zequence-controls upload will have to wait until after Beta1. Too much not finished yet10:48
zequenceI haven't checked what changes Xubuntu has done in the last couple of months, so our seeds probably need to be updated11:25
zequenceJust did, and seems fine. No changes this year at all11:27
zequenceNo changes to our seeds either, as it seems11:28
flocculantzequence: your mail says "I requested a rebuild of the ISO,..." queuebot says "Ubuntu Studio DVD amd64 [Xenial Beta 1] has been disabled" and the tracker agrees - no studio on beta testing tracker13:07
zequenceflocculant: I tried reversing that to no effect13:15
zequenceA little weird with two options, and two buttons for making them13:15
zequenceYOu saying a build request was never made?13:16
zequenceNo, wait13:16
zequenceOk, I forgot to select them again13:17
zequenceWell, they are enabled for testing again, so I hope the build request got through this time13:18
zequenceAh, yes, seems good13:18
zequenceflocculant: Thanks13:18
zequenceOvenWerks: Did you find anything new with qjackctl?14:44
OvenWerkszequence: still bad? no nothing new.16:14
flocculantzequence: just to keep you updated - you'll be wanting a rebuild again later :p16:18
OvenWerksqt4-doc is rather large...16:36
OvenWerkszequence: qjackctl built with qt4 works on 160416:43
OvenWerksThat is version 0.4.1 dl from Sourcefarge16:44
OvenWerkszequence: I will try building for qt5 to see if that is _the_difference between working/not16:45
OvenWerksapparently qjackctl's config doesn't check for everything.16:56
OvenWerkszequence: building qjackctl in QT5 from devs source also fails.16:58
sakrecoer_i thought i had a grip of jack, but the recent talk about it i can only assume i'm slightly grasping some fluffy ideas of what is going on..17:00
OvenWerkssakrecoer_: what is confusing you? The internals do not need to be understood to use jack17:03
sakrecoer_this jack and jack2 vs ardour thing..17:04
sakrecoer_jack is basicaly the term used to say "jackd" or "jackd2" ?17:05
OvenWerksjack1 vs jack2 is the thing really. There was a bad version of jack2 that was making "freerun" not work right.17:05
sakrecoer_and we ship the bad version of jack2?17:06
sakrecoer_which ironicaly seem to be version 1.9.10 :D17:07
OvenWerksjack or jackd does not mean anything but what is currently installed. to be specific one must use jack1 or jack2 ... to confuse things jack1 actually has a version number below 1 and jack2 is currently version 1.9.10  :)17:07
OvenWerksFrom Ralphs last comment that is fixed.17:07
OvenWerksdebian by default ships the highest version of a program... so jack2. But really jack1 and jack2 are parallel. they should be jackd and jackdmp17:08
OvenWerksjackd1 is single thread, single core. Jackd2 can use more than one core unless in syncronus mode.17:09
sakrecoer_jack1 is jackd, and jack2 is jackdmp?17:11
sakrecoer_so 14.04 comes with jack1? i can't find any jackdmp, but maybe i'm looking in the wrong places..17:12
OvenWerks14.04 comes with jackd2 which is jackdmp17:14
OvenWerksWhat I am saying is that the use of 1 and 2 has led to much confusion :)17:14
sakrecoer_OvenWerks: ok... but the command is still named jackd?17:14
sakrecoer_i find no jackdmp command..17:15
sakrecoer_haha :) that is the most confusing name and versioning story i've ever heard.17:16
sakrecoer_now i see, jackd -V gives me "jackdmp 1.9.10" :D17:17
OvenWerksfor our purposes jack2 is nice because it comes with jackdbus (yes you will find that one) which allows easy use of pulseaudio and jack together.17:17
sakrecoer_but is jack1 still being developped?17:18
OvenWerksthere is a patch for jack1 that makes it work with dbus, but it is not in the repo17:18
OvenWerksjack1 is still being developed and in some ways is ahead of jack217:18
sakrecoer_hahahaha?!?!?! i'm dying a little bit from laughing :D17:19
sakrecoer_reminds me of photography, where large shutter is small number, large exposure number is short exposure etc etc...17:20
OvenWerkssakrecoer_: it is possible to install jack1 on ubuntu, but it would try to remove much sw that (mistakenly) depends on jack217:20
sakrecoer_but we are better off with jack2 anyways aren't we?17:20
OvenWerkssakrecoer_: same as wire size or sheet metal gauge17:21
OvenWerkssakrecoer_: I think so, but that is my opinion. There are a lot of people who use jack1.17:21
OvenWerksjack2 is also still being developed. If jack had been properly, fully developed from the start, it may have been what pulseaudio is today, but better :) but the developers were not that interested in desktop audio and so did not work at that.17:24
OvenWerksI have found that using jack as the "device" for pulse works very well and causes me less trouble than either jackd or pulse alone.17:25
OvenWerksThe pa-jack mix is stable enough that I use it on my wife's computer as default.17:26
sakrecoer_well, so far i've always been happy with the jack installed in ubuntustudio, without having a truly conscient opinion, i must agree. it's super easy to connect the pulse stuff to jack stuff..17:26
OvenWerkszequence: there does not seem to be a launchpad code page for qjackctl for X. W is the last one and the depends are already qt4.17:35
OvenWerkszequence: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/25314391/system-tray-icon-doesnt-show-in-qt5-linux-lxde it seems the bug is well known with qt517:38
OvenWerksIt may be that the qt5 version ubuntu has needs upgrading too. but I am not familiar enough with qt to know. The qt4 libs are still available in 1604 so the best thing to do is build qjackctl that way.17:44
OvenWerksqt5.5 is supposed to fix things :P18:04
zequenceOvenWerks: To get the source for any package in the development version, you can use the tool pull-lp-source19:01
zequenceYou get it with ubuntu-dev-tools, I believe19:01
zequenceSo, for qjackctl, it would be: pull-lp-source qjackctl19:02
OvenWerks*.deb src files make no sense to me. /debian/rules needs to be changed, but I am not sure from looking at that if I can just change the 2 qt5s to qt4 and change the depends to qt4 versions if that would work.19:02
zequenceIf not the latest development version: pull-lp-source qjackctl trusty19:02
zequenceOvenWerks: Should be a config change19:02
OvenWerkszequence: I tried the latest version and it works with qt419:02
OvenWerkszequence: There is no config option that makes sense to me.19:03
OvenWerksI do not see where ./configure might be run.19:03
zequenceOvenWerks: best thing is probably to get the git branch from debian19:03
zequence..and see what the diff is between the two revisions where that was changed19:04
zequenceLet me find it..19:04
OvenWerksIt appears that the ./configure step is skipped and the source is pre configured as shipped.19:04
zequenceMaybe a config override in debian/rules was removed with the last update19:05
OvenWerkszequence: qjackctl 0.4.1 configured qt4 by default (though qt5 versions could be built) and 0.4.2 seems to default to qt5.19:06
zequenceOvenWerks: git clone https://anonscm.debian.org/git/pkg-multimedia/qjackctl.git19:06
zequenceOne of the commits will be about the move to qt19:06
zequenceI'm sure you know this, but I say it anyway. To check the diff, find the commit sum, and do: git show <sum>19:07
zequenceShould show you only the changes done in that commit19:07
OvenWerkszequence: actually much easier than that, go to the above git page as a web page and just click on the commit.19:08
zequenceWell, if you want to do it in the web, sure19:08
zequenceSeems like the rules thing was one line changed and two added, and of course, build dependencies changed19:10
OvenWerksSorry 0.4.0 to 0.4.119:10
zequenceIf we want to fix the ubuntu package, by reverting to qt4, we should do the same thing, but make it a debian patch19:10
zequenceOnce the qt5 bug is fixed, we can just remove the debian patch19:11
zequenceIs qt5 update in the works?19:11
zequenceSeemed like the Kubuntu folks are going to do some uploads shortly19:11
OvenWerkszequence: I suspect a direct reversal of that patch may fail. But I can try.19:11
zequenceOvenWerks: No, it needs to be done manually, and made into a patch19:12
zequenceI need to find out what the best way is to create a patch today. I used a tool before, which is not working anymore19:12
zequenceBut, question is, how long will we need the fix, also19:12
zequenceWe could hang back for a little while, and fix it later, if needed19:13
zequenceOr, do it now, and whoever does it gets to learn how to do Debian patches in the modern way19:13
OvenWerkszequence: the switch to qt4 could stay in 1604 with no problem as there are other programs that need qt419:13
OvenWerkszequence: probably the easiest way is to branch the ubuntu version make changes upload to my branch... create a merge request.19:15
zequenceOvenWerks: If you want, but it needs to be a debian patch. You can't just make changes to the code. That won't work19:16
zequenceSo, it can't just be a bzr commit. That's not enough19:16
zequenceThe patch needs to be documented according to debian patch format19:16
zequenceOvenWerks: I did that for jackd and pulseaudio for 12.04, and things have changed a bit since19:19
OvenWerkshmm there doesn't seem to be a branch to play with anyway.19:19
zequenceI would check Ubuntu Packaging docs, Ubuntu wiki, and most importantly, Debian wiki for information19:19
zequenceOh, there is19:19
zequenceBut, it's not a stable release. I don't remember the difference19:20
zequenceDon't know if someone messed up the project of qjacktl somehow in LP19:24
zequenceI can't find the bzr branch, no19:24
zequenceAnyway, it needs to be a debian patch. One can get the current source with pull-lp-source19:26
zequenceThen, make it a bzr branch, add the one commit with the debian patch, and push it to a branch19:27
zequenceThen, poke someone to get it, check it, and upload it19:27
zequenceA debdiff could probably work too.19:27
zequenceBut, that would be done without bzr19:27
zequenceThe bzr branch can be linked to the bug report19:28
zequencebtw, might be a good idea to do the fix in Debian directly, come to think of it19:29
zequenceSince I think it will continue to be a problem for them even after release19:29
zequenceI could look into that19:29
zequenceThat way, all we need to do is a sync request19:29
zequenceNew ISOs just got built, but not published yet19:32
OvenWerksAn upgrade shows no new qt stuff though.19:56
OvenWerks(new kernel though)19:57
OvenWerkszequence: we have both xchat and pidgin. Do we want that? Pidgin comes from xubuntu?20:06
flocculantOvenWerks: would you not be better with hexchat instead of xchat - one is maintained - afaik xchat is moribund20:26
OvenWerksbut works. If we have pidgin do we need something else?20:27
flocculantwe don't20:27
flocculanthaven't for a couple of cycles iirc20:28
zequenceNew ISOs out21:24
zequenceflocculant: Have you made changes to those yourselves?21:25
flocculantto the iso's?21:25
zequenceNo, pidgin and xchat21:26
zequenceMaybe I have the wrong branch, but it seems like there have been no changes since November21:26
zequenceJust confirmed on LP. Think I synced ours with yours after that21:27
OvenWerkszequence: my wife's version of xubuntu 16.04 has no xchat.21:28
zequenceOvenWerks: Did you install your Studio recently?21:28
zequenceMy sync happened 2 days after the last change in xubuntu21:28
OvenWerksInstallationDate: Installed on 2015-11-19 (89 days ago)21:29
zequenceThe sync happened Nov 28th21:30
OvenWerksso it has been a while, I have kept it upgraded, but that doesn't remove cruft.21:30
zequenceSo, you probably have the olds stuff21:30
OvenWerksAfter I figure out this qjackctl stuff I will probably reinstall anyway.21:31
OvenWerksThat way I can do an install test and live test.21:31
flocculantzequence: we seed pidgin - we stopped seeding xchat a couple of cycles ago21:31
zequenceflocculant: Ok. Len probably has his from an older install, so we shouldn't have it anymore21:32
OvenWerkszequence: I do have a working (from ubuntu source) qjackctl. I had to patch the configure file as well.21:32
zequenceOvenWerks: That btw might require another look at our irc shortcut. I haven't tested that for a couple of years at least21:32
zequenceOvenWerks: The config file doesn't have a qt4 option anymore?21:33
zequenceOvenWerks: the shortcut opens xchat, but we aren't shipping it anymore21:34
OvenWerksI don't know how to write that into the debian/rules file.21:34
zequenceThe git diff should give you a clue21:34
OvenWerksno, configure was changed from 0.4.0 to 0.4.1 to default to qt521:35
zequencedefault to, yes, but there's still an option for qt4, right?21:35
OvenWerksSo it defaults to qt5 now21:35
zequenceAnd, in the Debian package, the config options was changed in the rules file, not anywhere else21:36
OvenWerks--enableqt4 I think21:36
OvenWerksno but it was changed in the source from sourceforge21:36
zequenceSure, but not in the Debian package. For us, the correct way to do things is through Debian packaging21:37
OvenWerksright, but not sure what rules uses for stuff to feed ./configure21:38
zequenceIt just supplies an env var for where the qt stuff is located21:39
zequenceexport QTDIR=/usr/share/qt421:39
zequenceNot your standard lib dir, but perhaps there's something more to it. I don't know qt21:40
zequenceCould be that commit only made the packagin work after upstream changes. Going to check21:41
OvenWerkszequence: I changed those first, but when building it runs configure and configure says qt5 unless told other wise21:41
zequenceOk, so the packager only followed upstream in this case21:42
zequenceThat's the latest sync with upstream21:42
zequenceHere is the diff to the config file http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-multimedia/qjackctl.git/diff/configure?id=88e3ed9c8c59a072369938688bcdde2dd81aa9ed21:43
zequenceAnd, that is where default was changed21:43
zequenceA config override is possible from debian/rules21:43
zequenceSo, that is where it should be done21:44
OvenWerkszequence: yes you can see ac_qt4= has been change from yes to no. I just reverted those two lines back21:44
zequenceSomething like..21:45
zequenceoverride_dh_auto_configure: dh_auto_configure -- --prefix=/opt/uruk21:45
OvenWerksbut if I can get rules or whatever rules reads to give configure --enableqt4 that would work too.21:45
zequenceAdding this could work http://paste.ubuntu.com/15191146/21:47
zequenceI haven't muched messed with it, but there's the clue anyway. debhelper21:47
zequenceGoing to bed. Just getting the latest ISO, and will start testing early in the morning.21:48
zequencegn all21:48
OvenWerkszequence: I can't get override_dh_auto_configure: to work. It seems in order for that to work one has to first have dh $@ on a line above... but if I do that the whole build fails for lots of other missing stuff.23:37
OvenWerksquite honestly, this rules file is what has kept me from packaging some other packages. It expects all packages to be built in a certain way... if not the ways of getting around things are non-obvious/non-trivial23:39
OvenWerksnone of the documentation seems to say that to use this you must have that... or this comes first, this comes last and this in the middle.23:41

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