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k1l_:/  not used to the windows copy and paste handling11:59
Ben64can someone get rid of the leaseweb spam dude? :(12:19
bazhang<GuestNew> I'm installing Debian. Because I like that symbol14:50
PiciI like the symbol too.14:56
bazhanghe wants to know the difference14:57
bazhang'the symbol!'14:57
Piciit reminds me of a processing thing I did forever ago: http://nullcortex.com/upload/processing/js/spiral/ (mouseover)14:58
k1l_cant.. stop ... watching ...14:59
* Pici counts down to kickbanning cthirder 15:13
ubottuOneM_Industries called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic ()15:26
MyrttiPici: do you have backlog?15:46
Myrttiwell, I suppose I might too15:46
Myrttione moment15:46
OneM_IndustriesTroll is back.15:46
Myrttiyes, I know.15:47
OneM_IndustriesThis is getting silly.15:47
PiciMyrtti: sorry, I'm on a call where I need to pay attention.15:56
Myrttiah right, I just cherry picked who was active last15:57
MyrttiI solved it by ubottu anyway15:57
OneM_IndustriesHe is back. He has not said anything, but he is back,.16:09
bazhangOneM_Industries, who is back where16:11
OneM_IndustriesThe troll. #u-o.16:11
daxOneM_Industries: [DasDos], I take it?16:11
dax16:11 -- [stalker] Found nicks: DwarfFortress, L337G0D, SouperNerd, Repcur, Homie_Lover, Cardar, [DasDos] from host gateway/web/cgi-irc/kiwiirc.com/ip.
OneM_IndustriesA simple but temporarily painful fix would be to limit talk to registered nicks only.16:12
bazhanghave they chatted since rejoining?16:13
OneM_IndustriesThis will be their...8th? ban.16:13
Picigiving dwarf fortress a bad name :(16:13
dax16:14 -- [DasDos] b2a2d825@gateway/web/cgi-irc/kiwiirc.com/ip. :is messaging you, and you have umode +g.16:15
ubottulotuspsychje called the ops in #ubuntu (A6345-Guest known spammer)16:20
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daxpretty sure manine is the same person as earlier17:28
daxand gone17:29
k1l_Bassem is asking about the whole warez spectrum today19:50
* Myrtti facepalms22:02
k1l_!unity8 is <reply> Unity8 is the next Unity Desktop running on MIR. It is already used on the smartphones running ubuntu-touch (!touch) and can be tested on the Desktop with https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity8inLXC22:07
ubottuI'll remember that, k1l_22:07
dax!unity8 =~ s/MIR/Mir/22:08
ubottuI'll remember that dax22:08

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