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pstolowskicimi, hey, i see tsdgeos approve single-preview, shall i rebuild the silo?09:27
cimipstolowski, hi09:27
cimipstolowski, I rebuilt last night iirc09:27
tsdgeoscimi: morning, did you get my message about a suggestion how to test http://paste.ubuntu.com/15181460/ ?11:29
cimitsdgeos, yeah, thanks man!11:29
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cimitsdgeos, pstolowski https://code.launchpad.net/~cimi/unity8/preview-sharing-string-and-array/+merge/28700812:24
pstolowskicimi, ty12:27
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mterrySaviq, ick, sorry about the relock-during-tutorial test break13:37
Saviqmterry, tsk tsk ;)13:37
* mterry thought he ran full suite13:38
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cimipstolowski, hi15:05
pstolowskicimi, hey15:05
cimipstolowski, I know you've been working a lot recently :) but did you have a chance to look at the social cards too?15:06
pstolowskicimi, no, sorry... trying to wrap filters...15:06
Saviqmterry, could we have a packaging review in https://code.launchpad.net/~saviq/ubuntu-settings-components/packaging-cleanup/+merge/284376 please15:14
mterrySaviq, woah a source rename?15:16
Saviqmterry, yeah, is that really bad? ;)15:16
mterrySaviq, no..  just means it has to go through NEW and all that jazz again15:17
Saviqmterry, meeh it's in universe ;)15:18
Saviqmterry, and you can NEW it for us :)15:18
mterrySaviq, I can't!  I'm not actually on the archive team15:18
mterrySaviq, when doing that process, you should also file a bug to remove the old source package, and sub the archive team15:18
Saviqmterry, ack15:19
mterrySaviq, if you're doing a Provides: oldpackage, you don't NEED to provide oldpackage anymore.  You'll get some warnings about depending on a virtual package from other packages that haven't switched yet, but they ought to still work15:22
mterrySaviq, providing the old package is good for upgrades.  But in this case, something will depend on the new name shortly, I imagine15:23
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cimitsdgeos, if you can have a look too https://code.launchpad.net/~cimi/unity8/preview-sharing-string-and-array/+merge/28700815:57
tsdgeoscimi: i'll have a look tomorrow morning, ok?15:57
cimitsdgeos, no problem for me15:58
pstolowskicimi, silo 76 is ready for testing, right?16:09
cimipstolowski, yes16:23
Saviqpstolowski, note we have silo 64 going before it16:26
pstolowskiSaviq, ack16:26
Saviqalready under design review16:26
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josharensonmterry: So the thing we talked about w. the greeter yesterday kind of works... However, having the login call depend on the greeter _not_ being promptless makes it impossible to actually login when we really are promptless (if that makes sense)... Current behavior is that the greeter, correctly, waits for the user to "tap" the login button, but it only shows the shim stage as the call to login() is never actually made. I have se17:31
mterryjosharenson, why do we show shim stage?17:32
josharensonmterry: because the "device" is unlocked17:32
josharensonbut never logged in17:33
mterryjosharenson, let's hangout  :)17:33
* mterry makes one17:33
mterryjosharenson, wait, how do I make a hangout now?  I used to do it from G+, but that UI changd17:34
josharensonhangouts.google.com ?17:34
josharensonmterry: then you have to make it available to everyone (not just canonical) and you'll get a link17:36
mterryjosharenson, didn't I send you one?17:36
josharensonmterry: yeah I joined17:37
mterryjosharenson, humph, I'm the only one in mine17:37
josharensonmterry: lol let me re-join17:37
josharensonmterry: oh it says "requesting to join"17:38
mterryjosharenson, I don't see a message about you17:38
mterryjosharenson, I invited you17:38
josharensonmterry: i see the problem17:39
josharenson1 min17:39
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josharensonmterry: looks like its working almost exactly as we expected, just need to clean it up and make sure tests pass18:25
mterryjosharenson, belated awesome  :)19:14
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