mupBug #1549545 opened: Bundle deploys fail at lxc-start when bridge br-eth1 is created <ci> <deploy> <maas-provider> <test-failure> <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1549545>00:33
natefinchkatco, ericsnow:  the PR for the missing API field: http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/3961/00:34
ericsnownatefinch: LGTM00:36
natefinchericsnow: nice, thanks!00:36
mupBug #1549545 changed: Bundle deploys fail at lxc-start when bridge br-eth1 is created <ci> <deploy> <maas-provider> <test-failure> <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1549545>00:36
mupBug #1549545 opened: Bundle deploys fail at lxc-start when bridge br-eth1 is created <ci> <deploy> <maas-provider> <test-failure> <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1549545>00:45
natefinchericsnow: you still around?00:59
wallyworldaxw: adding the restriction that controller name must exist in SetController() causes a lot of test failures \o/ i'm going through and fixing those01:01
axwwallyworld: hm :/  do you agree that it should fail though?01:01
wallyworldaxw: nope :-)01:02
wallyworldsorry, i meant yes01:02
axwthe other nope01:02
wallyworldnope that we shound't fail01:02
wallyworldthe fact that we never checked needs to be fixed01:02
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tych0jam: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/4526 is what i've got for now02:21
tych0it seems to bootstrap and deploy stuff02:21
tych0jam: I think (?) it should fix most of your concerns02:21
menn0wallyworld: is there any documentation on how to actually bootstrap at the moment03:09
menn0wallyworld: with lxd not working i'm trying aws03:09
wallyworldmenn0: the release notes are very comprehensive :-)03:09
menn0wallyworld: but it keeps trying to use the EC2 environment variables instead of what's in credentials.yaml03:09
wallyworldwhere is credentials.yaml  located?03:10
wallyworldcan you pastebin it?03:10
menn0wallyworld: I checked the release notes first. They only say that bootstrap and credentials has changed with no details03:11
menn0juju help bootstrap is also no help03:11
* menn0 gets pastes 03:11
* menn0 pastes even03:11
wallyworldmenn0: the release notes have an example credentials.yaml file, what ones are you looking at?03:11
wallyworldlet me check them03:12
menn0wallyworld: ok I see03:12
menn0it's further down03:12
wallyworldyeah, there's a whole essay on the new bootstrap stuff03:13
wallyworldi have had it confirmed that if you follow the directions it does all work :-)03:13
wallyworldbut maybe some more consice getting started docs would have helped03:13
menn0wallyworld: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15193666/03:14
menn0that's what I get03:14
menn0the credentials.yaml looks right to me03:14
menn0(I've redacted the secret bits obviously)03:15
wallyworldlooks ok at first glance, i'll dig in a bit03:15
* menn0 wonders if it works for wallyworld because he has $AWE_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY set03:15
menn0$AWS... even03:16
wallyworldmaybe, but it was tested without i am almost sure, but not 100%03:16
wallyworldmenn0: you are missing the credentials:03:16
wallyworldat the top of the yaml03:16
menn0wallyworld: that would do it :)03:17
wallyworldlet me know if it still is broken03:17
menn0wallyworld: looking better03:19
menn0wallyworld: thanks for your help03:20
menn0wallyworld: I think the client should emit a useful error when credentials.yaml doesn't start with a credentials section03:20
menn0wallyworld: shall I file a bug about it?03:21
menn0I suspect I won't be the only one making this mistake03:21
wallyworldmenn0: agree, but we also have several other yaml files we omit crappy errors for. i'd like to tackle that improvement wholistically03:21
wallyworldand if it's not that error, there could be 100s of other syntactical issues03:21
wallyworldon the whole, juju's error reporting has a lot to answer for03:22
menn0wallyworld: in this case the YAML was syntactically correct. The first section just wasn't what the client expects.03:22
wallyworldfair point. but the same could happen in any yaml file juju likes to read. the user should be editing such files. beta2/3/4 will gain CLI to do that work. go ahead and file a bug if you want though03:23
menn0ok, if the user won't be touching the file soon, then I won't bother with the bug03:24
wallyworld"soon" :-)03:24
wallyworldaxw: could you ptal at http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/3954/03:33
axwwallyworld: looking03:34
axwwallyworld: done03:44
wallyworldaxw: damn, that plural is invisible to me :-/ will fix. need glasses03:46
wallyworldpart 2 will get into the workflow proper, multiple clouds etc03:46
wallyworldjust wanted to get the skelton for part 103:46
axwwallyworld: thanks. ok, sounds good03:46
menn0axw: would you mind taking a look at this one please? http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/3964/03:48
axwmenn0: sure03:48
menn0axw: thansk03:48
axwmenn0: done04:00
menn0axw: thanks04:08
menn0axw: good catch with the missing Done call04:10
wallyworldmenn0: where's thumper? anyways, why does juju create-model use creds/secrets for ec2 and openstack? i thought all hosted models were restricted to using the same creds as the original controller? is that not the case?04:19
wallyworldis ec2 nd openstack special cased?04:19
menn0wallyworld: thumper is on his way to christchurch. he's off tomorrow for a wedding up here.04:22
wallyworldand i thought he was slackong off04:23
wallyworldwe're supposed to have a meeting, i wonder when he ws going to tell me04:23
menn0wallyworld: I don't know about the create-model creds situation. thumper did that work.04:23
wallyworlddamn, ok04:23
menn0such a slacker04:23
wallyworldmenn0: because if we do need to supply creds, we'll need to migrate that to crdentials.yaml etc04:24
menn0wallyworld: off memory, I thought that it was possible to use different creds for different models on the same controller04:24
menn0but i'm fairly vague about that04:24
wallyworldok, np, we'll need to look into it04:25
axwwe should surely default to the controller's creds though04:25
wallyworldyou'd hope so04:25
wallyworldbut the cli has a comment that we look in supplied config vars for new creds04:25
wallyworldi didn't know we did that04:25
axwwallyworld: yep. and some providers will fail if you don't supply them, some don't04:26
menn0wallyworld, axw: think about the possibility of hosted envs being "owned" by completely unrelated parties04:26
menn0you'd want different creds then04:26
wallyworldah yes. true04:26
wallyworldsame provider, different creds04:26
axwmenn0: sure, I think we should support it04:26
axwmenn0: just not require it04:27
menn0it might even be "unsafe" to default to the controller's creds04:27
wallyworldaxw: i think we'd want this for next beta, i'll try and get to it tomorrow, should be small change04:27
menn0not sure04:27
menn0wallyworld, axw: could one of you look at this one please? http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/3965/04:28
axwI'll look04:28
menn0fixes to apiserver panics that several people have been observing during test runs04:28
menn0(including me)04:28
menn0axw, wallyworld: just one of you is fine :)04:28
axwmenn0: yes, me too - thank you!04:29
wallyworldand me!04:29
menn0axw, wallyworld: the novela at the top explains it, but the problem has been there forever I think04:29
menn0axw, wallyworld: it's just that timings for worker startup and shutdown have changed due to the dep engine04:30
wallyworldmenn0: i think it has, i don't recalls those /charm or /tools or /backups etc endpoints being tracked04:30
menn0axw, wallyworld: we're still not in good shape yet for the other streaming style APIs but at least /logsink and /log are fixed04:31
menn0 /logsink is in use all the time04:31
wallyworldgot to start somewhere04:31
menn0and now the pieces are there to do the others04:31
* menn0 spent most of yesterday and today on this one when he should have been doing other things04:31
menn0thought it was due to my changes04:32
menn0but it wasn't04:32
* menn0 creates a ticket about the others04:32
wallyworldmenn0: pr looks ok but my brain has not delved into any possible subtle breakages04:35
menn0wallyworld: i've done quite a bit of manual testing and i'm pretty sure it's right, but I understand your concern04:38
menn0axw: given wallyworld is a bit uncertain could you take a look too please?04:39
wallyworldmenn0: +1 from me fwiw if you've tested manually04:39
axwmenn0: was already looking04:39
axwstill looking04:39
menn0axw, wallyworld: thanks both of you04:39
wallyworldawesome that you fixed it04:39
axwmenn0: LGTM04:45
menn0axw: cheers04:45
menn0axw: your idea makes sense and is preferable to what i've done if I can make it work04:49
menn0trying now04:49
axwmenn0: ok, thanks04:49
menn0axw: yeah, that's heaps better04:56
menn0axw: just making sure it works now04:56
axwmenn0: cool :)04:56
menn0wallyworld: is this error expected?04:58
menn0$ juju bootstrap menn0 aws --config ~/canonical/juju-dev.yaml --upload-tools04:58
menn0Creating Juju controller "local.menn0" on aws/us-west-204:58
menn0ERROR streams/v1/index2.sjson not accessed, actual error: invalid URL "https://streams.canonical.com/juju/images/releases/streams/v1/index2.sjson" not found04:58
wallyworldmenn0: yeah04:58
menn0there's a few other similar ones04:58
wallyworldit needs to be suppressed04:58
menn0due to upload-tools?04:58
wallyworldit's because simplestreams searches everywhere and logs what it can't find04:59
wallyworldshould be debug or trace04:59
wallyworldaxw: so far, aws and google both support different named credentials having their own default region rather than a single global default :-(05:16
wallyworldmight need to revisit the model05:17
axwwallyworld: docs?05:17
wallyworldaxw: for aws, i'd have to look up docs again, i'm judt looking at what's in my ~/.aws directory. there's a config and a credentials file. config has region per user, credentials has credentials per user05:18
axwwallyworld: isn't that just the default for each though?05:19
wallyworldyes, but we don't model it that way05:19
wallyworldwe have map[string]Credential05:19
wallyworldand region is a outside that map05:19
wallyworldi'll leave it for now05:20
axwwallyworld: so you're suggesting DefaultRegion should be part of Credential, rather than CloudCredential?05:21
wallyworldaxw: yeah i think so05:22
wallyworldor at least an override05:22
wallyworldlike we do with endpoints in cloud.yaml05:22
axwwallyworld: I'd wait until someone asks for it. I think for now we should take whatever's in [default] and use that where we have DefaultRegion today05:24
wallyworldsgtm, but we can easily model it if needed05:24
axwshould be easy to have an override later05:24
wallyworldmenn0: can you recall the help function to fix windows user names?05:47
axwwallyworld: no rush since it can't land yet, but admin bootstrap model changes: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/453006:58
axwwallyworld: I'll look at the next bit, creating the secondary model06:58
wallyworldaxw: awesome, ty, will look after soccer, finishing up part2 of detect credentials06:59
anastasiamacdimitern: o/07:10
dimiternanastasiamac, hey there07:14
fwereade_dimitern, axw: do either of you have recent insight into the `if insideLXC` handling in MachineAgent.uninstallAgent?09:58
fwereade_dimitern, axw: naively, ISTM that it's happening too late -- that we should do it before setting the machine to dead, not after09:59
fwereade_dimitern, axw: thoughts?09:59
fwereade_dimitern, axw: (because, once we're dead, it's a matter of luck whether or not that code gets to run before the responsible provisioner nukes the whole container)10:00
dimiternfwereade_, I have to look at the code - after standup though10:00
dimiternah no standup today10:01
dooferladdimitern, anastasiamac, frobware, voidspace: (and others) meeting?10:02
dimiterndooferlad, thanks for the review btw; voidspace, frobware - I'd appreciate if you have a look as well: http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/3969/10:02
axwfwereade_: indeed, we should do it before setting Dead. pretty sure I wrote that - sorry11:08
* dimitern whew... refcounts finally working11:27
dimiternnote to self: $ge != $gte and bson.D{{"$gte", bson.D{{"field", 0}}}} != bson.D{{"field", bson.D{{"$gte", 0}}}}11:28
dimiterndooferlad, ping11:34
dooferladdimitern: pong11:34
dimiterndooferlad, I'm not quite sure what do you mean by this comment: I think if you are calling the above function addLink...AndEnsureAllAdded then you shouldn't need a check after it.11:35
dimiterndooferlad, there's no check there11:35
dooferladdimitern: the line has c.Check(children, gc.HasLen, len(childrenNames))11:36
dimiterndooferlad, ah11:36
dooferladdimitern: that one seems unnecessary if you have already ensured that all are added11:37
dimiterndooferlad, I got you - yeah, it's not needed11:37
dimiternwill drop it11:37
fwereade_axw, no worries, just checking11:37
fwereade_axw, I don't see how to address that in the near term but I'll leave a TODO11:37
axwfwereade_: nobody has implemented storage support for the LXD provider yet, so it's not actually doing anything at the moment. hopefully someone will fix that soon though...11:39
axwwe had it for local, so there's a small gap there now11:39
fwereade_axw, also, correct me if I'm wrong: ISTM that that code is the only reason we actually "need" to run the uninstall logic in non-manual-provider cases11:40
axwfwereade_: that is correct11:40
fwereade_axw, and hence the only reason for various workers to write the uninstall file when they're "sure" that ErrTerminateAgent is "really meant"11:41
fwereade_axw, ...so, if the lxd bits are currently meaningless... can I maybe drop the uninstall-file-writing entirely, and leave it to the discretion of the manual provider?11:42
axwfwereade_: it's almost certainly going to be needed again for lxd, so I'd prefer not to.. unless it's actively getting in your way?11:42
fwereade_axw, I think I've come to understand what's going on well enough that it's not any more11:53
fwereade_axw, so I'm quite happy not to take on ripping it out :)11:53
fwereade_axw, but I must say it has sharp edges ;p11:54
dimiterndooferlad, voidspace, here's the next PR in line: http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/3972/ please have a look when you can12:08
* dimitern lunches12:08
anastasiamacdooferlad: sorry for missing team meeting. it falls at 8pm my time and with 3 kids, some days, it's the busiest time of the day \o/ i'll try next time but trust that u've had plenty gerat meeting :D12:25
anastasiamacs/plenty gerat/pretty great12:26
mgzgerat is less offensive than "u've" :P12:30
dimiternthe only similar word that comes to mind is german - Geraet12:30
mgzanastasiamac: meeting was good, just us euros hangin' out12:32
anastasiamacmgz: it's great to hear that it's such a tight group \o/12:33
anastasiamacmgz: is there an awesome way to "predict" (=deduce?) what branch will run in CI next... ?..12:34
mgzanastasiamac: generally not because we're always bumping things around on request12:34
mgzatm, master will run next12:35
anastasiamack... so what incantation did u use to figure that out?12:37
mgzin this case, `crontab -e` as jenkins on the master12:38
dimiterndooferlad, voidspace, rebased http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/3972/ onto maas-spaces2 after its prereq has landed to clean up the diff12:38
mgzanastasiamac: when overrides are not in place, it picks the branch in the github.com/juju/juju repo which has oldest untested changes12:39
bogdanteleagado we have something that translates back and forth between unit-<x>-0 and <x>/0?12:54
dimiternbogdanteleaga, check names.ParseUnitTag12:54
bogdanteleagadimitern, thanks, looks promising12:57
mupBug #1548813 opened: maas-spaces2 bootstrap failure unrecognised signature  <ci> <maas-provider> <juju-core:In Progress by dimitern> <juju-core maas-spaces:Fix Committed by mfoord> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1548813>13:08
frobwarehuzzah! I have an internet access again \?/13:09
dimiternfrobware, hey! :) welcome back then13:09
frobwaredimitern: it's weird to have a mobile either. I went to a local coffee shop - it worked there for about 20 mins13:10
frobwares/to have/to not have13:11
dimiternah :)13:11
dimiternfrobware, I was wondering where did you go13:11
mupBug #1548813 changed: maas-spaces2 bootstrap failure unrecognised signature  <ci> <maas-provider> <juju-core:In Progress by dimitern> <juju-core maas-spaces:Fix Committed by mfoord> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1548813>13:11
frobwaredimitern: generally it's considered a bad sign if you can't get to BBC Radio 4 - implies the world had ended...13:11
mgzisn't that one of the triggers for us launching nukes?13:12
frobwaremgz: that's the one. I was close this morning, just couldn't get a +1.13:12
mgzno woman's hour? moscow is going down!13:12
frobwaredimitern: did I miss anything from standup?13:13
frobwaremgz: perhaps it was coincidental with ofcom ruling that BT did not have a monopoly.13:13
dimiternfrobware, we swapped standup for the weekly team call, which was almost the same thing as standup today13:13
dimiternfrobware, you missed nothing important13:14
dimiternwell, apart from the next few PRs of mine :)13:14
frobwaredimitern: I was surprised you cherry-picked voidspace's change into master if it's not actually broken there.13:15
dimiternfrobware, it's not but since master uses older gomaasapi, I can't reliably test the fix for the br-eth1 issue I picked upgodeps13:16
dimitern..while things got rather quiet13:16
frobwaredimitern: this still need review? lldb?13:16
frobwaredimitern: this still need review? http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/3969/13:16
dimiternfrobware, this does - http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/3972/13:17
frobwarenope, looks like I missed that by 48 mins too13:17
mupBug #1548813 opened: maas-spaces2 bootstrap failure unrecognised signature  <ci> <maas-provider> <juju-core:In Progress by dimitern> <juju-core maas-spaces:Fix Committed by mfoord> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1548813>13:17
dimiternfrobware, ah, sorry about that :) I'm happy to do a follow-up after that last one, if you have concerns13:18
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voidspacefrobware: dimitern: yeah, I didn't understand that - surely if the fix is on maas-spaces2 then the fix will land on master when maas-spaces2 is merged13:46
dimiternvoidspace, yeah, assuming the fix for br-eth1 lands in maas-spaces2 first13:47
dimiternfrobware, voidspace, but it affects master already, and it's critical to fix this to unblock multi-nic containers13:47
voidspaceah, if it affects master already then fair enough13:47
voidspaceyour comment on the bug implied it wouldn't affect master until maas-spaces2 was merged (at which point the fix would land as well)13:48
dimiterninitially it wasn't obvious it affects master, but I can confirm that now13:50
frobwaredimitern, voidspace: so could somebody explain to me how it affects master.13:53
frobwaredimitern: I'm missing some context arounf br-eth113:53
dimiternfrobware, if you try what that CI job does, the effect is the same13:53
dimiternfrobware, i.e. deploying an lxc container on a machine with 2 nics, eth0 disabled, eth1 enabled13:54
frobwaredimitern: I see. thx.13:57
dimiternfrobware, so the issue is not with the bridge script this time :) - br-eth1 gets created OK, but then we don't render the correct lxc.conf and /e/n/i13:58
frobwaredimitern: yeah, I eventually got that when I read bug #154954514:04
mupBug #1549545: Bundle deploys fail at lxc-start when bridge br-eth1 is created <ci> <deploy> <maas-provider> <test-failure> <juju-core:In Progress by dimitern> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1549545>14:04
frobwaredimitern: reviewed http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/3972/14:05
dimiternfrobware, thanks! will have a look shortly14:05
dimiternremoving any IPv6 settings from my vmaas-19 made everything SOOO much faster!14:07
frobwaredimitern: be careful, when IPv4 has run out you'll have to switch back. :)14:13
dimiternfrobware, I kept the config commented out just for such a case :)14:14
frobwaredimitern: any decade now...14:15
dimiternfrobware, indeed :D14:16
perrito666jam: can you try to reproduce that issue with master? if volumes are being deleted it means we might have broken something with tags14:35
jamperrito666: I can't try to reproduce right now as I'm focused on the LXD stuff.14:35
jamits an old envirenment that I forgot to teardown. Though now I can't tear it down at all.14:36
perrito666jam: did you just deploy to ec2 and then dropped the machine?14:36
jamperrito666: I would have bootstrapped a couple weeks ago. The machine was still up and running and happy returning "juju status" results.14:37
jamcherylj: tych0: mgz: I took tycho0's update to mine and I have something that is passing the test suite and seems able to "juju bootstrap lxd lxd"14:40
mgzjam: thanks!14:40
jamtych0: we still need to fix containers/lxd/lxd_test.go to not require you to have an "ubuntu-xenial" image.14:40
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jammgz: so there are still some known limitations. Like LXD containers on OS other than Xenial need you to install "ppa:ubuntu-lxc/lxd-stable"14:41
jamI thought it was supposed to be in trusty-backports14:41
jambut suddenly 0.26 is the version in trusty-backports14:41
jamwhich Juju happily installs and then immediately fails to work because of API incompatibilty.14:42
mgzhm, yeah, this need some sanity in which versions we promote to ubuntu archive when14:42
mgzwhich the juju team hasn't had much influence over so far14:42
jammgz: also this is *not* compatible with 2.0.0~beta314:43
jamthey broke their api one more time for 2.0.0~beta414:43
jamI'm told they aren't likely to break it again.14:43
natefinchericsnow: you around?14:49
jammgz: can you give it a bit of a run around to make sure it isn't just my local stuff that is working?14:51
jamI'm not sure who else is going to review that code.14:51
jammaybe ericsnow or katco or natefinch would like to review the LXD updates?14:51
mgzjam: if you like we can just send that branch through CI14:51
jammgz: well, we could just land it on lxd-container-type couldn't we?14:51
jamthat is the target of that branch14:52
jamI don't imagine it is going to be any more broken than the existing lxd-container-type. :)14:52
natefinchkatco`: I need to bring my daughter to the doctor at 11:30 today - she's had a fever since Sunday night, and spiked to 103.5 last night.  It'll probably take 90 minutes all told, but most of that can come out of my lunch time.14:52
mgzyeah, that would be fine14:52
jammgz: can you confirm the version of Go that the landing bot uses?14:52
jammgz: I was pretty sure it was 1.2 but that means all the LXD tests get skipped.14:52
katco`natefinch: ok, hope she feels better :(14:52
mgzthe gating uses 1.2, revision testing is go 1.2/gccgo/go 1.5/go 1.614:53
jammgz: right. so there is no gating on LXD :(14:53
jambut at least it will notice in CI14:53
jamwhich is how I broke it last time, probably.14:53
jamanyway I need to go walk the dog. I might try to stop by later to catch up to how things are going.14:54
natefinchkatco`: yeah, it's been a scary few days, and the fact it just keeps on going is cause for concern.  And this is our 2.5 year old, so she's still pretty little.14:54
katco`natefinch: yeah, it's scary at that age14:54
jamnatefinch: I hope if its something it gets resolved quickly. Been through that as well. always hard.14:55
jammgz: so... I'm worried that we can't release because this is going to be "known broken" on Trusty because they no longer have 2.0.0~beta4 in backports14:55
jammgz: thoughts?14:55
natefinchjam: thanks14:55
mgzjam: I agree, though what functionality are we promising on trusty with the beta?14:56
natefinchmgz: it won't format your hard drive ;)14:57
* natefinch sets a low bar.14:57
natefinchericsnow, katco`: in other news, juju upgrade-charm --resource basically works right now.  THere's some probable undesired behavior, but hooking into the code that deploy used for --resource was really easy.15:06
frobwarejam: there was one printf-esque mismatch you might want to address now, my other comments were more benign.15:06
katco`natefinch: \o/15:07
tych0jam: do i count as a guy who can land that into lxd-container-type? i'd be happy to land it there so we can at least get more CI on it and start getting the +1s15:07
tych0your changes on top of mine on top of yours look good :)15:07
natefinchkatco`, ericsnow: and by probable bad behavior, I mean that any resource you *don't* specify with --resource gets removed ;)15:08
natefinchrick_h_: I presume that if you upgrade-charm --resource foo, any other resources you have uploaded should remain the same?15:13
frobwaretych0: just a heads-up, see my comment ^^ to jam about a printf-esque mismatch in the review and the one about limits.cpus vs limits.cpu.15:13
natefinchjam: saw the ping on lxd review, maybe katco` can talk about scheduling... we're pretty slammed, but I know the lxd stuff is critical15:14
tych0frobware: will take a look, thanks15:15
tych0frobware: yeah, it is subtle but also correct. see the commit message for the commit in question15:17
tych0(not sure how to link it on the review tool)15:17
frobwaretych0: ok, that's fine. it was more out of completeness15:17
katco`natefinch: jam: we should assist with lxd support where possible15:18
katco`natefinch: jam: in a meeting, where is this request?15:18
natefinchkatco`: http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/3973/15:18
tych0frobware: sure, np. thanks for looking!15:19
katco`ericsnow: when you're off this call, can you give this review a look?15:19
ericsnowkatco`, natefinch: sure15:20
katco`jam: tych0: ^^^ we'll tal. ty for pr15:21
frobwaredimitern: regarding, http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/3967/, in general I think we should only merge blessed master builds unless we need specific fixes. thoughts?15:27
dimiternfrobware, wouldn't it be better to track master closely until 2.0 branch is cut?15:33
frobwaredimitern: I would rather have blessed builds as we don't have to chase ghosts.15:35
frobwaredimitern: as soon as anything on master is blessed, and we're behind, we merge. not opting out, just being choosy.15:35
dimiternfrobware, sounds reasonable15:36
dimiternfrobware, but there were a few useful fixes we picked up due to that merge15:36
frobwaredimitern: again, not a hard-and-fast-rule, just trying to ensure we don't chase CI bugs on maas-spaces2.15:37
mgzmaster is in a rather unstable state atm unfortunately15:38
frobwaremgz: dimitern: no further questions your honour! :)15:39
voidspacedimitern: frobware: dooferlad: another gomaasapi fix https://github.com/juju/gomaasapi/pull/815:53
frobwarevoidspace: looking15:55
dimiternvoidspace, why should it matter whether the reserved ranges are nil vs empty slices ?15:56
voidspacedimitern: because GetArray fails on nil15:56
voidspacedimitern: and it isn't what the real server does, so I'd rather the test server behaved like maas15:57
voidspacedimitern: instead of writing defensive code in production just for the gomaasapi test server15:57
frobwarevoidspace: how did you discover this?15:57
voidspacefrobware: on my current branch a whole bunch of tests fail15:58
voidspacefrobware: I've changed the Spaces implementation and the existing tests fail15:58
frobwarevoidspace: k15:58
katco`ericsnow: getting some more coffee and then we can do our 1:115:58
ericsnowkatco`: k15:58
voidspaceand fetching a subnet calls Spaces to get the space provider id, so all the existing tests fail15:58
voidspacebecause the test server is now wrongly configured for the test15:59
dimiternvoidspace, I see16:00
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dimiternvoidspace, yeah, that's a problem when using MAASObjects instead of structs with json serialization tags16:00
perrito666meh, switch lost --list16:01
perrito666aaand, I can no longer do a switch to my provider16:03
katco`ericsnow: k i'm in the hangout when you're ready16:04
voidspacefrobware: what do you mean by 'can "1" ever return nil'?16:10
frobwarevoidspace: heh, sorry it was ambiguous. The call to GetSubObject("1").16:12
voidspacefrobware: the answer is no16:13
voidspacefrobware: it's a gomaasapi object for making a call to the server16:13
voidspacefrobware: the subsequent call can fail, but GetSubObject can't return nil16:13
frobwarevoidspace: ok. it was the only thing that stuck out for me. LGTM.16:14
voidspacefrobware: dimitern: thanks16:14
perrito666bbl, bye16:35
kiltynatefinch, mgz, cherylj: Been trying to play around some more get this working. I'm still having problems with the metadata generation - I'm not sure what I'm missing17:04
kiltythis is everything I'm working with - I'm not sure what information it's looking for with the -m. Is it just the name of the cloud? is it a file with config options?17:05
katco`kilty: have you popped into #juju to see if anyone there has experienced similar issues?17:08
cheryljkilty: the -m specifies the model (new term for environment) to operate in.      the command help looks like it hasn't been updated for the 2.0 conventions17:08
katco`kilty: we may be able to help you, but this channel is more focused on development17:09
cheryljI have a hard time wrapping my head around having to have a bootstrapped env / model in order to generate metadata17:09
cheryljlet me poke at that command17:09
kiltykatco`: I'll pop in there and ask as well17:10
kiltycherylj: Yeah I'm not sure why I wouldn't be able to generate metadata regardless of a model - when I was working with 1.25 I could generate metadata regardless of what env I was going to deploy it to17:11
cheryljkilty: the image metadata you generate with 1.25 should be usable with 2.017:11
kiltyso we should generate it on a 1.25 instance and scp it over?17:12
cheryljkilty: yeah, I'd give that a try17:13
kiltycherylj: ok. I will give that a try and see what happens. Thanks17:13
frobwarejam: you about? I looked at the updates diffs for your review and it is now spread across 9 pages. Seems a lot. :)17:15
alexisbfrobware, jam is probably out but tych0 is around and may be able to answer qs17:22
tych0yep, happy to answer any questions17:23
frobwarealexisb: yep - asking because I saw some follow up from him about 15 mins..17:24
frobwaretych0, jam: so looks like upstream/master was merged onto that review, hence the 9 pages. Just surprised me as I was looking at the diffs based on jam's comments.17:25
tych0frobware: yes, i didn't do the merge unfortunately17:26
kiltycherylj: So it looks like the metadata generation works, it's just throwing errors - it creates the same metadata that 1.25 does17:32
kiltysame thing with the tool generation17:32
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natefinchkatco, ericsnow: can you guys TAL at this PR?  http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/3949/ It's the one from yesterday where we now return a unitresources value for every unit.17:45
ericsnownatefinch: yeah, sorry, will do soon17:45
natefinchkatco, ericsnow: also, having push-resource call upgrade-charm is kind of amazing.  It makes everything just work the way you'd expect17:46
katconatefinch: will do so when i get a chance. lots o' meetings today. speaking of... we still on for 10m from now?17:46
natefincher fire the upgrade-charm hook that is17:46
katconatefinch: that's good to hear :)17:46
natefinchkatco: yep, back from the doctor. They tested and it's not strep or the flu... just some nasty virus.. said if she's not better in a couple days they'll have to do chest X-Rays, but we're hoping she'll just fight it off.17:47
katconatefinch: :( well hope she feels better real soon17:47
natefinchkatco: yeah... she's a little better today... but she always seems a bit better morning/midday, so we'll see what happens tonight.17:48
perrito666I know this is not a popular opinion but, I really dislike format tabular as a default18:29
voidspaceg'night all18:31
natefinchperrito666: blasphemy18:43
natefinchkatco: btw, I think you can discard your api pass through review (http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/3948/) now, since my PR with that code landed last night18:53
katconatefinch: yeah been meaning to18:55
perrito666is master unlocked?19:14
natefinchperrito666: http://juju.fail19:16
alexisbkatco, sorry, thats me19:16
alexisblogging back on19:16
katcoalexisb: ah ok. lately i've been the one freezing :)19:16
perrito666natefinch: sweet I completely forgot that thing19:17
natefinchperrito666: best use of a non-standard TLD I've seen19:18
kiltyniedbalski: working through the same issues you were in this bug, and was hoping that I could pick your brain19:34
mupBug #1452422: Cannot boostrap from custom image-metadata-url or by specifying metadata-source <sts> <juju-core:Fix Released by wallyworld> <juju-core 1.24:Fix Released by wallyworld> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1452422>19:34
niedbalskikilty, AFAIK that should be fixed, which juju-core version are you using?19:46
kiltyniedbalski: 1.2520:00
kiltyniedbalski: 1.25.3, to be exact20:01
kiltyinstalling from ppa:juju/stable20:02
niedbalskikilty, can you pastebin the error you are seeing?20:03
kiltyIf I generate the metadata locally and use the --metadata-source option on bootstrap, it creates the ost image, but the ost image defaults to looking back at cloud-ubuntu images20:03
kiltyniedbalski: sure thing20:03
mgzkilty: you need to use image-metadata-url like I said previously20:05
kiltymgz: when I use the image-metadata-url, it seems to completely ignore it20:05
mgzkilty: if you bootstrap with --debug you can see what simplstreams are being selected20:06
kiltymgz: I am running a bootstrap with --debug now, will pastebin the results20:07
kiltyniedbalski: http://pastebin.com/raw/VcYGhsFF20:08
kiltythat's with using the --metadata-source option20:08
mgzkilty: that won't work. the local file never gets uploaded anywhere the state server can see it. I can see that the image-metadata-url is being looked at.20:10
kiltymgz: http://pastebin.com/NnFH6jQj20:11
kiltymgz: that's that happens when I just run with the agent-metadata-url and image-metadata-url set in the env file20:13
mgzkilty: export JUJU_LOGGING_CONFIG="<root>=DEBUG; juju.environs.simplstreams=TRACE" and try that again?20:16
kiltymgz: running now20:17
kiltymgz: http://pastebin.com/zRnqWxZR20:18
mgzkilty: no route to host20:19
mgzline 1120:19
kiltymgz: yeah sorry about that hold on - I need to re-run it20:19
mgzyou need to host the streams somewhere both your client and the machine you are deploying can see20:19
mgzthat needs to be higher than trace...20:21
kiltymgz: http://pastebin.com/HfdYzspP20:23
kiltyI'm running this from an instance that I created in the same tenant to which I will deploy juju20:23
kiltyso the ost machine and the box I am on now are in the same network20:23
mgzkilty: l17, 40320:24
mgzcan you actually resolve the path where you uploaded the json files, just in a browser?20:24
kiltyI can resolve thee parent directories - images/streams20:26
kiltylet me chmod the entire structure and try again20:26
kiltyok - it's created the instance and is starting to provision - I'll let you know if it fails20:28
kiltymgz: thank you so much for all your help..this has been bugging me for about a week now. I'm trying to set this up so that I can deploy about 400 juju environments on a private openstack cloud for internal developers20:29
mgzno probs20:29
kiltymgz: tools from downloaded: HTTP 404; time 0.002s; size 0 bytes; speed 0.000 bytes/s sha256sum: /var/lib/juju/tools/1.25.3-trusty-amd64/tools.tar.gz: No such file or directory20:30
kilty2016-02-25 20:29:30 ERROR juju.cmd supercommand.go:429 failed to bootstrap environment: subprocess encountered error code 120:30
mgzkilty: if you have outbound net access, I'd just delete the agent-metadata-url config and let the setup get the tools from our source20:31
mgzotherwise, you'll need to get that tgz mirrored20:31
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kiltymgz: ok - that makes sense. Re-running w/o agent-metadata-url20:33
kiltymgz: success!20:37
mgzkilty: ace!20:37
kiltymgz: now for the noob question of the hour - how to I deploy the gui frontend?20:38
kiltyis it not part of the bootstrap?20:38
mgz`juju deploy cs:juju-gui --to 0` should do20:39
kiltyoh duh - it's a charm20:39
kiltymgz: thanks20:40
mgzthey have plans for things in 2.0 which... I'm not completely up to speed with20:40
mgzjust to integrate the gui a little more closely I think20:40
perrito666great, I cannot reproduce a bug even though I know its there20:41
kiltymgz: well now that we have 1.25 up I think that solves the issues we were having with 2.0 as well20:42
mgzyeah, should just be the same stuff20:42
perrito666anyone here has been bit by the "status history full of update-status calls" ?20:43
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axwfwereade_: yep, it certainly has sharp edges. its raison d'etre is edge cases ;p   if we could find a nice way to confine it to manual and lxd that would be good. or maybe just manual, and do the loop-device detachment elsewhere...22:55
mupBug #1550033 opened: Streaming API handlers may panic when apiserver shuts down <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1550033>22:58
mupBug #1550033 changed: Streaming API handlers may panic when apiserver shuts down <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1550033>23:07
mupBug #1550033 opened: Streaming API handlers may panic when apiserver shuts down <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1550033>23:16

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