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zzarrI think that I should try to clone libhybris and rewrite it so that it can use a freon driver, that's the current approach I have07:20
zzarrduflu, do you think that using libhybris source would be a good start in order to communicate with freon?07:29
dufluzzarr: I don't know enough about freon... Hybris is only for Android systems and not ChromeOS so probably not07:30
zzarrI know that, but it should interface Mir so I though that if I rewrite the Android part so that it go against freon instead I should get the Mir part pretty much for free07:35
anpokzzarr: I believe you would have to integrate that: https://chromium.googlesource.com/chromium/src/gpu/+/3fe34d024f4726ad860771fab98b1e9b528bd3ab/07:59
zzarrthanks anpok08:18
Saviqhey guys, this is quite likely a Mir 0.20 - bug #154922611:00
ubot5bug 1549226 in Canonical System Image "top panel drop down menu is semi-transparent and items are unreadable" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154922611:00
Saviqonly happens on arale, I remember this being the case at some point in the past and you fixed it somehow :)11:01
Saviqbregma, camako, FYI ↑11:01
davmor2Saviq: are there meant to be 3 dots on it too? Under the location indicator11:02
Saviqdavmor2, hmm? the three dots on the bottom? that's the indicator panel handle11:06
davmor2Saviq: when I say under the location indicator I mean they bleed through the indicator they are literally under it not below it11:07
Saviqdavmor2, anything "bleeding through" is that bug above, unless I'm totally missing what you're asking :)11:08
davmor2Saviq: right okay that's what I was hoping for :)11:10
alan_gSaviq: it sounds like a wrong pixel format. And that sounds vaguely familiar from "overheard" discussions about arele11:19
anpokSaviq: sounds like the gl-fence change11:41
anpokor it behaves exactly like it..11:42
anpokwe pulled it from 0.19 back then.. because it behaved like that on arale (while it fixes stuttering on n10) - but I thought we resolved the cause for that in the 0.20 version of the patch11:43
Saviqdoesn't look like it11:45
zzarrIf I bought a Dragonboard 410c would I be able to run Mir on it? (HDMI)11:49
anpokzzarr: alan_g has one11:51
anpokand runs mir with the freedreno driver iirc?11:51
anpokalan_g: so point release? and I can integrate the button bugfix?11:51
zzarrthanks anpok, I'll hear with alan_g11:52
alan_ganpok: sounds like it12:01
alan_gzzarr: I have it working, but not exactly a stable image (yet)12:02
alan_gSo what I did was install the vivid based image from 96boards and then update from the xenial archive. Then Mir 0.20 works.12:04
alan_g(The essential part from xenial was the mesa stack - as the vivid image wasn't built with Mir support in mesa12:05
alan_gzzarr: there's a snappy image in the works, but I'm not sure of the current status12:06
alan_gHere: https://insights.ubuntu.com/2016/02/24/canonical-to-offer-powerful-arm-64-bit-iot-developer-environment/12:11
zzarrthanks alan_g, but does that mean there will be a Mir driver for it in the future?12:17
zzarrohh, now I see, I think I misread some, you're running Mir right now alan_g?12:20
alan_gYes, it just needs the mesa driver built with mir support enabled. And that's in xenial12:21
alan_gSo, with a xenial based image it works out of the box12:21
alan_gMir-0.20 is now in xenial12:22
anpokzzarr: thats too boring for you!12:23
zzarranpok, no it's not ;-)12:32
bregmazzarr, Canonical intends to make the DragonBoard 410c a reference platform12:33
zzarrthat just means the Dragonboard 410c is on the buy list12:33
zzarrbregma, I know, but that is a future thing ;-)12:34
zzarrbregma, thanks for the reply in any way12:35
anpokoh kdub you are here... the transparent indicator problem is back on arale... Just like with the first time with the fence MP.. but maybe it is something different that has the same effect.12:35
anpokkdub: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+bug/154917912:35
ubot5Launchpad bug 1549226 in Canonical System Image "duplicate for #1549179 top panel drop down menu is semi-transparent and items are unreadable" [Critical,Confirmed]12:35
kdubanpok, ack, was just flashing that, will look12:35
zzarralan_g, can the board be powered by USB?12:44
alan_gAFAIK no12:45
kdubanpok, from a quick look around, i think they changed the ro.product.device name12:48
kdubbreaking our quirk detection12:48
kduband giving another reason for https://trello.com/c/XzFGfwlE12:49
anpokah yes12:49
bregmazzarr, the DragonBoard 410c requires an external 12 V power supply.12:50
zzarrokey, thanks bregma :-)12:52
zzarralan_g, is the Dragonboard fast?12:58
alan_gCompared to? It's a passively cooled CPU on a chip, not a developer system.13:00
alan_gIts about the same speed as a 14 year old laptop I have laying around. (But draws a lot less power.)13:03
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zzarralan_g|lunch, compared to the pi2?13:07
zzarrif I bought one Dragonboard and this display http://www.amazon.com/Eleduino-Raspberry-1024x600-Capacitive-TouchScreen/dp/B019K6CRVY/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1456321182&sr=8-9&keywords=hdmi+display and hooked them up, would the touch work?13:47
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alan_gzzarr: @"compared to the pi2" I don't have one of those to compare. The specs are online though13:57
alan_g@"TouchScreen Display" it depends on what "Support...Ubuntu" means. Certainly not impossible, but I doubt anyone has tried it with libinput. anpok?14:07
anpokit is an USB touchscreen .. chances are goodt that it works out of the box.. only limitation .. we dont correlate touchscreen and diplay14:13
anpokzzarr: ^ that means on your setup the output with your touchscreen should be your 'first' output..14:14
zzarrthanks anpok14:29
zzarryou see anpok I can make it trixy ;-)14:30
anpokyeah you could try attaching two of those..14:31
zzarrone HDMI and the other?14:32
zzarrshould I use my imagination? USB to HDMI?14:36
zzarrbut... I don't need 2 monitors to it.14:37
bregmajust a note: the only difference between a touchscreen and a touchpad is where you put it on your desk:  there is really no correlation between a touchscreen and the display it's attached to other than the coordinate projection (usually) done in the display server14:57
bregmasame goes for a (Wacom-style) tablet14:57
bregmafrom the kernel point of view they're all separate devices, some have multiple input axes, some have multiple touchpoints14:58
bregmasome even have multiple buttons14:58
bregmaa good design would leave all that pluggable and configurable, so add-on touchscreens and not-yet-imagined technologies like 3D gesture sensors and assistive technologies would "just work"15:01
zzarrthanks bregma, I know, a touch screen have absolute coordinates and a touch pad have relative15:01
bregmazzarr, nope, touchpads have absolute coordinates15:02
bregmasome drivers will do cursor emulation, but that has nothing to do with what the device reports15:02
anpokbregma: well the device may appear simultaneously .. :)15:02
anpokmay .. in zzarr case .. they wont .. since they are reached through separate cables..15:03
bregmainternally, often the touchscreen is just a USB HID device15:03
bregmajust because you don't see the cable doesn't mean it's not there15:03
bregmaI mean it when I say touchscreens and touchpads are virtually identical devices and have nothing to do with the display they're associated with15:04
zzarrbregma, I know they are similar, and that a touchpad have absolute coordinates on device level, but I meant that they should be handled like a mouse15:16
zzarrbregma, I think you're wrong about internal devices often being USB HID's, I think that they are connected through some other bus like I2C15:18
zzarrI could be wrong but I don't see the reason why they should use USB15:19
bregmamanufacturing cost:  vendors churn out plenty of HID devices and if they're all built to the Microsoft HID spec, they all just work15:25
bregmaI have a large selection of touch input devices here, and every laptop I have that has touch sensors has them hanging off the USB15:25
bregmasome of the mobile devices have bespoke drivers in the Android kernel, so it's harder for me to probe their real config without browsing Android kernel source15:26
bregmaas for the display stack emulating relative coordinate for an absolute input device, sure, it can do that, but it's not because a touchpad and a touchscreen are different, it's because some configuration says "map absolute coordinates from the this device into relative coordinates and do pointer emulation" inside the display stack15:28
bregmaor, really, the input stack associated with the display stack, so the cursor can be drawn on the screen15:29
zzarrbregma, thanks for the info15:30
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mzanettianpok, hey, so mir 0.20 landed, but the mouse is still broken in the emulator :/16:10
anpokwas there a new emulator release?16:11
mzanettidoes it need an emulator release?16:11
anpokor rather android release..16:11
mzanettiI thought a mir release would be the required thing16:11
anpokhm that fixes qml touch gestures in emulator16:11
anpokbut the android patch will fix the emulated device being detected as an odd mouse..16:12
mzanettianpok, so the weird thing is that with xenial it works fine, but it's broken with rc-proposed16:12
anpokhum it depends on when the emulator image was updated last time..16:13
anpokif is with the android input reading stuff.. the device will be detected as a touchscreen16:14
alan_galf_: another try - https://code.launchpad.net/~alan-griffiths/unity-system-compositor/rework-DeadlockLP1491566/+merge/28669816:54
* alan_g wishes he could reproduce failures that only happen during release16:55
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bschaeferthat would make the release cycle to easy :)19:49
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