mamarleytjaalton: Your kernel somehow even manages to bust my system with an NVIDIA graphics card. ;p00:50
mamarleysddm segfaults00:50
tjaaltonhuh, i deleted it already05:37
mamarleytjaalton: I installed it earlier but never got around to rebooting until later.  It is no big deal.  I break my systems all the time and this wasn't at all hard to fix.11:05
tjaaltonyeah i'm bisecting it now, and there's something in -7 that breaks it, -4 was fine11:12
tjaaltoni mean some conflict with -7 and my changes, which were fine on -411:13
soeedo you plan to package: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=NVIDIA-Second-Vulkan-Driver12:04
tseliotyes, not today though, I'm busy with other work12:10
soeeok, thank you12:32
tjaaltonricotz: kernel fixed, I'll push a new version to the ppa15:11

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