jcastroyo hatch 15:42
jcastrowhen you have something working with 2.0 lmk, we want to help test15:43
jcastroeven if it's like a wip15:43
hatchjcastro: sure - it's looking like we'll have the charm updated enough to be used to test tomorrow16:30
jcastrohatch: oh wow, that's awesome, perfect!16:34
hatchjcastro: yeah we've been working real hard on updating everything  - public release should be going out next week so having some help qa would be really helpful :)16:40
jcastrohatch: same with the new juju beta, should I just tell the guys that you'll announce on the juju list?16:45
jcastroI'd like to get as many eyeballs on this as possible16:45
hatchthe beta?16:46
hatchwe could I suppose16:46
hatchI didn't really think of it :)16:47
jcastroyes please, we're releasing in april, eyeballs to the max by default!16:47
hatchjcastro: fwiw we'll also be releasing more versions of the gui before the real 2.0 release16:47
hatchit'll be the first of many before the 2.0 release :)16:48
jcastroyeah no worries, I think once everyone gets a working set of 2.0 betas of core and gui that that should make it easier for us to work out the bugs16:51
hatchoh yeah definitely!16:52
hatchI'll keep you posted on the release16:53
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