valoriethis feels so good00:00
sgclarkclivejo: I don't know what ods is, but we need to use whaat ever debian is using. I we absolutely do not have the resources to support anything different.00:28
clivejosgclark: http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/kubuntu/libkolabxml.git/ or http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kolab/libkolabxml.git/00:30
sgclarkuh kubuntu seems the safer route00:31
clivejoIll have to look at it tomorrow, have to get some sleep now00:31
sgclarkyeah no worries00:32
* sgclark also takes a break00:34
clivejoI cant open KCI pages any more00:34
sgclarkyourhint to sleep ! :)00:35
valoriesweet dreams, clivejo00:38
sgclarkwow finally00:49
valorieoh this warms my heart00:50
sgclarkwe fixed them awhile ago. For whatever reason CI was broken with ssh errors.00:51
ahoneybunI'm going to give today's daily a try in a VM02:07
ahoneybunif all works I might wipe my laptop02:07
ahoneybunoh good04:00
valoriewhat the heck04:54
valorierandomly click on one of the failures, and it says: 0 errors, 0 warnings04:55
yofelsgclark: just asked flocculant to not release our beta images. Ubiquity is fine, so this was a success at least08:07
valorieuser just reported https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/akonadi/+bug/1549656 and I wonder if it can have anything to do with the pim troubles08:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1549656 in akonadi (Ubuntu) "Akonadi SQLite Backend will not install if Kubuntu Backports PPA is enabled" [Undecided,New]08:12
yofelnah, that's backports - we didn't even ship apps there08:22
yofelalthough that sounds somewhat familiar...08:22
yofeloh right, the qtbase abi stuff08:22
valorieah, right08:24
valoriebtw, are we ever moving things from wily backports-landing into backports?08:24
valorienot that it's a big deal, but it is better08:24
yofelclivejo: ^ ?08:34
clivejoyofel: I dont use wily here at all.  soee_ arranged testing for plasma 5.5.4 and it appears to be stable.  10:09
yofelok, then copy it please10:10
yofeljust use the kopypackages command 10:13
clivejogimme a minute, my head is in another space right now10:14
yofelsure, rather get it right instead of doing things in a hurry10:15
clivejoin a different space and time10:15
clivejogood morning sgclark13:33
sgclarkmorning clivejo13:33
clivejosleep well?13:33
BluesKajHey all13:34
sgclarkI did kinda sorta not really haha13:36
clivejohi BluesKaj13:36
clivejono no no but yeah13:36
BluesKajhi clivejo13:47
clivejoyofel sgclark these are failing due to upload14:00
clivejokubuntu-ci/unstable has packages in it with an epoch14:00
clivejowhich we removed in apps 15.12.114:00
sgclarkum unless they were reanmed, that is notpossible14:01
sgclarklets try that again. Unless they were renamed we cannot drop the epoch14:01
sgclarkif they were indeed renamed, you will need to delete the offending packages from the ppa14:02
sgclarkit can take up to 24hours before they fully go away.14:03
yofelif they were indeed renamed, there should be no reason for the upload failure...14:03
yofelunless someone mistakenly uploaded a package at some point14:03
yofelnote: source rename is not sufficient here, rename of source and all binaries is14:04
clivejoyofel: what packages am I copying?14:08
yofeleverything from backports-landing into backports14:08
clivejo./kopypackages -a ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports-landing wily ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports wily ?14:10
clivejobloody symbols14:11
yofellooks right..14:11
yofellook at the backports ppa page for any copy failures after that14:12
yofel--sync can tell you errors during the copy process14:13
yofelbut that's "officially deprecated" (I still use it all the time)14:14
clivejoanyone with artist skills to do a Kubuntu one with Konqi?14:16
yofeldidn't ahoneybun do some design stuff lately?14:17
yofelwe don't really have a designer since sheytan stopped doing them14:18
clivejois it just me or do JR and Linus T look very alike?!?14:18
BluesKajit's just you :-)14:19
yofelright, totally just you14:19
BluesKajLinus is quite ordinary looking, and much older than JR14:20
clivejopim has final drove me mad!14:22
soeeif you need some artwork talk to alexl on telegram chan14:22
clivejosoee: I dont *need* it14:23
clivejojust might be fun!14:23
clivejoneed a bit of fun before KCI drives us all nuts14:23
yofelstarting with next release we should do some fun stuff every now and then14:25
yofelI remember when the xubuntu team put a christmas wallpaper into the dailies for a while14:25
yofelthat was nice14:25
clivejohow do I list the people on the Kubuntu channel on telegram?14:26
clivejoI can see 16 people but no idea who they are14:26
BluesKajclivejo, what is about KCI that's causing so much trouble 14:27
clivejonumerious reasons14:27
soeeclivejo: start typing @14:27
soeeit will try to autocompete user name for you14:28
BluesKajtoo numerous to mention , sounds serious ;/14:28
clivejosoee: would you ask him please?14:28
soeeabout what exactly ? 14:28
soeei'm not sure what this conversation here is about :D14:28
clivejoBluesKaj: LP problems, not enough packagers to fix the packaging issues. upstream causing confusion with public/private libs14:29
clivejosoee: http://lubuntu.me/happy-st-patrick/ maybe doing one for Kubuntu and Konqi14:29
BluesKajclivejo, wish i could help, but unfortunately my skills aren't up to the tasks :/14:30
clivejomake Konqi into a leprechaun!14:30
sgclarkheh did not know telegram group was still alive, left it due to spam14:30
clivejoyofel: just one failure - Copying failed of sddm (0.13.0-1ubuntu5~ubuntu15.10~ppa1) 14:31
clivejosddm 0.13.0-1ubuntu5~ubuntu15.10~ppa1 in wily (version older than the sddm 0.13.0-1ubuntu5~ubuntu15.10~ppa2 in wily published in wily)14:31
yofelthat's ok14:31
sgclark<3 St Patrick's Day +1 to artwork14:31
acheron88my graphics skills began and ended with with MSPaint in about 199214:31
sgclarkCoral Paint here14:32
clivejowould be amazing if it could be done in Krita14:32
sgclarkyes it would14:33
acheron88I try do do things in GIMP occasionally, and fail14:33
acheron88or Krita14:33
clivejosgclark: Kolab OBS - https://obs.kolabsys.com/repositories/Kolab:/Winterfell/Ubuntu_16.04/14:34
sgclarkok? we still need to match debian.14:34
sgclarkWe simply do not have the resources to diverge from them at this point14:35
sgclarkas you probably know..14:35
clivejoI know14:36
clivejoIm stripping out the useful stuff and intent to copy it into debian14:36
clivejodid you make the xenial branch - http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/kubuntu/libkolabxml.git/14:37
clivejoI have a local one, didnt think I had pushed anything yet14:38
sgclarkI have not touched kolab in over a year. never in debian git. looks like they did?14:40
sgclarkseems to me clone it and typing uscan should do the trick..14:40
clivejothere is http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kolab/14:42
clivejoand Sandro KnauƟ works for Kolab Systems I believe14:42
clivejobut then we have http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/kubuntu/ for some reason14:44
sgclarkyes he does14:45
clivejoall very confusing14:45
clivejoKCI has libkolab14:46
clivejobut not libkolabxml14:47
clivejositter: do you know why KCI only builds libkolab and not libkobalxml?14:47
clivejocan someone re-invite me to the kubuntu channel on telegram?14:49
sitterclivejo: latter has no ci branch14:52
sgclarkme too14:52
clivejositter: is there a reason for that?14:52
sitternobody created one14:52
clivejocould we create one?14:52
clivejoI believe kdepim-runtime now needs it :/14:53
clivejositter: how do we create a new CI instance?14:54
clivejoor job or whatever the terminology is!14:54
yofelI don't have sgclark in my Telegram contacts, and clive has no username14:54
clivejothats not Scarlett!14:55
sitterclivejo: one creates a branch and then smiles at me beguilingly14:57
* clivejo smiles like a crazy person14:57
yofelthere we go14:57
yofelTelegram is confusing14:57
clivejothanks yofel14:58
clivejositter: you need a kubuntu_unstable branch?15:00
sitteror _stable. or both. depends on what you wish to CI15:01
soeesitter: look like this http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20140203012822/tdicamps/images/thumb/b/ba/Horse-smile.jpg/500px-Horse-smile.jpg ?15:01
clivejothats no smile!15:02
soeeah smile .. :D15:02
sgclarkwe need both15:02
clivejositter: Ive created a kubuntu_unstable15:03
clivejosgclark: we do?15:03
clivejook Ill add stable15:03
clivejolibkolab doesnt have a stable branch15:03
clivejoshould it?15:03
sgclarkstable is what is in staging ppa, would be nice to know of failure before we push to archive15:03
sgclarkclivejo: yes pelase15:03
clivejook - http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/kubuntu/libkolabxml.git/ for packaging15:04
sgclarkmy typing is extra horrendous today yay15:04
clivejoand added new stable branch here - http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/kubuntu/libkolab.git/15:05
clivejothat horse needs its teeth brushed!15:07
clivejositter: Source : https://git.kolab.org/diffusion/LK/libkolabxml.git15:11
sitterit occurs to me that is pointing elsewhere15:12
clivejositter: what you mean - pointing elsewhere?15:41
sitterclivejo: git ls-remote https://git.kolab.org/diffusion/LK/libkolabxml.git15:42
sittercheckout the branch names15:42
sitterthat's libkolab not libkolabxml xD15:42
flexiondotorg_Can I just confirm Kubuntu are not participating in Beta 1?15:46
sgclarkCorrect, until  our Ffe is approved we are stuck.15:48
clivejoyofel sgclark ^15:48
clivejositter: git clone https://git.kolab.org/diffusion/LKX/libkolabxml.git15:49
flexiondotorg_sgclark, Thanks. Sorry to hear that :-(15:53
clivejositter: do you know why KCI has stopped working out the downstream projects?15:53
sitterclivejo: should be working again I think15:54
clivejooh yeah, its saying that kdepim-runtime and libkolab are downstream15:55
clivejothat wasnt working earlier15:55
clivejodid you fix it?15:55
clivejositter: many thanks15:57
sittershadeslayer did15:59
clivejoits a very useful feature to find problems :)16:00
clivejothanks shadeslayer16:00
sitterit's also required to have jobs built in the right order ;)16:00
clivejonow theres a surprise!16:14
cyphermoxRiddell: hey, are you done committing to ubiquity? just want to make sure we don't conflict for a commit :)16:42
cyphermox(or you'll just want to pull again)16:43
clivejoo/ genii16:53
yofelcyphermox: jonathan doesn't work on kubuntu anymore.16:54
geniiHi clivejo :)16:54
yofeloh, unless he sent in neon specific stuff16:55
cyphermoxyofel: well he was committing to ubiquity earlier: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-installer/ubiquity/trunk/revision/638516:55
clivejoyofel cyphermox: I believe hes been working on fixing and bradning the installer to Neon16:55
yofelright, brain lag -.-16:55
cyphermoxI don't know of other places to reach him (other than email of course)16:55
clivejoI must say I like it!16:56
cyphermoxit's not a problem, I just wanted to make sure I wouldn't break his workflow by adding commits in between16:56
yofelcyphermox: #kde-neon, but here is fine16:56
yofelI was just confused for a moment16:56
cyphermoxyou want to tell me when the installer changes are ready to land from your end? no point in making multiple uploads :)16:58
clivejosgclark: I think libkolabxml is working now, so I have triggered a libkolab rebuild (compiled against the new libkolabxml)17:00
sgclarkclivejo: great!! I have a meeting, can you rebuild kdepim-runtime after?17:01
clivejosgclark: rebuild on KCI?17:02
sgclarkand staging  ppa both17:02
sgclarkprobably kci first to see if it fixes our problem17:02
clivejohave to do a few things, but Ill rebuild on KCI17:03
clivejotends to be easier to spot problems on KCI17:03
clivejositter: what is mgmt_daily_promotion_xenial_unstable ?17:04
clivejoyofel: extra-cmake-modules is throwing a lintian warning - BUILD_QTHELP_DOCS , Generate QtHelp documentation for installed modules.17:08
clivejowhat does that mean?17:08
sgclarkclivejo: looks like it is looking for a qt module? maybe new in 5.6?17:20
Riddellcyphermox: yeah I'm done for now thanks17:46
cyphermoxRiddell: should I upload?18:22
clivejosgclark: any idea why libkgapi - 5.1.0-1ubuntu1~ubuntu16.04~ppa1  is in the kubuntu-ci unstable ppa?19:04
sgclarksomething required it19:04
sgclarkI dont recall what19:04
clivejoin the KCI PPA?19:04
sgclarkyour asking me? is that what ppa your talking about?..19:05
sgclarkI copied it due to something failing. if it bothers you then remove it19:06
clivejoIm just investigating why its failing19:06
sgclarkoh it is? then remove it19:06
clivejothe package seems ok, just cant upload due to there being a newer version19:06
sgclarkI lost track of the initial reason I copied it anyway19:06
clivejotrying to figure out where it came from19:06
clivejoif it is version 5.1, surely we should bump it19:07
sgclarkupload where?19:07
sgclarkI am so confused19:07
sgclarklibkgapi is not on the same version as app19:08
* genii breaks out the extra-caffeinated stuff and passes the mugs around19:08
sgclark5.1.0 is right19:09
clivejothen we need to bump it in KCI19:09
sgclarkI think we do not have a CI branch though or something. ugh my head is killing me, can't think19:09
sgclarkdang we do. why did I think we didn't19:10
clivejomind if I do it?19:10
clivejois the packaging somewhere else too?19:11
clivejoI assumed it was here - http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/kubuntu/libkgapi.git/19:11
sgclarkI already packaged it..19:11
sgclarkI amlooking. I will merge it when I find it19:13
clivejono change to that packaging in 6 months19:13
clivejoon debian git always19:13
sgclarkah maxy said I could use http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/kde-extras/libkgapi.git/19:19
sgclarkclivejo: ^19:19
clivejoaye, this is our problem19:19
Riddellcyphermox: sure19:20
clivejoKCI must be using http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/kubuntu/libkgapi.git/19:20
clivejowe need some kind of standard on this19:21
sgclarkwell sadly it is up to the maintainer. I would prefer to keep to using debians branches, but it gets tricky with kde-extras19:24
sgclarkin this particular case though we have permission19:24
sgclarksitter: how do we change the repo in kci?19:25
sgclarkugh I think this migraine is going to win19:26
clivejoF'ing symbols19:48
ahoneybunwell that 16.04 daily installed fine in a VM but not real hardware lol19:56
ahoneybunthe partitioning failed19:56
clivejoI hate akonadi/PIM and the whole entire stack!20:25
ahoneybunsgclark, I'm getting some downloads done in 15.10, what do I need to add to get a building system up?20:45
ahoneybunalso I have an SSD in here so things should be fast20:46
ahoneybunor decent lol20:46
sgclarkahoneybun: backorts ppa21:00
ahoneybunright, getting that now21:00
sgclarkbackports too21:00
ahoneybunboth lol21:00
ahoneybunmparillo, how is the NVIDIA stuff currently?21:02
mparilloahoneybun: I do not know. All I know is that Xenial works for me in both a VM and on real HW.21:13
ahoneybunmm I let 15.10 go and it is a black screen with the mouse moving21:14
mparilloHmmm, BluesKaj has helped others with a similar issue21:15
ahoneybunI was updating so I'm a bit scared to reboot21:16
ahoneybuntty works21:16
ahoneybunit did21:16
ahoneybunyou should have removed the ~test1 off of the package lol21:20
ahoneybunhow SDDM just restarts21:45
ahoneybunI login, it goes black and then back to login21:45
ahoneybunholy crap 5.5.3 is pretty21:51
valorieso much green today!22:00
valoriewould be nice get all the xenial reds turned to green22:01
soeeahoneybun: i think it is/was intel related bug22:02
soeei had it often on intel profile, but not now on nvidia22:02
ahoneybunsoee, using the intel card gave me a glitchy screen sometimes22:03
ahoneybunalways on the tip22:03
soeedisable/enable effects22:03
ahoneybunI have nvidia on now22:03
soeeah ok :)22:04
ahoneybunwe'll see how hib works lol22:05
ahoneybunsoee, https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6zAAODZFwQ2TUlScG9MbjJuc3M/view?usp=sharing22:08
ahoneybunI do like it ALOT22:09
ahoneybunhugs to sgclark, yofel, and clivejo 22:09
soeeahoneybun: Plasma 5.6 will be more smooth than 5.522:09
valoriebtw ahoneybun, you've not been around lately, so I should mention that the kde wikis are read-only for right now22:09
valoriethey have been upgraded and just the new login is left to finish22:10
ahoneybunvalorie, I saw that when Alex from telegram asked me to add a link to our group chat22:10
valoriethey were hit spam attacks22:10
ahoneybunyea so was the Ubuntu Wiki22:10
ahoneybunI was thinking of adding that to the topic but it is so fun now!22:10
valorieI can fix for now, I have editing powerz22:10
clivejoahoneybun: enable landing and upgrade to 5.5.422:10
valorieclivejo: are you putting that into backports today?22:11
ahoneybunvalorie, I'll pm you the telegram link and you can add it?22:11
clivejocopied today 22:11
valorieyes, if you tell me the page22:11
valorieoooo, nice!22:11
clivejovalorie: is there anything we can do to get our FFE accepted?22:12
ahoneybunsgclark, I've updated fully I believe, what can I do?22:20
sgclarkgo back in time and help us with merges. 22:20
sgclarkahoneybun:  a bit late :) we are waiting on ubuntu release team to accept our Ffe22:20
clivejoahoneybun: fix pim22:20
sgclarkclivejo: nothing to fix needs kolab22:21
ahoneybunmm as Google would say "Tardis function is not available"22:21
ahoneybunsgclark, ^22:21
* sgclark winders why she is here22:21
sgclarkfeature freeze exception22:21
ahoneybunsgclark, https://youtu.be/L9_gsh4Ktsc?t=2322:22
ahoneybunsgclark, https://youtu.be/L9_gsh4Ktsc?t=2122:22
valoriesgclark: the red stuff in kci still need fixing, right?22:33
valorieahoneybun could help with that?22:33
valorieand the packager doc22:33
ahoneybunmm I need to ask questions about that 22:35
sgclarkmuon needs to be removed.22:36
sgclarkalot of red right now is working itself out. We are still recovering from the ssh breakage.22:37
sgclarkbut yes ahoneybun feel free to help with whatever you are comfortable with22:37
ahoneybunwell with the Docs I would like a hangout so I can get an idea of what we need to tell new packagers and key info 22:38
ahoneybunso we know how we want to format it and present it22:39
valorieahoneybun: we have the notes22:47
valorieI think they got a bit neglected as the rush was on22:47
valoriewhat I was planning to do was try to use what we have to set up and package something, and add anything a newb would need22:48
valoriesince I'm a total newb22:48
ahoneybunI think we should documentation how we go about packaging something simple and then detail what to do if that does not work22:53
ahoneybunlike clivejo and his symbols22:53
kkinetixvalorie: ahoneybun: I could happily comment on the kubuntu-packaging notes page, being a full newb to the kubuntu/ubuntu/debian packaging process22:55
valoriekkinetix: all you need is a KDE Identity to login to that notes page22:55
valorieyes, we need more beginners making it better22:56
kkinetixI have that... I'm saying I've been looking at it and have some comments on it22:56
valoriethe experts already know -- it's us beginners who have the questions, and need a doc22:56
sgclarkWe have one expert - yofel >.<22:57
kkinetixvalorie: Right, exactly.  I think the whole "What you need" section needs to go.  They sound like pre-requisites to doing any packaging, and they're clearly not.  They're thing that can come afterward after you've got familiar with some simple packages onesself.22:58
clivejogit clone yofel22:58
sgclarkright! lol22:58
kkinetixI think it's amusing that the "What you need" section states "A KDE identity account for access to the team notepads" -- you can't be reading this document if you haven't gone and got a KDE Identity account22:58
yofelthat reminds me of the apachelogger class that harald had once22:58
clivejosomething really strange going on with kactivities22:58
yofelgood old times22:58
valoriewell, "go" as in move elsewhere22:59
valoriekkinetix: we intent to move this to the wiki once it is more done22:59
valorieand the wikis are open for editing22:59
clivejoyofel: can you give some guidance on what debian git repos we should use?22:59
sgclarkwell perhaps change it to "what you need to apckage for Kubuntu"22:59
yofelclivejo: context?23:00
sgclarkyofel: clivejo: that is entirely up to debian : yofel: context: kde-extras packages23:00
clivejolibkolab, libkolabxml, libkgapi23:00
sgclarkall kde-extras ^\23:01
soeesomeone want to answer: https://plus.google.com/u/0/117234606839873900533/posts/VDhBT3vwUmV ?23:01
yofelhm, that's up to debian. I *think* they said us using the kde related repositories was fine23:01
clivejoI have been using this archive, as this is what KCI uses23:01
* clivejo bites tongue23:02
clivejoIll pass soee23:02
yofeljust make sure the package is maintained by debian-qt-kde, otherwise you'll probably annoy someone23:02
sgclarksoee: done23:02
yofelOTOH, you only have access to that anyway23:02
soeesgclark: thank you23:03
kkinetixvalorie: I know there's a lot of prerequisite reading to do to make sense of parts of this document, but if it's for newbies there's lots of "Do *this*" statements in it that need to either provide examples or syntax or answer "How, exactly, again?"23:04
sgclarkright, so it is better to get permission, because those kubuntu repos will not have activity from debian in most cases. we should update kci as need, if I can get instructions on how to do so..23:04
yofeloh right23:04
clivejocan debian merge them together ?23:07
clivejoand delete the kubuntu repo?23:08
sgclarkwell they are our repos, I expect the job of merging would be ours. They have to delete though. First and foremost we need to collect the names of all packages in this situation and ask them for each of them.23:12
* sgclark makes trello card23:12
ahoneybunsgclark, what is the kci building? Applications?23:14
sgclarkahoneybun: everything. We had a bit of a blowup with an ssh failure. THese are rebuilds recovering from that.23:16
ahoneybunok ok23:16
ahoneybun*oh ok23:16
* clivejo is going "Build Now" mad23:17
* clivejo explodes in rage23:35
valorielook at the green!23:37
valorienot just the red23:37
ahoneybunsomeone just bought me a Razer keyboard as a joke23:42
clivejotime for bed23:49
* genii puts the coffee away and gets out the beer23:49
valorieahoneybun: https://community.kde.org/Telegram is the page, I just need the invite link (right now we just have kubuntu official there)23:52
ahoneybunsgclark, thank you for repling to that G+ post23:59

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