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UmeaboyI was looking to translate the terminal output that appears in update-manager in Ubuntu, but I see nothing to translate in that package. Am I blind?01:13
UmeaboyIt's the output you see when you in update-manager click on the small black arrow to view what's happening.01:14
UmeaboyI hope someone understands what I'm referring to.01:14
wgrantUmeaboy: That's probably output from dpkg or apt.01:14
UmeaboyI get a 503 error visiting the website.01:15
wgrantSee /topic01:15
UmeaboyOK. Sorry! Missed that.01:16
freshquizis it supposed to be back up now?01:24
wgrantTaking rather longer than expected, unfortunately.01:24
wgrantAnd back now.01:25
freshquizwgrant: no worries, just checking it's not just me01:25
Umeaboywgrant: It's not up here.01:26
freshquizup for me at .au01:26
wgrantIt's up everywhere.01:26
Umeaboyfreshquiz: http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/01:26
freshquizUmeaboy: cheers01:27
UmeaboyNow it's up.01:27
freshquizUmeaboy: but I guess I wanted some inside info too01:27
Umeaboyfreshquiz: Such as?01:27
freshquizUmeaboy: a cause01:28
UmeaboyYou can always ping the adress.01:28
wgrantThat wouldn't have helped here. The frontends were up, the DB was down.01:31
Umeaboyapt-all contains a sentence like this that follows: Note, selecting '%s' for glob '%s'01:37
UmeaboyWhat does the word glob represent in this sentence?01:37
naccUmeaboy: similar to the concept in `man glob`01:37
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wkmanireHello, I'm trying to sign the ubuntu code of content and I've run into a strange situation.11:54
wkmanireI created and uploaded my key using seahorse, but the gpg cannot see the key even though it shows up in seahorse.11:54
wkmanirei.e. gpg --list-keys has no output. Don't seahorse and gpg read from the same directory?11:55
maxbwkmanire: What about 'gpg2 --list-keys' ?12:00
wkmaniremaxb: When I do that, I realize that I am a moron.12:01
wkmaniremaxb: Thank you for your help.12:01
maxbWell, it's not obvious, unless you're aware of the gpg 1 to gpg 2 transition12:01
wkmaniremaxb: I certainly wasn't aware of this. Maybe some of the instructions in launchpad could make mention of this? "if gpg can't find your keys try gpg2" or something along thos elines.12:03
wkmanireI'm all setup now. Thanks again.12:03
cjwatsonmaxb: huh, "man gpg2" suggests that it uses the same ~/.gnupg/ directory - what am I missing here?12:08
cjwatsonhappy to edit docs but I'd like to understand exactly what's going on first12:09
maxbI was mostly going on speculation, but I believe gpg2 uses a different format for storing secret keys, at least12:10
wkmanirecjwatson: For transparency, I'm on Fedora 23 Workstation.12:10
maxbI'm unclear how that interacts with publick keys12:10
wkmanireit could be specific to my installation.12:10
wkmanireLooking forward to 16.04 Beta 1 :)12:11
cjwatsonah, I think somebody who uses Fedora might need to work out the details of a proposed doc change12:13
cjwatsonsince gpg --list-keys and gpg2 --list-keys seem to be functionally identical here on Ubuntu12:13
wkmanirecjwatson: Makes sense.12:18
wkmanireTime for bed for me. Time appropriate greetings :)12:19
Saviqhey, is there a process for renaming projects on launchpad? or is it basically something I shouldn't want to do?14:59
cjwatsonSaviq: ask on https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad and LP staff can do it15:02
spotzIs https://bugs.qastaging.launchpad.net/ permanently down?16:16
cjwatsonspotz: no, probably a casualty of recent reboots for security upgrades.  looking into it16:44
spotzthanks cjwatson we're preparing documentation for a summit session and want to use it16:45
tewardcjwatson: can you or someone else poke the builders on amd64/i386 and see why many look to be stuck in  'cleaning' state on lcy01?16:52
cjwatsonteward: chunks of its cloud infrastructure apparently weren't happy last time it tried to reset anything.  poking17:02
cjwatsonteward: not going so well, I've asked for sysadmin help as it looks like there's some kind of networking problem in that cloud17:09
cjwatsonteward: don't be too surprised if this isn't fixed soon, only critical issues are receiving attention at the moment17:10
cjwatson(it only becomes critical if lgw01 goes down too; otherwise we can tolerate the slight queueing)17:11
tewardcjwatson: ack, thanks for poking.17:41
cjwatsonspotz: may take a while due to aforementioned sysadmin backlog.  maybe you could manage with https://bugs.staging.launchpad.net/ (main gotcha: it uses staging SSO, so anyone using two-factor auth needs a separate 2FA token)17:50
spotzcjwatson It's going to be new OpenStack contributers for the most part so we should be ok. Thank for the help17:51
tewardcjwatson: would you be able to poke Canonical IS and get them to look at the wiki for Ubuntu, possibly?  "Connection Refused" errors.18:10
teward500 INternal Server now18:10
cjwatsonteward: please try #canonical-sysadmin rather than indirecting through me.  I'm about to quit for the day18:17
tewardcjwatson: ack, i'll stop there, though i wasn't aware of the channel :)18:19
KombuchaKipHey everyone. I have a commercial subscription to Launchpad. I've tried emailing several times commercial@launchpad.net, william.grant@canonical.com, and feedback@launchpad.net, but nobody seems to be checking those accounts. Is there someone else I should be asking for support queries (e.g. PPA, etc.)?22:25
wgrantKombuchaKip: Hm, I didn't see any tickets to feedback@launchpad.net, but the commercial@launchpad.net ones are in my queue for today.22:26
KombuchaKipwgrant: Hey Will. Maybe the emails are getting lost in a spam filter or something. In any case, which address would you prefer I use in the future?22:26
wgrantKombuchaKip: commercial@launchpad.net is best for issues with commercial projects.22:33
wgrantI'll see what I can find about the feedback@launchpad.net. Certainly getting lots of tickets there, sorry about that.22:34
wgrantMaybe an overzealous spam filter, as you say.22:34
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KombuchaKipwgrant: Thanks. I'll resend to commercial@launchpad.net now.23:02
KombuchaKipwgrant: I see your responses. Thanks a lot.23:06

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