Guest54076Hi, I have a quick question. According to the news here, do you think Nvidia would do the same for their older hardware -> http://www.linuxjournal.com/content/nvidia-releases-new-blobs-too-little-too-late01:55
Guest54076Let's say super old video card...01:55
erick_Hi, I have one question. Do you think Nvidia would do the same for their older hardware one day?02:04
erick_or it would be for that particular hardware and newer only?02:04
cfhowletthow would we know eric_?  we don't work for nvidia02:04
erick_Because you guys know much more than me.02:05
cfhowlettyou know as much about this as we do.02:05
erick_I am guessing you guys can predict something :)02:05
cfhowlettyou give us far too much credit02:06
cfhowlettbetter to ask nvidia directly02:06
erick_How do I do that? Is there an IRC channel?02:06
erick_I found it. there is one here at freenode #nvidia02:12
erick_I will go check it out. Bye.02:13
somacomadreamsHello everyone, long time Ubuntu user but new to studio. Any good guides out there I should check out to get aquainted?03:13
PersistantHey everyone, had an install problem. Using a System 76 Galago Ultra and it has an m.SSD and a 1TB HDD so there was bootloader confusion.07:30
PersistantThe prompt to change the bootloader location at the end did not work.07:30
PersistantIt kept trying to install it to sda instead of sdb, I suppose I could let it install it on the HDD and not the m.SDD.07:31
PersistantBut I enjoy the speed of the OS when it is installed on the SSD, it's just so responsive.07:31
PersistantAnyway, no rush, have an alert set so I'll be around trying to get my podcast mic to work. I'd like to set it up in studio though. It can handle 192 Kbs so I'm excited.07:33
PersistantI advocate against the drug war as a former heroin addict, if anyone would like to be interviewed or help, let me know. All are welcome.07:33
zequencePersistant: The boot loader in itself is not the main problem. It just boots up the system, and then whatever system files you have - those will be read from whatever disk they are on07:44
zequencePersistant: Did you do a manual partitioning? If no, are you sure the system was installed onto SSD? It may have been installed to the HDD07:44
zequenceI would do a manual partitioning. In the partitioner you can also choose the location for the boot loader07:45
zequenceIf it's a UEFI system, then make sure you have a partition for EFI. There should already be one, which you can just reuse.07:46
nathanaeaso many secret magic keyboard shortcuts in ubuntu15:02
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charles_hHello, I'm upgrading my ubuntu studio distro (i think to wolverine, but I wasn't really paying attention) and it's now got a window open asking me which CA-certificcates i would like to trust. They all start with 'mozilla'. Does anyone have advice?18:00
len__zequence, yeah it opens up xchat for sure.21:33

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