dholbachgood morning07:34
zygagood morning07:57
noizergood morning08:47
noizerzyga Hi i can read the value but not set my value of my gpio08:56
zyganoizer: GPIO is not bi-directional, it is either output or input08:56
zyganoizer: what are you talking to?08:56
zyganoizer: what hardware is on the other end?08:56
noizerjust a led09:05
noizerfor starting09:05
zyganoizer: well, nothing to read then09:11
zyganoizer: you don't want GPIO to do bidirectional communication09:11
zyganoizer: good luck09:11
noizerbut its handy if you can read from it and write to it09:16
noizercan i set every gpio his permissions?09:29
crestcoreHow to install Java on Ubuntu Core?09:33
zyganoizer: hmn?09:35
zyganoizer: can you ask that again please09:35
zygacrestcore: you don't, you can put java into your snap if your application requires it09:36
zygacrestcore: there are examples that do just that09:36
zygacrestcore: then you can use any version of java09:36
zygacrestcore: and your application will always have the java you want09:36
zygacrestcore: while other snaps may bundle other versions and you don't conflict09:37
zygacrestcore: have a look at snapcraft-examples09:37
noizeris it possible to set the gpio's with you skill?09:41
zyganoizer: yes09:42
zyganoizer: though only as output09:43
zyganoizer: I'll add a full-feature GPIO later that has direction and event triggering09:43
zyganoizer: having a working example is useful09:43
zyganoizer: though I'm working on that as well09:43
noizerok but for now it is only reading from the gpio?09:44
crestcoreWe want to have our java application on Local system09:46
crestcoreHI Zyga09:47
zygacrestcore: you can put your java app along with some version of jre into a snap09:48
zygacrestcore: and you will have a standlone snap09:48
zyganoizer: yes, for now you can only read09:48
zyganoizer: er09:48
zyganoizer: WRITE09:48
zyganoizer: bool-file allows you to write to gpio's09:48
zyganoizer: you can add a skill of type bool-file09:48
zyganoizer: with the path attribute pointing to /sys/class/gpio/gpioN/value09:48
zyganoizer: you have to export it manually for now (echo N >  /sys/class/gpio/export)09:49
zyganoizer: but it works09:49
crestcorecan we put snap on a local gateway and access from there09:49
zygacrestcore: yes09:50
crestcorecan you please suggest a very small foot print linux where we can install java like we do with headless ubuntu 14.0409:52
noizerzyga So the best I think is wait until the write part is ready in your skill09:52
zygano, the write part is ready09:53
zygathe read part is not09:53
noizerooooh ok xD09:53
noizerwait i will send you some code what i do for setting my  gpio09:54
crestcoredevhi zyga09:56
crestcoredevi have installed ubuntu snappy on a Intel NUC and i want to run a java web application.09:56
crestcoredevcan anyone suggest me how to install java jre709:57
zygacrestcoredev, crestcore: please look at snapcraft examples09:58
zygajava is not installed09:58
zygayou put java into a snap that contains your application09:58
zygaand install that snap09:58
zygathen your application can work09:58
zyganote that you need to use xenial (ubuntu 16.04)09:59
zygaand snapcraft 2.x09:59
zygafor this example09:59
crestcoredevis there a small foot print linux where i can install java jre7 package?09:59
zygacrestcoredev: snappy, you don't want to install java, you don't run java, you run apps that just happen to need java10:00
zygacrestcoredev: the whole system will be tiny, consisting of basic kernel and userspace and your app10:00
zygacrestcoredev: snappy updates separately from your app10:00
zygacrestcoredev: just try it10:00
crestcoreokay thanks, we will try10:01
crestcoredevafter installing the app will the app work without internet connection?10:01
dholbachkyrofa, sergiusens: can you debug https://bugs.launchpad.net/snapcraft/+bug/1548376 with Björn?10:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1548376 in Snapcraft "docs/snapcraft-syntax.md should explicitly name the conditions under which a file is expected to end up in stage/ and snap/" [Undecided,New]10:01
zygacrestcoredev: internet is only required if you want to update the core os10:02
zygacrestcoredev: or your app10:02
zygacrestcoredev: for development I recommend a 16.04 image running in kvm10:02
zygacrestcoredev: (snappy image)10:02
zygacrestcoredev: you can then use classic dimension to build and develop your app right inside snappy10:03
zygacrestcoredev: classic dimension is like having regular ubuntu inside snappy10:03
zygacrestcoredev: with apt-get and everything10:03
crestcoredevis there a core linux where i can deploy a web application build using spring and hibernate10:03
zygacrestcoredev: ?10:03
zygacrestcoredev: snappy10:03
zygacrestcoredev: you ask on a snappy channel, the answer is snappy10:04
zygacrestcoredev: because snappy can run any type of application10:04
zygacrestcoredev: https://github.com/zyga/devtools/blob/master/ubuntu-image10:04
zygacrestcoredev: run this script to build a x86_64 image for development10:04
zygacrestcoredev: everything you will need you can then add frmo the inside10:04
zygacrestcoredev: https://github.com/zyga/devtools/blob/master/run-devel-vm10:04
zygacrestcoredev: you can use this to run a VM10:05
zygacrestcoredev: though NOTE that it DISCARDS the state of the VM after poweroff10:05
zygacrestcoredev: you can remove the "-snapshot" option from the code to keep all of the state10:05
* zyga thinks about having persistent VMs as an interesting option for some class of development10:06
crestcoredevis there a tutorial to build snap app?10:06
zygadholbach: ^^ ?10:07
dholbachcrestcoredev, if you follow the docs at https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/blob/master/docs/intro.md - there's a couple of tutorials in there10:08
dholbachwe will move the docs above to developer.u.c today10:08
crestcoredevokay ty10:08
zygawoot, thanks dholbach10:08
* zyga also found http://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/start/10:08
zygabut I don't know if it talks about 16.04 or 15.04 (you really really want 16.04)10:09
dholbachzyga, yes, please use the docs on github for now10:09
dholbachI'll let you all know once we're done10:09
zygadholbach: cool, thanks for the tip10:10
noizerzyga did you had time to look at the code?10:12
noizerthe export and the setdirection is set before that10:12
zyganoizer: it's complicated, I know about this very well10:12
zyganoizer: it's about what is available out of the box on a device10:12
zyganoizer: I'll add a full GPIO skill in my branch today10:13
ysionneausay when building my snapcraft.yaml package I generate parts/<pkgname>/install/usr/bin/some_binary. What do I need to declare in the snapcraft.yaml?10:13
zyganoizer: that has a way to set direction too10:13
ysionneauso that the some_binary can be launched in the sandboxed environment ?10:13
zyganoizer: I'm also working on integrating bits from the demo branch to master10:13
noizerok I will wait then until you are ready xD10:14
ysionneau(using 15.04 snapcraft.yaml syntax)10:14
zygaysionneau: an "app" of any name that has a command that runs "some_binary"10:14
noizerwith the next version zyga10:14
zygaysionneau: look at snapcraft examples please10:14
zyganoizer: ok10:14
noizerzyga thx10:14
zygaysionneau: https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft/blob/master/examples/mosquitto/snapcraft.yaml#L1110:15
zygaysionneau: look at the syntax there10:15
zygaysionneau: you can also pass arguments to your command10:17
zygaysionneau: e.g. I have a snap that uses the same binary twice: https://github.com/zyga/snappy-pi2-piglow/blob/master/snapcraft.yaml#L1010:17
ysionneauok, interesting!10:17
ysionneauso now that I created an apps, how can I run it?10:23
zygaysionneau: install it10:25
zygaysionneau: the executable name is $snap.$app10:25
ysionneauok, something went wrong then, I don't have it :/10:26
zygaysionneau: if "snappy list" shows it10:26
zygathen look at /snaps/10:27
zygaand expore10:27
zygaand pastebin the snapcraft log, maybe there's something there10:27
zygaysionneau: actual excutable wrappers are in /snaps/bin10:27
ysionneauhmm I don't have /snaps10:28
zygaysionneau: which image are you running?10:34
zygaysionneau: I strongly recommend a 16.04 image10:34
ysionneauI'm running 15.04 rpi210:34
ysionneauhttp://pastebin.com/X9t6Et1b < my building the package10:34
zygaysionneau: 15.04 is quite different and all the instruction given so far are for 16.0410:35
zygaysionneau: i'd recommend you to reflash to a 16.04 image built with https://github.com/zyga/devtools/blob/master/ubuntu-image10:35
ysionneauI'd prefer using 15.04 for now10:36
ysionneauwhich is the version for which everything is documented on the web10:36
zygaysionneau: the syntax for 15.04 is different10:36
zygaysionneau: so follow that please10:37
zygaysionneau: and for 15.04 you cannot use xenial, you need older ubuntu and older snapcraft10:38
zygaysionneau: snapcraft 1.x series10:39
ysionneauas a host I'm also using ubuntu 15.04 and I use snapcraft 1.0.2 (modified, to add my alchemy plugin)10:40
ysionneauI'm following this https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/guides/packaging-format-apps/10:42
ysionneauto add binaries: exec etc10:42
Chipaca`matiasb, are you around?10:43
davidcalledholbach, what about a hangout at 2pm for the doc plan?10:43
ysionneauzyga: here is my new snapcraft.yaml and the error message I get : http://pastebin.com/psMCFYxb10:43
zygaysionneau: the syntax is not quite right, ask sergiusens about 15.04 variant for apps10:45
zygasergiusens: ^^10:45
ysionneauso maybe the documentation needs updating?10:46
zyga(sorry, I don't remember the older syntax now)10:46
ysionneauno problem10:46
* ysionneau waves at sergiusens 10:46
zygaysionneau: I think the docs will reflect 16.04 soon10:46
ysionneauor maybe asac you there?10:46
ysionneauI had a look at the nethack package yaml that is installed on my rpi2 image via cat /apps/nethack-armhf.ogra/current/meta/package.yaml10:47
ysionneauand it looks very similar to what I've done :(10:47
zygaysionneau: can you pastebtin that quickly10:48
zygaysionneau: yours failed because snapcraft found a list of objects where it expected an object10:48
zygaysionneau: perhaps you need to have foo: details of foo app/binary rather than - foo: details of foo10:49
ysionneauand my updated snapcraft.yaml http://pastebin.com/rwknkXQv10:50
ysionneauwhat have I done10:50
ysionneauthis makes no sense...10:50
zygano idea :)10:50
ysionneaumakes more sense this way but still no luck http://pastebin.com/7wPTz2Jq10:51
ysionneau(I switched name/exec value)10:51
dholbachdavidcalle, wfm... or maybe a few minutes after that10:57
davidcalledholbach: sure11:01
crestcoreHi Zyga11:24
crestcoreHow do we connect to serial port in snappy? Is there option an like terminal?11:24
crestcoreWe were able to do pretty easy with Ubuntu LTS11:25
=== vrruiz_ is now known as rvr
crestcoreHow do we connect to serial port in snappy? Is there option an like terminal?11:38
matiasbChipaca`, o/12:02
crestcoreHow do we connect to serial port in snappy? Is there option an like terminal?12:03
popeyDoes anyone have an example of a snap which pulls from github and builds locally?12:14
dholbachdavidcalle, 1400 should be good12:33
crestcoreHow do we connect to serial port in snappy? Is there option an like terminal?12:53
dholbachdavidcalle, let me know when you're free13:02
davidcalledholbach: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/canonical.com/daniel-holbach :)13:03
ysionneauzyga: fyi the correct syntax is: http://pastebin.com/6QmC0uvE13:17
ysionneaunow it works :)13:17
zygaysionneau: thanks13:23
zygaysionneau: yay, so just no lists13:23
zygaysionneau: it seems the old doc was just wrong13:24
crestcoreHow do we connect to serial port in snappy? Is there option an like terminal?13:57
dholbachdavidcalle, I just encountered a bug in the link replacement - I'll work on fixing it14:04
jdstrandkyrofa: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/1467595/comments/28 :\14:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1467595 in xorg (Ubuntu) "cursor sometimes disappears on XPS 13 9343 and external monitor" [High,Confirmed]14:07
ysionneauis there a documentation of the different "caps" available?14:12
crestcoreHow do we connect to serial port in snappy? Is there option an like terminal?14:14
davidcalledholbach: what was it?14:15
dholbachdavidcalle, I had a   <a href="bla.md">   in there14:16
dholbachstill debugging it14:16
davidcalledholbach: I'm re-adding the image to build-apps/14:24
dholbachdavidcalle, ok... let's do that for now -it will get overwritten on import again though14:24
davidcalledholbach: indeed, but we'll need to have a way to special case the page though, it's seven-col instead of eight-col + the image. We'll find a way to fix it in md maybe.14:25
* dholbach twitches :)14:26
dholbachmaybe it'd be easier to use the image from https://github.com/ubuntu-core/snapcraft in intro.md directly?14:26
davidcalledholbach: but of course, all the special cases we need we'll be clearly defined in a branch somewhere and merged at import step. :p14:27
dholbachI'm close to calling you the biggest troll in the channel, but deep down in my heart I know that that's a solution we're going to seriously consider14:28
davidcalledholbach: :) +1 on using the other graph /me changes14:29
davidcalledholbach: WFM ->  https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/build-apps14:30
zygacrestcore: do you want to write an app that talks to a serial port that runs on snappy?14:57
timeaxHi peoples :)15:12
timeaxIs there somebody expert in portings of ubuntu touch?15:13
crestcoreZyga, yes we do15:38
dholbachdavidcalle, I fixed a number of small things, but still can't reproduce the breakage I see in the live system after an import in the test15:41
zygacrestcore: you can do that with my skill system15:42
dholbachtimeax, if you are after porting Ubuntu touch to another phone, I'd suggest asking in #ubuntu-touch15:42
zygacrestcore: (which just got renamed to the "interface" system)15:43
zygacrestcore: I actually started working on a small demo snap that just looks at the serial port and logs what it gets15:43
zygacrestcore: so if you have heard about skills, nothing has changed since, there are some new names for existing concepts15:43
zygacrestcore: I myself may confuse them at times15:43
zygacrestcore: the way this works is that you will write a snap that will have a "slot" where the snappy system will connect a "plug"15:44
crestcorewhere do we refer skills?15:44
zygacrestcore: and that plug will be of inteface, say "serial-port"15:44
zygacrestcore: your app will just look at what it got, the user may plug any of the available serial ports there15:44
zygacrestcore: you declare this in your snap.yam15:44
zygacrestcore: or in your snapcraft.yaml to be precise15:44
zygacrestcore: right now that is _not_ available in the master builds so you'll have to work with some more bleeding edge code15:45
popeytimeax: ubuntu touch is discussed in #ubuntu-touch15:45
zygacrestcore: I have a branch that you can push onto your development device (just replacing snap, snapd and snappy)15:45
popeytimeax: oh, my bad, you found someone :)15:45
zygacrestcore: that has all the extra logic15:45
zygacrestcore: I can help you out but actually now is not the best moment for this, I'd prefer to finish something I'm in the middle of15:46
zygacrestcore: write the demo serial-port snap15:46
zygacrestcore: and share that15:46
timeaxDholbach tnx i already done,them told me that i could find some experts in this channel15:46
zygacrestcore: this way many people can refer to it15:46
zygacrestcore: what you can do now is this:15:46
zygacrestcore: write your app to be able to do two things:15:46
dholbachtimeax, all the phone people are hanging out there15:46
zygacrestcore: assume you get told where the serial port is15:46
zygacrestcore: so don't hardcode /dev/tty-something15:46
zygacrestcore: make that something you can set15:46
timeaxTnx a lot anyway guys :)15:47
dholbachpopey, http://paste.ubuntu.com/15188088/15:47
zygacrestcore: and assume you have a hook in your snap, that when the serial port is determined, that hook gets ran15:47
zygacrestcore: now you can do anything you want in your hook, just write to a config file you read, or something similar15:47
popeythanks dholbach15:47
zygacrestcore: at that time, your app will have permissions to actually open and work with the serial port15:47
zygacrestcore: so for now, you can just hack on your app, write 99% of the code needed15:47
zygacrestcore: and we can help you interface with snappy wrt to the hook and particular snapcraft.yam syntax needed15:48
zygacrestcore: and while you wait, you can use hw-assign to grant the permission to your snap15:48
zygacrestcore: or you can just run it from the shell, without confinement applied15:48
zygacrestcore: and very little will change later when all the bits are in place15:48
zygacrestcore: does that sound sensible?15:48
crestcoreYes it does, we will try this and update you15:49
zygacrestcore: cool, stay in touch15:49
crestcorecan i have your email address pl15:49
zygacrestcore: my name is zygmunt krynicki, you can check me out on github.com/zyga or launchpad.net/~zyga15:49
zygacrestcore: but I'd rather just talk here15:49
zygacrestcore: unless your topics are private15:49
ysionneauI've created a service, but it fails to start, even though I can run the wrapper manually: http://pastebin.com/NvXdzVt215:49
ysionneauany idea?15:50
zygaysionneau: 2016-02-24T15:47:09.100526Z ubuntu-core-launcher /apps/ulogcatd.sideload/INPIOCNWfAUN/ulogcatd.ulogcat.wrapper: 5: exec: ulogcatd.ulogcat: not found15:50
ysionneauyes I saw that15:50
zygaysionneau: ulogcatd.ulogcat is not in your snap perhaps15:50
ysionneaubut running the wrapper works15:50
zygaysionneau: investigate that15:50
ysionneauand running ulogcatd.ulogcat by hand works also15:51
zygaysionneau: if that's on 15.04 I cannot help you, I just don't know 15.04 that well15:51
ysionneauyes still on 15.0415:51
zygaysionneau: (do move to 16.04 so that your snap can work on 16.04 if you can, it's far easier to focus on 16.04 for us now)15:52
zygaysionneau: or perhaps ask someone else for help15:52
ysionneauI'll try to see if what I did so far also works on 16.0415:54
zygaysionneau: it should with minimal snapcraft.yaml changes15:59
zygaysionneau: and I can actually help you out with that15:59
ysionneaulet's see how it goes, I'm using your ubuntu-image tool15:59
zygacool :)16:01
ysionneauI had to re-run it cause I got a "unexpected EOF" for the first run16:01
ysionneauduring the 2nd download16:02
zygamaybe just network fluke16:02
zygabut if you can, pastebin the log16:02
zygamaybe a bug that's hiding there16:02
ysionneaunot much in the logs :/16:02
ysionneauwell, by log you mean standard output ?16:02
zygacan you paste the single error line?16:02
zygaseem like a network fluke in ubuntu-device-flash inside16:04
ysionneauprobably yes16:04
sergiusenselopio, hello, I am back! but hungry16:09
* zyga pushed new version of github.com/zyga/devtools with official support for the dragon board16:12
ysionneauzyga: http://pastebin.com/GW7CmyT5 I got this, was I supposed to generate an ssh key for the root user?16:20
zygaysionneau: no, for your normal user16:20
zygaysionneau: don't run anything as sudo, the tool uses sudo where it has to16:21
zygaysionneau: if you have an ssh key on this machine it should work16:21
ysionneauI didn't run as sudo16:21
zygaysionneau: the fact that it looked at /root is odd16:21
ysionneauI have one16:21
zygaysionneau: so how did you run it?16:21
zygaysionneau: maybe your environment is different than mine in some important way16:22
ysionneauI did ./ubuntu-image as my normal user16:22
ysionneaubut your script runs udf as sudo16:22
zygabut sudo keeps HOME intact16:22
zygawhat is the host OS you use?16:22
ysionneauDebian Testing16:22
zygahmm, perhaps there are some differences in sudo16:23
zygaat least in sudo configuation16:23
zygacan you run sudo env | grep HOME16:23
ysionneauyes it prints /root16:23
ysionneauI'll add Defaults env_keep += HOME to my sudoer file16:25
zygaysionneau: I think that's a well-known delta16:26
ysionneauok now sudo env | grep HOME returns my user's home16:26
zygaysionneau: I can probably patch that with my sudo call16:26
zygahmm, there's no way to do that sadly16:27
zygaysionneau: well, anyway, not it should work16:27
ysionneauyes it should work now, I re-run :)16:27
ysionneauubuntu-core failed to install: received an unexpected http response code (500) when trying to download https://public.apps.ubuntu.com/anon/download/canonical/ubuntu-core.canonical/ubuntu-core.canonical_16.04.0-10.armhf_armhf.snap16:36
zygaysionneau: I hear that some server issues are happening now16:36
zygaysionneau: just keep trying a few times16:37
mvoysionneau: it looks like there is a hickup currently, I forwarded this problem report16:37
ysionneauok thanks =)16:37
=== davidcalle is now known as davidcalle_afk
ysionneauNew image complete \o/16:47
sergiusensogra_,  about generic initrd; how did your landing go? mvo and me are just discussing that in the "other" room16:47
zygaysionneau: cool16:50
jdstrandzyga: hey, looking at the new interfaces doc-- on Migration from 15.04 it specifies:16:52
jdstrand  old-security:16:52
jdstrand    caps:16:52
jdstrand     ...16:52
jdstrandzyga: 'old-security' there is still the slot reference, yes? or did migration-skill move to old-security and old-security is the new type?16:53
jdstrandniemeyer: ^16:54
* jdstrand is updating the review tools to move from skills to interfaces16:54
jdstrandbasically, what I really want to know: is migration-skill now simply known as old-security (for the type)16:55
zygajdstrand: hey16:56
zygajdstrand: yes, old-security is the new name of the type (interface)16:56
* jdstrand thinks that is the case comparing the Complete syntax from skills and interfaces16:56
jdstrandok, good16:56
zygajdstrand: so apart from the rename, nothing much changes16:56
jdstrandfor a moment I panicked a little but it seems like just renames of the various keys16:57
zygathere's a tiny change to the REST apis but I'll deal with that16:57
jdstrandniemeyer: nm16:58
niemeyerjdstrand: Right, it's just a rename of syntax16:58
niemeyerjdstrand: Same thing behind it16:58
ysionneauzyga: maybe it's new in 16.04 but is it normal the image generated by your script only contains 2 partitions? a fat32 and an ext3 ?17:24
ysionneauinstead of 2 ext3 systems + 1 ext3 /writable17:24
ysionneau(+ 1 boot)17:24
ysionneaufor rpi217:24
pindongajdstrand, fyi: crt 592 on prod17:31
jdstrandpindonga: woo!17:34
jdstrandpindonga: thanks :)17:34
pindongajdstrand, we'll push tip as soon as we can next17:35
jdstrandsergiusens, zyga: what is the timeline for snapcraft and snappy's migration to skills?17:35
pindongaso it's ready for the updated squashfs tools17:35
jdstrandpindonga: sounds great17:35
jdstrandsergiusens, zyga: (I'm preparing a branch for the review tools)17:35
sergiusensjdstrand, skills are already part of snapcraft ;-)18:01
jdstrandpindonga: fyi, there will be one more pull for the skills to interfaces change, but I won't request it until after the above18:01
jdstrandsergiusens, zyga: err, migration to interfaces18:01
zygaysionneau: yes, that's normal18:05
zygaysionneau: that's the simplified partition layout18:05
* zyga breaks for the evening, see you tomorrow18:06
sergiusensjdstrand, I don't have a timeline, kenel snap is on my prio list18:11
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jdstrandbeuno: hey, who is implementing 'snappy try'?21:07
beunojdstrand, we'll find out soon!21:08
jdstrandheh, ok21:08
beunomvo is usually the primary candidate, but he has too much on his plate I think21:08
* jdstrand nods21:08
jdstrandthere are some bits I need to be involved with-- this is in the card already, but I want to make sure we work together21:09
sergiusenselopio, can you easily find the qemu-arm-static bug that affects this https://bugs.launchpad.net/snapcraft/+bug/1544763 ?22:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1544763 in Snapcraft "fatal error creating a snap" [Undecided,New]22:24
sergiusenselopio, found it22:25

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