chesedomorning all04:22
magespawngood morning05:12
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IqbalHow do I download the broadcom wireless driver and install it on my laptop? Thanks06:49
IqbalI don't have a wired internet connection06:50
inetprogood mornings07:02
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Kilosafternoon all13:29
theblazehenhi Kilos13:30
magespawngood evening17:17
magespawnevening Kilos 17:45
Kiloshi magespawn and everyone else17:45
Kilosmagespawn you missed the meeting17:46
magespawnagain, yes, i was tired, took a nap and woke up at 21:30, sorry17:47
Kilosyou missed lots17:48
magespawni will take a read through the minutes as soon as they are up17:48
Kilosread the minutes if you get time17:48
Kiloshttp://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2016-02-23-18-30-04.json :: txt: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2016-02-23-18-30-04.txt :: html: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2016-02-23-18-30-04.html17:49
Kiloshi arts17:53
artshey Kilos how ya doin?17:53
Kilosyou need to add your irc password to your irc client so you cloak before joining channels17:54
Kilosim good ty and you17:54
artsshall do I'm ganna move irc over to my vps soon anyways, im good thanks how was the hospital?17:56
Kilosvery tiring17:56
Kilosthis way and that many times before you get anywhere17:56
Kiloshi fusionsparc 17:57
Kilosyou need to add your irc password to your irc client so you cloak before joining channels17:57
fusionsparcHi Kilos..17:57
Kilosim starting to sound like a stuck record17:57
fusionsparcGot disconnected and irc connected automatically again..back now..17:58
fusionsparcprerry sure I can setup a login script...18:01
Kilosthat worked18:01
Kilosfreenode does it automatically i think18:01
Kilosi think if i disconnect and return im cloaked before joining a channel18:02
Kilosmaybe im wrong18:02
fusionsparctrue but the identify command you have to type manually...looking to setup something like a startup scrtipt that does this..18:02
fusionsparcseems to do the trick now..:)18:12
Kilosyip thats fine18:12
Kilosnow if if didnt know your ip i wouldnt be able to trace you18:13
fusionsparcdarn...vpn here i come...:)18:13
Kiloshi Sxuza 18:18
magespawnfusionsparc: what irc client are you using/18:18
fusionsparcxchat on kubuntu..18:19
Kilosyou can configure it to look the same as xchat18:19
theblazehenhttps://asciinema.org/a/8kz7j3bj2lw0o07zb2e98vmm2 I like vim18:20
Kilosbut you lose the bloep, till you add bell.ogg  to /usr/share/sounds and point the notifications there18:20
theblazehenHi Kilos magespawn fusionsparc18:20
Kiloshi theblazehen 18:21
magespawni thought xchat had settiings that could store the nick and password18:21
magespawnhi theblazehen 18:21
fusionsparchi theblazehen 18:21
Kilosyes it does magespawn 18:21
fusionsparcyip, using that atm..18:21
Kiloswhere you choose auto join channels you put your irc password in18:21
magespawnahh right18:22
Kilosinetpro ping18:22
Kiloswake up before i go to sleep18:22
fusionsparcQuassel come with kubuntu by default..18:23
fusionsparcseems more structures interface wise though most irc client does the same thing...18:24
Kilosbut i couldnt get bell.ogg to work with it18:24
Kilosohi superfly 18:25
Kilosone day ill learn what . and .. mean18:25
Kilosmaybe when i get bigge18:25
magespawni used to use quassel a lot, espicially with the seperate server and client18:29
superflythere's an android quassel client, and there's even a webclient these days18:30
fusionsparcsounds like an ambitious irc client..18:31
superflywell, the android client and the web client are "3rd party" clients18:31
magespawnuseful if you want to use multiple clients/devices to connect18:32
superflyjust don't forget to disconnect when you're done18:32
superflyotherwise you don't get notifications in the other(s)18:33
superflyby the way, I'm typing from the web client now18:33
superflyand now from the official client :-)18:33
Kilosthe official one puts text in bold18:34
magespawni do not see any difference here18:34
Kilosjoking man18:34
superflyAnd now from quasseldroid 18:35
Kilosuse konversation you can configure it to show these extras18:35
superflyQuassel is awesome 18:35
superflyKilos: July18:35
Kilosthe conf thing18:36
Kilosyou already answered that sir18:36
magespawni liked that option, but i do not have a server setup at the momment18:36
magespawnalso i am enjoying irssi18:36
Kilossuperfly can you get quassel to use bell.ogg for alerts/notifications18:38
fusionsparcI'm off guys..pleasant evening.18:41
Kilosyou too18:42
inetprogood mornins18:43
theblazehenhi inetpro18:44
Kilosmorning inetpro 18:44
superflymorning inetpro18:44
inetproyikes, you guys are early18:44
Kilosthere is a saying for your affliction in afrikaans18:44
* inetpro will have to wake up earlier18:44
Kilosrigting bedondered18:44
Kilostelkom fixed the connection in the middle of the night sometime inetpro 18:46
=== Kilos_ is now known as Kilos
Kilosmaybe ill try quassel for a while18:58
inetproKilos: why?19:18
Kilosinetpro: why what19:19
inetpro02/24 20:58:07 <Kilos> maybe ill try quassel for a while19:20
Kilosoh that19:20
inetproit's pointless without the connection to a core19:21
Kiloswell, you all rave about it, and i have learned a bit more so maybe i can make it acceptable to me now19:21
inetproKonversation on its own is better than quassel 19:22
inetpro*quassel-client on its own19:22
Kilosso far all i havent found is how to show hosts by nick list19:22
Kiloskonversation has one fault19:22
Kilosif you log out and in all log highlights are lost19:23
Kiloseverything gray19:23
inetproit's not a fault/bug19:23
inetproit's a feature19:23
Kilosimo its a fault19:23
Kilostry scrolling back 19:24
Kilosnot so lekker19:24
inetprouse the search function if you're looking for your name19:24
Kiloswhen highlights are gone you miss nick said etc19:24
Kilosohi hibanawb19:25
hibanaKilos: what's up doc?19:26
Kilosneed to get a space in there still19:26
hibanaoom Kilos, just use Ctrl+F to find your name19:27
inetproKilos: did you see what hibana said?19:29
inetprolooks like he fell asleep hibana19:30
* hibana waits patiently for a sign of life19:31
hibanahe got lost in the ether?19:31
inetprohoekom lag jy oom?19:32
Kilosi was adding space after tab complete i hope19:32
Kiloshibana  long time no see19:32
Kilosuh oh i added 219:32
Kiloswell one cant see then so not easy to cound19:33
Kilosthem as well19:33
inetprowhat do you want to count oom Kilos?19:33
inetproand why?19:33
Kilosthe spaces in the suffix thing19:33
Kilosi add a space not ;19:34
Kilosor :19:34
Kiloshow am i gonna chat to you from aus at this time19:35
Kilosoh get up at 5am i spose19:35
Kiloshibana  you see the konversation fault19:36
* inetpro can only see features19:37
* hibana agrees with inetpro19:37
Kilosoh hibana why would i use ctrl+f to find me name19:37
Kilosi know where my name is19:37
hibanawhy would you want to see highlights in the history oom Kilos?19:37
Kilosso i can give feedback like the minutes to mage earlier19:38
Kilosand see who said what easier19:39
hibanaplease explain how that relates to highlights19:39
Kiloswell minutes are highlighted at end of meeting19:39
Kilosif they stay highlit i find them easier19:40
inetproCtrl-F minutes [ENTER}19:40
Kilosotherwise everything is gray text19:40
Kilosyou want me to know how to do everything so you can do less19:42
Kiloswe are a team all of us19:42
Kilosi pull strings and you guys make music19:42
* hibana giving up19:43
Kiloscheers hi19:43
Kilosty for visiting19:43
Kilosso rude19:43
Kiloswb hibana 19:44
Kiloslook after yourself my friend19:44
Kilosinetpro  you must get hibana to come give some of the new guys some rigting19:45
hibanaKilos: you can even change the color of the backlog if you really want19:45
Kilosi saw that19:46
hibanaanyway... goodbye19:46
inetpropoor dude is tired again19:47
Kilossuch a drumpy old man that19:47
* Kilos tired too19:47
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:47
Kilosinetpro  that includes you19:48
inetprooh no oom Kilos19:48
* inetpro is still full of life19:48
* inetpro is always awake19:48
Kilosyou pulling a crash kid stunt19:49
Kilosthen hear an alert and wake up and say i was busy19:49
Kilosek sukkel darem met my volk19:50
* Cryterion peeks in the room20:28
magespawnhi Cryterion 20:29
Cryterionheya magespawn20:29
Cryterionlooks quiet here20:29
magespawnhas been most of the day. got chatty a little while back, then ppl need to sleep for some reason20:30
Cryterionyeah notice, been in out all day, missed all the chat20:30
magespawnfunny how that happens at certain times20:35
magespawnokay then.20:41
superflyhey magespawn20:41
superflyI appear to have some bites on me. weird. one on my hand and one on my arm.20:41
magespawnhey superfly 20:43
magespawnanything else? symptoms?20:43
superflyjust itchy.20:44
superflyit's weird because I don't normally get bitten20:44
superflymrs_fly gets eaten alive by them, but they ignore me.20:44
magespawnit happens to the best of us20:44
magespawnin tis part of the world you get uaed to being eaten20:47
magespawnas long as it is not serious20:52
superflyactually, I never got one bite while in Mozambique21:00
superflyanyway, it's bed time for me. I'm zonked. Later21:00
magespawngood night, bedtime for me too.21:12
inetprogood night21:27

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