Nairwolffloculant : how can I verify if this bug affects me ? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xubuntu-artwork/+bug/154864700:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1548647 in xubuntu-artwork (Ubuntu) "LibreOffice uses breeze style" [Undecided,Confirmed]00:10
krytarikNairwolf: https://kdeonlinux.files.wordpress.com/2015/03/libreoffice3.png  vs.  http://xubuntu.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/lo-writer.png00:45
Nairwolfoh, thank you, the first one is much nicer ;)00:51
NairwolfI hope it will be changed ;)00:52
knomeactually, the latter one is what you should have.00:54
Nairwolfi've shut down my test-computer, but it seems that I had the second one01:00
Nairwolfwhy this theme ? 01:01
knomethere are actually a few things that are different in those two screenshots, so there is no clear answer01:01
bluesabregnome-software seems to do *some* stuff now01:19
knomebranau, hello01:19
branauHey knome! How goes it?01:19
knomenot bad01:19
knometo answer to your email:01:20
knomeas i said, my original intention was to work on the UI side of things01:20
knomethen i noticed that the uploader on your version had a possibility to upload from an URL01:20
knomeplus the regular metadata stuff wordpress offers01:20
knomei quickly checked if there was an option to be able to remove those, but there didn't seem to be a trivial choice 01:21
knomei mean we only want the user to upload a file, without touching it's title, or too much else01:21
branauYeah, I thought you wanted me to use the built-in WordPress uploader, at least that was what I had understood01:22
knomeyeah; my code uses wp to handle the upload too01:22
knomei think this is the old widget though01:22
knomewhich turned out to be perfect for us :)01:22
branauGotcha, I must've misunderstood what you meant01:22
knomeless dependencies too!01:22
knomei mean your version was fine too - it just had that URL thing, and other options we actually didn't want to show the user if possible01:23
knomei totally didn't mean to snatch the work from you...01:23
knomeat the point i had the upload thing done, and having heard you say that you didn't touch the voting stuff yet, i quickly dropped that in too01:24
branauIt's all good, I should've clarified before jumping into it01:24
knomethe version you got actually saves all the votes in a single option; i've now updated the tarball into a version where each image has its own metadata with votes01:24
knome(and licence/attribution in their own meta fields instead of the "content" field, so people can't mess with it now)01:25
branauSounds good, so you want me to upload that plugin so we can test it then=01:25
knomeit's still on temp.knome.fi01:25
branauAh, same url as before?01:26
knomei've actually sent a request to the canonical IS to set up a new subdomain contest.xubuntu.org01:26
knomeso once we have that linked, i'll push the code to the server and set it up for further testing01:26
branauAh, sounds good01:26
knome(i should also push the code to a repository under xubuntu-website in launchpad)01:26
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bluesabreAssuming we're leaving our monospace font as DejaVu, this should be it for the changes to desktop branches10:55
SwissBotfeed xubuntu-default-settings had 8 updates, showing the latest 311:25
knomebluesabre, well done11:28
bluesabreflocculant: new catfish-daily package building in https://code.launchpad.net/~catfish-search/+archive/ubuntu/ppa - fixed12:25
bluesabrethat failed12:26
* knome grants bluesabre the sherlock of the day award12:26
bluesabreflocculant: better link https://bugs.launchpad.net/catfish-search/+bugs?field.searchtext=&orderby=-importance&field.status%3Alist=FIXCOMMITTED12:26
bluesabrewith the recent annoyances in clutter, might set parole12:28
bluesabre's default back to xv and add some patches to make that better12:29
* bluesabre can't seem to type today12:29
bluesabrewill have to figure something out with mugshot :\12:29
knomeok everybody, likely going to break dev.xubuntu.org for a sec12:31
ochosibluesabre: what's so broken with clutter in 16.04?12:31
ochosi(i presume totem/video still works as always)12:31
bluesabreochosi: API change in ClutterGst... the old video sink was dropped and the new one is a pain to integrate12:32
bluesabreochosi: the old one was a clutter actor that could be easily embedded, the new one, not so much12:32
bluesabreochosi: I'm also apparently the only person using the API in python12:32
bluesabreno code examples >.<12:33
bluesabrewill hop on one of those channels trying to get support sometime soon, haven't quite had time lately12:34
bluesabreso to summarize... in mugshot the video appears white but a photo can technically be taken12:35
bluesabreand in parole, I have code that makes it do something now, but it just pops the video window out of the player12:35
flocculantbluesabre: what a good chap you are :)12:41
flocculantbluesabre: still got issues with images and laptops - which probably is actually useful - not loads of rebuilds going on :D12:47
flocculantI've managed to jury rig a laptop up so can at least test the installer doesn't crash prior to deciding to release or not12:48
ochosibluesabre: that sounds really meh12:49
flocculantI'd likely still release anyway - it can install on laptop as long as remove battery/use ac12:49
flocculanthi ochosi 12:49
bluesabreflocculant: funnnn12:54
bluesabreflocculant: used gnome-software any lately?12:55
bluesabreit does some stuff now12:55
bluesabreand last night it consumed all of my ram after closing it12:55
bluesabregoing to try to reproduce tonight, then file a bug if I can12:56
bluesabreochosi: yes, especially since I moved to clutter with the idea that things should be stable and supported and easy to maintain12:57
bluesabre(pretty much none of those ideals came true)12:57
flocculantbluesabre: nope - not used it lately12:59
bluesabrestill doesn't list uninstalled apps (for me)12:59
bluesabrebut the updater functionality is starting to work, and existing apps can be launched now13:00
flocculantit's telling me there are updates when there aren't13:01
flocculantha ha ha 13:01
flocculantin as much as it probably could :)13:01
bluesabreI think that might be related to the "Restart & Install" button at the top of mine13:02
bluesabrescared to think of what that might do if it does not currently work13:02
flocculantI dare you :p13:02
bluesabreI'll do it in a vm later ;)13:02
flocculantha ha ha 13:02
flocculantI see you are sensible then :D13:03
bluesabreonly a bit13:03
flocculantbluesabre: I assume the catfish changes are in the ppa? I tested the click not working properly one I reported - that appears to work now, so I hope so :)13:05
flocculantright - I'm off again - bbl13:07
bluesabreflocculant: yes, the "catfish-daily" package13:08
knomebluesabre, have you ever used dokuwiki with mysql?13:55
bluesabreknome, nope13:58
bluesabreTime for work, bbl13:58
knomei don't remember if i have, i might...13:58
Nairwolfhi flocculant, I've received your message16:27
NairwolfI would like to help more, so tell me what I'm supposed to do ;)16:28
flocculantNairwolf: you read the QA dev docs? generally just carry on as you are for the time being - you're doing fine16:30
flocculantassuming you're about still in May then we can look at getting you to do more for sure16:31
Nairwolfflocculant: I need to admit, I'm often lost with all links to deal with (docs.xubuntu.org, ubuntu wiki, launchpad)16:46
flocculantfor QA you need one :)16:47
flocculanthttp://docs.xubuntu.org/contributors/ 16:47
Nairwolfok !16:53
NairwolfI'm gonna read that16:53
flocculant3 of the chapters are qa16:53
NairwolfI need to do some stuff right now, maybe I'm going to ask some questions later16:53
Nairwolfyes, I've seen that16:53
Nairwolfoh, I wasn't connected, what was my last message ? 17:17
Nairwolf I've just discovered that : https://trello.com/b/IV66JCHl/xubuntu-qa17:17
Nairwolfwhat does mean "Priority 5" ? 17:17
flocculantit';s the 5th time it was going to get called17:24
Nairwolfwhat is "it" ? 17:26
flocculantdon't really use that anymore - not likely to make it into the yogic yinepu cycle17:26
NairwolfCan I join this team or do I need to show my work, before ? 17:27
flocculantyou can join that - it's open team 17:28
Nairwolfokay, what are the implications ? Will I receive some mails ? 17:29
flocculantsome - not many 17:29
Nairwolfok, ok, I will see17:30
flocculantbluesabre: I think I asked this before - lost in the logs of time though ... why do we have evince and evince-gtk?18:54
Unit193flocculant: evince-gtk is a transitional dummy package back to evince now.19:21
knomeUnit193, since you mentioned it, navigation on dev. and wiki. should now work seamlessly19:56
knome(seamlessly meaning that if you have dev. open and go to wiki. (or the other way), your irc tab will be reset)19:56
knomebut maybe the irc tab should default to opening in _blank anyway19:57
Unit193Great, nice.20:03
flocculantknome: can I leave the website release doodah for tomorrow to you? 20:23
flocculantbluesabre: draft wiki is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/Beta1/Xubuntu - if you could look at the bug fix/enhancement thing that'd be nice :)20:24
knomeis there something we specifically like to highlight on the announcement?21:07
knomemaybe gmb/no media manager?21:08
knomeand noto21:08
flocculantsounds like the sort of things which should be on it 21:12
flocculantnot sure there are any other major changes from 15.1021:13
flocculantknome: thanks - looks just how I thought it would :)21:13
knomei checked http://dev.xubuntu.org/#tab-timeline and searched for "in development"21:14
knomeand no, i didn't find anything specific21:14
knomedid a few updates21:16
knomedo we want to mention the beta on the footer?21:17
knomelike we did before with 15.1021:17
knome This is the first beta towards the final release in October.21:18
flocculantyea I think so 21:18
knomes/15.10/16.04/ too :P21:18
flocculantactually not so sure21:18
knomeabout mentioning on footer?21:18
knomethen the beta release won't be visible on the front page at all21:19
flocculantas you know on Friday it's out of date21:19
knome(not saying this is unwanted, just saying)21:19
flocculantwhy is it not on the front page? 21:19
knomethe blog articles we show only show "articles", eg. not news21:20
knomethat's intentional, because we don't want it to be littered with "15.10 b1 out", "15.10 b2 out", etc...21:20
knome(and because the latest real releases are highlighted already)21:20
flocculantI'm not convinced that advertising b1 is what we should do tbh - I'd rather people asked and got pointed at daily21:21
knomei was just saying so that you are aware21:21
flocculantyea I understand that :)21:21
knome(and because we did the footer thing before)21:21
flocculantI think when we get to RC time we can do it 21:21
flocculantyep - I've just been mulling it over as we started talking about it 21:22
flocculantgiven the lack of testing we *know* about - I don't want much to get into that install b1 and apt-get update it till April thing :)21:22
knomebug 1462445 ?21:22
ubottubug 1462445 in Clutter "Gtk applications start with blank screen (Clutter 1.22.4 and GtkClutter 1.6.2)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/146244521:23
knomebug 1515425 ?21:23
ubottubug 1515425 in mousepad (Ubuntu) "natural scrolling (reverse scroll direction) not working in mousepad" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151542521:23
knomere: issues we might want to highlight21:23
flocculantyea I've got a list - the mousepad one isn't on it :D21:25
flocculantthe other mousepad one is ;)21:25
knomei should tackle that *some day*21:25
knomebut yeah, i think i should be around during the day enough tomorrow to take care of the website update21:25
knomeif not, and you are, feel free to go push the publish button21:25
flocculantwell - I'm driving the train with stgraber so ... 21:26
knomethe announcement should be ready to go already considering the download link is correct21:26
flocculanthe's apparentyl working pacific time - so it'll be later in the day I guess21:26
knomeyeah, not EU-based21:27
knomewe have guests afternoonish21:27
flocculantright 21:27
knomebut i'm not completely tied to them21:27
knomei mean i can check the situation etc21:27
flocculantI just didn't want to find I had to write the website thing at the last minute :)21:27
knometbh, this is all *so* much easier with the tracker now21:28
knomeit isn't like "wait, what did we change" at all21:28
flocculantwell I don't really use it for this much - I'm more interested in what bugs I see on the 2 trackers21:28
flocculantyea for sure :D21:29
knomeyeah, sure21:29
knomebut since the critical ones are likely to be tracked on the bugs blueprint...21:29
knome(there's one good reason to maintain it, since you were once wondering)21:29
flocculantgenerally - I've not been good lately 21:29
knomele sigh21:29
knomeif IS would just get our subdomain ready, i could proceed with the wallpaper contest stuff21:30
flocculant\o/ 32 and 64 bit finally installed on a battery laden hardware21:30
flocculantknome: while back there was that blueman applet discussion where we were trying to work out what it affected21:33
flocculantseems to not affect 64bit on this laptop - but does on 32bit ... 21:33
Nairwolfwhen new daily build are done ? 21:58
Nairwolfis it programmed ? In order to know when I need to check with zsync21:59
knomealways check21:59
knomethere might be a manual rebuild21:59
knomeusually not for dailies, but who knows.21:59
Nairwolfyes, but I wanted to say that I've checked few hours ago, and it wasn't updated. And flocculant told me at #xubuntu that it was updated. I wanted to know when automatic builds are done22:01
knomenoonish UTC afaik22:01
knomeflocculant, am i right?22:02
flocculant10 am UTC for cron led builds22:05
flocculantmilestone one's are whenever - our latest was when I kicked it off after ubiquity new landed22:06
knomei would still say better test every time; you never know what the 1337 people are up to.22:07
bluesabreknome: no noto yet, waiting until after b1 (so tomorrow night)22:10
bluesabreHaven't reviewed the rest yet, on way home22:12
knomebluesabre, just that we don't forget, can you add a work item for droid->noto22:12
bluesabreWill do22:12
Nairwolfknome: I can't run zsync everytinme ! Or I need to make it automatic ^^22:13
knomeNairwolf, why can't you?22:13
Nairwolfdo you mean, why I can't run rsync for example every hour ? 22:13
knomewell if you run a test every hour, you surely can run the zsync command once an hour too22:14
knometbh, you likely need to run it only once per test session22:14
knomeand that's in most cases fine22:14
NairwolfI can't run a test every hour...22:14
knomeso why would you need to run the zsync every hour then?22:15
knomejust run it every time before you do a test.22:15
Nairwolfbecause you told me that I have to test everytime ^^22:15
Nairwolfobviously, before I launch a test, I update the iso22:16
knomeyes, every time you run a test...22:16
knomei didn't mean (or say) "every hour"22:16
Nairwolfok, I think I misunderstood you22:17
Nairwolfmaybe my english is not perfect. I've checked if there is a new version few hours ago, and there wasn't. The iso wasn't updated, so I was saying to myself (no need to test today). And then, few minutes ago, I've learnt that there is a new update. That's why I wanted to know when the build are done. That's all. 22:19
knomeas said, the *automatic* updates happen noonish UTC, but there can be other manual updates22:19
knomeso that's why it makes sense to test if the ISO has changed every time you are about to run a test22:20
Nairwolfyes, you right. But tonight I've some freetime, and if flocculant didn't tell me that there is a new update, I wouldn't have tested it right now. 22:22
NairwolfBut, that's okay, thank you for telling me the hour. 22:22
knomethat's why we have these communication channels22:22
Nairwolfindeed ;)22:22
Nairwolfthank you anyway22:29
flocculantNairwolf: for when we are doing milestone tests the quickest way to see if we have a rebuild is check the version listed on the tracker22:29
Nairwolfok, flocculant22:30
flocculantit now says 201602224, if I did a rebuild now it would be 20160224.122:30
flocculantfor dailies - the time is ~10.00UTC22:30
flocculantunless it's not building - always check the date :)22:30
Nairwolfthank you22:32
NairwolfI've the same bug as yesterday "the creation of swap space in partition #5 of SCI3 failed" before the time zone window...22:32
flocculantNairwolf: it's useful if you made note of things you've needed to ask about - so we can add information 22:33
Nairwolfsorry, maybe I don't have understood again... 22:36
NairwolfIt's during ubiquity, how can I get some information (like traceback ?)22:36
NairwolfI don't really know which information I need to add22:41
flocculantNairwolf: report bug 990744 on the tracker against the testcase you followed22:44
ubottubug 990744 in partman-basicfilesystems (Ubuntu) "Ubuntu installer says: The creation of swap space in partition failed" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99074422:44
Nairwolfthank you flocculant, it seems to be this bug, you right !22:48
NairwolfI was starting to write a bug, I will just write a comment. Thank you22:48
flocculantno need to comment - you can click affects me at the top though22:49
flocculantimportant you get it on the tracker - when I do release notes I refer to the tracker for bugs people have seen22:49
Nairwolfyes, but I would like to add some information22:49
Nairwolfthat's done22:52
flocculantthanks 22:52
flocculanttime for me to wander off for a while - night all22:52
Nairwolfgood night ;)22:52
Nairwolfwhich is weird is I had the same issue yesterday, and I succeded to install the iso. Today, I can't ! 22:58
NairwolfI'm still stuck with this bug22:58

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