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amcsihelp, the tray of lubuntu is shown over maximized applications. How do I fix this?22:02
wxlamcsi: right click, panel preferences, advanced, uncheck minimize reserve space under properties22:15
wxlamcsi: though i should mention that SHOULD be the default22:15
amcsiwxl, thanks, it was ticked (I might have ticked it myself by accident at some point). However unticking and clicking OK didn'z fix ti22:19
wxlamcsi: well, that's usually the solution. what application is causing the problems?22:19
amcsiwxl, Chrome and Hexchat22:20
amcsiespecially with Hexchat it sucks because the input field for typing goes under the tray22:20
wxlamcsi: that's really strange. if you move it somewhere else, does it still have the same problem?22:21
amcsioh wait22:21
amcsiit works now22:21
amcsiwxl, thanks so much!22:21
wxlamcsi: np :)22:21

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