slenswippe: do you have a login prompt or something or has it produced some error message like a kernel panic?13:13
sithlord48check your isos md5 bad downloads do happen and if you still have prolems after remaking check the stick using the check disc entry on the menu13:14
lenswipeechr1s: no login prompt as i'm trying to install kubuntu from usb stick. So far it boots to netbootin menu and i select 'start kubuntu' then it hangs on a blue splash screen GUI. if i hit esc before the gui i get a list of text [ok] then it switches to gui and hangs.13:15
lenswipeeill check md5 of the iso file tomorrow13:16
lenswipeethen try again13:16
lenswipeefailing that ill do the dd thing someone mentioned13:16
chr1slenswipee: can you get to a console once it hangs? Trying pressing Ctrl+Alt+F113:17
chr1smaybe it's only X that's stuck13:17
lenswipeeill try that now chr1s13:17
lenswipeeyes that worked13:21
lenswipeei'm in console13:21
lenswipeechr1s: what can be done here?13:21
sithlord48lenswipee:  what is your video card?13:21
chr1scool, so now we can try to work out why your X doesn't start13:22
chr1scan you log in on the console13:22
lenswipeelog in?13:23
lenswipeehow to log into something that hasnt completely installed?13:23
sithlord48user name is kubuntu iirc13:24
chr1sdefault for ubuntu is username: ubuntu with no password (just hit enter), maybe the same for kubuntu?13:25
lenswipeeall i see is kubuntu@kubuntu~13:25
sithlord48so your are loged in13:25
chr1ssounds like you logged in then lenswipee13:25
sithlord48what version are you trying to install ?13:25
lenswipeethe 14.X LTS13:26
lenswipeewhen i do 'ls' i see 'desktop'13:27
chr1si would be tempted to kill X if it is running and then to startx and see what output comes on the commandline as it starts up (switch back using Ctrl+Alt+F1 again), it should tell you what modules it is loading13:27
sithlord48lets first kill the xserver .. im not sure what DM the live is using we will try to stop light dm13:27
chr1sand hopefully give some indication of where it's failing13:27
sithlord48use the command   sudo /etc/init.d/lightdm stop13:28
chr1sjust kill -9 X :)13:28
sithlord48i think kubuntu is also the password if you need it13:28
sithlord48or that13:28
chr1sless graceful but it's already broken13:28
lenswipeeso 'kill -9 x'13:29
chr1scapital X13:29
chr1sdo it again and make sure it gives an error message13:29
chr1sit means you really killed X :)13:30
lenswipeeit says thisL13:30
lenswipee-bash kill X arguments must be present13:30
lenswipeesomething like that13:30
chr1stry killall -9 X13:31
chr1skill is expecting a PID :)13:31
lenswipeeX no prcoess found13:32
chr1sX is dead :)13:32
lenswipeeok no what? :)13:32
chr1ssithlord48, what do you want to do next? I'd try starting X and see where it hangs but maybe you have some other idea?13:32
chr1sgood plan, i like it :)13:33
lacikaHi everyone !13:34
chr1slenswipee: when it hangs switch back to the console again with Ctrl+Alt+F1 and tell us what it says on the console13:35
sithlord48it should say something like "i don't wanna do it " but less directly13:35
lacikaI am long time user of kubuntu. After upgrade to 15.04 I must return to 14.04, because I found it unusable ...13:35
chr1safk for a bit but sithlord has it under control i think :) If you're still stuck when i'm back i'll try to help some more13:36
sithlord48lacika:  do yo uhave a seperate /home partition?13:36
BluesKaj15.04 is no longer supported , lacika13:36
lenswipeeabout 'startx'13:36
lenswipeeit now loads the desktop GUI13:37
sithlord48you should be able to install now13:37
lenswipeeseems like a live play not an install13:37
BluesKaji still desdpise unetbootin :-)13:37
lacikathe question is: Is it possible to install Kubuntu 15.10 with look&feel (icons, transparency ... etc.) the same as on 14.04 ?13:37
sithlord48thats fine there should be a install kubuntu icon in the folder widget13:37
sithlord48lacika: sorta13:38
sithlord48lacika: you can use oxygen widget them and some other stuff but not all13:38
BluesKajlacika, as you were asked before , do you have separate / and /home partitions?13:38
lacikaI really hate transparency and strange (for me idiotic new look&feel)13:38
lacikasure, I have them :)13:39
sithlord48im using breeze dark and i have less transparency then i had on plasma413:39
sithlord48if you ahve a seperate /home you can just instlal 14.04 and don't format your /home13:39
lacikaThe best for me is to disable transparency completely 113:39
BluesKajthen just install 15.10 to / using the manual partitioning in ubiquity and set the mountpoint for /home and continue13:40
lacikaI do not need "effects" and all thic "modern" stupid bullshit13:40
sithlord48you can turn them off13:41
sithlord48or better yet just disable the ones you don't like since you generally get better proformance w/ desktop effects on13:41
lacikaok, i tried it on 15.04, but I was not happy anyway ...13:41
BluesKajthat breeze theme isn't my cuppa ntea13:41
lenswipeewhere i find the install icon?13:41
sithlord48package manager? or get new stuff13:42
BluesKajlook in the kmenu lenswipee13:42
sithlord48i don't care for the flatness13:42
lacikai.e. I like to have it the same as 14.04, but upgrade let say to comming 16.0413:42
sithlord48depending ont he version of kf5 in 15.10 get new stuff might be broken for somethings13:43
sithlord48and plasma5 it will be getting support for following the color scheme of the widgets soon13:43
lenswipeeBluesKaj: ok13:44
lenswipeewhen i double click on the install icon a smaller icon starts bounching up and down and my usbstick starts to flash for a while then stops.13:46
lenswipeeno fun installing kubuntu13:47
newbie_Good morning!13:54
chr1slenswipee: open a virtual console and launch whatever the icon starts from there and see if there is some useful error message13:54
chr1scongrats on getting a GUI using "magic" :)13:54
chr1sno idea why it runs now13:55
newbie_anyone can help me with the upgrade from kmail 5.02 to 5.1 in kubuntu 5.10?13:55
lenswipeechr1s: virtual console?13:58
lenswipeechr1s: i'm a noob13:58
lenswipeechr1s: i noticed there is an error regarding needing properity drivers for nvidia13:58
lenswipeechr1s: but install icon fails13:59
BluesKajlenswipee, most nvidia gpus will run fine with the default nouveau driver, so I still think there's a flaw in the image you have on the usb.14:04
chr1slenswipee: use the KDE menu and start Terminal14:04
chr1sK > Applications > System Tools > Terminal (Konsole)14:05
BluesKajthat's not going fix anything if the image is corrupted , that's all I have to say14:05
chr1swhat do you get when you do "pwd"14:06
lenswipeeBluesKaj: i'll keep that in mind14:06
chr1sin the Terminal program14:06
lenswipeeim starting startx again. bear with me.14:08
lenswipeeit says /home/kubuntu14:09
chr1sok if you do "cd Desktop" that should get you to the directory where your desktop resides :)14:10
chr1si guess that icon you were clicking on before is there somewhere?14:11
chr1sdo you know where the icon is exactly on your file system?14:12
lenswipeein desktop14:13
chr1sok what do you get if you do "ls" now?14:13
lenswipeeso you want me to execute install file from terminal basically?14:13
lenswipeei get14:13
chr1snot such a noob :)14:13
chr1sok, just run the installer from the command line like you said and see what you get as output on the terminal14:14
lenswipeeill have to go back to desktop manager to look around14:14
chr1sok, let me know when you have something and we'll see what we can do14:15
hateballlenswipee: what GPU do you have?14:15
hateballand what distro version?14:15
hateballas nouveau in 14.04 wont work with nvidia 9xx series, you need to boot nomodeset and then grab a recent driver from  https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa14:16
lenswipeeok hateball14:17
lenswipeethe install file is in desktop14:17
lenswipeeits called ubuiqity-kdui.desktop14:18
lenswipeetyping 'ubuiqity-kdui.desktop' in terminal gives command not found14:19
lenswipeeno idea what nvidia drivers is needed but its a few years old laptop14:19
BluesKajlenswipee, is this laptop a hybrid with 2 GPUs. intel and nvidia? AKA Optimus system?14:21
lenswipeenah one GPU14:21
lenswipeejust nvidia14:21
lenswipeeso how to execute the install file in terminal14:22
lenswipeeits called14:22
hateballwell, you cant14:25
hateballit requires X14:25
hateballlenswipee: but is this 14.04 or 15.10 ?14:25
lenswipeewhat is X?14:26
hateballa GUI14:26
lenswipee14.04 LTS14:26
lenswipeethe install file is only executable in GUI?14:27
hateballwell then, either you use the minimal install with 14.04 and pull in kubuntu-desktop + nvidia drivers from PPA, or you use 15.10 which works with recent nvidia cards ootb14:27
hateballyou _could_ even go for 16.04 even tho it's not final yet14:27
lenswipeeproblem is i cant even install kubuntu14:28
hateballlenswipee: and did you try a 15.10 media?14:34
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lenswipeemight have to try the latest kubuntu 15.X perhaps14:35
BluesKajn ot 15.X, 15.10...15.04 is no longer supported14:36
andybrineDoes anyone know where you can setup the calendar in the panel in kbuntu?14:37
andybrineI would like to integrate it with my google calendar14:37
chr1slenswipee: I thought you had X (the GUI) working now after we did "startx"?14:37
BluesKajandybrine, click on the time in the panel14:37
lenswipeebut when i click install nothing happens14:38
lenswipeeX works14:38
chr1sto execute the installer just open terminal, cd to the correct location and do "./ubiquity...." (whatever it's called14:38
andybrineyes, im clicking on it but I want to configure it to show my google events14:38
andybrineit shows the calendar but no events in there14:38
lenswipeechr1s: tried that14:39
chr1slenswipee: you just need to put "./" in front of the name of the installer since probably the current directory isn't in your path14:39
lenswipeechr1s: it wont execute14:39
chr1slenswipee: and it didn't work? Does it give you an error message?14:39
andybrineis it all done though korganiser?14:40
lenswipeechr1s: something about command not available14:40
lenswipeechr1s: i did chmod +x name14:40
lenswipeechr1s: ./name14:40
chr1sok, try doing "sudo su -"14:41
chr1sthen cd to the directory and run it again14:42
lenswipeechr1s: thanks ill try it tomorrow morning. getting late here. and i've had enough :)14:43
chr1sok, no worries, if that doesn't work I'm out of ideas anyway14:43
lenswipeehere im thinking of migrating away from windows to kubuntu as it has "windows feel".14:43
lenswipeewhat a hell of an experience14:44
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BluesKajlenswipee, put a new image on the stick with dd , then try again14:44
chr1si've never known it be this hard :)14:44
BluesKajchris the image is corrupted imo, that's the problem14:44
lenswipeechr1s: just my luck.14:45
lenswipeeBluesKaj: ill check it tomorrow first thing.14:45
BluesKajlenswipee, ok14:45
lenswipeeBye guys. Cya tomorrow no doubt.14:45
andybrineIs is possible to integrate the google calendar in kde?14:46
andybrineso it shows the events when you click on the clock14:46
BluesKajandybrine, https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=261&t=12893414:48
andybrineBluesKaj: Thanks, but there was no response to that post14:49
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BluesKajandybrine, oops sorry...most of the info is out of date on google15:00
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Guest60238NICK DZ15:56
jim__hi there16:08
jim__looking for help trying to get advice on how to download remote desktop connection on kubuntu and a vpn16:10
chr1sjim__: what do you mean by download remote desktop connection?16:11
chr1sdo you just want to remote desktop to another machine?16:11
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digitalmousegreetings, programs!18:00
volkчто с этим делать18:10
sandyi installed kubuntu 14.04 on my dell insiron 5558 pc18:54
sandywifi and video drivers aren't working18:54
sandyany one there??18:55
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sandyhello any one there??18:56
BluesKajsandy which chips ?18:56
sandyin the sense??18:56
geniisandy: Please have patience. If no one responds to a question, ask again in 10-15 minutes.18:57
BluesKajwifi and gpu18:57
sandywifi is intel dualband wireless AC 316018:57
sandyand video nvidia18:58
BluesKajodd that nvidia isn't working , normally the nouveau driver works well enough18:58
sandyits not working!!19:00
sandyeven the touchpad19:00
geniisandy: What are the symptoms the video drivers not working... just black screen and no video period, or you get graphics but there is some problem with them like tearing19:01
BluesKajsandy, have you updated and upgraded?19:01
BluesKajupgrade as well19:01
geniiFirst thing to tackle would be wifi, anyhow19:01
sandybrightness doesn't change19:01
sandyhow to get my wifi problem fixed??19:02
BluesKajcheck the package manager for intel wifi driver19:02
sandyas in where?19:03
sandyi am new to linux19:03
BluesKajkmenu>apps>system>software center19:05
sandyit doesn't show anything19:07
dhanrajanybody know how to solve this?19:08
dhanrajFound dependency from scilab-cli-bin to libstdc++ found19:08
dhanrajMakefile:2092: recipe for target 'check-libstdcpp-dep' failed19:08
dhanrajmake[1]: *** [check-libstdcpp-dep] Error 219:08
dhanrajmake[1]: Leaving directory '/home/dhanraj/gsoc/scilab/scilab-5.5.2'19:08
dhanrajMakefile:1541: recipe for target 'all-recursive' failed19:08
sandyit doesn't work!19:11
geniidhanraj: Looks like you're trying to compile something19:15
dhanrajgenii: can help me out with the error?19:16
dhanrajgenii: can you help me out with the error?19:16
geniidhanraj: Why not just install it normally instead of compiling?19:16
genii!info scilab19:17
ubottuscilab (source: scilab): Scientific software package for numerical computations. In component universe, is optional. Version 5.5.2-1ubuntu1 (wily), package size 30 kB, installed size 286 kB19:17
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dhanraji want to contribute in scilab19:18
geniidhanraj: Try: sudo apt-get build-dep scilab19:19
genii...and then try your build again19:20
dhanrajyes i did that19:20
dhanrajbut still same error19:20
dhanrajone more thing19:21
dhanrajhow should i unlock my directory19:22
geniidhanraj: I would suggest to download the source by sudo apt-get source scilab   ...rather than from a tar.gz someplace19:26
dhanrajgenii: same error19:36
geniidhanraj: Apologies on lag, have a work emergency here.20:01
dhanrajgenii: no problem20:01
dhanrajbtw i solved it now20:02
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dpyhi guys20:37
dpyI'm using a laptop with intel HD5500 and kernel 4.2.0, whenever I do something in full screen (youtube video/browser full screen/mplayer) the video is not fluent, or windows are not refreshed)20:38
dpyif I do not go into full screen (i.e. 1 pixel smaller than that) it works20:39
dpydoes this ring a bell for anyone?20:39
dpyI suspect it's some sort of overzealous optimization going on20:40
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vortekswhy does kubuntu installer hang fous hours at Detecting file systems? i had problem with version 16.x and 15.1021:54
vorteksand google.com show other having problem with no solutions21:54
geniiDo you have a raid controller which uses Windows drivers?21:58
vorteksno raid at all21:58
geniiDo you know what filesystems you have?21:59
vorteksext4 and swap21:59
vortekswoops forget the ls21:59
geniivorteks: Do the partiton types and filesystems which are on those partitions line up? For example, you can have a partition which is type 7 ( NTFS) but actually was formatted ext422:02
geniiThe installer looks at the partition type to try and decide what filesystem is on that partition22:02
genii( same as the automounter does)22:02
vorteksyeah they do22:05
vortekser what do you mean?22:05
vorteksokk ill looks at partition types22:11
vorteksall i know is the installer cd didn't do this to me last week on this computer22:11
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