yanoUnit193: could you maybe possibly add ##ohio-news to the /topic too? (for Ohio related news)20:32
yanoit's important to stay informed20:51
Unit193Error resolving 'is.gd': Name or service not known20:51
yano.isup is.gd20:52
jennihttp://is.gd looks fine to me.20:52
Unit193yano: Yeah, just thinking news sources can be more polarized and subjective than weather is. :P20:52
yanois http://is.gd not loading for you?20:53
jenni[ is.gd - a URL shortener. Mmmm, tasty URLs! ] - http://is.gd20:53
Unit193It is not, no.  Weird.20:54
Unit193Heh, well looks like you do actually cover all the bases.21:00
=== Unit193 changed the topic of #ubuntu-us-oh to: Welcome to the IRC home of Ubuntu Ohio!| https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OhioTeam | NOAA Weather Alerts: ##weather-us-oh | Ohio News: ##ohio-news
Unit193yano: That is, might want to update the topic.  Logs are out of date a bit. :P21:06
yanoooh, yay21:11
yanothanks :-)21:11
yanoand i'm always up for adding more to the feed list21:12
yanoUnit193: i updated the ##ohio-news logs23:08

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