cmaloneyGood morning. :)12:09
cmaloneyHow goes?13:17
rick_h_heh, yea have to get that myself13:18
_stink_yeah what a waste of time.13:19
rick_h_the one I hate is the "goals for the next year"13:19
cmaloneyI wish they could get self-reviews to be more of a positive thing rather than a soul-reckoning.13:19
rick_h_because I've never had a year 'go according to plan'13:19
_stink_i am hearing that this is the last year for them at my work13:20
cmaloneyhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anubis#Weighing_of_the_heart <- This is what I think of whenever I do a review13:20
jcastrorick_h_: snow status up there?13:41
jcastroit's going pretty good here, not catastrophic, but pretty heavy13:41
jrwrenand coming fast here.13:42
_stink_been going pretty good for about an hour in Royal oak13:46
_stink_not quite an inch yet13:46
cmaloneyYeah, we're not up to an inch of snow but it's coming down14:03
cmaloneyThinking the snow blower will get another go or two tonight14:03
rick_h_jcastro: yea, heavy and slipper out14:43
rick_h_jcastro: have the wife taking the truck while I take her car to the airport today14:43
jrwrenyou fly out today? i wonder if flights will be cancelled14:44
rick_h_yea, 5:55pm so will make sure I'm ready for fun at the airport today14:45
rick_h_and will head down early as I imagine that hour long drive will be more than that today14:45
cmaloneyyeah, I'd leave as early as you can stomach14:52
brouschI just had my review 30 mins ago16:40
_stink_hopefully you are not packing your belongings16:40
brouschI'm still employed!16:44
cmaloneyemployment is A+17:39
rick_h_words to live by 'not fired yet!'19:46
cmaloneyjrwren: https://twitter.com/migueldeicaza/status/70257282946039808121:01
jrwrenI KNOW!   gah!!!21:19
jrwren i'd be working for MSFT if I had joined them when Nat called me up 5 yrs ago21:19
cmaloneydodged that bullet21:20
jrwrenalso dodged cuz they wanted me for evangelist role and not product dev.21:23
jrwrenvery happy to do product dev and not marketing for the last 5yrs21:23
cmaloneyEvangelism is tiresome21:52
cmaloneyYou have to be an extrovert's extrovert to keep up that kind of momentum21:52
cmaloneyTotal respect for those who can manage it21:53
jrwrenoh, i respect them. I have many friends who do it, but it is not for me.21:53
cmaloneybtw: I'm not heading to CHC tonight21:55
cmaloneyThe roads are nasty, and JoDee's class was canceled22:10

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