joseit's gonna require some variables and stuff, so I'd say subordinate, otherwise action00:18
firllazPower: how’s it going?03:05
gennadiyhi, seems i still have issue with my bundle. it's terrible to disturb somebody to check error log. do you have another method to get error report?08:20
jamespagemgz, hey - when you're around I have a bzr fast-import error I need a hand with08:39
=== mmcc_ is now known as mmcc
mgzjamespage: not sure I can help much with that10:11
gennadiycould somebody can help with publish bundle error? can somebody review publishing error?10:55
beisnerjamespage, fyi neutron-api/next amulet test failing on:  n-c-c:  Unknown job: nova-api-ec2  @ trusty-liberty.   i'll propose an update at n-api.11:08
jamespagebeisner, I got that in my last update I think11:18
beisnerjamespage, even better, thanks!11:18
beisnerjamespage, hey i've got some control-file type stuff for new review automation that I'd like to place in our github space so they're controllable via PR.  migration-tools, or init a new thing?11:19
jamespagebeisner, not fussed - up to you11:20
beisnerjamespage, on that note, shall we have your branch sync stuff live alongside the lp:gh script foo?11:20
beisnerit seems like a logical place11:20
jamespagebeisner, sure - I'll move it over in a bit11:20
jamespageits not ec2 or objectstore...11:22
beisnerneutron api relation data key missing11:22
jamespagebeisner, ok fix pushed11:25
beisnerjamespage, notice how jenkins-wrapped subprocess buffers sometimes get mixed up, and trace text land somewhere odd?   like that console output ;-)  weird.11:27
jamespagebeisner, ftr I get two tempest smoke test failures against mitaka-staging on trusty UCA - both todo with telemetry for glance images...11:32
jamespageother than that smokes well with my three inflight branches...11:33
beisnerjamespage, ack, i've not exercised m-staging but lmk when those are ready to run.  are the folks in os-dev who are reporting trouble using staging or updates?11:36
jamespagexnox, https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/charms/+source/openstack-on-lxd-bundle/+git/openstack-on-lxd-bundle11:38
jamespageI just created a xenial one specially for you11:39
jamespagexnox, it won't work just yet - we have some inflight fixes for mitaka/xenial support that I should get landed today...11:39
xnoxjamespage, i like! on g+ =)11:43
jamespagebeisner, I'm promoting proposed -> updates for mitaka - it will break charm amulet tests until the neutron-gateway and neutron-openvswitch charm updates land - on those next11:46
beisnerjamespage, ack11:47
jamespagebeisner, I think my n-gteway and n-api updates are inter-dependent - i.e. I can't get one through testing without the other12:10
jamespagebeisner, disable *mitaka on one first, land, land the other and then re-enable sound ok?12:11
beisnerjamespage, yes.  alternatively, with things like this in the past, i've deployed the topology ahead of time with the desired charm branches, then just exec  ./tests/0nn-yadda12:20
beisnerjamespage, i'd really like to move all of the amulet tests to just consume a bundle in the tests/ dir.  then it would be super easy for a user to manually verify something like this.12:21
beisnerie.  instead of defining dicts on the fly in the test itself12:21
jamespagebeisner, well I need the promotion to flush through and then I'll work that12:21
jamespagebeisner, agreed12:21
jamespagebeisner, we also probably want to think about a way of defined check tests and gate tests for amulet12:21
jamespagebeisner, as a thirdparty CI I guess we can see when someone +2's right?12:22
beisnerjamespage, we should, yes.  right now our sandbox job is testing everything that hits openstack/ci-sandbox and I'm seeing notifications.12:23
jamespagebeisner, awesome12:23
beisnertoday my priority is to nail down the initial amulet test chain that is triggered by that.  right now it's just a noop "you are here"12:23
jamespagebeisner, btw is the missing relation between glance and rmq intentional in our bundles?12:23
beisnerjamespage, seems like we id'd that and resolved at o-c-t.  where are you seeing that?12:24
jamespagebeisner, next bundle with trusty-mitaka-*12:24
beisnerjamespage, workload status is satisfied:*view*/12:25
beisnerdo we need to make that a required relation in the workload status bits?12:25
jamespagebeisner, yeah its an optional relation12:25
jamespagebeisner, its only required when deploying ceilometer...12:26
beisnerjamespage, looks like we should add that rel to next and default yamls, and have a look at the affected amulet tests.12:27
jamespagebeisner, ok12:28
bentzyhi. how am i supposed to increment my charm version # ? I get everytime <charm_name>-0. I want to be able to run "charm build" and then update the charm by clicking "Change Version" at gui12:30
magicaltrout-thanks jose. I think subordinate or a relation of some sort, that way people can plugin different implementations. I'm gonna have a think, it would be cool if, like the monitoring stuff there was a "backup" type relation for different services that different backup platforms could consume12:31
magicaltrout12 hours lag response... not bad ;)12:31
wesleymasonis there a way of doing "when any" as opposed to just "when all"/"when not any", maybe I'm missing something but wasn't obvious in the reactive docs12:51
wesleymasonah, just saw the any_states helper, nvm12:52
wesleymasonno wait, that doesn't help really12:54
coreycbjamespage: could you take a look at these when you get a moment?  it's systemd support for openstack charms deploy from source.  I'll fix up tests post review.13:29
magicaltrouti'm supposed to be doing Java dev.... lets write some charms instead \o/13:46
lazyPowerfirl - pretty good13:56
lazyPowerfirl - squashed the ETCD bug if you want to give it a go13:56
lazyPowerwesleymason - thats a known feature request, to be able to OR rather than AND @when() decorators13:57
lazyPowermagicaltrout - that's a winning idea if i've ever heard one :)13:58
magicaltroutcory_fu: kwmonroe https://medium.com/airbnb-engineering/data-infrastructure-at-airbnb-8adfb34f169c#.4z4rc5eqo14:04
magicaltroutmight be of interest to you guys14:04
jcastromagicaltrout: that's a great link, thanks14:10
magicaltroutno probs14:11
jcastromagicaltrout: where you the one working on a layered gitlab charm?14:13
magicaltroutthats me14:13
jcastroso I have an idea14:13
magicaltrouthit me14:13
jcastroso I was thinking when it's ready, we should approach them and like, ask them to highlight it on their download page, etc.14:13
jcastroor whereever they put their "solutions" stuff14:14
magicaltroutindeed. I have already asked Pentaho if they can highlight the PDI charm on their community pages somewhere14:15
jamespagebeisner, I'm going to land https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/charms/trusty/neutron-api/mitaka-b2/+merge/28702814:15
jcastromagicaltrout: ooh lmk what they say14:15
jamespageits broken due to the b2 updates I just pushed to -updates for mitaka - but other tests passed14:15
magicaltroutthey'll say yes, me and their community guy have worked together for 10 years :P14:15
jcastromagicaltrout: I would be happy to offer anyone who highlights a charm comarketing announcements, etc. on our pages14:16
jcastroif that helps your argument, heh14:16
magicaltroutbut i need to finish the pdi charm and then i want to do a couple of video's to put on their pages so people know how to use it14:16
beisnerjamespage, yep, looks like the test failure is down to the n-g change dependency14:16
magicaltroutits great having stuff available, not great if no one knows how to spin it up ;)14:16
lazyPowermagicaltrout - hi o/ you said the trigger word video14:16
lazyPowermagicaltrout - let me know if you want a hand there14:17
magicaltroutuh oh14:17
magicaltroutmy videos' tend to suck, although i was messing around with the idea of a green screen the other day so I can actually appear on the screen whilst running a demo behind me :)14:18
magicaltroutI get bored of screencast type demos14:18
magicaltroutpart of why i like presentations and community meetups as a way to convey information14:19
jamespagebeisner, ok https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/charms/trusty/neutron-gateway/mitaka-neutron-changes/+merge/286900 is up next sans mitaka tests14:19
lazyPowerI understand that sentiment14:19
jcastroI think out of all of them I prefer screencasts14:20
jcastrobecause you can be ad-hoc14:20
jcastrothere's no pressure to like make each thing perfect because it's live, you just roll with it.14:20
magicaltrouti watch back my onair hangouts and stuff and end up in tears ;)14:20
magicaltroutthat said other people like them, so they must float some peoples boat14:20
lazyPowermagicaltrout  you just hit exactly what i was trying to type out :)14:21
lazyPowerso, we have this juju channel over on youtube14:21
lazyPowerand having your pdi video's there would help discoverability14:21
lazyPoweri think anyway :)  wide net and all that14:21
magicaltroutah yeah14:22
magicaltrouti can see you on screen :P14:22
lazyPowerjcastro - can we put a link to the youtube channel in /topic?14:23
=== lazyPower changed the topic of #juju to: || Welcome to Juju! || Juju Charmer Summit: http://summit.juju.solutions || Docs: http://jujucharms.com/docs || FAQ: http://goo.gl/MsNu4I || Review Queue: http://review.juju.solutions || Unanswered Questions: http://goo.gl/dNj8CP
jcastrodrop the summit bit, that should let the channel fit14:26
=== lazyPower changed the topic of #juju to: || Welcome to Juju! || Docs: http://jujucharms.com/docs || FAQ: http://goo.gl/MsNu4I || Review Queue: http://review.juju.solutions || Unanswered Questions: http://goo.gl/dNj8CP
jcastroit's https://www.youtube.com/c/jujucharms14:26
=== lazyPower changed the topic of #juju to: || Welcome to Juju! || Docs: http://jujucharms.com/docs || FAQ: http://goo.gl/MsNu4I || Review Queue: http://review.juju.solutions || Unanswered Questions: http://goo.gl/dNj8CP || Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/jujucharms
magicaltroutaww shit14:26
magicaltrouti can see my face14:26
magicaltrouti tried so hard to hide in that photograph14:26
magicaltrouttalking of presentations, I have a presentation in the summer at NASA JPL which will involve Data Management & Juju. Now if an organisation needed some help doing application modelling, that's one! ;)14:35
magicaltrouti suspect they are rather stuck in their ways, but you never know14:36
lazyPowerI've seen some NASA video's and I've seen Unity in the background. I have a sneaky suspicion they <3 ubuntu and they'll <3 juju just as much14:36
lazyPowerspeaking of which, i wonder if anyone patched the mars rover for heartbleed14:37
magicaltroutwhen writing a layered charm, is there anything stopping me creating a bunch of different rective/*.py stuff so I can dump my state changes in one and hooks in another?14:41
stubmagicaltrout: You can create as many *.py files as you like in reactive. I'd suggest putting them in reactive/mycharm/*.py though to avoid any possiblity with clashes.14:51
stubmagicaltrout: But if you want them to be able to import from one another, you currently need a hack.14:52
magicaltroutthanks stub not to worried about the importing I don't think, just some logical separation14:57
jcastrohey aisrael15:44
jcastrolet's say we wanted to start doing a LXD/juju vagrantbox but like for 16.0415:44
jcastrowhat's the tldr on getting that to work?15:44
jcastroI am thinking since juju has auto-lxd setup on first run15:45
jcastrothe box is literally just juju and lxd preinstalled15:45
aisraelThat's totally doable, but we'd need to enlist utlemming to adjust the vagrant build to support it15:45
aisraelI think that's the way to go, once we start building the xenial boxes15:46
* jcastro nods15:46
=== natefinch is now known as natefinch-afk
jcastroaisrael: so like, if new juju2 and lxd lands next week, and we got a box out16:12
jcastrothat would effectively let everyone test it without jumping through the hoops of getting all of that working in trusty16:12
jamespagemgz, it might be more of a bzr question - no sure...16:21
aisraeljcastro: Yes16:22
apuimedojamespage: Corey Johns nick is johnsca, right?16:32
cmaginaso, I'm seeing this when using bundletester with the apache-core-batch-processing bigdata-dev bundle http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/15198610/16:32
jamespageapuimedo, cory_fu16:32
cmaginai'm trying to use the local provider for this16:32
cory_fujamespage: Yes?16:32
apuimedocory_fu: that was me calling16:32
apuimedoI just had the trusty cassandra charm explode on install hook16:33
cory_fuapuimedo: Oh, I see16:33
apuimedoon maas16:33
apuimedofirst time it happened16:33
apuimedoand I see there's a change from less than an hour ago16:33
cory_fuapuimedo: Hrm.  You have the error?16:34
cory_fuAlso, I wouldn't have expected that MP to have ingested into the store yet16:34
apuimedothat's true16:35
apuimedoit looks like a repos issue actually16:35
cory_fuThough it seems it has16:35
apuimedoI'll try to re-trigger16:36
* apuimedo doing that now16:36
cory_fuapuimedo: Seems from the error that something else on that unit was running apt-get at the same time16:36
apuimedosame issue16:36
cory_fuDid you deploy this on a fresh unit?16:36
apuimedocory_fu: it's running on its own lxc16:36
apuimedoas allocated by the juju bundle deployer16:37
apuimedoand yes, the dpkg lock can't be taken even now16:37
apuimedocory_fu: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15198698/16:39
apuimedocory_fu: should I just destroy the service and lxc and re-deploy the previous revision?16:42
magicaltrouthello folks attmepting to mess around with this: http://pythonhosted.org/charms.templating.jinja2/ in my reactive layer but when it runs I get ImportError: No module named 'charms.templating'16:42
magicaltroutam i doing something moronic?16:42
cory_fuapuimedo: I don't see anything in the MP that should cause a dpkg lock issue.  The only thing that even touches it is switching from a manual fetch.add_source to fetch.configure_sources, but that shouldn't break anything16:42
cory_fuAnd I imagine stub is well out for the day16:43
lazyPowermagicaltrout pastebin to your source using templating?16:43
cory_fuapuimedo: You can try, but TBH, I'm not certain this is related to the MP16:43
lazyPoweroh this looks new...16:43
lazyPowerbut more or less just an extended port of whats in charmhelpers.core.templating.jinja216:44
magicaltroutah thats better I knew there was some templating stuff kicking around somewhere16:44
magicaltroutthanks lazyPower16:44
lazyPowernp magicaltrout - lmk if you still have an issue w/ templating w/ that lib16:45
cory_fuapuimedo: Did you deploy it with any specific config options set?16:45
apuimedocory_fu: I did16:45
cory_fuCan you share those with me?16:46
mwenninggood morning juju team!    trying to bootstrap an all-vm system, node failing on seed_random module, see pastebin.ubuntu.com/1519874916:46
lazyPowermwenning - troublemaker ;)16:47
mwenningmwenning, ees broke :-(16:47
apuimedo      options:16:50
apuimedo        authenticator: AllowAllAuthenticator16:50
apuimedo        cluster_name: midonet16:50
apuimedo        install_keys: 7E41C00F85BFC1706C4FFFB3350200F2B999A37216:50
apuimedo        install_sources: deb http://debian.datastax.com/community 2.0 main16:50
apuimedo        extra_packages: dsc2016:50
apuimedocory_fu: ^^16:52
cory_fuapuimedo: Could it be an issue with the datastax PPA?16:54
apuimedoI don't know16:55
cory_fuapuimedo: Oh.  install_sources is supposed to be a Yaml list (as a string)16:55
magicaltroutright, another stupid question, but this is the terminology stuff confusing me more than anything else I think. I want to slap Apache2 over gitlab as an optional relation, so reverseproxy etc to gitlab16:57
magicaltroutwhat the f**k interface do I need to slurp up?16:58
magicaltrouthttps://api.jujucharms.com/charmstore/v5/trusty/apache2/archive/metadata.yaml from that lot16:58
lazyPowerinterface: http16:58
lazyPowerreverse proxy is a consumer relationship, you just need to provide interface: http on gitlab16:58
apuimedocory_fu: these bundle settings I've been using unmodified for a week or two16:58
lazyPowerapache2:reverse-proxy should be enough tog et it going, its just going to read in private-address and port.    give it a go with haproxy and apache216:59
magicaltrouthmm right lazyPower, i was reading some stuff in the apache docs about the vhost-config relation but then couldn't figure out how to define it16:59
lazyPowerah yeah our apache2 charm is like, geekmode++16:59
lazyPowerIS wrote it and maintains most of it, so its next level on the combination of base64 encoded wizardry16:59
magicaltroutyeah i have like a base64 encoded vhost template and shit17:00
magicaltroutokay i'll scrub that and look to reverseproxy17:00
magicaltroutso in my charm I provide http so apache2 can consume it then?17:00
lazyPowershould be able to17:00
magicaltroutokay cool17:00
lazyPowerseriously deploy haproxy in front of your gitlab17:01
lazyPowerif you have http already implemented you're basically done17:01
cory_fuapuimedo: Ah, nm.  It should accept a yaml list or a single string17:01
cory_fuapuimedo: Let me try deploying with those settings.  Are you trying the previous version?17:02
apuimedonot yet17:02
cory_fuapuimedo: Ok, I got the same thing.  It's definitely something about those config options and I guess the change to how the sources are loaded.17:04
apuimedocory_fu: so the change modified the source management17:04
apuimedocory_fu: I'll re-deploy with the previous version17:05
cory_fuPrev version seems to work fine17:07
cory_fuI'm trying to see what it is about the changes, but it looks like it should just work.  :(17:08
apuimedomaybe you can add some amulet test for the install_sources17:08
cory_fuThe charm does have a lot of Amulet tests, and there are specific tests added for this change.17:09
cory_fuAll of which are passing17:09
joseso, question. when I want to implement an action in a layered charm, should I just add an 'actions' folder in the root folder?17:14
lazyPoweryou'll additionally need the actions.yaml definition17:15
joseall of that in the root, right?17:17
lazyPowerof your layer, yep17:17
josecool, thanks!17:18
cory_fuapuimedo: Ok, I've got it.  The ppa:stub/cassandra and ppa:openjdk-r/ppa are both required (with nulls for the keys).  This config works for me: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/15199178/17:21
cory_fuI think it's probably worth reverting the merge and kicking it back for that, since anyone who had been using that config option is almost certainly going to be broken17:23
jamespagebeisner, ok with https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/charms/trusty/neutron-gateway/mitaka-neutron-changes/+merge/286900 ?17:24
kiltyhas anyone had success with deploying juju on a private openstack cloud?17:24
kiltyI generate the metadate and tools, and begin the bootstrap. It creates a ost instance on my openstack cloud, but it then tells me that RROR index file has no data for cloud {RegionOne} not found17:25
beisnerjamespage, looks like i, K, L are happy with the changes. having a bit deeper look, sec..17:28
apuimedocory_fu: Agreed17:29
beisnerjamespage, ok, pretty sure i understand everything going on there.  +117:34
jamespagebeisner, thanks17:34
=== natefinch-afk is now known as natefinch
jamespagebeisner, https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/charms/trusty/neutron-openvswitch/mitaka-neutron-changes/+merge/28691017:41
jamespagethat next...17:41
cory_fuapuimedo: It's been reverted and should be ingested before too long17:42
apuimedocory_fu: thanks. Much appreciated17:42
cory_fuapuimedo: No problem.  Sorry I missed that side-effect and let this through.17:43
apuimedono problem17:43
apuimedonow, on to find whatever happened with Puppet. It seems it was also updated and broke my charms...17:43
jamespagedosaboy, https://code.launchpad.net/~hopem/charms/trusty/ceph/lp1523871/+merge/286487 lgtm - but please wait for osci tocomplete - not long now....17:44
jamespageapuimedo, module breakage?17:44
apuimedojamespage: I don't know. It's a bit strange, it's complaining about a missing hiera variable that I was never setting17:46
apuimedomost likely17:46
apuimedosome of our puppet module dependencies updated and became more strict about undefined values17:46
apuimedoor it's not taking the default17:46
jamespageapuimedo, hmm - tricky for repeatable deployments17:47
jamespageapuimedo, could you snapshot the modules into the charm in some way to avoid this?17:47
apuimedojamespage: I can do better, I can pin the versions for all the puppet modules17:47
apuimedoand be done with it17:47
jamespageapuimedo, that indeed would be better17:47
apuimedonow I only need to find the culprit :-)17:48
dosaboyjamespage: thanks for the reviews18:38
apuimedoI think I found it!18:38
apuimedoreleased today18:38
apuimedolooks very suspicious18:38
apuimedoI often wonder what makes it so hard for the ruby/puppet community to keep backwards compatibility18:39
kiltyhas anyone had success with deploying juju on a private openstack cloud?19:44
apuimedojamespage: I got it right. Ripienaar fixed the bug ;-)20:01
apuimedoI'll try to get our puppet stable module dependencies pinned20:01
apuimedoso that it doesn't happen in the future20:01
firlyou around lazyPower ?20:07
cory_fuapuimedo: Can you take a look at stub's reply on https://code.launchpad.net/~stub/charms/trusty/cassandra/ensure-thrift/+merge/27986920:16
apuimedolet's see20:17
lazyPowerfirl i iam20:20
firlhey man20:20
firlAny updates by any chance?20:21
lazyPoweryou bet20:21
lazyPowerjuju deploy ~lazypower/bundle/kubernetes-core20:21
firldo i need to compile the bundle again?20:21
firlor the layer rather20:21
lazyPoweretcd just moved to layers20:22
firlneed something newer than 1.25?20:22
firlERROR expected a charm URL, got bundle URL "cs:~lazypower/bundle/kubernetes-core-0"20:22
lazyPoweroh, thats possible yeah20:22
lazyPowernew stuff20:22
lazyPowerwant to trywith new stuff?20:22
firlsure, this is a scratch environment20:23
lazyPowerdocker pull lazypower/charmbox:devel20:23
lazyPowerjuju 2.0-beta120:23
lazyPoweri'm speaking in half fragmented sentences because i'm excited you showed up. I feel like i have a mountain of candy you've been asking for patiently20:23
lazyPowerand man, i gotchoo covered20:23
firllet me pull up a vm to do the docker stuffs20:24
lazyPowerok. if you want to add devel ppa on your current scratch thing20:24
firlthat’s fine too20:24
firlI have a build node for when you gave me the layer stuff20:24
lazyPowerjust know that you cant upgrade from 1.25 to 2.0 cleanly *yet*20:24
lazyPowerand the $JUJU_HOME's are incompatible.20:24
firlit won’t break the juju agent environment with the state machines will it?20:24
lazyPoweryou have the source - github.com/chuckbutler/layer-etcd - is current devel focus20:24
firlya i have that20:25
lazyPowerwhich will unblock your k8s work20:25
firlok i need to hit up a meeting, will try this right after20:25
lazyPowertip of mbruzek/layer-k8s works out of the box with that replacement etcd20:25
lazyPowerack, lmk if you have *any* questions firl20:25
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apuimedocory_fu: replied20:38
=== alexisb is now known as alexisb-brb
=== lazyPower|lunch is now known as lazyPower
firllazyPower ok back20:58
firlso I need to add the devel ppa and upgrade the juju CLI locally, correct?21:03
firlor should I just build the layer-k8s?21:03
lazyPowerjust build layer-k8s21:05
lazyPoweradditionally, you'll want to deploy cs:~lazypower/trusty/etcd-4, or build from my layer-etcd21:05
=== alexisb-brb is now known as alexisb
firlso from a bundle prespective21:09
firlthis ok? http://pastebin.com/N3YEpVHm21:09
lazyPowerfirl - that looks kind of old compared to what our config is now.. default has bumped to v1.1.7, the generated charm is "kubernetes"21:10
lazyPower> charm: cs:trusty/etcd-4 - is the last -stable revision before the connection string revisions. try charm: cs:~lazypower/trusty/etcd21:12
firlshould I just use: https://api.jujucharms.com/charmstore/v5/~lazypower/bundle/kubernetes-core-0/archive/bundle.yaml21:13
lazyPowerThat'll work :)21:13
firlso should I pull it in via gui / store? or build the layer and deploy21:14
lazyPowerif you're interested in just consuming the kubernetes charms, pull it in via gui/store21:14
lazyPowerif you want to help dev, build from layers and beat on it a bit21:14
lazyPoweri'll keep updating this bundle as i drop features, pre-release style21:14
firlcan’t pull it in via gui21:19
firl“fetching the entity failed”21:20
firlthis is why I am here right? hah21:20
lazyPoweryeah, i'm depressed. this is due to some new things i've been piloting21:21
firldon’t worry man21:21
lazyPowerif you're on 2.0, you can get at the charms21:21
firlI can upgrade21:21
lazyPowerlooks like 1.25 is only serving charms from ingest21:21
firli don’t mind21:21
lazyPowerok, welcome to a whole new world :)21:21
firlhaha upgrade instructions?  i need to upgrade the cli, the agent and the state machines?21:21
lazyPowerso, its an incompatible upgrade right now21:22
lazyPowerdo you have work in 1.25 that you need to keep accessing?21:22
firlI have a jenkins setup that I need21:22
firljust 2 machines21:22
lazyPowerok lets isolate your 2.0 environment21:22
firlalright, this could be a pain but lets do it21:22
firllast time I tried to create a new juju environment on openstack it had issues21:23
firlCreating a new project now21:23
firlis there up to date install on openstack instructions?21:23
lazyPowerone sec, the definitive guide came out as a mailing list post21:24
firlI should have it then someplace21:24
lazyPowerfirl https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/juju/2016-February/006618.html21:24
firlso use Xenial?21:24
lazyPoweryou can do this on trusty just fine21:25
firlkk trust still right?21:25
lazyPowerfirst paragraph, its co-installable with 1.2521:25
firlI don’t care in all honesty, it’s all just vm’s21:25
lazyPowerupdate-alternatives --config juju is how you switch between the releases21:25
magicaltroutI need a pissing server sat under my desk, stuff this cloud nonsense21:25
lazyPowermagicaltrout - keep it family friendly please :)21:26
magicaltroutindeed, I shouldn't mention that C word....21:28
magicaltroutalright then 2 hours of expense claiming done. Lets take this http interface for a spin21:37
jrwreni'm so confused, i can't tell if the bad c word is cloud or co-installable or config ;]21:37
magicaltroutokay so i still don't get this21:47
magicaltroutunit-apache2-0: 2016-02-25 21:46:21 INFO unit.apache2/0.juju-log server.go:269 reverseproxy:4: Vhost Template not provided, not configuring: 8021:47
magicaltrouti'm guessing thats quite important21:47
lazyPowermagicaltrout did it work with haproxy?21:48
magicaltroutapache2:reverseproxy do I still pass it a vhost file?21:48
magicaltrouti've not got that far yet :P21:48
magicaltroutlet me rip out apache and find out21:48
magicaltroutokay so i'm doing something stupid, mostly because i'm trying to learn python at the same time instead of just copying the bash examples :P21:53
magicaltroutwhats up with that?21:54
magicaltroutthere's no problem with the deployment but I get21:54
magicaltroutunit-haproxy2-0: 2016-02-25 21:52:01 INFO unit.haproxy2/0.juju-log server.go:269 reverseproxy:7: No port in relation data for 'gitlab/0', skipping.21:54
magicaltroutunit-haproxy2-0: 2016-02-25 21:52:01 INFO unit.haproxy2/0.juju-log server.go:269 reverseproxy:7: No backend servers, exiting.21:54
firllazyPower: having issues bootstrapping 2.021:54
firlnot sure what the “endpoint” should be21:55
lazyPowerone sec, i lost the post21:57
firlthat one?21:57
lazyPowerlooking it over, one sec, i dont use openstack as a substrate often so i'm not as familiar with the config21:59
firl“#### Private Clouds” section22:00
lazyPowerddellav beisner : ping22:02
lazyPowerfirl - if this doesnt yeild good results, i vote to change my answer to "build from layers and deploy"22:02
lazyPowerthis quickly turned into a ball of yarn. 2.0 was a weekend discovery for me22:03
firllol ok22:03
firlso i need to have a 1.25 juju environment and then do a charm build on the git repo right?22:03
lazyPowerboth git repos*22:04
lazyPowerlayer-k8s, and layer-etcd22:04
firllet me clone layer-etcd22:04
firlhttps://github.com/chuckbutler/layer-etcd ?22:04
lazyPowerthats the one22:04
firlok now?22:05
lazyPowerwith those built, replace both charms with local references, remove the default config option for kubernetes version and you should be in like flynn22:05
firlin this file ?22:06
lazyPoweri was thinking your bundle, but mine works22:06
lazyPowereither/or :) six of one, half dozen of the other22:06
firlthe other bundle was from matt i think22:06
lazyPoweroh right on22:06
lazyPowerwhen you ls your $JUJU_REPOSITORY, do you see k8's or kubernetes?22:09
firli see both22:10
firllet me clean22:10
firlkubernetes is the latest from the charm build22:10
lazyPowerok, change line 4 to local:trusty/kubernetes22:10
firlon it22:11
lazyPowerfirl - also fyi, i think that endpoint setting in the credentials.yaml for your privcloud is the same as the auth-url in the 1.25 config22:17
lazyPoweryour keystone endpoint22:17
firlI tried that one22:17
firlthat’s why I was asking22:18
lazyPoweri'll bring that up and see if i can get you an answer firl22:19
jamespagebeisner, if you are still around - https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/charms/trusty/neutron-openvswitch/mitaka-neutron-changes/+merge/28691022:22
jamespagelgtm now22:22
=== blahdeblah_ is now known as blahdeblah
firl“local charms not allowed for service kubernetes: local:trusty/kubernetes”22:42
lazyPowerfirl - have you exported JUJU_REPOSITORY?22:46
firli created my local juju repository via sym links to ./trusty22:48
lazyPowerah quickstart doesn't work with local urls.22:50
lazyPowerjuju-deployer does, or the juju deploy command from juju222:50
firljust going to add units22:52
firllazyPower http://pastebin.com/x0bMLf8B23:21
magicaltrouthttps://github.com/OSBI/layer-gitlab/blob/master/reactive/gitlabhooks.py#L14 can anyone see anything stupidly obvious that means that wont install properly, yet when I paste it into debug-hooks it works as expected....23:24
lazyPowerfirl - i'm going to EOD, but if you need anything feel free to ping23:29
lazyPoweri'll circle back and check in on ya after dinner23:29
firlhah I sent a pastebin23:29
* lazyPower missed that23:29
firlcharm build doesn’t give a charm that is deployable23:29
lazyPowerthe etcd layer has 2.0 features in it23:30
lazyPowerif you delete series: -trusty out of metadata.yaml that'll fix that23:30
lazyPowerlame :|23:30
lazyPowerfirl if you pull from master i just updated the layer23:32
firlfor etcd?23:32
firloh i see ya, I did -series: “trusty"23:32
firlWARNING failed to load charm at "/home/ubuntu/work/trusty/kubernetes": metadata: series: expected string, got []interface {}([]interface {}{"trusty", "wily", "xenial"})23:33
lazyPowerweird, why would k8s be complaining? it does't even have series in metadata.23:34
firlit’s weird23:34
firlit shows up in the metadata output23:35
firlcleaning and rebuilding23:35
firlmaybe something is aggregating based upon charm build deps23:36
lazyPowerits layer-docker that pulled that in23:36
lazyPowerok, hang on, thats a breaking update23:36
firlwe can do this another time too after you eat23:38
lazyPowerfirl - https://github.com/juju-solutions/layer-docker/pull/2723:40
lazyPoweri need to land that and i think.. thats the last of the 2.0 features we baked in23:40
firlshould I also build that locally from your pr branch or is it pretty quick for the pr23:40
firloh nm i see you already did23:41
lazyPowergo ahead and pave/rebuild23:41
beisnerjamespage, ah so good, the theory and the plan came to a pass on 286910  :-)23:41
firlhow soon for juju 2.0? couple weeks23:41
lazyPowerits in beta, i think it lands as -stable in a little over a month23:42
lazyPowerdont quote me on that though, i actually haven't asked. I've been so deep in using it :)23:42
firladded charm to env23:43
lazyPowerwoo \o/23:43
firli can have the etcd charm reside on the same units as the kubernetes units right?23:43
lazyPowererr, dont do that23:43
firlso 6 nodes23:43
lazyPowerwe're still gutting some stuff from k8s23:43
firl3 kube 3 etcd23:43
lazyPowerk8s launches some etcd containers on the host that we're phasing out23:43
lazyPowerthat was a leftover from the initial import we didnt notice23:44
firlto grow +1kube node no need to grow etcd for testing right?23:44
lazyPowerand you can pair down etcd to single node23:44
lazyPoweryou only need to run 3/5 in production scenarios or proper HA testing23:44
firlalready triggerred 323:44
lazyPowerit supports scale up23:44
firlI will remove units after23:44
lazyPowerbut not scale down23:44
lazyPowerthats where i'm at now in the fixes23:45
lazyPowerbut to be fair, the old charm had the same behavior23:45
firlso I will blow it away before the relation23:45
firland do just 1 unit23:45
lazyPowerok, off for now, will be back later23:45
firlsee ya23:45
firlthanks again!23:45
lazyPowerhey np :) sorry it was a bumpy road getting to this point23:46
lazyPowerreminder that not everybody is in -beta land with me23:46
magicaltroutoh you're fscking kidding me23:59
magicaltrouti spend all evening messing around with a website-relation-changed hook not firing and find including the http interface and a @when('website.available')23:59
magicaltroutsorts me out in about 30 seconds23:59

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