dholbachgood morning07:34
dpmmorgen popey08:22
dholbachpopey, how was the beer? and how's the conference? :)08:24
* dpm notes the order of priorities in the question08:25
dholbachwell noted :-P08:26
* dholbach relocates, brb08:49
popeydholbach: busy!10:40
popeytwo most sought after things at this conference:-10:40
popey1) Chair10:40
popey2) Power socket10:40
popeyI have both \o/10:40
dholbachNICE :)10:40
* dholbach hugs popey 10:40
popeyI have eaten a lot of sausages since being in germany10:41
popeyThis is a good thing.10:41
popeyWent out with some Suse guys last night and ended up buying a beer mug :)10:41
czajkowskipopey: more stickers for your laptop :p10:41
dholbachlunch time11:17
=== davidcalle is now known as davidcalle_afk
dholbachall right my friends... I call it a day - see you all tomorrow!16:58
* belkinsa hugs dholbach16:58
* dholbach hugs you all 17:00
dpmjose, did you manage to get hold of Richard for the DNS change?17:08
josedpm: no, I fear that if we do the dns change google may update its cache and delete our backup17:21
joseso we need to grab *all* the content first17:21
dpmhm, bummer17:22
dpmjose, mhall119, can you give a hand with populating the cached pages list at http://pad.ubuntu.com/ubucon-recovery ?17:23
josesure, as soon as I get my pc on17:24
josetrying to find a grounded plug in the office :P17:24
mhall119dpm: let me finish up the devportal work I'm doing now and I will17:28
dpmthanks guys17:30
josemhall119: can you please check /en/events/ubucon-summit-us and /en/events/ubucon-latin-america? I wanna check they're keeping the format I'm seeing18:01
mhall119jose: not sure what you're seeing, but they look good to me18:11
joseok cool18:12
joseI just talked to Richard and he can change the ip address on the dns as soon as I send it to him18:12
joseI'm in the process of recovering everything, so as soon as everything's back on the new instance (at least the text) I'll tell him to update it, and should be up by tomorrow!18:13
mhall119jose: is the etherpad up to date with which pages are still TODO?18:57
josemhall119: it is19:03
joseI'm finishing copying over some of them19:03
mhall119jose: ok, so are there any pages left to add that we have cached data for?19:04
josemhall119: I'm not sure, were there any other pages on the site apart from those in the pag?19:04
mhall119I don't know, unfortunately19:05
mhall119jose: can I edit the ubucon summit us sponsors page?19:05
joseplease go ahead19:08
joseall of those I've marked as 'done' are the ones that I've copied the content over19:09
joseI think the most tedious thing left to do is reupload all the images19:11
mhall119ack, thanks19:12
mhall119I'll upload the ones I have19:12
mhall119oh course, now I can't find any of the sponsor images I uploaded :/19:17
josealso, the travel and accommodation page is lost19:18
mhall119well, that's not as historically relevant at least19:18
josethe ubucon paris, florida and germany pages are also lost19:18
josethough I'm not sure if there was any content in there19:19
mhall119I'mnot sure there was anything on the Florida one19:19
svijhey jose and mhall11919:19
svijI'm pretty sure there were some caches with ubucon germany, paris etc…19:19
joseif you had the links to those I'd really appreciate it19:20
svijlemme check…19:20
josealso, /en/sponsors, I can't find it on google or wayback machine19:21
svijdone ;)19:23
svijcopy pasted the links to http://www.cachedview.com/index.php and it worked19:24
josethank you!19:25
svijthank you too for recoverying everything :)19:25
josehappy to help :)19:27
joseactually, I think the one we lost was /en/ubucon-summit-us/sponsors, not /en/sponsors19:29
joseno, no, it was /en/sponsors19:33
czajkowskiinteresting Xamarin just bought out by Microsoft19:36
jcastroI wonder if jason smith still works there19:41
mhall119jcastro: we had several ex-canonicalers there19:47
mhall119folks from the unity7/nux side19:48
mhall119jose: sponsors images re-uploaded19:48
josemhall119: woot woot, thanks!19:48
joseI think I'm done with all pages but /en/sponsors, I can't find a cache of that one :(19:49
jcastrodavid siegel was the other one19:49
mhall119jcastro: njpatel too I thought19:49
jcastroaccording to linked in ....19:50
jcastroneil and remember cody russell?!19:51
czajkowskijcastro: he does inded19:51
jcastroneil didn't go there directly though iirc, he did some cloud gig inbetween19:51
czajkowskiit's interesting as I see them at events, but not at the same level as android or ios developers19:51
jcastroseif lofty, I didn't know he was at xamarin19:51
jcastromanish sinha19:51
josewow, linkedin is being useful!19:51
jcastromanuel de la pena, he was canonical19:52
mhall119jose: it was bound to happen sooner or later ;)19:53
mhall119so, Microsoft buys (ex)Canonical( employees)19:53
jcastroa ton of these guys are ex-Novell19:54
jcastroit's like all the old mono guys19:54
jcastrosanday armstrong, rodrigo moya, etc19:54
jcastrohere's another one, mikkel kamstrup19:55
jcastrogood for them though, it's nice to see friends be successful19:57
mhall119yeah,hopefully they all got some cut of the deal19:57
jcastroI feel like working with Jason ~ 11.04 took like 5 years off his life19:57
joseok, so all of the pages in ubucon.org have been re-instated, at least on the admin side. I've opened a new browser and gone to the page, and it's still not showing up the latest19:58
mhall119jose: we found /en/sponsors/?19:59
josemhall119: I didn't, went to the page svij pointed to and just gives 404's19:59
joseI remember there was stuff in there such as the sponsorship brochure19:59
svijyep, I also checked…19:59
joseI have the brochure downloaded iirc19:59
mhall119dholbach found a handy "import" plugin for Django CMS, I'd like to use that to import the sponsors from the next Ubucon event page onto /en/sponsors/20:00
mhall119I have the brochure too20:00
joseok, I'm wondering why the pages are not showing up on the public site, even though I've published them20:03
mhall119jose: cache?20:14
mhall119parent page not published?20:14
josecache, it was20:14
josejust need to get the images up and the menu on the ubucon-summit-us pages20:14
josebut all pages but /sponsors have been copied over! \o/20:15
joseI think it's safe for us to tell Richard to update dnss now20:15
mhall119jose: me to, we can find the rest of the images as we can, I've uploaded everything I still had20:20
josesounds good :) I think there's some of them on the wayback machine, I'll check later20:21
mhall119jose: I'm running out for a bit, ping me on Telegram if you need me20:21
josesounds good, thanks!20:22
svijjose: \o/20:22
joseRichard just confirmed that the records have been updated, so propagation should take up to 24h20:53

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