wxlhey folks nixoeen is now a member of the ubuntu-ir-council https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-ir-council/+members#active so, is that sufficient to grant him op status on #ubuntu-ir?00:30
wxlhggdh: that might be a question for you especially ^00:30
Unit193Pici, elky, and Tm_T are also IRCC, I believe.00:43
nixoeenHey, I'm a member of "Ubuntu Iranian LoCo Team Council". As I didn't use IRC for a long time, my registration was removed by FreeNode and I lost my permissions on #ubuntu-ir. Is there anyone here who would be able to recover my permissions on #ubuntu-ir?00:45
wxl^^ again, re, nixoeen, the problem is that his nickserv registration expired. we had no way to confirm that he was an op. we asked him to have the ubuntu-ir-council (obviously, the governing body) confirm that he should get op. now he is a member of that council, so it seems like he should be able to easily ask for that without concern.00:46
wxlhe suggested this at 9:40 UTC but Myrtti, i think was a little confused by the situation and told him it didn't make sense that he was "confirming himself"00:48
Unit193I don't think she was confused, but still a matter for the IRCC.00:51
wxlshe. sorry, Myrtti, for being a sexist pig. :(00:54
Unit193You weren't, you didn't know so you used the generic 'he'.  It's fine.00:54
wxlUnit193: i take it this is where we'd normally sit and await the IRCC to show up and respond?00:54
Unit193wxl: Yep!00:54
wxlnixoeen: so it sounds like we just need to wait here for one of the IRC Council members to show up. as i've already implicated myself, if you're gone when they respond to me, i'll let you know what i find out.00:55
hggdhwxl: so, which one of the members there is he? And how can we match an IRC nick to an LP nick?00:56
nixoeenwxl, Great, thanks for you help. I guess I cannot stay up much longer as well, it's quite late here :)00:56
wxlnixoeen: hold on because we got one of them :)00:57
hggdhwxl: unless, of course, you are telling us as a LoCo council, that you have and you are OK with it00:57
wxlhggdh: he is https://launchpad.net/~nixoeen where you can see the reference to his irc nick00:57
nixoeenhggdh, My ID is nixoeen in Launchpad as well. I have a PGP Key there, I can sign a message for you to be sure it's me.00:57
wxlnixoeen: i agree that would be a great idea!00:58
wxlnixoeen: if you want to email wxl@ubuntu.com i can confirm it for you and tell hggdh what i find out. if that's ok, hggdh ?00:58
hggdhwxl: nixoeen please do so. This will be enough00:58
hggdhthe only thing we had here was how to confirm the current user of the IRC nick is the same as of old00:59
wxlright, and pgp should do the trick00:59
wxlnixoeen: your key is imported and i await your message :)01:02
nixoeenwxl, Give me a bit of time. My Thunderbird is playing weird, it happens some times :)01:05
wxlnixoeen: it's much earlier for me (1714) than it is for you, so i've got time. :)01:10
nixoeenwxl, The time on this machine is wrong, it's 2:12 in the morning here.01:12
nixoeenwxl, I sent the email :)01:12
wxlnixoeen: your irc client told me the right time for you :)01:12
wxlhggdh: nixoeen's signed message is confirmed.01:13
hggdhnixoeen: you are set on #ubuntu-ir01:16
hggdhwxl, nixoeen : thank you for your patience01:17
wxlthank you hggdh and thanks nixoeen for always making ubuntu better :)01:17
nixoeenhggdh, wxl, Great! Thanks very much, I really appreciate your helps :)01:17
hggdhnixoeen: you are welcome01:19
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Mikaelaif meetingology is not wanted to some channels, it would be nice if admins were asked to remove it instead of banning it07:26
MikaelaERROR 2016-02-24T07:24:14 supybot Unhandled error message from server: IrcMsg(prefix="wolfe.freenode.net", command="474", args=('meetingology', '#ubuntu-us-wi', 'Cannot join channel (+b) - you are banned')) ERROR 2016-02-24T07:24:14 supybot Unhandled error message from server: IrcMsg(prefix="wolfe.freenode.net", command="474", args=('meetingology', '#lubuntu-offtopic', 'Cannot join channel (+b) - you are07:26
Mikaelaand https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots/+bug/1531427 could use some attention07:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1531427 in Ubuntu IRC Bots "meetingology should start supporting Python 3" [Undecided,Confirmed]07:26
chris34can someone tell me the reason why ubuntulog2 appeared in #ubuntuusers-webteam and #ubuntuusers-konferenz? both channels are related to the german (forum) https://ubuntuusers.de/13:07
Picichris34: Hi chris.  ubuntulog2 is run by canonical.  Let me see if I can find a record of someone requesting it.15:02
Picier, requesting it to join your channels15:02
chris34would be nice to know.15:04
Picichris34: I see a request ubuntulog to join those channels from back in 2010.  It was attached to a request for this logbot to join the channels previously logged by our locobots15:05
Fuchs(I am the former ubuntuusers GC)15:06
PiciFuchs: which part?15:06
Fuchsboth, the bot joining and someone requesting it in 2010 (!)15:06
chris34i have no idea who had done this in 2010 :D15:07
PiciDo you want me to request that it not join?15:08
Fuchschris34: kurz query?15:09
chris34Fuchs: ok15:09
chris34Pici: exactly. We do not need the bot atm. And it's unknown to us who did the request back in 201015:14
Picichris34: will do.15:14

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