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jabawokcan anyone think of a creative solution to disable suspending background tasks on ubuntu touch?05:14
jabawokI've found the place in qtmir's session.cpp where the suspension stuff is happenning. I was thinking if I can find this constant in the binary I could just hexedit it:05:16
jabawokbut the QTimer class only accepts an int, so I could only delay suspension by a max of 32768ms05:18
Stanley00jabawok: that's just nearly 33 seconds... :(05:19
jabawokyeah, would have liked to set it to like 2 weeks or something to effectively and easily disable suspension05:19
jabawokwithout hacking around too much05:19
jabawoktheres almost zero scenarios where i want a background process suspended.05:20
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orsonmmzdo you know if there is any xmpp client available?07:48
orsonmmzor if there is someone working on one?07:48
jabawokorsonmmz: not that i know of, i'm chasing one as well08:04
jabawokmy "solution" is to ssh into a server and run centericq08:04
jabawokits a really really poor solution - as soon as you alt-tab out of the terminal the ssh session gets dropped as the terminal gets a SIGSTOP08:04
jabawokcentericq within screen so you can reconnect if the phone goes to sleep or you switch tasks08:05
jabawokits horendously bad compared to a native app, but its something08:05
orsonmmzjabawok: ok, thanks ;)08:06
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=== sil2100 changed the topic of #ubuntu-touch to: Home: http://bit.ly/YEqEfo | Install: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install | Porting (advanced) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting | Bug filing: http://bit.ly/1aV9AJG | Dashboard: http://bit.ly/12AQV53 | http://www.bq.com/gb/ubuntu.html | http://www.meizu.com/products/ubuntu.html | http://www.ubuntu.com/tablet | OTA-9.1 phased updates in progress
lotuspsychjenice1 sil2100 :p09:31
sil2100lotuspsychje: thanks! Not too many changes in this hotfix, but it should make some bugs go away ;)09:31
sil2100And, well, a lot of security fixes09:32
sil2100Which is a good thing09:32
lotuspsychjeyou guys rock, amazing how an opensource community got this far...09:32
lotuspsychjeits easy to complain, but hard to build something revolutionary09:32
lotuspsychjeit can only become better09:33
sil2100Thanks for the kind words, it's all thanks to the whole Ubuntu community :)09:33
lotuspsychjetrue, we all have a little piece in this :p09:34
lotuspsychjeeven the user at home buying the device..09:34
faenilsil2100: just sent someone your way :D https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone/msg18430.html10:06
faenil(just fyi :D forgive me!)10:06
sil2100faenil: hey ;) No worries, let me reply on that shortly10:36
faenilsil2100: awesome, thank you :)10:39
faenil(I'm interested as well :) )10:39
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Tm_Twhat is this "fastboot mode" on Meizu?12:20
Tm_Tdoesn't seem to boot anything12:21
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Tm_Thmmm, I wonder what this recovery mode does then (:12:24
AvaszWhere do I file bugs for spelling mistake of country? The spelling of my country is incorrect in its language.12:29
Tm_TAvasz: I believe that goes to translation team in question12:33
AvaszTm_T: and where do I contact the translation team? I installed Ubuntu touch ony yesterday so am not familiar with how the community/organization works, so would be nice if I can get some kickstart. :)12:34
Tm_TAvasz: which language?12:34
AvaszThere is not Nepali locale available.12:35
Avaszbut the spelling of the country while choosing the country at start is incorrect.12:36
Tm_TAvasz: hmmm, I wonder if it still derived from something from https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-l10n-ne12:36
AvaszLet me check if such mistake is there or not.12:37
Avaszno. Everything is correct there.12:37
Tm_TAvasz: I assume a good point to start then might be https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+filebug12:39
Tm_TI'm unsure, but worth trying maybe12:39
AvaszSure, maybe someone who know can guide me from there. :)12:40
AvaszI installed it in OnePlus One. It is totally different, a whole new level! Want to help it grow. :)12:40
dadexix86Hi everybody! How can I remove from the store an app that I published ?12:49
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nik90dadexix86, Go to your developer account at developer.ubuntu.com and unpublish the app.13:29
dadexix86nik90, great, thanks! :)13:34
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Tm_Thohum, let's see if this would work...14:31
* Tm_T is trying to restore system after failed firmware upgrade14:31
jgdxMirv, hey, I always lose track of the qsysteminfo landing, do you have a trello card or bug I can use to track it?14:45
GabedukeI installed Ubuntu touch onto a device and the bottom half of the touch screen does not accept touch points which means I can't get past the login screen. Is there a way to enable developer mode from the device recovery possibly so I can remote to the phone?14:50
lotuspsychjeGabeduke: wich device?14:51
GabedukeNexus 414:51
lotuspsychjeGabeduke: wich channel?14:51
k1l_Gabeduke: uh, i had that on my nexus4 too. it was hardware failure.14:51
timeaxCan u attach an usb keypoard and login through it?14:52
GabedukeUnfortunately I INR have an otg cable but if need be I can get one14:53
timeaxWhen u had android on it u had the same problem?14:54
GabedukeI was just curious if there was an alternative way to get in14:54
lotuspsychjeGabeduke: wich channel did you install on your device?14:55
GabedukeYeah same problem which is why I'm putting Ubuntu on it14:55
timeaxSo probably its the digitizer14:55
timeaxI think with 20/30 bucks u could find a new one14:56
greybackGabeduke: it should be possible using adb via recovery mode. You goal would be to create this file: "/userdata/.adb_onlock"  - note that /userdata is probably mounted from /system/var/lib/lxc/android/system.img14:56
GabedukeYeah that's another option. Alright thanks y'all ;)14:57
greybackGabeduke: oh, easier option: Use --developer-mode switch to udf14:57
timeaxGrayback are u expert in ubuntu touch portingd?14:57
GabedukeAwesome ty @greyback14:57
greybacktimeax: nope, sorry. I work on unity8. Device porting not my thing14:58
timeaxOk tnx anyway,i'm trying to port ubuntu touch on my xiaomi mi2s14:59
timeaxBut having some troubles14:59
timeaxI'm not expert in linux and first time i attempt to make a port :D14:59
greybackwell, you've got a difficult road ahead. Good luck!15:00
timeaxAhaha yep i noticed...15:00
timeaxI was able to make a build,but i bet something gone wrong15:01
timeaxIts 500 mb but there aren't boot.img and a lot of folders i found in the nexus 4 porting15:02
timeaxSo i think that build its not complete15:03
timeaxNobody online who could help me in making this port?15:04
lotuspsychjetimeax: i already suggested you the XDA forums15:04
lotuspsychjetimeax: start a project there, see if you get any help maybe15:05
Mirvjgdx: it's in QA queue right now, and actually under testing already. so it should land soon.15:05
jgdxMirv, okay, i'll subscribe to the qa trello card15:06
timeaxYep i think i should do like u say,but chatting directly with an expert will save me a lot of time15:06
lotuspsychjetimeax: alot of porting experts at XDA also15:07
lotuspsychjetimeax: maybe download all existing images of ports and look inside, see what you can learn?15:07
timeaxYep i know...i follow xda since i bought my old hp rw6815 :D15:08
lotuspsychjetimeax: there is no one-hit-button for a new port im affraid15:08
timeaxYeah thats a good idea too :D15:08
timeaxAhahhag lol i know,i'm doing that not coz i want ubuntu touch on my phone, but coz i wanna learn :D15:09
lotuspsychjetimeax: you develop stuff normally?15:09
timeaxNot exactly15:10
timeaxJust started with that15:10
Gabeduke@grayback can I set that flag through adb in recovery?15:10
lotuspsychjetimeax: you might have a hard time then :p maybe join #snappy also, alot of experts there too15:11
timeaxOh tnx now i go checking if its somebody online there :)15:11
timeaxNice phone the pro 515:17
timeaxBut i'll buy xiaomi mi5...its a beast :D15:17
timeaxAnd affordable price15:18
lotuspsychjetimeax: maybe after you port your device, the whole worl will use your image15:19
lotuspsychjetimeax: so dont give up on us right!15:19
timeaxYep i'm very determinate to complete this project :D15:21
lotuspsychjethats the spirit mate15:22
lotuspsychjetimeax: wich ubuntu ported phone resembles the most on your device?15:23
lotuspsychjetimeax: hardwarewise15:23
timeaxI started two weeks ago, i spent 1 entire week only for downloading all the necessary and setup my pc lol15:23
timeaxMy phon got qualcomm snapdragon 60015:24
lotuspsychjetimeax: maybe find the ported touch phone that looks most like yours15:25
lotuspsychjeand investigate the image inside15:25
timeaxThe nexus 4 got the early version15:25
timeaxI should find if the galaxy s4 was already ported15:25
timeaxOr htc one m715:26
timeaxNow i take  a look :)15:26
timeaxBut before i need a cigarette lol15:27
P_E_T_Ohi, when I translate touch to my language, can I import it in it and test it?15:47
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SmurphyHmm. Just got notified for the last update. OTA 9.1.16:14
SmurphyAnyone has the Changelog ?16:14
Smurphyhttp://news.softpedia.com/news/ubuntu-touch-ota-9-1-update-officially-released-500896.shtml :D16:14
peat-psuwitsil2100: link to glibc's USN in OTA 9.1 release note is wrong.16:23
sil2100peat-psuwit: oh!16:23
* sil2100 looks16:23
sil2100copy-paste error16:24
sil2100peat-psuwit: thanks for noticing!16:24
sil2100peat-psuwit: fixed :)16:24
peat-psuwitsil2100: You're welcome16:32
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mterryseb128, https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/ubuntu-system-settings/geonames/+merge/28706417:11
Laneymterry: w00t!17:12
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Laneywe should port libtimezonemap itself to use this too17:17
mterryLaney, {unity,ubuntu}-system-settings are the only in-archive users of libtimezonemap17:24
mterryThough I guess unity-s-s still depends on some stuff (even after being ported to geonames)17:27
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Laneymterry: and ubiquity17:36
mterryLaney, oh huh I'd expect so.  But it doesn't show up from a "reverse-depends libtimezonemap1".  wonder why17:36
Laneymterry: it uses the gir - try src:libtimezonemap :P17:36
mterryLaney, ah of course17:37
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M-bobsummerwillsil2100 - See https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone/msg18438.html.faenil suggested that I ask you the same question here:19:06
M-bobsummerwillAre there diagrams or documentation anywhere detailing the branching flow between the various Ubuntu versions?19:06
M-bobsummerwillie. how are the codebases for Ubuntu Server, Ubuntu Touch and Ubuntu Snappy Core related?   How do changes and fixes flow between these different versions, release branching flow for them each, etc?19:06
M-bobsummerwillMany thanks!19:06
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dobeyM-bobsummerwill: they are all built primarily from the same Ubuntu archive. phone and iot images generally have to use custom kernels with proprietary drivers though, which are not in the archive; phone images also have some .click packages installed, which are not part of the ubuntu archive, and snappy-based images for iot things have snaps. i'm not entirely sure how much in the way of .deb packages the snap-based images use19:28
seb128mterry, thanks for the geonames mr!20:23
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mcphailIs krillin v30 OTA9.1 or 9.0?20:34
DanChapmanmcphail, 9.120:35
mcphailDanChapman: Ta! I'll be able to test the new Dekko at last... ;)20:35
DanChapman:-) np!20:36
M-bobsummerwilldobey - Thanks for the info!20:38
mcphailWow. Document Viewer is now 66.6MB. That's a fat _and_ evil binary20:46
ahayzenmcphail, 66.6MB for an app with a libreoffice backend doesn't seem too bad :-)20:49
ahayzenat least it isn't in the 100s :')20:49
mcphailahayzen: I remeber running MS Office on a machine with 32MB RAM total :)20:49
mcphailDanChapman: have you dropped the bottom edge reply actions from dekko? I loved them...20:51
ahoneybunI have read-only off will my system break if I take the 9.1 update?20:53
punkunityI am trying to port ubuntu-touch to HTC One M8. I have experience porting various roms to a few devices20:54
villToo bad utouch doesn't use CM11/12/13 or CAF AOSP as base20:55
villLike sailfish20:55
punkunitywould be nice20:57
punkunityespecially 12 or 1320:57
punkunityi have to use cm11 device and kernel trees20:57
ahayzenahoneybun, depends if you have modified anything, usually it is ok for me :-) you are in 'unsupported' territory though20:57
ahoneybunI just installed openstore and rockwork ahayzen21:04
ahayzenahoneybun, you'll probably be ok, but don't hold me to that, and make sure your data is backed up :-)21:05
dobeyahoneybun: good time to go back to RO / :)21:09
punkunityanyone help me if they have time please21:17
faenilpunkunity: it's difficult at this european time :/21:24
punkunityok thanks21:25
punkunityi'll be on and off over the next few days21:25
ahayzena lot of people are at conferences as well :-)21:25
faenilpunkunity: ok :) try ondra when he's around21:25
faenilyeah, what ahayzen said :)21:25
faenilMWC this week21:25
punkunityok cool21:25
punkunityya forgot about that21:25
punkunityall good21:26
punkunitythanks guyus21:26
punkunityi am still messing with it on my own21:26
faenilsure :)21:26
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mterryseb128, how do I push a change to an LP git repo for review?  I have a proposed change to geonames...  I'm looking at https://help.launchpad.net/Code/Git, but get "src refspec country-codes does not match any" when I try to push21:42
seb128mterry, I don't remember exactly what I did, Laney wrote that when we discussed it on -desktop previous time21:53
seb128"git remote set-url origin git+ssh://git.launchpad.net/~geonames-dev/geonames/+git/geonames and then git push as normal"21:53
seb128or push to ~/geonames/+git/geonames21:53
seb128you can probably mr it then21:53
villI hate fixing AOSP trees for dtb compability22:02
mterryseb128, thanks22:04
seb128mterry, yw22:05
mterryseb128, OK, I think I did this right  :)  https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/geonames/+git/country-code/+merge/28710622:06
mterrymy first time with git LP22:07
seb128mterry, seems like you did, well done ;-)22:07
* mterry wipes brow22:07
devergniesI installed the OTA-9.1 on my BQ Aquaris E5 Ubuntu edition and I have a problem with scopes22:07
lpotter what problems?22:12
faenillpotter: he started a thread on ubuntu-phone22:48
lpotterI need 3 phones.. 1 for normal release. 2 for proposed, and 3 for devel23:06
timeaxIpotter are u expert in portings of ubuntu touch?23:07
lpotternot really23:09
lpotterI probably know just enough to get me into real trouble :)23:10
dobeyi know how to brick my phone23:10
timeaxAhahah lol23:10
lpotterstill learning the ubuntu way of thinking23:10
timeaxI bet i'm enough good on bricking too 😭23:10
lpotterreally wish there was a backup system23:11
timeaxYep me too... We are on the same boat lol23:11
timeaxI'm trying to port ubuntu touch on my mi2s23:12
dobeylpotter: tar works :)23:12
lpotterbut I want lazy way :)23:12
lpottershould use git23:13
timeaxI'm trying to build now but there are a lot of errors...23:13
timeaxIts normal that i have to move a lot of files from some folders to others for making the build?23:16
lpotterwhat are you trying to build? and how?23:16
dobeyhe's trying to build the phablet/ tree23:16
timeaxi'm following the guide linked in the topic23:17
timeaxI wanna make a port of ubuntu touch for my xiaomi mi2s23:17
timeaxNow it stopped...23:18
dobeybut i don't know why the tree doesn't build for that. maybe it's missing stuff23:18
timeaxIs there another way for make a build?23:19
lpotterwould be cool if oe built ubuntu touch :)23:19
timeaxYou guys got some tips that could help me in the misson?23:21
timeaxI'm goin out of mind...23:22
timeaxNow the build stopped...it says that miss some rules23:22
timeaxNow i have to finde some mk file and pull it at the right place...23:23
faeniltimeax: you might want to try during european daytime ;)23:23
timeaxWhat u mean?23:23
timeaxIts late now?23:24
faeniltimeax: that most of Canonical's employees are in Europe, and it's about midnight in Eu..23:24
lpotterprime time for them to be up and hacking!23:25
* faenil raises his hand23:25
timeaxYep i'm from italy, 0:25 now23:25
lpotterI should try to install snappy on my old macmini23:26
lpotterput that on my growing list of tasks23:26
faeniltimeax: cool, I'm italian :) (though working at Canonical's London office :) )23:26
faenillpotter: the ever-growing TODO list you mean?23:26
timeaxBut i'm coming here at all hours of the day but  nobody talking23:27
timeaxCool so you speak italian?23:27
faenilthere are many channels though...23:27
faenilof course :P23:27
dobeytimeax: like was previously sade many times, it's not a good week. there are multiple conferences going on this week, and several people are away at those23:28
faenilright, I keep forgetting MWC23:28
lpotterI know Italian! pizza! woot! only word you need to know, really :)23:28
faenillpotter: a couple of swear words wouldn't hurt :D23:28
timeaxYep...as always...i'm in the wrong place in the wrong moment...23:28
timeaxAhhahaha lol ipotter23:29
faeniltimeax: if you want to avoid that, just post of the mailing list23:29
timeaxI prefer to talk directly with somebody of expert thats why i come here23:30
timeaxSo i could have an instantly reply23:31
faeniltimeax: then you need some patience :) it's not like experts don't read mailing lists, by the way :)23:31
faenilsure, I understand your point...but you will not get that when people are sleeping :D23:31
faenilor away at a conference :D23:31
timeaxWhen the mwc will end? 😝23:31
faenilend of this week23:32
timeaxFinally ahaha23:32
timeaxAnyway...talking about pizza...i live near naples lol23:33
timeaxWe have the best pizza's of the world 😏23:33
timeaxFaenil so you work in canonical?23:35
faeniltimeax: yeah23:36
timeaxAhah cool...very cool23:36
faeniltimeax: and don't tell me about pizza...I miss pizza...so much :'(23:36
lpotteryou're lucky23:36
lpotterdont they have pizza hut in London? :)23:37
faenilomg xD23:37
timeaxI could ship some at canonical's offices 😸23:37
faeniltimeax: not sure it would get here in a good state :D23:37
faenillpotter: but yeah, I've got a nice pizza place close to my flat, I definitely have to go there this weekend23:38
lpotterits mostly pizza23:38
faenillpotter: PLEASE.23:38
lpotterpartly pizza?23:38
faenilI won't bash it too much because last time I had a pizza hut was...10 years ago (oh, I was young and stupid)23:39
lpotterdo we use qml compiler?23:39
faenillet's say it happens to share the name23:39
faenillpotter: we use some kind of qml cache, which has a similar approach afaik23:40
lpotterI just learned about that one today :)23:40
timeaxWhat u do in canonical faenil?23:41
faenilthat is what we're using23:41
faeniltimeax: my role is UX Engineer...but I actually do is...I write UIs in C++ and QML23:41
faenilfor phone/tablet/convergence23:41
timeaxNice bro ;)23:42
faenil:) thanks23:42
faenilit is nice indeed, I love my job :)23:42
lpotterme too. well, my job. I probably love your job too though. If thats ok23:43
timeaxI'd bet on that...when ppls do what them like...its not a job 😸23:43
faeniltimeax: well said :)23:43
faenillpotter: glad to hear :) :)23:43
faenillpotter: yeah, that's ok, love is free :)23:44
timeaxOk guys was a pleasure to meet u ;)23:46
lpottercheers! and good luck.23:47
timeaxNow i shut off my pc and go23:47
timeaxSee ya soon good night ppls23:47
faeniltimeax: my pleasure :) good night!23:51
faenillpotter: are you back on networking?23:52
lpotterback and forth. I like to work on more than one thing sometimes. why/ problems?23:52
lpotterQtNetworking for sure23:53
faenillpotter: well, yeah, there are big problems with WiFi :(23:53
lpotterI know about some dns issues23:53
faenillike, doesn't always reconnect, issues with ESSID, etc..all logged, but I think people just don't have enough cycles to work on everything23:54
faenillpotter: this is probably biggest annoyance https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+bug/61523923:55
ubot5Launchpad bug 615239 in NetworkManager "Every Wi-Fi disconnection is treated as an authentication error" [High,Confirmed]23:55
lpottermy laptop does have wifi issues, but my phones do not23:55
lpotterwow, thats an old one23:56
faenilI'm tired of going around and seeing a password dialog for some "iPhone" AP, just because ones I connected to my friend's iphone hotspot...now whenever the device sees an iPhone AP it tries to connect, fails, and network-manager stops connecting to anything else until you cancel the UI dialog23:56
faenil(but the phone is in your pocket!)23:56
faenilit is old indeed :'(23:57
faenilplus I disable wifi, reenable it, and it take 2 mins (next scan interval) to see APs in the UI :(23:57
faenilor, it takes years before it recognizes some APs are gone, when it does..23:57
faenilsometimes I wake the phone up after a couple of hours, and it's still showing the APs that were available before I put it to suspend 2h before...23:58
lpotterwifi probably goes to sleep?23:58
faenillpotter: not sure (it shouldn't show stale APs in any case)...otherwise why would it try to connect to "iPhone" while it's in my pocket23:59
lpotterahhh ok23:59
dobeynetwork-manager probably hasn't rescanned since23:59

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