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Fudgeso guessing that the server image wont quite fit on a cd?08:00
BluesKajHiyas all12:24
BluesKajhi bittin12:39
scellowHey guys, i'm using ubuntu 16.04, i installed unity8, but when i try to login i get "autentification failure" error, is there something special to  do?13:20
lotuspsychjescellow: some stuff needs to be installed like mir also13:28
lotuspsychjescellow: not sure how i did last time13:28
lotuspsychje!find mir13:29
ubottuFound: libmirclient-debug-extension-dev, libmirclient-debug-extension1, libmirclient-dev, libmirclient9, libmircommon-dev, libmircommon5, libmircookie-dev, libmircookie2, libmirplatform-dev, libmirplatform11 (and 99 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=mir&searchon=names&suite=xenial&section=all13:29
lotuspsychjescellow: http://news.softpedia.com/news/how-to-install-unity-8-on-ubuntu-16-04-lts-and-ubuntu-15-10-496949.shtml13:33
scellowi already install the unity8-desktop-session-mir package13:47
scellowlotuspsychje: do i need to manually install all these packages ? 0o13:47
scellowshouldn't unity8-desktop-session-mir install everything needed already ?13:47
scellowok i checked the auth.log, there was some mention of a lib missing pam_kwallet, i installed it: libkf5wallet5, but still same issue :/ here is the log https://gist.github.com/Scellow/80d66844ad8746b4dd3f13:58
lotuspsychjescellow: not sure what to make of it..this is regular ubuntu desktop 16.04?14:24
lotuspsychje!info rawtherapee xenial14:46
ubotturawtherapee (source: rawtherapee): raw image converter and digital photo processor. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.2-4 (xenial), package size 2367 kB, installed size 8438 kB14:46
scellowlotuspsychje: sorry for late reply i was afk, it's ubuntu desktop 16.04 (daily image), latest update, proprietary nvidia driver (GTX 960)16:08
lotuspsychjescellow: not sorry, right graphics driver got installed?16:32
scellowlotuspsychje: i guess it is:16:38
scellow➜  ~ lspci -k | grep -A 2 -i "VGA"16:38
scellow01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GM206 [GeForce GTX 960] (rev a1)16:38
scellowSubsystem: CardExpert Technology GM206 [GeForce GTX 960]16:38
scellowKernel driver in use: nvidia16:38
lotuspsychjescellow: can you check additional drivers please?16:39
scellowwhat do you mean by additional drivers? should i try with open source driver?16:41
lotuspsychjescellow: can you check wich driver active16:42
scellowlotuspsychje: i'm not sure if it's the right way to check: https://gist.github.com/Scellow/0c4966866a88189ffc2316:44
lotuspsychjescellow: well best see additional drivers section itself (hardware icon)16:45
lotuspsychjeto see wich nvidia- version is active16:45
scellowNVIDIA binary driver is checked16:46
lotuspsychjethink might be good working driver16:46
scellowgames like dota2 or cs:go are runing great16:47
lotuspsychjescellow: ok then its probably not related to unity816:47
lotuspsychjescellow: not sure on this one mate sorry16:47
scellowit's ok16:47
scellowthanks for your time16:47
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lotuspsychjescellow: you could try this way: http://news.softpedia.com/news/You-Can-Now-Install-and-Test-Unity-8-and-Mir-in-Any-Supported-Ubuntu-OS-483206.shtml18:19
lotuspsychjescellow: you could also try with opensource drivers, see if it makes any difference18:22
VolkodavDoes anyone have have CPU going nuts to a 100% and stays there - task manager is no help19:16
lotuspsychjeVolkodav: did you try htop whats going high 100%?19:16
BluesKajVolkodav, check in system monitor for the process that's using it up19:19
VolkodavDoes not show anything relevant19:20
VolkodavI rebooted and will add one program after another to catch it19:21
Volkodav3 days in a row it happens19:21
ChibaPetSo, sadly, I can't automatically upload my vlc crash because there's no debugging symbol package for nvidia-352. Sigh.19:27
ChibaPetI'll have to try it another way.19:27
lotuspsychjeChibaPet: ubuntu-bug vlc ?19:28
ChibaPetI'd have to imagine that some reasonable percentage of users will be using vlc or xine on newish nVidia hardware.19:28
ChibaPetlotuspsychje: Looking. I pointed the tool in question to my /var/crash file.19:30
ChibaPetThat said, I want to double-check before saying it was ubunbu-bug.19:30
lotuspsychjeChibaPet: did you also try 352-updates ?19:30
lotuspsychjeChibaPet: some users have good experiences with it19:31
ChibaPetlotuspsychje: No. It wasn't clear to me just what's different.19:31
ChibaPetI'll certainly try it tonight.19:31
lotuspsychjeChibaPet: optimus card?19:31
ChibaPetI did try reverting to 340, and that *didn't* crash. But it was mostly unusable for some other reason I'll have to chase down.19:31
ChibaPetNo, desktop with a GTX 660.19:31
ChibaPetUnder 340, vlc would stutter badly while playing my test DVD. Did the same with a vobcopy-generated equivalent.19:32
ChibaPetThe interesting bit is that I have another box with a slightly older Xeon, also running Xenial and nVidia 340, that has no problem using xine *or* vlc. Also interesting, mplayer can do the DVD or ripped equivalent without blinking.19:33
ChibaPetMm. So, I'm not hosed - I can watch media with mplayer - but I'm going to try to gather more information. It would be nice to have this resolved.19:34
VolkodavBluesKaj: It's Firefox or rather some plug-in - most likely evil Flash19:34
ChibaPetThe Ooh, we might be in luck. I haven't replaced the root shell environment on this new install, so I have a .bash_history going back beyond my testing. Seeing if I can find it.19:35
ChibaPetHm, I didn't send it from a root shell. I'll find it anyway.19:35
ChibaPetlotuspsychje: I can't find the specific docs I used, but I believe I fed my crash file into apport-bug.19:41
ChibaPetAnyway, work stuff to do, but I'll have another run at it tonight. In the meantime, I idle here and would be happy to receive pointers that might make my bug report more useful. I liked how much data the tool collected, but it was a shame it marked my ticket 'invalid' for lack of debugging symbols.19:43
PryMar56here's a systemd/udev/lvm2 bug: lvm2-pvscan@.service is broken20:29
lotuspsychjePryMar56: can you file a bug?20:30
PryMar56this bug is common to stretch & xenial. *pvscan service needs ENV vars from a *rules file20:30
PryMar56they are missing. You can see the bug when doing: udevadm info --name=<some pv device>20:31
PryMar56lotuspsychje, I will file a bug when anybody confirms it. Nobody confirmed it yet20:31
PryMar5669-lvm-metad.rules is involved20:34
kernelpanicLooking at http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/releases/xenial/alpha-2/, I cannot finda bootable ISO for amd64/uefi, only xenial-server-cloudimg-amd64-uefi1.img. I tried converting that with ccd2iso, but that gives me a zero-byte file. How can I get a bootable iso?21:25
ChibaPetkernelpanic: Are you looking for a cloud image or an image for your UEFI hardware?22:56
ChibaPetkernelpanic: Either way, the server and desktop images will both do the right thing for UEFI hardware, including setting up stuff for SecureBoot. http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-server/daily/current/ http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/22:57
kernelpanicChibaPet, spot-on, thank you very much!23:04
ChibaPetHappy to help.23:05

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