RoadRunnerwhat does Nepomuk Cleaner do?00:47
RoadRunnerif Nepomuk Cleaner is uselless, is there another app that would be recommended to clean the system (like Window Washer for Windows)?01:26
xanguaClean what?01:26
pencilandpaperxangua, you're everywhere. :)01:27
xanguaI'm on my phone, there's no power in my house :-(01:28
pencilandpaperO I see, and bummer.01:29
pencilandpaperEverything alright though?01:29
RoadRunnerxangua: I assume, crap accumulates over time weather its linux or win; am I wrong?01:31
xanguaCrap like weather? Huh01:32
xanguaI personally think cleaner programs are useless, in both windows and Linux01:32
pencilandpaperI think that Bleachbit is a nice cleaner app RoadRunner .01:33
RoadRunnerlike cookies and history in browser, email client, various temp folders in apps01:33
xanguaIf you wanna get rid of dependencies you no longer use, you can run sudo apt-get autoremove01:33
pencilandpaperIts what I use. You have to be careful with it, and don't run it as root unless you are sure that you know what you are doing..because it will delete files that are needed and leave you with a broken system.01:34
knomei wouldn't suggest using any "cleaner" app either.01:34
pencilandpaperYeah, thats what bleachbit does RoadRunner .01:34
xanguaIf you don't want history in you browser then disable history01:34
xanguaOr use private mode01:34
knomeif you install pacakges via a package manager, the package manager can handle removing those apps (and their configuration if you want) cleanly too01:34
knomeall modern browsers have their own tools for cleaning up history and other offline information01:35
xanguaWhy do people want to basically delete their browser config and cache files that will only regenerate an hour later?01:35
knomexangua, it's a mental thing, but that's a discussion for some other time and place01:36
pencilandpaperIt is too, thinking about having the maximum amount of space.01:38
knomewith even relatively modern computers the space that some cache or history data takes isn't substantial enough to be worried of01:38
RoadRunnerunder win, every app accumulates something (I don't immagine its different under Linux); where ever you go, even Flash player keeps something; regarding why delete these cookies and histories - not all places are visited often, so why keep their tracking cookies.  Or why keep a history of movies you watched in your player?01:40
pencilandpaperRoadRunner, bleachbit will get rid of all of that for you. Like I said, I use it.01:41
pencilandpaperEveryone doesn't agree with cleaning apps, for those that do, we use what we use..and bleachbit is alright for linux.01:42
knomewhy take the time to remove some kilobytes of data (for the list of movies you watched)?01:42
knomewhy is it meaningful to clear this data?01:42
RoadRunnerknome: for me its a habbit of keeping a clean system from the days of DOS when resources were limitted; also some don't like the idea of someone learning all about them if someone hacks their system01:44
knomein that case you should probably turn off the internet, somebody can learn something from you..01:44
knomeanyway, resources *aren't* limited, and sure, i'd understand the point if that data actually had a performance bump01:45
knomebut it doesn't; you don't notice the time that's taken to load the recent file list01:45
RoadRunnerperformance is the least of my worries but privacy is01:46
knomethen you should likely use the private browsing mode01:46
knomeand if you want to get raised to the tinfoil hat class, you can even only use the guest account so everything gets wiped when you log off01:47
knomei mean... privacy is of course a concern, but if you browse the internet, removing the history from your computer isn't going to help01:47
knomeyou already left your trace01:47
knomealso, i only noticed performance because you mentioned habits and DOS01:49
RoadRunnerfirst, there is more to cleaning than the browser; second, you believe your privacy would not be better protected if your machine was hacked/stollen with no personal data on it? all by using habits of old01:53
knomeif you want privacy in the case of a stolen machine, use disk encryption and screen locking.01:53
RoadRunnerpencilandpaper: is bleachbit cleaning some common places by default or must you manually direct it to every nook and crany?01:57
RoadRunnerknome: on the subject of encryption, I would welcome some sugestions01:57
pencilandpaperYou will have to manually configure it RoadRunner , but if you install it you can see what options there are for using it.01:58
pencilandpaperI'm also willing to show you what is safe to clean, or recommended..and what is not recommended to clean.01:58
knomeRoadRunner, the easiest way to do it is at install timem but: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FullDiskEncryptionHowto01:58
RoadRunnerpencilandpaper: would you say this app is the best of its kind for this in the lin world?02:00
pencilandpaperYeah RoadRunner .02:01
pencilandpaperI remember you in here asking about this before RoadRunner , and I had mentioned bleachbit while others ofcourse suggested to not use a cleaning app.02:01
RoadRunnerknome: thank you, I will study your suggestion02:01
pencilandpaperDo you happen to go online at all and research for yourself if you don't mind me asking?02:02
RoadRunnerpencilandpaper: not at all, I do what I can; on the subject of you seeing me here asking this, I am surprised because I have no recallection of this...02:03
pencilandpaperOk, well then maybe it was someone else, but I could have sworn that it was you.02:06
pencilandpaperAlright, well yeah..if you want something that does what you are asking without doing it manually, bleachbit is what you want to use.02:06
RoadRunnerthe ver on bleachbit's site is a bit newer than in usc; which source would you recommend I use?02:08
RoadRunnerpencilandpaper: still there? :)02:12
knomealways prefer the version in the repository unless you totally know what you are doing.02:12
knomeinstalling stuff outside the repositories can leave clutter on your system when you remove it.02:12
pencilandpaperI would also recommend the version in repo's RoadRunner .02:13
knomesince that seems to be a high level consideration02:13
RoadRunnerso stability/reliability over marginal gains in features or app performance, right?02:14
pencilandpaperRoadRunner, it just seems that if you aren't familiar with some of the things being talked about that you are just beginning to get used to linux, so its best for now to use what is available to you in the software manager.02:14
pencilandpaperThen you can worry about going and grabbing up things from outside of the software manager and installing apps.02:15
knomeand the repositories are trusted sources too, so they are less probable to install unwanted code on your system.02:15
knome(since we're skating on the privacy area)02:16
RoadRunnerfair enough02:16
RoadRunnernew question - backup; any objections to clonezilla live?02:17
knomehey, it's your system, why would we object?02:18
RoadRunner:) perhaps you would like to suggest something better?02:21
RoadRunnermay I take the general silence as a consensus that there is nothing horribly wrong with the app?02:25
knomeyou are free to take it as you will :P02:25
cajuntechieHey everyone, quick question: is there a way to move a VM install of Xubuntu to a regular install? A client asked me to do it and I'm not even sure if it's possible. Is there any doc on this?02:29
knomecajuntechie, i don't think that's officially supported (let alone documented), but theoretically it should work if you simply cloned the VM HDD to a real one02:31
RoadRunnerknome: well, what do you use for back up from scratch?02:31
knomeRoadRunner, a personalized script set based on rsync.02:32
RoadRunnersounds like its not something I, being a newbie, am ready for...02:33
knomeor maybe it just doesn't match your needs02:34
RoadRunnerjust the same, I'll look into rsync (just in case) :)02:34
cajuntechieThank you knome. I think it's probably best to just copy their data and conf files then and do a clean, hardware based, install. I'm not ready to go into that sort of uncharted territory on my clients dime.02:35
knomeyou probably want a GUI app, but if you seriously want to look at something close to what i'm doing, look at http://www.mikerubel.org/computers/rsync_snapshots/02:36
knomeRoadRunner, ^02:36
knomeRoadRunner, but as you said, it's not likely something you are ready for...02:36
knomecajuntechie, indeed; if it's not a heavily customized installation, it might even be faster02:37
cajuntechieknome: This is just straight, out of the box Xubuntu and Fedora. Nothing really changed. A few .conf changes and some software installs but, aside from that, they are even still running the stock wallpaper.02:37
RoadRunnerlast question for today: temperature control.  Used SpeedFan under Win and closest I am finding in usc is PSensors which monitors but doesn't seem to allow to control fan speeds.  Any advice?02:40
RoadRunnerAny and all advice appreciated :)02:42
knomefan control... become a world class footballer, hire a social media specialist and... oh, oops.02:44
knomeif it's a laptop, do you have any function keys that are supposed to handle the fan control?02:45
knomeif yes and yes, have you tried if they work?02:45
knomeif you have, and they don't work, have you checked if your laptop model is supposed to have some support from the manufacturer or the community?02:46
RoadRunnerdesktop :)02:48
RoadRunneris there an app under lin that can override (or do a better job than) bios's fan control on mobo (cpu fan) as well as con ase and GPU fans?02:52
RoadRunner*on case and ...02:53
RoadRunnerback in a few hours (but please do leave comments) :)02:59
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Guest57682Hello I am wondering if I installed xubuntu, is there an option to enable full disk encryption on the install?04:24
Guest57682nvm. thank you.04:25
DexterFsay I want to run headless but only fire up X(fce) when needed. coming from the dark ages I'd change the initial runlevel and startx, I think, though, that's not how it's done anymore, isn't it?06:54
Unit193DexterF: Just change /etc/default/grub and append 'text' where you see 'quiet splash'07:12
Unit193And of course, update-grub.07:12
DexterFUnit193: I see. startx then for X session?07:13
Unit193Won't get the Xubuntu session that looks correct, though.07:14
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Unit193DexterF: Did you specifically want to `startx` over starting lightdm?07:50
Unit193I'd use http://paste.openstack.org/show/I6ZkCkwzSRQpvtSxHNfg as my .xinitrc if so.07:51
DexterFUnit193: no, I just don#t know what is the standard method to start an X session from text mode.08:06
xubuntu32whi......I am trying to download Udates, but, there is no free space on the boot folder.......but, other times it was ok......what could be the problem ??08:33
heoyeadelete old kernels09:03
xubuntu34wthanks for the help in the "Free Space in Boot Folder" ..... I download the Ubuntu-Tweak tool......is really good !!09:22
pezushello. i am having an issue with my laptop and external monitors and i don't know what the problem actually is09:32
pezusin power manager, i disabled everything that happens when i close the lid. except for "turn the laptop screen off". this means my 2 external monitors still work although i close the lid09:33
pezusbut when i lock the screen, my 2 externals won't wake up until i open the lid again09:33
pezusis there anything i also should configure?09:35
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ScottMeUpBeamyHi :)15:25
ScottMeUpBeamyThanks for the warm welcome ^_^15:26
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ExecutionerHow much breaking changes are between 15.04 and 15.10?17:36
ubottuUbuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) release notes can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WilyWerewolf/ReleaseNotes17:38
Executionerbazhang: thanks, but the server right now is throwing a 50018:04
birdlandany member from Greece ?18:09
bazhang!gr | birdland18:11
ubottubirdland: #ubuntu-gr και #kubuntu-gr για Έλληνες χρηστές  /  #ubuntu-gr kai #kubuntu-gr gia Ellhnes xrhstes18:11
xubuntu77hi anyone there???19:27
mrkrampsxubuntu77, just ask your question19:28
xubuntu60ianyone there??19:28
mrkrampsxubuntu60i, just ask your question19:29
xubuntu60ii have just installed xubuntu... i have an old pc19:31
xubuntu60ilubuntu was running good on  it19:31
xubuntu60iwould it work fine or somewhat slower19:32
mrkrampsxubuntu60i, depends on your hardware19:32
xubuntu60iit is very old .. pentium m19:32
mrkrampsi would recommend sticking with Lubuntu then19:33
xubuntu60ialso i have never used irc19:33
xubuntu60iso i wanted to ask about its usage19:33
xubuntu60ihow to use it well.. as iu have never seen such a thing19:34
mrkrampsxubuntu60i, http://www.irchelp.org/19:35
xubuntu60ia lot19:36
mrkrampsxubuntu60i, might take some time to get all the datails, but generally IRC is pretty easy as it is primarily a chat network19:37
xubuntu60iok.. thanks for the help19:38
Nairwolfxubuntu60i: and you can use IRC with a desktop-client (like pidgin, or hexchat) or with your web browser with this link : https://webchat.freenode.net/19:38
xubuntu60iis it like an application?19:39
Nairwolfxubuntu60i: here, you're at #xubuntu, it's a channel, and there is thousands of active channel of the IRC's server freenode. (We're at freenode, but there are other irc servers)19:39
Nairwolfxubuntu60i: what is "it" in your sentence ?19:40
gdehi all - I have a new Xubuntu 15.10 install that refuses to retain my en_GB keyboard layout on boot - known issue? Have seen a variety of workarounds in forums but no root cause.19:40
NairwolfIRC is a chat protocol. As SMTP is the protocol for e-mail19:40
xubuntu60iis there any way that i can get updates of irc19:40
gdeGoes back to en_US behaviour - but the settings are all still en_GB19:40
xubuntu60iit refers to  pidgin hexchat19:41
mrkrampsxubuntu60i, pidgin and hexchat are clients to access IRC networks19:41
Nairwolfxubuntu60i: IRC isn't something you update because it's a protocol. Like we're using HTTP to browser web pages. You can reach an IRC network with some software like pidgin, or hexchat, yes.19:41
Nairwolfhow have you been access to here ? With a web browser ?19:41
xubuntu60iyes mozilla19:42
mrkrampsupdates for the clients you will get with other updates of your linux distribution19:42
gde(running "sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration" and accepting all the existing settings makes it work)19:42
xubuntu60iok thats okk..19:43
xubuntu60ibut i was interested in it19:43
Nairwolfxubuntu60i: ok, it's great. You can download a IRC client if you want, but it's not necessary. With a client you can have more features like saving some channels, or save some user nickname, etc19:43
xubuntu60ias i was about it regarding gsoc19:44
mrkrampsgde, keymap setting lost in lightdm or whole desktop env?19:44
Nairwolfxubuntu60i: you can go to #xubuntu-offtopic in order to speak about things not related to #xubuntu19:44
xubuntu60ihow can it help19:44
Nairwolfregarding gsoc ? I don't understand19:44
gdemrkramps: whole desktop. not sure about lightdm since my pw doesn't have characters that would move in the map19:44
mrkrampsgde, have you checked your language settings if all required packages are installed?19:45
gdemrkramps: its saying some libreoffice translations missing - will install and try again19:46
gdenope, still same. interestingly, t's not boot that resets it, it's logout/login19:47
mrkrampsgde, your configuration in settings → keyboard [layout]?19:49
gdemrkramps: "Use system defaults"19:50
mrkrampsgde, grep XKBLayout /etc/default/keyboard19:51
mrkrampssry! should be: grep XKBLAYOUT /etc/default/keyboard19:51
gdemrkramps: XKBLAYOUT="gb"19:51
mrkrampsgenii, setxkbmap -query19:53
mrkrampsgde, this command was for you19:54
gderules: evdev19:54
gdemodel: pc10519:54
gdelayout: gb19:54
gdemrkramps: yup, that's pretty much what I thought. everything is set that I expected.19:55
mrkrampsgde, settings → input settings set to ibus?19:58
mrkrampsshould be "input method"19:58
gdemrkramps: don't see 'input method' or 'input settings' under settings19:59
mrkrampsgde, im-config -a20:01
gdemrkramps: what in particular are you interested in? IRC client not on machine so cut-paste tricky20:02
gdeActive Configuration: xim (normally missing)20:02
mrkrampsok, so it is not an ibus issue20:02
gdeNormal automatic choice: none (normally ibus or fcitx or uim)20:02
gdeCurrent override choice: (en_GB_20:03
* genii slides mrkramps a fresh coffee20:03
mrkrampsthanks a lot, genii20:04
xubunu77hi there20:24
xubuntu84wHey there, I have a new machine and I wouldn't like to wait for the final release of Xubuntu 16.04. If I install the Beta version (tomorrow?) and apply all the updates that will arise, will I end with the equivalent of the final Xenial Xerus release?21:32
flocculantunless we change things between tomorrow and later21:34
flocculantxubuntu84w: also bear in mind that if things go wrong with it - the advice will be to reinstall with a new daily21:34
flocculanton Friday Beta 1 is out of date :)21:34
xubuntu84wI see... But please, help me to decide here... I am the LTS type. I never install in-between releases and never installed a Beta version. Will I survive or the chances that to suffer a lot are high?21:41
knomeif you are the LTS type, wait until 16.04.1 is out21:42
knomethat means you will avoid all the common bugs that might occur21:42
Nairwolfyou can take the Xubuntu 15.10, and you can change in few months21:47
knomeNairwolf, no, i totally wouldn't do that.21:47
gdemrkramps: given all the easy things are good, is there any area of the input subsystem I should have a deeper dive into at my leisure?21:47
Nairwolfknome: why ?21:47
Nairwolfwhich version of xubuntu he should install right now ?21:48
knomeNairwolf, if somebody tells they are the LTS type, they likely want to avoid upgrades too21:48
knomedepends if they really need to install something now, or if they can wait a few months21:48
knomeif they do, either 16.04 b1 or 14.0421:48
xubuntu84wWill I be helping the community if I choose  to suffer the bugs and report them? At least my suffering will have a "meaning". Machine with touchscreen and 3D camera...21:49
knomein this particular situation, i would probably vouch for 16.04 b121:49
NairwolfHe started by saying "I have a new machine and I wouldn't like to wait for the final release of Xubuntu 16.04."21:49
geniiOr go 14.04.X then LTS-LTS to Xenial point release when it hits 16.04.1 around June or July21:49
mrkrampsgde, actually not … ibus has been a bit troublesome, but as it is for multilingual input it is generally save to remove21:49
knomexubuntu84w, if you report bugs you see, then yes, it would be useful - especially if you are willing to give more information when/if needed21:49
knomegenii, the problem with that is many migrations (systemd...)21:50
geniibleh systemd21:50
knomebut sure, one could install 14.04 and wait until april 2017 when it hits EOL, then upgrade21:50
Nairwolfxubuntu84w: you have to know that the actual beta1 has serious issues right now. Ubiquity crash if you have batteries, and there is still some bugs with blueman when you start your computer.21:50
flocculantNairwolf: that's fixed21:51
flocculantxubuntu84w: tbh if you want to install b1 go ahead just be aware that is IS development and things might break21:52
flocculantif you DO go ahead - do it today - the image available now is very very likely to be the one we release tomorrow21:52
mrkrampsgde, if you are just looking for some details about linux to investigate start with how kernel and Xserver handle keyboards21:53
Nairwolfwhat knome said is revelant, I still have a 14.04 version on my actual computer. Some software are a little bit old, but you can still upgrade them with ppa. When 16.04 will go out, I will make a new installation. And moreover, you can install today 14.04 and wait untill July to install 16.04.121:53
xubuntu84wok! I will give a chance to 16.04b1 on my USB stick. If my horoscope says that I should feel lucky, I will go for it. Thanks for the therapy session.21:55
GeekDudemy computer just went completely unresponsive except for the mouse cursor22:58
GeekDudeThat includes ctrl-alt-fX vt switching22:58
GeekDudessh too as far as I can tell22:59
GeekDudeThat is, ssh server isn't working23:00
DrCoolmine did that last night...23:30
DrCoolWhen I woke up this morning it was like that.23:30

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